The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 16, 1916, Image 7

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Where will You Be at 65
— o -
It is up to you 4 We can help you
DO YOU REALIZE that out of 100
average healthy men at the age of 25
36—will die before reaching the ag9
of 65
5—will be wealthy
5—will be supporting themselves by
54—will be dependent upon friends,
relatives or charity.
THIS CHART represents man’s ac
cumulating period from 30 to 50 years
of age. Either success or failure is
* At 20
Everything to gain
and nothing to lose.
This is the egotistical
period — the age son
thinks he knows more
than his father.
This space repre
sents the young man’s
self-sufficiency. Age of
At 30
The boy at this age is
changing his mind and
concludes he doesn’t
know as much as he
thought for. He now
considers the father a
man of judgment.
At 35
the son realizes that
life is a reality, and he
is not so smart as he
once thought. His fa
ther was a man of
master mind.
At 40 |
75 per cent of men at j
this age meet with re- fc
verses and lose their f
entire accumulation.
At 45
90 per cent have lost all by this
At 50
This is the age of caution.
A man must not speculate, for
e has all to lose and nothing to
gain. He must look for securi
ty—not high rates of interest.
Only one man in 5000 can after
this age recover his financial
At 60
At sixty, 95 per cent of men
are dependent upon their daily
earnings or on their children
for support.
Will you be oe of them or one
of the 5 per cent with a compe
Solution: Spend less than you earn
Start a bank account
First National Bank
1 Loup City, Nebraska j
When looking for a good lunch or short order
drop in at the
■ We carrv a full line of Bakery Goods. Careful atten
tion given to all special orders.
____ I
If you have plenty of rough feed for cattle you will find
no kind of stock more profitable than good quality two
vears old steers like these. They are high grade, mostly
Shorthorn types, and have good growthy frames and will
make the man who buys them a good profit if sold off the
grass next July. Xo cattle you can buy will pay better
for the feed. They will eat or can be handled with less
trouble or shelter, and remember they are ready for mar
ket earlier than any other class of cattle you can buy.
For surest and largest profits buy two-year old steers.
We will sell these cattle in bunches to suit purchasers and
give time on them to responsible parties having sufficient
feed and shelter to care for them.
First Trust Company
I Everybody knows that Christinas is the y
Piano man’s harvest — when you pay big |
profits. You can eliminate this loss, however,
by taking advantage of our Factory-to-Home
jelling' Plan and Profit-Sharing System, and
save from $100 to $200.
Our Pianos are Quality Pianos, fully guaranteed for 25
years, backed by our 59 years’ Piano experience and by our
entire capital and resources of over $1,000,000.00.
Write today how to obtain a Piano or Player Piano Free, and our
catalog, prices and all other information will be sent by return mail.
Sehmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
Manufacturers of High Grade Pianos and Player Pianos
1311-13 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. Established 1859
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase's first—it pays.
Henry M'. Eisner for glasses.
Salt, $1.85 per barrel, at Arthur's.
I. C. Smith was a Rockville pas
senger, Monday.
Norton Lambert was a business pas
senger to Grand Island. Monday.
C. C. Cooper was a business visitor
at Alliance and Scotts Bluff, Monday.
Mrs. D. M. Woods returned home on
last Friday, from her visit at Danne
Raymond Oltmann was an east
bound passenger to Omaha, last Sat
Vincent Johns was a business pas
senger to Grand Island, Monday of
this week.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph Newhouser is very sick with
Mrs. Sherman Houdersheldt and
little son are here visiting from David
City, this week.
Atholbert Chase spent Sunday with
his parents. He was accompanied by
Cecil Haines of Litchfield.
Mrs. Minnie Jung was a passenger
to Grand Island last Thursday, re
turning home on Friday.
H. B. Campbell of Fremont, came
i Satuday evening ad spent Sunday at
the S. H. Richmond home.
David Morrow returned from York.
Saturday, where he has been work
ing the past three weeks.
Earl Mcllravy returned home, Sat
urday, from Omaha, where he pur
chased a new car for O. S. Mason.
Miss Retta Gasteyer came over from
her school near Litichfield the Iasi
of the week and spent Sunday at
Mrs. S. J. Hill returned to her home
in Lexington, Monday, after having
visited here at the Kee home for some
Mrs. J. W. Amick was a passenger
to Grand Island, Saturday, to spend
the day shopping. She returned in the
Miss Lucienne Chase secured a
school over near Mason City, Satur
day. She went over on Sunday to be
ready for Monday.
Mrs. Earl Mcllravy returned home
last Saturday evening from Giltner,
where she had been visiting with her
parents the past week.
__ 4
Misses Florence Depew and Eva
Watts returned to their school work
at Kearney, Monday, after a few days
visit with their parents.
Miss Waunetta Conger came down
from her home at Arcadia. Thursday
morning for a few days’ visit here
with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Mary J. McNeil and little Lu
cille Currier went to Grand Island on
last Friday morning to spend the day.
They returned home in the evening.
Miss Caroline Cole went up to Sar
gent and Taylor, last Thursday for
a short visit with relatives and
friends, returning to Loup City Mon
day morning.
Mrs. Carl Johnson and children of
Ord, came over last Thursday and
spent several days visiting with her
sisters, Mrs, A. E. Chase and Mrs.
W. S. Waite, and families.
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
Henry M. Eisner for glasses. Satis
faction guaranteed.
i For Sale—Duroc Jersey male hogs.
I —Ben Klimper. phone 7511.
Judge Aaron Wall was a business
^ visitor to St. Paul, last Friday.
A. B. Outhouse was a business pas
senger at Rockville, last Friday.
R. L. Arthur returned last Friday
| from a business trip to St. Paul.
W. D. Zimmerman transacted busi
! ness at Aurora a few days last week.
Six reels of the “Diamond from the
Sky” Saturday night. 10 and 15 cents.
The county treasurer is issuing dis
! tress warrants for all delinquent per
l soual tax.
| _
Wilbert Morris was a business pas
' senger to Grand Island, last Thursday
Dance at the Garland Theatre on
Thanksgiving night, Nov. 30th. Ad
mission $1.
Made to measure shirts that are
guaranteed to give satisfaction. Call
and see samples.—Gus Lorentz.
Miss Winifred Brown returned to
! her home in Grand Island, Tuesday,
after having visited here several days.
Mrs. Mary Nitkowski and daughter,
Estella, were passengers to Grand Is
land, last Friday on a business mis
Prof. Martin of Kearney, was here
; last Saturday assisting Superintend
ent Currier in the Study Center
class. , ^
Fritz Leschinsky was a business
passenger to Grand Island, Thursday
of last week, returning home Friday
| evening.
For Rent:—One 5 room house, one
ti room house and one 7 room house,
all in good condition.—First Trust
Mrs. J. F. Newhouser of Aurora,
came up last Thursday to visit a short
time with her son, Adolph Newhouser.
S and family.
j - Last week the Northwestern failed
i to mention of the son born to Mr.
and Mrs. E. E. Tracy. All concerned j
doing nicely.
Theda Bara, Jean Sothern and Wm.
I Shay are the stars featuring in the
I big Fox feature Tuesday night, Nov.
1st. 7 reels. 10 and 15 cents.
Don't forget the big dance Thanks
giving night, Nov. 30th. Music by
Jungles' Orchestra of Ravenna. Ad
mission $1 .Everybody welcome.
Miss Elnora Remy returned to her
home in Grand Island. Friday, after
having visited here for some time with
her aunt, Mrs. T. R. Lay. and family.
Mrs. Chrapkowski, who has been
here visiting with her sister, Mrs.
Frank Sobiesczyk, returned to her
home at Boelus, Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Minnie Paige of Cairo, and
Mrs. Crawford and son of Ida Grove,
i Iowa, arrived here Thursday noon to
attend the funeral of their brother,
Walter Gregg.
H. A. Owens, who has been here
for the past month visiting with his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Owens,
returned to his home in Philadelphia.
Thursday morning.
Tuesday night, Nov. 1st, Wm. Fox
presents the big 7 reel feature “The
Two Orphans.” Come out and see
Theda Bara, Jean Sothern and Wm.
E. Shay, star in this.
The Misses Oral and Marjorie Young
went to Central City last Thursday to
visit with relatives until their parents
arrived on Friday, when they will go
from there to their new home at
Wanted—Heated or warm room in
Christian family by middle-aged Chris
tian man. Wish room where I can
read or write evenings. Would also
like board if convenient. Call or ad
dress The Northwestern.
Miss Waunetta Conger returned to
her home in Arcadia. Tuesday even
ing, after having visited here a short
time with relatives and friends. She
was accompanied by Miss Fay Galla
way, who will visit there for several
Are You Efficient?
In these days of fierce competition,
to succeed requires all . our talents.
Many, an earnest, ambitious person
falls short of complete success be
cause of something that holds him
back. Very often the cause is eye
strain. YOU can be a better stenog
rapher, salesman, mechanic, baker,
housewife—if you will remove the
handicap of eve-strain. Eye-strain
can be removed—remember that. So
that puts the matter squarely up to
you, doesn’t it?
We are eye-strain EXPERTS. Let
us examine your eyes and supply
glasses that will give you an equal
chance with others.
We have installed the dark room,
which is an absolute necessity to do
this fitting. We invite you to inspect
our optical parlor. Eyes examined
free of charge.
Guaranteed' glasses at reasonable
prices—$3.00 up.
Kryptok:—the effecient bi-focal.
Everloct:—the screwless mounting.
Toric:—the modern lens.
Registered Optometrist.
Try Chase's first—It pays.
J. J. Slominski went to St. Paul on
Wednesday, on business.
W. D. Zimmerman made a business
trip to Lincoln, Wednesday.
Shirts made to measure, satisfaction
guaranteed. See Gus Lorentz.
The election? An old story by this
time. Give us something new.
The county treasurer is issuing dis
tress warrants for all delinquent per
sona! tax.
Good potatoes $1.50 per bushel at
the place.—Robert Fuliton. Austin
Neb. Phone 9720. 47-:
Arthur Hunt returned Tuesday, fror
Ravenna, where he had been visiting
with friends a few days.
Miss Martha Lewandowski was r
passenger to Ashton. Wednesday, to
visit with relatives several days.
Mrs. Anton Sedzyik returned to her
home at Ashton, Wednesday, after a
few days’ visit here with relatives.
The fellow who bet on a "sure
Ihing” is now industriously endeavor
ing to find something that really is
The first Blue Bird photo play will
be shown at the Garland Theatre on
Saturday night, Dec. 2d. “The Great
Ben Tenczar returned to Gering.
Neb., last Saturday after spending a
week with friends and relatives in
Sherman county.
Nelson Smith and family are mov
ing to St. Paul, Neb., this week. Their
many friends here wish them success
in their new location.
For Sale—A half blood Shetland
pony for sale cheap. Well broke and
absolutely gentle for children of any
age. Inquire at Northwestern office.
For Sale: One Fairbanks two-horse
power gasoline engine. One new feed
grinder. Also one fine Hereford bull.
—Lars P. Nielson. Loup Citv. Route
2. Box 47.
Coming Saturday night, Nov. 25th,
the big comedy success. “Don’t Tell
My Wife.” Good musica] and special
ty numbers. Not a picture show.
Don’t miss it.
Loup City high school football team
defeated the Gibbon team here last
Friday by a 21 to 0 score. A more de
tailed report of the game is given in
another column.
5>ix reels or the “Diamond from the
Sky” will be shown at the Garland
Theatre Saturday night. Remember
this will conclude the big serial. 10
and 15 cents.
Lost. Nov. 3. on route one, between
Lars Johnson’s farm and town, a
lady’s heavy dark red sweater coat.
Finder call Black 110 or return to
Emily Steen. Reward.
Work has been delayed on the
Ogle garage building and the public
library building by the extremely cold
weather. With the advent of fairer
weather work on both buildings will
be rushed.
Farm For Sale:—160 acres of |
choice land northeast quarter of sec- .
tion 20, known as one of the W. R.
Stickney farms west side of road.
Easy terms. Write to owner for par
ticulars.—Anton Erazim, Ravenna.
Neb. 46-3
Wm. Dolling is the winner in aiTI
election bet with Dr. O. E. Longaere.
The Doctor has to wheel Mr. Dolling
around the court house square in a
w-heelbarrow. Owing to the cold
weather and snow the exhibition has
not yet taken place.
Mrs. H. N. Fisher returned to her
home at St. Paul. Tuesday, after hav
ing visited here with her son. Nelson
Smith, and family, for some time. She
was accompanied by the three Smith
children who will stay there until their
parents arrive later.
Born, to County Attorney and Mrs.
L. L. Stephens on Sunday, Nov. 5, a
son. All concerned doing nicely. The
new arrival weighed eight pounds
and has been named Lowell Warren
Stephens. He is a husky youngster
and is a very welcome addition to the
The Sherman County Times and
plant has been leased by Harry E.
Willis and Walter Overman from C.
F. Beushausen. The new firm has
taken possession and no doubt will
get out a good newspaper. Both
gentlemen are printers and will no
doubt make a success of the venture.
Nature warns you when your bowels
are stopped up. The filth from your
system is backing up instead of go
ing out. Take at once Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea or Tablets—clear
the bowels, get them to work regular
ly, then keep them regular—that’s the
secret to real health.—Graefe’s Phar
Last week the Nebraska Tele
phone Co., placed a telephone in
every voting place in the county
where there was no phone. By this
arrangement election results were
soon obtainable. No charge was
made by the company for this ser
vice. The telephone company and the
efficient manager here, W. P. Cook,
were given a vote of thanks by the
county officials for the courtesy ex
Considerable dissatisfaction -has
been expressed since the Union Pa
cific took the motor off their branch
here. Instead of the motor a steam
train leaves Loup City at the usual
time and returns from St. Paul as a
combination train at noon and carries
the mail. The train leaves here again
| at 1:15 p. m. and returns as a pas
senger again in the evening. The
trains by the new arrangement have
run on schedule time with a couple
of exceptions and the plan has
worked out better than it was at first
supposed it would and has inflicted
no particular hardship on any one
that we can hear of.
BjL'SfiL CWtut ma/iv v
mz^dxrtb ywt s
4u4 mcni^ =
j Loup City State Bank I
I Wintery Blasts l
| Call for Gordon & §
1 Ferguson Fur Coat 1
= A good fur coat is far the cheapest in the
5 long run. A complete line at Bartunek’s and
= your size and at a price you can afford to pay.
| Blankets and Lap |
| Robes |
E A complete new line for this season. Come in E
E and look them over. E
A complete line of the Famous “Wyeth” Hard
= ware and Cutlery. Known the world over,
r Handled exclusively at Bartunek’s in Loup
1 City. 5
= Get tickets for every $1.00 spent at my store.
| Three premiums given away, free, drawing to E
take place on Saturday, December 23.
= First Prize, $53.00 Set of Harness.
| Second Prize, $18.00 Shot Gun. |
| Third Prize, $6.00 Coaster Wagon. |
E Try and see if you are the lucky person. You
E can’t get it if you don’t try. One number is as
E good as a hundred if you have the lucky num- E
E her. E
E Harness made to Order. E
i Your Hardware and Harness Man
= ___^ E
I Loup City Cash Store I
My Prices are Always Right
You will save money by coming
in and convincing yourself
I New Goods Received •
I have just received a nice line of
sweater coats and sheep lined coats,
which I am selling at very reason
able prices.