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Loup City Northwestern
taiaal Saa ai Haas Okorailler Accidentally Drowned, Circuastances Not
or iwai ■
Tuesday morning of tins week
about 11 o*ek»*k. t!«e infant suo of
Hans i Hternuiler. living some few
anile* south of this city. was acci
dental!!- drowned in the water
tank at the home. Tne little fel
low. aged some two and one half
year* wa* piaj mg about the place
and bring misard for a little time,
aeais-h was institute.!, resulting in
finding the little Itudy in tiie low
tank. I be »upj» notion Innj that
be had climbed up to the top to
get a drink, and the wind, which
wa* ften-ely Mowing at tie* time,
toppled the little body over into
the tank, where in was found a
An old court-house ha* burned
down m Wanda. Priceless re
cocts were districted. It is safe
te say tltal the < *urts of that stale
wiiJ be kept ba»y for years to
cocr adjusting title* to property.1
And tie- ei|*-ise of it will no
doubt co»t some pour people utore
than they can pay and there i*
wbrn- mam will - iffer who have
•ut the mean* to prove their own
.U'llk^m —h. — .^ '■■JiLHlBl ■
little later. l)r. Bowman was
hurriedly summoned, but on his
arrival life was extinct. The sor
rowing family have the deepest
s\ :u >athy of our entire communi
ty. The funeral services were
Ik-. ! from the home \V ednesda.v at
-1 o't lock. tl»e little one was laid
to re>t in the cemetery at Austin.
We tliis week present the an
nouncement of Win. Hancock for
the office of sheriff, subject to the
democratic votors at the coming
primaries. Will Hancock is one
of the mo't likeable fellows in this
county, and the letter he is
known the more friends he has.
With the exception that Will
trains with the wrong political
crow I. the Northwestern finds no
fa di with him. and believes if he
'in ds in winning the nomina
. • uid suls'erpient election, he
will prove ■ most -atisfactory of
K. (i. Taylor went to Omaha
Tuesday ruKin on a matter of
• W' r - — — ■ - i
Stable Set on Fire and
Boy Burned to Death
Our of ttiuM- pitiful tragedies
that shake a small ct immunity to
the cure occurred Sunday after
buta at zseneea, when the four
yaar old son of L. I). Carter, a
railroad man of that place, was
Iwrnel to death in au accidental
krr. probably »*f hi* own creat
ing l'«»tm**>r B. A. Iharrowof
Sner* was in the city Tuesday
and related the circumstances of
the sad occurrence to a Chief re
It appears that the little fellow
was playing With another small
rhum of about his own age. who
was a son of K. C. Mason. The
families live near each other ami
the boy * had a small wagon tliey
•ere trundling at tout. The aiea
suddenly pipped into their heads
that it would he s|4er*ilid simn
for them to have a Ueifiie and to
tics end tbe% reumruied koking
an-and f< >r material to (mild it
with. Nothing eottld be found,
however, to siul lh« ir juirpoe and
one of them swgratrd that they go
to the Mason i«arti and get some
thing out <d there that w ould t*um.
The little fellows lifted the box
from their wagon ami started in
the direction of the bam. It was
a short tine- after this that Mrs.
Ihrm*. who lives, heard
M r». Carter's scream mg and going
t > f front • r *i» that tlie
Mas n barn was Ini ruing. Mr.
Ihrmw, on learning what was tie
mat le.-. rushed to the scene and
found that the bam itad caught
fin* from a burning shed adjoining.
Ttie whistle at the round house
was blown and in a few minutes
after the arrival of the fire depart
ment the flames were extinguished.
It was only the little Mason boy
that ould give any information
a -out tin* fire and his account was
s.. childish and meagre that it left
much to be surmised.
The other child was missing and
it quickly dawned upon the horri
fied onlookers that he must have
!<een in the burning shed. This
proved to be only to true, for up
on entering the place the searchers
were confronted with heartrend
ing sight.
Crouehed in a far corner of the
shed, with his arm thrown across
his face as though to protect it
from tie* fl tines were the remains
of the Carter boy, his little body
bum <1 to a crisp. It is supposed
that he children had jmssessed
.themselves of matches in some
way ami when they went into the
-bed to gather material for their
Minfine. one or mom of the
matc'ies had been ignited, which
caused the disaster.
Th<* accident is one of the sad
dest tliat has ever occurred at
Seneca and the sympathy of the
entire community has lieen ex
tended to the bereaved parents.
The body of the child was taken
t*» Elk Cmek for burial Monday
morning on No. 42. funeral ser
vices occurring in the afternoon.
-Custer County Chief.
The Present Contents
of the Political Pot
The pnilUcai put has bags n to
boil ta *ut*i shape in Sherman
county. Several candidates for
the various uftcrt have already
cuwar forth, ai d we hear of many
uf those who are
conneetion with the
wc apj>nd th.' fol
Cuantf Clerk
L B. Polaki, L. L. Skaainski,
B. Ijuwrtui
W«l Hancock. L. A. Williams.
Fete Howe, Lloyd Bly, Floyd
County Superintendent
Mary A. K. Hendrickson, L.
H. Currier, K. D. Hendrickson.
County Treasurer
F. M. Henry.
County J udge
E. A. Smith, A. E. Charlton.
We received a pleasant call
Tuesday from W. A. Siefert of
Ashton. who was in the city on
j^|E are proud of Sherman County
Long We’ve lived upon her bounty—
And her fields— they are the greenest of the green’
She has built us buildings many—
While we haven't built her any,
And her Court house is the DAMDEST ever seen.
J^ER farms—they are prolific’
And her people are pacific’
The best in all the state, I wean’
But there’s one thing not forgotten’
OH’ her court house it is rotten’
And it makes us all ashamed to have it seen.
gHE has wealth— a goodly store’
With bright prospects for some more’
In fact there are but few things that she lack—
But there’s one thing we deplore’
And It makes us awful sore—
That her Court house’s nothing but a SHACK.
gO it’s up" to ME and YOU
To get out and boost a few ”
And to vote it “Yes” upon the 12th of May.
All records need protection’
We’ll remove this “old infection”
And our debt to Sherman county we will pay.
Peter Jezewski went to Grand
Island Monday to bring back a
new Ford for Isaac Sandberg.
Miss Frances Corning visited
over Sunday with her sister, Mrs.
A. Anderstrom.
G. H. Lorenz made a business
trip to Sargent, Thursday night
of last week.
Attorney R. P. Starr was down
from Loup City on business Fri
day and Saturday.
L. A. Williams, Ed Oltmann
and Stanley Goc were visitors
from Loup City Friday.
The first game of the season went
our way, Ashton won over Boelus
10 to 7. A good crowd was pre
Johnnie Rapp, Jr., the Younker
Autoist traveled to Hazard last
Sunday afternoon on very im
portant business.
The B. B. B. club members
were present at the Ball game
Sunday and their cheer did help
the boys—keep it up B. B. B.
Albert Anderstrom went to
Grand Island Monday. Went by
rail and came back in a car all in
one day.
Floyd Janulewitz of Loup City
and Miss Helen Kwiatkowski of
Ashton had their first calls Sun
day at St. Francis church.
Abdella Ayoub and wife hare
been in Omaha the past couple of
weeks, the fruit store has been in
charge of John and Ed Farrah
during their absence.
All those wishing to hare ads
on the Base Ball fence, had better
see the manager at once, and
make their reservation as there is
not much space left
Jos. Jankowski tried oat his
new Ford on the grand stand and
new base ball fence, from the
the looks of the grand stand the
Ford got the best of it.
Mr. and Mrs. Erank Maschka
entertained a large crowd of young
folks at their home Wednesday
evening of last week in honor of
their 1st wedding anniversary.
Well Franz Na-*Zdrowie.
It is only a question of time till
Ashton will be the garden spot of
Nebraska, providing the Ashton
ites keep on planting trees as they
are doing this year several hun
dred have been planted and they
are still planting. Keep it up
boys its work, will account for it
The concert given by the Loup
City Alpha Girls’ Glee Club, was
well received and very much en
joyed by a fair sized audience at
opera house Friday night. They
were a jolly bunch of girls and
showed that they had received ex
cellent training. They should
have had a larger house but con
sidering the short time that they
advertised and this being the
farmers’ busy season they did
very well. Come again girls.
Frank Dworak, of Omaha came
up Saturday to shake hands with
his many friends here. The mar
ried mens section of the M. G. U.
gave an informal smoker in the
club rooms in his honor Saturday
night. A fine time is reported.
On account of having a large ship
ment of cattle that required Ins
personal attention, consigned to
him for Monday’s market be had
to harry home, Steve Polski took
him down to Ravenna Sunday.
H. W. Ojendyk, postmaster,
village clerk, implement dealer
and all round good fellow, was
over here from Ashton Tuesday
on business and shaking hands with
his host of friends in the hub.
Mason’s Have
Big Initiation
A special train from St Paul
brought a number of Masons to
Loup City Tuesday evening, and
a number of auto loads came from
Arcadia, all to attend third degree
work of that order and enjoy a lot
of “eats'* provided for the occa
The card of L. L. Slominski,
announcing his candidacy for the
office of county clerk, appears in
this issue. Mr. Slominski was
for a year and a half the efficient
deputy under County Clerk Die
tericks, deceased, and after the
death of the latter had full charge
of that office till a successor was
appointed. While Mr. Slominski
was deputy and during the time
he had full charge of the office he
gave full satisfaction, so far as we
have learned, and should fortune’s
wheel turn in his favor, we be
lieve would prove a worthy and
well qualified officer.
R. D. Hendrickron announces
in this week’s paper his candidacy
for the office of county superin
tendent of schools. He has a
host of friends throughout the
county; has proven a most effici
ent superintendent of schools in
the past, having filled that office
two terms, and if elected again to
that office past history would re
peat itself in the good work he
would do.
Our people with one accord will
be glad to know that the little son
of Verne Alleman, who was seri
ously injured some days ago by
falling on a bay knife and disem
bowelling himself, is so far on the
road to recovery that he may be
said to be clearly out of danger.
It is little less than a miracle his
escaping death. •
Pniiteat, Witt Ctaaut tf Cmwi to Facet Mtaiaat Imnamt to It
•tctaL Mtttt War Witt Mtaita.
Notwithstanding “War Is Hell’t
tliere seems no other way for this
country to do than force Dictator
Huerta of Mexico to a decent re
cognition of our rights, even if it
culminates in war. Some days
ago. President Wilson made it
plain to Huerta that he should
salute this country over frequent
instances in which he expressed
his contempt for the United States
by causing the arrest of sailors
and officers without the slightest
pretext of right in so doing. This
recognition of this country Huer
ta has refused, hence there are at
present in Mexican waters or on
the way there several battleships,
and troops are being mobalized
near the Mexican border, ready
for instant action. Congress on
Monday heard the president’s
message, gave unanimous sanc
tion to his desires and intentions
regarding Mexico and appropriat
ed fifty millions of dollars to carry
out the war procedure.
Later reports Wednesday noon
from the Mexican trouble seems
to show a state of war between
the United States and Mexico now
actually exists. The morning re
ports brought by the dailies are;
the same as those received Tues
day night here, to the effect that
a detachment of sailors and ma
rines seized the customs house at
Vera Cruz and were fired upon by
the Mexicans killing four and
wounding twenty others. This
brought upon the Mexicans a re
turn fire which killed some 200
greasers, following which the tJ.S.
transport Prairie shelled the
greasers out of Vera Cruz, which
is now in onr hands.
\\ arships and more regiments
are being sent to the seat of war
from the Eastern coast.
A German transport off Vera
Cruz early Wednesday loaded
with guns and ammunition for
Huerta was seized by the Ameri
can forces to prevent them get
ting into the hands of the enemy.
Huerta and Villa have joined
forces as against the United States
and will make one common cause
against this country.
Other dispatches are to the ef •
feet that several border towns on
the Texas side of the Rio (rrande
have been wiped out by the
greaser forces.
A flying report has been received
to the effect that Mexican sym
pathizers at San Antonia, Texas,
had torn down the American flag
and that that city is in a turmoil
over the dastardly affront to this
Letter From Mrs. Foss
of Palmyra. Wisconsin
Palmyra, Wis., April 16.—Dear
Editor : As so many have writ
ten and asked me to write about
this country, concluded to send in
a few lines. All are well and do
ing well. We had a fine shower
today. The winter wasn't bad;
only 19 below and no blizzards.
Snow came right down and laid
on, giving us fine sleighing for
six weeks or two months. Some
have asked about milking here.
Yes, they are crazy on that ques
tion. Pay as high as §125 for a
single cow, mostly Holsteins,
the ugh some Guernseys. They
sell male calves right from the
cow, keeping the females. One
can buy calves cheap, as they
never keep them. They have ten
ant farms. Frank is working on
one. Gets §35 per month, horse
kept and board and washing.
That's for single men, and they
are wanting more. Roy is an
other who gets $35, with house,
wood, half acre of garden, two
gallons of milk daily, horse kept
and given a hog at butchering
time. They have fine barns here.
The one where Roy Barr is has
engine in barn, large cement tank,
and water runs all through, so
each cow and horse can drink
just as they please. A cement
track through the center to run a
manure wagon, and ditches to
carry all waste. Each cow stanch
ed; place at one end for horses;
next colt stall. On opposite side
little calves, and a silo to feed in
lower part of barn. Top of barn
in grain and hay. Quite a few
truck farms here; plant an acre or
two of cucumbers, melons and
then go fishing after taking milk
to the factory every morning.
Some of the finest lakes here and
lots of fish—from minnows to T.‘>
pounders. Catch 100 in an hour.
Now don’t tell Vic or Jimmie, or
they will catch them all before you
get here. Now, if you don’t believe
it, come and see. Will close with
best wishes to all old friends, As
ever, Mrs. S. S. Foss.
Non-Resident Expresses
Views of Court House
Lincoln, Nebraska; April 15.
1914.—Dear Sir:—Yours of April
14, 1914, asking an expression of
my feeling, as a non-resident, on
the proposition of voting bonds
for the purpose of building a new
court-house etc., at hand.
Do I favor the proposition?
Well I certainly do. We should
have had these improvements long
since; and the only way to recover
from the stigma is to “get busy” j
and boost for the bonds.
My land in Sherman countv is
about as far fr.un the county seat
as possible, but that fire-trap you
now have, contains the records of
my land as well as of those living
nearer, and I do not consider we
ever did have much protection.
, .. 1
The loss of the records of Sher
man county would incur an enor
mous loss, in quieting titles etc.
Considering the security it will
give the county records, the con
veniences in the county offices and
court, and that it will enhance
property values and be a very de
sirable asset of the county, I be
lieve every voter in each precinct
of the county should vote for the
Civics pride and the urgent need
of an up-to-date court house
should induce all fur-minded citi
zens to use all honorable means in
securing these much needed im
provements. Yours for a new
court house, D M. Goddard,
611, So. 18th St. Lincoln.