The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 24, 1910, Image 7

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A««i*r* £ •* to -« «o* 25c.
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“Tie alack »'J3 xAx**a tf e tc
aax rarj to to * « » to r<nr tr- ■ lcs
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«x£ !* a Ac fcer-to to I'atoxotox Koto
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Zea. fl* eux
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1 ns* t toXT art* atofi 'to Aurw
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F «».* -fcrer-i '1 Jito 'lain* to to* it
to Jaax A- e -•** tael
T* A* a* axxo-v. binary' r*; -*fi
'.to «M xasc.? *•'■£. U ve’
f till e*** jiay fc a. . ^**ax *—
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Crt Oto tf »** McV
-i »-♦ » uxx* * _ -•£ afixm
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“Toes F"» *'■ ** » can
axe* a t ~*t deal to tba
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!h carte* to ■ taxtoxx cxtoakxx I a pxa
X a tone I ta** U*i tatoTsafi to
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| I ue jaea Llturtl.*
I At<j iut. a nctttxt; xrt t t«*
Mk fciiim exa* ixrta true a Stack**.*
I -rerjjtw* *** tober Cfcj ae*-raM a
111 xafiae cat
'At. Irijt ' *** or* to fcw rae
71 ;xx.a.<ca ‘jo. a** xe: Ito* yw iu>
! tor H* a a* not nl to' rto* XX sas
Tax ito ac xfaxcM f fc*. S *i -y
War* eiarrrfi. '“bto tt» r« a Xu sacX
ax-xsai ta V * ' xr-axCi rx Tto F
xt. > tl* a xIS aru’L • '
AM n G*»oA T *«
**•«#•&* ear at* Wtl'jtM. Uut bar tax
tto s««s4 »ixxar to a tot te xt= to
■totoc «jr* i-nac xB tie rare of «t
t'rar* AtVr x lea arrba a*, 'be
XT <W nr da» to torn** fan ieber
ana to' I e
*W*'isx*. I a aVi-c ftm xr* xcr
*» fie* jew i r *»* x* j* Axe* xc:
fcra* Ml 'bC ‘**trti** X! x!l *
~t ActoT air. t_i* to tenet y*r."
t* ~tm nyVt lexxf * Ta
MX "»lH V C* » to b* US .■•mg aa I
»»*t bleu tba* rtf to*e i*> »u«i toe
e-iffc *=ftr sad creer tells
! tie »o*« iitct—
j “Tk Memory Ungen"
^ —-✓
ZMKf£©1ien I
ftev bread to considered 'be staff
cf Mt. to » quite necessary that »«■
m* it a witotolital staff ab.e to
•upper: life Tie »r_d> of bread one
bread sum a too important to be
treaded Ucktl* as a large per rest cf
•or peopl. Eve trait:? an bread, tt is
la-*e»a»r? •> »• it should be giod and
• boiewueie
m t*ai ti r a best adapted i or
bread tsttg as tt *w®ia as glutet
Is tbs reopertiae to bold -*e jo**,
ti'j* mas .5# a 11 Oi L J loaf Wb> 8 »•
add butter w bread. «e have a wwll
btjat -d !.<d Eye a a«> good for
•■«.* -f bat to leas e'itky and
♦—**-» a used tt tJltiJlt.oC a’.tfc
Good bread Is far too oftoo a* ■»
ewe * gtt and OB* wbo to* mas
b* a" id br»ad Z has a
•alert of v*Jrt to 5e» . T **®d The
r- • -* •*«* V <—t* tt < • tbs to master
the ar* ud the perfect loaves wbfeb
aetr -t<uue tyv skill ard perse
Hr* ad* *i t tar* tt« r»al iavor cf
the *b*at a*e mefir w'h cater sa
?.«tt and a B*t> sugar S .-fc brenc
tat a *«»"• whs* e®* •» rained tc
aw recti te * Bruch - ere d*! scale than
the st. k broods cticfc have a T°r
t ob e* ftor<: rg ad 3-d Er' '*
»h*at tower br»ad 1* made of Sour
that * stales all the g'.u-*8 atft ftly
the ester busk eff the keme. removed
” r * j* mw-t »:a evosae Sour and i*
gaiz.zg each year lb pupv-iarity
Tie g-acua. t rrover • c* in bread : a* kept pace with civ1.’ aa
t*a so that *fce most highly civilized
people are today making the best
bread Is the early days of tread
maamg the rat a as groubd by Land
t>»'veer two eton-s m.xed with
*»'jr and bax*d cat stoat* before tie
Otocsneoi Tread —Hoar four cup* of
tot water ever two cups of oatmeal,
add a Lai? cup of tuoa«e* und let
stand tc coo. At soon put one yeast
cake t'd a -uj of potato water bed
add tu_r escegt at t gut to make a
tore K.z ail u*e'b*T and in the
r«et ng add two tablespoocfiils of
«Or—cr leg a ti!‘ teawrooafu! at coda,
aad mak* r # '.caves "btt rises
bake is a hot eve*
A good yeast may be made of a
m*»•*•: r ■ tatc a cup of tot cat—-, a
taboagoorful of t agar and a tea
vtucottu. cd salt, a dry yeastcak*- and
dour eopqgfa to meke a ttm batter
Let ctazsd over z git. and tt will be
ready to car Tills will keep tes
digit asai is raft r*t ?«*.«■ foi three* cf four naves each
-•£ ■ *Z H i-li. b:.*r** t i -*• l*.
' .f I «*» C -Vi ** ernjld be
I mmtr't ;« sir—
Cu. 1 mmg bey i« as re—
-R ley
T«e r*c—e Mi«er.
* bey usualiy tt* u -dec. afcat be
ea£*v to becom* abet a man He
»**«—* bta profession, and after
cxsxg.Eg bt» mind many *imcs make
* C-cif. x nad ao*ks toward ti-at erd
u* »‘>uidt * clef der a person tel
femasied a he scald ‘Xpert lo prac
m«*e a "i-o* or prefer mot writ bout
‘-re:u framing in it But our *.-j, *
“ n-t^' f ol item are to Se Lome
C^aera of the .ard They mat pursue
» rad. or pro:*** on for a afe;* bB,
tie rtai >««» of life mm be pet in:.
, lttk*S «* * borne for somebody
. * “t*t tel'ortant pro ess;oL of
a Eat tad f*s traiE.-d workers t*-e
t-'“ . u. —e.c :or y _*» that i »0mux
aXculd iM> these* intuitive y.
a* the : -d (K her knoahcye of
rest boiling The hard fact of tte
t. ifcei know little of fc'tne
■**•***» ** ***»*»■ Hard knock,
ataxy u-rss a d endless d .appoint
Li> u fcer tticltn
•• * « • to onr girl* me to
eve tie* tte training for (Mr 1!V
*ork* The atadv of ho«eMd
e °“f pt-hlie school* is b- !;
:g to « »e the pr. • :•* a th y a'e Lm
ye- far loo *»a Our rural schot .s
reed it and a ah a very Utt e out .ay
at eciat meat Bignt be furnished
at et. -a- gt f- tuple, would ataaer
•he purpsa- Onr summer schorl ad
ore fbe -and are te*rt:ng teacher*
te thte sork It can be applied :o
a mo*' ax- branch of study from <sn
PJ*» to arithmetic Btrhaps some
day ae will have somebody wise
«Ec -gt to ante our school books from
v*ird;<i:ct of the s- >Ur. d*a! cr
t • — ft atten are bis ever* day Li *
'* ■’ a portant for the majority
•d cco hr-yv -_nd g-rls to know how to
*e ! the E.r.ber of basheU of com :e
'be ent, o' i «J it the tin. than to
fcrow n- c m* -sice-s of the .sUads of
the si *
The irst f-ep te the right direction
is to feel the bh«. and feci it bard
exough tf be willing to pay for the
T-urer ecetpE-ent and a teacher a to
la thoroughly interested, enough ao to
spend a few week* in the summer u>
prepare for the work.
-mm if_v j
us r«»: uunrivtai * b-i
W.—» * W*u your h&nd to
» « v ur r- r*-r-t;p« ana vrer.iie
l> Jut wti: a llttk »hil».
-J w
Ccffe* Making.
A good rep of coffee is something
that every girl ard boy should know
tow to make, bat alas' there art
nar.y cooks, or so-called cooks, wht
do not know a good cup when they
rr<i :t In the first place, cue mus'
have good coffee to prepare; ore can
cot expect to get a cup of the fra
r> Wverage from an Inferior gradt
i coffee or coffee extract Grind 11
'-si before u'irg and the aroma is
rot lost T'se a Tablespoonful to a cup
of bc ' rg water, allowing one fer each
p-ersoT! and one for the pot. A small
7'-—ior of beaten egg well mix d with
f-e coffee and a lifle cold water wir
cet:i- it if made in the oldla- h.ouet
wst by ! ;>;ling five minutes.
The dnp c ff- e pot or the perco
-'it are the best, as the grounds art
never left in the coffee When using
a liter or percolator the coffee should
be finely ground
A tup of coffee at breakfast serves
-* a rr c stimulant ard is a valuablt
t,r- adjunct, but it should never lx
given to a child or a dyspeptic.
in times of wm coffee has beer
* and to be more valuable than alco
hol to keep up the endurance of the
r *r-s Coffee acts as an antidote
for various poison*
ffte should always be taker in
r derat n its excessive use causes
* a'- Italian of the heat, insomnia and
o'her nervous troubles.
Nowadays, when the processes of
browning re;«- is done in the coffee
**. It is best to buy only in small
~uant;tie*. as after browning, unless
carefully seaM i$ soon deteriorates.
If rot bought in air-tight cans it
* hot id be pu* into cans es soon as
brought from the store
Coffee is often adulterated in varl
* ways the most common is the use
of ch cory This can easily be reteg
- -ed fcy addirg water to the nrxture
~ ffee wiil fioat and chicory will drop
to the bottom
Sometimes bears peas and cereal*
are roasted ard ground and used to
ad..!-- -ate coffee.
We get large quantities of coffee
'-cm It rax 11 true from Central Aaer
ca lava and Arabia
The stimulating {roper-tv of coffee
.5 d ;e to the alkaloid coff- ire and the
et-er-ia! oil. L’lke t-a. it contains an
astringent. Coffee is more stimu
stirg than tea. as we use mere of it.
tcJttL t r .* s.a,; *oujc
«my d^ar.
a t'-m* :.z tins* aitray.
rr* * " * -f the lark when the
• -• S 2f- w_
Ar«.. * • ♦- * r.r f **« thrush mb*" the
***** are *-ay -Riley
To Feast ard Cs r»e a Turkey.
- .are i:.e drtt.-ed and stuffed turkey
n a dripping pan on a rack Rub the
• surface with salt ard srrtad
: e breast v ng= and legs wuth a third
of a cup of butter, rubb-d to a cream
rd m led with a fourth of a cup of
i - Dredge the bottom of the pan
* -h four Place in a hot own and
when the flour begins to brown re
ive* the fc< at Baste w ith fat ;n the
pat. and add two curfuis of boiling
water <~or.*:ntie to baste every 15
n cu'es until the turk*y is cook-.d
which will require about three hours
:or a ten-pound turkey.
For tzs'ze use half a cup each of
•«ai«r and bu-ter ard after th:s the
fat in the pan Turn the turkey fre
quent.y while baking so *ha- it will
brown evenly if the Turk y hrow ns
too :as\ cover it with a butt-red ra
-er A 'urkey that has not becD
hasted cooking cannot be com
pared in flavor w ith one which has.
Remove all strings and be
ore sen ng Garnish with ce try tips
and fresh cranberries
'Tbi-tnut Stuffing—Shell and blanch
•hr*, cupfuls of chestnuts Cook in
boh ng wrrer until soft DrMn and
mash using a potato rfoer one.
'ourth of a cup of butter, a tca^poon
'•ul of salt a few dashes of r*d rer>
-er and a fourth of a cup o' c-etim
Me't a fourth of a cup oF h-'-**>r ard
•><!*' a cup o* bread crumbs, then com
b:n» the mixture ard **-;ff the t„M-PT
How to Carre—To carve the tur
v-« - r!*ee it on its bark, with the head
at the le‘t Place the fork across the
breast bene, holding firm!*- in the left
hand with the knife in the r rhr hard
<-ut off the leg close to the body, pull
’* off and disjoint Then cut off the
wing Separate the joints from the
drum sticks and divide the wrings
at the joint Carve br ast mrai in
thin, crosswise slices. For a small
family one side of a turkey jg all that
need to be carved, which leaves the
rema.nder in condition for anothet
Life Is, always difficult in proper!ioi
to its intensity and reality—Edward
Howard Griggs.
WSen Maboeiet Went to t*e Mountain.
Nlknnl cad*- the people believe
that be ooald eat! a hill to him. and
fn*a the top of It offer prayers to the
ahoervers at *be lav The people as
wa»b*ed. Mahomet called the hill to
”*** ** bid. again and again: and
• he* It stood still, he vas never a
efcM abashed bet said “If tie hi!!
vfl! not come to Mahomet. Mahomet
•iB gc to the hill "—Baron.
6ta-din; Room Only.
The reguar umpire vas sick and a
kind o’d gentleman from the country
agreed to do the best he knew how
All went wet! until the fifth inning
when, with the bases full, the pitcher
got wabbly and put over four wide
rjes and the batter started to take his
base. "What will we do with the
young feller." asked the old man of
the pitcher "W'e ain't got no place to
put fclm."—Success Magazine.
Dcn't sneer at the man with one
tdea. He may be very useful to the
world !f the idea's a good one.
Timely Millinery
JI'ST the most beautiful of all mil
.inery is shown in the exquisite
hat of black velvet mounted over
a wired cap of gold tissue with two
gold roses at the side. Lewis of Paris
v an the first prize at the fashion exhi
bition with a big hat mounted over
a Itce cap. He must have lost It
it this exquisite New York model had
been a competitor. But the idea was
tnen and seized upon by the Paris
! c-signers as one would seize upon gold
; coins lying about the streets. In
! fact, a good new idea is the same
thing—it can readily be coined into
sub'*antial money.
This charming hat is very large and
apparently very simple. But let no
ere be deceived as to its simplicity.
The Trimming is s dal! metallic wing
like ornament in gold and silver. The
shape is perfection, forming a back
ground against which the face, neck
and shoulder become a picture.
Another extremely large hah cov
ered with Duchess ’.ace. Is shown in
Fig I. The brim droops without an
upwards Bare, and is not quite 6C
graceful as in the first hat, but is
found more becoming to certain types
of faces. The trimming of ostrich is
a fancy mounting and combination of
rich Persian coloring, is the note of
climax in the model, which has been
much admired.
Either of these demonstrate how
wide a brim may be, and still leave
no doubt as to its beauty.
Simple Girlish Dress That Will Set Off
the Charms of the Young
A simple priish dress this. In cloud
pray cashmere; the 6kirt measures
not mere than two and one-haif yards
round, and is trimmed with two stitch
ed straps with rc .nded ends in which
buttons with cord loops are sewn.
The bodice and sleeves are cut to
pe'her. the fronts crossed at waist,
and forming a "V” shaped opening ,
over a white lawn chemisette with
tum-over collar and jabot of em
! broidery; the sleeves are finished with j
; tiny turned-up cuffs.
Hat of straw to match dress, lined
with darker crepe-de-Chine, and trim
med with wide ribbons.
Materials required for the dress: j
Six yards 4C inches wide.
Some Simple Rules for Girl Who Finds
It Necessary to Diet—Beware
of Excess.
Here are a few rules that the girl
who Is determined to diet does well to
observe. There is too much trifling
with our digestion these days, and
not the least harm is done by the no
tion for undereating.
Never diet cn the advice of a
friend. Her plan may have done won
ders for her and will pm you to bed
or make you a sorry-looking wreck.
Uon t diet to excess at any time.
Giris. make sure your doctor knows
d;etet:cs. Many physicians, gcod in
ether things, have little knowledge of
the effect of toed upon the system.
D you must diet from a cause, as
from diabetes or kidney trouble, do it
religiously; almost better not begin
.ban to do it spasmodically, letting up
whenever food tempts you.
If you only diet for the sake of fig
ure or complexion, count the cost be
fore starting. Cutting cut the foods
cf ordinary family meals is hard. Ask
yourself: "Which means most to me,
the loss of a few pounds or being a
nuisance at mealtime?"
Don't keep on dieting if you feel
that it disagrees with you. This holds
good even when your food list is care
fully censored by a physician. The
test of them will make mistakes.
Find out in time what is wrong
Dent diet to excess at any time.
Wcmen often go to the point of weak
ening the entire system by injudi
ciously following a doctor's advice.
Common sense and moderation are
gcod things to hold to in the matter
of food
Veils cf the Season.
Stylish and becoming are veils of
white ring dot net with the rings in
black and a fine black lace border to
The winter's veils show large, octa
gonal meshes, sometimes plain, again
with big w even dots.
Care should be exercised in wearing
The veils or the nose sticking through
the meshes gives a grotesque appear
The most becoming veil is a fine
mixture of black and white, tiny black
dots on white net being better than
white on black. These have become
known as the beauty veil because so
many women wear them, regardless
of style.
Newest Letter Paper.
Some of the prettiest note paper
has a very narrow border of blue,
pink. gray, lavender or red and one
initial at the top set in a ring of
color the exact shade as the border.
The Folding Desk.
A grea* room rarely seems complete
without some sort of a desk or writ
; it g table, and the average apartm^t
guest quarters are too small for L a
i ordinary writing arrangement; so J
j some clever person has invented a i
j convenient little folding writing table
; that stands against the wall. These
affairs are in the form of mahogany
j racks about 16 inches long, and are
slightly higher than the ordinary
table. When shut up they take
Bcarcely any room, as they are not
1 more than six inches deep. When the
\ screw is turned and the rack let down
; one has a fully equipped writing ta
ble, with all the necessary appoint
ments—inkwell, pencils, penholders,
magazine scissors and a large blotter,
with metal or leather corners. These
convenient little folding desks will no
doubt prove a boon to those unfortu
nates who must occupy small board
ing house bedrooms, yet who love
their own desks.
Sewing Lace.
Always sew lace with fine thread j
V T f0r the gjJJj
stitches are very noticeable. This is
trite, no matter how coarse the lace,
silk will not Eink into a fabric as
thread will. This is a Eewing hint
given me recently by a prominent
dressmaker, who expressed herself as
•-tired to death” of seeing quite plain
ly where her friends had sewed tbeit
lace chemisettes and hatbrim trim
The Belt Buckle.
With the return of the belt ti
favor again, belt buckles in infinite
variety have appeared. The simpl*
enamel buckles in empire green, ruby
and dark blue are well liked for every
day wear. With dressy gowns oblonf
or oval gilt designs in Louis XIV ef
fects, scintillating with brilliants, adc i
a smart touch to the toilet.
Smart Trimming.
Artificial flowers play an important
part in evening dress this season, and
many of the smartest gowns have th«
waists so fashioned that the flowers
are part of the trimming, but so ar
ranged that they can be changed if ac
Twin Extravagance*.
"1 don't suppose there is anything
gets out of date quicker than a wom
an's ha: V
"Unless it is s battleship.''
Some people are too fresh—but the
same thing can't be said of eggs.
Pneumonia and Consumption are ah
tray* preceded by an ordinary ctdd Ham
Jins Wizard Oil rubbed into the chest
draws <-nt the mrUmmaties. breaks up
the cold and prevents all tenons trouble
A bachelor girls' club is an associa
tion of women who think they are
more like’y to get husbands by pre
tending not to want them.
Ijewt« Single Binder 5c cigar equals
in quality most Ur cigars.
It isn't eTery ball player who can
make a hit on the stage.
"_ :
“Africa* GiaeTnli*
Kii«iI a aai >a .vfj »aw
la a it i two aav M.
w im Halla la
K Tuat .waiity a« yaa
^ ai •*- aaa 65
A'.>® *1 >» »»• .ct*>t i-rvi »l w'vr*. k*«a*
tn C »‘ 1 fc_L«»e.T>|>rV^fcWI.«l—«. ~ !
W. N. u, OMAHA. NO- «8~ir»«L
| pj fiit.MiJiti'Hr |
N ' AXesctabte Preparation for As
l&f' similatingtheFoodandReeula
Cfc tmg the Stowachs andBo«gts of
i ^
5i' Promotes DrjoshonChrerfuI
f: nessand Rest Contains neither
^ Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic
Arpr t on&-£lVUZJr&Xf
£. A-C., S~J
P. jflx Smmnm • \
l! ****** S
l' i; £££*- l
^ Jfi t
5 , I
f <7—IM£—- |
i-C *
: A perfect Remedy for fonstipa
jtt lion.Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Kit Worms Convulsions.Fevrrtsh
Y>; vss and Loss of Sleep
‘i; Fac Simile Signature of
ti ‘ —————
O The Centaur Comrnny.
Bsaa Copy of WtaffK.
For Infknta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
Dry Your Gofhes ona Wet Washday
With a New Perfection Oil Heater
w nen ciotnes can t be bang
outside, and must be dried in a
room or cellar, the New Perfection
Oil Heater quickly does the work
of sun and air. You can hang op
the wet clothes, light your Perfec
tion Oil Heater, open the damper
top, and the beat rises and quickly
dries the clothes.
Do not put off washing to
await a sunny day in order to avoid
mildew. Dry your washing any
day with hot air from a
Absolutely smokeless tad odorless
It gives just ts much he*t as you desire. It is safe, odorless
and smokeless.
It has an automatic-locking flame spreader, which
prevents the wick from being turned high enough to smoke, and
is easy to remove and drop back, so the wick can be quickly
cleaned. Burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, be
cause of a new device in construction, and can always be easily
unscrewed for rewicking.
An indicator shows the tmount of oil in the font. FiHer-ctp does not need
to bo screwed down, but is put in like a cork in a bottle* and is attached to tbo
font by a chain. Finished in japan or nickel, strong and durable, well-made, built
for service and yet light and ornamental. It has a cool handle and a damper top.
I | I
*3 *3.50 & *4 SHOES AWOMEN
Boys- Shoes. S2.QO, «2.50 4 *3.00. World
■*^®*M**»5^**.«« w *4u»# «*— | D°^
* p*«»-1 i»e tut
"rJ**?*TT tlfprfcmln Awrrfci, y» «e» I mv *•,.>**
Jb»wu^fi>0(nfc«< >«*• Jf >« hg- I hate
been the
•tandard for orer » Tear?, that 1 make and *e’.l more *?.«. $; V) a d
JI-00 shoes than hit other manufacturer in the U.S.. and that DOLLAR
FOR DOLLAR. I GUARANTEE MT SHOES tob...d thetrshane, L«rk
andflt better, an.-, wevlonper than ut other IA V t A* «■ <h e.
SkTHE^W eOUntS' l! t;** m7 Ahoes THE LEADERS j
xwu wiu ue pieasec wnen you Duy mr sh.wa because of the -n*c3
fit and appearance, and when it come* time for you to purchase W. jL
another pair, you will be mo-e than pleased because the laal
ones wore so well, and fare y*>® so much comfort.
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EUREKA- Harness I
HARNESS tough asawire
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Household Lubricant
is specially selected for any need In the
home. Saves tools from rusting; Can can
not break. Poes not gum or become randd.
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