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CH1PMAN & HARTMAN, Publi'htn.
Entered at the I.oup City Postofflee for
transmission through the mails as
second class matter.
Every subscription is regarded as an
open account. The names of subscribers
■will be instantly removed from our mail
ing list at the expiration of time paid for,
if publishers shall be notified; otherwise
tv aojoj ui unuuoj putt uoijduosqns eqj
the designated subscription price. Every
subscriber must understand that these
conditions are made a part of the con
tract between publisher and subscriber.
A blunder signalized the legisla
tive career of the present adminis
The democratic tariff bill, fifst
in the articles of democratic faith,
and the one achievement on which
naturally they would be expected
to expend their most exhaustive
study and care, was so clumsily
executed that it failed to accom
plish the results intended. The
failure was due to crude, hasty,
unscientific, secret legislative
Designed to furnish sufficient
revenue to finance the United
States treasury, it has proven ab
solutely inadequate for that pur
In writing the tariff bill the
democrats dimly foresaw a possible
reduction in customs receipts, al
though they did not know how
much and did not ascertain the
facts. So the income tax provision
was incorporated, in the hope that
it would make up for any miscal
culations in the tariff bill, although
the democrats did not know and
did not ascertain the facts. But
what happened when these pro
visions went into effect.
Customs receipts were millions
of dollars below the amount needed
from that source, and at the same
time collections from the income
tax fell many millions below the
amount needed from that source.
The inevitable result was to leave
the treasury without sufficient
money for its needs.
The failure-was caused by care
lessness. Had there been con
scientious, open consideration oi
the revenue bill, sufficient to en
able members of congress to study
ana unuerstanu it, tne reduction in
revenue could have been properl.v
safeguarded. But instead of get
ting accurate information and ade
quate estimates, the democrats
guessed at it. And they guessed
The results of this first mistake
should have been a warning. But
the startling fact remains that the
democrats committed the same
kind of an error again. Forced
by their heedlessness to provide
more revenue, they passed a “wai
tax” in time of peace. Based on
a guess instead of an estimate, the
war tax did not produce money
enough. For months the receipts
of the treasury have been daily
falling short of expenditures at a
rate reaching at times more than a
million dollars a day. According
to official estimates the deficit will
probably amount to one hundred
million dollars by July 1, the end
of the fiscal year.
No chain is stronger than its
weakest link. The fatal weakness
that has characterized the work of
this administration from its incep
tion two years ago has been its
eagerness to propose laws, care
lessness in drafting them, haste in
committee action, and stubborn re
fusal to permit intelligent'amend
ment in either house or senate
after the party brand had been
affixed by the all powerful caucus.
Every American citizen has had
to help pay for these costly ex- J
periments. There will be still;
more to pay until the errors have j
been corrected by thoughtful, in
telligent legislation.
Speaking to the members of the
Associated Press, at its recent
meeting in New York, the presi
dent said that no nation is compe
tent to sit in judgment upon an
other. He was referring,of course,
to the European war; but probably
every man in thecompany thought
at once of Mexico. The judgment
ment which Mr. Wilson says no
nation is competent to exercise is
one which he has persistently at
temped to impose upon Mexico.
He hits declared that Mexico must
have not only the kind of govern
ment which he prefers, but that
such government must be com
posed, not only of the kind of men,
but of the very men whom he fa
vors. The judgment which he
denies to a nation he reserves for
himself. The habits of a life-time
are not easily overcome—the
schoolmaster's least of all.
Trans-Atlantic steamship owners
figure that the European war will
save §275,000,000 to the American
people by shutting off tourist
travel. The tourist will enjoy su
perior scenery and get the benefit
of more healthful outings without
carrying to foreign countries a
quarter of a billion dollars of
money needed by American enter
prise. In effect, it is an applica
tion of the principle laid down by
Abraham Lincoln in his discussion
of the tariff that if we buy goods
abroad, we get the goods and the
foreigner gets the money, while if
we buy at home, we have both the
goods and the money. American
tourists will get both health and
pleasure, and America will keep
the $275,000,000.
In private enterprise, explana
tions and excuses don’t go. The
employer of a traveling salesman
doesn't want explanations; he
wants orders. The manufacturer
doesn't want excuses; he wants
buyers. The employee who comes
back with excuses instead of or
ders, soon loses his job. The
democratic administration has had
many explanations for the busi
ness depression that followed its
accession to power. First it was
“psychological,” then a '‘state of
mind,” then finally the Eurojtean
war furnished a plausible excnse.
But the American people, like all
good business men, want public
servants who deliver results, not
explanations and excuses.
The former editor of the St.
Paul Republican is now advertis
ing manager for a big dry goods
company, of Cedar Rapids, la.
He advocates a percentage of ad
vertising appropriation and by
showing that 84 per cent of the
failures in business are non-adver
tisers proves that those who fail
pay for the advertising the suc
cessful firms use.—Aurora Regis
The post office department start
ed a free employment bureau and
then discharged hundreds of its
own employees. Think of the
irony of it.
Secretary McAdoo is out of the
hospital.but the democratic party’s
case has been diagnosed as incur
The Tornado Season is here! |
Or had you forgotten it?
Remember WISCONSIN in 1914 and
Nebraska in 1913
And guard against the loss of your property.
Do you know when your turn will come?
Of all protection an an Insurance Policy in a
strong Old Line company, such as we rep
resent is best.
Loup City, Nebraska
The high school base ball team
played Ravenna last Friday. The
score was three to five in favor of
Ravenna. *
Miss Opal VerValin and Miss
Gertrude Kettle, were absent the
first part of the week visiting rela
tives in Hastings.
All things originated from an
idea, either good or bad, and these
ideas originate at teachers’ meet
ing Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Burwell, Mrs. Corning and
Mrs. T racy, visited the school dur
ing .chapel last Tuesdey. Mrs.
Burwell gave an interesting talk
on conditions in Belgium.
#Xext Friday afternoon the pu
pils of the first primary and
second grades, will have some of
the work they have done this term
on exhibit. They will also give a J
May-pole dance.
The circular flower bed which
the freshmen made in their gar
den is certainly a work of art.
No more perfect circle could be
found except for one exception.
It is not round.
The Agricult ure class is progress
ing very rapidly in preparing
their garden. This is agood work
but we fear its results on the com
plexions of both the teachers and
pupils. This one unpleasant re
sult of gardening might be easily
overcome were it not that the
value of flour is increasing.
The entertainment given by the
Wesleyan quartet last Thursday
was well attended. It is impos
sible to do justice to them bv de
scription so we will only say it was
fine. The juniors are well pleased
with the high class entertainment
which they were instrumental in
bringing to Loup City. Their
part of the proceeds will be used
for the benefit of the junior class,
and we hope the part received by
Mr. Burwell will also be used in a
good cause. The juniors report
Mr. Burwell to be a most excellent
but rather inactive partner.
Farmers and Mule Breeders.
The breeding of mules for farm
use has been neglected in this sec
tion for years. As a work animal
it is conceded that the mule has no
equal. Harry Obermiller, who
lives just south of Schaupps, and
who is an old-time and experienced
mule breeder, announces that he j
will offer for service this season.
Prince Albert, a magnificent black
Spanish .Tack. He is a big fellow:
is 16 hands high and weighs 1,050
pounds. He is a jack of fine ac
tion and has a record as a foal
getter. The service fee is §10, and
he will make the season at Mr.
Obermiller’s farm, a quarter of a
mile south of Schaupps. M r. Ober
miller announces that he will make
a specialty of breeding so-called
barren mares.
There will be no services at the
St. Paul German church until Sun
day, May 23rd. No choir practice
until Friday, May 14th.
The Ladies’ Aid society meets
Thursday, May 20th, at the home
of Mrs. H. Dolling. All members
are urged to be present as import
ant business is to be transacted.
Methodist Church
Dr. G. W. Isham, district super
intendent, will be here and hold
quarterly conference Saturday
evening at 8 p. m., and will preach
Sunday, both morning and even
“Mother’s Day’’ will be ob
served Sunday morning at 10:30
a. m., special music by a choir of
mother's. The pastor will preach
a sermon to mothers. White car
nations will be given to every
mother, and let every one else
wear a white flower or ribbon in
honor of mother. The pastor will
preach in the evening at 8:00 p.m.
Baptist Ghurcn.
Sunday morning the subject will
be “Zealous but Wrong.” 7:00 p.
m. sharp B. Y. P. U., scripture
Rev. 3:7-13, led by Mrs. Dunn.
8:00 p. m. song and gospel service,
subject for the evening will be
“By His Side in the Country.”
All are cordially invited to these
services. The YV. C. T. U. will
meet Friday afternoon at the Bap
tist church. Don’t forget this ser
It enriches the blood,strengthens
the nerves, cleanses the stomach,
regulates the bowels, helps the ap
petite, livens you up. You work
better—feel betfer—look better.
Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea,
a real spring tonic. 35 cents.—
Swanson & Lofholm.
Leave orders for Roy McDonall
dray at either lumber yard or Tay
lor’s elevator, or phone Brown 57.
Commencing April 1st
we reduce our price on
all coal, owing to lower
prices at the mines.
Pinnacle, Rock Spring,
Aztec and Canon City.
See us for prices and
Taylor’s Elevator.
An Interview With
Mr. Ford
The following interview was given by Mr.
Ford to one of the aggressive Ford ageuts, who
returned to hisjiome and gave it to his terri
tory in the following newspaper advertisement:
This is the Most Important Advertisement I
Ever Caused to be Published.—Read
Every Word—and then Marvel!
On a personal visit to Mr. Henry Ford I
broached the subject of a possible Au
gust 1st Rebate.
(Tin* Ford Company announced last year—as you well remember—
that if their total sales reached 30X000 cars between August 1.
and August l. I0ir». each purchaser during that period would receive
back a refund of 240.00 to 2t50.<«0.)
“Mr. Ford,” 1 suggested, “Is there anything 1 can
say to our people with regard to the Ford Motor Com
pany’s car rebate plan?”
“We shall sell the 300,000,” was the quiet reply- ••and
in 11 months ahead of August 1st!”
“Then a refund is practically assured?”
Yes—barring the totally unexpected. We are 50,000
to 75,000 cars behind orders today. Factory and branches
are sending out 1800 daily.”
1 then said to Mr. Ford: “If 1 could make a definite
refund statement we would increase our local saiesoOO
; cars.”
"You may shy was Mr. Ford’s deliberate and signifi
cant reply to this—‘‘You may say that we shall payback
to each purchaser of a Ford car between August 1, 1914
and August /, 1915, barring the unforseen, the sum of
$50. You may say that I authorized you to make this
What can I add to the above? $15,000,000 in cash
coming back to Ford owners! And to prospective
Fqrd owners up to August 1, 1915, it actually means —
Ford Touring cars for 9490.00—less the $50.00 rebate!
Ford Runabouts for $440.00—less the $50.00 rebate!
What is there left for me to say?
Local Agent, Loup City, Neb.
Ideal Bakery & Restaurant
Meals, Lunches and Short Orders at all
We Also Carry a Full Line of Bakery Goods.
Careful Attention Given all Special Orders.
Cream Puffs and Boston Brown Bread every Saturday after
noon. Put in your order early.
List of Unclaimed Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at
Loup City, Nebraska, for the
month ending April 30, 1915:
Ladies’—Mrs. Retta Fraiser,
Mrs. Carrie Steel. Miss Magy
Woodward, Miss Zona Williams.
Gentlemen—Home Farm, C. S.
Haegy (two), Charles Haegy, John
W. Newell, C. E. Paul (two), Allan
C. Tappan, Elbert Todd, Fred
Walker (two) and Alcon Wright.
Persons claiming the above will
please say “Advertised” and give
date of this list.
C. F. Beushausen, Postmaster.
For Sale.
House 20x26 ft. and four good
lots, west of Catholic church.
Inquire at this office. 21
Report of the Condition
Rockville State Bank
Of Rockville*. Charter No. 851. in the State
of Nebraska, at the close of business
April 21. 1915:
Loans and Discounts,. .$88.8715 59
Overdrafts.. ..— 33 70
Banking house, furniture and fixtures 2.500 00
Current expenses, taxes and int, paid 1.542 65
C ash I terns. ... 30 30
Due from National and
State Banks. .... . $16,241 IS
Checks and items of ex
change . 1.083 51
Currency. 2,065 00
Gold coin. 1,690 00
Silver, nickels and cents.. 281 98— 21.361 67
Total. $114.34191
Capital stock paid in.$ 7.50) 00
Surplus fund. 7.50) 00
Undivided profits .. 2.94.1 62
Individual deposits sub
ject to check. $38,311 42
Demand certificates of de
posit... 1.414 92
Time certificates of de
posit. 55,736 73
Certified checks.225 00 95.684 07
J)eposltor*s guarantee fund. 71 > 22
Total. $114,341 91
State of Nebraska. J
County of Howard, j
I, E. Dwehus, cashier of the above named
bank, do hereby sw«ar that the above state
ment is a correct and true copy of the report
made to the State Banking Board.
E. Dwehus.
P. Jensen. Director.
Olof Nelson. Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this :28th
day of April. 1915. Chris. Appel,
IsealJ Notary Public
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, i .. In The County Coart.
Sherman County, I ss
In the matter of the estate of Michael Dona
hoe deceased.
You are hereby notified. That I wilisit at the
county Court room in Loup City in said coun
ty. on tbe30thday of November 1915. to receive
and examine all claims against said estate
with a view to their adjustment and allow
ance. The time limited for t he presentation of
claims against said estate is the 30th day of
November. A. D. 1915. and the time limited for
payment of debts isone .year from the 3rd day
at May, 1915.
Witness my hand and the seal of said covnty
ceurt, this 3rd day of May. 1915.
20-4 (seal) E. A. Smith. County Judj-e.
i . i
Application For Liquor License.
In the matter of the application of
Edward Oltman for Liquor License:
Notice is hereby given that the said
Edward Oltman did on the 21st day
of April, 1915, tile his petition to the
Chairman andMembersof the County
Hoard of Supervisors of Sherman
County, State of Nebraska, for a
license to sell malt, spirituous and
vinuous liquors at retail at Schaupps,
in the soutli east quarter of section
twelve, (12) tow nship fifteen, (15) north
range fourteen, (14) West of the 6th
P. M„ in the County of Sherman, and
State of Nebraska, from the 14th day
of May, A. D. 1915, to the 14th day of
May. A. I). 1916.
If there be no objection protest or
remonstrance tiled on or before the
14th day of May, A. I). 1915 then said
license will be granted without refer
ence thereto.
Dated this 21st day of April,
A. 1). 1915.
Attest: Edward Oltman,
L. B Polski. Co. Clerk. Applicant.
A. W. Boecking, Deputy.
Application for Liquor License
In the Matter of the Application of
W. A. Odendahl for Liquor License:
Notice is hereby given that W. A.
Odendahl did.on the21stday of April,
1915, tile his petition witli the village
clerk of Ashton. Nebraska, addressed
to the trustees of said village, asking i
for a license to sell at retail, malt. 1
spirituous and vinous liquors, in the ■
building situated on lot four(4), block
six (6), of the original town of Ash
ton. Nebraska, for the municipal year
beginning on the 1st day of May, A.
D. 1915. and continuing for one year
from and after its date, in the man
ner provided by law.
Any objection or remonstrance to
the issuance of said license must be
tiled in writing with the village clerk
of said Village of Ashton, Nebraska,
on or before the 6th day of Mav,
1915. W. A. Odendahl,
Attest: Applicant. '
II. Wr. Ojendyk.
20 [seal] Village Clerk.
Notice to Creditors.
The State of Nebraska * ,
Sherman County )
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Schuyler S. Hey- j I
nolcls. deceased. i 1
You are hereby notified. That I will sil at i he
county court room in Loup City in said count.\ . f
on the 18th day of June 1915, at 10 o clock a, m. i
and on the 20th day of November 1015, to re
ceive and examine all claims atfainst said es- t
tate, with a view to their adjustment ami al- >
lowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims against said estate is the 30th
flay of Novemlier A. D. 1915, and the tie-in s
limited for payment of debts is one year from
the 17th day of April 1015. .... *
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court, this 20th day of April 1915.
(seal) E. A. SMITH. County Judge 19-4 4
Plumbing and Heating ■
Tinwork. -
LOUP CITY - . - - NEB. ^
I Business and professional Guide~j
Prompt Dray Work
Call lumber yards or Taylor’s elevator
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Phone Brown 57
Plumber & Electrician
For good, clean and neat work
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Come and Get My Prices
Dray and Transfer
Call Lumber Yards or Taylor’s
Phone Brown 43
J. E. Bowman, M. D.
Carrie L. Bowman, M. C).
Physicians and Surgeons
Phone 114
Office Upstairs in the New State
Bank Building
Office: East Side Pijblie Square
Phone Brown 116
Licensed Embalmer
Funeral Director
Graduate in Anatomy, Sanitary Science
and Embalming of Barnes
Embalming School
New Elliptic Springs and Rubber Tired
Funeral Car. Calls Answered Day
or Night. Phone No. 104
Lady Assistant in Connection
Sells for Less, and
Pays the Freight
Furniture and
Licensed Embalmer and
Funeral Director. . . .
Phone Red 65 F« P> DAILY
Thousands will make the coast tour this summer. Only $50
round trip generally, direct routes; and still more attractive
is the $67.50 grand coast tour through the Northwest.
Low rate tours of the Rocky Mountain region,—Scenic Colo
rado, Estes Park, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks,
the Big Horn Mountains, the Black Hills; a shorter and less
expensive vacation tour. Attractive ranches,hotels and resorts.
During the month attractive eastern tourist rates will be announced
irmtng circuit tours of the Atlantic coast that will include the Lakes, St.
.awrence river, Canada, Niagara Falls, Adirondacks, Lake Champlain region
aratoga coast of Maine, New England, Sound Steamers, ('oast Steamer
'oyage, the Hudson river, Boston. New York—a typical wedding tour.
Publications on request; uunececessary to enumerate them. De
'ribe your proposed tour. Let us seud you descriptive matter and help you
lan your journey.
L. W. WAKELEY, General Passenger Agent
1004 Farnam Street, Omaha.
\dvertise in The Loup City Northwestern