The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, December 30, 1915, Image 5

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    tW. F. MASON, President. L. HANSEN, Cashier.
New Year’s
We take this opportunity of extending to our
friends and patrons hearty thanks for the most gen
erous patronage extended us during the past year.
The old year closes with a heavy' increase of deposits
at our bank and we begin the New Year under bright
auspices. The beginning of a New' Year is a good
time to remember that while the best friend on earth
may fail you, a nice little bank account is always
behind y'ou. Start the New' Year right by placing
an account with us. Deposit with us each w'eek a
small per cent of your income and at the end of the
year you will be surprised at the results, and will
never miss the amount from your daily living. We
invite you at the beginning of this glad New Year
to join our growing list of satisfied customers and
make our bank your bank.
First National Bank
"g We Pay Five Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits
. ■■ ■ —
Our Store is Headquarters for
Black Cat
Kenosha, Wis., Dec. 21,1915.
R. L. Arthur, Loup City, Neb.
Our new dye plant solves the problem of fast black
dye for cotton hosiery.
It is proven by every conceivable test a faster black
than the imported article and has been found strictly
harmless to fabrics. j
You can assure your customers that FAST BLACK)
will continue to be part of the broad BLACK CAT
Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction to Wearer.
Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Company.
Here you’ll find a complete stock of Fast Black Cat
Hosiery. You can depend upon the same non-fading,
non-crocking, sanitary dyes always used in its con
struction. There’s a Black Cat stocking to suit every
member of the family. Any material, weight or color
at the price you want to pay. Buy your hosiery here,
where satisfaction is guaranteed.
I Happy New Year!
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
Rev. E. M. Steen was a business
passenger to Ord Monday.
A. N. Cook was a business passen
senger to Grand Island Tuesday.
Bert G. Travis and wife spent
Saturday with friends at Boelus.
J. B. O'Bryan returned home from
Omaha last Friday where he had been
on business.
Henry Ohlsen was a passenger to
Schuyler, Nebr., Wednesday morning, j
where he is working.
Roscoe Owens came up from his
school duties at Grand Island Friday
to spend the holidays with home folks.
D. L. Adamson and son, Clyde, re
turned to Seward, Monday, after
spending Christmas with home folks.
The Mesdames Wall, Landersc and
Rounds visited in our city Wednesday j
at the A. Wall, A. M. Bennett and W.
T. Owens homes.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Magnusen re
turned to their home at Marquette, aft
,.x spending the past week visiting at
^the J. Magnusen home.
^(jtflss Florence Leininger returned
hhine from Fremont last Friday where
she has ben teaching school the past
month, to visit over the holidays with
borne folks. '_ j i
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
E. G. Taylor was transacting busi
ness at Rockville last Thursday.
A. O. Lewis was at Ashton and
Schaupps Monday on business.
W. C. Mackey is visiting here over
the holidays with his many friends.
Miss Ruth Levy is spending the
holidays with her parents at Hastings.
Elmer Chaffee was a business visi
tor to Ashton and Schaupps Monday.
L. H. Spahr cleans and repairs all
kinds of sewing machines. At Jas.
Bartunek’s Hardware store.
Mrs. Lizzie Shrove and nephew,
Raymond Keith, visited with friends
at Rockville a few days last week.
Mrs. A. B. Dugger arrived here last
Thursday from Tussa, Okla., to visit
with her father, Robert Grutter.
The Misses Klea and Lila McNulty
came over from Hazard last Friday
to visit during the holidays with home
Mrs. Grace Johnson came up form
St. Paul last Friday to visit over the
holidays with her mother, Mrs. Susar
The Misses Marie and Alma Remy
arrived here from Grand Island last
Thursday to visit with their aunt
Mrs. T. R. Lay, and family over the
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
For general repair work, call on
L. H. Spahr.
Alfalfa hay for sale. Inquire of
Burr Robbins.
Hansen’s Sunny Smile coal—Your
warmest friend.
The Misses Alma and Erma Hapka
are spending the holidays with friends
at Ashton.
Frank Sobiesczyzk and little daugh
ter, visited at Ashton last Thursday
with relatives.
Paul McLaughlin was an eastbound
passenger to Aurora last Thursday
to visit with relatives.
Miss Cora Leatherman left last
Thursday morning for Batavia, Iowa,
to visit with relatives.
\\ illiam Odendahl and wife came
up from Ashton Saturday to visit over
Sunday with relatives.
R. E. Dale returned home from Lin
coln last Thursday where he has been
working the past month.
Raymond Oltman was an eastbound
passenger to Omaha Saturday, return
ing home Tuesday evening.
A. B. Conger returned last Thurs
day from Broken Bow where he had
been on a business mission.
C. A. Clark returned to his home
at Ravenna last Thursday after visit
ing here with many friends.
James Bartunek left Monday morn
ing for St. Joe, Mo., to purchase new
goods for his harness shop.
Carl Evans, who is employed at
the C. B. & Q. depot, spent Christmas
with home folks at Hastings.
Earl Morrow returned home last
Thursday from Aurora where he has
been working the past summer.
Ed. Oltman and family visited over
Sunday here with relatives and many
friends, returning home Monday.
Miss Alice McBeth left last Thurs
day moring for Osceola, Nebr., to visit
over the holidays with relatives.
January 7. a big dance at the opera
house. Music by the Peerless orches
tra of Ord. Don't forget the date.
Mrs. Joe O’Bryan visited with her
son Harvey O’Bryan, and family, and
many friends at St. Paul Monday.
Mrs. E. G. Taylor, and family, spent
Christmas with relatives at St. Taul.
They returned home in the evening.
John Dietz and wife came up from
Rockville last Friday and visited over
Christmas at the John Stanczvk
Herman Ohlsen came home from
David City last Thursday to visit
over the holiday season with home
Mrs. Mary Harll came up from
Grand Island last Thursday to visit
over the holidays with the Burr Rob
bins family.
Mrs. D. B. Carpenter visited here
with many friends several days last
week, returning to her home at Aus
tin Thursday.
Mrs. Albert Anderstrom and baby
came up from Ashton Saturday even
ing to visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. Corning.
Miss Louise Bartunek returned to
Ord Monday after visiting here over
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James Bartunek.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Keairnes ar
rived here last Friday to spend over
the holidays with their daughter, Mrs.
J. W. Dougal. and family.
Mrs. Nick Hansen and daughter,
Gertrude, and son Lawrence, spent
the day at Rockville last Thursday
visiting with many friends.
Mrs. J. E. Page and little Miss
Emma Currier, returned to Morril,
Nebr., last Thursday after visiting
here at the L. H. Currier home.
The Misses Jennie Sutton and
Eunice Chase left Monday morning
for Omaha to visit a week with Miss
Marie Seabolt, formerly of this place.
Mrs. A. J. Morgan, who attended
the funeral here of her brother, W.
J. Fisher, returned to her home at
Mountain View, Nebr., Monday noon.
The Misses Clara Anderson and
Amanda Steen, attended the Christ
mas program given at Miss Ida
Steen’s school at Schaupps last Thurs
Little Alice Mulick came up from
her school duties at Ashton last
Thursday to visit over the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
James G. Emery and Miss Bertha
B. Allen, both of Comstock, were
married by Rev. L. V. Slocumb at the
home of Mr. Draper in Loup City,
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Enevoldsen and
son Gilbert, returned to their home
at Dannebrog Monday after spending
Christmas with Mrs. Enevoldsen’s
sister, Mrs. W. P. Taylor.
J. I. Depew and wife, and daughter,
Miss Roena, and the Misses Lena and
Ada Smith, spent Christmas with the
Barnes family at Aurora. They re
turned home Monday evening.
Mrs. A. T. Conger and two daugh
ters, Alice and Abbie, were passen
gers to Blair, Nebr., last Friday to
attend the golden wedding anniver
sary of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
J. Long, and visit over the holidays.
Dr. Marcy and son Charles, left
lor Sterling, 111., Wednesday morn
ing of last week in their sedan car,
and in spite of the bad roads, rain,
snow and sleet, they made the trip of
six hudred and forty miles in three
days. They expect to visit in Chica
go and other cities before returning.
They will be gone about two weeks.
Daily sells for less.
Try Chase’s first—it pays.
Miss Frieda Dieterichs visited at
the Fred Rein home at Ashton Mon
Dwight Willis spent Christmas with
friends in Omaha. He returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coltrane
spent Christmas with home folks at
Henry Eisner will fit you
with glasses. Satisfaction is
I. C. Smith and son Carl. were
Rockville passengers last Thursday,
returning in the evening.
For Sale: A nice lot of Indian
Runner ducks for a short time at 75c
each—Mrs. John Warrick. Phone 7014.
Corn Rakes, 6c per package, at
The Loup City Cash Store, Wm. Lew
andowski, proprietor.
C. P. Peterson was a passenger to
Grand Island last Thursday, returning
home Saturday evening.
Burnett Pinckney was a passenger
to North Platte last Thursday to visit
with his aunt, Mrs. C. D. Fowles.
Albert Fiebig and father, Herman
Fiebig, visited over Christmas with
George Deininger, and family at St.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lanterman
came up from St. Paul last Friday to
visit at the Fred Daddow home a few
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McLaugh
lin visited over Sunady with relatives
at Aurora, returning home Monday
Charley Evans, Loup City's lost
coon, is now located at Greeley. He
didn't get as far away as we thought
he would.
Mrs. Floyd Janulewicz, and children,
visited over Christmas with home
folks at Ashton, returning home Mon
day evening.
Don’t forget the dance at the opera
house, January 7. Special music by
the Peerless orchestra of Ord. You
are invited Come.
Miss Mable Hansen went to Hast
ings last Thursday to visit over
Christmas with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Hans Hansen.
Miss Thressa Dzingle came home
from Omaha last Friday to visit over
the holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Dzingle.
Fred Cox, and family returned to
their home at Arcadia Saturday
evening after spending Christmas at
the Myrl Warrick home.
Bark at (he old stand doing repair
work. Bring in your work and see
how ornery a looking job I can do
for the money.—P. O. REED.
Jess Marvel, and family, came down
from Arcadia Saturday to visit a few
days with Mrs. Marvel’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Ohlsen, and family.
L. B. Poiski, and family spent
Christmas with Mr. Polski’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Poiski, at Ashton,
returning home the same evening.
Mrs. Claus Eggars was a passenger
to Grand Island last Thursday to meet
her sister, Mrs. Sylvia Smith of Oma
ha, who will visit here for a while.
William Schneidereit jr., returned
to Lockport, 111., last Thursday morn
ing after visiting here with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schneidereit.
Mrs. C. H. Ryan . and son Frank,
and sister, Miss Fern Bond, were pas
sengers to Gresham, Nebr., last Fri
day to spend the holidays with home
Mrs. J. H. Arnett was a passenger
to McCool and Phillips, Nebr., last
Saturday to visit with her son, J. W.
Arnett, and daughter. She returned
home Tuesday evening.
Lou Schwaner and family visited
over Christmas with relatives at Ord.
Mr. Schwaner returning home Monday
evening while Mrs. Schwaner and
Charles remained for a longer visit.
Mrs. E. A. Miner and son visited
with her sister, Mrs. Carrie Mathiew
son, and family at Wolbach during
the holiday season. Mr. Miner going
down Saturday and visiting over Sun
W. E. Henry, and family, arrived
here last Thursday from Fort Mor
gan. Colo., and spent over Christmas
at the F. M. Henry and J. P. Lein
inger homes. They returned to their
home Monday noon.
At the annual session of the Ameri
can association of fairs and exposi
liofis, neld at Chicago, last week, W.
R. Mellor, secretary of the Nebraska
state board of agriculture, was unani
mously re-elected president of the as
sociation for 1915-16.
The high school seniors held a class
party in Society hall Monday evening.
The evening was pleasantly spent and
refreshments consisting of ice cream
and cake were served. Misses Ohlsen,
Woods and Clark and Mac and Archie
Brown were guests at the party.
Mrs. Margaret Ling and two grand
daughters, Cecil and Gladys Ling,
came up from Aurora last Thursday
and visited over Christmas with home
folks. Mrs. Ling returned home
Wednesday morning while the girls
will remain until after New Years.
They are attending school at Aurora.
The 1916 primary election will be
held on the 18th of April. This is
rather early and will give plenty of
time for the sucesful candidates to
get in their best licks by the time
election day rolls around. National,
state, county and precinct officers
are to be elected next year and a
merry campaign is looked for. Local
politics have commenced to simmer
and shortly after the new year many
new developments are looked for.
""." )
Daily sells for less.
Chase’s for fresh groceries.
“Brewster’s Millions” at the opera
house Saturday night
Vic Swanson is visiting with his
mother at Aurora this week.
W. D. Zimmerman was a business
visitor at Ashton Wednesday.
V. L. Johns was transacting busi
ness in Grand Island Tuesday.
Ernest Rowe and Harry McLaugh
lin were Rockville passengers Tues
Miss Barbara Sobiesczyzk of
Schaupps visited over Tuesday in our
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mickow,
December 20, a baby girl. Congratu
J. L. Baily left for Sweetwater, Neb.,
Wednesday morning, to spend the
Mrs Viola Odendahl visited with
her son William A Odendahl at Ash
ton Tuesday.
Miss Helen Prichard was a Danne
brog visitor Tuesday to spend a few
days with friends.
Miss Frances Biahanta of Omaha
arrived Monday and is visiting at the
John Oltman home.
Mrs. Mrs. S. N. Sweeland left
Tuesday for Chicago to visit a week
or so with relatives.
P. E. Hansen returned Monday
from Hastings where he spent Christ
mas with his parents.
James Burnett was a Grand Island
passenger Wednesday morning, re
turning in the evening.
Miss Fay French went to Schaupps,
Tuesday, to visit with her aunt, Mrs.
Ed Oltman, and family.
Ed Anderson and sister, Clara, and
Miss Irene Jack are visiting with Ar
cadia friends this week.
Miss Carrie Cole is spending the
holidays with her parents at Palmer,
and friends at North Platte.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hultz and fam
ily are at Rockville and Boelus this
week, visiting with relatives.
Miss Clara Fullerton came up from
Austin Tuesday and spent the day
visiting with her many friends.
Park Robbins went to Grand Island
Wednesday, to visit over the holidays
with his aunt, Mrs. W. P. Dunivan.
Miss Agnes Weaver of Mason City
arrived Wednesday evening to work
for the Drs. Bowman & Bowman.
J. E. Scott left last Saturday for
Madison, Mo., to spend the holidays
with his wife and other relatives.
Mrs. Viva Gilbert was a passenger
to Arcadia Wednesday evening to visit
with her son. Art Gilbert, and family.
The Misses Victoria and Rose Ta
polski came up from Schaupps Wed
nesday evening to visit with friends.
Miss Vida Cowling was a passenger
to Aurora, Wednesday, to spend a
week or ten days visiting with rela
Julius Sorensen and wife spent
over Christmas with relatives and
friends at Boelus, returning home
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Taylor were pas
sengers to Alliance, Tuesday, to visit
with Mr. Taylor’s sister, Mrs. Grace
Earl Daddow was an eastbound pas
senger to St. Paul Tuesday to visit
his brother-in-law and family A. L.
Lee Bly and family returned home
from Greeley, Wednesday, where they
had been visiting over Christmas
with relatives.
Miss Wanda Tockey returned to
her home at Aracadia Wednesday
evening after visiting here with rela
tives and friends.
Norton Lambert and family re
turned home Monday evening from St.
Paul, where they attended the funeral
of W. H. Baliman.
J. A. Chandler and wife returned
home from Ravenna Monday evening
where they had spent the Christmas
holidays with relatives.
Earl Mcllravy left Wednesday
morning for Aurora to spend a few
days visiting, and from there he will
return to York to school.
Mrs. A. Sorenson returned to her
home at Lee Park Monday evening,
after spending several days here vis
iting at the L. Hansen home.
Gus Lorentz and Harry Hinman
went to Ravenna Wednesday and re
turned with Mrs. Lorentz and the
children in J. A. Chandler’s auto.
Mrs. Dr. O. E. Lonagcre and son
left Wednesday morning for Farnum,
Nebr., to visit with relatives and from
there she goes to Lincoln for a visit.
The Misses Orpha and Winnie Out
house were eastbound passengers to
Lincoln and Omaha to spend a week
or ten days vsiting with their many
R. L. Arthur butchered a two-year
old steer this week. He sold the meat
for $90. The steer weighed 1,150 and
was raised by Lee on his plantation
in Loup City.
The Hustler’s class of the Presby
terian church held a surprise party
at the home of Miss Bessie Owens
Wednesday evening. Games were
played and a dainty two-eourse lunch
eon was served. At a late hour all de
1 parted for their homes.
A special movie attraction will be
given at the Daddow opera house
Saturday evening, January 1 “Brew
ster’s Millions” in 5 parts, 240 big
scenes. This famous novel and suc
cessful play will be shown here for
j the first time. Don't miss it
tfimPfcou srnM Jawi&etv',
j(fc£fi., S?XOlC&&Up6t
ty&srfA/ft-ifezikdiHa emd aM
If you go to the Best place for your Lumber, Build- ri
ing Material and Coal, you’ll get the right thing in the
first place. You can’t afford to buy what you don’t
want; we can’t afford to sell you what you don’t want ;j
because we are HERE TO STAY and we can’t do it by
misrepresenting. Deal with us; we will be careful to
serve you well.
Hansen Lumber Co. I
The Yard With the Red Card |
We Can Make You a Farm
Loan on the Amortization
or Rural Credit Plan
On this loan the total payment will be $9.07 for each
$100 borrowed, payable annually. If these payments
are made for 20 years the loan will be fully paid off and
released. Payments can be made in advance of matur
ity or the entire loan paid off any time the borrower de
sires to do so. Twenty-year loans relieve you of com
missions and expense incident to renewals of five-year
In 1893 the company offering this loan
made a $300 loan for 10 years at 6 per cent and
this loan was renewed for another 10-years
period at the same rate. A statement of this
loan is as follows:
Principal loaned .$300.00
6 per cent interest for 20 years. 360.00
Under the amortization or rural credit
plan annual payments on $300.00
loan would be $27.50, or a total for 20
years of.$554.00
Difference saved by borrower.$116.00
If you contemplate making a farm loan, come in
and let us explain this plan to you.
First Trust Company
Loup City, Nebraska
A Seasonable
In fair weather pre
pare for the storm. Lay
in your winter’s coal
coal now. How about
your storm sash and
doors — let us tell you
how they will pay you
Yards at Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps and Arcadia
When Looking For a Square Meal Drop In
at the
Ideal Bakery & Restaurant
South Side of Public Square
Meals, Lunches and Short Orders
at All Hours
We Also Carry a Full Line of Bakery Goods
Careful Attention Given All Special Orders