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I he Hainline Laundry at Grand Island have
installed and added to their efficient laundry
plant a dry cleaning department and are pre
pared to clean, mend, press and alter your
overcoats, suits or dresses of any fabric or
color and guarantee their work to be first
class at reasonable prices.
I. L CONGER, Agent for Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Coming Soon!
Loup City, Sat., Sept. 1
- — - -
■ " ■" '* * ——■■■ ^
Nebr. State Fair Visitors
Reserve Rooms Now in Large
Attractive Home
Three Blocks North of 0 St. Two Car Lines
Fifty Beds. Terms Reasonable
Write A. S. Heffley, 1340 R St. Lincoln, Neb.
Phone B-3569
A number attended th- ham dauce
M Frank Ki»at>nii Sunday
Juhu Ptuulie k autoed to th- < ounty
* it Monday on important business.
Kdward Bydai-k ha* accepted a po
><uua working >n Grand Island a* re
Harm Bydai-k pur< based a new lit
tie Van Brunt drill from Ho. kville on
Mrv C'ciiA Kh tiki of A ah l oh has
tew® h-! b< r atster < ook for the
Paul Tarry of Omaha ha* b-en vis
tug at the hocu- of August Mas. hka
this a —eh
Mr* Andrew Smiedra h..s been visit
lug the last week with her sou Frank.
«.-ar Kara *11
Mis* iv-da Plambet k visit-d with
her *»*t-r Mr. and Mr* Loufe* Brain
tner Auwli.t afternoon.
Mr a tad Mr* Han* K-:n and family
of Wet Ashton visited with Mr. and
Mra. Stanley Xovfeki Sunday
F. J Marie,' «*ki purchased a big
and little Van Brunt drill* from Sam
Sorwanu® of K« kville last Saturday.
Mr* Frank Bydal-k and daughters of
ikKarfr c Ul . have tieen visiting this
week uifh Martin and Frank Brdalek,
Ma* t.ka Broth-* w.-nt to Frank
Koaaanki'a on Oak Creek Sunday to
fgafeh aawk at the dance that even
Mr and Mra. Georg- livmack and
f.daily autoed to Loup City two week*
*gu to visit with hi* brother Mr and
Mrs. Stew- Iiym®< k
{jeer Creek waa again refreshed l»v
* good it- b rain last Saturdav and
Panda* It i* about *ufTi> lent to plow.
A liUfe> more would bring more help
for glowing
Mike it-mtnskl left by auto for
1 < dbv Kansas, this week to visit with
ms sister. Mrs. John llaremza. and
from there will leave for Denver fot
i pica-tin trip. He expects to make
the trip in week.
The Plow Pushers Threshing Co., re
reived their new Rumley threshing
u.e I iue last Friday and took it home
Monday and now anyone wishing to
i thresh h ave orders to them and you
will get a good clean thresh.
The writer knew a man. now dead,
who was drafted the time of the
.til war. His father paid a large
um to get a substitute for him ami
the substitute was killed. The mar
who stayed at home was a ‘'slacker”
and h>- was referred to as suc h during
the fifty years that followed the war
acid he was heard to say many times
that lie wished to Clod he had served
us he should and died if necessary.
Then* are going to be many at the
present time who are entitled to ex
emplion and there are going to be a
lot of slackers who will not be entitled
to exemption who will get it. lit the
yeirs io come they are going to he
looked upon and those of them who
have a - nark of manhood left are going
to feel the sting of censure which
will he put upon them. On) Journal.
Thus far we have noticed no amend
ci cr in the ft>od bill making it un
lawful for a person to sell "lieker" to
a congressman.
John ‘Wanamaker remarks that mon
. y isn’t everything in life. Vet John
has devoted a large portion of his
' life to annexing it.
There are families who always aim
to keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy in ‘the house
A1 Fagen visited at Malms’ Sunday
Miss Hazel Brandt of Loup City visit
ed at Archie Purvine’s last week..
Mr and Mrs. Ted Smith visited at
the home of John Welty Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Purvine visited
at A. C. Hageys' place on Sunday.
Elmer Lindell and John Lind were
Loup City visitors on Wednesday.
John Adolphson and family of Polk
are visiting at the John Lind home.
Miss Leona Hall of Ansley is visiting
at the J. I). Bums home this week.
Miss Hazel Burns attended the
i liautauqua a couple of days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jewell visited at
itotit Leininger's place last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thorne of Ansley
visited at J O. Burns place last Sun
Mr. and Mrs. J W. Harrow and son
Vaughn visited at Elm Creek for a
couple of days*
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Anderson of Fre
mont visited at the (’has. Lindell and
Vim cut Fagen homes a few days this
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. McClary am!
family and Mr. and Mrs. Wilford An
derson and Irene autoed to St. Paul
teachers institute at Broken Bow a
A nice shower of rain fell long the
north bountry of Sherman county last
Tuesday evening, the strip being about
two miles wide. It sure seemed nice
to drive in the mud on our way to
town even if we did not get any rain
at home.
Miss Beula Zink came in on 39 Wed
Rev. Hoges was visiting h#re a few
days, leaving Friday.
On Monday Messrs. Tumble. Erwald
and Donahoe went to Kearney.
Mrs. Jas. Peterson and Mrs. Louis
Olson were in Ravenna Saturday.
Mr. Hane returned to Antioch, Neb..
Henry Rasmussen accompanying him
Frederic Langsteth’s arm was pretty
badly injured recently by an auto in
The. Misses Lisetta and Maggie Me
Neal of Loup City came in on 39
Edla Riggins came home from liet
sister’s, Mrs. Nina Norris, near Thed
ford. Sunday.
R. Rinertson came In on 39 from
Kearney Wednesday. He reports the
new grandson doing fine.
Rev. and Mrs. Langsteth and daugh
ter, Volburg, took 40 east, also Mr.
Vanhusin’s sister. Tuesday.
Richard Guy and family of Ottawa.
Kansas, brother of Mrs. Ward of this
place were visiting them this week.
Mr. Giles of Pleasanton and Ben
Whistler of Sartoria were in town on
Monday. David Donahoe returned to
Pleasanton with them.
Louis Olson of Dunning came down
Saturday evening to see Mrs. Olson,
who, we are happy to report, is im
proving, though slowly.
The Misses Mary and Leah Door
met their friend. Miss Porter, of Litch
field at the train Saturday, she having
come to pay them a visit.
Chet Thompson and wife and little
boy stopped over night with his broth
er, Harry. Folks going to their home
at Benson, Neb., Saturday, Francis
Thompson going home with them.
Charley Hobbs Lowell Riggins, Guy
Hamlow, Arthur Holdt, Ludwig Larson,
also Oscar and Edward Larson, James
Holdt and two daughters, Marie and
Effie and Alice Jacobson, all journeyed
to Ravenna Tuesday.
Willie Jaobson of the Iowa National
Guard made his final visit to his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jacobson.
His sister. Mrs. W. Hurley, also Mr.
Hurley and the children were down
Sunday to bid him good bye.
Many people have not always a greet!
with Mr. Bryan in liis views, but every
true American will agree with his lat
est—that the way to end the war is to
go through it. “Through” is the word
But put an "o” in it and make it “tho
rough". too.
Every time a great man goes out
from the rear to view the Russian ar
my. the bewhiskered troopers become
so overjoyed that they rush right back
to meet him half way.
The fellow who had a vacant lot and
didn’t cultivate it is now kicking him
self every time he has to buy a few
wilted vegetables .
Anna OrivoI am) brother Tony were
in Ashton Saturday
Mrs. John Pelanouski visited with
Mrs. Jonak Saturday.
Stanley Janake was transacting bus
iness in Loup City last Friday.
Frank Manchester and John Pelan
ou hi were in Loup City last Thursday.
Mrs. John Pelanouski and children
were shopping In Ashton last Thurs
Mrs. F Manchester and children
spent Sunday with Mrs John Peian
Miss Anna Gavel was a visitor with
Mrs. F. Manchester and daughter last
Quite a crowd from here attended
church in Ashton Thursday, it being a
There was a fine barn dance at the
Czplewski brothers home near Loup
City Sunday evening..
Sheriff Williams of Loup City was
after a party m. the erect: Thursday
for disturbing th.r peace.
Quite a nice rain fell here Saturday
and one Monday evening which will
help corn and water melons.
Mrs. Frank Trump and daughter
and Mrs. E. F. Paddock assisted Mrs.
Hassel with her work during thresh
Er-il Dold and sons came out and
drove their cattle home from the Frank
Manchester pasture where they have
been for the season. Pastures are sure
getting awful dry.
It seems as though the Davis Creek
has been having the fighting fever the
past week as there were two fights
last week. We do not care to mention
any names in tlie matter but we do
hope there will lie no more such fun.
as we are not prepared for the front
John Lewandowski was taken to
Scotia Thursday by the Ashton do-:tor
where the following morning at If*
o’clo.k he 1 nderwent an operation for
appendiitis at Dr. Weeks' hospital.
His wife and her parents and brother
Walter Kaminski were there at the
As 150 young men left Council Bluffs
last Friday there were some ten thous
and people at the station to bid them
farewell and as the train pulled out
one poor mother cried and said "My
God. I wonder if the German Kaiser
knows how many heartaches he is
causing in this world. Will peace ever
come?" How we will appreciate and
understand what a wonderful thing
peace is when it again settles over
the world Will peace ever come.
Ben Speltz shipped cattle to Omaha.
John Haller is threshing his grain
Fritz Beichel is threshing for Dick
Frank Kusack threshed for Dick
Kratzer Saturday.
Frank Kusack finished threshing for
Mr. Aekerman Friday.
J. W. Heapy and J. H. Mead were
Loup City callers Friday.
Mrs. Ivan Mendenhall left for Rer
win Saturday evening on 39.
D. W. Titus drove up the valley
Sunday in his new Franklin.
Joe Kratzer is helping F. T.. Rich
mond stai k grain and nay.
Sennett Richmond will farm the
Sada Butler farm next year.
Mrs. Godown of York is visiting her
daughter. Mrs. Ralph Teeters.
Elias Butler left for Washington
state to visit with his mother.
Mrs. Hickman’s cousin of Hastings.
Neb., is visiting her a few days.
J. L. Richmond put in a new culvert
near the August Hedlund place.
Frank Kusack and Joe Krouse
threshed for I. A. Bowzer Monday.
Miss Martha Burtner :s clerking in
A. D. Norling's store every Saturday.
Orin Speltz went to Grand Island
Friday and brought home a new Forth
Mrs. Garnet has an aunt visiting her
Mrs. Canann and children of Columbus,
The Clear Creek aid society met
with Mrs. A. D. Jones Thursday after
Ross Goethe has relatives from Mar
quette visiting with him and family this
The M. E. Sunday school held ai
picnic in Lang's grove south of town
Frank Boroff and father started to
Colorado on a pleasure trip Tuesday
J. E. Rainforth and family went to
Ravenna Tuesday to take in Robison’s
big show.
Henry Biehel is threshing grain for
Lee Walsey, Ed Flynn and Mr. Elrod
this week.
Mrs. Ella Hunt of David City came
up Saturday evening to visit with Mrs.
I. A. Bowzer.
L. B. Hickman and F. T. Richmond
went to Omaha with a car load ot
cattle each.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Teeters
Friday. August 11. a son of the usual
weight and fineness.
Miss Florence Ricnmond and Miss
Helen Eastabrook visited with Missi
Ethel Mendenhall Sunday.
Frederick Rainforth of Doniphan au
toed to Litchfield for a short visit with
his brother John and family.
Dor Spencer left for the aviation
school Wednesday evening and Bill
Spencer left foy Oklahoma Saturday.
Carl Jones and son Fay came up to
see A. D.. Jones Thursday. Carl Is a
brother of Mr. Jones and lives at Blair.
Fred Kohls hauled a load of lumber1
for the new school house on the Ny-i
3trom land Geo Rweclry will wieUl1
the hammer and saw.
Bi'l Bpencer who moved to Oklaho
ma. in the winter fame up to visit his
brother at Mason and his son Dor at
this place, who is living on his father’s
place. Dor enlisted in the aviation
corps and will go soon
Some weeks ago we received an ad
verlising proposition from the Grants |
Land Locating Company a Portland,!
Oregon, concern. They asked that their
advertisement be started at once and
run for many weeks. We had been
stung by similar propositions so fig
ured out what the advertisement was
worth and wrote them, stating that
promptly upon receipt of the money we
would be pleased to start the ad. We
have not heard from them. We notice,
however, that many of the papers in
this section continue to run this ad
We woll be glad to hear that the boys
have received pay tor their work but
fear they will be a long timo getting it
—Ord Journal.
The Northwestern pleads guilty to
running the ad above mentioned and to
date has received no answer to several
statements asking for a settlement.
All Indications Point To An Un
precedented Attendance
and Exhibits
In Connection with the Nebraska
Stata Fair, September 3-7--Five
Afternoon and Four Evening Per
Realizing the necessity of good
clean amusements along with the
other educational features of a great
State Fair, the management of the
Nebraska State Fair has searched
high and low for everything new
and good in the world of amusement
and liberal education. It has taken
the boldest step ever undertaken by
any Fair in securing the Carl Hag
enbeek-Great Wallace Circus for the
entire State Fair week. This circus
is a consolidation of the "Famous”
Carl Hagenbeck Trained Animal
Show and the Great Wallace Circus,
and now ranks as the third largest
circus in the world, with its three
trains of twenty cars each.
You cannot afford to miss the
chance of seeing the wild perform
ing animals in the sixty-foot square
steel arena, along with three other
performing rings. All this in con
nection with the regular horse races
for the same money. Presented
twice daily in front of the amphithea
tre without canvas. Make your ar
rangements to come on Monday or
Tuesday that you may see the won
derful exhibits and new amusement
features before the great crowds ar
rive later in the week.
Practical Patriotism. That’s the
National ByWord Today
President Wilson said:
“I call upon the young men and
old alike and upon the able bodied
boys of the land to accept and act
upon this duty—to turn in hosts to
the farms and make certain that no
pains and no labor is lacking In this
great matter.”
Since this memorable address of
o((r President, state and civic gov
ernments—civic organizations and
good citizens have preached Practical
Patriotism In all of its angles.
We believe there is no better
teacher of farming methods for those
who answer our President's call—no
better teacher of food conservation
after production—than is found in
our great State Fair. It has been
aptly called “A Food Training Camp”
—and you are practical and patriotic
when you attend this year and take
your lesson home—whether you be
producer or consumer. Watch fo:
demonstrations at the Nebraska
State Fair. September 3-7.
1917 Model Rural School-Building
and Grounds on Exhibit at Ed
ucational Building.
Do not mi#s the opportunity of visit
ing the interesting exhibits in Class
L—the Educational Department of the
Fair. While we consider all depart
ments educational. Class L will feature
some innovations in the line of school
work that will surprise and delight
you. Be sure you pay this department
a visit while attending the great State
Fair, Sept. 3-7.
One of the attractive features will
be a Model Rural School-Building and
Grounds, including Teacherage, Ath
letic Grounds, Garden Plot, and every
thing that is desired to make a com
plete school plant. Come and get ideas
for building In your own district.
Poultry Show Growing In
Tbe poultry exhibit to be held at
the Nebraska State Fair. Septembei
8-7, is one exhibit which has de
manded the attention of the man
agement this coming year more s»
than In the past. Mr. C. G. Cottls
■Of Edgar has been appointed aa su
perintendent, and if satisfactory ar
rangements can be made the exhibit
[Will be placed in uniform coops,
■under hi® genial management. In
this way the fowls can be shown to
itbeir best advantage and the Amer
lean hen given the recognition she
■o much deserves.
Troy, N. Y. has more women wage
earners than men. Must be a case of
“Everybody Works but Father.”
There is a farm in Deuel County for you. If you have
$2,000.00 to $4,000.00 to pay down on a quarter or half section
we can give you good terms on the balance.
Wheat this year is making from 30 to 55 bushels per acre.
Think what this means at the present high prices. We
have this year over 8,500 acres of beans planted throughout
the county.
Oats are making from 40 to 90 bushels per acre.
Barley is making from 25 to 45 bushels per acre.
Rye is making from 15 to 30 bushels per acre.
Our prospects for a big corn crop were never better than
at present.
We have cut two good crops of Alfalfa and the third crop
is coming on in good shape.
We have had heavy rains all summer and the ground is in
A No. 1 shape for the sowing of fall grain.
'We have not had, nor do we ever ha ve hot winds, as does
Central Nebraska,
We have good level farm and ranch lands that wc can sell
at from $25.00 to $65.00 per acre.
Our elevator is 3600 feet above sea level.
We have the best of water obtained at an average depth
of 150 feet.
Chappell (county seat of Deuel county) has a twelve grade
high school.
We have a Methodist and Catholic church.
Now while your work is pretty well done up is your best
time to make a trip to Deuel county with us and let us orove
our statements. Your trip won’t cost you very much and your
time will be well spent.
We have over 225 gas tractors in Deuel county of nearly
every size and make that is manufactured, some plowing, some
discing, harrowing and drilling all at one operation. Others
pushing combined harvesters, or pulling from one to three
eight-foot binders.
The sight of all these at work is worth more than the puce
of the trip.
If you are now farming somebody else’s land you ov e it
to yourself and family to look over this country and obtain
a home of your own if it is within your power.
Make a trip with us and be convinced.
Call on or phone F. H. Gibson at The Frederick hotel and
he will be glad to tell you all about this country.
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I Cooper’s Flour aid I
Feed Store
E Located iu the old opera house building. We §
E will endeavor to carry a complete line of flour and E
E feed.
Our prices are reasonable and every sack of ~
| flour guaranteed or money refunded. This flour is =
E milled from good hard winter wheat. =
E Call and see me before you buy your winter s E
E supply.
1 C. C. COOPER, Loup City |
SEPT-3-4-5-6 -7-1917
When looking for a good lunch or short order
drop in at the
W carry a full line of Bakery Goods. Careful atten
tion given to all special orders.
Have the agency for Fleishman yeast in small (in foil
cakes. In stock at all times.
manufacturers of
JACOB RITZ, Rockville, Nebr.