The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, January 09, 1913, Image 5

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    Knock Down Sale, During January, ’13
As we want to clean up all our Winter Goods, we find it necessary to make Special Prices, and in these special PRICES we need the CASH, and, besides, we will meet any
Mail Order House eompetition in DRY GOODS and women’s ready to wear GOODS. All you have to do is to enclose your order to us, with the money. We will mail the goods
to you. State exactly what you want; also send enough for postage. While after Jan. 1st you can send as much as 11 pounds for 15c, send in your orders freely. Below we quote
you the prices of a few articles:
1 Ladies’ Dress Skirts
We have a big lot of ladies’ dress
skirts in all styles, we are going to
jclose out at half price in this ad.
White Dutch Collars
A variety of dainty designs and
| pretty trims, special price 20c
Corset Cove rs
/'3D 3938 j
Attractively trimmed with the new
lace and embroideries, rare values.
Special at
Boys and
Girls stocking
^ Caps
an extra good
value at
,Lead Pencil
A good assort
ment at only Ic
Fashion Hip
Henderson’s Corsets
These corsets are made from the
best matirial money can buy and they
are perfect tit. wc have several styles
At si .00
Ladies’ Fine Kid Cloves.
We handle one of the best kid gloves
that money will buy they are Impor
ted by the Simmons & Co.. Chicago,
we have them in most all colors and
in dressed and undressed
price $1.25 and $1.50
c lothuJU
.033 PA-O-3
n a K I R J
Men’s Suits
On one rack regular price $15.00 to $20.00 in this
Sale your choice $t 1 >
| No 806 Men’s Tan Corduroy Suits, tan narrow
. whale corduroy suits, double breasted, body lined
k with army duck, Large inside pockets each,
^measure 12x15 in. coat pants and vest a
^good value st $8.95
$5.9$. no. 708
Men's gray Dark Union Cashmere Suit, wool and
cotton mixed, soft finish material which makes a
splendid suit for every day for winter wear, dark
gray color with pencil stripe etiect, english satin
lining, a very good suit fortiie money. Price 5.95
$9.95 no. 7156
Men’s extra good value gray suit, a wool worsted
in striped and diagonal weave, single breasted
sack coat, pants are made in medium peg top, this
suit would be sold most places at $15.
Our price while they last $9.95
$13.95 no. 7806
Men’s Blue All Wool Serge Suits a handsome
freshmrn model
JVIep’s Sheep Liped
Duck Coats
No 101 Sheep lined brown duck coat, made from heavy
brown duck with sheep skin linine throughout, collar faced
with drab corduroy, sleeve wristlets autombile fastners,
double sewed seams, average length 31 in., our price $2-99
We claim this is a better coat than Sears Roebuck adver
tises at $2.98. you can find this coaton page 617 no 4IR400
the cost of this coat to send for it. charges 75c
Postal money order 6c
Letter, envelopes, stamps 5c
Send money in advance wait three weeks coat
in Chicago $2.98
The cost of this coat will be $8.88
The price of ours $2.90
and you see what you are buying be
fore paying and we guarantee ours to be first-class goods.
Here is a coat that Sears Roebuck advertise at $4.95
Chicago, you will find this coat in their catalogue on page 517
no 41K421, only that ours has the automobile fasteners, and
theirs is those cheap loops, the automobile fastners costs 15c
more than the loops does.
The express on this coat from Chicago 75c
Postal and money order ... 5c
Letter, envelopes and stamps - 5c
Send money in advance, wait two or three weeks
for the coat to come, price of coat in Chicago $4.95
The cost of this coat delivered in Loup City $5.80
The price of ours and you can see it before buying is $4.75
Here is another coat that Sears Roebuck advertise at $5.95
Chicago , you will find this coat on page 518 no 41K436.
Now add express charges to it 75c
other expense 10c
asd coat in the first place , $5^95
Total $6.8U
The price of oars is $$.$• Does it pay to send away
$2.48 Men’s Dnck Coat Blanket. Lined
Men’s brown duck heavy blanket lining throughout, body and sleeves,
collar a 6 in. beverette, knit wristlela, length of coat 31 in., leather stayed
pocket, weight of coat Stflbs.. we will guarantee thie coat to be as good as
any coat any mail order bouse soil for $1. more
$1.95 No. 42 Men’s Gray Duck Coat
An extra good value for the mony, this coat is double breasted body and
sleeves are lined throughout with heavy blanket lining, coat full 35 in., long
this coat is cheap at $2.95, but we have bought them at a bargain and our
customers will get the benefit, our price while they last is only $1.95
$1.25 Men’s Gray Covert Shower Proof Coat
No. 706, made in double breasted style from strong cotton covert, with
blanket lining throughout body and sleeves, cemented to outside materia 1
by a rubberized process. Collar faced with corduroy: patent buttons, double
sewed seams. Average length 32 in. This coat Sears-Roebuck advertise at
$1.35, Chicago. The cost of ordering this coat is 75c, which makes it cos1*
*2.10. Doesn’t it pay to buy at home?
Dress Goods Department
36 inch Poplin in old rose, white and L. blue, regular price 25c
In this sale 18c
■ ~ • ' ■ »*. .. * i
1-2 wool in 36 inch suiting regular price 35c
In this sale 22c
i,*6 inch wine blue serge suiting in this sale 45c
36 inehgray diagonal suiting regular price 66c
will go in this sale at 45c
All our $1. dress goods will go at 35c
All our $1.25 dross gbods will go at 98c
One lot of apron check gong 7c
All our best apron check Ginghams 9c
All our 12 1-2 and 15 cent ginghams, choice "| Oc
All our 25 cent French ginghams, choice 19c
1 All our regular 50 to 65 cent table damask 45c
$1.00 85o
1.25 98c
1.50 1.25
2.00 1.85
Outing Flanels
Best grade of good at 9c in the outing buying, this outing comes in check
striped, either in light or medium dark colors, are beautiful and will give
excellent satisfactory wear, this is soft and downy goods that are abso
lutely fast colors- These outings was sold at 12 1-2 cents and the same grade
of outings are quoted by one of the big mail order houses at a bargain for 12c
but we sell them at 9c while they last.
One yard wide dress and shirting Percales a very satisfatory cloth at a low
price. These percales are ful yard wide and are well made goods, especially
so in view of the extremely low price we have put upon them, we have a
wide range of patterns from which to select and all colors are represented
we would like you to compare this value with the usual 10, 12 or 15 cent
goods- Our Price 9c
Men’s and Boys Clove
All our men’s and boys mitts, leather lined, regular 75c
and $1. grades will be closed out at 50c
Boys Flannel Shirts
Wc have one lot of boys Flannel shirts it blue and wine
color, the very thing for a school shirt, the regular price was
75c but our sale price is 4gc
Chipped beveled edge plate glass
^ good size, special price50c
Ladies Aprons
Aprons with
bib 35c
Made of India Linen 25c
Hood made of China Silk 50c
Face Cloth
Good size bleached
terry face cloth 5
Turkish Towels
good turkish bath
towels with fringe
ends,36x19 bleach
ed, a bargain 15c
Lace and embroideries
an excellent assortment
attractive pattern
at popular price 5c
A splendid lot of
gibbons including
all the newest 1
shades for bows,
sashes, etc.
Special attention is
called to the super
ior values shown at
per yard only 10c
A good colander
well made, dur
able seamed ex
tra strong a big
value at 10c
Vegitable masher
a goodservicerble
artecle at 5c
Dover Egg
beater dur
ing this sale
only 10c
I -
Handle tea
strainer me- .
dium bowl
useful size at
only 5c
50 foot clothsline rope braided white
cotton big value at this price 10c
Women s. Misses and
child ren’sliose support
rs, elastic web top.
non elastic bottom
rubber post button, in
black and white
only 10c
Some splendid va
ues in men’s fleeced
underwear in gra
At 50c
one better grade in
cream color lieavy
fleeced at 65c
Some splendid values well made work
shirts, good wearing materials in
plain and fancy collars, a money sav
ing chance not to be overlooked at 50c
A big lot to
choose from
all the popu
lar styles and
price 25 to 50
Men’s cloth
bleached can
ton flannel
gloves big
value at
3 For
Men’s Hosiery
A splendid lot of
men’s half hose in
cluding various
^ styles and colors,
rare values at
15c or two pair 25c
Cut Star Tum
Extra heavy full size,
smooth edges, 3 genuine
cut stars, a spleneid val
ue at 10
2 polished steel
^ blades wood
handle, only 10c
Solid Babk
Scrub Brush
a good grade
now 10c
fapaned Dust
Pan rivited
Handle can nob
burn an excel
lent value at 10c
Good quality plain
and fancy.
12 and 25c
A splendid lot
of men’s half
hose inclding
various styles
and colors at ,
15 to 25c
' Children’s
A splendid lot of
Boys and Girls
stockings at 15c
VVe also handle the
FAy stocking the
best money can
buy f or the price
Checked Toweling
17 inch union linen
firm weave, fast color
check, special per
yard 10c
Bargain in Back
Combs, good quab
ity plain and
fancy combs a
number of styles
to choose from.
Hair Brush*
1 several style
lOOlbs best gr’d sugar 5 95
lOOlbs Chicken grit 90
2 cans Tomat^s 25
2 cans peas 25
1 doz good lemons 30
2 box grape nut 25
2 Cream Wheat 25
3 Post Toasties 25
3 Egg-O-See 25
6 bars flake white soap 25
10 bars polo soap 25
10 bushel apples $5 00
50 to 60 Santa Clara Prunes 10
2 Crown Raisins 31b for 25c
lib seedless Raisins 10c
Do not be swindled, as we
| can always save you money
If You Are looking For Bargain
Be sure to read everything on this
page and profit thereby
Loup City Mer. Co.