The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, January 07, 1915, Image 8

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    1 OFF
As we have more Cloaks
than we want to carry
over, we are going to offer
them at V* off, which makes
A $5.00 coat at $3.35
A $10.00 coat at $6.70
A $15.00 coat at $10.00
Do not miss this Sale
a big line and our price is
right. See us first.
A New Line of Ladies’
Skirts. Price S5.00 to
S11.50, they are good ones.
Suit Cases
We have a
Price $2.00 to $20.00.
Residence for Autos; Farms for Autos
Small Farms for Larger Ones;
Residence for Horses;
All Kinds of Exchanges at All Times also
City and Farm Property for Sale
The Exchange Man, W. P. REED
To The NYAL <Store
©logenes IW^
Im on the_
right* road
Take a step in the right direction—walk in our store. Come
in and inspect our complete Drug line. We are exclusive agents
for the celebrated Nyal Family Remedies and we are mighty
proud of it too. The Nyal Remedies-—one for each ill—are made
by an old-established company, famous years and years for the
exceptional excellence of its products. The Nyal Line is mighty!
Resides better goods at our store, you are sure of the best of
treatment. We are always glad to have people come in and look
around, whether they buy or not. We wait on you promptly and
give you exactly what you ask for. We are not in business for a
day or a week, but for many years to come.
. If careful attention to your wants, quality and reasonable
prices will get your business, we are sure to have your patronage.
A Preacher's Partisan Prayer.
It is difficult for the fervent partisan
to avoid politics, even in the pulpit
There are those, too, who never try.
Among them was Father Taylor, the
Boston sailor-preacher. He was once
conducting a Sunday morning service
a few days before the state elections,
and he took the opportunity of offer
ing up a fervent prayer that a man
might be chosen for governor who
would rule in the fear of God, who
would never be afraid of the face of
day, who would defeat the ringlead
ers of corruption, who would defy his
own party if it yielded to wire pullers,
who— Suddenly Father Taylor
paused. Then he brought his prayer
to an abrupt conclusion. "O, Lord,”
he exclaimed, “what’s the use of box
ing the compass in this way? Give us
George N. Briggs for governor.
Or Her Neighbors.
Even if she had to have a trained
nurse for her own children a w oman
always knows just what to do for her
daughter’s little ones.
Commercial Spies.
Spying is as prevalent in the com
mercial world as in the political world,
though the existence of these com
mercial spies is not nearly so well
known. There are certain classes of
manufacturers, however, who habitu
ally employ a regiment of spies—com
petent men, whose businessMt is to go
to other lands and spy out the new en
terprises and inventions being made
by the various traders. Individual
methods vary very greatly, and are
often so subtle as to make It difficult
to tackle them.
Ideal Land for Coffee.
The coffee plant flourishes best in
well-watered region, in a tropical cli
mate at an elevation of 1,500 to 5,000
feet, and in a rich soil. All these ele
ments are found to perfection in Bra
zil, especially in the four states of Sao
Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo
and Minas Geraes, whose combined
areas cover about one-eighth of the
vast domain of the republic. This sec
tion produces about four-fifths of the
world’s supply of coffee.
Alva .Lewis and wife went to
Aurora Monday for a short visit.
Fritz Leschinsky returned to
State University Monday morn
Rev. Fred Berry, of Lincoln
Nebr., is to speak at the Baptist
church, Sunday morning.
Miss Lulu Lofholm left Mon
day morning to resume her teach
ing in a district near Ravenna.
Dr. S. A. Allen returned Fri
day night from attending the
State Dental Board in Omaha.
Mrs. Ward Ver Valin was re
ported on the sick list a few days
Merle Hiddleson came up fiom
Lincoln last Friday for an over
Sunday visit at home, returning
Monday morning.
Miss Marie Cooper returned
Monday morning to the Kearney
State Normal to continue her
Dr. Carson of Grand Island
will be in Dr. Longacre’s office
Wednesday, Jan. 13th, prepared
to Fit Glasses and to treat the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Don’t fail to see “Heinie Poof
stittlestooz from Germany” and
“Tramping Tobias, the Has Been”
a snappy, side splitting comedy,
by home talent at the Dreamland,
Saturday night of this week, in
connection with 3000 feet of mov
ing pictures.
M. C. Mulick returned Monday
noon' from a three weeks absence
visiting his son, Din Mulick, at
Perma, Montana. He reports Din
doing nicely, with about 100
acres fenced in on his ranch, some
three and a half miles from town,
has a fine drove of horses enclosed
and is fast getting on Easy street
so to speak. When Din left here
he said he would not come back
for five years, but as the proba
tion period will be uo next sum
mer, he rather thinks fie will come
back to see his old friends for a
short visit at that time.
Along Rural
Route Two
Mrs. G. B. AVilkie has been
quite sick the past week.
Lars Xeilson marketed hogs in
Loup City, last week.
F. W. Tucker of Aurora came
Saturday for a visit with relatives.
E. J. Pugsley and family spent
New Year’s Day at the Fred
Foster home.
The Newhouser boy got one of
the watches given away in the
Pony Contest.
Anton Spotanski has been mar
keted several loads of corn, this
James Clark came Saturday to
spend a few days with his sister,
Mrs. McLaughlin, from Aurora.
Miss Alice Jorgensen, is here
from North Dakota visiting her
brother, Alfred Jorgenson.
Miss Martha Hisner from Rock
uille is visiting at the Adam Geh
ring home, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Daddow
entertains the Wiggle Creek
Grange next Tuesday afternoon.
A crowd of Wiggle Creek
young people.had a skating party
near the Austin bridge Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder
entertained a number of friends
at their pleasant home on Wiggle*
Creek, New Year’s Day.
The large crowd attending the
oyster supper at Don Holmes’ last
Friday evening pronounced it a
grand success.
Misses Carrie and Olive Bog
seth returned, Saturday night,
from Erickson, where they had
been for the holidays.
Please do not ask for any mail
at the office during this month as
I have to count the mail, and
like to get credit for all route
Miss Verie Wilkie, who has
been spending the holidays at
home returned, Saturday to her
school duties at Central City.
Don’t forget the Grange Liter
Want Advertising
The rate for advertising: in this
column of the Northwestern is 5
cents a line for each insertion. The
Northwestern is the oldest newspaper
in Sherman county, and is acknow
ledged the best advertising medium
in this section of Nebraska.
ary program next Friday night,
at which time, the play, “Too
Much of a Good Thing will be
given. Other features of the en
tertainment being a Pantomine
and vaudeville sketch.
The following people very kind
ly remembered the carrier on
Christmas day: Jake Albers, W.
T. Draper, Albert Snyder, Fred
Daddow, A. P. Paulsen, M. Bo
gard, E. C. Kilpatrick, H. Good
win, J. Roush, A. Gehring, Iver
Lyhne, Mrs. H. Neisner, E. M.
Marvel, John Petersen, A. H.
Newhouser, S. Iossi. J. P. Han
sen, Ed Flynn, McLaughlin, Jake
Roy, Mrs. Cash, Brodocks. Nuts,
candy and beautiful Christmas
cards from nearly every box on
the route were also greatly appre
ciated by the carrier.
Deer Creek Items
Frank Koma is working for St.
W roblewski.
Aug. Mascka lost more hogs by
cholera since last report.
Frank Bydalek lost a valuable
horse last week.
Mrs. Cornell Peters was on the
sick list last week.
Clemens Maciejewski returned
from Loup City this week.
Stanley Dymek has been on
the sick list for two weeks.
Frank Goc is putting lip a new
barn on his place.
Mrs. Fjiank By dal k returned
from Ashton Sunday leaving her
mother recovering slowly.
Ed Maciejewski of Loup City
is visiting relatives and friends on
Deer Creek.
People easily constipated dread the
winter. Nothing but hard, course
meals. No fruits, no vegetables to
keep the stomach active. Your best
relief, your greatest friend now is
Hollister's Rocky Mountian Tea, the
world s Tonic physic. Do it tonight.
Swanson & Lofholm.
Few choice male hogs, for sale.
Milo A. Gilbert.
For Sale—Six-horse power gaso
line engine. Chris Domgard.
Used Typewriters, all makes, at all
prices. O. E. James, Y. M. C. A.,
Grand Island. Nebr. nov 10
For Sale—Three Stallions choice
$500.00. Kenneth Kay.
For Cash Rent-My ten-acre
tract just west of this city. In
quire of L. W. Schlote.
For Rent—My residence,known
as the Enevoldsen building, in
northwest part of Loup City.
Can give possession at once.
L. W. Schlote.
For Sale or Trade—My resi
dence and three lots, known as the
old Judge Hunter property, in
first block north of court house
square. , Price and terms made
known upon inquiry.
J. W. Burleigh.
For Sale—1 team of horses, 5
years old wt. 1000; 1 set light
work harness; 1 low truck farm
wagon; 1 good top buggy; 1 Jen
nie Lind walking cultivator; 1, 14
inch stirring plow; Deering mow
er; 5 female thoroughbred Duroc
Jersey pigs, wt 150 each.
Alfred Andersen.
Order of Hearing and Notice of
Probate of Will.
In the County Court of Sherman
County. Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, {
Sherman County, ) °
To the heirs, legatees, devisees and
to all persons interested in the es
tate of Robert M. Jackson, deceased:
On reading the petition of Kate Wag
goner praying that the instrument
tiled in this court on the 2nd day of
January, 1915, and purporting to be
the last will and testament of the said
deceased, may be proved and allowed,
and recorded as the last will and testa
ment of Robert M. Jackson, deceased;
that said instrument be admitted to
probate, and the administration of
said estate be granted to W.F. Mason
as administrator with will an
nexed. It is hereby ordered
ed that you and all persons interested
in said matter, may, and do appear
the count ; court to be held in and for
said county on the 26th of January,
A. D. 1915, at 1 o’clock p.m., to show
cause, if any there be, why the prayer
of the petitioner should not be grant
ed, and that notice of the pendency
of said petition and the hearing there
of be given to all persons interested
In said matter by publishing a copy
of this order in the Loup City, North
western, a weekly newspaper printed 1
In said county, three successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing.
Witness mv hand, and seal of said
court, this 5th day of January, A. ,
D. 1915.
Last pub. Jan. 21.
and trade with
During 1915
Bowels clogged, sick headache, no
fun is it? Why not have that happy
face, red cheeks that come with good
digestion. Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea makes the bowels work regu
lar, natural, makes you feel like new.
Take it tonight. Swanson & Lofholm.
Notie* of Chattol Mortgage Sale
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of the chattel mortgage, dated on
the 11th day of November, 1913. and
duly filed in the office of the county
clerk of Sherman county, Nebraska,
on the 12th day of November, 1913,
and executed by Orie Bowen, to S. C.
Fletcher, to secure the payment of
the sum of $1(16, and upon which
there is now due the sum of 8185.13,
default having been made in the pay
ment of said sum and no suit or
other procedings at law having been
instituted to recover said debt, or
any part thereof, and the said chat
tel mortgage and the note which the
same was given to secure having
been duly sold, signed and trans
form! and set over to the Rockville
State Bank, Rockville, Nebraska:
therefore the said Rockville State
Bank will sell the property therein
described, to-wit:
One horse mule, five tears of age,
color black, weight about 1000 pounds,
named Jack, and one horse mule, five
years old, color bay, weight 1000
pounds, named Joker, at public auc
tion at the bank building of the
aforesaid Rockville State Bank, in
the town of Rockville, in Sherman
county, Nebraska, on the 30th dav of
January, 1915, at 1 o’clock P. M. of
said date.
Dated January 5, 1915.
Rockville State Rank,
Last pub. Jan. 28
Why buy Flour shipped here by outside mills
when you can get
Loup City White Satin Flour
for less money, and every sack guaranteed.
' All dealers handle our flour.
Loup City, Nebraska.
All Auctioneering Business Attended to
promptly. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give
me a trial.
Our business for Fall, Early Winter, and
the Holidays has been very good. This
Sale will be a Profit Sharing Sale to
you o o o o o o o o o
BEGINS OUR o o o o • o o e
We still have a good stock of Ladies’
Gent’s and Children’s Underwear, Dress
Goods, Dress Trimmings and a complete
stock of new Groceries. Everything
fresh and quality good. There will be
Bargains in this Sale that vou cannot
afford to miss. o o o o o o
Remember our store is a Pony Store
Store and you get a pony vote for every
cent you buy or pay on account. Help
your favorite to get the Pony, Gart and
Harness by trading at our store. © o
C. C. Cooper