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Mothers Know That |
Genuine Castoria
Always i
Bears the
ft Jjv In
{\$ Use
v/ For Over
Thirty Years
£xact Copy rapper* th« cewtauw oommnv, new vom omr.
m ■gww in ■■■■■■■■
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
Nature warns you when the track of
health is not clear. Kidney and bladder
troubles cause many annoying symptoms
and great inconvenience both day and
Unhealthy kidneys may cause lumbago,
rheumatism, catarrh of the bladder, pain
or dull ache in the back, joints or mus
cles, at times have headache or indiges
tion. as time passes you may have a sal
low complexion, puffy or dark circles
under the eyes, sometimes feel as though
you had heart trouble, may have plentv
of ambition but no strength, get weak
•nd lose flesh.
If such conditions are permitted to
continue, serious results may be expect
ed; Kidney Trouble in its very worst
form may steal upon you.
Prevalency of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarm
SPECIAL NOTE—You may obtain a sa
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamt
to prove the remarkable merit of this me
valuable information, containing many of
from men and women who say thev found
in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. T1
well known that our readers are advised to
Kilmer k Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When ^
Mrs. Josiah Cowles, the new presi
dent of the National Federation of
Women's Clubs, was talking in New
York about dress.
"Women, once they get Interested in
our movement.” she said, “dress more
sensibly. They give less thought to
dress. I may claim, in fact”—Mrs.
Cowles smiles—“I may claim in fact.”
she ended, “that these women start
making their own clothes and stop
picking their friends’ clothes to
Pimples, boils, carbuncles, dry up and
disappear with Doctor Pierce’s Golden
Medical Discovery. In tablets or liquid.
One Way to Do It.
“Father, bow do you till a fountain
pen?” asked Johnny.
“Well,” asked his father, “is it your
pen that you want to fill?”
“Yes. sir.”
“Well, then my hoy.” thoughtfully
answered father. “I would fill the bath
tub with ink. and then get in and fill
the pen.”—Rochester Times.
A pear tree on the farm of J. S.
Engle, in Shoemakersville, Pa., one
hundred and sixty-three years old, is
bearing fruit. .
ing increase and remarkable prevalency
cf kidney disease. While kidney dis
orders are among the most common dis
eases that prevail, they are almost the
last recognized by patients, who usually
content themselves with doctoring the
effects, while the original disease may
Constantly undermine the system.
1/ you feel that your kidneys are the
cause of your sickness or run down con
dition, try taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the famous kidney, liver and blad
der remedy, because as soon as your kid
neys improve, they will help the other
organs to health.
__ If you are already convinced that
Swamp-Root is what you need, you can
purchase the regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles at all drug stores.
Don’t make any mistake but remember
the name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
and the address, Binghamton, X. Y., which
you will find on every bottle.
mple size bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosing
on. X. Y. This gives you the opportunity
Jicine. They will also send you a book of
the thousands of grateful letters received
Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed
e value and success of Swamp-Root are so
send for a sample size bottle. Address Dr.
mting be sure and mention this paper.
Nebraska Directory
" local agent or write for
National Fur & Tanning Go.
1921 S. 13th St., Omaha, Neb.
F. F. FINK, Auto Tinner
317 S. 20th ST. OMAHA. NEB.
Omaha Alfalfa Milling Co.
Members Omaha Hay Exchange and
Omaha Grain Exchange
Rlways la the market tor No.1
330 GRAIN EXCHANGE, Omaha .Nebraska
W. N. U„ OMAHA, NO. 46-1916.
Iron is Greatest of All Strength
Builders, Says Doctor
A Secret of the Great Endurance and Power of Athletes
Ordinary Nuxated Iron Will Make Del
icate, Nervous, Rundown People
200 Per Cent. Stronger in Two
Weeks’ Time in Many Cases.
NEW YORK, N.' Y.—Most people
foolishly seem to think they are going
to get renewed health and strength
from some stimulating medicine, se
cret nostrum or narcotic drug, said
Dr. Sauer, a well-known Specialist who
has studied widely both ,in this coun
try and Europe, when, as a matter
of fact, real and true strength can only
come from the food you eat. But peo
ple often fail to get the strength out
of their food because they haven’t
enough iron in their blood to enable
it to change food into living matter.
From their weakened, nervous condi
tion they know something is wrong
but they can’t tell what, so they gener
ally commence doctoring for stomach,
liver or kidney trouble or symptoms
of some other ailment caused by the
lack of iron in the blood. This thing
may go on for years, while the patient
suffers untold agony. If you are not
strong or well, you owe it to yourself
to make the following test: See how
long you can work or how far you can
walk without becoming tired. Next
take two five-grain tablets of ordinary
nuxated iron three times per day after
meals for two weeks. Then test your
strength again and see for yourself
how much you have gained. I have
seen dozens of nei ous, run-down peo
ple~who were ailing all the while,
double their strength and endurance
and entirely get rid of all symptoms
of dyspepsia, liver and other troubles
in from ten to fourteen days’ time
simply by taking iron in the proper
form. And this after they had in
some eases been doctoring for months
without obtaining any benefit. But
don't take the old forms of reduced
iron, iron acetate or tincture of iron
simply to save a few cents. You must
take iron in a form that can be easi
ly absorbed and assimilated like nux- 1
ated iron if you want it to do you any
good, otherwise it may prove worse
than useless. Many an athlete or
prize-fighter has won the day simply
because he knew the secret of great
strength and endurance and filled his
blood with iron before he went into
the affray, while many another has
gone down to inglorious defeat simply
for the lack of iron.
NOTE—Nuxated Iron recommended
above by Dr. Sauer is not a patent medi
cine nor secret remedy, but one which is
well known to druggists and whose iron 1
constituents is widely prescribed by emi- I
nent physicians everywhere. Unlike the
older inorganic iron products, it is easily
assimilated, does not injure the teeth,
make them black, nor upset the stomach;
on the contrary, it is a most potent reme
dv in nearly all forms of indigestion, as
well as for nervous, run-down conditions.
The manufacturers have such great con
fident in Nutated Iron that they offer
Vo forfeit *100.00 to any charitable insti
tution if they cannot take any man or
woman under 60 who lacks iron and in
crease their strength 200 percent, or
over in four weeks' time Provided Die
have no serious organic trouble, uney
also offer to refund your moneyif it does
not at least double your strength and
endurance in ten days' timeO It lsjhs
oensed bv most druggists. If your drug
gist" or general store is without a supplj, »
pair them to get it tor you. Adv.
II 1 were hanged on the highest hill.
Mother o mine, O mother o' mice.
I know whose love won] j follow- me still.
Mother o mice. G mother o' mine.
—R. Kipling.
More Timely Dishes.
Avoid getting into ruts in serving
the family menu. When the same
food must he often served, see that
it appears in different forms, combi
nations, seasoning and garnishing,
then it will seexu like different food.
Creamed Artichokes.
This delicious vegetable is easily
grown, and adds another ilisli to the
menu. Melt three tablespoonfuls of
blitter in a saucepan, add one-half
cupful of cracker crumbs, one table
spoonful of chopped parsley, t one
fourth of a toasi>oonful of salt, pap
rika and nutmeg to taste; add two
cupfuls of diced artichokes, and cook
for a moment, then add one and a
fourth cupfuls of cream. When boil
ing, add a teaspoonful of lemon juice
aud the grated rind of half a lemoh.
Southern Pone.
Pare and core a dozen tart apples
and place them in a pudding dish.
Scald four cupfuls of milk, add a pint
of cornmeal. cook until smooth, then
add a leuspoonful of salt, one cupful
each of molasses and finely chopped
suet. Sift flour over the top to tnaue
a crust after it has baked a while
Bake two or three hours.
^ Coestnut Stuffing.
Blanch a pound of the large chest
nuts. boil until tender and put
through a ricer. Add a cupful of
bread crumbs, one-half cupful of but
ter, one and a* half tablespoonfuls of
poultry dressing, one-half cupful of
raisins, salt pepper, celery salt and
a nit of sugar; mix thoroughly and
stuff the fowl the day before, to save
time when other foods must be made
Roast Turkey.
Select an eight or ten-pound turkey,
see that tiie breast is plump, the legs
pliable ami the flesh of good color.
I>n»w and singe and draw the tendons
from the legs. Thoroughly scrub in
side and out with soda water and a
small vegetable brush, being careful
not to break the skin. Wipe well and
stuff. Sprinkle with flour and salt,
and place in a hot oven. Baste every
lb minutes t lie first hour of roasting
using butter and water, after that the
juices in the pan will he sufficient.
Place the turkey breast down, and ;
you will find It has a much better |
flavor. Turn the bird and cover the j
breast with butter to brown. II a rich 1
brown crust is desired, use twice as 1
much butter as flour, and spread it on I
the turkey. The giblets should be
simmered in water until tender, and
the neck also. This is used to add to
the gravy after chopping the meat
I very fine.
Shoe Styles.
Tan boots are smart and fashionable
for a walk in town, tramp in the coun- i
try or other sports wear. Dressy high
shoes are laced or buttoned. They
may be all black with Louis heels and
smart stitching, or dark-vamped with
colored suede uppers. Patent leather
shoes, half-pump style and half-slip
per, are worn afternoon or evening,
and varied by the stockings worn,
black ones when you want to be som
ber. midnight blue when your cos
tume is that color, beige or gray when
your frock is dressy and white when
you dance.
Watch Nature's Signs That
Are All Around You and Be
Your Own Weather Prophc.
There are plenty of soundly scien
tific weather signs that are right be
fore our eyes and vouched for by the
best meteorologists. For instance, the
“ring around the moon,” which is
produced by a thin, tilmy cloud made
up of minute particles of ice—a state
of things not built to last. Either
some unlooked-for commotion nil! put
a stop to it in a different manner, or
it will pour cats and dogs within three
days at the most. In eighty-six cases
out of a hundred, the rule holds good.
A still better sign is the "ring around
the sun.”
This is science pure and simple, and
so is the old maxim. “The farther the
sight the better the rain." It is not
pessimism tiiat makes people along
the coast predict a downpour when
they can pick out the separate houses
on a far-away island or people in
mountain regions call it "too good to
last" when a distant peak, generally
invisible, comes into view. They are
shrewd, meteorologists in making
these predictions, and also in declar
ing that sounds carry better when a
rainstorm is brewing.
Of all nice, convincing weather
signs, however, a “sickening sky” is
pretty nearly the most reliable. When
the deep, warm blue grows paler, and
then whitish, and your spirits drop, the
shadows fray at the edges and disap
pear, then you have a sickening sky.
Rain is not being brought np ready
made from afar, but is being manu
factured directly overhead.
The color of the sky. then, is a fair
ly trustworthy sign in and of itself,
and so is the color of the clouds. In
tensely white clouds against an in
tensely blue sky means bright weather
ahead. Orayish clouds on a lightish
blue foretell rain.—Woman's Home
dCv.ia Hlpwi1 Til
I BW «:. ' ' . jy-. ••:■/?
Eulalie Jensen.
Star of the movies whose dramatic
career began at the age of sixteen,
when she became a member of Sarah
Bernhardt's company.
New Initials
Did you know, needleworkers, that
you could now buy padded Initials all
worked on a foundation of thin cloth?
They are soft and pliable, and all you
have to do is to baste the cloth. It Is
so sheer that you can cut close to the
initial and pull away any loose threads
which might remain under the pad
ding. This is but another evidence
that needleworkers, too, have bowed
to the inevitable time-saving device.
A Bit of Forestry
"Do yon know bow to tell a hard
wood tree from a soft-wood tree?” said
a forester. “I’ll tetl you how to do it,
and the rule holds good not only here
among our familiar pines and walnuts,
but in the antipodes, among the strang
est banyans, baobabs and what-nots.
Soft-wood trees have needle leaves,
slim, narrow, almost uniform in
breadth. If you don’t believe me, con
sult the pine, the spruce or the fir.
Hard-wood trees have broad leaves of
various shape—the oak, the ebony,
the walnut, the mahogany and so on."
-- .. .. ■ — •-—'
To thee <tod has granted
A 1.1 art ever new—
To art—always open—
To all. always true
When I hear of n small hoy who is
a perfect gentleman I am more apt to
pity than admire
nun. Judging all
lads by those of
the neighborhood,
whose pranks I
watch with secret
amusement, I aiu
led to believe
there's something
wrong in t h e
make-up of the
little boy who
would rather sit
in the house read
ing stories of im
possibly good
children than to
go o u t-o f-doors
and romp, whoop
and play with his
comraues —wmcn
of course, has ever been boy nature.
From the time he sheds his baby
petticoats and pets into knickerbock
ers, the rough side of boy life begins
to assert itself. He has actually to
Sght every inch of his way with other
boys to retain his marbles, ball or kite
and take his own part among them.
Even very small boys are not wont
to unbosom their little troubles to the
family. They learn to keep their own
counsel at an early age. If he comes
home from school cross no one thinks
to find out what caused it and show
sympathy for him because of the bat
tle that was forced upon him. He
hides his bruises as he does his heart
Even in their own homes the
rights of small boys are not always
respected. They have a right to more
politeness than falls to their lot.
Neither his parents, sisters or broth
ers think of thanking him if he per- 1
forms a slight service for them. They
seem to think he is obliged to be at
their beck and call whether It incon
veniences him or not. If a boy chases
a man's hat on a windy day for a
block, returning it to its owner quite
out of breath, is he always thanked
graciously for his act of kindness?
Not once in a dozen times. No won- !
der lie resolves at last to let the fat
old men chase after their own hats
and enjoys a laugh when they come
back winded, puffing and panting, if
a hoy gives a woman his seat in a
crowded car. does he receive a polite
“thank you” for being courteous?
Where one woman acknowledges his
courtesy, a score will flop down into
the vacated seat without bothering to
show politeness, because he’s only a
hoy. Praise to a hoy who has done a
gracious act is as sweet as it is to a
man. He is actually yearning for a
smile or a word of appreciation. If
he does not receive it at home he
rarely expects it from the outside !
Hearing a boy appears to be a much j
graver matter than most i>eople real
ize. If he has too much petting, he
will do his best to ride rough-shod
over the rest of the family, become
arrogant and unbearable. If apprecia
tion and tender words are denied him.
who is to blame if in early manhood
he falls a victim to the wiles of the
sirens who cajole and flatter a vouth;
honeyed words are sweet to masculine
ears of all ages. Thank the little hoy
co dially for every service he renders
you. Let him think that his views and
opinions can be listened to at home '
if nowhere else.
If he takes his own part in an en- ,
counter forced upou him. show your
sympathy and express the earnest
wish that it may not happen again,
but do not scold, punish or rail at him
for taking his own part. Teach him
to be a brave soldier in life’s battles.
(Copyright, 1316.)
Geranium Good Plant For
House in Winter: Fuchsia
And Primrose Also Reliable
It Is very difficult to keep plants in
good condition in the house, so much so
that many persons do not try it. yet it
is a pity to deprive one’s self of the
For reliable winter blooming noth
ing surpasses the geraniums. With
good plants one may have a wealth of
blossoms all winter long. The single
varieties will give better satisfaction
than the double. Primroses, too. are
good, and cyclamens prolong their
blooming season delightfully. The
fuchsia is a'i olrl-fashioned flower that •
has a peculiar charm. It and the abu
rilon. sometimes called the flowering
maple, will grow to a large size and
will be found very satisfactory.
If one does not have a room or
porch which can he set apart exclu
sively for plants, it is still possible to
have something green, and even bloom
ing, to brighten the room. For an in
side window box have one made the
length of the width of the window and
set it in a zinc tray for drainage. Fill
this with potted plants pouring about
the pots clean gravel and sand. The
pots may be easily replaced.
Azaleas make a fine showing, and
one may have lilies of various kinds,
I including the calla and Easter lilies.
The rex and the rubra begouias have
such rich foliage that they tnahe very
Make Shoes of Aluminum.
Owing to the increase in the cost of
leather, which has been on the upward
trend for years, there has been a de
mand for some substitute that will
take its place to a certain extent in
the manufacture of shoes, and in some
parts of the country there has been
received with favor a shoe partly made
of aluminum. The use of leather is
not dispensed with entirely, for there
is yet considerable entering into the
shoe, but the sole and counter, the
parts most subject to wear, are made
of the metal. The hard usage of the
shoe comes on the heel and sole, and
in the case of the aluminum the wear
er walks on the heel and a rocker,
across the sole of the shoe, which parts
are renewable and may be readily re
p’aced without sending the shoes to
the shoemaker. The new shoes are no
heavier than those of leather, and are
said to be much more economical on ac
count of the increased service secured.
New York details 25 firemen ter give
fire drills in public schools.
valuable additions to the winter plants.
A large bay window is a good place
for keeping plants. This part of the
room may be made especially attrac
tive by training ivy over the windows
and by hanging baskets or boxes con
taining vines and small plants.
Around the World.
United States has 114,000 lawyers.
Alaska had its most prosperous min
ing year during 1915.
Platinum has been recently discov
ered in the southern part of Spain.
The world’s product of lead pencils
probably amounts to nearly 2,000,000.
000 a year.
One man-eating leopard of India
was known to have killed more than
200 men before It was dispatched.
A dredge built in Holland for the
government of Uruguay crossed the
Atlantic ocean under its own steam.
British Honduras is a natural green
house, where most anything will grow,
but there is little or no agricultural in
Rocks Waste Away in Desert.
The rocks in a desert are said to
waste away even more rapidly than
those exposed to continuous water ero
sion. an example being southwestern
deserts where the change of tempera
ture from 125 degrees at noon to 71
or so at night causes stone to crumble
rapidly under the extremes of expan
sion and contraction.
Wealth of Roumania.
As far back ns 1900 Roumania ranked
third among the grain-producing na- ;
tions of the world; and though several j
countries have since passed it. Us an- i
nual contributions to the world’s sup- j
plv of food have steadily Increased.
Its average exports of corn during i
1911. 1912 and 1913 were second only
to those of Argentina*- In wheat ex
ports it stood sixth among the world's
nations, and in oats exports fifth. This
is accomplished with a total area
somewhat less than that of the state :
of Arkansas. Roumania also has enor
mously rich oil wells, operated to a
considerable extent by the American j
Standard Oil company.
irishwoman a Sergeant
A telegram from Toulon states that
Miss Flora Sendes, an Irish woman,
who was in Serbia at the beginning of
the war, served as a hospital nurse,
and when the hospitals were closed en
listed as a private in a Serbian regi
ment After a holiday in London she
has arrived at Toulon on her way to
rejoin her regiment at Saloniki, with
the rank of sergeant.—London Times,
This Is a serious matter with house
keepers as food prices are constantly
going up. To overcome this, cut out
the high priced meat dishes and sene
your family more Skinner’s Macaroni
and Spaghetti, the cheapest, most de
licious and most nutritious of all foods.
Write the Skinner Mfg. Co., Omaha.
Nebr., for beautiful cook book, telling
how to prepare it in a hundred different
ways.’ It’s free to every womun.—Adv.
Entertaining Was Too Strenuous.
A five-year-old boy had spent the
morning at the home of a neighbor,
who owns a beautiful collie pup. The
youngster and little dog had romped
about the lawn in high glee until, in
play, the collie scratched the lad's leg
with its teetli. Hurrying home the
child told his mother the dog had bit
him and that lie was not going over to
see its owner again.
“You should be ashamed to talk that
way. son.” the mother replied. “You
know you love the puppy and the L.’s
have been lovely to you. They have
entertained you all morning.”
“EntertainedEntertained!” ex
claimed the boy. “They have enter
tained me for the dog over there to
chew on."
Suffering From Itching, Burning
Rashes, Eczema, etc. Trial Free.
Give baby a bath with hot water and
Cuticura Soap, using plenty of Soap.
Dry lightly and apply Cuticura Oint
ment gently to all affected parts. In
stant relief follows and baby falls into
a refreshing sleep, the first perhaps
in weeks. Nothing more effective.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura. Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Only Hinted It.
George was an imp, liis sister said,
and she thought her mother ougiit to
raise her children better, which made
mother laugh.
“What lias poor George done now?”
asked mother. “Well, if you want to
know,” said Grace, aged sixteen, “he
came into tin* parlor and asked Charlie
to give him some money. The very idea
of begging 1” she exclaimed, as George
himself came into the room.
“I did not ask him for money.”
George indignantly denied. “I said
that Grace's beaus gave tne a quarter
every time they saw me. except one.
and he was a tightwad.”
It's unlucky for a mouse to meet a
biack sat.
= TRY =
Loaded Up.
"There's nothing in the man you
pointed ont to nm.”
"Nothing iti him! Well, when I left
him he was on his eighth highball."
Strong Drinks Irritate
Strong drinks like beer, whiskey,
tea unit coffee, irritate the kidneys
and habitual use tends to weaken
them. Daily backache, with head
ache, nervousness, dizzy spells ami
a rheumatic condition should be
taken as a warning of kidney trou
ble. Cut out, or at least moderate,
the stimulant, and use Doan’s Kid
ney Pills. They are fine for weak
kidneys. Thousands recommend
A Nebraska Case
ӣz*rr Pi-ru^t Robert Fran::-*, re
a Su^' tired farmer, Eiev
nth and I*ierce Sts •
"For quite awhile
my kidneys were
disordered ar.d I had
a weak and lame
back. My b a c k
ached steadily and
it hurt me to do any
lifting. I was
obliged to get up
- iciui 111J l r-ii i
night to pass the kidney secretions, too.
Doan’s Kidney Pills relieved me as
soon as I took them and continued
rid me of all the ailments. 1 have
felt fine since."
Get Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Box
stealth ter
$iek Women
For Forty Years Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound Has Been
Woman’s Most Reliable Medicine
—Here is More Proof.
To women who are suffering from some form of
woman's special ills, and have a constant fear of breaking
down, the three following letters ought to bring hope: —
North Grand on, TVis. — “When I was 16 years
old I got married and at IS years I gave birth to
twins and it left me with very poor health. I could
not walk across the floor without having to sit
down to rest and it was hard for me to keep about
and do my work. I went to a doctor and he told
me I had a displacement and ulcers, and would
have to have an operation. This frightened me so
much that I did not know what to do. Having
heard of Lydia E. Pihkham’s Vegetable Compound
I thought I would give it a trial and it made me as
well as ever. I cannot say enough in favor of the
..* -Jllb. JaAXJIu -TVZSXJAV^ii, -.> UI Cll VXOOJ.U.UiJ^ ft iO.
Testimony from Oklahoma.
Lawton, Okla. — “When I began to take Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound I seemed to be good for nothing. I tired easily
and had headaches much of the time and was irregular. I took it again
before my lictle child was bom and it did me a wonderful amount of
good at that time. I never fail to recommend Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound to ailing women because it has done so much
for me.”—Mrs. A. L. McCasland, 509 Have St., Lawton, Okla.
From a Grateful Massachusetts Woman.
Roxbury, Mass.—“ I was suffering from inflam
mation and was examined by a physician who found
that my trouble was caused by a displacement.
My symptoms were tearing down pains, backache,
and sluggish liver. I tried seve -al kinds of medi
cine; then I was asked to try L *dia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound. It has cured me and I am
pleased to be in my usual good health by using it
and highly recommend it.” — 'Irs. B. M. Osgood,
, 1 Haynes Park, Roxbury, Mass.
/If you want special advic e write to Lydia
E. Pinkham Medicine Co. C onfidential) Lynn, Mass. Your
letter will be opened, read an . answered by a woman and held
in strict confidence.
Evidently Affinities.
“So you think that we were mad •
for each other, do you?” she said.
“Yes,” he replied; "I'm heavily in deh .
and you’ve got all kinds of money."—
Boston Transcript.
A man is likely to save liis religion
and best suit of clothes for the Sab
Anyway, a spite fence is never too
high for neighbors to think it over.
To Live Long !
A recipe given by a famous phy
sician for long life was; “Keep the
kidneys in good order! Try to elimi
nate through the skin and intestine*
the poisons that otherwise clog the kid
neys. Avoid eating meat as much as
possible; avoid too much salt, alcohol,
tea. Drink plenty of water.”
For those past middle life, for those
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mation. as backache, scalding “water,”
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