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Loup Ctty Northwestern
T jtTKi mu locp cm. sebkaska thcksdat. stm* as. mt: sciiEta te
- - -■ _
Wtipniai t'Mir u*e of The
h&ab- of Sebrasaa ft n- made me
duty of the County lluara of >uper
visun of ear?, county in the state to
proridr for a safe and suitable court
toMisc for the transacting of the
count* hui lies and to prov ide suita
ble etl es for the sccjil mudation of
the county officer* and cmun rooms
ana officer* for Ur >n of
the severa courts of record of the
county, and n re-pro-.' rau-U and
safes tor Ur safs keeping of county
record* and to provide a safe ;aii of
sufficient strength to bold prisoners.
tad NTbernaa. county's
coon bouse Is an old brick structure
and in por repair and not fireproof,
and wnolle inadequate for Uie ser
vices required and unsanitary In
a*agr particular. and tbe vau<t» areI
sx fireproof and not of sufficient ca-1
p* t; to uo*d tbe rec ords of tlie
ejam. and many of tl*e valuable
records of the county affecting titles
to real estate are in at *av protected
against fire, and some of lb* mure
ta.u*bie records are protected b>
nssue 'if Ur hard through necessity
taung lured hank vaults outside of
tin court bouse.
The county tall Is an old frame
structure and is not of sufficient
st reng-.1. to bold prtsjoers. and is un
healthful and unfit for use
counts supervisors of tlie county of in Uie state of Nebraska,
or such other officers of said county
as may be charged by law with the
duty of tewing the taxes of said
county, fur tiie time being in addi
tion to aii ->ther taxes levy, or cause
to ue levied annually tpon all taxable
property in said county a tax suffi
cient to pay ttie interest on said
bonds as the same mature, and shall
said board of supervisors of s&idcoun
ty. or such other officers as mav be
• ■tiarged by law with the duty of levy
ing the taxes of said county for the
true i eing in addition to all otiier
taxes, levy, or cause to be levied in
the year 1915, and each year there
after. a tax upon all the taxable prop
erty of said county sufficient to pay
not less than C.Ml.Ot at the princi
pal of said bonds annually for the
Int t*eyears, and not less than W.
■*»'-mof the principal of said bonds
each year thereafter, and on the 20th
vear after the issuance of said bonds
levy, .r cause bo lie levied, a tax upon
al the taxable property of said coun
tv an amoun* sufficient to pay the
re-idue of said bonds then unpaid,
and interest thereon, if any.
And oe it further resolved, that the
vote on said proposition shall be by
ha ut in the followring form bo-wit:
Official Ballot for Special Bond
To ' nu» for the issuance of seventy
t thousand dollars of bonds of Sher
man county. Nebraska, for building
and ftmiMiinp a tire-proof court
h ose and jaii in connection, and for
the lew of a tax on ail the taxable
property of said county. u> pay the
interim: and principal of said bonds
pursuant to Uw resolutions of this
v*wia» ■i—Mun. make a crons thus
V within Use Vvjuarv opposite the
w nls: “For the bonds ana tax."
T> against tlie issuance of sev.
ent»•’ »e Utousaud dollars of bonds
f Miertuan county, Nebraska, for tlie
budding and fvmistrug a fire-proof
court house and jail, and against the
-■> r of a lax sufficient to pay Ute in
to re*t c«i and U>e prim-ip* of said
bonds pursuant to Ute resolution of
sail nxkrew! this specta. election,
make «m»* tf .;$(A within Uw> square
opposite Ute word* “Against U>e
xwtds and tax "
IV Uw toads and tax .i 1
Against the bonds and Ut—,[ j
The said balk* shall be prepared
pr wrvd and delivered to Ute proper
eieetyon officers a* required by Saw by
tie county rieri of said county, at
Ute time and In the form and manner
j pr.»M be law and the veto* on
said prypcalUbn to be received and
counted and ret urn thereof mode, and
-ar v a**ed by Ute officers and persons
tn the count % as in form and manner
provided by aw. and the county clerk
is further ordered to procure and de
liver to the proper e ectton officers
Ute necessary poll bonks and other
material* and supplies neoessarv for
the submission of said proposition ati
said spocia! election, and it Is further
ordered that due and egal notices of j
the submission of said proposition
according to the foregoing resolution
at the specia election as aforesaid
be gnen by publishing the foregoing
resolution, notice, and this order in
the Sherman County Times Inde
pendent. the Loup City Northwestern
and tic* Litchfield Monitorforat least
five consecutive issues, immediately
prior to Tuesday. May ]2th. 1914. and
by posting up at each voting place
during the day of the election a copy
of said resolution, notice and order.
Tlie polls to be opened at 8 o'clock
a. m and to close at 6 o’clock p. m.
oo said 12th day of May. 1914.
Ana * rwrea* t-f reason or ux*
aftwraaM condition at Uwetx rt bouse
and |a:i of wM couKt Uw record title ;
to oar*, tract of m e»ute in aM
eM»u I* to iu««r. ai*o Uw court
noufd» aad Uw reward* lm«J< Inc Uw
oktatok «f di -«wd person* are «n*afe
aad ate to tw dcwtrotrd ter are or
oUwrotar atari, mtftii resuit ID
end «w luca’i-w aad jrrmat ettwuM
Ana uw uakaattao owdiUoo of our
ja‘ to daac*r-.>oa to Uw IwalUi of an*
aatorutaaMk *to tsaj bat* to tw u»
earerraud tlw>*lf. be naaua etiereof
Uw count* tea* twtnaw liable la dan:
ar*» up ttua ouataod Uwrata
Slow, uwfetce* t» H teat rod b*
Uw Hoard af UaHf Sujwrtaews of
■aid «oant* if ^teroa*. ta Uw "itat*
of Nebrwaa- w »** - ar wow on avei
at Uw coon tew la Le> w Otj. Sr
twteda uxcmwU wot jf **ud cooo
t> aad uw own steer of awettac of
•aid tawed oa Uw Xteb dst of Maicfc
m* That U»r* tw aubteittwd U?
Uw wen- »wm* of «a*d roeati at a
owete * wet wo te Or bald tbrrete on
Tuewda* Mat to* ITUt. Wl. Uw
WOteia wterO a m wt fait* to
Uw ?(* • » 5'jrw Of aoure « i*cfc
O mate a part af tite roe oUon.
•art ad wotatlw ft *tll hr
■ ”> »** ant te cwterr to *«ab»*
d to jw'ekar a agitata* aad
MM kHB aad jail tot sa»c.
TV*x ml a apacaal tnttta bo to l»e*I
to sa*4 com* act Tonedas. May Dk.
1*5*. there «... be s-bn-Rsed bo U-e
«eg* wane** of mad county, for their
acceptance or tope—. the folkwrtag
^r°5«aii the Hoard «t County S-per
mon of siwrmsb oounty. State of
Nebraska ter and in tetal* of said
eonnty bnue U* bonds »>f Aid coun
ty to the sum of erventy-taie thousand
ii~: •• »» d. arx of tiie dm.,rr!na
tion at t:. »* to enct. for un purpose
«f purchasing materia for. and build
ing etwcung constructing. furnish
i me and r impieTing a fire-proof court
bouse w«h jail tn connection in said
euunty. in the city of Loup City. the
«nK< mi at said county. on block
four 4 at the original town now city
of Loup Oil. Gw county seat of said
Hberatarj county Nebraska, accord
tar u> the pint on file of said block
four 4 .
maid court house and yall to cost
skk bo earned fti <*e».U» cuojp.etwd
nnd famished according U) pan* and
apedbeautan prepared by Keriingiiof
A flails of Lincoln. Nebraska, on file
tn the odice of the county clerk of
eald county. Tie entire amount of
tie proceed* of said bund*, or so
touch aa may be found necessary. U>
hr expended for said purpose. Aid
Lund* to be pnyubie to bearer at the
nice of the Treasurer of tiie >tate of
Nebraska, ml Lincoln, at the expira
tion of twenty yean from the date1
(hereof but to be made redeemable
at the opuon at said county of Sher
man at a n r time after tiie
date o f the issuance o f
the tan* on any interest pay-day in
the sum of tl.uuo uo. or any multiple
thereof. said bonds to draw four and
one-half *t per cent interest per sn
nnss from the date of imuanre of tiie
same payable semi-annually. which
said interest payments shall be e*1
by mu-rest <x*jp -i notes exp
and ntnfisd bo *aM bails,
payable to bearer at the state
ars office of the Mate of Ne
laterest on said bund* to be
table on the 1st day of Jam;
i. and tiie 1st day of July,
I on the first day of January
and an the first day of July each year
Tbe nud bonds to be negotiated at
a mu not lees than their face value
bald bonds tn fen sold only tn amount*
ntndsd and at the times needed for
the eoneuwetion of mid court bouse
and Jail to —Km, and the
eoupone thereon which may be ma
tured at the date of sale are to fee
clipped therefrom, ao that said bonds
wifi daw tote res’, only 'roc; date of
And etanii the afanaid board of
TV election to be held at the vari
ous voting precincts as follows: Loup
City township, at court liouse in
Loup City: Rockville city
tiall in Rockvijle: Harrison township,
at town hall in Litchfield: Hazard Trumbie nail in Hazard:
Ashton township, at opera house in
Ashton: Oak Creek township, at
school house in school district No. 56:
Scott township, at school house in
ir» school district No. 63: Washing
ton township, at school liouse in
sctiool district No. 43: Web6ter town
ship. at scftool liouse in school dis
trict No. T2: Clay township, at school
house in school district No. 36: Bris
tol township, at school house in
school district No. 42: Logan town
ship. at school liouse in school dis
trict No. 31: Elm Tow nship at school
house in school district No. 38
By order of the Boord of County
Supervisors of Sherman count}, Ne
Sighed: J.H.Welty, Chairman [Yes]
Signed. W. O. Brown, [Yes]
Signed: Thomas Jensen. [Yes]
Signed: Daniel McDonald, [Yes]
Signed: Wenzel Rewolinski, [Yes]
Signed: Hiyo Aden. [Yes]
Signed: Howard W. Layg, [No]
Attest: L. B. Polski.
County Clerk of Sherman County,
Nebraska. [sxal]
W. R. Mellor just couldn't stay
away, and came up from Lincoln
last week to be present at the K.
of P. doings Wednesday evening,
going back the following morning.
Last W ednesday ever mg. the
iocai K_ of P. lodge celebrated ttie
golden anniversary of Pythiamsm
with an entertainment. followed
by a lap sapper of two courses.
The evening was very inclement,
yet a goodly number of the
brothers, their wives and sweet
hearts were present. Sir Knight
Long was master of ceremonies
and made an interesting talk on
Pythianism and the inception of
the local lodge, with more or less
history connected therewith. Fol
lowing that came the program of
the evening. The Pythian Min
strels, composed of Sir Knight
Allen as interlocutor, Sir Knights
Schwaner and Johnson as end
men, with Sir Knights 0. L.
Swanson, Collipriest and Hinman
members. The boys did a fine
stunt, original in their get up and
their instrumental music was
“some classy” and took down the
house and' then some. At the
close of the concert came the eats
and then home, sweet home just
before the hour of midnight. It
was a most enjoyable evening.
<% *
Chas. Stromberg, a bachelor
living north of Greeley, was found
dead at his home by one of the
neighbors Saturday. It was at i
first supposed that he had suicided
but eo cause could be assigned for i
such a deed and the general belief
now is that his death was caused !
by the accidental discharge of a,
gun. Apparently lie had just1
seated himself at the supper table1
when the accident occurred. Mr.
Stromberg was about ot years of
age and financially in comfortable
circumstance's. He leaves few, if
any, relatives in this state. —CM
The Ashton Dramatic CSuK
which gave the play "What's
Next,” at the opera house last Fn- j
day. far exceeded the most sari-1
guine expectations of their Loup
City friends gave one of the finest
entertainments so far given in our
new opera house. We have not
space this week to speak in detail
of the cast, which was composed
of some of Ashton’s leading busi
ness men and most accomplished
young ladies, and to speak in
especial manner of some and not |
of all would be manifestly unfair,
for each in his or her part appear
ed perfectly at home in the char
acterization they assumed and
seemed indeed for the time being
the characters they protrayed.
There is one thing assured, and
that is that our little sister village
has plenty of talent and of a high
order, and are thoroughly appre
ciated. as, though the night was
very inclement, and gave a vigor
ous bid for one to remain at home,
the oper^house was well filled and
had the night been pleasant the
opera house would not have been
able to accommodate all who
would have been out to witness
the splendid dramatic work of the
dramatic club.
Robespierre, 3-reel special shown
at the opera house last Thursday
night drew a good crowd who pro
pounced it excellent. Mr. Dad
dow is putting on an excellent
picture service and it is highly ap
preciated by all patrons of that
place of amusement.
Mrs.S. A. Allen went to Omaha yes
terday morning for a few days stay.
Mrs. A. L. Ballinger returned home
to St. Paul Monday, after a few days’
visit here with her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen from
Council Bluffs arrived last Friday for
a protracted visit with their eon. Dr.
S. A. Alien.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Nightengale
leave today for Bellingham. Wash.,
their furore home. For a year fir
more Mr. Nightingale had been
closing up his law practise here
with a view of removing to the
Pacific Coast to make their home.
Some months ago Mr. Nightingale
returned from a visit west having
decided on location at Bellingliam.
a city of some Mo.000 inhabitants,
his son going west later and re
maining in Bellingham, while
the father came home to close
up business. For over thirty
years past. R. J. Nightingale has
been practicing law in Loup City,
and is too well known to the peo
ple of Sherman county for us to
a<fd anything to his history here,
where he has l>een one of the lead
ing lawyers of this section all of
these years. I) i ring that time, he
has accumulated one of the most
extensive law libraries in central
Nebraska, and is known to be one
of its most successful legal lights,
considering his prescribed terri
tory. He lias purchased a fine
home in Bellingham, where he
will enter the practice of law with
his son, Herbert, and we fully ex
pect that he will soon be one of the
most active members of the bar
in that city. Mr. and Mrs. Night
ingale will be missed by their
large circle of friends, Mr. Night
ingale in the legal field and in
social and lodge relations, and
Mrs. Nightingale in club and
social circles. The Northwestern
will follow them with best wishes
for their future happiness*.
The follow tng jury has hew
drawn for the eoonng tern of the
dnttnet eonrt which convenes
April T next; Alvin €httaw%y„ L.
X. Smith. G. H. Hosier, T R,
Lay. R E. Gilmore. Henry Die
fenhaugh. Stanley (wc, A. Hed
land. Geo. R Lnkaaewskw Wm.
Minnie. Jos. F. Karel. Henry Her
mann. Ante* Dyweh. Oar! Farns
worth. Hass Dietz. Edward Fa
gen. Fred Trechaaeier. John Orel
la. Geo. F. IVniglas, C. H. Kee.
Roy H. Conger. G. C. Frink,
Henry Apple. James Huryte.
The meetings at the Baptist
church closed last Sunday, Rev.
Boukoutz and wife going from
here to Dorchester, where we un
derstand they will hold a series of
meetings. During the weeks that
Rev. and Mrs. Boukoutz have
been here in evangelical work they
have endeared themselves to a
large number of people whom they
have met in their work, and have
been earnest workers izx the Mas
ter’s vineyard. They go from
here with the best wishes of our
people for success in their chosen
work. There have been quite a
number of additions to the church
instrumentality and there will be
yet some who will join the church
because of their coming among us. j
The last number of the Lyceum
Bureau entertainments will be
given at the opera house next
Tuesday evening March 31, by
Alvih Green, the prince of humor
ists. He is said to furnish the fin
est fund of wit, humor and plea
santries of any entertainer on the
boards today. Remember the
date and be on hand to enjoy the j
best of the lyceum entertainments. I
3ii Monday'* W«rld-BeraJd The
following story about the disap
pearance of Mr*. GwAeld Erring
ton wa- printed:
"Garfield Errington. a woathy
young farmer of Ord. Neb., is ap
pealing to the authorities all over
America to help him find his wife
and 2-year-old daughter. Mrs.
Jessie Errington. 2b years old. and
Goldie, the little daughter, board
ed a train at Ord on December 13,
bound for Omaha they were going
to transfer here and continue their
trip to Melford. Canada, where
she had relatives they intended to
“Errington kissed his wife and
baby good-by, helped them on the
train, watched them enter the
door of the car and has not seen
them since. He is spending hun
dreds of dollars sending a detailed
description of the woman and baby
to points all over the North Amer
ican continent. The first he knew
of their disappearance was when
they failed to appear at Melford
and her relatives wrote to him
asking about her delay.
“Mrs. Errington was light com
plexioned, smooth faced, her upper
corner teeth were missing and the
baby is golden haired.
“We never had trouble, but
I lived happily together during our
five yeais of married life," was
Errington's report to the local
l*>!ice. ‘There was no insanity in
her family and I do not believe
she lost her memory. We both
idolized the baby. I am imagin
ing all kinds of things that could
have happened to her. She has
leen gone three months now and
every hour of that three months
1 have vainly hoped to hear from
He has offered a reward for
information about her. He rehe
lives in Cfcnada are also conduct
mg a search."
Investigation has lead to the db
wwv that iwurheW Eniigttw b
a brother to who b well
known at Irene and who now
lives in the north part of the
county, near Burwell, tvartieM
does not live in thb county and
probably never has but has been
known at Burwell for years. He
is far from being wealthy farmer
and many who have seen him in
Burwell daily of late had not
known that he was concerned
about his -wife or child.—Ord
Not a few have called attention
to the too narrow condition of the
cement sidewalks on the main
business street of our city. A
j business man and one of the prin
jciple merchants owning a building
i and doing ft thriving business on
said street, said to the reporter, I
, wish you would call public atten
tion to tiie fact that the walks are
at least three feet too narrow for
the traffic on said street. He
wished sentiment could be brought
in favor of the widening of said
walks at least three feet, believing
it would be for the very best good.
There is no qnestien but that when
ever there is much of a crowd in
our city the walks prove way too
narrow for the use of the people
who line the street, and we be
lieve the widening of sach side
walks would be appreciated.
On Monday of this week, John
Eggers sold his meat market to his
son, John Eggers, Jr., who re
cently arrived here from Denver.
The new proprietor is a young
man with all the marks of energy
and progressiveness showing in
his make-up and we believe he will
prove a welcome addition to oar
business interests.
Ug» I—* Iwp illtfc iwt fvMTS
At Apm fcao* Lssl UMn
Last Friday evening, about €
o'clock, at bis home in Logan
township.George L. Zigler. one of
the best known and highly resect
ed farmers 'of Sherman county
i died suddenly from a paralytic
stroke. He had just driven in
from the field with a load of corn
fodder and had loosed the tugs
when he fell at the horses heels
under the front end of the wagon,
where his two sons found him a
few moments afterwards and car
ried him into the house. Think
ing he had been kicked by one of
the horses. Dr. Bowman was sent
for who on arrival found Mr.Zigler
dead, had probably died immedi
ately where he was found. Dr.
Bowman phoned to town for Dr.
Main, the coroner, who found Dr.
Bowman's diagnosis as coinciding
with his own. and held no inquest
necessary. The funeral was held
at the opera house in Loup City
Monday following, deceased being
so well and favorably known that
no church would have sufficient
seating capacity to accommodate
all who would wish to pay last re
spects to their departed neighbor,
friend and brother. The funeral
was held at 1 o'clock in the after
noon. fully 509 being in attend
and nearly exhausting the seating
capacity of the building. The
Odd Fellows, of which he was an
honored member, had charge of
, the services, closing with ritual
istic work following short talk and
address by Rev. Boukouts and
Dr. Sutherland of the Baptist
cburclu after which interment was
had in Evergreen cemetery. In
the death of Mr. Zigler, Sherman
count has lost one of her best cit
izens, a man highly respected by
all, and one whose life was most
exemplary and uplifting. In his
death his family has lost a loving,
devoted and affectionate husband
and father; those who knew him
a kind friend, and the people of
the county a progressive citizen.
George Leander Zigler was born
in Lorain, Stevenson county, Illi
nois, Oct. 24, 1862. In February,
1884, he moved to Ashland, this
state, thence that fall to Mar
quette. Hamilton county, living
there until Feb. 19, 1901, when he
came to Sherman county where he
lived until death. In February,
1889, he was united in wedlock t >
Miss Della Weaver, to whom were
born two sons and four daughters,
Ralp, Lee, Grace, Lila, Fay and
Hazel,‘all of whom, with the wife,
survive him. He is survived also
by two brothers and one sister—
J. C. Zigler of Savannah, Ills.; W.
T. Zigler of Marquette, Neb., and
Mrs. Katie Fullrath of Mt. Car
roll, Ills. Deceased united with
the U. B. church in 1894, which
membership he retained until his
Card of Thanks
We wish to express our heart
felt tlianks to friends, neighbors,
the hrotherhoods and all who ga\ e
aid amt sympathy in our deep loss
«t towing ana devoted husband and
The members of the Home Tal
ent Co.* that played “What's
Next’* at Loup City Friday night
speak very highly of the treat
ment accorded them by the Loup
City people, they report an ex
ceptionally large house, and most
cordial treatment from the many
people of whom they had to ask
favors. Judging from the ap
plause and the comments of the
people *ith whom they talked
believe that they succeeded in
pleasing their audience. They
wish to thank the people of Loup
City for their patronage and hos
pitality. and assure them that at
any time that Loup City should
want anything from Ashton, they
shall have it if it is is power
ed the characters W 'What's Next'
to give it to them.
rolls around Ashton should p»k>
up a handsome majority m its
favor, if this can be done Ashton
will have something to which it
can pcmt with pride in future
The B. B B. dub werr enter
tained at the S. S. Pol ski home
last Tuesday evening. This club
affords many glorious times to its
members and all concerned.
Mr. McKline was one of the
happiest men in Ashton on St.
Patrick’s day wearing the genu
ine Shamrock from Ireland in the
old coontry.
Henry Ojendyk and Harry Lo
renz t le auto expert (alias) Barney
Oldfie d were on the go all day
Monday visiting in different parts
of Sherman County.
We. the members of the R B.
B. club wish to correct jui error]
in Ashton's last weeks sterns, stat
ing that said club sang and yelled
until the marshal told them to
stop—night being the time to
sleep, etc. T>#- was simply a joke
—some of the young men. who
had no intention of sleeping for
some time, told the marshal to
stop us. At the time it was only
9 o’clock and part of the girls had
gone home and the rest were on
their way. and the noise had stop
ped some time before. The club
will forgive the offending parties
providing such thing does not oc
cur again,—The members of the
B. B. B. club.
The B. B. B. club painted the
town very green every principal
corner also sidewalk, were the
victims this time—some class to
that.—A traveling Salesman said
is the graduation exercises over
with—and one of the townsman
said, “you are dreaming man.
you get to wait till in June.--“O’,
said the traveler, “I was judging
by your walks that it was all over
with. ” “Oh no, said the Ash
tonite “you see. we people here in
Ashton graduate, at least twice a
year, this time the B. B. B. club
The Metropolitan Policeman,
Chas. Shamrock is still wearing
the smile ‘'that won’t wear off.’1
He says wasn't that a boost they
gave us in Loup City.
If anybody wants to know how
batching is ask Steve Polski or
Jos Hruby they can tell you how
to do it in a way of cookng and
frying- eggs.
Jos. Jankowski, the enterpris
ing cashier of the Ashton State
Bank purchased a new Ford auto
from the Ashton Auto Co., last
Miss A. Zochall was a St. Paul
visitor last week.
Job a Hansen and wife of Minne
apolis were Ashton visitors for a
few days.
Miss Ina Todd left Saturday for
Burwell after a few days visit with
her parents and friends.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. F. G.
Smith, Friday, March 20tb, 1914,
a baby boy.
Par! Chilewski is remodeling
his blacksmith shop for scone other
The B. B. B. club, in honor of
the patron saint, painted the
whole town with green paint.
Mr. Golus of Loup City was an
Ash ten visitor, Monday.
Petar Boss moved to Loup City
the latter part of last week.
Everyone should put their
shoulder to the wheel and T>oost
for a new court house for Sher
man county. A new court bouse
is for the good of the whole coun
ty and something that is badly
needed, and when election day