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    Loup City Northwestern
Andrew Srrfrayda was a Rockville
rmiler Wednesday
Herman Johansen went to David'
City Wednesday, to attend a hoe sale. !
I t Otises returned to ('hadron on j
Monday after a abort visit here with
bis parents
Mrs Seaneth Richmond i-ame over
tr :: t-'.e.d last Saturday everinr
fair a few days visit at the S H Rich
mood borne
Mrs C E Watkins was an Ashton
- s er Wednesday morn.a* return nn
” in the evening
Mrs Ma ogle and sister. Mr* Eva
t, nflit ame up from Austin and did
«*>. shopping returning on the noon
Mrs W F Mason was a westbound
passenger to Arcadia Tuesday even
:n« to t Isit with the Otto Rettenmeyer
family for a while
Dma He wit’ who has been here the 1
past few days ntuting at the John Ohl
home returned to hi* home at
Itai.d ( tty Tuesday Bortnaj.
For ftaloX-Mew tour room hou'-e
Water. elertri. iirht* Hausen Lute
her Co.
F S C tlus of Timor Nebraska is
beer vtaitiu* with hi* brother. J. J
Colas and family
Wanted Married mat with small
fas: » to work on farm —L X 8mi*h
Lous City, Route 3. 10-2
Fur Sale —Five room house and
seven lota in Loup City for sale.—
ill. tt.rv at Jung's restaurant
The Misses Faye Callaway and Fran
<er Hansel visited at Eunice Chase's
•<%!«>: at S- haupp*. Wednesday.
inetrs t < ourt will convene here next
Tu» -day The docket as usual is
short and will not take much time to
clean it up
Va“-le Hansen returned home
tram Hastings Wednesday evening
and other points, where she has been
viai'.sg far Mime time
kt-- Jerrr re*ska came over from
lo-r home at Ord Wednesday evening
la r:»*t with her parents. Mr. and
M-s James Bartunek and family.
L* pur--hared a new six cy
linder Oakland ■ ar last week, the car
he ng delivered Saturday The car was
pur ia---d from the local deal*. A C.
C :.s habit trouble is being ex
pe* etc ed wr}*h the new city well on
et reserv oir hill The well may have
t» la abandoned and another hole
Joe Go!as look his wife to the
Loeptia! at Columbus Monday, where
»he v3! go an operation. Mike
i*k!U aid John Coin* accompanied
A big coyote hunt covering five
miles square it being held north of
town today We will let you know
what lack the hunters had in next
week*9 Northwesters.
N Fisher bought a pure bred Po j
b- e China sow at the sale in Grand i
Island Monday which was an extra
ttouA owe A sister of the sow' he
bought aid a: the same sale for 1150 1
A «*•»«.'* hunt was held in Valley
ewunty la-' Monday Four covote.
were k:\ed and twenty one got through
the Sine* Vise j*.it ini k rabbits were
bagged The burners had a big feed
and a great time
1 ate pu* based two Polled Here
ford Pt. Is a :’h twenty and seventeen
rru • *•**» <■t polled blood and will sell
vuy two old bulls which have polled
hlaod only n their sires side for |1<*0
and IIS® See John Howe. 10-1
August Be- t hold was brought back
from Rwehes'er Minm. this week, ar
rteiag here Wednesday evening. Mr
Kettboli »a- taken to Rochester’ for
medical treatment and received no
bsneflt He is in a <-ritual conition.
Mr and Mrs Henry Williams ar
rived here last Friday noon, and are
* :tmg with Mrs Williams' mother.
Mr* Henry levlt and other relatives
AH wer.t out and took dinner with
Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Bly. Sunday Mrs
Biy n Mrs Lewis' daughter
Last week L N Smith installed an
Aime electru light plant at hi# farm
home east of town The plant was in
stalled by the Loup City Light a.
Power Co who are ih« local agents.
These small rdectnc plu'i» are proving
io be a line thing for the farmer.
The ifflcials of the Union Pacific
la ruts city have received word that
only mar;sen per tent of their cars
ate ka wae on the system. Over 100.040
<mrs u» held in the east under load
Tbs* is cbe cause of the ear shortage in
this state and in many other states.
The dates on many of the sub
scribers papers have not been chang
ed and M will probably be sever*!
weeks before all the corrections w*ll
Be made cm the mailing list. If you
have paid for your paper and the
date has not yet been changed on
vonr label, it will be done soon.
A program and basket social will be
given at the school house in Dis; 25
March 2. under the management of
Misses Gara Hill and Retta Gasteyer.
teachers. All are cordially invited to
i me with well filled baskets and help
make this a jolly social occasion. Re
member the date. Friday. March 2.
The basket social and dance given
by the young people of St. Joseph's
Catholic church at Society hall on
Monday evening was a great success
both socially and financially. Over
(CO 00 was realized from the sale of
baskets and over $00.00 was the re
< eipts of the evening.
l*r S A Allen and family ffTurned
to Loup City last Friday. The doctor
met Mrs. Allen and the children in
Omaha upon his returning from New
York where he had spent two weeks
on business. Mrs. Allen and the ch.l
dren visited with relatives in the east
ern part of the state while he was in
New York.
Man is a queer animal This week
a local business man told us of a fel
low who had been running a bill at
his place of business for some time,
eiving him all of his credit business
stid spending his cash elsewhere Ra
ther a raw deal, we should say. but
ne that the average business man ex
periences often.
The Argentine harvest is showing a
large de rease in the crop for this
>ear compared with one year ago. The
wheat crop in Argentine this year was
77.6020.000 bushels while one year ago
the wheat harvest totaled 172.415.000
bushels These new facts of the wheat
rop harvested, emphasizes the
.:! shortage that was pronounced after
the harvest in this country. High
prices for wheat promise to be main
tained owing to shortage regardless of
crop conditions.
York's central high school building
valued at S60.000, was destroed by
: re Tuesday night The origin, as us
ual in such cases. Is unknown. The
janitor, who is supposed to have been
the only person in the building after
school closed at 3:45. is unable to
throw any light upon it. The firemen
were handicapped in their efforts by
weak water pressure, being unable
to throw a stream beyond the second
- cry. The building was erected it
but was remodeled and en
urged 11 years ago. It was insured
for *40.000.
Tbe members of the Rustlers' class
entertained their wives in the social
pari >r» of the Presbyterian church
.as: Friday evening. A delightful time
was had; many old and new game,
games being played and many stunts
ceing played and many stunts be
.:ig performed proving that a little
nonsense now and then is enjoyed b\
all. even grown up men. Refresn
ments were served most gracefully
and many compliments were heard as
to the excellency of the cooking as
well as the entertainment.
A goid plated automobile, valued at
*;; ■ '!<" . will be the individual feature
of the Omaha Automobile show. Feb.
26 to March 3. This car will be shipped
fr >tn Chicago, where it was the cetner
of attraction and will be ready for iu
spe tion when the show opens. The
car has attracted international atten
tion because of the luxuriousness of
:is appointment. Every metal part is
plated with solid gold, twenty-four hun
dred ounces being required to properly
piate the car. The upholstering is in
-ilk. The car is the property of the
Studebaker Company. In order that vis
itors may experience the least diffi
culty and annoyance in Omaha during
the show. Secretary Powell and Police
Commissioner Kugel are arranging for
a traffic information bureau in the
Auditorium. This will be in charge of
two traffic officers, who will be on
band at all times to give information
regarding the traffic laws of the city.
Charted information and diagrams of
the city will be prominently displayed
so that visitors who drive their cars in
• an see at a glance what the traffic
regulations are.
Another big wolf hunt will be held
Monday. Feb. 26. the drive starting
at 11:00 a. m. sharp. The territory
to be covered is Washington townsh'p
and three miles in Elm and Webster
townships. The south line being
straight west from the south Loup
City bridge to the west side of Eln
township. There is to be a captain for
each mile and each captain to have
ten men.
Nothing heavier than BB shot to be
used, no riflas. Everybody come an.l
bring everybody else.
The west line is requested to hold
the cen^- back to allow those of the
east end to get past the corners so
•that tbe coyotes cannot escape.
The Fanners Union will hold an ele
vator meeting on Saturday, February
24. at 2 o’clock p. m.
All who are interested are request
ed to attend this meeting.
By Order of Committee.
Mrs. Nettie Doner_750,000
J. J. Golus...718,500
S T. Richmond- 625,000
blame~tk7war |
Tartr-rj,. «Dig» - T - 1~ r r —I I— i ■■■■ mm\ _
3 Cjyiris7\
a l$ypffi»wfr»ej
wr it? /
YOU Stt W ^
^ Attowr of A
Jjn <rtt W* ^
fl/W£ 10 AOVAHtf |
— .. J
“ upvnsrt.)
Fred Fuller has purchased the Lew
Simonson farm.
Rev. Langseth was a Sweetwater
caller last Thursday.
Rev. Troy filled his appointment at
church Sunday evening. —
O. J. Walthers made a business tr-'p
to Grand Island. Tuesday.
A good attendance was at Christian
Endeavor. Estelle Hane was leader.
Antone Buddiee returned home after
visiting home folks for about a week.
John Olson and daughter, Ada. and
Joe Miller went to Ravenna. Monday.
Charles Reynolds went to Antioch.
Tuesday morning, where he will work
Charles Glass is hauling some hav
out of the car that he had shipped
Robertson Bros, shipped one car of
hogs and a car of cattle to Omaha.
E. H. Robinson went to Litchfield.
Sunday in interest of the Sundey
T. A. Donahoe made a business tr*p
■o Broken Bow Sunday and returned
Monday. *
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Ward were Ra
venna callers last Thursday to see i.he
Mrs. Fred Fuller returned from Lin
col, Saturday evening, after visiting
.riends and relatives several days.
Mrs. John Hand. Mrs. Lew Olson.
Miss Marie Hennis and Leuella John
son. were passengers to Ravenna. Sat
urday morning.
Mrs. Anderson has her house com
pleted and will soon move to town.
Fred Anderson has been working here
for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Heins of David City,
visited John Weber and family from
Friday until Tuesday. Mrs. Heins is
Mrs. WTeber’s sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Prston Heater of An
selmo, were here visiting. Mr. Heater
stopped at Hazard and Mrs. Heater
visited her sister in Sweetwater.
Mrs. Sam Robinson and Mrs. Arthur
Engleman of Litchfield, and Mrs. Syd
ney Harold of Council Bluffs, visited
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Robinson. Friday.
Mrs. Harold is Mr. Robinson’s neice.
Adam Rhoer returned from Hick
man, Lincoln and other places. Tues
day. where he has been»visiting wiih
friends and relatives. His brother,
Fred, came home with him.
Mrs. Hans Peterson returned from
Omaha the middle part of last week.
She had been there to see her neice.
Miss Clara Spangsberg, who is tak
ing medical treatments. Miss Clara is
getting along nicely.
Mr. Welsh of Anslev was in Sweet
water, Thursday to assist with the
grange. He was in Hazard Friday af
ternoon and completed the organiza
tion of the grange with thirty-two
members to begin with. x
Mrs. John Dennis and two daugh
ters started to their new home in the
eastern part of Iowa, last week. They
stopped at Fairfield, Iowa, to visit with
friends for a few days. Mr. Dennie
and son started a few days before with
two emigrant cars.
There was a very large attendance
at the Harve Hoffman sale last Thurs
day. one mile south of Sweetwater.
The things brought good prices. One
pair of black mares brought $424; two
gray mare, brought $352; one set of
harness brought $58. Other articles
sold in proportion. At noon there were
88 cars on the grounds. George Slote
was auctioneer.
We desire to thank all who were
so kind to as daring the illness and
death of our beloved wife and mother.
T. D. Wilson and Family.
Again death has invaded the rank,
of our community and claimed anothe
of our most respected citizens in the
person of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Wilson
She was the fourth child of Mr. ami
Mrs. Abraham Carns of Shawneetown
Wis., where she was born on Feb. 12
1S56 and where 'her girlhood days
were spent.
On Oct. 21. 1874 she was united :i
marriage to T. D. Wilson of George
town. Wis. The following spring the;
moved to Williams. Iowa, where the>
resided until 1880. when they came tc
Sherman County. Nebraska, near Ash
ton. settled on a farm on which the>
remainedfor thirt; .»»rrs.
In 1910 they moved to Rockville
Neb., and remained for two years j
when they moved to Loup City, where )
the remainder of her days were spent
When 12 years of age she united
with the Christian church at George
town. Wis. In 1891 she became a j
charter member of the Presbyteriai
church of Ashton, where she remained
a member until April 14 1212. whet !
she transfered her membership to the
First Presbyterian Church of Loup j
City where she remained a consistent
member until her death.
Mrs. Wilson has been in failing
health for a number of years, having
had several attacks of sickness which
came near being fatal. Her last illness
was of some twelve weeks duration,
in which she suffered a great deal yet
she bore it with fortitude and pati
Mrs. Wilson was always interested i
in the welfare of other people, willing
to sacrifice her own personal pleas
ure in order to be of service to some
one else. In sickneBs and time of need,
she was always one of the first to
offer her service.
Several days before she died she’
realized that she would not get well.j
and called her loved ones to her side
and calmly made the arrangements for
her departure, down to the last de
She had absolutely no fears of
death. To her the sting had heen re
moved. for she trusted explicitly in
She is survived by her husband,
three children, Mrs. Eva Sutton. Ash-1
*on. Neb.; Mrs. Myrtle Page, Morril.
Neb.; and Theo Clyde Wilson. Ash
ton. Neb.; one daughter. Mrs. Anna
M. Currier, having preceded her in
death).An aged mother. Mrs. Ann
Carns, of Ames. Iowa.; three sisters,
Mrs. Mary Jane Brandon. Fallsbrook,
Cal.; Mrs. Margaret L. Stevens. Moun
tain Home, Idaho.; and Mrs. Kate
Stevens. Ames. Iowa.; four brothers,
Wm. A. Cams, Halladay. N. D.; Jas. F.
Carns, Mountain Home. Idaho,; Abra
ham L. Cants. Fouchet. Wash,; and
John A. Carns, Pendleton. Ore. Thir
teen grandchildren, besides a host of
sorrowing friends.
A good clean stock of merchandisr
in Loup City. Will consider land am
if necessary will pay difference. The
stock must be disposed of this week
Inquire at the Northwestern office.
Cecil McCall visited school Wednes
Nil la Couton took Sunday dinner
with her chum. Helen Ogie.
Arthur and Anna Couton spent Sun
day with the H. L. Hartwell family.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg spent the !
week end with the latter's parents at |
Mrs. Throckmorton and Mrs. N. " j
■ >addow spent PTiday with their sister I
Mrs. May, at Loup City.
J. W. Carpenter went to Sargent o: |
Monday to visit with his son. Rev. \\
S. Carpenter, for a few days.
J W. Carpenter went up to visit h. j
:on. Wesley Carpenter, returning . i
he Mrs. Ida Ogie home Saturday.
Mrs. Ida Ogle and Mrs. Eva Grifli.
went to Loup City on the noon trar j
ast Friday, returning the same da.
Mrs. Eva Griffin and two sons. Floy,
and Vernon, went to Rockville. Frida
.o visit for a few days with relative
and friends.
Miss Cole's room enjoyed a “Val
entine box" Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Burke's room came in to see the
attie folks' fun.
Mrs. Dan Carpentfer and son, Hom
er. Mrs. Ethel Throckmorton and sou.
Arthur, visited Miss Cole's room. Wed
nesday afternoon.
M rs. W. S. Fletcher returned home
from Hastings, Wednesday evening,
where she had been taking treat- j
ment for rheumatism.
Mrs. Lula Burke entertained the sev
enth. eighth, ninth and tenth grades
at her home, Saturday evening. All
present had a most enjoyable time.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Carpenter ran a sewing machine ned
die through one of his fingers last
Thursday while playing with the sew
ing machine.
About 140 attended literary at Austin
last Thursday evening. The next meet- j
ing will be Feb. 22. A gooff program !
is being prepared. The following ques-;
tion will be deboted. Resolved: That
women have done more for civilization
,han men. Affirmative. Miss Cole. Mrs.
Burke, Mrs. McDonald. Mrs. Florence
Daddow. Negative. Arthur Couton. Mr.
Wm. Fletcher, Jess Fletcher, and Mr.
McDonald. Everybody invited.
E. F. Kozel was on the sick list a
few days last week.
E. Dwehus was a Dannebrog visitor
on business. Monday of this week.
Mrs. Jens Rasmussen was a Danne
brog visitor a few days last week.
Art Strom sold a team of horses to
Vincent Johns. Thursday of last week.
Frovln Rasmussen went to Danne
brog last Wednesday for a few days
W. D. Zimmerman of Loup City, was
in town on business. Wednesday of
last week.
Daniel Bushhousen of Grand Island,
was in town on business, Tuesday uf
ernoon of this week.
Phillip Moritz purchased a new Stu
debaker car from Kozel & Sorenson.
Saturday of last week.
Pete Jensen of Boelus. was a Rock
ville visitor on business between trains
on Wenesday of last week.
The members of the teachers read
ing circle work met at the home of
Prof. Markin last Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Louie Hansen has been sick
with tonsilitis for a few days -but is
reported as some better at this writ
Chas. Grim went to Loup City on
business on the noon train, Wednesday
of last week, returning on the after
noon freight.
The band dance which was given at
the opera house last Saturday even
ing was quite well attended and the
boys came out some to the good.
The report was out Saturday even
ing that President Wilson had been
assassinated. The culprit in whose
brain such reports originate ought to
be prosecuted if found out.
E. J. Culver. M. D. of Friend, this
state, will locate at Rockville March
the first. Leave your calls at the drug
store or call 18 after that date. We
wish Dr. Culver the best of success
and prosperity in his new location.
Denis Christensen held his sale on
Tuesday of this week. The day was
ideal and everything sold very high
making a very good sale all around.
Denis is going to quit farming for him
self for a year or so at least and go
out and work by the day.
There will be a masquerade ball
given at the opera house for children
under 15 years of age on Saturday,
Feb. 24. This is given for the kiddies
only so let them come and have a
good time. Spectators will be allowed
in the hall providing they have payed
the required tax. At eleven o'clock the
masks will be dropped and a “jitney
dance given for the older people who
are present. Come out and watch the
children mask.
Next week will be examination
week. ' ,
The Physics class are taking up an
entirely new subject now. electricity.
The Normal trainers class did their
observation work in the third grade
Thursday night we play Ravenna.
We are looking for a real fast game.
Don't miss it.
Mrs. Owen played several pieces on
the victrolia. Wednesday morning a*
assembly period.
The following were high school visi
tors last Thursday; Mrs. Mulick, Mrs.
Cox. Caroline Johnson. Ruth Minor,
and Grace Conger
The civics class debated on the
question. "Should the railroads be
owned by the government..’’ The af
firmative side won.
The seniors held a party at the
home of Katie Janulewicz, Tuesday
night. The evening was spent in games
after which a two course lunch was
served. Everyone reported a good
The following Normal trainers
taught Thursday: Carl Hansen, pri
mary; Helma Jung, second grade; Lu
cille Bartunek. third grade; Dora '
Ohlsen, fourth grade; Leona May. the !
fifth and Myrtle White, eighth.
The Cairo teams played Loup City
last Friday night. Both teams won by
the scores of. boys 27 to 7 and girls
15 to t>. The game all the way through
kus terribly one sided. After the game
Rev. Beebe entertained the teams in 1
the Methodist church. Salad, pickles. !
sandwitches. coffee and cake were
served. -
F. E. Brewer died February 20. 1917. i
it the home of his sister. Mrs. O. E.
Briggs, at Zephryshill, Florida, after ]
in illness of several months.
He was born in Ogle county. Illinois, i
August 31, 1S57. When five years ot
age his parents moved to Iowa where
ae grew to manhood, coming to Loup ,
City in 1SS3. Here he has lived for j
more than thirty years until last De
cember when he went to Florida hop- t
ng that balmy climate might improve
lis health.
Frank was one of a family of eight
children, three of whom have passed
an before. One in childhood, a broth
er Charles who was once a resident
af Loup City and a sister. Mrs. J. W.
lones. of Loup City. Those still living 1
ire: Mrs. O. E. Briggs. Zephryshill. 1
Florida; Harvey E Brewer, Salt Lake
City; Ida May Brewer. Evanston, 111.;
ind Mrs. C. J. Tracy, Loup City.
When first coming to Loup City he 1
engaged in the restaurant business
continuing for several years. Later he '
took up insurance and nursery work
which gave him a wide acquaintance
Dver the county.
Frank Brewer was well known for
bis sturdy Christian principles, his up
right manly character, his rigid views
of right and wrong.
He helped to build the M E. Churen
here, has always been a faithful at
tendant and supporter of the church.
In his last hours he was comforted
and strengthened by his faith in the
Christian religion.
In his death the family lose a gener
ous true hearted brother, the communi
ty. a faithful loyal citizen.
An operetta to be given by members
of the boys' and girls’ choruses of the
high school, at the opera house, Fri
day evening, March 2. This is some
thing everyone will eftjoy.
The colorful and quaint costumes
are attractive, and the melodies are
catchy and clever. The story: Herto
?enboach, with his family and friends,
las been living in comfort and con- I
entment until Bob Yankee, an Amen
an salesman, endeavors to introduce
modern machinery into Holland to
displace the picturesque windmills. He
gains the confidence of the old farmer,
but the Hollanders love for their mills
finally prevails, and Bob Yankee is
outdone. Admission 15-25 and 35 cents.
Subscribe for The Northwestern.
Miss Hickman came in on 39, Fri
day evening.
Herb McCosh is down with a severe
attack.of lumbago.
Henry Badey was a passenger to
Lincoln, Wednesday.
Chas Givens shipped a load of cattle
to South Omaha, Sunday.
Mrs W. D. Fisher went to Lincoln
on 40, Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Thos.Chamberlain came home
on 39. Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Thompson were
passengers to Cairo. Monday.
Mr. Tilden of Wyoming, husband of
Miss Grace Work, came in on No. 40,
L. B. Hickman wras a passenger east
to Butler county on business. Wednes
day morning.
Mrs. Sennet Richmond was a pas
senger to Grand Island on No. 40. on
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Purcell of Bro
ken Bow. visited with the Purcell fam
ily, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Achenbach were
passengers to Grand Island on No. 40,
Sunday morning.
C. H. Achenbach and John Kissling
each shipped a load of hogs to Omaha.
Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Badey left on 40, for Cario. on
Tuesday. Mr. Badey's father is very
sick at that place.
Homer Hocket went to Grand Island
on 40. Tuesday morning to attend the
horse market sale.
Miss Edna Taffee was visiing with
friends at Palmer this week, return
ing on 39. Tuesday.
Mrs. Ruth Harte and baby of Coun
cil Bluffs, are visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson.
Elmer Slote shipped two Poland
China bred sows and Frank Goff one
to Phil Dorsen of Grand Island.
A. D. Jones shipped one of his thor
oughbred Hampshire (bred) sows to
B. L. Manders of Virgil. S. D., Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rumery visited in Ma
son over Sunday, leaving here on 39,
Saturday and returning on 40. Mon
Miss Edna Taffee went to Mason on
Friday evening on 39. to take 44 for
Palmer, via Aurora, to visit friends a
few days.
Alfred Hull has been here trying to
buy some horses and mules but left
without any. He has bought horses
here before.
Mrs. Ruth Harte and baby returned
Tuesday morning for her home in
Council Bluffs, after visiting here witn
her parents.
Mrs. Arthur Engleman, Mrs. John
Thrailkill and Mrs. Ruth Harte. were
passengers to Hazard on No. 40. Fri
day morning.
W. F. Howard is shipping out his
emigrant goods and stock to Glen
Rock. Wvo. Dr. W. S. Nicholas is here
testing his stock for tuberculosis.
George Dickerson and daughter with
his mother-in-law, Mrs. Chas. Duncan,
and Mrs. Drew Engleman, were pas
sengers to Grand Island Sunday morn
The Spelts Bros, shipped a load of
horses to Grand Island on Sunday.
They also sold eleven head of horses
to a Grand Island man who is buying
for the English.
Ben Spelts bought forty-six head of
cattle at a sale north of Mason on last
Friday. Among the number there were
some fresh cows. Any or all of them
are for sale. See Ben.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCune of Ra
venna. returned home on 40, Monday,
after a short visit with the Marsh '.
Mrs. McCune will be remembered as
Miss Pavey. a sister of Mrs. Marsh.
Richard T. Wilson of St. Edwards,
father of Sherman Wilson, who has
been down with typhoid fever for the
past few weeks, came in on Wednes
day to see his son. They took him
to the hospital at Grand Island. Fri
day morning.
Mrs. W. F. Sanders came in on 33.
Tuesday evening. Mr. Sanders is the
cashier of the State bank. They have
rented the Geo. McKenzie property
and are now at Ansley preparing to
ship their household goods.
Quite an excitement was caused in
our village by a message over both
the telephone and telegraph wires,
that our president had been shot bat
did not know how seriously, but about
9^)'clock we were relieved by a mess
age that the report was a fake.
State Bank of Litchfield using a Iio
eral and aggressive policy, is growing
rapidly. Place your banking business
with us.
F. N. AUSTIN, Pres.
C. A. RYDBERG. V. Pres.
W. F. SANDERS, Cashier
A program and basket social will be
given at the school house in Dist 2"..
March 2. under the management of
Misses Gara Hill and Retta Gasteyer.
teachers. All are cordially invited t«»
come with well filled baskets and help
make this a jolly social occasion. Re
member the date. Friday, March 2.
Chris L. Knoepfel, a prominent pure
bred Duroc Jersy hog raiser, two and
one-half miles west and one half mile
south of Ashton depot, is back from
his annual trip to the eastern part of
the state, and has bought brood sow
material of the latest strains in differ
ent parts of the state to make good tcx
supply your wants the coming season,
in that line.