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    Professions Cards1,
Practices in all Courts
Loup Citv, Neb.
And Bonded Abstractor,
Loup City, Nebraska
oTeTlonga c re
Office. Over New Bank
tkoM 39 <MBv* mt Residence
Two Doom Ea»: 4 Telepb
Loop City - Nebraska
Loup City, Nebr.
Office at Residence.
Telephone (’onnection
:s>acoea*or to M fl Mead)
Bonded Abstracter
Lore Citt. - Nebraska.
Only »et of Abstract books id count}
LOl'P CITT, - - XEB.
Office up stairs in the new State
Bask building.
wTl. marcy.
OFFICE: East Side Public 9-juaie.
Phone. 10 on 36
1 hare located in Loup City, with
the intention of practicing Veterina
ry Medicine, surge ry and Dentistry.
All calls prompt.. attended to day or
nlgbt Office at Round Front Barn
r ues p.y WH«,Cor*d I
AD Rectal Diseases cured with- r
set a snryicai operation. No I
Abrofona, ether or other gen- |
oral anesthetic used. CURE
TIME. Examination Free.
without an operation. |
Pay when Cured. F
[•pig *W
| VgtJ Wm?|
1 he Labor of taking
to BUii ti res reduced if you use the
right kind of Flour, and if the ques- i
Mon. "What U the best Flour?” was!
put »o stnoog the takers and i
hoo* k •• "M* -art of the i
e-* u -p!y would
White Satin
Tou would rot* for it if you were
used to it. Isn't it worth giving a
Loup City Mills
Entered at ibe Loup City HostoUce for trank
mission tbrouen the malls as second
class matter
Office Phone, - 6 on 21
Residence, - - 3 on 21
J. W. BURLEIGH. Ed. and Pub
Need New Court House
In another column of this issue
will be seen the advertisement for
aids for the erection of a two-story
tddition to our “magnificent" court
Pouse. The Northwestern wishes to
at once raise a howl against any ex
pense of a "lean-to” attached to the
linky structure of an excuse, grac
iously termed a court house. To add
to the unsightly disgrace, would he
to prolong indefinitely the life of the
present building, which is an unsafe
and dangerous place for the records
pf the county, as it is generally con
reded the vaults are not fireproof and
the burning of the old rookery would
mean the destruction of all records
and place the burden of endless liti
gation on tlie real estate of the coun
ty. The people of Sherman county
ran not afford to allow of this and a
protest from every taxpayer in the
rounty should be registered against
the prooosed addition to tlie present
court iiouse.
Custer county last week by a hand*
some majority voted bonds for a new
court bouse.
The Methodist church at North
Loup was destroyed by tire last week
Thursday night.
A friend of ours came in the other
day with what he thought was a good
conundrum. “Why is the newspaper
like a woman?" The various answers
were given—Because it has to have
some one to run it. Because it has
to be known to l>e appreciated. Be
cause it changes its dress. The cor
rect answer is “Because every man
should have one of his own. and not
be running after his neighbor's."—Ex
Along R. R. No. 2.
Miss Lula Brodock had a siege of
earache last week.
E. J. Pugsley's l>aby has been quite
sick the past week.
All the Daily News missed getting
here for delivery Tuesday.
The 80-horse power engine for the
mill is expected here this week.
One of the walls of the engine
room at the mill caved in last week.
Miss Bernice Casteel has been a
sufferer from tonsilitis. but is better
at this w riting.
Carrier received a car of sawdust
from Minneapolis. Minn., to pack the
walls of his ice house.
Mrs. Joe Smalley is at home again,
after visiting a couple of weeks with
her mother in town.
The household goods of Mr. John
Callaway, brother of S. E. Gal la way.
have arrived from Buffalo, N. Y.
Miss Nora Henderson lias been
quite ill the past week, so there has
been no school in the Bichel district.
Brodock Bros, put up ice last week,
also W. O. Brown and Geo. Me Fad
den. They got the ice at J. W. Con
ger's lake.
Ed Flynn is sporting a new spring
wagon these days. The girl reported
at his house is a boy. Our mistake
and your treat, Ed.
J. J. Haller started to town with a
load of corn last week, and going up
liill it got tiie best of things and
backed down until it ran into a fence
and ditch.
Henry Goodwin was hauling straw
in the hills several weeks ago, when
tiie wagon slid over a bank, upsetting
the load. No one hurt, but he had
to load the straw again.
Gus Younglund and family are
patrons on Route 2, having moved
into Ed Kilpatrick's new house. He
i« the tirst patron on tiie route to
paint his box the regulation color.
Chas. Snyder has rented a house in
Ravenna for tiie coming year, and
will in a few days move there. Mr.
and Mrs. Snyder are among tiie early
settlers of Sherman county and their
many friends will wish them good luck
in their new location.
While Alfred Jorgenson was on his
way home some time ago. one of his
buggy wheels struck a deep by road
across Chas. Snyder's pasture, throw
ing him out of tiie buggy and strain
ing his back. He was laid up for
-o ne time, but is all right now.
Much stock was lost during the
storm of two weeks ago. Among tiie
losers were: F. G. Casteel 2 hogs,
E. F. Bell 4 hogs, Roy Conger 2 hogs.
Mr. Gross 10 hogs. J. J. Haller 21
hogs. Henry Kuhl 20 or more, Mr.
Duncan 35 or 40 hogs, Hugh Cash one
calf, also many lost chickens.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hawk helped
make the carrier's New Year happy
by giving them a box containing
cabbage, pumpkins, celery, peaches,
cranberries and a chicken, and what
was best of all—a picture of them
selves and little daughter. Ed Flynn
gave a tine chicken. E. E. Bell. Henry i
Kuhl and Alfred Jorgenson each ■
gave a sack of oats.
To the road overseers In the dif-1
ferent townships: The road south i
and west of W. O. Brown's shows |
what can be done with a road grader I
on the roads. These pieces of road 1
have been good all winter, also the
ne from tiie mill to the C. P. tracks.
The high center allows the water to
tilow along the sides, instead of
through tiie center.
The items from our Austin corres
pondent were received too late for
publication this week.
Supervisors’ Proceedings
LoupJCitv. Nebr., January 10,1911
—County Board met in regular ses
sion at court house, all members
present: R. P. Starr,county attorney,
and W. C. Dieterichs. clerk.
Board organized for the year by
electing J. I. Depew chairman. Min
utes of last meeting read and on
motion approved.
There being a controversy in re
gard to payment of road damages,
the opinion of the attorney general
was read, which upheld tiie action
taken by the board heretofore.
Opinion of County Attorney Starr
was read in regard to appointing
Clerk of District Court, which bekl
the view that the board must ap
point sucli clerk, whereupon Louis
llein was on motion appointed Clerk
of District Court, and his bond fixed
at $5000.
Sealed bids for county printing
then opened by chairman.' After ex
amining bids, the contract was on
motion awarded to C. F. Beushausen
for legal blanks, letter heads, en
velopes, printing of court dockets and
supervisors* proceedings, while print
ing of legal notices, delinquent tax
list, election ballots and treasurer's
statement were awarded to J. W.
The bid of the Midwest Printing
Co., was rejected and clerk instruct
ed to buy sucli supplies as offered in
said bid in the open markat.
Chairman is on motion instructed
to approve bonds when the board is
nut in session. Chairman appointed
the following committees:
Claims—Jensen, Wolfe. Brown.
Bridge—Brown. Weltv. Waskowiak.
ltoads—Aden. Jensen. Wolfe.
Finance—Aden. Waskowiak. Welty.
On motion the road committee in
structed to view the tilling of the
wash on SE. Sec. 35-14-14 and report
at next meeting.
At request of county clerk lie was
on motion allowed a deputy at a
salary of $850‘per annum, assistants
at $45 per month and $400 per year
■for clerking for the county board.
Bonds of J. W. Burleigh and C. F.
Beushausen were on motion approved
Adjourned to 9 o'clock tomorrow.
W. C. Dieterichs. County Clerk.
Request of State Superintendent!
of Public Instruction read, but noj
action tyken id regard to it.
The official bond of Louis Rein was;
on motion approved.
On motion the expenses of county j
for the coming year were estimated
as follows:
Emergency Bridge Fund.. .$ 3,000.00
Bridge Fund. 12,000.00
Road Fund. 1,000.00
General Fund . 18.000.0iV
Interest bond & sinking fund 12,000.00
On motion clerk is instructed to
countermand the order of the State
Journal Co. for one dozen Statutes.
On motion chairman appointed the
following building committee. J. H.
Welt.v and W. O. Brown, and they
appointed J. I. Depew on said com
mittee. Hiyo Aden then moved and
was seconded that a two-story addi
tion to the north side of the court
house be built, made necessary bv
the appointment of a clerk of district
court and for the accommodation of
the county officials scattered over
town in rented quarters, and that
the building committee advertise for
bids for the erection of said addition,
said bids to be filed on or before noon
of the 15th day of February. Carried.
Claims committee reported having
allowed all claims except when taken
for taxes, and the clerk is instructed
to issue warrants for same on the
respective funds:
Klopp & Bartlett #10.00. C. F. Beus
hausen 232.30. J. H. Weltv 7.50, J. I.
Depew 6.00. Geo. W. Wolfe 7.40. J. W.
Burleigh 36.00, E. A. Smith 8.90, A.
Waskowiak 7.20. W. O. Brown 6.20,
Hiyo Aden 7.90, Tom Jensen 7.70.
J. W. Burleigh #5.00.
On motion board adjourned to
Feb. 21.1911. W. C. DiETERicns.
County Clerk.
A Hoi Offer
The Lincoln Daily News will be
mailed from now until April 1st for
only 25 cents, giving you all of the
legislative news right straight from
the capital city. A bigger offer vet
is a combination of the Lincoln Daily
News, Weekly Independent Farmer
and Monthly Poultry Topics, all three
mailed to one or seperate addresses
from now until April 1, 1912, for only
#2.25—not much more than half price.
A splendid big family dailv news
paper. ciean as a whistle and bright
and snappy: a sixteen-page weekly
farm and home magazine. |nd a
monthly poultry paper full of practi
cal talk about chieken raising. Read
ing for ali members of the family
and you save the money by buying
all three of them at once.' Address
The Daily News, Lincoln, Neb.
Notice to Building Contractors
Vou will please take notice that sealed bids
will be received by the County Clerk of
Sherman county, at his ofllre in the court
house in Loup City. Nebraska, anv time prior
I and including the hour of 12 o'clock noon on
the. 21st day of February A. D. 1911, for the
proposed construction of a brick or cement
addition to the Sherman county court house
the dimensions for said-addition to be 16x36ft.
and 12 itch wall. 2 inch air space, and two
stories high. Plans and specifications are on
Ole in the office of the aforesaid County Clerk
of said county, and subject to examination by
bidders. The County Board reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Dated this 17th day of January. 1911.
W. C. Diktkrichs. County Clerk.
;Last pub. Feb. 16)
Order of Hearing and Notice ot pronate
ot Will
In the County Court of Sherman County. Ne
State of Nebraska. )
County of Sherman t
To the heirs and next of kin and to all per
sons interested in the estate of Stanislav
Lubas, deceased:
On reading the petition of Jozafia Lubas
praving tbat the Instrument bled in this court
on the 17th day of January. 1911. and purport
ing to be the last vill and testament of the
said decesssd. may be proved and allowed,
and recorded as the last will and testament
of'Stanislav Lubas, deceased: tbat said in
strument be admitted to probate, and the ad
ministration of said estate be granted to
some competent and suitable person, as
executor. It is hereby ordered tbat you. and
ail 'persons interested in said matter, may.
and do. appear at the county court to be held
in and for said county, on tbe lftth day of
February. A. D. 1911. at 2 o'clock p. m\, to
show cause, if any there be. why tbe prayer of
tbe petitioner should not be granted, and tbat
notice of tbe pendency of said petition and that
the bearing thereof be given to all persons
interested in said matter by publishing a copy
of this order in the Loup City Northwestern,
a weekly newspaper printed in said county,
for three successive weeks prior to said day
of hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court, this lath day of Januarr. 1911.
I seal] E. A. Sm h. County Judge.
(Last pub. Feb. 2 )
Notice Is hereby given tbat by virtue of an
order of sale to me directed from the District
Court of Sherman county. Nebraska, upon a
uecree of foreclosure rendered in said court on
the 29th day of November. 1910. wherein The
Keystone Lumber Company was plaintiff and
Stella Werner, widow of Frederick Werner
deceased, insane: Charles Werner. Tony Wer
ner, Clara Werner and Amelia Werner, 'minor
heirs of Frederick Werner, deceased. Mike
Kiiuiek. administrator of the estate of Fred
erick Werner, deceased: Frank Pokorskt
guardian of the estates of said minors: J tseph
S. 1‘edler and CarlC. Carisen were defendants -
1 have levied upon the following described reai
estate, to-wit: The northwest quarter of sec
tion thirteen (13) in township fff esn (|ft) north
ol range fourteen (14) west ol the *lth P. M. in
Sherman county. Nebraska, ani I will, on the
21«t dav of February. 1911. at two o'clock p m..
ol said day. at the south door or the court
house, in Loup City. Sherman county. Nebras
ka. offer for sale and sell said above described
real estate at public auction to the highest
b dder for cash to satisfy the amounts of 640ft. 10
and *’. 19. io and 661.75. due the cross-petitioner.
Joseph S. Pedler. and the amount of $561.15
due the plaintiff, with interest at ten per cent
from the 29th day of November. 1910 and costs
of: he above action, taxed at (19 70. and accru
ing costs. which amount was adjudged to be
due to the nlsintlff above named from the de
fends:: s above named, and to be a lien upon
the above described premises.
Dated at Loup City. Nebraska, this 18th day
of January. 1911. L. A Williams.
Sheriff of Sherman conntv. Nebraska.
R. J. NightMcalm. Attorney for Plaintiff.
(Last pah. Feb 16)
Firs: National Bank
At LoupCuy in the Stain of Nebraska, at
the close of business January 7. 1915.
Loans and discounts.*175.526 88 ,
Overdrafts secured slid unsecured 8.Ss3 7|
U. S. bonds to secure circulation. 7.IMI UO I
Bonds, securities, etc . 409 57 .
Banking house,furniture, ttxtnros. 11.066 09
Due trorn approved reserve agents_ 9 6u5 21 :
l hecks and other cash items . 1.734 14
Notes of other National Banks. 90 00
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and cents. 144 38
Lawful money reserve in bank, via: —
Specie.t 6.907 50
Legal tender uotcs. 2.020 00—10.927 50
Redemption fund with U. S. treasurer
(5 per cent of circulation). Xw 1)0
Total.1225.737 98
Capital stock latul in. (35.MV.tki
Surplus fund. 12 500 Ml
Undivided profits, less expeuses and
taxes paid. 278 I#
National Hank notes outstanding. 7.0UU Ml
Due to state and private banks and
bankers. 560 93
Individual depoaiis subject to
Check. 91.231 95
Demand certificates of tlrpsit_ 79.146 91
Bills pavaole. Including certificates
of deposit for money borrowed_ ld.ivw 00
Total. .*225,737 98
Stale or Nebraska, f .
County ol Sherman. \
l, L. Hanses, Cashier of the above named
Bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my know
ledge and belief
L. HaSskn. Cashier.
A. B. Outhouse. Director.
Ika E. Wuxiams. Director.
K. J. Nightingale. Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
14th day of January. 1911.
W. J. Fisher.
' (SEAL i Notary Public, i
My commission expires Jan. 10. 1912
In the County Court of Sherman County Ne- |
In the matter of the estate of Amrnun Olson. !
Notice of hearing on petition for widow s1
allowance and assignment of personal
property to her.
State of Nebraska, i
Sherman County. I
To all persons interested in the estate of
Amman Olson, deceased
You are hereby notified that on the Slst day '
of December. 1910. Ouhnel Olson tiled her
petitiou in the county court of said county j
for her allowance as widow of Amrnun Olsor. |
deceased and for the assignment to her of
personal properly and that the same will be
heard at the county court room in Loup City.
Nebraska on the 2tth day or January. 1911 at
the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon. It is
further ordered that notice of said healing be :
given bv publication for three successive
weeks prior to the day of bearing in the Loup I
City Northwestern a newspaper published
and of general circulation in said county.
Dated this 31st day of December. 1910.
[seal] K. a. Smith, County Judge.
(Lust pub. Jan 19)
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of an
order of sale to me directed from the District
Court of Sherman count*. Nebraska, upon a
decree of foreclosure rendered in said court
on the SOth day of September. 1910. wherein
Louis Rein was plaintiff, and William C.
Newman and others were defendants: I hare
levied upon the following described real
estate, to-wit: The south half of the north
west quarter of Section 35. in Township IS
north. Range 13. west of the 6th principal
meridian, situated in said Sherman county
and State of Nebraska, and I will on the 'Jtith
day of February. 19U. at 2 o clock p. m. of said
day. at the south door of the court house, in
Loup City. Sherman county. Nebraska, offer
for sale and sell said above described real
estate at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash to satisfy I he amount of $33 16 with
interest at 7 per cent from the 20th day of
September. 1910. and costs of the above action,
and accru ng costa, which amount was ad
judged to be due to the plaintiff above named
from the defendants. William C. Newman,
ct al. above named, and to b* a lien upon the
above described premises.
Dated at Loup City. Nebraska, this 17th day
of January. 1911 L. A Williams.
Sheriff of Sherman county. Nebraska
R'iRKKT P. Stark. Attorney.
(Last pub. Feb.' 16)
State of Nebraska, i
i **•
Shermau County » State of Nebraska
In County Court within and for Sherman coun
ty. Nebraska. December Slat, 1910.
In the matter of the estate of Mary Bander
To the Creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will sit at
the county court room in Loup Citv. in said
county on the 29th day of July. 1911. at ten
o'clock in the forenoon, to receive and ex
amine all Claims against said estate, with a
view to their adjustment and allowance.
The time limited for the presentation of
claims against said estate is ihe 29th day of
July. A. D. 1911. and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said 29th dav
of July. 1911
Witness my hand and the seal of said coun
ty court this 31st day of December 1910
Iskal] K. A. SmiH County Judge.
lLast pnb. Jan 261
Poland China Boars for Sale.
I have a few good Poland China
Hoars of the big type for sale, from
sows like Ora Wonder (130353), which
1 purchased at the Ed Andrews' dis
persion sale last, winter, bred to
Longwonder No. 131797a—54267. a
900-pound boar, and from Lady E..
No. 136601. The sire of these pigs is
Nebraska King 49336). The rest are
sired bv Grand Look 56737).
Barrels to Pickle Pork in,
Oyster Shells and Green Cut Bones for Chickens.
Pickles in Bulk
Olives in Bulk.
A Large Price Paid for Hides and Chickens.
% _
Lee Brothers.
Having sold my farm in Logan township, 6 miles
northwest of Loup City, on Sec. 14-16-15, known
as the old Jacob Albers place, I will sell at Public
Auction, on
Wednesday, Jan. 25th
Commencing at 10 o’clock a. ra., sharp
20 Horses apd |Vlules 20
11 Eleven Head of Cattle 11
4 four Read of F)ogs 4
One a Thoroughbred Poland China Boar Pig
7 Seven Dozen Plymouth Rock Chickens 7
Farpi jVlachipery apd
Household Goods
TERMS OF SALE: Ten Months' Time and In
terest at 10 per cent on all sums over $10. Under
$10 Cash.
M. R. and 0. W. Youngquest,
cc carIaJn!cie*KCtioneers' Owners.
- -
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alligation and dry farming methods. Exhibits
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OM£-alfstfa aad potatoes. Good roads ex- i
****** lectures—bow to prevent hog choi- 1
••nltoving pictures aad illustrated lectures '
—good music and dean entertainment. Ad
■lailoa Sfi cents. ^
Com to the Omaha Land Shoot
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New Building
Two Doors North of the First National Bank
Call and See Us as We Have
Steel and Patent
Stoves and Ranges
Light and Heavy Hardware
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