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    ' Something Now!
p ^‘e NATIONAL BANK of Loup City
hereby gives notice that they have purchased one
o‘ the werid famous "TISCO" Manganeese Steel
Sa es. recently tested at Canton. Ohio, in the
p'esence of one of their officers by experts cun
ning in the art of Burglary
Aiso that they have ordered a new system of
. 5AFE DEPOSIT BOXES to be placed in their
strictly fire proof vaults as soon as received from
the factory
Further notice will be published in this space
* :h»n a few weeks that this new equipment has
E" vea and we then promise to show our friends
public one of the best protected banks in
the state of Nebraska.
Yours respectfully.
L. HANSEN. Cashier.
NORTH western
rii oj'iv. %*»%* a* twin
1 f+w Marini <f*M»tali«a«
■'*" ires fr*. ...... aa# jp»
a: I»rr fr_ ... T5 • >
frrT '»b JJ, ia jju
i. ' pwfcc .. .„ *»
i . ja
»„j«t 4at . .. m.
Karliartva Tiaw * iH
<4. ■ g»>. t mm
* * *■<=•"-• mtmnm - »»■*«.
i .. ... ... „ *.
rl” > * • V>-»vliM(N» 1 »■* a.
- * **■»
.*■ ai* aan* ■■ a.
* ** ' - .* S *4 f. m
Ii . s» 1« * r»:a» w». ■* CMHM
3 .* t»l*lCiM«C Witi
Z-2 ■ JHrtr * at. »4it
■ *-.. :-t -* -
t » • l» ii. a;W. an
at tat-4. ^ ; a
'•»' -a art* «-* t «4a at t vi>
„ r %rf%
: I ...'• M 4ltt) to
t ... - arr- ! tr*r kstrtrtr
. - Martt qrt r. _r ,.t4r» atrl «r»i|.
pa :i«e ...*jjfroa: aaarart prior
. •• a* pri - ;<a«J tar
•* *• ‘«-jit»rtt » Banal maran
*r arat _> ;• r frutfrrr la:
-• .n* ; . i. A k • Bi*t
I *t» a i»i* ar id j*r*»i *-M yntyrr
; rr«-il bjr^iiv J. ^.
ii ..a»« .l*u »rd fa»
tB tfer rw rl
raw* . 1 .*>"■ -ad frc* ‘
• . * * • ■.»*» rn a»jtitiar
i jj. tract.
-I ».::a. ?;«r V *»
-t take tip a
*n « nr * 4j
I t ru» aad nt .flln A'w*
^ In n . irlt BCtU «itii
* V .^*rj nri: Weda-»
.tt»- i*i < mririB N'.»t 3a,
• — mnmrt t a., pa -»
, a r«* lot «-arr <**
. ■ a- j -rraateft frrfr.
Lujb.: ! ua«».
£*«al# La** at U»*^t
/ ra' ■ * at J' fcB ® • La»iIS *
^P - • » ■ Vif <ia -*!*•
' **.' -ttaraiit IB tin trw
A rt parted irttrf
- lit « ail riant*.
-»■ r*ia • V < » 25*1. ant
Z L-. ; it* MmarltrCo.
.. r»l •* r -a.pan* tl*j» »«ek
R - ’&rT *43® S® pn« MM
._r «4 *f 'Id* ter »•£►**■*
. t *.**»* !-a* an land tin*
it* a* «iml» * aii
i- . itA**' • s»m » >«cti®C ' to tent
I . 0 ^ —- .raid a*' 1t urv
^ tf.-xr 1 l-*»a.
. ‘ ,* ;.4 » mr tc* atirtd U*
* ^nrtal *d -a* asr***.
„ a* - aa» *-«:♦ and
r ' r . to tin- fltj at
i -»«.* after**-* and
ilirt -n a ynj-nr *»-■»» <d
, t f' ® *■- Jar- nr*:'rd
-r% <r* #■ t ,. i tiC ^ * i*<l.
, . '“Vaasfei a c^f*r *f *1
* . * 5* ,. g* jcsfct* itn»r uGO&T
:.(otetr tart r K «*
If Jar--* tUf teTT- WT
liHM lurMrr am»ad « «*•
4. i,,: Mr* Itrtm **1 -.rt
.* - *ucaSa< '■i** la*
„ *Vd * *at and —A after ter
. . . -- »U*. :*»«* pr«**ted tor
f» .-i od Mr* » li M*-.. a
V ' -i t ind- r antator
_ _rn* jfK lif-ii* J «***»* •
/ /: *.r* J * ~ tton
t:<er jT-rtAjn a rJtrWOf..
T ^ *««tA®r ™rp* d «ar «t«
t. >** niu. a auntear <d
' -,ar.n-r* •• * j*****Hto«**
t ' a »*•«* - irf li» fwaptM nr*
I ■ Ztrnm ftete'dte u* attend Ur
.-»•» tnriam » am*"iatn*
T ^rr ->il •» ancUor «* ’-tone
f. *AK and **»r. " a:
KEo "S-JTT“t- »•
^ - ,<«ar nii.- t* *u«w-te»it
'* V a -V -»*to* at Uru*. .11.
^ . , tUr *l**rr * u«r la to to
** -fir -a* -iautto*. •»*■
7 i -fT- r 'll* »* tto '“tjM*
t, «{ I*f and Mr* Mart.
* -a- n ,un and CMrd* A"**rr rntef
• i-tut-j u-n* »aa*r lad* -r>**d*.
C* -T » o-Ag
U *a» «n>j*nd tea » d*-.n •-»** <*»
(tw ni t rata*
_at ‘i-* Kara
u* *• Ka-u < -*» f*f» oar
1 /ir». rnttud In tutor of unit
-n l?» nd'toiad
» a* .*t *n*f • i«n»-nc td to l*to
W - mr and ton* pn« m* » r«f
- * -> / ti* j.»r »m
t Lcamt but tut* ad. taafcd
a reporter tat.--^tojMted^teJtl*
' ' * for wpeciai* every Satur
i r to an: hoggn-s. see T. M.
It mid
speria - ft sate a* Conhiser's every
Mrs * < Harper returned froa
'tier Mi-» _r: *isit K uday
■*ei t. e util of buy sup your meat
a: iimnrtt » meat market
bargain- ia Town Property
for -ale by John M. Long
Try Artec nut cua. for v .,ur cook
-1 *e I or sake by K *• Ta*; .r
I-i-' re—.up news i» revived here
ts-at Hear* Vasset ss a -aflerer from
tu beer 11 tart*
• oaLtwer ! as special* on -aie every
sat-iday 4to in and see. Saturday.
•«- rr* "tori :a> . u*t fcnisited *. .me
artiste work in re-ptwilin. tie front
f < <* iser - store
"1'itIV < HI<'ktVs ife wanted
at t-efioej- s meat market Higimst
market price paid
1. e boa Too restaurant changed
ait - .a-: week V4 - siave ik.t .earned
tie- name of Uie new owner.
All the Town Properly offered
for sale at fir-t hand-by railing
»n John " . Lons.
M-- Ida Laintver. was .a.ied to ln
pendei* • Mo., ias*. Saturday by tl»e
da-ip* * - - : ness f her niftier
Me are paying 3» tents each for
t ream de 'ered at tie creamery .
IbvrvM 4 litineiiv Co.
i _» v ur rkaks Iron, your Ivotne
merchant* Ttwv will treat *ou
right I>»i r <"m wee< avTiLg oo
i r -a - My residence in east
Lowp 4 it y; or will trade same for
re* estate MaATEE WtESH'K.
Y • r riiaanr U> get an ..p-Uedate
a. ' -uit or skin at * oahiaer's
Frida* aad Saturday. Nc>*. 2T. and 26.
Vr- M V. e t last TL_rsda>
entertained a numlier of ad* friend
it, tiKiT >f i*er birthday Anniversary.
Ladle- a at -anv -atur
day and * _ wi tind special barpains
n sa e t - .at wil please * >u and save
pour pocketbook
Wv K»-ed u- sold bis lardware
-• kck * 4*r -hub of near Va-on
fit * and tl»*v ar« invoicing the
«OTK *K«a.
I VlIM f* »r The northwest
. aru-' •' Secti *0 32 T »n 15. Rugp
in Metetcr Iwnsiiip. Inquire of
!I Rt v-ivi L *ap Citi NVbr
Tier* at be services x >rninp and
- .-wing t>rt: *undat at tlie baptist
'•l t>\ Pr if Sboae of Grand
1- and Everybody invited.
I_»:.— there ai be a coat -gin
m l - ' sae at < .n:.!--: Fridav
‘ -f rdat \ i i" and
3 4ic car:-, and pet jour pick of
the p • * l- displayed
Trr V Xickolau*. tiae drawnan.
f-.r -t and satisfartorv oerviee.
Leave -dcrs at the Kevsume. Lein
ager - >r Tav *.r's cicvator. or phone
: • on \<r.
V-- L < McEweo and children
;nir fr .la Kearney Monday even
inr and Be-- M< Even arrived last
e »f ’s if -tend Thanksgiving at
tie it.«e of Ward VerValin
Tie ad.e* »f tie V E Aid Society1
a foe t <eir annua, chicken supper
■r* Wcdnewdav evening Nov. '**• at
tie SOM***! of the rititndi Will
begin U> serve at 5;jr» o'clock
K<-r »i> Five choice I»urre-Jersev
tear ptg* and one pedigreed
Si -rti r» hull ca.f. at my farn nine
miie* n *rth of Loup <'itv ’Phone
• c« *4 J. F. Bora.
The _n:v dads at tiieir last ses
sile*. t-'c-ewted tlie county judge with
a desk tn whicit to tie b ank- and
also gave a nice ceice desk for use of
'the de} ,’t treasurer Both will
grace * v '.rrutitre of tie oe» court
- use t" be built tiresome future
Mr- !':*e,A»- M> Intyrr. eldest sister
' Mr- Abbie Gilbert arrived <a*t
Tl s-dav etenite fri*m La PortefTtv.
1 wm. visit a couple of seeks iiere
• rr r-ister and other relatives
• two ► e- ail. go to tibarv. Oregon,
t* iai* —e future home sitii leer
i youngest —«n
V iws Lena smith nnd Abi Bey non
.nt T- r-day e-eteng ai tlie home
/ t'e- * rmer e-«>rtalned a numle-r
iff . ng -die> ax**- a most enjoyable
t;uie *»- had Tiie "ilittle tots”
payed s a t-r graa. being given
a* tie we Lunch was served in
ute •> te» and 'lasket- and was
! *r ;-g...v enjoyed by all.
Prcsbytertai Bulletin
Itev 1 . 4*. McEaen P I*., will
-peak Tianksgiv jng evening at the
mid-we- k service. Let us have a full
at'ewdate «
Tlie usuti services will be held nett
Sundae n.'iung and evening Tlie
tlene for the n. ruing will lie --Tlie
Hume." and in tlie evening U*e sub
I jerl nit’ be *• Absolute Surrender "
Germ Evangelical Church
Neat sundae. Nov 27th. tlie re will
tie service* at Loup City at h*:3«a x.
Nov. 3t. lesson in German at Loup
City at B»Jm a. m. P. J ueling. l*a*tor.
Farm for Sale or Trade
Mic acres of gaud farm land 3'. allies
from Pierre s Ii , * miles from good
HUit rsttiand town. 2 miles from a
pc-st ft* mile* from arhooi. Thirty
acres broke. *®a' bouse. granan and
tern Farm ail fenced Will sell or
Sade I J McClaarjGHidings. S. D.
Mr- A C Evans left Monday for
Mapieton. Iowa, to spend Thanks
giving at her girlhood home. Tiie
doctor look* forlorn already.
Last week, through its agent here.
J. A 1 ftanietson. tiie B &. M. rail
road company paid ta taxes in Sher
man county, to tiie tune of ~ 12.v»*'.4.
A pretty sum to he added to tiie
•unty‘s hank account.
T ie High School Glee Club will
give a musical? a: tiie opera house
nett week Friday evening. Tliere is
seme ru e\ e'.ient musical talent
ani< rig the girl- of our liigli school, j
• bid been gathered into a
n u-ica organ: ati »n and we may ex
ts-'• some sph ndid numbers on tiie
occasion spoken of above.
There will tie Thanksgiving ser
vices a: tiie >i E. church this fore
n ion at 1<* 4 Kev Montgomery w ill i
deliver Lite add res- and assisted by
Kev Harper and Kev. I>r. McEweh
f Kearney, who. with ids family, is
spending Tlianksg:. ing with friends
In tliis city. As a'! business will be
suspended in .he city at that hour,
tliere will undoubtedly i*e a large
attendance on tiie services.
From Tiie t»ee we see that Belle
vue lias tiiis year another of the
• inner foitbal. teams. They went
: Hig! land l*ark College. I»e- Moines,
t!.- 12th instant, and carried the
High .and scalps In tine with them,
the s .re being Into *i. Our own
i. •. Kearns is ‘ • , nanciai manager
• t • team whicl insures that i.n
.• rtant adjunct to a team to be ban
died in first class shape.
I*r. .V .1. Keanu >f tliis city a few
days' s.ti • reci ted notification that
i,e :.a i en n inated and elected a
- is-r f the Nationa Geograpiiic
- ietj wit. 1 • a iouarters at Wash
ing: in. !». C. This society was
: nd?<! sme twenty year- ago. by
- :ie ■! the hading men "f tliiscoun
and ante among its member
ship tie president, members of the
-..prerr.c o>urt. ambassadors, and
n c.ed • ii in govemmental affairs
and men and women distinguished in
edi na and busines- interests of
f • ..ntry Tiie g -od doctor is to
hi congratulated upon iiis prefer
ment ‘ r membership in tliis great
A number of Loup City young
people wi give a c medy-drama at
the ;iera house evening and
-it r.iay right.written ny Mr. Watts
•f tiie 'Electric Theatre. Tiie plot
ani situations are -aid to lie most
i.appi • put tegetie r. arid we feel
a—ureii the play wih is- staged in
s -• acceptable manner. Botli
Mr and Mr-. Watts will take leading
par.- and tiie oilier portions of the
■ a-t wbl tie taken r>y home people for
«!. :n they were especially written.
L -{ t'ity jieopie are always partial
• ! imi ta ent an iw- iiave n doubt
. .. ■ .
iig- to witness tiie production.
Loup City men Honored
\t the meeting of the state im
plement dealers last week at Lincoln
T M. Keed wa> again and
: t tiie ti.ird or fourtli year chosen
>fie iif tin directors of the association.
Monday's State Journal contained
a g »id likeness of K. I* Starr of this
city. »iio at the state meeting of
Mt-nt' ipa. Leagjes at Lincoln last
week. »a> chosen a- president of the
league : r tiie coining year. When it
comes “ ceering state associations.
Loup City is always in evidence
Mr Starr is at*oi,f the steenth man
fr on L ■ < ity wh, lias been chosen
ores: ; i er various state aseocia-1
ti ?is \ :;i ing tlier if our leading
iti-en- w: i ha been so honored in
I ast ., • '•» . Me. =r. E s.
Hayherst. J. S iVd.vr. J. W Long.
A K. <*utl. use. T M Keed. T. L
Pi.ger. and others t >h. yes; Loup
City i- a ways on the in_p when men |
of nent are in evidence.
Moon Creek Items
Mrs 1‘lieohe M Intyre. sister of
Mr- Ahbi< Gilbert. arrived here last
Tliursday from La Port* City. Iowa,
for a lew weeks' visit, after which
she w ill go to Oregon to make her
future home
Mr and Mrs. Arthur McCullough i
~.fet a: : < ast S inday.
Joe Smyth i- husking corn for Mr.
Head rick son.
Ed Angler had a day off Monday
and was out on the farm repairing
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ling and family
to ik dinner with Mr and Mrs. M. A*, j
KLidips in L up City Sunday.
< -i- aTllj Miss Mary Homgard took ,
dinner a: La: ie's Sunday.
Mr- Jas. Ling drove to t wn Mon
day ev< ng • meet her brother. Mr
Frank Weeriin and wife of Aurora.
TI • ng pe -g e in the M. L.
- - ■ ■ Orchard Slow
tar ■*-: Wednesday evening for a
- a
pra-ti • ti.efe tie ing about fifteen of i
W;, :ai: Hartman cf St. Joseph.’
v i- visaing at tiie h .mes of Mrs
Abbi* and M A. Gilbert.
- rool Ram
Mi" - Mar- an i \nna Smyth.
I*e.pha and Keava Haillie and Wa
rn* fa lie :ti. u were visitor- at our
whooi this week.
Ur are preparing a very tine pro
gram for Christmas
Apples! Apples!
■rimerapples at sweetiand's
N looms & ' .ibs> in
Cloak Sale
Tie L up City Mercantile Co. are
g .ng t give a sjiecial ditoount on
all cloak- Nov. Until aud Until.
Farmers Notice
We want your good wheat and do j
n it se Iiefnre you get our prices.
W, a,- want vrn andoatsand are
pa ;ng u irt tlan it will net to ship j
to anv terminal market. Your busi
ness is appreciated.
LorrOmr Mill & Lioiit Co.
Poland China Boars for Sale.
1 have a few good P,.land China
Boars of the big type for sale, from
«ows like « »ra Wonder l.'Sn.'LVi. which
1 purchased at the Ed Andrews'
persion sale last winter, bred to
Long* .rider No. lSlTSTa—543K7. a
snnv-p .^nd hoar, and from Lady E..
No. 1 ;j»ea»l Tiie sire of these pigs is
Nebraska King fvxt; Tiie rest are
sired hv Grand Lo.»k "ko.T .
I have received a big
line of Fur Coats of very
best quality, and will of
fer them to the public at
very reasonable prices.
Come in and examine
them. Every coat guar
anteed Yours for busi
ness. Jas. Bartunek. j
First National Bank
CHARI til SO. T277. lSGOttr*OK ATE l>
Ai Loup* ny in the stale ot Nebraska. ut
tlie ose of business November lu. iyu>
Loaui* and discounts .. SJ63.395 35
Overdrafts secured mio unsecured 5.793 *«k
U s Ikjuu> 10 secure cin-uiaiioc T.»M* On
Bonds, sei untiev etc . 5U3 On
Banking boast*,furniture. tixtures. i:.u66 o9
Due from approved reserve agents. io.4*»6 ;*'*
hecks au« other cash items . 4 333 66
Note> of other Satiocu. tfank>. d3i» ui*
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and cents . . . . 115 H
Lawful money reserve ;n bank viz: —
Specie . # 13 337 l5
Let al tender note" 3.5uu UII—14.7-J7 1.
Kmenipiion fund with l* S. treasurer
*5 per cent of circulation 35** t*
Tota. . . #35*3*6 77
C apital stock j»aid in #35.uu».u>
Surplus fund 13.5.0 (t$
Undivided profit.". ie"?* expenses and
taxes paid 3 563 rts
National Hank noun*outstanding ... 7.MJU U>
Due t • "late and private bank" aud
bankers . 11U 03
Individual deposit** subject to
check 91.430 99
Demand ceri lficates of deposit . 79.693 UG
Tota. *31s.386 77
Mate of >ebiaska. *
County ot Snerman * & *
1. L HAnsE", Cashier ot the ul*>\ . named
Bank, do s»oletnn:y "w ear mat the above
sta'emeiil is true to the i*e*t oi mv know
ledge and be ief
L. HaN"EK Cashier.
IKa L VVn 1.11X " Director.
0 F. A I* aM" *ireo»or.
K J Ni».utiN iAI.l Director.
s::osrril*e*: ai» l sworn to before me this
IWt dax of N \ min r. 191'*
*skal Notary Public
M coinm "": l expires Jai It*. 1913.
•>! N* :<*'a"Ku
Sherman * * unity '
N ■ • : ; t pusai County Board of Super
v "or" * s ierruaii County Nebraska, to
"" s s;»;d county. in pa vine nr ol
■ •ui"tamibond" v hich l*ecome due and
payai-it November 37th. 1910. i" hereby given that at an adjourned
meeting: -r me Countv Board of Supervisors
* >hermau countv Nebraska November 15th
tni "a • board -esoived to issue the
' '
irau.n*. interest at the rate of 4-- per cent
;h- annum Taxable 55 Uu <*> November 37th
1911. an Uu semi annually thereafter to
May 37th. 19 *' and #10 003 m« November 37th
.9!* for sal* or m exchange to raise funds
with which to pay <»utstundiu
... o'-t:v ’- ’ted i >ctoi.*er >tt 1MH* and isued
N* vernier 37:: 1N9*>. ir. ’he "Um of S899ULUU
ir.iW.Ui interest a: ; ]»**r cent per annum
uc * which 'her* h;»" b-eu paid the sum of
5 «m * and upon which there is due and
parable N vein her 37th !9l the "um of
' - f k :L* "aid bund" to uraw interest at
th-* "unie or ales." rate of interest than the
boau" to be paid a:« now drawing. aud that
hied .u the othr** «.i the county clerk on or
before The i3tb day of Deiemte • l9it» or same
• •• . nud m
iu" r. In w :*!.»-,< whereof I have hereunto
"*: my baud and offlcia* se^ th.> 15tu dav uf
November 19: •
"Kal W C Diktekk as
Count Clerk Sherman Couutv Nebraska.
Not it** " hcr*Ty give:, to d *n the 9th day
1 f Deed: ♦ : . 19b on* c.ock p m a; the
I -
i ■u’.:y • Mil."1:on**r f Pub.;c Lands and
Bui id inii" ; " a: tl. representative,
w.i. « ffer east a. pu ... an- non all educa
t. land" iu "aid county \vhbh have been
declared forfeited for non payment of rental
or interest as follows:
>*; •* 16-16 Albert H Keener.
VC !*' if-i:i Aaron *Va. A .nun
Dated Nov 31. 1910
Coitmi"": merer Public Lands and Buildings
!.a>: put Dec. *■
\< rru e ix > i:reditx>rs
In County Court within and for Sherman !
c->unty Net>raska
In lhe in itte: f tht estate of Adtiade Moritz
State of Nebraska t
> ss
Sherman County ' The >tate of Nebraska
i L A Smith county judge of Mid eonnty.
herebv _ n**tif\ ai jh rsons having claims and
dvman - t*ga4ii"t The estate of Adelade Moritz
deceu"* l.. iha: 1 have set and appointed the
foiiowing dav f..r the reception, examinati* n
and .. ustment of said claim" and demands
a- Um county court room in Loup City. Ne
ttraska to w: May 3nd. 1911. at the hour of
one i dock ir. the afternoon of said day.
AL l*er-T‘h" 1m rested m said estate will
appear "aid ::mt and place and duly
pre«en- their claims and demands and in
case nr x • * ".*ui ciaim" art not presented by
M-\ 3ii : i9 i tn* same shall be farever barred
Tl* t me . in;lt d for the payment of said
lain " "La!, be one year from said *3nd dav of
May. 1911
• ven unuer my hand and the seal of said
County C*>ur: ibis 39th day of October 1910.
E A. Smi h. County Judge
Last pub. Nov. 34
Lee Brothers’
« I
Meat Market
Choicest of Steaks. Veal
Cutlets. Pork Chops and
Meats of all kinds. Poul
try. Fish, Celery, in fact
the best of everything in
keeping with a first-class
market Highest prices
paid for Poultry, Hides,
etc. LEE BROS.
Hut we don't carry it very long at
a time because it seems to us that
nearly everybody wants our ASH
GROVE brand of cement and the
famous PEERLESS lime.
It Makes Us Hustle
to keep a sufficient supply on hand
to meet the preat demand there is
for these necessarv materials and it
is not just because people like us.
either. There's another reason.
Keystone Lumber Go.
Yards at Loup City. Ashton. Rock
ville. Scliaupps and Arcadia, Neb. ■
I A Partly Pathetic. Half Humorous
and Highly Entertaining
4-Act Comedy-Drama
Written by
Herbert A. Watts
And presented bv the
This play « written especially for
'the Caste which presents it. The
; plot deals with modern religious and
| scientific problems, and contains a
i touching heart story ot a oiiiui. or
phan singer. At the same time a
thread of rich comedy pervades the
production, intensifying the interest
by sharp contrasts from pathos to
I humor. The aim is to produce in
every hearer
Songs and Specialties
Between the Acts
A Full Evening of Good
Loup City Opera House
Thursday and Saturday Nights
November 24-26, 1910
Reserved Seats on Sale at Conhiser's
Is Half Sold
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Happy is the Son the
Bride Smiles on
beautiful pieces of Jewelry for
bridal and wedding gifts of
unique and aesthetic designs.!
purposely made for weddings, j
Rings, brooches, sunbursts, dog j
collars, jeweled pins for the
hair, lorgnettes, opera glasses,
gold and silver purses and many
Trinkets of Value
Silver tea services, spoons, forks
and knives ready for marking.
There is no question about our
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The Reliable Jeweler
New Jeweler
Having got fully located
in my new place of busi
ness, I am ready to do all
kinds ol Repair Work in
the Jewelry Line.
r i
All work put out by Mr.
Chase’s last man, Mr.
Morgan, is guaranteed
by me
My stock is most com
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I solicit a portion of your
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Lou Schwaner
In Chase’s Drug Store
represents in round numbers the Growth in De
posits during the last year
represents the Increase in Loans to our patrons
over the figures of a year ago.
Which means that this bank has grown in the con
fidence of the public, and has grown in *
ability to be of genuine service
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It means that more of our people than ever before
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lobp cin ■
Capital and Surplus,
Every Saturd'y
That Will Make You pich.
The greatest combination of industrialism and farming now rapidly
developing, is to be found along the Burlington Route in the vicinity of
and in the BIG HORN BASIN,
where large, deeded alfalfa ranches that have made millionaires of the
owners, are being divided into small farms, and where Government ir
rigated homesteads and Carey Act Lands are available.
A WONDERFULLY RICH COUNTRY: You can get holdof an irrigated
farm within a radius of a few miles of excellent coal, natural gas. il
luminating oil. building materials, fast growing towns that have varied
Tuesdays I personally condust homeseekers' excursions to these lands
D. CLEM DEA.VER, General Agent,
Landseekers Information Bureau
1004 Farnam Street. Omaha, Neb.
_ h >cks
We now have a|large supply of^ ^ 1
Cement blocks on hand for ♦
We are now in position to put in
Cement Sidewalks
And guarantee to give good satisfaction
We are ready to do all kinds of
Gall and Get our prices
Loup City Cement Block Comoanv
r 'GUY STOUT, Manager.
We have a good stock of lumber and all
kinds of building material on hand.
A carefully assorted stock of Fence Posts
ranging in price from 12C to 25C.
No trouble to figure your bills uli. show
our stock