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    Lot3 City Northwestern
I usual interest is being taken in
the graduation of the class of lblT.
\s a * iass they have been one mat
nave done things They are noted for
first of all. their number. twenty-three,
the set and iargest i lass ever gradu
ate'! from Ie-up City school? Sei
ne in this class are students who
represent a g • ~i part of the athletic
ability o: the s< hool Amick, fhiily.
Woten. t un.:tig and BuLer being the
athlete- attoi.g the bos# and lh>ra
Ohisei..* Velma liowe and Kate Janu
ew / girls who hdv. helped to
:<uild up a su* ( t ssful basket bail team.
> > -.ast: attainments have always
o*en the most important aims of the
.ass Th.rieeij have taken the teach
r s training ur>e and most of these
»w Jia\e a >' '1 and all their state
-rah-— fur a certificate. Those who
- i. eiied along these lines are hard
o name as fhey have all done their
• ork in a g . d reliable manner. Kith
*‘ti Curtis. Ja k Amn k. Myrtle White,
«>ra Larsen Ohlsen. Helma Jung
and Alina hinder lee carrying oft their
-•‘.are ■>! the lug:: grades with the rest
■f the mss following closely to their
We are proud of the class and real
.if that the < -mmunity and tea- hers
are proud of su> h a large class
The * lass play is another avenue for
hen. V show the:; talents Last years
plays mas a grand success as was this
»a* Each one was adapted to the
part played
-Tne D-eam Teat Cacse True”
The - lass play was a unique sue
ess in every way. The ia.-s and their
. Me- tress. Mr? H M Mathew, de
eerve gf>at credit for the rendering
f this difficult p.ay The parts Wert
aeii learned and well acted. Maude
Johnson Uora Ohlsen and Ja«-k Amick
arying the heavier parts. Special
mention should be given to each in
dividual for their work but time and
pace will not permit.
The graduation exercises will take
place at tiie opera house Thursday
evening. May 54.
V" al Solo .Miss Leininger
Address .Paul “Sunshine” Diet rick
Presentation of Class.C. U. Bitnei
Granting of Diplomas.
..G. W. Collipries:
Of this class ttn will teach next
year. Bulger has joined the army to
defend the U. S.. five are planning on
going to college or University, and
the remaining number will work at
various occupations at home or in
t iwn We wish them all success ir.
life in their chosen work.
On May 17. the high school girls
h-ld a track meet on the school play
ground. The following are the win
ners in the various events and each
received a letter.
Basket hall throw—Tena French. G4 ft
Baseball throw—Katherine Owens
154 ft.
Running broad ump—Eugenia Patton
11 feet 3 inches.
High jump—Frieda Dieterichs and
Biani he Winkleman. 3 ft. 9 inches.
Hundred yard da-h—Helen Draper.
Fifty yard dash—Fay Hatch.
The Soph -mores won the class base
! .1: reia; and the Freshmen and Jun
i< : ~ won the baseball game.
1: i- interesting to note that the
r. r<i of university women at N'e
braska is four feet in the high jump
A meeting of the citizens of Sher
n. m county is called to meet at the
irt house in Loup City for the pur
p -e )f -rganizing a County Defense
''ctinci! and the election of offi ers
nd - ■mmiltees of the same, on Tliurs
lay. May 31. at 2:30 o'clock p. m.
Temporary Chairman
Three red shoats average about 70
pounds were taken up about a month
.iso. Owner can have same by prov
ing property and paying advertising
and lead bill.—A. Spelts. 22-3
Try an ad in the Not h,western.
theory to fact
I > ' ; ; custom tailor—have you ever given
i . al the.*y that has made the ready-to
ir < lotj - ■ • ■" one of the biggest industries of this
• .unity- a p:. 'leal theory that has become a fact?
.1 - ui - p: h;.~ become a science; today,
. _r - -ti.-r~ i' tailor to the millions—his ability has
' i: — bl. for r. ady to-wear clothes to he still indi
vidual .| the millions have responded.
• #
are a t ' i. ■ ' , u* >uccos, because they are designed
to m«*et the requirements of every type.
tome. app!.. .ite tie- certainty of clothes which you can
*urve\ at the out'. ;. How do vou know whether the stvle
9 ml *
you . r from a pie:ure will prove becoming? We have
try type to ek« '. from—In every size and in a wide range
of fabrics and color.
Miss Nina Rasmussen came un from
Rockville. Saturday to ^ake examina
tions and spend the day with her sis
ter. Miss Segrid Rasmussen.
C. O. Waggoner returned the first
of the week from Juiesburg. Colo.,
where he has been looking for a lo
W. L Copeland arrived in our city
Sunday evening from Iowa, for a short
visit with his many friends in our city
Clifford Hale and the Misses Fay
French and Marie Ohlsen went to Ra
venna and met him with a car.
The ball game between the high
school and commrcial club teams last
Friday afternoon is said to have been
an exciting game. Only five innings
were played and arrangements are
being made for a nine inning game
in the near future.
The Junior-Senior class banquet
was held at the Methodist church last
Friday evening. A splendid time was
had by the members of the two class
es. We expected a full report of this
affair from one of those attending, but
were disappointed.
A. B. Young has purchased a barber
shop at Grand Island and took pos
session of the shop about two weeks
ago j M^ Young has many friends in
Loup City who will be pleased to
hear of his new venture in business
and wish him success. *
Last Saturday evening several of
the friends of T. L. Grierson assembl
ed at his home and surprised him in
honor of his birthday. Ice cream and
cake were served. At a late hour the
guests departed after having wished
Hoy many happy birthdays.
Mrs. Jung is making extensive im
provements at her restaurant. The
dining room, office and kitchen are
being enlarged by the taking down of
a partition and combining two other
rooms with those three. Also new
fl irs. additional windows and doors
complete the improvements.
A. C. Ogle received a car of Ford
autos last week, which were immedi
ately delivered to those who had or
dered. Mr. Ogle also received a car of
Chalmers sixes, one of the finest cars
that ever came to Loup City. Thos.
Parsley of Litchfield, purchased a
Chalmers from Mr. Ogle on Saturday.
J. \V. Thomson went to Fremont
Wednesday to attend the state chain
pionship shoot. Mr. Thompson has
been shooting well this spring and
hopes to be among the leaders in this
event. The winner at this shoot will
represent the state organization of!
shooters at the national shoot at Chi
cago this fall.
C. M. Snyder of Kearney, was ir.
Loup City. Wednesday. Mr. Snyder
was taken down with paralysis eigh
teen months ago and this is the first
time he has been able to be out since I
that time. He is improving nicely.
Mr. Snyder owns a section of Sherman 1
county land seven miles south of Loup
City iu the Wiggle Creek district, and
will spend a few days on the ranch
expecting to return to Kearney on Fri
Washington. May 23.—In he great
est recruiting drive they ever attempt
ed. the U. S. Marines will conduct a
National Recruiting Week from June
10 to* 16. in an attempt to make their !
slogan “Four Thousand Enlistments \
by Saturday Night” a reality. Gov '■
ernors. mayors, business and profes- ;
sional men patriotic organizations, wo
men's clubs schools theatres and news
papers will be asked to cooperate in
this wTork. The Marine Corps should
be recruited to full war strength at the
earliest practicable moment as it is
very likely that the “Soldiers of the
Sea" will be among the “first to fight"
Dr. Louis E. Hanisch. of Omaha,
was here a few days this week visit
ing with relatives, the Dieterichs and
his friend. Lamont L. Stephens and
other friends. Dr. Hanisch is a grad
uate of the University of Nebraska and
has enlisted in the Red Cross and will
be a surgeon in the base hospital un
it in France. He will go to France
within two or three weeks to take up
his duties. He will have the rank of
First Lieutenant with a salary of
12.000 a year. Dr. Hanisch was born
and raised at Rockville, where his
parents still reside. He will probably
visit with his friends and relatives
i in Sherman county until he leaves for
the scene of his new duties.
The baccalaureate sermon was
preached by Rev. J. L. Dunn at the
; opera house last Sunday night. The
j house was packed and the sermon and
music was greatly enjoyed by the
' large audience. Rev. Dunn spoke on the
; "Elements of Success in Life” using
as a text "Bestir Thyself”—2 Samuel
j5:24. Among the many points brought
|out by Rev. Dunn was this: "Another
! element of success is decision. Deter
| mination is the natural consequence
of decision, and determination is
necessary to success. To settle a thing
1 with a fixed purpose, which requires
firmness of character. Those who make
a success in life are the ones that are
Iable to decide promptly and cautious
Next Saturday after” ton. at three
o'clock, will be held a county patrio
tic demonstration and flag raising in
the court house square A nice pro
gram has been arranged, and it is
planned to have delegations from every
part of the county present at tha"
A mass meeting was held in the of
flee of Judge Aaron Wall last Satur
day afternoon, and committees on ar
raugements was appointed to arrange
the program, advertising, etc., for the
occasion. Bills will be distributed
over the county between now and
the time of the meeting. It was the
sense of the meeting that by holding
this meeting a: three o'clock on Sat
urdav, that it would enable most of
our people to ire here, as most al'
our farmers come to town on Saturday
afternoon to do their trading.
Following is a partial list of the
program as arranged by the commit
Music .Loup City Band
liaising of the Flag, while the band j
plays “The Star Spangled Banner"
Patriotic Song
Address .Lieut. Barrett, of Omaha
Address .John W. Long
Address .Judge Aaron Wall
Music .Loup City Band
If the weather is favorable, we pre
diet a very large attendance. Seats!
will be procured for everyone. Bring
a flag and help make it a day to be j
ong remembered.
Thinking that Mr. Owens' friends
and old comrades would like to know
how he is since his recent operation
1 take the opportunity to do my ‘'bit" ^
by saying that Uncle Sam is a great |
doctor. 1 have just reurned from Battle
Mountain Sanitarium where my hus
band has undergone a serious opera
tion for removal of a large gall stone
His advanced age and poor health
made it a dangerous operation, and
we were in doubts of his recovery- but
thanks to the clear brain and steady
hand of Colonel James A. Mattison.
Governor and Surgeon we are pleased
to say Mr. Owens has a chance tc 1
live, and be w ell once more. We hope '
in the near future to have him home !
again. To much can not be said of this
wonderful institution with its skilled
surgeons, efficient and kind nurses and
wardens. The sar.itatura is situated a*
the base of Battle .Mountain. It is
a modern and imposing building amid
beautiful and well kept grounds. The
inmates of the sanitarrum and cit:
zens of Hot Springs seem to idolize
Colonel Mattison. MRS. OWEN’S
For the first time in the history of j
Wayne and every other town, no able
bodied loafers should be tolerated.
There are chronic idlers who need the
compensation to be derived from work
but who are too lazy and too indif
ferent to app^- themselves voluntar
ily. They are sponges as far as. pos
sible. only- working at rare intervals
as occasion compels. The demands
of this strenuous war period should
introduce a new era in compulsory
employment. Society- should demand
some returns in profitable endeavor
from every young person capable of
doing something. Neither the young
man with silk socks nor the one with
patched trousers should be permitted
to kill time and accomplish nothing
while others are working overtime to
sustain the government and provide
food and other supplies for the world
The able-bodied loafer should be sliak
en loose from indolent habits and set
to work.—Wayne Herald.
Our perfectly good American hog is
up in arms. He resents being mention
ed in the same class with food specu
Don’t Hesitate to Phone Us
if you find it inconvenient to call
personally, for we always are glad
to deliver phone orders promptly
and .of course, without addition
al charge.
Whatever your drug store needs
just call
and we will see that you are taken
ere of promt ply and with the same
degree of service that you g«ft
when you make your purhases in
> person at the store.
0. L. Swanson
; Druggist
The President has issued a procla
mat ion, designating June 5th as Reg
i-tration Day. for the purpose of on
taining a military census of ail mer
between the ages of twenty-one and
thirty, the ages decided upon «bv Con
gress. This is the only day on which
it will be possible for a man to regis
ter. No one between the ages pro
vide,! is exempt from this registration.
Every man between these ages must
.-agister on this day. He will perform
his duty at his regular polling place,
which will be open from seven in the
morning until nine P. M.
Registration is solely for the purpose
of obtaining a list of eligible men in
the United States. After this census
has been taken, the process of ex
emption will follow. While the law
fixes a prison sentence as penalty for
failure to register or to comply with
any of the provisions of the law. it al
so provides that where a man volun
tarily presents himself for registration
on the day designated by the Presi
lent and in the event he is selected,
voluntarily presents himself for ser
vie. his name will be carried on the
record as a volunteer soldier.
The county registration board, com
nosed of the county sheriff, clerk and
physician, will appoint registrars for
the various precincts within their
county. The federal government is de
sirous of having, so far as possible,
these registrars serve voluntarily. The
registrars for Sherman county are as
List of Registrars for Sherman County
Jvast Logan: J. Q. Pray and Lincoln
Oak Creek: Adam Radka and Wenzel
Vest Oak Creek: E. E. Tracy and
Hans Johnson.
Washington: W. H. Welty and A.
P. Malm.
Elm: Guy Richmond and C, J. Whit
Webster: R D. Hedrioksou and F. A
Loup City. East: R. H. Mathew and
C. H. Ryan.
Loup Civ West: W. T Chase and W
u. /.immerman.
Austin: Dan McDonald and W. Han
Ashton: Jos. Hruby and Jos. Jan
Rockville: E. Dwehus and E. F. Kozei
Clay: J. E. Roush and C W. Burt.
Harrison: G. A. Engleman and A. W
Sr-oit: Arthur Minshull and J J. Els*
Hazard: C. W Trumble and Mver
Bristol: Geo. Braomer and Ben Von
The first name for each township
and ward is the Chief Registrar. He
has charge of forms and blanks and
must see that the returns are deliver
ed to the county clerk.
Girls here is your opportunity to do
something for your country and at the
same time be a Good Samaratan tc
the young men who are going out to
fight and die in order that, you may
have a country in which to live in
peace and security.
Every y«ung man who goes to war
needs from two to three pairs of
wristlets to wear around his wrists in
the'chilly trenches of France. They
will prevent thousands of bad cold:
and many hundreds of deaths from
But wristlets are not a part of the
equipment furnished to each soldier
bv the government. Hence if you the
warm hearted young ladies of our
country, do not make them our boys
will not get them.
Colonel Daniel E. McCarthy, de
parment quartermaster of the Centra’
Department. C. S. Army. Chicago. 111.,
is so warm hearted and generous and
patriotic that he is working nearly
twenty hours a day in his efforts to
make every arrangement for the com
fort and well being of the troops. But
— ---1
o'onel McCarthy, strong anti brain;
nan that he is. can not furnish then
wristlets bec ause the government doe
iot authorize him to do so.
Will you help Colonel MeCarthj
out in this girls? Will each of yoi
constitute yourself his aid and kni
at least one pair of wristlets for
"some girl's brother?" The colone
has a beautiful young daughter, am
she is knitting them too.
The wristlets should be of tan coloi
if possible, or dark gray or some otli
er subdued color, so they will not at
tract the attention of the enemy. The;
should never be red or any othei
bright color. They should be kni
loosely enough to admit ot drawiuj
them on and off over the hand, am
should be about five inches in length
The editor suggests that inside eaci
pair you pin or sew a iutle slip of pa
per with your name and address plain
ly written thereon so the soldier boy:
may know who sent them.
And to aid the movement and alsc
to do something for his country tht
editor wants to publish in the pape:
the name of every young lady whi
joins in this worthy undertaking. Le
us have your names as fast as yoi
knit them.
Write Colonel McCarthy a note tell
ing him you are knitting some wrist
lets and ask him where you are tt
send them. He will answer your let
ter promptly and will tell you jus
what to do with them in order tha
they may get to he right place. Ant
he will be immensely pleased o heai
trorn you because of what you are do
ing for "the boys.”
Girls, the editor makes this appea
to you in the name of our country
which we all love so well. You can
not fight, but you CAN make lift
more comfortable for the boys who dt
the fighting—some of whom will nevej
come back again. Come into the offict
and talk it over with us. and if we cat
aid you in any way we will do so.
In writing to Colonel McCarthy ad
dress your letter as follows: Coloue
Daniel E. McCarthy U. S. Army, Fed
eral Building. Chicago. Illinois.
Stan today, girls This is YOt'E
It is quite safe to annex a June bride
brother— provided you are 31 or over
The program for Decoratiou day will
be held at the Presbyterian church.
Wednesday. May 30. John Zimmerman
I speaker of the day. C. J. Tracy, mar
' shal of the day.
Soldiers. Ladies of G. A R. and Sons
J of Veterans will meet at Society hall
at 1:30 and march to the church, led
by the Silver Cornet band, where the
following program will he rendered:
Rev. E. M. Steen. Chairman
Song. America Congregatin'.
Prayer .Rev. Dunn
Gettysberg address .Earl Shrove
Song .Choif
Reading .Raymond Keith
Solo . .E M. Steen
Reading .Owen Waggoner
.Misses Depew
| Old Glory .Calla Cole
! Solo ..A. J. Johnson
II Song .Ruby Larsen
Boy Scouts Troop No. 1 will assi.
iu the program.
All business places are requested
| to close from 2:00 until 3:30. At the
j close of the program rigs will be at
the church to take all to the cemetery
who wish to go. There will be a short
alk given at the cemetery and all so!
dier's graves decorated.
By Ordgr of Committee
Official list of letters patent of in
vention issued from the United States
I Patent office at Washington, D. C.. to
inhabitants of Nebraska for the week
ending May lit. 1917. as reported
through the office of Sturgess A- Stu:
gess. registered patent attorney.-. Suite
332 Bee Bldg, Omaha. Neb.
Edwin H. Hollister, Ashland, photo
graphic printing frame.
Ira Lucy, Long Pine, collapsible live
stock crate.
Herman F. Miller. Rushville. cover
for coal hods.
Herman. F. Miller, Rushville. auto
mobile tire valve.
Leo J. Schwartz Winnetoon, concave
for threshing machines.
Robert U. Wolfe. Omaha, combined
tractor, roller and plow.
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