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THE REXALL STORE, Wm. Graefe, Prop.
Too Late for last Week
Martin Bydalek has been on the
sick list suffering from his teeth.
William Stott,from Rockville, was
in this vicinity buying cattle last
Deer Creek was visited by some
rain January 1. the first rain of this
Frank Bydalek, and family, were
guests of Frank Kaminski on Oak
Creek Sunday last.
Jacob Ritz, of Rockville, has been
on Deer Creek the past week insur
ing life, buildings, etc.
Paul Fargaczewski, from Omaha is
visiting at the home of August Masch
ka, and family this week.
Andrew Bonczyinski, one of the
Deer Creek shelling proprietors, is
busy shelling for all the farmers.
School District No. 12 began Mon
day after one weeks’ vacation. The
pupils sure had a fine time during
the week.
Claus Lemberg returned to his
school duties at Farwell after spend
ing the holidays with his brother
Harry Lemberg.
Ignatz Goc, of Deer Creek receivee
his first call with Miss Barbara Kos
micki of Oak Creek at the St. Frances
church last Sunday.
Miss Emma Platek returned to he
home in Farwell last Tuesday afte
spending a few days with her sister
Mrs. Stanley Nowiski, and family.
The Misses Clara and Ida Peter
returned from Grand Island when
they are employed, to visit with thei
mother, Mrs. Lawrence Peters for i
few days.
For Sale—I have decided to sell m;
160 acre farm in Blunt, South Dakota
which is rich land all prairie and leve
No improvements, and the crops an
good every year. Will sell cheap i
sold before May 1, 1916. For pai
ticulars inquire of F. J. Maciejewski
Ashton, Neb.
On the threshold of a new yea
my first thought is to subscribe tor
The Northwestern and bring the
year of 1916 in better form than the
year of 1915, and in spite of disturb
ance you can make in your general
business buy all what you read and
this is the way to start the year of
Herbert Plembeck is taking violin
music lessons from B. H. Lorenz.
Elmer Koch had L. S. Galszenski,
of Ashton and installed a new phone
on line thirty-nine.
Mrs. J. W. Peters, who has been on
the sick list the past week, is much
better at this writing.
A few from here attended the funer
al of Anton Sobiesczyzk of Ashton
who died last Monday.
John Heins helped George Glins
man haul his porkers to the Ashton
market last Wednesday.
Messrs. Ben Maciejewski and Dan
Bvdalek are now attending the St.
Francis school at Ashton.
A Leap Year dance wac given by
the Deer Creek Outlaws, at the J. W.
Peter’s barn Sunday, January 9.
Miss Dora Bothe arrived from
Farimer, Iowa, for a short visit with
her friends. She left on Wednesday.
A few of our dance partners at
tended the dance at Ashton Monday
1 which was given by the Ashton club.
Miss Streletski, of Farwell, who
has been visiting at the home of John
Maiefski, departed for her home this
■ week.
Miss Lizzie Weiss began boarding
s at Paul Kritski’s last Monday as
* she has been walking to her home
' three and a half miles every morning
i and night.
Estrayed—A big Poland-China hog
r came to my place last Sunday. The
, owner of the hog can inquire of B.
1 H. Lorenz. Ashton, Nebr., and pay for
i this notice.
[ George Carsten had a misfortune
' last week of getting his right knee
- bit by a mad hog. Dr. A. E. Wanek
was called and dressed the wound
* and George is taking life easy.
—Model 8 shows what should now be expected of a
SttyEEISKffr rprni'M'Mlir r
Ball Bearingj Long Wearing
The success of the L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriters has |
been due to the fact that the wants of the user have 1
dictated its construction. The user has decided in favor •
of certain improvements now incorporated in f^odel 8. 1
Among them are:
Silence of Operation—The most silent running efficient
typewriter ever placed on the market. Absolute silence
has been very nearly attained.
Decimal Tabulator—A help in billing and tabulating.
There is no extra charge for this convenience.
Variable Line Spacer—Enables the operator to start on a
given line and space from point of starting; also to write
on ruled lines whose spacing varies from typewriter spac
ing. A great help in card work.
Faster Ribbon Feed—Insures new place of impact for each
5 typeface.
Choice of Carriage Return—Upon special order the new
left hand carriage return will be furnished in place of the
right hand return.
All the important features of previous models have been retained I
— ball bearing carriage, typebars and capital shift, back spacer, \
key-controlled ribbon, removable platen, protected type, flexible j
paper feed and automatic ribbon reverse.
Write for New Catalog of Model 8. It will explain why the
L C. Smith OC Bros. Typewriter is a synonym for superior service.
Factory and Home Office, SYRACUSE, N. Y., U. S. A.
1819 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Bob Wiezorak was seen on his job
hustling subscribers for the Rural
Weekly as he is employed in the Ford
Automobile contest which will be
given away on the 27th of this month.
School District No. 12 is making
arrangements for a box social which
will be given next month and it will
be the Leap Year social as the boys
are to furnish the baskets and girls
the pocket books.
Mrs. Andrew Smedra and son, Stan
ley, were passengers to St. Paul the
first part of last week, where Stanley
was taken to Dr. Grothan for treat
ment for his right knee, which was
sprained a few weeks ago.
Louis Schuman was here Saturday,
Jos. Sonefeldt was in Grand Island
Miss Annie Moore visited here a
few days this week.
George Adamski returned Thursday
evening from the east.
Pete Petersen was a passenger for
Omaha Tuesday morning.
Fark Mudloff of Farwell was here
on business last Saturday.
Adam Ghering was an eastbound
passenger Tuesday morning.
Frank Sobiesczyzk and wife, of Loup
City, were here Monday visiting.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rewolinski re
turned from Omaha Saturday even
' Born, to Mr. and Airs. Jos. Bartunek,
on last Tuesday, January 4, a big baby
Albert Harvey and sister, Aliss Bes
sie, attended the dance here Alonday
Airs. Nagorski went to Farwell Fri
day to visit her children at that
A. C. Wickman of Farwell attended
to business here Thursday, returning
Friday morning.
Jake Papernick of Valley has been
visiting his mother, Airs. Chudzenski,
who is-quite sick.
Peter G. Badura Jr. was a visitor
who also attended the dance at Far
well Saturday night.
Air. and Airs. Luksewicz of St. Paul
attended the funeral of A. Sobiski
here on Wednesday.
Airs. Polen, who has been visiting
here the past week returned to her
home in Omaha Monday.
Air. and Airs. Ault came in Thurs
day evening from Grand Island, where
they had been shopping.
Airs. Calome visited here several
days the first of the week with her
mother. Airs. Kaikowski.
Airs. Alike Krulikowski returned
Monday evening, after visiting in
eastern Nebraska for a week.
Howard Arasmith, of Farwell, and
R. Alexandra, of St. Paul, attended
the dance here, Alonday night.
Rev. B. Radka was a passenger for
Omaha Tuesday where he is to at
tend the funeral of Bishop Seannell.
Airs. C. L. Wilson and children re
turned from St. Paul Friday evening,
where they had been visiting for sev
eral days.
Emil Ojendyk returned from Colo
rado Springs, Colo., last Thursday,
from the bedside of his mother, who is
very ill at that place.
Aliss Humpal. of St. Paul, arrived
Alonday evening, the guest of Aliss
Nellie Jamrog, also attended the
dance here Alonday night.
Aliss Tecla Kaminski, of Loup City,
visited her grandparents, Air. and Airs.
Kaminski, and many friends here, re
turning to her home Monday.
Reports are that Airs. A. Bogues,
who has been dangerously ill with
pneumonia, is slowly improving, which
is good news to her many friends.
Joseph Jankowski, brother of Jas.
Jankowski, who has been visiting
here for several weeks, returned to
his home in Chicago Alonday morn
George Harriman, former depot
agent here, came in Saturday and
loaded his household goods and
shipped the same to Ravenna, where
he is located now.
L. S. Galczenski and wife, John
Wardyn and wife, Mrs. Kwiatowski
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wardyn, Sr.,
visited over last Thursday with Mr.
and Airs. John Jezenski at Loup City.
E. Paddock unloaded the gas tractor
here Monday that he won in the Daily
News contest. Mr. Paddock is well
pleased with the tractor and will
leave it here for the present until the
roads get in better condition so he!
can move it out to the farm.
James Turvey visited at Hulburt’s
Rev. John A. Roos is on the sick
list this week.
Warren Sinclair was a Lee Park
visitor last Monday.
Carl Purson and Victor Larson are
attending school at Arcadia.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jewell visited
at Malm’s last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bridges visited
at J. H. Welty’s place Sunday.
The Lindahl children visited at C.
G. Johnson’s Saturday and Sunday.
Riemer Bauma and Thomas Travers
hauled corn to Warren Sinclair’s
William and A1 Anderson took
dinner with their parents in Arcadia
Sunday. 1
Miss Pearl Leininger visited at Os
car Jewell’s place a couple of days
this week.
Miss Mae Smith of Arcadia, spent
Saturday and Sunday with her sister,
Mrs. J. W. Darrow.
Mrs. Wilford Anderson has been
staying in Arcadia the past week on
account of the illness of Mrs. August
Anderson, who is some better at the
present time.
The wise man sees, hears and
thinks. The fool Is tickled with the
sound of his own voice.
- i
John Gray is on the sick list. 1
Mr. Couton was passenger to Rock
ville Friday. - <
Rob Gilmore was a Loup City visitor 1
last Monday.
Hiriam Hartwell was trading at
Austin Monday 1
District No. 28 has an enrollment of
twenty-two pupils.
Ella Daddow spent Sunday with her
friend Helen Ogle.
Clarence Jack has recovered from;
his recent sickness.
Mr. Hendrickson is kept busy this
week shoeing horses.
Hiyo Aden spent Monday evening
at the home of Dan McDonald.
Mr. and Mrs. Couton and family are
suffering with the grip this week.
Harry Gregg and family spent Sun
day at the home of Melvin Sickles.
Nine new members were taken into
the Austin church Sunday, December
Marion Fletcher, Steve Trompke and
Clarence Jack enrolled in Dist No. 28
Mrs. Hartwell, Mrs. Jack and daugh
ter, called at the home of J. H. McCall
Monday evening.
Miss Rhea Rentfrow was very sick
the past week, but is slowly recover
ing at this writing.
Mr. Hartwell and Robert Gilmore
hauled lumber from Loup City Mon
day for Mr. Henrickson.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McCall,
January Cth, a boy. Mother and baby
getting along fine. Congratulations.
There is no school in “Rose Valley”
district this week on account of the ill
ness of the teacher, Miss Rhea Rent
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Paige, and fami
ly, Alonzo Daddow and family, Mrs.
Talbot, and Milt Fletcher and son
Harry spent Sunday at the home of
Frank Daddow.
Aid society met with Mrs. Rent
frow last Wednesday, and they de
cided to have an oyster supper and
“Parcel Post” sale. Everyone come,
bring a package and also your pocket
The pupils of Austin school who
were neither absent nor tardy during
the month ending December 31 were:
Anna, Nora, Nella Arthur and Willie
Couton, Ethel and Harold Daddow,
Clarice, Alma, William and Seldon Me
Call, Helen Ogle and Albert Fletcher.
Vern Rainforth is on the sick list.
Frank Kuhn is under the weather.
Rev. Wagner preached at Beulah
Chapel Sunday.
William Garnet bought a team of
colts at the sale.
Dwight Chamberlin was shopping
in town Saturday.
Mrs. J. A. Bowser is having a
tussle with the grippe.
Dick Kritser, and wife were shop
ping in Litchfield Saturday.
Stock, and everything, sold well at
Bervey Halcomb’s sale Monday.
Skating is the greatest past time
for the scholars in District No. 25.
Mrs. W. H. Hill sold a horse to the
horse buyer in Litchfield Saturday.
Charles Harshfield loaded an immi
grant car for Red W'illow county
Mrs. Ella Duncan and daughter,
Marie, are reported on the sick list
this week.
Mrs. Fred Kohl’s mother, brother
and sister, of Sweetwater, came for
a visit this week.
The weather is some colder this
morning. Tuesday a blanket of snow
covered the ground.
Mrs. Sadie Shettler and daughters
Dortha and Gloria, went to Arcadia
Friday to visit her parents.
Frank Boroff, and family and Chas.
Harshfield, and family, took Sunday
dinner with John Rainforth.
Mr. and Mrs. Thoms Parsley went to
David City and Bellwood to Visit
Mr. Parsley’s mother and brother.
The Clear Creek Aid society met
with Mrs. F. T. Richmond all day
Thursday. There were forty-two
Dick Piper gave their new house
a warming last Saturday night with
a dance. The Johnson Brothers fur
nished the music.
Charles Brookshier is helping A.
D. Jones make some hog crates pre
paratory of having his hog sale some
time the last of this month.
Mr. and Mrs. Hager, Mr. and Mrs.
Richmond and daughter, Florence,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Garnet, at
tended the supper and entertainment
given by the Degree of Honor ladies
in Litchfield Friday evening.
Too Late for Last Week.
Walter Palu hauled a load of wheat
to Ashton Tuesday.
Alex Dzingle took one load of corn
to Ashton Wednesday.
Peter Reuland spent New Year’s
day with MiSs Florence.
John and Frank Garvel visited at
John Pelenoski’s Thursday.
Frank Trump has a fine mare that
was cut on a barb wire fence.
Tony Zaruba is hauling his rent
corn to North Loup this week.
Skating is sport for the young folks
on the pond in Charley Brown’s pas
The Watkins medicine man, of Loup
City, was here the latter part of the
Jess Barnett was in North Loup
Wednesday and brought home a load
of coal.
Ira Manchester and wife, of North
Loup, were out to Jess Manchester’s
Jess Manchester had a car load of
hogs shipped to the Omaha market
Frank Manchester and son Clarence, <
and John Pelenoski, were in Schaupps
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Orent have post
>oned their visit in the east as they
lave all been sick.
The little children of Mr. and Mrs.
?. P. Brown, are having a siege of
he whooping cough.
Mr. and Mrs. Pelenoski and children
fisited at the home of Prank R. Man
■hester, and family, last Sunday.
Frank Manchester and Tony Zaru
>a were in Ashton Monday. Frank
lad some chickens on the market.
It it thought that the little five year
fid son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trump,
swallowed a 22 rifle shell Sunday
Mrs. Howard Haimmer and children
)f North Loup, spent Christmas week'
with her sister, Mrs. E. F. Paddock,
uid children.
Ed Manchester, William Nave, Ed
Stillman, Tony Zaruba and George
Barnett, all hauled hogs to North
Loup last week.
There was a New Year’s dance at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuland
last Saturday night and everybody
bad a real nice time.
School began Tuesday again after a
weeks’ vacation. Our teacher, M. Mc
Cord, spent his Christmas and New
Years with his uncle at Loup City.
Lillian Smith, of Ashton came out
to C. F. Brown’s place and again
opened up her school after having
two weeks’ vacation for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. George Barnett and
daughter Nellie, returned from Lin
coin Monday where they have been
visiting. They report as having the
time of their lives while there.
Well, as this is a new year and Leap
Year at that, the girls ought to get
busy and not be so bashful, as these
old bachelors are and see if they
could not persuade some of them to
change their name.
Wonder what was the matter with
E. F. Paddock Christmas week, as he
came home and has been nursing a
pair of black eyes. He and Santa
Claus surely couldn’t agree and gave
Earn a present of a pair of black eyes,
which are not very becoming to him.
John Pelenoski was in Ashton last
Earn Paddock was in Ashton Mon
day and brought out his big Bull trac
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Orent and baby
and Tony Zaruba, were in Ashton last
Frank Manchester called at the E.
F. Paddock home Thursday evening
on business.
Ed, Joe and Brun Orent, spent last
Wednesday evening with Frank R.
Mike Krilkowski is taking care of
William Kruger's stock while the
latter is in Grand Island.
Miss Gladys Manchester is on the
sick list with that horrid old grippe
and was unable to attend school this
Miss Laura Zelinski is staying at
the home of her sister and brother-in
law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Palu, and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Palu spent
New Years day with Mrs. Palu’s sis
ter, Mrs. Frank Spotanski, southwest
of Loup City.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kaminski and
children went to Loup City to visit
with Mike’s brother, Mr. and Mrs.
Pete Kaminski, and family.
Mr. Kruger, whose first name is un
known, died at the Grand Island hos
pital last Thursday. He has been
suffering with kidney trouble.
Three of the Orent boys and Frank
Manchester and son Clarence, were
hunting one day last week and brought
home twenty-one rabbits. The latter
two and Mr. Pelenoski was out Sun
day and got ten rabbits.
Frank Garvel, while hunting last
Tuesday, thought sure some one fired
a shot at him as a bullet grazed past
his head from a cannon. People should
be very careful how and where they
shoot as you can not tell what may
William Kruger went to Grand Is
land last week to attend the funeral
of his father. Mr. Kruger batched
with his son William last summer, go
ing to Grand Island later hoping to get
relief from his sufferings but could
not. We sure sympathize with Will.
Ed Manchester met with an acci
dent last Thursday afternoon. He
went out to hitch up to the hay rack
with the intentions of hauling a load
of hay, when his team circled around
with him, almost getting away, and
Ed in some manner struck his knee.
He was not able to stand on it for a
while the next day. Luckily he did
not break his leg. It has only been
a little over four years since he had
that same leg broken.
Order of Hearing and Notice on Pe
tition for Setttlement of Account.
in the County Court of Sherman Coun
yt, Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, Sherman County,
To the heirs, devisees, "'legatees,
creditors, and all persons intrested in
the estate of Herman Sperling, de
On reading the petition of Mary M.
Sperling, administratrix praying a fi
nal settlement and allowance of her
account filed in this court on the 4th
lay of January, 1916, and for distri
bution of residue of personal proper
ly, decree of heirship and of posses
sion of the real estate belonging to
said deceased.
It is hereby ordered that you and all
persons interested in said matter may,
md do, appear at the County Court
;o be held in and for said County,
>n the 3rd day of February A. D. 1916,
it 10 o’clock A. M„ to show cause, if
my there be, why the prayer of the
setitioner should not be granted, and
hat notice of the pendency of said
setition and the hearing thereof be
fiven to all persons interested in said
natter by publishing a copy of this
irder in the Loup City Northwestern,
l weekly newspaper printed in said
:ounty, 3 successive weeks prior to
laid day of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal this 11th
lay of January. 1916.
County Judge.
I At Loup City, in the State of Nebraska, at the close of business, Decem
ber 31, 1915.
Loans and Discounts . $237,072.71
Overdrafts, secured. $.; unsecured, $2,341.28 2,341.28
U. S. Bonds deposited to secure circulation. 7,000.00
Securities other than U. S. bonds (not including
stocks) owned unpledged .$ 1,801.11
Total Bonds, Securities, etc ... ’ 1,801.11
Subscription to stock of Federal Reserve Bank. 3,000.00
Less amount unpaid . L50o!o0 1,500.00
Value of banking house (if unencumbered). 8,708.61
Equity in banking house . ’ 8,708.61
Furniture and fixtures . 1852.70
Net amount due from Federal Reserve Bank. 5^177.67
Net amount due from approved reserve agents in
New York, Chicago and St. Louis. 1,461.81
Net amount due from approved reserve agents in other
reserve cities . 15,810.46 17,272.27
Net amount due from banks and bankers. 1,730.72
Outside checks and other cash items. 1,463.93
Fractional currency, nickels and cents . 121.05 1,584.98
Coin and certificates . 8 347 75
Legal-tender notes . 1 280 00
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from
U. S. Treasurer . 350.00
Total . $296,019.80
Capital Stock paid in . $ 25 000 00
Surplus fund . 25,000.00
Undivided profits .$ 9.47
Less current expenses, interest, and taxes paid. 9.47
Circulating notes outstanding . 7,000 00
Individual deposits subject to check. 114^594X6
Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days. 30,696.53
Total demand deposits . 145,291.19
Certificates of deposit . ’ 93,719.14
Total of time deposits . 93,719.14
Total ••••. $296,019.80
I, L. Hansen, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best of mv knowledge and belief.
„ L. HANSEN, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th dav of January, 1916.
(SEAL) E. A. MINER, Notary Public.
A. B. OUTHOUSE, W. T. CHASE. W. F. MASON. Directors.
Balance on hand Jan. 1, 1915, as per last published statement.$ 199.22
Received from County Treasurer, Jan. 12 . 1,500.00
Received from County Treasurer, June 17 . 2^200.00
Received from County Treasurer, Aug. 28 . 610.00
Total .$4,509.22
Road District No. 18.
Paid for road work .$ 704.22
Paid for material . 52.80
Paid for salary to overseer . 148.15
Total .$ 905.17
Road District No. 19.
Paid for road work .$ 901.15
Paid for material . 142.75
Paid for salary to overseer. 165.75
Total .$1,209.65
Road District No. 33.
Paid for road wrork .$1,268.47
Paid for material . 233.01
Paid for salary of overseer. 213.94
Total .$1,715.42
Paid for indigents of township .$ 42.5(1
Paid for officers’ salary and miscellaneous expenses . 95.SO
Balance on hand Jan. 1, 1916 . 540.6S
Total .$4,509.22
I. E. Dwehus, clerk for Rockville Township, Sherman County, Nebraska,
solemnly swear that the above statement is correct to the best of my know
ledge and belief.
E. DWEHUS, Township Clerk.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of January, 1916.
My commission expires April 1. 1921. Notary Public.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
Furnishes all the light and power and also makes the
best of flour. Handled by all Merchants.
I Hard and Soft Coal
Some of the biggest and most important conventions of the
year will be held in Lincoln in January. These conventions will
interest thousands of Nebraskans.
Board of Agriculture Sheep Breeders and Wool Growers
Horticulture Society Corn Improvers
Live Stock Improvers Florists and Bee Keepers
Horse Breeders State and County Fairs
Cattle Breeders Good Roads, Rural School Patrons
Dairymen’s Association and similar associations.
Swine Breeders
State Horticultural Society State Bottler’s Association
Brick and Tile Manufacturers County Assessors
State Lumbermen’s Association
nFor official programs/information, etc., annlv to
W. R. MELLOR, Chairman,
W. S. WHITTEN, Sec., Commercial Club Lin “
coin, Nebraska.