The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, July 22, 1915, Image 10

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Best Beeves Ste^a/ and Others
Stow and Lower.
Largest Run of Lambs From the
Range This Season—Fat Lambs 15
Lower—Aged Sheep About
Steady—Feeders Active and Stead/.
I'pjon iito k Yard South Omaha
July ;»—Cattle receipt * were ver>
fair yesterday. ai>n i t o head ar.n
Inc Trade in fat entile this week i*
*•? tnr in murh th> ue as it left
©n t we- I’. svei a . anxious fo.
*tr> •' rood to < bo: •• t eves at fully
si* i |i liciirer »ht . they were in
.1 .r- - • an ari on the ttiedium
a*..; • i-iiittui' a't.e ,i uis and sales
are ce. . raily all of a din e lower than
It - !u.f ol ast nr- Strictly corvi
to • • e raitin "i trhi and heavy.
»oid :i ound i'i "■ ./ I•• *.0 Trade m
rows and heists vi< slow, with
x r% nnevenlx oner Inquiry for
«e< six* aetfv© and
X •* firm e held -- stacs. ele.
"or in xery son ! request and quota
t - r> haaced S-ocl.ers and feeders
wer*- r riel d* tnard and prices were
► ••one tn s *! ade hipher for anything
ft i .t crouch to attrs : om pet it ion
tt> q in’aootis .1 ml to choice
h- r \ e> $•« "tiffin |f; fair to sood
beeves SI .VK» 5 . common to fair
lertr- $7 >i R cood to choice
xejt nrs $'.< • A*t '* R* fair to yood vear
lin-r |7 77C|h..i> nr t ornfed heif
rn IT77fiR7.7 cot ?« choice fed
» $7 "!t 7 73 son.! to choice
fee ei»i %■ ■ ft 7'n cood to i hoire
rr:- h- ifer- l« 7f><| 7 7': Cf*od to
eh. ie *ra«« cor.* dofia 77, fair to
eev. f rows f,7 *.e<5 on - ranner* :ir.d
t ". 7~.f, .; ,ilv. JR (W
4 . t -
t< *o to'>. 'coders S7 7.7ft 8 37;
♦sir ’«» rood feeder* |45.R3® “.fib; com
•to., hnfe's J'. 7."" stock 'OW
I to. ‘ • »l e. *>;.nnfl 7 V.
\l*o ■ 7 *• n l oss a . (1 .rs'crday.
ti ;■» « !w ct * ’heir hos* at fiattrrs
*l-' «f* ;t* most ra-ft '.#10c lower,
• It;, eh now' ale* ookcd steady.
o» a**l Mracl from 17 la In *7 .75
T' • ,t pad prices l*b lower than the
eree o' la** week Bull went at
» >;n
a'd ’tub ro'Hnis totaled I!,
f* e»d Western rans>- iambs eon
s', ,1 th' h e It of • ! e run and as
• d 'r* from o' ~r se'linc points were
*, • • irsv spi"e the market her*
e rr low •••it*’ • rer- bidding low
*• »*■ trwiij trade In tl;e ini
th* amh« •,.!•! I'.ny lower than ' .st
t'r a* O* > e -n *he vert llcht nfi-r
Ire of a*e<i oek the marke' did not
•he s «er- rh ihanr* Ewes sold
tarrelt aro rd S' 7' Terder' were in
tf good demand
Quotations or theep and lambs
Tat- rood t,. Hoi, e $7 Cfift 7.7.7.
*ar he fal* *o coo 1 ST t<*<i»7 lamht.
•- er I' otj7 reariines fait 'o
eh, re 17 70 wether* fair to
•lo re J fif 77 ewe -ond to
e , r f* * t ' 77 er. e* 'air to good
It :.<»*•*.
National Farmer*' Union Renders Un
selfish Service to Agriculture.
Br Peter Radford.
The National Farmer* I'uion will
*'1 -I it* annual < "mention in Lincoln
Nebraska. «>n September seventh, and
wjli round out the eleventh year of
It* activities in the interest of the
American plowman. When that con
ircikfti is called to order every farm
er in America should pause and bow
ht* head in honor of the men gath
ered there to render a patriotic and
nseltish service to agriculture That
"Tanlzarion. Iwm in the cotton fields
•f T* »a* has grown until geograph
"•ally :t covers almost the whole of
ihe t tuted States and economically
.» deal* with every question in which
He welfare of the men who bare
h*-ir backs to the summer sun are
involved It ha* battled for a better
marketing system, rural credits, cheap
money, diversification, scientific pro
kuefion. agricultural legislation and
na# carried on Ha work of education
ind cooperation in season and out.
The Farmers' educational and Co
(>erativ« l nton of America htings
:he question of organization squarely
•efore every- 'armer in this nation
>\ ithout organization the farmers can
mu her help themselves nor Ire helped
jy others and through organization
tnd systematic effort all things are
The farmers of the l imed States
contribute more and get less from
government than any other class of
business They have better securities
and pay a higher rate of interest
than any other line of industry. They
market more product* and have less
to any in fixing the price than any
other business and they get more
political buncombe and less construc
tive legislation than any other class
of people. The farmers can only ac
quire such influence in business, in
government and In economic* as will
enable them to share equitably the
fruits of their labor through organiza
tion and every farmer on American
soil who desires to help himself and
his fellow plowmen should rally
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Name. Residence Amount.
Western Union Telegraph Co.Loup City, Neb.S 3,445.00
Loup City Mill & Light Co.Loup City, Neb.25,093.00
American Express Co.Omaha, Neb.
Adam Express Co.Omaha, Neb.
Nebraska Telephone Co.Omaha, Neb. 7,961.00
Hansen Lumber Co.Loup City, Neb. -.aOO.OO
First Trust Co.Loup City, Neb.28,964.00
Sherman County Telephone C <.Loup City, Neb.
Keystone Lumber Co. Loup City. Neb. 13,0o0.00
Norwich Fire Ins. Co. of New York,
W. J. Root, Agent.Loup Oity, Neb. 7.00
First Trust Co. Loup City. Neb. 28.964.00
Security Ins. Co. of New Haven, Conn.
J. J. Slominski, Agent ....Loup City, Neb. 16.00
North British Mercantile Fire Ins. Co.,
J. W. Long, Agent .Loup City, Neb. <5.00
The Hartford of Hartford, Conn.. J.
W. Long. Agent .Loup City, Neb. 35.00
Fidelity f’henix of New York, J. W.
Long. Agent .Loup City. Neb. 234.00
The American of Rockford, N. J., J.
W. Dougal. Agent .Loup City. Neb. o.OO
The Home of New York, R. H. Ma
thew. Agent.Loup City, Neb. 80.00
The Hartford Fire ins. Co. of Hart
ford. Conn.. R. H. Mathew, Agent. Loup City. Neb. li.OO
The Continental of New York, R. H.
Mathew. Agent .Loup City. Neb. 34.00
The German Fire Ins. Co. of Omaha.
E. Miner, Agent .Loup City, Neb. 130.00
The Royal Fire Ins. Co. of Liverpool.
First Trust Co.. Agent.Loup City, Neb. llo.OO
National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford,
Conn.. First Trust Co., Agent . .. .Loup City. Neb. 18.(H)
Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford,
E. A. Miner. Agent .Loup City, Neb. 403.00
Columbia Fire Ins. Co of Omaha. First
Trust Co.. Agent .Loup City. Net. 416.00
Aetna Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn
First Trust Co., Agent...Loup City. Neb. 367.00
Springfield Fire Ins. Co. of Spring
field. Mass., F. E. Brewer. Agent.Loup t itv, Neb. 8.00
St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. of St.
Paul. Minn, F. E. Brewer. Agt. . .Loup City, Neb. 441.00
itesidence Amount.
Frank Adamson .Loup City. Neb. 10.00
Teodore Aye .Loup City, Neb. 125.00
Mary Arthur .Loup City, Neb. .. ?. 15.00
J. A. Arnett & Son .Loup City, Neb. 7,450.00
S. A. Alien .Loup City, Neb. 445.00
Alfred Anderson..Loup City, Neb. 500.00
Ed Anderson .Loup City, Neb. 5.00
I>. L. Adamson .Loup City, Neb. 140.00
I K. I.. Arthur .Loup City, Neb. 4.865.00
John W. Amiek...Loup City, Neb. 210.00
lames Bartunek .Loup City, Neb. 1.610.00
James i). Bowman .Loup City. Neb. 40.00
A. W. Boccking. Loup City, Neb. 100.00
Charle Bass .Loup City, Neb. 370.00
William Bowman .Loup City, Neb. 80.00
John Blaska .Loup City. Neb. 240.00
Biemond & Son .Loup City, Neb. 1,360.00
Idea! Bakery ..Loup City, Neb. 1.365.00
M. Biemond .Loup City. Neb. 160.00
J. H. Bur well .Loup City, Neb. 345.00
0. Ben.-choter .Loup City, Neb. 300.00
G. L). Bowen.Loup City, Neb. 300.00
J. A. Burnett .Loup City, Neb. 130.00
E. T. Beushausen .Loup City, Neb. 2,630.00
i W. <i. Benschoter .Loup City, Neb. None
j George Benschoter .Loup City, Neb. 710.00
F. E. Brewer..Loup City. Neb. 510.00
• Jacob A. Brown .Loup City, Neb. 135.00
Lewis Bechthold .Loup City, Neb. 120.00
Lewis L. Bly .Loup City, Neb. 330.00
F. F. Bel! . Loup City, Neb. 875.00
C. E Bishop .I.Loup City, Neb. 10.00
1. 0. Bowman .'.....Loup City, Neb. 1.130.00
Lee Bly. Loup City, Neb. 225.00
(Bowman .Loup City, Neb. .•. None
M u Bowman . Loup City, Neb. 110.00
{ . F. Beushausen .Loup City, Neb. 1.740.00
Nellie H. Beushausen.Loup City, Neb. 265.00
Villmr Brandt .Loup City, N'eb. 60.00
har!" Briggs .Loup City, Neb. 105.00
iohn Bukowski .Loup Citv, Neb. 640.00
A. M. Bennett .Loup City, Neb. 430.00
J W. Burleigh .Loup City, Neb. 1,265.00
First National Bank.Loup City, Neb.38.600.00
Loup < 'ity State Bank.Loup City, Neb.52,235.00
V. K. Cunningham ..Loup City. Neb. 1,215.00
!. S « addy. Loup City, Neb. 070.00
John < ynova . Loup City, Neb. 120.00
I is! J. t hapman .Loup City, Neb. 325.00
I». i allaway. Loup City, Neb. 365.00
I L. Conger ..Loup City. Neb. 200.00
A. <',..ik .Loup City, Neb. 350.00
S. V. ‘ Vi .Loup City, Neb. 2,315.00
A E. ('hast' . Loup City, Neb. 250.00
Elmer Chaffee .Loup City. Neb. 175.00
H. J. < ie .Loup City, Neb. 375.00
M. H. Carlton .Loup City. Neb. 10.00
< . M. Coltrane .Loup City, Neb. 10.00
C. C. Cooper .. Loup City, Neb. 5,970.00
A. B. < mger. Loup City, Neb. 1,530.00
IVtei iT.'i-cn .Loup City, Neb. 80.00
Cassc! fbalty Co.Loup City, Neb. 200.00
"";r< W. Cnllipriest .Loup City. Neb. 300.00
Hiram < amor . Ia>up City, Neb. 540.00
" A. 'o .ii .Loup City, Neb. 185.00
f A. .Loup City. Neb.^. 00.00
Mi • W. Cowling . Loup City. Neb. 270.00
\. T. Conger .Loup City, Neb. 275.00
r. IS. ' -rning .Loup ( lty, Nel). 495.00
Clayton Conger .Loup City, Nel). 135.00
V) T. Chase .Loup City. Neb. 2,945.00
Amelia Criss .Loup City, Neb. 415.00
c ir.i F. C..x .Loup City. Neb. 00.00
.1. A. Chandler.Loup City, Nel). 255.00
J. W. Conger. Loup City, Neb. 480.00
V. L. Chipman.Loup City. Neb. None
Rome i Conger . Loup City, Neb. 250.00
C. C. Carlson .Loup City, Neb.3,010.00
Estella G. Carlson .Loup City, Neb. 335.00
L. H. Currier.Loup City. Neb. 90.00
Robert Dinsdale . ...Loup City, Neb.23,310.00
Robert Dinsdale. Administrator.Loup City, Neb. 1,030.00
Henry Dolling .Loup City, Neb. 270.00
Rose Dolling .Loup City, Neb. 20.00
D. c. Doner.Loup City, Neb. 30.00
William Doner.Loup City, Neb. 135.00
E. P. Daily. Loup City, Neb. 2,650.00
J. L. Dunn .Loup City. Neb. 375.00
Felix Dzingle . .Loup City, Neb... 605.00
Joseph Daddow .Loup City, Neb. 145.00
Wm. Dolling .Loup City, Neb. 610.00
Henry Dunker .Loup City, Neb. 80.00
Oliver Dubry.Loup City, Neb. 330.00
J. A. Danielsen . Loup City, Neb. 260.00
J. I. Depew.Loup City, Neb. 3,845.00
Joe Dembowski.Loup City, Neb. 140.00
J. W. Dougal .Loup City, Neb. 220.00
Enla Dieterichs .LoupCity, Neb. 615.00
Olive Daddow .Loup City, Neb. 790.00
Thomas H. Daddow .Loup City, Neb. 1,500.00
Mrs. Emma Donor.Loup City, Neb. 100.00
Frank Dzingle ..Loup City, Neb. 140.00
Elvira Daddow .Loup City, Neb. 265.00
Mrs. E. E. Ditto ..Loup City, Neb. 1,085.00
Mable Daddow .....Loup City, Neb. 700.00
H. M. Eisner .Loup City, Neh. 2,745.00
N. L. Enderly .Loup Citv, Neb. 1.070.00
A. T. Eisner .Loup City, Neb. 355.00
T. H. Eisner .Loup City. Neb. 1.100.00
John Eggers ..LoupCity, Neb. .. 540.00
Claus Eggers .Loup City, Neb. 80.00
Omaha Elevator Co.,.Loup City, Neb. 1.000.00
F. F. Foster .. Loup City. Neb. 205.00
Eli Fisher.Loup City. Neb. 170.00
J- W. Foy .Loup City, Neb. *80.00
Fremont Real Sstate Co.Loup City, Neb. 300.00
Edgar Foster .Loup City. Neb. 405.00
Albert Fiebig.Loup City, Neb. 1.500.00
David Fitzgibbon. by R. H. Mathew. .Loup Citv, Neb. 50.00
C. H. French .Loup Citv. Neb. 165.00
B. P. Fiebig.Loup City. Neb. 140.00
C. W. F'letcher ...LoupCity. Neb. 1.220.00
Carrie E. Foster.Loup City, Neb. 25.00
Wm. French.Loup City. Neb. 970.00
Hattie Froehlich .Loup City, Neb. 85.00
W. J. Fisher .Loup City, Neb. 240.00
Herman Fiebig .Loup City. Neb. 30.00
John Fisher .Loup City, Neb. 645.00
Harry Gardner .Loup City. Neb. 95.00
W. li. Garner .Loup City. Neb. 865.00
John Galus.Loup City, Neb. 450.00
T. J. Gregg ..Loup City, Neb. 105.00
Gus George .Loup City, Neb. 360.00
Henry George .Loup City, Neb. 260.00
• Iran L. Goodell.Loup City, Neb. 85.00
D. I). Grow .Loup City, Neb. 760.00
Walter Gregg ..Loup City, Neb. 160.00
Wm. Graefe .Loup City, Neb.5,130.00
is. E. Callaway .Loup City, Neb. 170.00
F. W. Guth. Loup City. Neb. 155.00
Robert Grutter .Loup City, Neb. 80.00
,T. A. Gzehoviak.Loup City, Neb. 175.00
Frank Gappa .Loup City, Neb. 125.00
9*Ibert .Loup City, Neb. 55.00
*°® Halus. .Loup City, Neb. 55.00
w . V.alus .Loup City, Neb. 50.00
Mike 9«ywca ..Loup City, Neb. 50.00
”■ T. Gibson. ..Loup City. Neb. 285.00
Rev. A. Cudzinski.Loup City. Neb. 10.00
T. L. Grierson ..Loup City, Neb. 120.00
Peier Grudzinski.Loup City, Neh. 80.00
r>. Yi1 e.Loup City, Neb. 490.00
Peter Haremza .Loup City, Neb. 130.00
Henry Horstman .Loup City, Neb. ..'. 10.00
* it' Y, s ..Loup City, Neb. 80.00
, H. Hansel .Loup City, Neb. 100.00
Hayhurst & Callaway Hdw. Co.Loup City, Neb. 8,520.00
R M. Hiddleson .Loup City, Neb. 1,285.00
Mable Hansen .Loup City> Neb. 60.00
I. E. Hansen.Loup City( Net.. 160.00 i
i• G. Hosier.Loup Citv, Neb. 305.00
L Hansen.Loup Citv Neb. 865.00
1 ritz Hapke ..Loup City. Neb. 480.00
Mar>' A- h. Hendrickson .Loup city, Neb.. 60.00
xV Yi “enyan .Loup Citv, Neb. 50.00
Myrt'e Henyan .Loup city, Neb. 105.00
Hattie E. Hayhurst .Loup city. Neb. 835.00
J1.' J*. Henr>'.Loup City, Neb. 395.00
t. 1). Hansen .....Loup City, Neb. 50.00
Hansen Lumber Co.Loup City, Neb.12.500.00
R. M. Hiddleson, Jr.Loup Citv. Neb. 245.00
K B. Hartman .Loup City. Neb.-. 5.00
Mrs. Clara Hawk .Loup Citv. Neb. 65.00
H A Hinman .Loup City. Neb. 110.00
Mrs Minnie Hansel .Loup City, Neb. 190.00
L. Holcomb.Loup Citv. Neb. 95.00
” • , Holcomb .^J,oup City, Neb. 1,195.00
Mat Ignowski .Loup Citv. Neb. 1.825.00
( has. G. Irwin.Loup Citv. Neb. 80.00
John Janulewicz .Loup Citv, Neb. 10.00
bntz Johansen .Loup City, Neb. 10.00
Jeter Brewing Co.Loup Citv. Neb. 825.00
Minnie Jung....Loup Citv. Neb. 2,410.00
James Johansen .Loup City, Neb. 180.00
Chris Johansen .Loup Citv. Neb. 125.00
August Jaeschka.Loup City, Neb. 250.00
John J. Jezewski .Loup City, Neb. 155.00
\. I.. John .Loup Citv, Neb. None
Mat Janulewicz.Loup City. Neb. 135.00
E. F. Jones.Loup City, Neb. 375.00
Mrs. Ellen Jackson .Loup Citv, Neb. 235.00
Eva Jackson . Loup City, Neb. 115.00
Henry Jenner.Loup City. Neb. 260.00
Geo. W. Kettle.Loup Citv. Neb. 3,595.00
James Kay...Loup City. Neb.1,320.00
Joe Kriaski .Loup City. Neb. 350.00
Joe Kaleszewski .Loup Citv, Neb. None
Frances Keeler .Loup City. Neb. 105.00
Emma Kornrunff .Loup City. Neb. 75.00
A. J. Kearns .Loup City, Neb. 370.00
I. S. Keith ..Loup City, Neb. 135.00
C. J .Kleemann .Loup City, Neb. 165.00
Keystone Lumber Co.Loup City. Neb.13.050.00
Mike Kaminski .Loup City. Neb.*. 230.00
Carrie M. Kasch Estate .Loup City, Neb. 1,825.00
N. W. Ladegard .Loup City, Neb. 285.00
C. N. Lambert .Loup City, Neb. 475.00
A. O. Lewis .Loup City, Neb. 995.00
Max Leschinsky .Loup City, Neb. 3.065.00
O. E. Longacre .Loup City, Neb. 1.030.00
L. G. Lofholm .Loup City, Neb. 160.00
Gus Lorentz.Loup City, Neb. 4,375.00
Frank Lorchiek .Loup City, Neb. 335.00
J. P. Leininger ..Loup City, Neb. 5,035.00
John Lofholm .Loup City, Neb. 260.00
J. W. Long.Loup City, Neb.7.110.00
Mrs. Margaret Leininger .Loup City, Neb. 225.00
Henry Lewis .Loup City, Neb. 85.00
T. R. Lay .Loup City, Neb. 415.00
B. E. Lofhlom .Loup City, Neb. 100.00
William Larsen .Loup City, Neb. 1,245.00
}Wm. Lewandowski .Loup City, Neb.10,090.00
O. T. Miller .Loup City, Neb. 60.00
Arthur McCullough .Loup City, Neb. 65.00
Isaac McDonald .Loup City. Neb. 215.00
Johh McDonall .Loup City. Neb. 465.00
C. L. McDonall .Loup City. Neb. 255.00
O. S. Mason. Loup City. Neb. 6,460.00
Loup City Mercantile Co.....Loup City, Neb.14.125.00
F. B. Martin . Loup City. Neb. 160.00
W. J. McLaughlin.Loup City, Neb. 855.00
R. H. Mathew .Loup City, Neb. 2,525.00
Elva Mathew .Loup City, Neb. 195.00
W. H. Morgan .Loup City, Neb. 165.00
J. H. Miner .Loup Citv, Neb. 210.00
M. C. Mulick .Loup City. Neb. 1.060.00
C. P. Milburn.Loup City. Neb. 15.00
Peter Michalek .Loup City. Neb. 125.00
Stanley Mustick .Loup City, Neb. 105.00
George Mustick.Loup City, Neb. 50.00
Walter Moon .Loup City, Neb. 155.00
Anna May . Loup City, Neb. 110.00
William H. Morris .Loup City, Neb. 550.00
Mrs. 11. M. Mathew .Loup City. Neb. 550.00
Olive McCray .Loup City, Neb. 85.00
Emma E. McCray.Loup City, Neb. 140.00
J. A. Mcllravy. Loup City, Neb. 425.00
Mrs. Rena V. Mellor.Loup City, Neb. 55.00
E. E. McFadden . Loup City. Neb. 120.00
W. F. Mason ..Loup City, Neb. 960.00
W. F. Mason, Guardian for Estella
wcrner .Loup Citv, Neb. auu.uu
A. S. Mam .Loup Citv, Neb. 1,450.00
Loup City Mill & Light Co.Loup City. Neb.15,045.00
W. G. McNulty .Loup City, Neb. 110.00
H. A. McLaughlin .Loup City, Neb. None
Wilbert Morris . Loup City. Neb. 420.00
W. C. Mackey .......Loup Citv, Neb. 10.00
E. A. Miner.Loup Citv, Neb. 285.00
W. L. Marcy .Loup City, Neb.2,010.00
Val McDonald . Loup City, Neb. 110.00
Pearl Needham .Loup City, Neb. 060.00
J. F. Nicoson.Loup City, Neb. 720.00
O. C. Noyes.'..Loup City, Neb. 205.00
Wm. Neville.Loup City, Neb. 60.00
John Needham .Loup City. Neb. 660.00
Loup City Northwestern .Loup City, Neb. 1,220.00
Edward Oltman .Loup City", Neb. 1,455.00
E. J. Ohlsen.Loup Citv, Neb. 10.00
C. C. Outhouse .Loup City, Neb. 1,060.00
Henry Ohlsen ...Loup City. Neb. 765.00
W. J. Odendahl .Loup City, Neb. 15.00
Wm. Ohlsen .Loup Citv, Neb. 10.00
John Ohlsen .Loup City, Neb. 245.00
Homer Ogle.Loup City, Neb. 460.00
F. E. Odendahl .Loup City, Neb. 50.00
A. C. Ogle .Loup City, Neb.9,310.00
Viola Odendahl .Loup City, Neb. 1,285.00
John Oltman .Loup City, Neb. 215.00
J. B. O’Bryan . Loup Cit>% Neb. 250.00
Margrette Ogle.Loup City, Neb. 160.00
Standard Oil Co.Loup City. Neb. 1,575.00
W. T. Owens .Loup City, Neb. 220.00
A. B. Outhouse .Loup City. Neb. .350.00
John M. O’Bryan .Loup City, Neb. None
Frank Otlewski’s Estate.Loup City, Neb. 425.00
Gertrude Otlewski Estate.Loup City, Neb. 425.00
Flora Ohlsen.Loup City, Neb. 20.00
Herman Ohlsen.Loup City, Neb. 10.00
L. B. Polski.Loup City. Neb. 520.00
J. S. Pedler.Loup City, Neb.4,415.00
John Palu.Loup City, Neb. None
R. N. Pritchard.Loup City, Neb. 145.00
J. G. Pageler.6...Loup City, Neb. 1,375.00
Grace E. Pageler .Loup City, Neb. 675.00
J. C. Prichard. Loup City, Neb. 5.00
M. A. Phillips .Loup City, Neb. 825.00
J. S. Pedler, Guardian of the Camp
Estate .Loup City, Neb. 250 00
Werner Pritschau.Loup City, Neb. 375^00
Mrs. R. N. Prichard .Loup City, Neb. 300.00
R. P. Prichard .Loup City. Neb. 100.00
Mary Partaker .•.Loup City, Neb. 25! 00
O. F. Petersen . Loup City, Neb. 575!00
Chris P. Petersen.Loup City, Neb. 5! 00
Mrs. H. W. Pedler.Loup City, Neb. 605!00
Frank Rossa .Loup City, Neb. 9o!oO
Edward Radcliffe .Loup City, Neb. 815.00
P. O. Reed .Loup City, Neb. None
Ernest Rowe .Loup City, Neb. 10% 00
W. H. Rettenmayer .Loup City, Neb. 360.00
Ervin Rowe .Loup City, Neb. 10.00
Peter Rowe .Loup City, Neb. 215.00
Arthur Rowe.Loup City, Neb. 85.00
Boniface Rojewski ....Loup City, Neb. 175.00
C. II. Ryan.Loup City, Neb. 410.00
S. F. Reynolds.Loup City, Neb. 200.00
J. A. Reiman .Loup City, Neb. 180.00
Wm. Rowe .Loup City, Neb. 305.00
W. J. Root .Loup City, Neb. 660.00
Viola Devoe Root.Loup City, Neb. 150.00
Ravenna Creamery Co.Loup City, Neb. 1,670.00
Fritz Schneidereit .Loup City, Neb. 65.00
Chas. Sickles .Loup City, Neb. 210.00
John Stanczyk .Loup City. Neb. 825.00
J. E. Scott .Loup City, Neb. 130.00
N. A. Steen .Loup City, Neb. '60.00
Julius N. Sorensen.Loup City, Neb. 5!Op
S. N. Sweetland .Loup City, Neb. l,16()!oo
Jennie Sutton .Loup City, Neb. 405!oo
S. E. Smalley .Loup City, Neb. 240.00
J. A. Smalley.Loup City, Neb. 75!oo
Wm. Shoemaker .Loup City, Neb. lo!oo
Vic Swanson .Loup City, Neb.e.84o.O .
I. C. Smith .Loup City, Neb. ISo.OO
I. N. Syas.Loup City, Neb.. 80 00
Etta Swanson .Loup City, Neb. .,Xr’!w!
O. L. Swanson . Loup City, Neb. -Oo.Oi
Swanson & Lofholm .Loup City, Neb. 4,950. 0
J. J. Slominiski .Loup City, Neb. !!
R. P. Starr.Loup City, Neb. 1-630.0
R. D. Shepperd.Loup City, Neb. !
Nelson Smith.Loup City, Neb. J*-jJ-0
William Schuman .Loup City, Neb.2,030.0<
C. R. Sweetland .Loup City, Neb. ' 5!
Jacob Synak.Loup City, Neb.
J. J. Synak.Loup City, Neb. 140.00
L. L. Stephens.Loup City, Neb. 220.00
Ada Smith ......Loup City, Neb. 100.00
E. A. Smith .Loup City, Neb. 625.00
Jerry Shetler .Loup City, Neb. 420.00
Frank Sobieszczyk.Loup City, Neb. 335.00
Iona Sharp .Loup City, Neh. 225.00
Victoria Szydzyk .Loup City, Neb. 55.00
|Mrs. W. S. Steen .Loup City, Neb. 120.00
W. S. Steen .Loup City, Neb. 355.00
Rev. E. M. Steen.Loup City, Neb. 520.00
William Simpson .Loup City, Neb. 280.00
V. A. Seamonds .Loup City, Neb.
Ida and Emily Steen.Loup City, Neb. 100.00
Rev. L. V. Slocumb.Loup City, Neb. 225.00
Andrew Schafrida .Loup City, . .eb. 50.00
Mary M. Synak.Loup City, Neb. 120.00
Mrs. Louise Solms.Loup City, Neb. 240.00
Lou Schwaner. Loup City, Neb. 2,525.00
Mrs. Sophia Spotanski .Loup City, Neb. 505.oo
Mrs. Lizzie Shrove . Loup City, Neb.
Charles Schroth Estate.Loup City, Neb. 1,000.00
Frances Sweetland.Loup City, Neb. 700.00
Henry Schuman .Loup City, Neb. 30.00
L. H. Spahr.Loup City, Neb. .. 60.00
C. R. Spencer .Loup City, Neb. 215.00
C. W. Thornton .Loup City, Neb. 530.00
Wr. A. Thornton .Loup City, Neb. 170.(Ml
B. G. Travis.Loup City, Neb. 710.00
C. E. Thornton .Loup City, Neb. 165.oo
J. A. Thompson . Loup City. Neb.
J. W. Thompson .Loup City, Neb. 735.00
0. L. Toekev .Loup City, Neb. 1,100.on
B. N. Thompson .Loup City, Neb. 1.155.(mi
E. W. Thompson .Loup City, Neb. 40.00
E. L. Thrasher .Loup City, Neb.
S. E. Thrasher .Loup City, Neb. 515. oo
W. P. Taylor .Loup City, Neb. 150 on
C. J. Tracy .Loup City, Neb. 1,380.00
E. G. Taylor.Loup City, Neb.12,205.oo
Mrs. M. E. Thornton ..Loup City, Neb.■..
Sherman County Telephone Co.Loup Citv, Neb.13,03o.oo
First Trust Co.Loup City, Neb.28,
Victor Viener .Loup City, Neb. 3,040.00
Joe Vaughn .Loup City, Neb. 610.00
Ward VerValin .:.Loup City, Neb. 190.00
M. H. Worlock . Loup City, Neb. 280.00
H. R. H. Williams .Loup City, Neb. 260 oo
T. D. Wilson .Loup iCty. Neb. 160 .no
Fred W'inkelman.Loup City. Neb. HI.on
Mrs. Fred Winkelman ..Loup City, Neb.
Wm. C. Wharton .Loup City, Neb. 120. oo
Mrs. M. V. Wharton .Loup City, Neb. :»1 ->.(Mi
O. A. Woods .Loup City, Neb.
T. W. O. Wolf .Loup City, Neb.
Aaron Wall .Loup City, Neb. 660 .no
W. S. Waite.0.Loup City, Neb. 23 > no
George Woznicki .Loup City, Neb. 210.00
Chas. Werner.Loup City, Neb.
Montague Worlock .Loup City, Neb. 205.00
Mrs. Jennie Walker .Loup City, Neb. •*.> ,MI
Lewis M. Williams.Loup City, Neb. 285.oo
Walter Woznick .Loup City, Neb. 1,015.00
Robert T. Young.Loup City. Neb. 150.00
A. B. Young .Loup City, Neb. 5lo.oo
T. E. Youngquist .Loup City. Neb. l.OOii.oo
A. L. Zimmerman .Loup City, Neb. 885 no
Coral K. Zimmerman .Loup City. Neb. 210 oo
W. D. Zimmerman .Loup City. Neb.
Ed W. Zakszewski .Loup City. Neb. 355. oo
Joe Zaworski .Loup City. Neb.
Name. Residence. Amount
John Andersen .Rockville, Neb.?1.0(ii.nn
Rudolph Andersen .Rockville. Neb. >5
Fred Andersen .Rockville, Neb.
Peter Andersen .Rockville. Neb. ;! 15. n
Martin Bydalek.Ashton, Neb. 785. i-,'
Theophel Bonczynski .Ashton. Neb. N".
Andrew Bonczynski .Rockville. Neb. 81
John Bozman.Aston, Neb. 5in.n
Dick Boswell .Rockville, Neb. 330 in.
Don Bushousen .-...Grand Island. Neb. 1 '. on
Frank Bonczynski .Rockville. Neb. on
John Burman .Rockville, Neb. 715 on
John Bonczynski.Rockville, Neb. 1,005 no
Henry Berndt ..Rockville. Neb. 1.04-5 on
Martin JJrandslap.Boelus. Neb. None
Katie Bartunek .Rockville. Neb. 080.'Ml
Frank Bonczynski .Ashton, Neb. 8.240. no
Magie Bydalek ..Ashton. Neb.
Frank Bonczynski, for Deer Creek_Ashton. Neb. xoo.uu
H. C. Clausen .Boelus, Neb. 1.415.00
Denis Christiansen .Rockville. Neb. 915 on
Jurgen Carstens .Ashton, Neb. 5.950.on
Charlie F. Carstens.Ashton, Neb. 175 no
George Carstens ...Ashton, Neb.
Leon Deminski.Boelus, Neb. 070 . no
George Dymek .Ashton. Neb. . 1.520.on
Stanley Dymek.'..Ashton, Neb. 1.255,no
John Danzel .Ashton, Neb. 390.00
Jacob Eriksen ...Dannebrog. Neb. 875.00
G. G. Emry .Rockville, Neb. 345.00
Frank Goc .Ashton, Neb. 890.oo
J. S. Grudzenski .Rockville, Neb. (105.oo
Walter Goc .Ashton, Neb.
Anna Grudzenski .Ashton, Neb.
Anton Grudzenski.Ashton. Neb. None
A. A. Gray..Rockville, Neb. 390.00
Peter Glinsman.Ashton, Neb. 1,525.Oo
Henry Glinsman .Ashton, Neb. 325 .no
G. H. B. Glinsman.Ashton, Neb.
Christ Hansen, Jr.Ashton, Neb. 2.235 on
Christ F. Hansen .Ashton, Neb. Non.
Weebeke Hansen .Ashton, Neb. 100.00
John Heins ...Ashton, Neb. 1,030.00
Ignac Haremza.Ashton. Neb. 1.120.00
Rudolph Hurt.Ashton, Neb. 735 .no
Hans Hehnke .Rockville. Neb. 1.015.00
Frank Hackbart.Rockville. Neb. 1.080. oo
Henry Heins ...Ashton, Neb. 1,105.00
Rev. V. Hoffman .Ashton. Neb. inn on
J. F. W. Jaeschka .Rockville. Neb. 3.035 (M
Martin Jaeschka.Rockville. Neb. 1.21J no
»• r. W. Jaeschka, Administrator ...Rockville. Neb. 1,500 no
Henry Janssen . .Rockville. Neb. <.;■>,> no
Joseph Jasnck .‘.Ashton. Neb..s jo to
J. P. Jensen .Rockville, Neb.!!!!! 1695'(id
Thomas Jensen .Rockville, Neb.' ’ li»J> *><>
C. J. Jensen .Rockville, Neb.’ j ‘ ” ” 3S0 on
Gust Janssen .Rockville, Neb.... 159 oil
Herman Jaeschka ... ..Rockville, Neb. cm po
Jens N. Jensen .’..Rockville, Neb.. . . . -1751.1
John A. Janssen .Rockville, Neb.ceil 99
Niels Jensen .Rockville, Neb. ............ 955'no
Ignae Kalkowski .Ashton, Neb. .91
August Kalkowski .Ashton, Neb... 160.00
Casmir Kosmicki .Ashton, Neb. .1,195.00
Tony Kalkowski .Ashton, Neb. S45.ini
August Kaslon .Ashton, Neb. . . . . . . . . . . . . None
Frank Kaslon ..Ashton, Neb. .. 1,025.99
Rupert Kowalski .Ashton, Neb. . 1' !'. <M>
Peter Krolikowski .Ashton. 00
Frank Kaslon ..Ashton, Neb. ..!!!!!!!"''!’. 1.910.99
Frank Krabowski .Ashton, Neb. 1 709 on
Bennett Krabowsk! .Ashton. Neb ;. " ‘ Nom.
Albert Kosch.Rockville, Neb. N-me
inrk Ko^h°SCl1’ Jr.Rockville, Neb.320 (to
f R p° .Ravenna. Neb.! ]!!!! ,21.99
Frank Kaminski '!!.A-hton . ^55.9"
Paul Klause:." '.Rbb|!!ii’ Me,b.- -.O'- ""
Paul Krvoki .Boelus, Neb. *?00 O'l
5: "feS1. ..>4:«"
Krool ■ % Cbk“ .Ashton, Neb. I6h IKI
.Ashton. Neb. 995 in
?• J?' £I„c,?onaM .Boelus. Neb. !! 1.0I5 J0
&.“vaC,e^k' .Ashton, Neb. C95 „
Stanley Nowicki. A«bt«n v0i, .
Joe Nitsch .. ,ton’xV?b-e. M0.PO
. ...Boelus, Neb. /. 940.09
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