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Loup City Northwestern
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Professionm Cards
Attorney d taeicr-it-Law
* it. H. MATHEW,
And Bonded Abstractor,
Loup City, Nebraska
Practices in all Courts
JLoip City, Xeb.
Bonded Abstracter
Lcvr ClTT, - NKBRAfKA.
Only set of Abstract txxiksin coun t
Office, Over New Bank.
1‘lionr, 30. OOiee at Residence
Two Doors East ef Telephone Central
Loop City. - Nehraska
a. s. MAIN
Loup City, Nebr.
Oilice at Residence,
Telephone Connection
J. E. Bowman M. D. Carrie L. Bowman M. D.
Physician* and Surgeon*
l'hone 114 Loup City. Nebraska
Dr. James F Blanchard
Office hours
1 p. m. until 5:30 p. m. only
Office up stairs in the new State
dank buildin?.
OFFICE: East Side Public Souaie.
Phone. Brown 116
V. I. MeDonall
Prompt Dray Work
Call lumber yards or Taylor’s
elevator. Satisfaction guaran
teed. Phone Brown 57
For good clean and neat work
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Come and get my prices
Contractor and Plasterer
Phone White 70
Give me a call and get my
prices. I will treat you right
Satisfaction Guaranteed
funeral Director
Licensed Embalmei
Business Phone Black 6.c
Loup City, Nebraska
General Blacksmithini
Horse Shoeing and Wood
work. Coma in and see me.
Loup City, Neb.
Its Progress and Prospertv
Taken From Lincoln Trade
Situated in the fertile valley of
the Middle Loup river lies Loup
City, the county seat of Sherman
county, and one of the most prom
ising towns of the state. During
the past few years Loup City has
experienced a reign of prosperity
that is phenomenal in mtlny ways.
Prosperity abounds in this county
for it is one of the most fertile in
the state of Nebraska. In the val
ley, land values range from $50
up to $100 per acre, and are suit
able for crops of all kinds. Out
side the valley, may be found the
upland prairie, suitable for culti
vation and also affording excellent
pasturage facilities for cattle. It
has not been until recent years
tiiat the real value of the farms of
Sherman county has been realized.
Judging from the past, one is safe
in predicting that the land values
of Sherman county have not near
ly reached their height, and it is
said by many in position to know
that the land of Sherman county
selling at its present price of to
day is cheap land and a good in
vestment for any one.
There will be seen within the
next few years a phenomenal
growth in population, as well as
increased prosperity of all kinds
in this county, and it behooves one
to watch carefully its growth, for ]
it will be a record-breaker, and as
in the past will in the future make
even a greater mark than hereto
The country surrounding Loup
City is no doubt the most fertile
in Sherman county the surround
ings most picturesque and the cli
matehealthy and invigorting. s:
Loup City is today a city of
Excellent Financial Condition
The finances of Sherman county
. are in excellent shape. This coun
! ty has at the present time only
j a small indebtedness which will be
wiped out within the next two
years iind the County placed out
of debt for all time to come. It is
the consensus of opinion of the
business men that the county
should be run on a business basis
and to vote bonds for the con
struction of a much-needed court
until the county is cleared of all
past debts, and then when that
has been accomplished it will be
an easy matter, by the voting of
an additional three or four mill
levy, to run but a short time, to
coustruct for Sherman county a
court house worthy of note and
sufficient for the needs of the
county. The above in brief is the
plan of tho business men of the
county now. Even better than
the finances of the county are
those of Loup City, for thie city
has not at the present time a single
cent of indebtedness. They car
ried on extensive civic improve
ments without having a single
bond and for these accomplish
ments the town is to be congrat
The prosperity of the county
and the peodle therein is practi
cally demonstrated by the com
bined bank statements of Loup
City, which aggregate at present
time the following sum. Capital
stock and surplus, $lip,449; de
posits, $472,611; loans, $899,112.
The prosperity of the banks is
evidenced from their statements as
shown above and their considera
tion for the safety of the deposi
tors is shown by the fact that they
have cash on hand aggregating
$158,000, or far above that re
quired by law.
1 Another new financial - industry
that has recently been established
Hill and Electric Light Plant, Loup City, Nebraska
- '
! about 1600 population, and it has’
only started to grow, It enjovs
excellent railroad facilities, being !
reached by both the Burlington J
and Union Pacific lines. Within j
the next few years, when the sur-1
rounding country shall have come
into its own and its real merit re
alized, it is safe to anticipate that
Loup City, which must serve as a
financial, business and distributing
point for this territory, will great
ly increase in population, wealth
and general prosperity.
Successful Commercial Club
Business men of Loup City are
well organized into a commercial
club that has done much for the
prosperity of the city. The club
at the present time numbers some
seventy-five members, all active in
the wort and taking a great inter
est therein. E. G. Taylor is at
the present time at the head of
the chib, with W. S, Waite secre
tary. T>t tell of all the numerous
, accomplishments and the benefits
accrued to Loup City from this
active club would take so much
time and space that it seems un_
necessary to list its accomplish
’ ments here, but in passing frony
this commercial club of Loup
City it is to be congratulated upon
its work in the past and spurred
on to even greater work'in the fuT
ture. What a live commercial
, club can do for a town has been
demonstrated in many instances in
1 this state and Loup City is an ex
t ample of this, for too much credit
' for the phenomenal growth and
prosperity of Loup City cannot be
given the members of this live club
in Loup City is the First Trust
Company. The directors of both
the First National bank and the
Loup City bank are stockholders
of this new firm. It is engaged in
a general trust company business,
handling trusts, mortgages, loans,
providing for the exchange of
land and security investments
among the people. This company
was organized in April of this
year, and has a capital stock of
$25,000, It will no doubt prove a
valuable asset to Ihe community
and uid materially in bring in
vestors to Sherman county.
In civic improvements, Loup
City surpasses many t°wns af pro
portionate size. One of the fea
tures of Loup City, is its wide,
well lighted streets. The roads
are well kept up, thus affording
farmers easy access to the city.
The town is lighted thoroughly
throughout and has now over 25
miles of cement walks.
Park Development.
One of the features of Loup
City is the excellent park to which
they have immediate access. This
park is the pride of the citizens of
Loup City, and there is no other
town in the state of Nebraska
that can claim a parkof this
kind for their home town.
The. merits of this park cannot be
appreciated without a visit to it,
for it is difficult to explain the
many interesting features of it
The park is known as Jenner’s
park, and it is situated immedi?
| ly outside the town in a beautiful
canyon. Here shade trees are
abundant and in natural beauty it
is not excelled by any similar place
in the state. .Here the owner of
the park, Henry Jenner, has col
lected many curios of great value,
which are open to inspection. A
complete menagerie of many and
and various kinds of animals are
caged here for public inspection,
and aside from these many inter
esting features of the park, are
botanical gardens, trees of various
kinds and almost every form of
amusement that one would expect
to find in a place of this kind. The
park is well kept up, lighted
throughout by electricity, and it
gives to Loup City excellent op
dustries of this calibre mean much
to a city.
Dr. J. F. Blanchard, proprietor
and physician in charge of the
Infirmary of Osteopathy, has here
commodious quarters and is a val
uable asset in this line to this set
Loup City is the center of the
Sherman County Telephone sys
tem. with valuation at the present
of about $65,000 and they furnish
excellent service at a reasonable
Loup City claims at the present
time one of the finest hotel build
Loup City’s New Opera House
portunities for instructive amuse
ment on all occasions.
Fin* Opera House
Loup City recently opened one
of the finest opera houses in the
state of Nebraska. The opera house
has been completed at a cost of
$25,000, with excellent outside ap
pearance and inside accommoda
tions. The electric wiring was
done by C. R. Sweetland of that
city and speaks well for the home
talent work. Thos. Daddow is the
proprietor of the opera house and
brings to Loup City through this
many excellent shows and entei
Industrial Progress
The electric light plant of Loup
City is well to the front when com
pared with electric light plants in
the smaller towns of the state. It
renders to the people 24-hour ser
vice, deriving power from the
Loup river, storage batteries and
gasoline power engines and is
able to give the city continuous
light service. In connection with
the electric light plant and deriv- J
its power from the same source, is
the Loup City mill, one of the
largest flouring mills in that ter
ritory, which is kept in constant
operation, day and night, due to
the demands for their product.
The mill has a daily capacity of 100
barrels and distributes an excel
lent brand of flour throughout
that territory. E. Q. Taylor is
proprietor of both the mill and
the electric light plant.
The Crystal Bottling Works of
Loup City does an extensive busi
ness throughout that immediate
territory. They have a daily ca
pacity of 125 cases and the plant
is modern and sanitary in every
way. A. O. Lee is owner and
manufactures and distributes all
kinds of soda waters, eiders and
fountain supplies.
The Ravenna Creamery operates
a branch here which consumes
much of the large supply of milk
from this territory.
Up to a short time ago the city
claimed an excellent brick yardr
owned by Henry Ohlsen, which
was estimated at a value, prior to
its destruction by fire at $15,000.
It is said the owner contemplates
rebuilding the plant on even a
larger scale. It is hoped such will
be the case as manufacturing in
togs of any small city in the state.
This hotel was recently completed
by Mrs. Viola Odendahl at a cost
exceeding $25,000, and is known
as the Hotel Frederick. It is mod
ern in every way. In addition to
the new hotel, the cit-.v claims an
other excellent hotel, the equal of
any in any town of similar size in
the state. This is the Milburn ho
tel, owned and operated by E. A.
Milburn. The city, with its most
excellent hotel facilities has set a
criterion to be followed by many
towns in the state, for there is no
one thing that will create so favor
able an impression on a visitor as
decent hotel accommodations in a
town. In this, Loup^City, with
its excellent hotels is at the top.
There are many new* buildings
and business improvement of late
and the town is to be congratulat
ed upon the appearance of its busi
ness buildings. There are many
modern stores finished complete
within and without in the best
manner possible and this gives to
the city the appearance of pros
perity it desesves. In general,
the retail stores are perhaps above
the average.
A necessary facility to a town is
good waterworks system. In this
respect Loup City can claim a
great deal, for they are equipped
with a modem and sanitary water
system, with mains practically
throughout the entire city, giving
an excellent quality of water to
the consumers at the rate of 20c
per 1,000 gallons. The plant is
municipally owned and has proved
a great success.
Loup City supports two pros
perous newspapers, the Times and
the Northwestern. The latter is
one of the old established newspa
pers of the state, and its editor, J.
W. Burleigh, has dohe a great
deal in boosting for his town and
county aDd making his newspaper a
valuable asset in the community. It
has the largest circulation of any
newspaper printed |n Sherman county
and might be considered tue county
We have attempted herein to enu
merate a few of those important
things for which Loup City deserves
credit. Many of these have been ac
complished within the last few yean,
and it appears that Loup City is just
attaining Its stride in its quest for
I greater business and more prosperity.
First Trust Company
Loup City, Nebraska
C. BRADLEY. President E. A. MINER. Secretary
W. F. MASON. Vice President C. C. CARLSEN. Treasurer
or money earning laps than 7 per cent put it in our LAND
BANK, have it well secured by some of our personally in
spected, carefully made, title approved, tax free first mort
gage securities on rich Nebraska farms. Let our everlasting
hills and rich valleys guarantee to you the prompt and cer
tain payment of the principal when due, and interest at, say
6 per cent, paid twice a year. You know and we know that
best earth is that which grow* the greatest variety of crops'
corn, wheat, alfalfa, cattle, hogs and sheep. Put these gilt
edge, tax free securities in your strong box, laugh at your
assessor, grow fat, livelong and feel easy. They will pro
tect you against want, give you a decent burial when you die
provide for your loved one when you’re gone.
$100 loaned at 4 per cent semi-annual interest for 20 years will amount
to $2208.
$1000 loaned at 5 per cent semi-annual interest for 20 years will amount
to *2685.
*1000 loaned at 9 per cent semi-annual interest for 20 years will amount
to $3262.
$1000 loaned at 7 per cent semi-annual interest for 20 years will amount
to $3659.
\ou will no doubt loan your idle money, just take your choice.
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wm. Graefe, Propr.
The following business and profes
sional men of Loup City, who believe
in advertising and developing thei:
town are readers of the Trade Review
J. P, Leinihger Lumber Co.
Milburn Hotel.
Gus Loren tz, clothier.
Crystal Bottling Works.
Daily & Krebs, furniture.
R. H. Mathew, attorney.
Win. Graefe, drugs.
O. F. Petersen, hardware.
Loup City State Bank.
Keystone Lumber Co.
E. G. Taylor, mil! company.
J. W. Burleigh, Ed. Northwestern.
Dr. J. F. Blanchard.
First National Bank.
Swanson 8s Lofholm, drugs.
Henry Jenner,. park..
A. E. Chase, general merchandise.
Hajhurst 4 Gallaway, hardware*
The Hotel Frederick.
J. W. Long, real estate.
First Trust Co.
C. R. Sweetland, electrician.
Thos. Daddow, opera house.
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