The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, May 11, 1916, Image 7

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    V. F. MASON,
Ass’t Cashier
The Value of Thrift
“To-day, with our national wealth approximat
ing one hundred and eighty-seven billions and al
most one hundred millions of people in the country,
we have about four billion seven hundred millions
in the savings banks, belonging to ten and a half mil
lion depositors. This may seem an amazing sum
of capital and number of depositors, but when a com
parison is made with other countries and a balance
is struck, it is found that the l nited States is near
the end of the list in the percentage of savers to pop
“With the frightful destruction and economic
waste throughout Europe, it is evident that after
the war these nations will need funds for recon
struction, and the United States will be called upon
to supply them; that for some time to come this
country will not be able to secure capital, as in the
past, from Great Britian and France for the pur
pose of carrying on new enterprises. The United
States must finance itself.
First National Bank
We Pay Five Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits
Perfect! o n
The shadow of exaggeration is
cast on an ad when
the appellation “Per
fection’' is applied to
the product; at least
that is our version of it.
So when we tell you
CLOTHES, we will
say what is our sincere
conviction — that they
are as near perfect as
modern manufactur
ing methods, alert
designing and fair-play
business policy can
make them.
Young men will find a
host of good-looking models
to select from and their
seniors will be sure to find their
suit made in a model in con
formity with their dignity and
correct in every detail. Their
price is moderate when their
value is considered.
$15.00 to $25.00
Just received a special lot of boards, shiplap and
grooved roofing.
Boards 4 inches to 12 inches wide; all lengths j
Shiplap 8 inches wide;a 11 lengths.
Rocfiing 10 inches wide; all lengths.
Any of above $22.00 per M while it lasts; also
all lengths dimension at special prices.
S2.25 PER M.
Come in and look this lumber over; just the thing
for sheds and outbuildings, roof sheating, etc. Big
gest lumber bargains ever offered in Sherman county.
We’ve got a regular lumber bargain counter. Big
value for your money.
“The Fanners Friend.”
t Dally sells for less.
"E Try Chase's first—It pays.
f Garden seeds—James Bartunek.
E ' Palmolive soap.—The Rexall Store.
E i Good organ for sale. See Willis
E! Holcumb.
E House for rent. Inquire of the
E! Northwestern office.
E A. E. Charlton was a Grand Island
E j visitor Tuesday morning.
E Wanted:—A good girl for general
E housework.—Mrs. H. A. Hinman.
E Miss Pauline Lewandowski visited
= with relatives and friends at Ashton
E Tuesday.
= Mrs. E. B. Corning visited ith her
= daughter. Mrs. Albert Anderstrom. at
= Ashton Saturday.
S Miss Carrie Kay visited with Mrs.
s Albert Anderstrom and family at
E Ashton last Saturday.
= Miss Teckla Stellmaek went to
E Ashton Monday morning to visit a
E few days with friends.
E M. Levy came up from Hastings
E Tuesday evening in the interests of
E the Pizer & Co. store here.
= D. C. Grow and W. O. Brown were
E | Grand Ieland visitors Saturday on
E j business and pleasure combined.
: K. W. Zavgren and wife, who have
: been hf’Te visiting with his broth--.
: | A. R. Zavgreen, and family, returned
: J morning.
E Miss Nora Goc returned to her
E ; home at Columbus Monday morning
S after a short visit here w'ith her
; many friends.
E Mrs. N. P. Nelson and daughters.
E Delma and Olga, went to Boelus on
E Saturday to spend Sunday visiting
E with relatives.
Miss Clara Bogacz returned to her
| home at Ashton Tuesday morning af
ter a visit here with her sister. Mrs.
' Floyd Janulewicz, and family.
Mrs. Clarence Stevenson, of Ar
cadia. and Mrs. Susan Tockey of this
place, went to Duncan. Neb.. Tuesday
morning to visit a week or ten days.
Mrs. O. A. Woods and daughter.
Miss Minnie left Tuesday morning
for Excelsior Springs. Mo., in hopes
of benefiting Miss Minnie's health, j
Give us the opportunity to dress
you better on the same or less money
with Adlers' Collegian clothes.—Hub
Clothing Store, Lawrence Lofholm,
The Misses Minnie Cowley, Marv
Fitzgerald and Kathleen Hastings,
all of Areadia. were in our city last
Saturday shopping, returning home
in the evening.
One of the worst dust storms in
years was visited upon Sherman coun
ty Sunday. It semeda s though half
of the real estate of the county was
in the air at one time.
C. C. Cooper was a business pas
senger to Brownlee. Neb and up by
Alliance in the interests of the Lor.p
City mill. Mrs. Cooper accompanied
him as far as Grand Island.
Mrs. A. B. Young, as a delegate,
and Mrs. J. S. Pedler. Mrs. R. L. Ar
thur. and Mrs. G. W. Collipriest. are ,
at McCook. Nebraska, this week at
tending the grand chapter of the
Eastern Star lodge.
The Caddy restaurant is being
moved into the old Eisner saloon ■
building, which has been completely
remodeled for his occupancy. I. E.
Conger will move his barber shop
into the building vacated by Mr. '
Caddy. i
James Bartunek left on Monday for
Omaha. St. Joe and Kansas City on
business connected with his store.
Mr. Bartunek has worked up quite a
reputation with his hand made har- ;
ness and other goods and enjoys a
large patronage.
Clifford Puddy. who has been bar
bering at Smalley’s for the past two
weeks went to Minatare, Monday.
Mr. Puddy was a good barber and it
was with regret that Mr. Smalley saw
him leave. A. B. Young is helping
out in the shop until another man
can be secured.
Jenner’s park will be opened to
the public on Thursday, June 8. The
park has been greatly improved dur
ing the past winter an4 many new
attraction* added. A complete stoiy
of the opening day at the park will
be found in another column in this
issue of The Northwestern.
The Ambler Players, a. stock com
pany consisting of twelve people
played here at the opera house three
nights last week. They carry their
own band and orchestra and gave
some very creditable shows. They
went to Pleasanton from here.
Henry Jenner has about recovered
I from a severe attack of rheumatism
that he enjoyed (?) almost all winter.
Mr. Jenner says that about sixteen
hours of hard work every day. on a
light diet will sure knock the rheuma- '
tism. But we are inclined to believe
that the cure is about as severe as
the disease.
W. B. Flanders disposed of his
pol hall and business to Dick Bradiev
and R. C. Barber, of Grand Island
this week. In the transaction Mr.
a house and lot in Grand Island. We
understand that Mr. Flanders will
continue to make his home in Loup
City. Joe Caddy has charge of the
pool hall under the new management.
The saloon question at Rockville
developed into quite a mix-up and for
several days Rockivlle was in the
dry column, as far as saloons were
concerned. Two applicants for li
cense. Frank Dvmek. who owns the
saloon and Ralph Sundstrom. The
village ordinances allow but one sa
loon and Mr. Sundstrm had a re
monstrance against the issuance of a
license to Mr. Dvmek. Mr. Dvmek
won out, the board issuing him a li
I cense on Saturday evening.
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase's first—it pays.
Garden seeds.—James Bartunek.
Palmolive soap at the Rexall store
Sure hatch incubators. Sold by J
J. Slominski.
Buy your Palmolvie soap at the Rex
all drug store.
Ervin Rowe was a passenger to
Farwell Saturday.
C. A. Clark made a business trip
to St. Paul last Friday.
Sheriff Williams was at Rockville
on business last Friday.
The one-cent sale at The Rexall
Store will save you money.
We have heard nothing about the
Loup City ball team as yet.
Tomato and other plants are now
ready.—Werner Pritschau. 18-4
Mrs. John Blaska has been very
ill with tonsilits the past two weeks.
John W. Long went to Omaha Mon
day. where he spent several days on
“Ivanhoe” in moving pictures at the
opera house. Friday evening. May 12.
Six big reels.
Mrs. C. F. Beushausen has been
very ill with the measles, but is re
ported much improved.
L. B. Polski and Floyd Janulewic-z
were eastbound passengers to Omaha
last Friday on business.
J. K. Bailey left Saturday morn
ing for McCook and Sweetwater to
visit wMth relatives a week or two.
Joe O'Bryan returned home from
Ord and Omaha where he had been
on business and pleasure combined.
Mrs. H. E. Willis returned from
Omaha Monday night, where she
spent a week visiting with relatives.
Charles May is running the light
plant nights during the absence of
Charles Briggs, who is on the sick |
The board of county supervisors
will meet on May 23. This will be
their first meeting since early in
Mrs. William French returned from
Falls City on Monday, where she at
tended the funeral of her sister. Mrs.
Henry Johansen.
Fritz, H. J., Chris and Herman
Johansen were called to Falls City
last Friday by the death of Mrs.
Henry Johansen.
Miss Bertha Christensen was a pas
senger to Palmer last Friday movi
ng to spend a few days visiting with
"elativs and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Liebhart went to
Aurora Saturday morning to visit
with the latter’s daughter. Mrs. A.
3. Conger, and family.
Straw hats have appeared upon
:he scene. Next we will hear the
iuzz of the busy little fly and the song
>f the nice little mosquito.
J. H. Burnett went to Scotts Bluff
Monday where he will locate. Mr.
3urnett has been marshal and street
commissioner here about nine years.
Adolph Rischer was up from Rock
ville on a business last Thursday.
Mr. Rischer is a paper hanger and
tainter and is kept busy most of the
City Clerk Ro-we has been a busy
nan this week enforcing the dog
>rdinance and regulations regarding
lutomobiles. Dog taxes became due
May 1.
A masterly, conscientious and
ihoroughly artistic revival of “Ivan
toe” will be shown in a six-reel pic
it the opera house on Friday evening.
May 12.
County Treasurer F. M. Henry was
iown to the office Monday for the
irst time in several weeks. He has
mproved in health, though still be
ng rather poorly.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Reed. Mrs. A.
Davis. Mrs. Dober Smith and Mrs.
Crocket, autoed over from Greeley
Sunday and spent the day with Mr.
md Mrs. A. E. Reed.
Mrs. Edith Thelander. who has
seen here visiting at the Holcumb
home on route two. went to Elm
Creek last Saturday morning to visit
with the Henry French family.
A dance was given at the opera
louse after the show Saturday night,
die show orchestra furnishing the
nusic. About twenty couples ej
ioved the occasion immensely.
Johnnie Christensen, who has been
lere visiting at the home of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Christen
sen. returned to his home in Torring
:on. Wyo., last ^Friday morning.
George E. Stein, residing in the
south part of Sherman county, and
Miss Catherine M. Roth, of Buffalo
■ounty, were granted a license to wed
iy County Judge Smith on May
Frank J. Ondrak. of Ravenna, and
Miss Mary Kasai, of Poole, were
narried by County Judge Smith on
May 3. The newly wedded couple
will make their home at Ravenna,
where Mr. Ondrak is employed in a
Do you know we are going to have
i ball game in Loup City next Fri
lay afternoon? Remember the day
md hike to Jenner's park and see our
ligh school team cross bats with the
ligh school team from Arcadia. Get
iut and root and help the boys by
four presence.
Rev. L. V. Slocumb informed The
Vorthwestem reporter yesterday that
seven more membeis were taken into
the Methodist church last Sunday,
making a total of 125 new members
received since the revival meetings.
The churches of Loup City are en
joying a remarkable growth.
Daily sells for less. £]
Try Chase's first—it pays. 5
Garden seeds—James Bartunek. E
Another week and no war for us. E
Palmolive soap sold at the Rexall E
store. 3
Sure hatch incubators. Sold by J. E
J. Slominski. E
A complete line of toilet soap at the E
Rexall store.—William Graefe. r
Mexico is like unto the bad boy E
who wants to fight but only hangs E
back for fear he will get licked. E
The B. Y. P. IT. of the Baptist 3
church will hold a food exchange at =
Travis store. Saturday. May 13th. 3
War or no war. we note with pride ! 3
that the farmer, like the industrious 3
honey bee, keeps right on buzzing 3
away. 3
George R. Mann, of Lincoln, mem- j 3
her of the ordinances revision com- 3
mission, was in Loup City on busi- E
ness last Thursday. Mr. Mann was E
called to Rockville Friday to repre- E
sent the village in the saloon case be- E
ing tried there. 3
Norton Lambert and family came E
in from route one in their Ford car E
Saturday night and when about five E
miles out of town ran out of gaoline. E
True to its reputation the little old E
Ford made it to town all right, but E
had to be assisted over a couple of E
hills. E
Mr. Lorcosky', of Sargent, was in 3
town a few hours last Friday en- 3
route to Broken Bow. wdiere he will E
assist in the Chief office for a few 3
weeks. Mr. Lorcosky owned the Sar- 3
gent Leader for a number of years, 3
recently disposing of the plant and 3
business. 3
E. A. Miner and family arrived =
home from Pleasantville. Iowa, Mon- "•!
day evening, where they were called =
by the illness of Mr. Miner’s aged M
father, who died last week. Mr. I
Miner says that Iowa is also in need Ei
of rain, though conditions are better a
than here.
Ed Obermiller found a den cf flj
coyotes in the pasture the other day E
and dug them out. He bagged nine I
of them. On Tuesday he brought |*
the scalps to the county clerk's of- I
fice and got a dollar apiece for them, I
bounty given by the state as an in- B
ducement for the extermination of fi
these animals.
The Saturday crowd in town last 1
Saturday was the largest in years, g
Merchants report a g»od business
and the ice cream dispensaries sold
out all the ice cream in town before
the day ended. The large number of
autos in town made ft sight not soon
to be forgotten. The boy's foot race
for a prize given by James Bartunek
drew a large crowd, and it resembled
a fourth of July celebration. f.
On Thursday evening, May 11, from
1:30 to 2:30 o'clock p. m. the schools
will be open for the inspection of
work done by the pupils, to the pat- H
rons and friends of the school. Fol- tM
lowing this, at 2:30 o’clock there will —
be a May day program given by the
children of the schools on the court
yard lawn. All parents and friends
are urged to attend both the inspec
tion and program that will follow.
A collection will be taken at the close
of the program to defray the ex
Of "The Path Forbidden,” which
will be shown at the opera house on
the evening of May 18, the New York
World says: “So many of our plays,
books and motion pictures deal with
unpleasant subjects, such as vampire
women, and depict drinking and ca- ^
rousing by both men and women, that
it is refreshing to see a play like —
“The Path Forbidden." See it if you 2*
want to be thrilled. New Yorkers
have never seen more perfect artistry
than Octavia Handworth portrays in
this story of a girl who went right.”
The Northwestern contains a large
ad for the Palm Olive Soap Corn
many this week. This ad contains a
coupon-which wTill be accepted by
several dealers in Loup City as full
payment for one cake of Palm Olive
soap when the holder purchases
another cake at the regular price.
This is an opportunity to secure two
cakes of good soap for the price of
one. The Rexall Store, Wm. Graefe. ^
prop, and the Loup City Cash Store,
Wm. Lewandowski, prop., both ad
vertise Palm Olive soap in this issue
of the Northwestern. The 5, 10. 15
and 25 cent store also handies this
popular soap.
Mr. Hosier struck a snag in sprink
ling the strees this week, due to the
fact that part of the time he had no
water to sprinkle with. It has been
advocated several times that the
reservoir be enlarged and more wells
added, but nothing has ever been done
in that line. The question is, what
would happen to Loup City in case of
a serious fire, should it occur when
the reservior was about empty. We
believe that the condition of water
shortage should not be permitted to
exist and that steps should be taken
at once to secure a supply of water
sufficient for all needs. To further
neglect this important matter is tak
ing chances that are not necessary
W e hope to see an improvement in
the water system here very soon.
The Rosary at the opera house
theater on Tuesday. May 16. One of
the best productions of the year, the
7-reel Selig Red Seal Play. “The Ros
ary," will be presented. Seldom be
fore has the motion picture screen
shown such a finished production,
both from the dramatic and artistic
standpoint. Critics have declared it
to be one of that rare class which
can justly be called "masterpieces.”
The story, which has for its chief
characters Father Kelly, a priest, a
young man and his wife, is too well
known to need any retelling. It is suf
ficient to say that in film it does just
ice to both the novel and the play.
Wheeler Oakman, Frank Clark and
Eugenie Besserer are among the well
known favorites who appear in the
CMt -
mmw/" r\ *
P CaMuX. ma/w |
|Aa -wot XaiA 1
ptalvaA 'Wi/cm/U' ^vvt 1
CW\^ *, ^ ^ a^l 1
Loup City State Bankl
It is good meat. It has the right
flavor. It is tender. It is easy to
digest. It is a relief to that tired,
7 !
overworked and disordered
stomach. It means LIFE.
Pioneer Meat Market
0. L. TOCKEY, Proprietor
The De Laval Separator
Call and see one at my store
and get prices on them.
The Best Separator Made
Rockville, Nebr.
W hen looking for a good lunch or short order
drop in at the
We carry a full line of Bakery Goods. Careful atten
tion given to all special orders.
The Best is What You Want [
And It Costs You No More
The economical selling of groceries has
been reduced to a science at this store. It
is the logical result of conscientious en
deavor to satisfy our customers and give
them the best possible returns for their
money. It is the result of learning from
long experience how to buy the right ar
ticle at the right time and at the right price,
and it enables us to sell to you as we buy.
Watch for Palmolive ad in Northwestern
Coupons Redeemed here
Loup City Cash Store I
WM. LEWANDOWSKJ, Proprietor |