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    Loup City Northwestern
Laiet : News of interest
BL*„'_d Down for the
Busy Man.
- aa e***ri. Srsator Bor
*t t t< "oa»ra? of tbe senate to
bav » fist vet* ok tt* rwohniM for
* . rr t.xtka of I'sttod Su:^
oft Jaae 22
A i*-Tesuj»t n*EKir that Franb&t
MarV k<t of 'txes voe!4 r*-*i*r bis
peettiwe u •ecretary of ur treaaury
be- _*'*r tbas Jaiy 1 *tt tit pnad'ial
ti^dr of cMtrruaos at tt* satiooal
eapeta. s2lu«ft tb» j resident iss
forttef rtUcfi tbai be tad not beard
U s.» * tt. -' e^sers latm'loa !=
• bat ntt«f
A W- de-_an»* ev ery cocrart. cob
•; racy ir •s.b.satioa ta restraint of
:r*4t. tlieca. *»d brandia# rtoiatloct
■jt %' iozm* taa beet introduced tc tbt
tu. j** at r*; r»«5'M:'rt by Ca&creaa
stt Smith at Zlhnota
The Jeiti* "c*o'.c*’^s xdmimiis Ari
Bta -ad '*« Mturc to immediate
*-a:*bood, bat withhold t.k approval
af it* coaontauw at both atatra until
Ut yroa* tit* voted ob eerta-n pro
posed ;,** »o *L<-nt. passed
iba &a:.u*xl house- of representatives
by a vita tact tett
• • •
fcettstor iiarKs of Virmtia. trloor
ty Ins*? is the XTsurd 8*at«* v t»:t
k"—is* os behalf of a majority at that
party. utRdiod a the senate a
(krf ittoirJK to rtmvestl#ate the
Lorta.t r as* It provides that tbe
retire primages and «lection* am
sirtfi* at.ali bear all tbe evidence sod
tbat a special lsvestlsation stall b*
made of tbe ’ Jack-pot'' is tbe lUiaoia
**!*!*• me.
teftrrisaTte* u to what f.ep* tad
h**a •*«.« for the .-aiitol prop's
titm at the ett<-e» af -he *>U
sottpaay uhCrr *t« '-'eat decuioo of
the S_: ♦«#* ooart % as demutded of
the .'toraty geaerol by the Cal ted
Su.'»* »ti'h j-dop’ed without» • raootat. « of lay airy ofiercd
by Sativor foattiw.
A at-aertty of the ZBeztberc of the
T tt.‘-e -■»-»■* aesaote otanuttee oa
tad» t*r? ta a report filed oppooe the
wtthcri-aJ of the right to attpemoe
lit elect toe af T'n ted Scot** eetojor*.
a* ~*t<mjtlat*tf ta the pies tor th-tr
•eloctio* try iire« rote of the people
S. laator N* loots of Ificaeao^o be
fore the oeaote flaaacc- meaauttea as
aet-.eC !!»• PhMiSrsi Toft woo ewad
tag *he Coast!*ados “whet he tried to
feet* "he or *a*s to accept the Caatf;
ta tk Tnwtry agreetaeat without
taesitf a - -at and t hat he io trtfilag with
the aestafe."
• • •
A bergier who ploaaed to r&csack
he -esttrat* of n«* Samt ta New
Tark »«.- -baked to death is the at
.-" l_» he wax about to dip tfowe
» rope he had soda fast to the chlta
aey 'he ; ; pee aad the hasey
roof hoar caught t:a. la tba'k throat
Kef. achy* laat -kecutlaB by baeg
xg took place at FVaskforL Roger
•"o-.a o r.*gr&. who klhcd aaothor
aogrt- pnaoaar ta the Fraakfon pen
«e*' *r», traa kupd Tta electric
hair *13 he coed
To MooPmOdet-t St< nus. who la
m ardeart notariat. waa praaaotatf a
art af eutonutdlo Uoe hook*” da
»crihla* practical!) oil made through
oat "he l attod State* over which sto
uctag is good
f-» i*natta ui*d from d*a't
by fere- la a feorrtt’ry eptowe Mac
ta**« t* Ve» Tort by a knee aado
ton a ctoibMliM. TV fiasx* cat
3» tV «wu» at tfee al* and ifeey
•«** osaroosed ue a baiccay.
a a r*!t effort to mrx fcu tfere*
fw*AZ aee Otto KHt lost bU M* is
a *re ’feat d*a*rv?ed tfee K!«® Jam
Ej • baa at 8«ac. lad Kieta ■
■rtf* aad atm of tfeetr cbUdree a*
Homer V Vraara*er. a troetee of
»ba feauonal Order of Railway Mali
Ocrta. a e.a*ta* (ne feta boat at
ftorty *.w. a rabort at rjerelaad
Kaioait f* took a rowboat asd went
art at*, tfee lake to Safe * cfeort
ttaa later the boat iu foead adrift
• • •
Tfea eaasrei. of Dr Orrflla Owen of
OmrtM. wbo baa beta excavating is
tfea Md of (fee River Wye tc En«lit,d
for rtaaoorr.ra wfelcfe fee better*.
•® trtafelirt ffeat ifeeae »u u* u
tfeor at tfea gfcafcespeareaa plays, haa
He&drteka. a
trreat at Lm
d rterta* late a
dyaataite Ue -T.nn~
i-eearda la that db
A blow at the integrity of our gov
• r: :: -.tal -ystem that In the end will
t'f'-'ve moat dangerous of all." is the
: rai fcarnrterization given the as
senting opinion of the Supreme court
it; 1 .v Standard Oil case by Associate
J_ttice John M. Harlan in his formal
; seating opinion, filed in the U. S.
Supreme court.
• • •
1-aura Nelson, negress. and her son,
viitet-n years old. were lynched at
‘ »krtna. Okla They shot Deputy Sher
iff George H Loney, who tried to
‘•■ re: their shanty for stolen goods.
Miss Olive Bain and Hazel
Hkiu music teachers, were drowned
at Toronto. Ont.. when the boat in ;
which they were out sailing was over- I
• --ned Their man companions clung ;
:o the hull of he overturned boat for
two hours until picked up.
The United States battleship Wyo
ming a 'super-dread naught." was
launched at the Cramp shipyards at j
Philadelphia, Miss Dorctny Knight of
Wyoming being the sponsor.
• • .
President Taft refused to pardon
John R Walsh of Ctictgo and Charles
V Morse of New York, both con
i '**<1 of violating the banking laws
ai.J at present serving sentences in
federal penitentiaries. In each case
presidents ground was practic
:.:!y -he same Toth bankers, he
: d. were clearly aware of the law
aa4 violated it deliberately. He r~
'o accept the plea that no moral
tu"p::t _de was shown
The state senate failed to pass the
•b- levy bill. It was overlooked by
ruae mischance in the whirl of fix
it* up the conference reports over
the omnibus appropriation bill on the
nigh: of May 19 Some method must
he d * vised to get a tax levy bill
massed and signed by the governor
- tie state will be bankrupt within
fifteen dayg recording to the figures
of £tate Treasurer Mitchell.
A cas* of tubercular leprosy has
d.i r.vrred a: Pittsburg. Pa. Yee
: _:t. a Chinaman, bookkeeper in a
i net.*- store, has the disecse. Tung
was placed ic a tent.
A section of the Buffalo BiU Wild
West tram was wrecked about eight
k - s outside of Lowell. Mass. Four
men '•onnec’ed with the show were
injured. Ail will recover. -
Dte Lake Mohonk Peace and Arbl
-r*f « conference opened at Mohonk
Lake. X. Y.. with a large number of
\s :r cu-shed men present Nicholas
Murray Butler announced that the
-»megie Endowment for
International Peace would be devoted
tr-.ikly r.,j a - orlu-wide campaign of
After he had killed Judge David F.
-■*rry. of the Sumner county (Tenn. (
ben t and the Barry rook. James
Sweat, a negro, wes -aken from offi
ce* wto captured him by a mob. and
'yn bed Tudg- Barry Interfered in a
.barrel between his cook and Sweat
at the Barry home near Gallatin.
A strike of firemen on all lines of
-e Southern railway is threatened
• .ess a recent demand for a ten per
tent- wage increase is granted.
Driven temporarily insane by an ac
cusation of tbeft. a woman at Bram
baefc. Saxony, killed her five children
and committed suicide.
The National Commandery of the
Netal and V litary Order of the Span
lih-Am -.can War met at Detroit,
Mich for its annual convention.
• • •
Mra. “Jack" Cudahy has been de
prived of her four children by their
grandmother. Mrs. Michael Cudahy of
Chicago, who started east with them
from Los Angeles.
• • •
The thirty- ighth annual convention
of the Woman's General Missionary
society of the United Presbyterian
church closed at Greeley. Colo. Chi
cago was chosen as the next meeting
• • •
The steamer Taboga of the National
Steamship line struck a rock off the
coast of Panama and sack. All of her
1 Oil passengers were saved.
All Copenhagen turned oat to greet !
'he second division of the United !
States Atlantic feet, under command
of Rear Admiral Badger, which ar
rived there for a week's visit.
Enrag-d by the announcement that
President Diax and Vice-President
I Corral would not resign, spectators
:n the Mexican chamber of deputies
precipitated a riot that has resulted
in at least three deaths and many
being wounded by volleys of police
and troops. The police fired on a
mob in front of El lapnrclal, a gov
ernment newspaper, after it had been
set on Are. Three persons were
• • •
President Diaz, Vice-President Cor
ra! and the Mexican cabinet tendered
•heir resignation.- to the chamber of
I deputies, and they were all accepted
Pro visional President de la Barra took
| the oath of office and entered upon his
* duties. There was no violence.
Lord Lansdcwn's bill for the recon
siltutinn of the British house of lords
passed its second reading In that
house without division after the war
secretary. Lord Haldane, announced
that the government would not di
vide against It.
Joseph Jonas of Wahoo Run Over at
What is Going on Hero and Thera
That is of Interest to the Read*
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Weston—Joseph Jonas of Wahoo
v a;; ran over by the I'nion Pacific
freight and instantly killed. Jonas,
a;: eye >' itness states, disregarded
the conductor's orders not to board
tie way car. as the train was to
h ek up. As he reached the platform
ct the car he lost his balance, falling
or. the bumiters and from there under
the wheels, which passed over his
Church Cornerstone Laid.
Osmond—The cornerstone of the
new $30.w0 Catholic church at Os
mond w as laid by Bishop Garrigan
of Sioux City amid solemn ceremon
ies. He was assisted by Rev. Fathers
Peitz and Stahl of Osmond. McNa
mara of Bloomfield, Fehaly of D.xon
and Kuemper of Carroll. Ia. Before
the laying o: the cornerstone the sac
rament of the first communion was
administered by the Bishop to a class
of forty-tour boys and girls.
A Great Cream Shipping Point.
Deshler—Deshler is said to be the
greatest shipping point for cream ia
Nebraska, with the exception of re
ceiving points. For the next three
months the shipments will average
1.000 can? monthly. The cows in this
section are mostly grade shorthorns.
Bad Fire at Filtey.
Beatrice.—The most destructive fire
in the history of Filley occurred there
Thursday morning and wij>ed out the
entire block of the business section
on the west side of Main street. The
tota! loss is placed at between $15,000
and #20.000, partly covered by in
Strychnine Tablets Cause Death.
York.—The little son of Mr. and
Mrs. William Couch, near York, got
hold of some tablets which contained
strychnine and ate some of them,
death following in a short time.
New Minister Arrives.
Anburn—Rev. George Grtib ar
rived last week from the Province of
Silisia. Germany, and has accepted
the pastorate of the German Lutheran
church of this city.
Lost Three Fingers.
Oakland—Frank Ericson. while
playing with a lawn mower, caught
fcis fingers in the blade and had three
of them cut off.
Fairbury voted wet at a special elec
tion last week.
Holdrege will graduate forty-one
students this year.
Sutton is contemplating the build
ing of a new school bouse.
Beatrice and Red Cloud will cele
brate the Fourth of July.
Scottsbluff will celebrate the glor
ious Fourth in amplified style.
North Platte is to have a new bank
—the Piatte Valley State bank.
The state Sunday school convention
will be held at Grand Island. June 6. 7
and S.
A girl baby about 2 weeks old was
found in the waters of Indian creek,
just north of Beatrice.
The Republican valley medical as
sociation will hold its annual meeting
this year in Cambridge, on May 25.
G. \V E. Dgrrsey. former congress
man from Nebraska, is seriously ill
at Salt Lake City according to a tele
gram to relatives.
Friends and neighbors of the Rev.
Samuel Linn and family at Axteil,
tendered them a farewell reception
when he left to assume another pas
Dr. O. C. Reynolds, a practicing
physician of Lincoln for sixteen years,
died suddenly at that place.
A dam is to be bail: on the blue
river near Beatrice to furnish power
for light and heat.
The baseball fever is certainly at
ita height in Nebraska City, because
already three of the ministers, those
of the Presbyterian, Episcopal and
Methodist churches, have organized
baseball teams which play games
each evening at the baseball park.
The Lincoln excise board has adopt
ed a rule requiring friends and rela
tives of habitual drunkards to furnish
pictures of the bibulous ones for the
better information of the saloon
keepers and their bartenders.
Mrs. Joe Moss, wife of a prominent
Amherst business man. was instantly
killed in an automobile accident.
While harrowing corn F. Stucker.
living near Phillips, met with an acci
dent that resulted in his death.
Stona Pirer, 8-year-old daughter of
Morley Piper, a teacher at the state
normal at Kearney, was fatally in
jured when she fell out of an attic
window at her heme.
During the heavy windstorm at St.
Paul Saturday evening the large
barn belonging U> A. Kasperson was
blown down and wrecked. Two of
his horses were killed.
Yanials wrecked the furniture in
the Christian church at Havelock.
Andrew Carnegie has sent $25,000 to
assist in erecting a science building
for Doane college at Crete.
John Aherns had his arm severely
cut by a circular saw while at work
in a carpenter shop at Deshler.
A vigilance committee for the pro
tection of citizens against highway
men is to be formed in Omaha.
John Weers of Auburn was instant
ly killed by the accidental discharge
of a shotgun while shooting rats.
John C. Byrnes, who has been very
sick for some time at Columbus, is
reported on the road to recovery.
The new steel bridge for wagons
and foot passengers, recently ordered
built at Tekamah. is now nearly done.
Robert Nicholas of De Witt, aged
seventy-eight years, committed sui
cide by hanging himself early Sunday
Louis Guida. an Italian employe of
the Omaha Gas company, bit the ear
off Nick Levata and took away his
revolver when Levata tried to hold up
s>otne of the farmers around Colum
bus are replanting their corn, the
heavy rain having washed much of it
out and to avoid a poor stand they are
putting more in.
Discouraged by the drouth preva
lent throughout southwestern Nebras
ka. many farmers are plowing under
wheat which they believe has been
damaged beyond recovery.
With his wife lying dangerously ill
in the next room. J. D. Robinson shot
and killed himself at his home in Lin
coln. He left a note saying that ill
health was the cause of his act.
William F. Stolley, a pioneer resi
dent of Hall county, well known to
many of the older settlers in other
portions of Nebraska, died at Grand
Island at the age of eighty years.
Stephen L. Myrick of Greensboro
N. C.. has been elected president ol
Nebraska Central college at Central
City, and will take active charge of
the Institution this summer to share
its afTairs for the opening of the fail
Dick Kretsinger of Beatrice, who if
attending Deane college at Crete,
pitched a twenty-three inning game
against the Peru norma! team Thurs
day afternoon. The score was 1 to 0
in favor of Doane. Kretsinger pitched
the entire game and made the only
run for the Doane team.
Railway Commissioner W. J. Purse
acting for ex-Gevernor Shallenberger
on behalf of the citizens of Alma, pre
sented to each member of the public
lands and buildings a beautiful photo
graph album containing pictures ol
Alma, the Joseph Snyder farm adjoin
ing the city which the citizens offei
to the state as a site for the proposed
state agricultural school, and views ol
the su:rounding country along the Re
publican river. In addition he pre
sented to each member a writter
statement containing reasons why the
town of Alma asks for the agricultural
About ten o’clock Saturday night
Martin Skow. a patient at the Lin
coin asylum, killed Cnarles Brookman
another patient, with w-hom he was
sleeping, chdking him to death with
the aid of suspenders taken from
overalls which he was wearing. The
crime was not discovered until Sunday
morning, shortly before the breakfast
hour at the institution.
Lieutenant Colonel W. Edmund
Baehr of the First regiment, Nebras
ka national guard, of Omaha, and Cap
tain Hoy E. Olmstead. commander ol
company A, First regiment. York, have
been assigned to attend the army
maneuvers at San Antonio. Tex., for
two weeks. The two officers are to
report for duty at San Antonio May 27.
At an election of officers the Ne
braska state dental society at Lin
coln. Dr. C. C. Farrell of Cozad was
elected president to succeed Dr. P
T. Barber. Dr. E. H. Bruening ol
Omaha, vice-president; G. H. Wal
lace of Omaha, re-elected secretary
and W. A. McHenry of Nelson, treas
Governor Aldrich has received no
tice that the next annual meeting ol
governors will be held September 13
at Spring Lake. N. J. The scope ol
the meeting and the subjects to be dis
cussed have not as yet been an
The stake races at the state fait
this year will comprise a record-break
ing number of entries. There were
1ST entered last year. So far 206 have
been entered this year. This number
will probably b« increased before the
list is closed.
Is Preparing a Brief.
Arthur Mullen, attorney for the
state in the case of Chief of Police
Donahue of Omaha, who has been ab
sent from Lincoln since the adjourn
ment of the legislature, called at the
office of Attorney General Martin a
few days ago. Mr. Mullen as attorney
for the state is preparing a brief to
submit to the referee in the Donahue
Governor Aldrich went to Gothen
burg to deliver an address to high
school graduates at commencement.
Senate Devotes a Whole Day to Dis
cussion of Illinois Senator’s
Washington.—In the cloaff rooms
of the senate Friday there was much
discussion of a persistent rumor that
Senator Lorimer might resign before
the new inquiry is actually author
ized. to protect his friends from the
attacks of those seeking to unseat
him. Neither his colleague. Senator
Cullom. nor any of the members of
the Illinois delegation in the house,
would admit they had any knowledge
of such an intention on the part of
Mr. Lorimer.
Alter devoting practically the wnole
session to the discussion of the pro
posed reinvestigation of the election
of Senator Lorimer. the senate ad
journed without action, determined
to jJFbceed again with the question
at its nest sitting Monday.
Senator La Follette concluded his
fourday speech and announced that
when the voting stage is reached he
will so change his resolution as to
provide that the senate shall elect an
investigating committee of five from
among the new senators. Senator
Borah supported the La Follette pro
position. and Senators Bailey and
Dillingham opposed it.
Mr. La Follette said he had been in
fluenced to introduce his resolution
for special committee on inquiry fol
| lowing the Illinois investigation. New
I investigators had been provided for j
| because he believed that the question
j should go to a committee not handi-,
j capped by a previous decision.
The next investigating committee, j
| he felt, must have the confidence of
the people, which he did not believe
the old standing committee on privi
leges and elections would have. The
public, he said, would consider the old
committee packed from the beginning,
even as has been charged in connec
tion with the Illinois juries in prose
cutions growing out of the case. ■>
Mr. La Follette said if he ^?r$'a
member of the old committee he
would not consent to serve on the
I new one, because he would not feel
capable of an impartial verdict.
Mr. Bailey said that all the demo
cratic senators desired a new investi
gation. he himself favoring it, be
cause of the discovery of new evi
dence. He said the public sentiment ]
against Mr. Lorimer was not well in
formed, because it hed been shaped
by newspaper expression rather than
by reading of the testimony.
Saying there had -been no investiga
tion by a special committee on an
election case since the creation of the
committee on privileges and elections
in 1871. Chairman Dillingham, of that
committee, expressed confidence that
if the investigation should be placed
in its hands it would present such a i
report as would command the respect
of the senate and of the country.
Senator Borah advocated a special
committee in the interest of disinter
Congress May Control Levees.
Washington—The Mississippi river
commission is empowered and direct
ed in a resolution introduced by Rep
resentative Brousard. of Lousiana. to
investigate the report as to the advis
ability of congress taking charge of
the levee system of the Mississippi
river to aid and improve navigation ■
of the river and to prevent inundation
of the Mississippi valley.
Breaks All Heat Records.
Toledo. O.—Heat records here for
the last 30 years were broken Friday
when the mercury reached 93 de
Raised Bank Notes in West.
Washington.—One dollar United '
States silver certificates made over
into $20 national bank notes have
been found circulating in some west
ern states. The latest specimens were
found in Helena. Mont.
Chief of Police Suspended.
San Francisco. Cal.—Chief of Po
lice Symour was suspended by the
board of police commissioners, pend
ing trial on charges of conduct unbe
coming an officer. Captain of Detec
tives E. R. Wall was appointed act
ing chief.
Herbert Anstead is Dead.
Ogdensburg. X. Y.—Herbert An
stead. a well-known woodworker of
Lincoln. Neb, died suddenly at the
Erwin hotel at Canton. X. Y, near
here Friday night. Anstead came to
Canton about two weeks ago to settle
up the affairs of his father.
Takes a Vessel at Vera Cruz and Sails
Mexico City. Mex. — Private tele
grams received here Friday report
the arrival of General Diaz at Vera
Cruz at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Ac
cording to these advices, he boarded
the Ypiranga, a Hamburg-American
boat, at nighL The Ypiranga is due
to sail south to Coatzacoa Saturday.
She. will return to Vera Cruz and sail
for Europe Wednesday.
New York.—When Head Keeper
Billy Snyder of the Central Park
*oo went into the pen of Hattie, the
trick elephant, with her breakfast and
was not greeted by the usual little
squeal of welcome he knew something
was wrong. Then he noticed that her
head was hanging and her trunk drag
ging listlessly on the ground, and
when she answered his greeting mere
ly by a lack luster glance his mind
Coughs Up the Dope.
was made up at once. "Clover colic,"
Snyder answered to Dirctor John M.
Smith. "Poor old Hattie’s got it and
Is swelled up like a dirigible. I gave
her a bale of fresh clover yesterday.
She needs medicine.” Snyder looked
into his prescription book and pretty
soon decided that the proper thing for
Hattie's insides was a dainty little
mixture of one-half gallon of linseed
oil. two qunees of laudanum and two
quarts of spirftus frumenti, the last
being, according to Mr. Snyder, just
plain whisky. But Hattie doesn't like
boose. So they had to chain her feet
and hoist her heaf'with a block and
tackle and when she opened her
mouth for a wisp of hay Snyder
poured the mixture down her throat.
Hattie coughed once when the mix
ture was half way down, and, in the
words of the song. "The blow almost
killed Billy.’* for he received about a
pint of the mixture in his eyes and
was blown clear off the barrel on
which he was standing, but outside of
this Hattie gave no trouble. Hattie
swallowed enough, however, to chase
away the colic caused from clover,
and about an hour later was going
through her tricks with Billy Snyder
for the children as if nothing out of
the ordinary had happened.
Ingenious Wisconsin Boys Make the
Machine Do Work While They
Play Checkers.
Milwaukee, Wis—Boys whose main
idea U to avoid work are full of In
ventive genius when it comes to a
matter of getting something or some
body to do their work for them. Two
boys living in the rural districts of
northern Wisconsin through ingenuity
prompted by laxiness made a phono
graph do their work for them. They
U9ed the machine until they had be
come tired of the canned songs and
then put it aside and amused them
selves playing checkers. They found
that doing the chores seriously Inter
Call Cow* With Phonograph.
fared with the game. One of them
remembered that impressions of
sound could be made on blank record
The Ingenious one called into the mi
chine “Come, boss: come, boss." They
put the machine in the pasture and
turned it loose. They resumed their
checkers and the cows came home.
Teacher Kills 27 Snakes.
Indianapolis. Ind—Mary Jenkins, a
young Posey county school teacher,
in the afternoon recess recently was
attracted by the frightened screams
of her pupils. Rushing out she found
them standing in excited groups talk
ing about snakes they had seen in
the school yard. Miss Jenkins found
the grass fairly alive with black
snakes. She seized a poker and a
shovel and beat them right and left.
Some showed fight, but with the sharp
end of the shovel the teacher cut off
their heads. With the poker she kept
them from harming her. The fight
was short and swift. At the finish 27
dead reptiles wai the score.
“U" WilKProbe Grafting.
New York.—Axift of $10,000 annual
ly from an anonymous donor for surg
ical research work is announced at
Columbia university. Another gift is
of $15,000 a year “for the establish
ment and maintenance of a bureau tc
promote scientific investigation of leg
islative grafting.*’ A
Had Driven Hunter to the Country—
One Theory Is That He Was Shot
by Mistake After Seeking Squir
rels’ Ne6t in the Tree.
Tulsa. Okla.—Mystery was added
to the unexplained absence of Daniel
C. Bonner, a hackman of this city,
when his body was found in a tree
suspended by one foot and with three
bullet holes in his face and head. The
foot was firmly wedged between
branches, where they fork, and his
head was hanging downward.
The last seen of Bonner in Tulsa
was two months ago, when a man
who announced he was a capitalist
from Missouri engaged him to drive
into the country OB'a hunting trip.
The authorities have this man's name
and are making inquiries about him.
Bonner had no family and was of a
roving disposition, so little attention
was paid to his absence. It attracted
only passing comment and had been
nearly forgotten when the body was
found. From the condition of the body
it had evidently been hanging from
the tree ail this time.
In the tree was the nest of a squir
rel. It is supposed Bonner climbed
Found Hanging in a Tree.
the tree to inspect the nest and lr
coming down slipped and with one
foot caught in the forks of a limb,
hung head downward.
A careful investigation of the vi
cinlty shows that the hunter for whom
he was driving might have been ap
proaching this tree from any one ol
several different directions where a
glimpse through the trees would
show him Bonner's head but not bis
body. Men who went to the scene clr
cled around the tree and found eev
eral places where such a view might
be had.
At a distance of 50 or 75 yards it
can be easily understood that a hunt
er seeing some strange object hang
ing from a limb of a tree would fire
Even if he were thinking of his com
panion he would not expect to see
him hanging head downward from a
Bonner had been shot twice in tht
head and once In the jaw. The theory
of those who have been working on
the case is that the Missourian when
he found he had shot his driver
walked back to a railroad station and
left the country- The man supposed
to have done the shooting is a busi
ness man of considerable property
who was here looking after some in
Any robbery theory that might sug
gest itself is disposed of by the rela
tive financial condition of the two
men. The hackman had nothing,
while the Missourian had plenty ol
Bonner's team was found in posses
slon of a farmer near by. The farmer
said two men came to his place and
left the team, saying they would be
back in a few hours. They never came,
and the farmer has been using the
team in putting in his crop.
The authorftles have not considered
arresting the Missouri man. but he
win be asked to make a statement of
the affair. On account of his stand
ing and the absence of any ground
for suspecting the shooting to be pre
meditated. the coroner and sheriff
have declined to giTe the name of the
Missourian. There was no acquaint
ance between the men prior to the
time Bonner was hired to take the
hunter out into the country.
Rescues Woman Prom Well.
Oriska. N. D.—To save Miss Marie
Smith from death H. R. Olson was
lowered head downward into a well
22 feet deep and only 18 inches in di
ameter and pulled up after he had
hold of the woman. The strain was
so great that blood burst through his
chest and left arm. Miss Smith fall
into the well accidentally.