The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, January 13, 1916, Image 6

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| W. F. MASON, President. L. HANSEN, Cashier. I
S E > E
| In Real Life
It seldom happens in real life that the “tail |
i wags the dog” or that people “get the cart before
| the horse.” =
E They are merely extravagant examples of =
E things being done in the wrong way. They say =
| there’s a wrong way and a right way to do every- |
thing. In taking care of your money the right
way is to deposit it in a good bank like ours =
£ where it will be perfectly safe yet subject to your I
check whenever needed. No need to tell about =
the wrong way to handle your money. It’s the |
§ right way that needs to be known and followed. £
I First National Bank 1
f 1 |
1 We Pay Five Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits |
| Announcement!!
1 Our Store is Headquarters for |
1 Black Cat 1
g Kenosha, Wis., Dec. 21,1915. g
= R. L. Arthur, Loup City, Neb. gg
Our new dye plant solves the problem of fast black g
H dye for cotton hosiery. g|
It is proven by every conceivable test a faster black §j
g than the imported article and has been found strictly g
g harmless to fabrics. g
You can assure your customers that FAST BLACK g
g will continue to be part of the broad BLACK CAT g
g Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction to Wearer,
g Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Company. g
Here you ’ll find a complete stock of Fast Black Cat g
= Hosiery. You can depend upon the same non-fading, g
g non-crocking, sanitary' dyes always used in its con- g
g struction. There’s a Black Cat stocking to suit every g
g member of the family. Any material, weight or color gg
g at the price you want to pay. Buy vour hosiery here, |||
= where satisfaction is guaranteed. g
Ir. l. Arthur!
.....• iiiiimmmmmimii
When Looking For a Square Meal Drop In
at the
'• . * -
** Ideal Bakery & Restaurant
South Side of Public Square
Meals, Lunches and Short Orders
at All Hours
We Also Carry a Full Line of Bakery Goods
Careful Attention Given All Special Ordesr
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
Alfalfa hay for sale. Inquire of
Burr Robbins.
E. G. Taylor was a business passen
ger to Ashton Thursday.
Judge Aaron Wall was transacting
business at Grand Island Monday.
Max Leschinsky was a business pas
senger to Grand Island Monday morn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sobisczyzk were
visiting with relatives at Ashton Mon
William Ohlson was a passenger for
St. Paul and Grand Island Saturday
Jack Pageler was a Grand Island
passenger Monday, returning in the
Stop in and let us demonstrate our
new line of sheet music' at Lou
-— »
A. N. Cook returned from Ashton
Friday evening where he had been
on business.
County Clerk Polski has been con
fined to his room with a bad case of
grippe this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Miner were
Grand Island passengers Saturday, re
turning in the evening.
Lost—A bunch of keys about Jan.
1st. Finder will please leave at this
office and be rewarded.
Downing Charlton is in Lincoln this
week looking after business affairs
and visiting with friends.
Mrs. J. Frehlich was a Grand Island
visitor last Thursday morning, re
turning home Friday evening.
A. M. Lewis was a business passen
ger to Grand Island last Thursday,
returning home Friday evening.
Miss Vida Cowling, who has been
visiting at Aurora the past two weeks,
returned home last Friday evening.
Miss Florence Depew, who has been
in Lincoln the past week visiting, re
tifrned home last Satruday evening.
Henry Schuman Jr. returned home
Saturday evening from Schaupps
where he has been visiting with rela
Miss Ruth Levy returned from Hast
ings last week where she had been
for the past three weeks visiting with
home folks.
Miss Lila McNulty resumed her
school duties at Hazard Saturday
morning, after a two weeks’ vacation
with home folks.
Miss Clara Bogacz returned to her
home at Ashton last Thursday after
visiting here several days at the Floyd
Janulewicz home.
Frank Blaschka arrived here last
Thursday from Harlitown, Mont., to
attend the funeral of his father, who
died last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. James McBeth and
daughter, Alice, were westbound pas
sengers to Comstock Saturday even
ing to visit with relatives.
Miss Elizabeth Dinsdale returned
to her home at Palmer Saturday morn
ing after visiting here several days
with relatives and friends.
Mrs. J. D. Henthorn of Aurora was
visiting at the W. J. McLaughlin and
M. A. Phillips homes Monday, return
ing to her home Tuesday morning.
The Misses Nellie and Vernie Stan
czyk returned home last Friday even
ing from Ashton where they had been
visiting with relatives and friends.
Hans Hansen returned to his home
in Hastings last Thursday morning
after visiting here a few days with
his son and daughter, P. E. and Mable
Mrs. D. F. Fakes and two daugh
ters returned to their home at Kear
ney last Thursday, after visiting here
with her sister, Mrs. Frank Daddow,
and family.
J. P. Leininger was an eastbound
passenger for Fort Morgan, Colo., Mon
day on business and to visit his daugh
ters, Mrs. W. E. Henry and Miss Ade
line Leinger.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hartzell re
turned to their home at Nemaha,
Nebr., last week Thursday after visit
ing here with the former’s brother,
Robert Hartzell.
The Misses Anna Clopper and
Gladys Dunn returned from Liberty,
Nebr., last Friday evening where they
had spent the holiday season with the
former’s parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Squires of Comstock,
formerly of this place, who attended
the funeral of Mr. Frank Blaschka
last week, returned to their home
Saturday evening.
Mrs. A. T. Conger and two daugh
ters, Alice and Abby, returned home
last Saturday from Blair where they
have been for some time visiting with
Mrs. Conger’s parents.
La grippe and whooping cough is
prevailent in Loup City and surround
ing country at the present time. Only
a fortunate few have escaped the
clutches of the grippe.
Mrs. I. M. Haskins and daughter,
Miss Lydia, who have been here visit
ing at the Val McDonald home for
some time, returned to their home at
Erie, Pennsylvania, Saturday morn
C. L. Rein came up from Lincoln
last Friday on business and to visit
over Sunday with his mother, Mrs.
Tillie Rein. He returned Monday
morning, going by way of Grand Is
Miss Mary Smith returned to her
home at Ashton last Thursday morn
ing after visiting here with friends.
She was accompanied by Miss Teckla
Kaminski, who visited there until Sat
A Busy Saturday al
Vic Swanson’s
Saturday was one of the busiest
days I have experienced since I start
ed in business in Loup City, nearly
five yrears ago. I have changed my
method of doing business, having gone
on the cash basis. We were surprised
how many new people took advan
tage of the low prices and several
made the remark that they could not
see how I could sell merchandise at
such reduced prices. Remember, I am
here to serve the people, to lower the
prices and get the business. I will
defy any store doing a credit business
to sell goods at anywhere near the
prices I am selling them for. Instead
of having several thousand dollars on
my books from year to year, I can
use this money and buy merchandise
at rock bottom prices. I have no in
terest to pay on borrowed money, dis
count all my bills, pay cash, lose no
accounts. Why can I not sell you mer
chandise for a small per cent?
Come to us with your cash and we
will show you how you can save
Where You Get Good Goods For
Less Money.
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase's first—it pays.
Werner Pritschau was a Boelus
visitor Monday.
Shoes, tinware, etc., repaired at
Grows’s Variety store.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pruss,
on January 10, a thirteen pound boy.
C. F. Beushausen was an eastbound
passenger to Lincoln Wednesday
O. A. Woods returned home Tuesday
from Grand Island where he had been
on business.
Mrs. Ida Carpenter came up from
Austin last Saturday and visited be
tween trains.
Henry Eisner will fit you
with glasses. Satisfaction is
Miss Carrie Cole was called home
to Palmer Monday on account of the
serious illness of her father.
George Schlote left Monday noon
for Dunning, Nebr., where he will
help his father work on the ranch.
Our new Pateh Phonograph will
demonstrate our new line of popular
sheet music for you, L. Schwaner’s.
Joe Viener, of Mason City, was here
the first of the week visiting with his
srother, Victor Viener, and family.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lew
indowski, eleven miles northeast
Df town, on January 11, a fine boy.
Mat Januiewicz, John Stanczvk and
J. D. Callaway were Rockville passen
gers Tuesday, returning the same day.
Mrs. A. W. Boeckiug and daughter
Edith, were passengers to Kearney
last Saturday to spend a week visiting
with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dinsdale came
ip from Palmer last Friday for sever
il days’ visit. Mr. Dinsdale returning
Saturday morning.
Ignatz Goc and Miss Barbara Kos
micki, of the east side, were granted
i license to wed by Judge Smith, on
Saturday, January 8.
William M. Sands of Butler county
ind Miss Tillie M. Springer of Cedar
Rapids, were married by County Judge
Smith on Thursday, January 6.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hayes left Tues
lay morning for Burwell to visit with
relatives. They have been visiting
here at the J. F. Nicoson home.
James Bartunek is now prepared
to do your harness repairing on short
notice. Bring in your work and have
pour harness ready for the spring
Morris Fowler will hold his pure
nred Poland China bred sow sale at
iis place adjoining Arcadia, on Wed
nesday, February 2. Sale will be held
n a heated tent.
The Misses Cecil and Gladys Ling
returned to their school work at
Aurora Saturday morning after visit
ing here over the holidays with their
parents, J. N. Ling, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDonald, of
Edgewood, Iowa, arrived here Wednes
day evening to visit with relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Reynolds and Mr.
and Mrs. O. Benschoter families.
I sell meat by the quarter, hind
quarter 11 cents and front quarter 8%
cents. Hogs by the whole or a half
9 cents. I buy beef hides and furs
at the highest market price.—JOHN
: Owing to ill health I am com- :
: pelted to offer for sale my milli- :
: nery business and two good resi- :
: dence lots. This property will be :
: disposed of at a bargain price if :
: taken soon. For particulars call :
: on or address, :
: Loup City, Nebraska. :
I Daily sella for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
Largest line of sheet music we havt
ever shown at Schwaner’s.
Dr. A. S. Main was a business pas
senger to St. Paul Monday.
This is the season when the weath
er might be a little more seasonable.
Corn Flakes, 6c per package, at
The Loup City Cash Store, Wm. Lew
andowski, proprietor.
Earl C. Brink, piano tuner, will be
in town this week. Leave orders a*
Lou Schwaner's JeweTbv store.
Mrs. C. R. True, who has been here
visiting with her sister, Mrs. O. Ben
schoter, who is very ill, returned tc
her home at Arcadia, Tuesday even
Dr. W. L. Marcy and son, Charles,
returned home last week from a two
weeks’ visit with relatives at Sterl
ing, 111. They also visited at Chicago
and other eastern points of interest.
Mark Johansen entertained the
Freshmen class at a party at his coun
try home last Saturday afternoon and
evening. Games were played and sup
per was served. All present report a
most enjoyable time.
Another slight fall of snow Tuesday
morning caused Marshal Jim some
work cleaning off crossings and gave
the skaters no little concern. Skat
ing is fine and all who love the sport
are enjoying themselves.
Mrs. O. Benschoter. who has been
confined to her home for some time
on account of sickness, was taken to
St. Paul, Monday, to consult Dr. Gro
than. Mr. Benschoter accompanied
her, returning home Tuesday evening.
The United States navy now con
trols the greatest wireless telegraph
system in existence—one that circles
the globe. You will find much of in
terest in the special illustrated arti
cle on the subject which appears in
this issue of The Northwestern.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wardyn, Mr.
and Mrs. John Wardyn, Mr. and Mrs.
Louie Galezenski and Miss Pollie
Kwiatkowski, returned to their homes
at Ashton last Saturday morning.
They visited at the John Jezewski
The article clipped from the Mason
City Transcript and published in a
Loup City paper last week, stating
that the Hub Clothing store was to
be moved from Loup City is a mis
statement. I have moved my Mason
City store but will continue the store
here.—Victor Viener.
The Ladies’ Altar society of St.
Josephat’s church, will hold a basket
supper and dance at the Daddow
opera house, Thursday, January 13.
Ladies will please bring well filled
baskets. Dance will start at 8 p. m.
Music by P. & P. orchestra. Dance
tickets $1. Come out and have a
good time. Proceeds to go toward
furnishing the new parsonage.
The Omaha Bee has discovered the
meanest man on earth. His wife
needed a set of teeth and had no
money to buy them. An Omaha
dentist -was going to give her a set
for a Christmas present but her hus
band arose in his might and refused
to alow her to accept them. Says
Ole Buck: Some one ought to pull
all of that fellow’s teeth and then
make him live on rubber boot heels
for the balance of his life.”
J. A. Mawhinney, who for many
years has been a heavy cattle feeder
on his farm northeast of Ravenna, is
feeding a bunch of sheep, this year,
and says he is w’ell pleased so far
with the experiment. He bought
1,143 head of lambs in Denver in
October of last year, and has since
had them on feed and they are doing
nicely. He has lost but three head,
so far, and he believes that he will
clean up a tidy profit on the opera
tion. He expects to ship out the
tops the latter part of this month,
and the balance will go in February
or the first of March.—Ravenna News.
In “Hearts Adrift” Mary Pickford is
seen in a distinctly new role.that of a
little Spanish girl, a castaway, who
leads a primitive life on a desolate
island, where fate later sends another
castaway, for whose happiness the
little half savage creature sacrifices
her life. The pathos of this drama of
the shifting sands of time and the
surging, changing tides of life is
tenderly softened by Miss Pickford’s
charming and delicate portrayal. Miss
Pickford attains a high dramatic
power in this production, and strikes
a strong note of uplift in the supreme
sacrifice which is the climax of Nina’s
devotion to her lover. In four reels,
at the opera house, Saturday, January
15, Price 10 and 15 cents.
A brindle bulldog, with cropped ears
and short tail. Finder notify T. R.
Lay, Loup City. Reward.
Parties knowing themselves to be in
debted to me would do me a great
favor by settling their accounts now.
—James Kay.
We have for rent a nearly new four
room house with electric lights and
city water. Can give possession any
My home with lots of 140 feet front
and 180 fee deep. Cheap and erms
reasonable. Must sell at once. In
quire of Jas. W. Conger.
Why pay big prices for coal when
you can buy Yampa Valley Route
County Lump coal at $7 cash and nut
at $6.50 cash. We are also exclusively
agents for the genuine Pinnacle, Nut
and Lump Coal. Try this coal and
you will use no other.—Taylor’s Ele
vator. e
Daily sells for less.
Chase’s tor fresh groceries.
2 ^2
| Jo w&mL m, l
| .... g.__.i A^vvoii\flva<vvvcft.? |
1 4ows. j/vv"$$tf,^^t)tyYWL/ |
I Loup City State Bank f
We Can Make You a Farm
Loan on the Amortization
or Rural Credit Plan
On this loan the total payment will be $9.07 for each
$100 borrowed, payable annually. If these payments
are made for 20 years the loan will be fully paid off and
released. Payments can be made in advance of matur
ity or the entire loan paid off any time the borrower de
sires to do so. Twenty-year loans relieve you of com
missions and expense incident to renewals of five-year
In 1893 the company offering this loan
made a $300 loan for 10 years at 6 per cent and
this loan was renewed for another 10-years
period at the same rate. A statement of this
loan is as follows:
Principal loaned .$300.00
6 per cent interest for 20 years. 300.00
Under the amortization or rural credit
plan annual payments on $300.00
loan would be $27.50, or a total for 20
years of.$554.00
Difference saved by borrower.$116.00
If you contemplate making a farm loan, come in
and let us explain this plan to you.
First Trust Company
Loup City, Nebraska
Meat and Brains
The brainest people of the world are meat eaters.
Brainy people make the money because they have
more than the usual allotment of brains.
This exceptional brain development is due in great
part to the eating of the right kind of meat—
GOOD meat.
Eat Meat and Buy It Here
Pioneer Meat Market
O. L. JOCKEY, Proprietor
fjW::)^r jfjp We Carry 3
|KmAm£|j91 CoaZ
" that gives absolute satisfac
; tion, coal that is clean and
I leaves no clinkers, in short,
/ coal that is satisfactory in
| • every respect.
| Yards at Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps and Arcadia
- V; * . • ■-■■■ “ . /...