The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, May 06, 1915, Image 5

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W. F. MASON, President L. HANSEN, Cashier !
A Bank Account Has \
Many Advantages \
Let us give you a few of them: J
tj Your deposits are secured. |
You are able to keep correct tab <
on your income. *
tjl Your financial affairs are sys- t
tematized. <
*1 YoUr thrift is stimulated. <
fS You are placed in the best posi- i
tion to get ahead. i
Why not take advantage of this opportunity? <
We would be pleased to have your banking j
business. 4
First National Ba i
Loup City, Nebraska. «
__- .. _
We Pay 5 per cent on Time Deposits.
A A A A A A A A A A AA A A j£Tk A *\A A A A Ai
L'orr CITY iiappbxixgs
- -- .. ..-!
Daily sells for less.
See David Morrow, agent for
the “Easy” self-heating iron.
Ray Gardiner came up from Ash
tun last Wednesday on business.
If you want good, prompt dray
ing call on Roy McDonall, phone
Brown 57. 13tf
Mrs. Will Donerand baby visit
ed with relatives and friends at
Arcadia over Sunday.
Miss Grace Conger went to
Greeley last Saturday to visit with
her sister, Mrs. Ai t Reed.
(). Benschoter went to St. Paul
last Saturday and spent Sunday
with his daughter, Sirs. Harvey
Swanson & Lofholm are showing
a very complete line of hammocks,
tennis rackets, baseball goods and
fishing tackle.
Two stacks of good draw hay
for sale. Inquire of Lars P. Niel
son, "Wiggle Creek district. S4
per ton, in stack.
Mr. David Primrose, of Prim
rose, Nebraska, arrived here Mon
day evening for a short visit at
the S. N. Sweetland home.
If you want a dray, phone A.L.
Enderlee, black 63, or leave your
order with either lumber yard or
E. G. Taylor. Best of service
The P. A. club met last Satur
day afternoon with Miss Caroline
Amick. Light refreshments were
served and all those present re
ported a fine time.
Daily sells for less.
A. C. Ogle autoed to Rockville
E. T. Thrasher, Painter and
Paper Hanger. 1 Att
Mrs. E. G. Taylor was a pa—
senger to Grand Island Tuesday.
German millet seed at 75 cents
per bushel.—D. B. Carpenter.
Phone 9703. 19-3
Mrs. O. S. Mason, who has been
quite sick the past week is report
j ed as doing nicely.
__ Carl Auiick went to Lincoln last
Friday morning to see ab< jut enter
ing school there next fall.
Our cook stove coals can't be
beat. Clean, hot -quick Tir e. Spring
prices. Hansen Lumber Co.
Mrs. Thos Hinsdale oame up
from Palmer Tuesday evening for
a short visit with relatives and
Pure bred barred Plymouth
Rock eggs for setting. 50 cents for
15 or S3 per hundred. -Mrs. H.J.
Johansen, Phone Red 71. 19
Mrs. J. W. Amick left last Fri
day morning for Omaha where su ■
visited with her daughter for ,u
few days.
Miss Anna Michalek returned
Saturday, after spending ten days
w ith relatives and friends at Ash
ton and Schaupps.
A bouncing baby girl arrived at.
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Arnett, at MeCool Junction, Ne
braska, on Tuesday, May 4.
Clothing Sale
We are going to close out our entire
line of Boys Clothing. We will have
two tables. Prices will be
First Table
$3.98 _
Sec’d Table
1 $4.98
Come early while you may have a
good selection. Sale begins Saturday
morning, May 1st.
Loup City Merc. Co.
Daily sells for less.
Mrs. J. L. Dunn is on the sick
list this week.
M anted to pasture a few horses
or colts. —-L. N. Smith. 19-2
Rev. F.W. Guth went to Lincoln
yesterday to attend conference.
F. E. Brewer sells insurance
and trees and shrubs of all kinds.
R. H. Mathew wa$ attending to
J legal business at Rockville Mon
| day. _
A. B. Outhouse^was a business
passenger to Arcadia Monday
R, T. Young went to Ansley last
Saturday where he will help John
Ohlson do some building.
Used typewriters, all makes, at
all prices. O. E. .James, Y. M.
I C. A., Grand Island, Nebr.
Mrs. Anton Erazim or Ravenna
visited at the home of her daugh
1 ter, Mrs. Gus Lorentz this week.
320 acres of iand close to Loup
City for rent. 70 acres broke, bal
ance in mow grass. See W. F. Ma
The high school ball team went
to Ravenna last Friday to play
i ball. They were defeated by a 3
to 5 score.
! -
Mrs. E. B. Corning was a pas
senger to Ashton yesterday morn
ing to visit with her daughter,
Mrs. Albert Anderstrom.
Mrs. Ward VerValin and daugh
ter Opal, were passengers to Ilast
i ings last Saturday to visit with
! their daughter and sister, Miss
M arcia VerValin, who is attending i
school there.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Beushausen
and Mrs. C. F. Beushausen, were
B. & M. passengers to Omaha last
Friday morning where Mrs. E. T.
Beushausen entered the Methodist
hospital for treatment.
Everyone should help make the
Loup City clean up campaign com
plete, by applying a Mound City
Horseshoe Paint or Varnish to the;
needed surfaces. It is sold only ■
by Swanson & Lofholm.
-' !
Miss Hullene Mellor returned i
Saturday evening from central
Nebraska points, where she had
spent several days visiting. Miss,
Mellor will teach in the school at {
Hordville the coining term.
Mrs. C. F. Beushausen returned
from Omaha Monday evening.
She reports Mrs. E. T. Beus
hausen and Mrs. Coral Zimmer
man, both of whom are patientsat
the Methodist hospital, as doing
The high school ball team went
to Ashton Tuesday and trimmed
ui> the Ashton league team to the
tune of 10 to 7. The game was
marred by considerable rag chew
ing and both teams put up rather
a poor exhibition of the national
The Northwestern wants corres
pondents in every part of Sherman
county where it is not already
represented. Any one interested,
and who would handle the news of
their vicinity in good shape, should
call on or write the Northwestern
a t once.
The Loup City Northwestern
under the management of Chipman
& Hartman, shows a decided ad
vance in the news gathering de
partment. It is a nice, clean,
newsy, local paper, and should be
appreciated by the patrons of that
city and county.—St. Paul Re
Harold Hancock, drivings Stan'
dardOil company tank wagon had
an accident at Scluiupps last Thurs
day evening. In attempting to
make a turn at the top of tho liili
the heavy tank wagon upset, and
| help was summoned from from
Loup City to get the wagon
righted and out of the ditch.
Anson Callen. who has been
employed at the C. B. 6c Q. depot
; at Arcadia for some time, passed
through our city last Thursday
! morning on his way to Grand Is
j land where he lias been promoted
to the C. B. & Q. depot at that
place. His vacancy has been filled
by Edgar llollingshead of Arcadia.
The saloons in Loup City closed
their doors last Friday evening at
8 o’clock for the last time. This
event came about quietly, though
a small undercurrent of excite
ment was evident throughout the
day. Loup City has had saloons
for many years and the new order
of things may take time for some
to become reconciled to. One of
the saloon keepers was left with a
large supply of wet goods on hand.
Out of 461 students that took
the eighth grade examinations in
Custer county, only 92 passed.
This is the largest number that
has ever passed on first examina
tion. Some of the answers to
questions were very amusing.
One of the questions asked was:
“Who was Jefferson Davis?” The
answer was “Jefferson Davis was
the father of his country. He
said, ‘Give me liberty or give
me death’; and they hung him on
a sour apple tree.”—Comstock
I I. ioiii n
| Dependable
The careful and con
servative buyers of
groceries trade at a
store where they are
certain they will get
satisfactory goods, no
matter whether they
buy at the store or
Order over the
Our customers are ac
corded the same cour
teous and careful
treatment when they
buy over the phone as
if they came in person.
Try us and you’ll |
come back.
Daily sells foi less.
County Assessor Owens was at
Rockville on business Tuesday.
Fresh vegetables of all kinds
every Saturday at R. L. Arthur’s.
Rev. and Mrs. E. M. Steen
autoed to Grand Island Tuesday.
Jake Friedman, of Arcadia, was
a Loup City visitor last Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. L. B. I’olski went
to Ashton Tuesday for a short
Mrs. E. E. McCray went to Sar
gent Saturday evening to resume
her school work.
Miss Gertrude Kettle visited last
Saturday with her sister. Miss
Esther, who is attending school at
Frank Z vink went to St. Paul
last Thursday to get his new ear
which he had left therejast week
on account of the muddy roads.
E^OR a short time
certain patterns of
suits, all of the latest.
weaves and styles, and
hand-tailored by the
Royal Tailors, will be
sold at bargain prices.
can be saved by buy
ing these suits now as
they will not last long
at the bargain prices.
See them at once.
| The Hub
Clothing Co.
Loup City, Neb.
Daily sells for less.
E. T. Thrasher, Painter and
Palter Hanger. lotf
Loup City Flour Is
Little Dorothy Hinman is <iuite
sick with St. Vitus dance.
Dr. Aye was a business visitor!
to Arcadia Tuesday evening.
Tomato plants now ready for
sale- Inquire of \Y. T. Gibson.
Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint
Hansen Lumber Co.
Mrs. 0. Benschoter visited with
her sister at Arcadia over Sunday.
For Sale—Rhode Island Red !
eggs. Mr. Chris Christiansen.
Phone 1)012. 2£
T. R. Lay went to Rockville
Monday, and while there traded
autos with a local party.
V. E. Cunningham and family,
left yesterday morning for Hazard,
where they will make their future
The B. V. P. U. monthly social
meeting will be held at the home
of Mr. jind Mrs. Alfred Anderson
Friday evening.
Mrs. L. Rein and son Emmet,
came up from Aurora Monday
evening for a short visit with rela
tives and friends.
_ i
Miss Nellie Starkey, who is
teaching school in the .John Augus
tine district, was a passenger to
Boelus last Thursday.
Oscar Bechthold came up from
Grand Island last Friday anti visit
ed until Monday with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bechthold.
Your panama hat cleaned and re
blocked, guaranteed as nice as new.
A!l kinds of hats cleaned, reblocked
and rebound, $1.50 each. Get it
done new Loup City Tailor Shop.
For Sale:—One pure Shorthorn
hull, page woven wire fencing and
barb wire at factory prices, 8-bar
fencing at 18 cents iter rod and
stock food at one half price.—L.
X. Smith, Phone Black 12. 25
The senior class of T5 held a
class party at the homo of Miss
Bessie Fisher, Monday evening. <
The evening was spent in games
and music. Light refreshments
were served and all those present
report a tine time.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Round, Mr.
and Mrs. George Parker and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ret
temnayer and Mr. and Mrs. .1. K.
Ward, all of Arcadia, were Loup
City visitors Sunday, making the
trip in automobiles.
Considerable building is report
ed in progress in the country
around Loup City. Contractors
and carpenters report that they
have many estimates to figure on
and that the coming season will he
marked by great activity in their
There will be all kinds of fancy
work, both ornamental and practi
cal, to be had at the bazaar, given
by the ladie.s aid society of the St.
Paul's German church at the office
of Mrs. Jung’s restaurant on Satur
day, May 15. Don’t fail to at
Some changes in the fees of the
county judge were made at the
last session of the state legislature.
The fees for the probating of es
tates are graduated. Estates of
$1,000 or less $10.(X); $1,000 to
$2,000, $15.00; above $2,000, $35.
Heretofore the fees to the county
judge have all been the same.
This will increase the fees of the
office considerably.
Ifc is not too early to put in a
good word for the county fair that
is to be held here this fall. The
fair is important in that it helps to
draw all the people of the county
closer together in a fraternal way,
besides advertising the products
land industriesof the county. Old
friends and neighbors will meet,
probably for the first time in a
year. The county fair, coming as
it does at the close of the harvest,
is a sort of a harvest festival, and
is eagerly looked forward to by
both young and old.
At Vic Swanson’s
Special sale on drygoods, shoes,
and notions. A store full of bar
gains. We have got the merchan
dise ana our low prices will sur
prise you. We cater to quality
ard when you buy merchandise of
us you can depend on the quality.
Free! Free!
Absolutely free, we are giving
away one-half dozen beautiful,
sparkling crystal glasses with your
own initial on with every $10.00
cash purpose, or one dozen with
every $20.00 cash purchase. We
present you with a punch card and
you have sixty days to complete
your purchase. Don't fail to take
advantage of this offer. Free to
everybody. Good on anything in
our store except groceries. Re
member the place.
At Vic Swanson’s
—The house of quality.
^ i ■■■ ■■ I
! Smart Clothes
are not a sign of af
fluence in these days.
It costs the wearer no
more to wear clothes
that fit perfectly and
are correctly tailored
than it does to have
lii-htting and poorly
made garments. Our
clothes are the acme
of style, fit and finish
and the price is within
the'reach of all.
<J As the warm days
approach and a desire
to go coatless comes
on, one naturally be
‘ gins to think of appro
priate shirts for hot
weather wear. We
have a line that will
surely attract the man
who wants the coolest
fabrics and most ar
tistic patterns.
Loup City, Nebraska
'I ■■in -nr-nr T ivri ii rn yout■■■!mir *■— m»i ojamaj—
I Fly Time Coming
IGet your screen doors early. We carry all
sizes screens, also plain and famcy screen doors.
jj Brighten Up—Paint Up
I Our paints guaranteed. Special prices on
entire stock paints, oils, stains and varnishes.
Square Deal Fence
Hog, held and poultry fencing.
j Ladders! Ladders!!
SStep, straight and extension ladders. Better
buy one.
I You Will Like It When From
Hansen Lumber Co.
Vs —a
Clean Up Paint Up
Put a little sunshine in your home
and H. & M. pamt on your home
We have both
Yards at Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps and Arcadia
Beach j
are going to be worn
extensively for this
II am making the extraordinary low price for
these suits, tailored to your measure and including
the very best quality of Beach Cloth.
Palm Beach Suits
2,000 samples of other woolens to choose
from, at reasonable prices, tailored to individual
Loup City Tailor Shop
Frederick Hotel Building