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    Loup City Northwestern
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Professions Cards
Attorney and Counseicr*at*Law
And Bonded Abstractor,
Loup City, Nebraska
Practices in all Courts
Loup City, Neb.
Bonded Abstracter
Loup City, - Nebraska.
Only set of Abstract books in county
Office, Over New Bank.
Phone, 30. OfHce at Residence
Two Doors East of Telephone Central
Limp City, - Nebraska
Loup Gity, Nebr.
Office at Residence,
Telephone Connection
J. E. Bowman M. D. Carrie L. Bowman M. D.
Physicians and Surgeons
Phone 114 Loup City, Nebraska
V. I. McDonall
Prompt Dray Work
Call lumber yards or Taylor’s
elevator. Satisfaction guaran
teed. Phone Brown 57
For good clean and neat work
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Come and get my prices
W. SB* Hisums
Contractor and Plasterer
Phone White 70
Give me a call and get my
prices. I will treat you right.
Satisfaction Guaranted
Office up stairs in the new State
Bank building.
OFFICE: East Side Public Sauaie.
Phone, Brown 116
For a Square Deal
Real Estate
And Insurance
J. W Dougal
Offce First Floor, 4
doors south of
State Bank Building
Warren Miller
Bests Kinney
Warren Miller, our local champion
wrestler, went to Scotia last Thurs
day evening and won over Greeley’s
great mat artist in two straight falls,
the first taking 50 minutes, in which
Kinney escaped for that length of
time every hold and grip Miller could
get, our boy finally pinning the pride
of the Irish to the mat with a liam
merlock and crotch hold. However.
Miller won the second fall in only 50
seconds with a chancery arm hold,
Kinney being about all in, while
Warren seemed as fresh as though he
had been simply practicing a few
minutes for exersise. Now, if Lee
Scott of Ansley is afraid to try con
clusions with Joe Stecker of Dodge,
who some time ago took the measure
of our local boy, as appears to be the
case, we are of the opinion that if he
can be secured for a go with Miller,
the latter will do to him what Steck
er did to Miller. Of course local fans
would rather see a tussel betwem
Scott and Stecker first, with Miller
challenging the winner, but if that
can’t be, let Scott be secured for a
sacrifice to Warren.s skill and superior
May Extend
J. J. Cox and a Mr. Kerns, the for
mer a commercial traveling freight
agent and the latter connected with
the same department of the Burling
ton system, spent several days in this
vicinity, gathering data and other
material for the proposed extension of
the railroad from here, it was ru
mored. The gathering of freight
statistics is a customary procedure
before an extension is authorized,
and the visit of these gentlemen has
some indication that the attention of
the officers of the road has been
drawn and they acted with favor in
ordering the statistics prepared for
their enlightment. Mr. Lundy, who
came up with these gentlemen, acted
as their guide in showing them where
the information they sought could be
obtained for their reports. Both Mr.
Cox and Mr. Kerns departed for Lin
coln this morning. What their report
will ae could not be learned.
Henry Ohlsen & Son
Gets Gontract
Contractor Henry Ohlsen made a
business trip to Greeley Monday,
where they have in contemplation a
new court house.
Lathr Word was received from
Mr. Ohlsen that he had received the
contract, under the name of Henry
Ohlsen & Son. Good enough, and our
people will all say, Amen.
All kinds of choice meats at Rey
Loup City Banquet
Friday evening the Loup City Com
mercial Club held the regular annual
banquet, to which the St. Paul Busi
nessmen’s Club was invited. For
some reason or other none of the club
members from here attended and
they missed a great treat. There
were 165 people in attendance and the
banquet served by the ladies of the
town would have done credit to any
place twice the size of Loup City.
Fourteen addresses were made after
the feasting, most of them bubbling
over with the booster spirit. Some J
of the talks were made in the Bohe- ’
mian, Swedish and German languages.
Secretary Conners of Grand Island,
was among the speakers and in his
address referred to three classes of
work a commercial club could do—lo
cal, state and municipal. He urged
harmony and the burial of personal
prejudices and opinions as necessary
to a successful operation of a club.
The Loup City Club is showing that
it is a live one, out for the best inter
ests of Loup City and the Republican
regrets very much that the St. Paul
club did not send a delegation from
here to represent our city at their
banquet.—St. Paul Republican.
Chickens still wanted at Lee Bros,
High School Notes
On account of the cold weather a
a few of the pupils are absent from
The teacher taking charge of the
room which was formerly taught by
Miss Hazel DeCamp is Miss O’Mead.
Having completed orthography in
Normal Reviews the classes are now
beginning a four weeks’ course in
mental arithmetic.
Coral Daddow, a member of the
Senior Class is missing school on ac
count of sickness.
The Seniors are again at practice
for their class play which they are
expecting to give to the public in the
near future.
The new song books which were
presented to the High School by the
school board, arrived the latter part
of last week. They are very nice and
are appreciated by all.
Frank Wheatcraft
Falls 30 Feet
To Death
Tuesday forenoon an appalling ac
cident occurred on the old Wheat
craft place on Davis Creek which
cost the life of the owner.
There was trouble with the wind
mill and the local blacksmith was
called to put things to right. This
mechanic got things along as far as he
could without help and Frank Wheat
craft went up to lend a hand.
Mr. Wheatcraft was kicked in the
head a year ago and had not fully re
covered from the ill effects of the
kick, and it was with misgivings that
he went up the tower.
The work was just about done and
Frank had remarked that he ought
not to be up there, when he evidently
became dizzy. At any rate he fell to
the ground, a distance of some 30 feet,
and received injuries from which lie
could not rally.
Help was rendered to him and
physicians called. Dr. Miller went
from Ord, Dr. O’Neill from North
Loup and there was a surgeon from
Grand Island. But the condition ofj
the man was sucli that no operation
could be attempted.
By the fall a kidney was ruptured
and he bled to death internally. Very
soon after the accident a swelling be
gan to rise on his right side, which
continued to grow as the terrible
hours passed. The man was in great
agony and conscious to the last.
As no operation could be had that
could save him the other doctors left
hut Dr. Miller remained with him till
the end, which came at about 3:00
3’lock yesterday morning.
Tiie deceased was 41 years old on
the 4th of last December. He was a
single man, and a prosperous and well
esteemed citizen.
The funeral will be held from the
G. B. church in the neighborhood at
2:00 p. m. Saturday afternoon. —Ord
yuiz. Jan. .‘50.
Public Sales
Mrs. Evs Schmaljohn's Sale
Having rented her farm, Mrs. Eva
Schmaljohn will sell at her farm, 2
miles south of Rockville, Wednesday,
February 12th, 1913, commencing at
1 o’clock p. m.. sharp, the following
property: Four head of horses, 15
head of shoats, 30 chickens, farm ma
chinery, some household goods and
other articles. The usual terms of
sale with a credit of 10 months will be
given. A. A. Gray, auctioneer: E.
Dwehus, clerk.
Alfred Anderson’s Sale
Having sold my farm and moving
to town, I will sell at Public Auction
on said farm, 1 1-2 miles northeast of
Loup City, on Thursday, February
13, 1913, commencing at 10 o'clock a.
m., sharp, the following property: 11
head of horses, 16 head of cattle, 8
head of Poland China hogs, 5 dozen
chickens, 8 turkeys and 3 geese, four
stands of \ bees, farm machinery, 22
barrel galvanized water tank, cream
separator, 5 tons alfalfa, 2 tons hay,
household goods of all kinds and
many other things. Usual terms with
a credit of 8 months. Free lunch at
noon. Alfred Anderson, Owner.
Col. Jack Pageler, W. F. Mason,
Auctioneer. Clerk.
Roy Chapman’s Sals
I will sell at> Public Auction at my
place 5and 1-2 miles southeast of Loup
City and 3 northeast of Austin, known
as the old Jake Ritz farm, on Friday,
February 14, 1913, commencing at 1
o’clock, p. m., sharp, the following
property : 7 head of horses, 4 head of
cattle, 18 head of hogs, farm ma
chinery, 3 ton prairie hay, 3 dozen
chickens, household goods and other
articles. Usual terms of sale with 8
months credit.
Roy Chapman, Owner.
Col. Jack Pageler, W. F. Mason,
Auctioneer. Clerk.
Fred Schneidereit’a Sale
Having sold my farm I will offer at
Public Auction at my farm, 1 mile
north and 2 1-2 miles east of Loup
City, and 1-2 mile north and 2 and 1-2
miles west of Schaupps, on Thursday,
February 20,1913, commencing at 10
a. m.,sharp, the following property:
0 head of horses, 5 head of cattle, 10
head of bogs, 6 dozen chickens, farm
machinery, stack of prairie hay, stack
of alfalfa, 400 bushels corn, 5 bushels
seed corn and numerous other
articles. Free lunch at noon.
Fred Schneiderelt, Owner.
Jacob Albers, W. F. Mason,
Auctioneer. Clerk.
Teofil Kosmicki’s Sale
On account of moving away 1 will
sell all my property at Public sale, on
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1913, on the old
Lawrence Kosmicki farm, 2 miles
south and 3 miles east of Ashton and
6 miles west of Farwell, the following
property: 8 head of horses, 13 head
of cattle, 14 hogs, farm machinery,
gasoline engine, two seated carriage,
household goods and other articles.
Usual terms with 9 months’ credit
will be given. Sale starts at 11 o’clock
and free lunch at noon.
Teofil Kostnicki, Owner.
Col. J. G. Pageler, Jos. Jankewski,
Auctioneer. Clerk.
Albert Contor'e Sale
Deciding to refeovw from the
country, I will offer for sale at the
Gaydeski farm, half mile west and
two miles north of Ashton, on Mon
day, February 17, 1913, commencing
at 10 o’clock a. m., sharp, the follow
ing property: 8 head of horses, 42
head of cattle, 24 head of hogs, farm
machinery, 40 bushels of potatoes,
2 geese, 2 ducks, an organ and other
articles. Free lunch. Usual terms
with 10 months time.
Albert COntor, Owner.
Col. Jack Pageler, S. S. Polsfei.
Auctioneer. Clerk.
30th Wedding
A surprise was given at Schultz &
Stickles hall last week Wednesday
evening to Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Jack
in honor of their 30th wedding anni
versary, with a tine supper. Some 200
guests were present and the couple
were presented with a dozen silver
knives and forks by their friends
present. The guests engaged in a
social dance till near midnight, when
the supper was served and then the
merry revelers kept up the light fan
tastic till about 2:30a. in., when all
departed for their homes with remem
brance of one of the most joyous oc
casions of the season.
On Tuesday morning of this week,
(Feb. 4th, 1913) at the early hour of 6
o’clock, at the home of the bride’s
mother, Mrs. Flora A. DeCamp, in
St. Paul, Nebr., occurred the nuptials |
of our popular dentist, Dr. S. A.
Allen, and Miss Hazel Beulah De
Camp, one of the estimable teachers
of our public schools the past few
months. Ilev. Dr. D. A. Leeper of <
this city officiating. The groom is
one of the leading dentists of the
state, having been president of the
dental association of this district,
and at present editor of the state
dental society paper, and stands very
high in the councils of his profession
throughout the state.. He is not only
a dentist of state rep if ^e, but is a
leader among our business men and
socially among the first In the younge
set. The bride, while a comparative
stranger to our people, lias won many
friends during her few months stay
with us and has proved one
of our best teachers. They left
shortly after the ceremony and wed
ding breakfast for an absence of a
week or ten days at Omaha and
various points in Iowa, after which
they will return to Loup City and
occupy the new bungalow erected by
John Ohlsen south of the U. P. depot.
The best wishes of their many friends
will follow them in thMr new-found
happiness. They will be at home to
their friends after Feb. 20th.
(Jnlntrodoced Bills.
The constitutional twenty days for
the introduction of bills in the legis
lature has dwindled close to the dis
appearing point. Many crying needs
remain unprovided for. Before it is
everlastingly too late permit us to
specify a few bills that might logically
be introduced.
A bill for a bounty of ten cents a
dozen on weeds cut from farmers’
A bill for the relief of farmers’
wives whose chickens die for want of
fresh water.
A D1U x°r iree municipal steam
drying plants for tlie use of people
who do not go in when it rains.
A bill appropriating $1'000,000 for
the encouragement of breathing in
A constitutiontl amendment re
aring the forcible feeding, through
the nose if neccessary, of persons un
willing to eat of their own accord.
A joint resolution for a joint legis
lative committee to study the prob
lem of inducing people to buy goods
at low prices when they could pay
The ancient doctrine that every
man must do his own swimming has
apparently been outgrown. We have
bills to pay people for posioning the
gophers in their own alfalfa fields.
Why discriminate against the weeds
in the cornfield? We have bills provid
ing for state and national assistance
in fixing up a road to town for us.
Why should the government not
breathe for us, predigest our food,
and supply us with common sense in
Why, in fact, should we do any
thing for ourselves. Why not esconce
ourselves on flowery beds of ease and
le't the government fan the flies away?
The only obstacle is the fact that be
hind all this charity must stand a tax
payer, which is ourselves. This we
strangely forget when the pie is pass
ing around. State Treasurer George’s
assertion that Nebraska taxes hava
quintupled in ten yean ought to re
mind us—and the legislature_State
For Sale—Good muley cow, fresli
soon, perfectly gentle, atS. M. Peter
sen’s, mile west of we-t bridge. See
him for price.
Notice of Executor Sele of Lend
In the District Court of Sherman
County. Nebraska.
In the matter of the application of
Walter P. Reed, executor of the
estate of Thomas M. Reed, deceased,
for license to sell real estate.
State of Nebraska, )
Sherman County, t
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of the Hon. Bruno
O. Hostetler, judge of the district
court of Sherman count}', Nebraska,
made on this 17th day of December,
1912, for the sale of real estate here
inafter described, there will be sold
at public vendue, to the highest bid
der for cash, at the south and front
door of the court house, in the city of
Loup City, in said county, on the28th
day of Feb., 1913, at the hour of 2
o’clock in the afternoon, the following
described real estate, to-wit: Lots
four (4) and five (5) in block seventeen
(17) , lot sixteen (16) in block three
(3), lots sixteen (16) and (17) in block
twenty-two (22), lots fifteen (15) and
sixteen (16) in block ten (10), all in
original town, now city of Loup City,
Nebraska, in the county of Sherman,
also a certain piece or parcel of land
lying in the northwest quarter of the
northwest quarter of section eighteen
(18) township fifteen (15), nortli of
range fourteen (14), west of the Gth P. Sherman county. Nebraska, more
particularly described as follows, to
wit: Commencing at the southwest
corner of the northwest quarter of
the northwest quarter of section
eighteen (18), running thence north
ninty (90) feet, to the place of begin
ing: running thence north two hun
dred and ten (210) feet; thence west
three hundred (300) feet; thence run
ning south two hundred and ten (210)
feet; thence east two hundred and ten
(210) feet, to place of beginning. Said
sale will remain open for one hour.
Dated this 3rd day of February, 1913.
Walter P. Reed,
Rxeeutor of the Estate of Thomas M.
Reed, deceased.
(Last pub. Feb. 27]
Notice for Special School Dis
trict Election
A special meeting or election of the
egal voters of School District No. 1
)f Sherman County, Nebraska, ealled
>n the written request of 280 legal
voters, will be held at the school house
in said district, on Saturday, the first
lay of March 1913, from 8 o’clock a.
m., to 6 o’clock p. m. for the purpose
jf submitting to the electors of said
district “The Questions”, shall the
district issue it’s optional bonds in
the sum trf thirty thousand dollars to
purchase site and build a new school
house in said district. J. S. Pedler,
Road Notice
To all whom it may concern: The
Commisioner appointed to locate a
road commencing at road No. 146 and
running thence on section line be
tween sections 22 and 27, west one
mile and terminating at road No. 121,
ill in town 15, range 16, has reported
in favor of the establishment thereof
md all objections thereto or claims
for damage must be filed in the office
)f the county clerk on or before noon
jf the 3rd day of April, 1913, or such
road will be established without refer
2nee thereto.
Dated at Loup City this 21st day of |
January, 1913.
W. C. Deiterichs
County Clerk.
Last pub Feb. 20.
Notice to Creditors
state of Nebraska l ss i„ the Countv Court
Sherman County \ ss< ln lne coullty court
[n the matter of the estate of August Zel
ler, deceased.
ro the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will sit at
.he county court room in Loup City, In said
:ounty. on the 22nd day of August. 1913.
o receive and examine all claims against said
;state. with a view to their adjustment and al
owance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims against said estate is the 22nd
iay of August A.D, 1913, and the time limited for
payment of debts Is one year from said 22nd
lay of August, 1913.
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
:ourt. this 24th day of January, 1913.
E. A. Smith.
[skalj County Judge.
(Last pub. Feb. 20.)
Notice of Hearing on Petition for
Letters of Administration
Sm“ty‘ f ss The State of Nebraska
To tbe next of kin and all persons interested
in tbe estate of Joseph Chelewski, deceased,
late of said county:
Notice is hereby given that on January 27th,
1913, a petition was filed in the County Court
of said county, for the appointment of an ad
ministrator of the estate of Joseph Chelewski,
deceased, late of said county, and that the
same was set for bearing Saturday, the 15th
day February, 1913, at tbe hour of 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, at the office of E. A. Smith,
county judge of said county, in Loup City in
said county, at which time and place all per
sons interested in said estate may appear and
be heard concerning said appointment.
Given under my hand and the seal of said
court this 27th day of January, 1913.
[seal] E, a. Smith,
Connty Judge
last pub. Feb, 13
Ordar of Hearing and Notica of
Probata of Will
State of Nebraska )
County of Sherman i
In the County Court of Sherman County,
To tbe heirs, legatees, devicesand to all per
sons interested In the eatate of John Brown
On reading the petition of David Brown
praying that the instrument Hied In this
court on the 18thday of January, 19l3,and pur
porting to be the last will and testament of
the said deceased, may be proved and allowed
and recorded aa the last will and testament of
John Brown, deceased; that said instrument
be admitted to probate and tbe administra
tion of said estate be granted to said David
Brown is hereby ordered that you
and alljpersons interested In said matter, may.
and do, appear at the County Court to
be held in and for said county, on the 18th
day of February, A. D. 1913, at 10 o'clock a. m.
to show cause, 11 any there be, why the prayer
of the petitioner should not be granted, and
that notice of the pendency of said petition and
that the hearing thereof be given to all per.
sons Interested In said matter by publishing
a copy of this order in the Loup City North
western a weekly newspaper printed in said
county, for three successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of said court this
35th day of January. A. D., 1913.
E. A. Smith
[seal] County Judge
(Last pub Fab. 13)
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