The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, July 01, 1915, Image 5

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    ■. F. MASON. President L. HANSEN, Cashier
What a Checking
Account Will Do
It coma nearer to insuring your credit,
position and success than any
other possession
It is yours ij you u'ish it. There is a
hank hook waiting for you here
First National Bank
Loup City, Nebraska.
We Pay 5 per cent on Time Deposits.
lK» \ **-ii* f.*r in..
» • 5 L . C • C a "• re a:. i
•nreittoe j«>„rx-lu-..
« . A. « 4rk ret. rued to hi*, home
•Hi : . ri».v.
Mi# Fere Rowe «m a laaaro*
■ ' l H - k%"Hle
'» \ • tt. 11 rand le*
'»! i\ -.MHO*.
Mr.. K I' l*a iy «ra> a 4irani
• .* .r v < -t. r say us- rviug.
i >• *rr - a r
«ir a : I-.i: i WV n lay m<*m
Fk»> 1 VU~ •j; *-nt Ut l'aiin-r
M- -lai aj->rr..:4f for a %i-it with
- aunt. Mr* Tho* I>:n««iaie.
M ** fulmar •* Mead, w h > ha*
• % * • :sj» a ilh the 4 4. I»- Hen*
family . returned to her home
•4. -u-'Tm- i U*t Fniav.
L City Cash Store sells for
" : • y Thrasher was a passenger
• An idi:t Saturday.
»>.<>. H ward transacted busi
ness at Hampton Tuesday.
M (tor-dan was down from
Ai ■ I a last Fr. lay on business.
•bte \d :ghn wa< a business pas
• _ert- Loxmgton Monday morn
Hr. Theodore Aye went to
B - M relay morning on busi
(>ral and lone Young went to
A -tin Monday noon for a short
visit v ith relatives.
Mr-. .]«** Cording and children
■ \.r hfiei 1 are here visiting at
t > -me of her parents. Mr. and
Mr-. A. M. Bennett.
Prices for Comparison
We have the Sears, Roebuck & Co.
catalog for April and May, and in it
have looked up prices for compari
son, and below we give you some of
iheir paces with the freight added and
opposite you will find our prices:
Sears Roebuck & Co.
WriBleS'iii.lie % era Brand ; 1
*»! pa .vermice: ii.. .4To
i r* . t i- • L - i> < it J ■
Sears Roebuck & Co.
tarii ih^d pet. M jntr
■ari* k rafi 4—3 ■ait* J uric pea.
.. ... 2c
I rrfffUl to La.lip 1 'i!j . . 5
cant, early Juft. p. .a...+,mi(
t rrifU to La-up City. P* I
kitur-t •*» brand c--rn syrup 1
.-a « i.->rti syrup at C'lticairo .4i
L refill bo L -up City . t*
■ so atarri. at < : pa
Hgrt corn »tar< it --.... I.V
-*tat U Loup OtJ.2
Famdy Flour.
M eti tare brand 1 family
sour at Oiiratr ..i.*3
L'rti^i.t Vj L.»up s ity . .>
lie*era brand -atmea atOilt-ifo
1 4 it ttd p- >.a* oatmeal.. ,21c
4 mru to Loup City.3
Loup City Merc. Co.
■ '-i und packages of
- iriner’s vermicelli. . j
■ 1-j. und packages ver- <
micelli . I
Loup City Merc. Co.
Early J une caned peas—i iver
land brand cans «r
early Jane peas.WwC
_ne peas 05®
t uncil < >ak brand corn syrup
ga >n Council < »ak CA.
brand jrn syrup.wVV
( orn 'larch at Loup City—3
1-pound packages corn
Baser' choice flour Loup
(’ity 1 sack Bakers so a
.d I .DU
1 4-pound first prize pack- mg
We also buy your produce and pay
the highest market price. Try us.
Loup City Merc. Co.
i *
Daily sells fur less.
Harvester oil at James Bar
E. T. Thrasher, Painter and
Pai»er Hanger. I5tf
Special prices on fly nets at
James Bartunek’s.
John Long went so Lincoln yes
day morning on business.
V. E. Cunningham of Hazard
was a Loup City visitor Tuesday.
j _ -.
Wanted, childrens/sewing. Work
neatly done. Prices reasonable.
Jennie Cole. 24-3
T. E. Gilbert was a business
passenger to Ashton Tuesday
Miss Barbara Sobieszczyk went
to Rockville last Saturday to visit
! with relatives.
John Dietz of Meadow Grove,
came up Tuesday evening for a
few days visit.
John Haesler was a passenger to
Columbus last Friday to look after
business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Amick and:
son Jack returned home from
I Omaha Saturday evening.
William Ohlsenc-ame home from
Ansley Monday evening for a few
days visit with home folks.
Miss Segrid Rasmussen went to
Rockville yesterday morning fora
. -'hurt visit with home folks.
M iss Adeline Leininger came;
home from Grand Island Saturday
where she had been visiting with
Mrs. Lawrence Costello and |
baby of Grand Island is here
visiting with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. M. C. Mulick.
George and Edgar Wright of j
M'esttieid, New York, arrived here
Monday evening for a visit with:
the L. N. Smith family.
M iss Amy Christensen returned j
home from St. Paul Monday even
ing where she had been visiting
with relati\es and friends.
Mrs. Claus Eggars returned
home Saturday with her little
daughter who is attending the
deaf and dumb school at Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey O'Bryan
came up yesterday from St. Paul
for a visit with Mrs. O'Bryan's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. Ben
Mrs. Lament Stephens returned
home from Ulysses, Nebraska.
Saturday evening where she had
been visiting with relatives the
past week.
If you want a dray, phone A.L.
Enderlee. black 63, or leave your |
order with either lumber yard or
E. G. Taylor. Best of service
M rs. M<>nsel Milbum of Arcadia i
visited a few days here at the W. i
I). Garner home, returning to her
home at Arcadia Saturday even
N’yaUs Hirsutone—for the hair
and scalp—cleanses the scalp of
dandruff, stimulates the growth of
the hair and preserves its natural
beauty. Dandruff is unhealthy—
get rid of it. Sold only at the
Nyal Store.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus George left
Monday noon for an extended
visit to Denver. Colorado. From
there they go to Wyoming where
they will visit with the L. Banks
Hale family. They expect to be
gone about a month.
Miss Blanche Draper who has
been visiting here the past week
with Miss Halene Mellor. left
Monday morning for Clarks, Ne
braska. for a few days visit before
going to her home at Hordville.
Joe Reiman and force of men!
put in new cement crossings lead- j
ing from Gn\efe's to the two banks;
this week, replacing the old lime
stone crossings that have seen
service for over fifteen years.
Mrs. George Whitaker returned
home from < >maha Monday even
ing where she had been in attend
ance at the 1. B. S. A. convention.
■She also visited a sister in Lincoln
before returning home.
Raymond Outhouse entertained
a number of his friends at a party
last Thursday at his home. Yari
J ous games were played and after a
late hour all departed for their j
homes reporting a very pleasant i
Postmaster Beushansen held a
civil service examination at the
postoffice last Saturday morning,
for route carrier on the new route
at Ashton. John Rapp, Jr.,Leon
F. Lubash and Joseph Piechota,
all of Ashton, took the examina
Miss Anna Leschinsky returned
home from Greeley Saturday
evening where she has been visit
ing for the past few weeks. She
was accompanied home by her
friend Miss Mamie O'Conner who
j will visit here for a while.
For Cash
Canned Peas, AA_
per doz.OUC
Canned Beans. QAM
per doz.OUC
Pork and Beans, AA.
per doz.OUC
Wax Beans, QAa
per doz.OUC
Canned Calif. AF _
Peaches, 2 for.. 4vU
Canned Black- AF.
berries, 2 for...
Try us and you'll
come back
Daily sells fot less.
For lightning rods and tin roof
ing, see L. II. Spahr.
For sale—Cane seed Si.00 per
bushel.—Robert Fuliton, Austin.
Call on L. H. Spahr at Bar
tunek's harness and hardware store
for all kind of repair work.
Mrs. Clara Cox and Miss Irene
Warrick went to Arcadia Satur
day evening where they will visit
for a few weeks.
Judge Aaron Wall was a busi
ness passenger to Omaha last
Saturday. From there he goes to
I>es Moines, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hartkoks of
Atlantic. Iowa, arrived here Mon
day eveninsr for a visit with the
Henry M. Eisner family.
Mrs. I. S. Kieth and son Ray
mond were passengers to Rock
ville last Saturday for a few days
visit with relatives and friends.
Arthur Wilmith and family
moved down from Arcadia Monday
and are oecuping the T. M. Reed
residence in the east part of town.
The Misses Katherine and
Harriet Taylor came up from St.
Paul last Thursday for a visit with
their cousin. Miss Lueile Taylor
of this city.
Mrs. W. F. Mason and Miss
Bertha Lendauer were passengers
to Arcadia Tuesday evening for a
short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Grow went
to Arcadia last Thursday evening
for a visit with their son. Jas.
Grow and family and the H. S.
Conger family.
Miss Eunice Chase returned
home from Ashton Saturday even
ing where she had been visiting
at the home of her uncle, Rowen
Sutton and family.
Mrs. George Hosier entertained
the Ladies' Industrial society at
her home yesterday afternoon. A
very pleasant afternoon was spent
by all those present.
Mr. and Mrs. William Whiting
who have been visiting here the
past ten days with the S.N. Sweet
land family, returned to their
home at Washington. Iowa. Mon
day morning.
are the standard grain
and grass cutting ma
chines of the world.
Buy no other make.
Get our prices
before you buy
& SON’S ,
■ Da ly sells for less.
Baled hay for sale.—R. L.
E. T. Thrasher, Painter and
Paper Hanger. lott
Bora, on Saturday. June 26th.
to Mr. and Mrs. John Augustyn.
; a son.
Loup City Cash Store meets
catalogue prices and even under
sells them.
Dr. J. E. Bowman made a busi
ness trip to the eastern part of the
state this week.
L. H. Spahr moved his repair
shop to James Bartuuek's harness
land hardware store.
W. D. Zimmertmn was a pas
senger to Council Bluffs. Iowa,
last Saturday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. Odendahl
came up from Ashton last Thurs
j day evening for a visit with rela
| tives.
The man who took that overcoat
from the county clerk's office,
will do the owner a favor by re
turning it.
Mike Czaplewski and daughter,
of Omaha, arrived here Monday
even ng for a visit at the Jacob
, Svnak home.
For Sale—Five or six acres of
j land, in alfalfa, fenced chicken
tight. For terms and particulars
see Alfred Anderson.
Miss Neva Moore came up from
Grand Island Saturday and spent
Sunday with her sister Mrs. J. A.
Smalley and returning Monday.
M ss Elsie Kozel. who has been ;
visit ng here the past week at the
Gus Lorentz home, returned to
her home at Ravenna last Satur
Mrs.G.C.Mauser of Rig Springs,
Nebraska, who was here attending
the Moellor-Aufrecht wedding,
returned to her home Tuesday
In the matter of the application
of Jac k Pageler to be beelared a
bankrupt has been reported upon
adversely by the referee in bank
Mrs. Ed. Janulewicz and Miss
Clara Rogacz of Ashton, came up
last Thursday evening and visited
at the homes of Mat and Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Erazim re
turned to their home at Ravenna
Monday Morning after spending
Sunday with their daughter Mrs.
*Gus Lorentz and familv.
Mrs. Watson of Woodriver. Ne
braska. came up Tuesday evening
for a visit with her mother and
brother. Mrs. Mary Gardner and
Harry Gardner and family.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Main. Mrs.
C. C. Cooper and Mrs. Edwin
Angier left last Saturday noon for
Tor rington. Wyoming, beingealled
there by the serious illness of their
father. Walter Moon.
Neal's Xydenta Tooth Paste is
a prophylactic and preservative —
it whitens and polishes the enamel,
sweetens the breath and prevents
fermentation—we are sure you
will like Xydenta. The Xyal
The M isses Fay and Tena French
returned home from Omaha Satur
day evening where they had been
visiting with their aunts, Mrs. Joe
Sietman. Mrs. Harry Ballinger
and Mrs. Link Thompson the past
Considerable damage was done^
by hail in the east part of the
county last week, and in a great
many cases the losers carried in
surance. Another bad windstorm
damaged some trees here last Satur
day night and also frightened a
number of people, as the storm
for a while threatened to assume
the proportions of the one the
week before. The ground is
thoroughly saturated with water,
as three rains a week has been the
average for about six weeks.
The remonstrators who had en
tered an exception to the issuance
of a saloon license at Shaupps and
having ten days in which to file an
(appeal and bonds for the costs
withdrew their motion Saturday,
which left Mr. Oilman with the
choice of opening up the saloon at
once, which he did. We are in
formed that the village of Schaupps
will endeavor to have the postoffice
that was discontinued there re
instated, as they don't like the
idea of getting their mail on a
rural route.
If you care to take a look around
you will find that the shrewdest,
and smartest, and thriftiest people
in this whole community are in
variably subscribers to this paper.
The information and opportunities
gleaned from its adveflising and
news columns have had no small
part in their success, and any one
• c f them would doubtless tell you
that the paper has been of such
value to them that it has paid for
its cost many times over. Join
| the brainy class.
Ten Reasons
why you should trade
at my store
1 —Hats
Longley leads them all
2— Suits
Strauss Bros. High Art
for dress
3— Shoes
Ralston for comfort and
st vie »
4— Shirts
M. E. Smith's.guaranteed
5— Collars
Arrow Brands are better
6— Neckties
Pomeroy Bros, styles ev
ery thirty days
7— Sox
Holeproof, six pair six
months or uew ones
8— Underwear
Alus and Goodknit. the
9— Gloves
Fink's Detroit Special,
none better made
for Men]and Boys
K _ I
The Popular Men's and Boys's Clothier
Ill A /I D IT* D We have received some of
1VI LJlldiX the finest lumber ever seen
in LOUP CITY. Our stock is always complete
You can always get just what you want. We carry
the old fashioned ichite pine. Try us for quality
quantity and price. It will pay you big.
A y M a special offer to make every customer
■ on five or more gallons of house paint or our famous Suniite Red
Barn Paint.
Our posts and Square Deal fence braced with Bull
Dog anchors will make you money wrhile you sleep.
Phone 67 for some of our Ideal Summer
Coal. All real coal--no dust or no dirt
YOU W ill Like it W hen From
Hansen Lumber Co.
Spend a Sane Fourth
By coming here to buy sane, sensible
clothing at safe and sane prices.
The day of sending your money up
in smoke for high priced clothing is
past. We ll meet your every de
mand in fit, style and quality at
.prices surprising moderate.
Come in tomorrow and sign the Declaration of
Independence against high priced clothing.
$$.oo fo $20-00
The Hub Clothing Store
Detroit Oil
Tnat gives twice
the heat and does
not use a wick.
Gives a perfect blue