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    posit Accounts
When left on Time Certificate, six months
or longer, interest will be paid at 4 per cent
Checks and pass books cheerfully furnished
to farmers and business men. who are al
ways welcome at the old. time-tried
st National Bank.
*n Strength and Security this bank stands in
the front rank among the best banks in the
Capital Stock and Surplus, $37,500
This item added to the important fact that
we loan no money to any officer or even
stockholders should appeal to those desiring
a safe depository for their funds.
th; immt >tn *• i»i*
* ~~~ '* *
A l>* Ijrtrl (^MUtiMk.
• r* j*» tm ... .. zr.o.rn
l*‘.**»t *rb» ___ _«•* m ,«c
A>. m-t i*. —_ j&
R*«. j»f ho ... . j§
R-Uer. per *i».. . ... «;
Kff. per _ .12
fteio. per ft*._ |
^JKWr *'«»• >er lb.. ... .14
— 11 ■ *~ » jg
U«r"nrf«.a Tiae ( iH
«-*■*»». t**T
A . * a— »-* ««nnl« 1 hit- - #*»» a.
*■ “* *—*»• *» >«n» » j. k
' * r ( • »> % •«*<>!» : ; t b.
* —. -e a- .1 l»m • J1 B.
S r*- * a B■ ru 2 t» *. ».
• J A -— HIBI
-ui .-or*! mt e»ery j
House for rent App.y U» Hear*
■ mm
■j*. >i©rk »II! point your house
aith »uu *eod and ziac
JX' Lee oil: be osmutoat to Chief
T-orv during fair •«!
ft tie ..obit of bcyiar your oat
o:*. * i at sorbet
r.*af i »-r M*e- to Lie Br/Um
for tie Lrat rash pnre
I • roe mt your bouse pointed v
sue! use* white .end oad ziar.
i: . price paid for
t (in ot ieanrtt * xm: -rorket
Korrois* ia Toaa Prsyerty
fur air bj Juba W. boar
I a g jarur.: for butter fat
I >'■ *?•: )»> ca**.. — X. E ( eut
-wri ibe pai^ser. dm» mtJtr tend
and x;nc rod »i. fi<c rew ix-re*
Try A;:-- a.: c di for yosr exit
»>« I'jt 4.t tor E G. Tartar
M Ira A I < - «5 and Ni» Jto
rr'-.n -i bMM tat ttMUDf
1«wn l«u uriapwrd proper
n a: £: i! b-.r;iia%. Sre J. W.
! «ar.
Ta*e rwur uaUm and ejr* to Con
... «v-( yt*. can prt uitU-nc
-an ■—=*
Law l'<md» >r ixaa raoawl into
! - •' lixt '■ arated bt
«u- t. - .---aae In mEinr <•
t * -m 'ifay*»:**» rt»a
•and j«ara <— r- tea
tilth T-r? Property wRrrrd
f.r . . a ir»: 1: .nd* by rail ins
ali bi »V. l,*»t
la r*»jr • ,*nv rijraW* to Lne
ir Ai«rr». «: «-r» y**n noire tbe
5f ar. -.»'•< pr»r»
7 :•. -m .a -<ea*rry Ciw. ia'*
-a* a- arte* !or rtf' de
i at t?» Y-a.eryberr.
— mg »mt to Lincoln tant
al<w be will bclp keep
at tsj- Fair lb* week
•r^a c lmmw insnary Medius
and « a«Mra ia~c: t on piano or or
ran hr *n» hem** Ruhr »*•
Lnaaa! Lnan-! Lonn«! Lnas*!
Rml Ertnln L-*»n* at Invent
rtlea at 'nh» W. LwnrV
%dd.e U t..aftr left tU»
n:< tc, aV-rod tiit >tate Kair |
- • in kurMi Urf State reitmltf
11* r^m-mg term.
Tr* II Xlrtatea* tbe ar»«x«
far ,j*eft Ml etafirtott ente
Lm ardrf* at tt* Ketmooe Leto
tofer’s or Tartar a e-eeator or pboar
Press Drills—Do you
want one? H so. cell end
see T M Reed before
too lets to get them
hattCer Ira E Viaia®* *®
MtoeOido taat •«** Monday to
..•JHH »a eslattdtiaa of attempted
of U* iato* Make of t»ak
ml~ muurL, -a* claimed to be ato^
k kietf MfV proof He ret*, reed
f >ur M-fjooa. open Monday. Sept. 12.
>pecsa> .a >a.e at Cothiser s every
Spevoi articles on >aie at Ctn
lAeriftw) Saturday
Cbar:«*» M« .or lias a potion at
ti» Stat Fair th;~ wet*
Le»*t.e : -xutey.-ur i.uo ind will
pa * - - est market price.
Mr* . ; ion;r. n and ch Iren of
ilantsu u: visit.ny friends here.
« •u.M-r has specials on sale every
isaturda >.o in and see Saturday.
Highest market price in cash for
1-cns a- Lt liro*> meat market
If y©_ »ar.t a dray in a hurry and
get . w..r*.set- Suwart Conger.
SPCIN . CIllCKIiNS are wanted
at Leti: t s meat market Highest
market prow paid.
Mr atH !’rs C *C ari^ea left for
Lincoln as; Thu*sdav where Carl
wi act as treasurer at the Fair.
We are paying 2»> cents cash for
cream dt.ivered at tlie creamery.
Fon Sale Lawn swing and several
other household articles.
Mas Loris Rns.
Lee Brothers of the Pioneer meat
market wii; pay you the highest cash
price for spring chickens
For Salt—My residence in east
Loup City: or will trade same for
real estate W* ltee Wozxick
Bennett a. ways has on liand the
choicest of meats of ah kinds. Call
at market when wishing the best.
I*age woven w;re of ah sizes, and
best barbed wire, at prices that will
sa*e you money. L. N. Smith, 'phone
2 on 12
Ladle* ca’’ at Conhiser s any Satur
day and you will find special bargains
on sa.- tiiat will plea** you and save
your pocketbook
Albert Johnson has charge of the
concession* at the State Fairgrounds
this week, he and wife going down
bo Lincoln last week.
M < Mulick and Will French left
for the State Fair last Saturday, the
former a* starter for the races and
the latter a* night police.
If you want a dray, phone A. L En
derlee. * on 57. or leave your order
with either lumber yard or E. G
Taylor ile*t of service guaranteed.
Mrs C. C. Outhouse Monday went
Vo Aurora to meet her little niece.
1>9 r Hiliabect. who came from her
home at Boulder. Colo., to attend
art tool iwre
Mr* E ti. Taylor and daughter.
Locile. »t«o visited her sister. Mrs.
F. Ze: offer at I*a-id City over
- unda returned licme Tuesday
A lif. e daughter arrived at the
h >me ' Mr. and Mrs. 1* I». Grow.
Fridav morning. Sept. 2nd. and I»ar
is a ha subvert of the new queen
of his household.
Will Bensrhoter. who lias been
employed at Fremont for some time,
arrived :*-•> Monday evening for a
week s visit with relatives, when he
will go to ii.incd* for the winter.
A gojdly number from Loup City
and vicinity are attending the State
Flir tiii* week, which is the greatest
ever held. It being impossible to
get tiw names of all hence we do
not give any.
Fred IHeterichs and Mrs. Henrietta
Inetenchs of Chicago, brother and
mother of County Clerk Dieterichs..
arrived here Tuesday, the brother
for a abort visit, while the mother
will remain loafer.
A recent letter from Ben Paeeler
fives their future address as Filer,
Idaho »t»ere they order the North
western to visit them hereafter. !
Ben sav» hurry up the paper for we
are entirely last without it.
A Scotch social is btinf talked up
for Friday nifht. Sept- 16th. Mr.
Monte-mery hopes to exhibit many
\ thinfs. and there will be other ln
terestinr features, such as Scotch
*oops and bacpipes. Mr. Mathew, etc. i
Mr. David Kay left last Saturday!
I for St. Paul. Minn., where he was to i
attend the freat conservation con
crr*~ in 11 minn in that city this
m**k and where President Taft and
other government nocables were to
be in attendance and make addresses.
The business at the mill seems to
be much arper than a year afo. as
tbev run dav and nifht. and /deep
two' teams haullnf Sour and feed to
can. which they are shippinf out to
surroundinf towns Loup City flour
be used by all who wish to
build up their home town.
Mrs D L Adamson has moved her
moved her millinery store into the
A. L Zimmerman office, where she
will be pleased to nee all her old
customers as well as new ones. She
has a T**—pM* line of hats of every
style from the eastern markets. They
are op-t vdate for style and beauty.
Chll and see fo^^eurself- Openinp
w ^
Tlie Presbyterian Sunday school
had a picnic down near the river
last week Tuesday and a splendid
time was enjoyed by the little folks
The editor and wife attended the
Slate Fair a few days this week and
the rest of the office force being on
the sick list, many items are omit*
ed this week.
Tlie ladies of the Industrial Society
will meet at tire home of Mrs. Ward
Ver Valin next Wednesday. Sept. 14.
All lire ladies of tire society are re*
quested to be present.
Mrs. I»an DeWiu has rented the
Taylor building two doors east of tire
Swanson A Lofhohu drug store and
will put in a new stock of millinery.
Watch next week for tire date of l»er
While the Misses Etta and Lillie
Lofholm were absent on their visit
in Colorado a delightful surprise
was prepared for them in the placing
of an elegant Kimball piano in Uteir
ltome. secured through II. F. Ferdi
nandt. the furniture man. and the
return of tlie girls was thus made
the more happy.
Mrs. I>r. Marry and children re
turned last week Wednesday from
their extended »:>it to various points
in Illinois and Michigan, where they
spent most of the time at tlie water
ing places along Lake Michigan and
had tlie most pleasant outing of
tlieir lives. Mrs Marry remembered
her many lady friends with handsome
souvenirs of her trip.
1. X. Syas was called to Ord tlie
:N'Ji of August by tin* illness of his
good mother, mho breathed her last
ti>e following day and was buried
ia>: week Monday at Burwell. The
good mother had been in ill health
health for a long time, and was aged
Tv years, 4 montlis and 13 days. Tiie
manv friends of Mr. Syas here will
sympathize »iUi him over the loss of
man's best earthly friend—a loving
Last Saturday, a new team being
driven by Lan Benschoter became
frightened by the sudden puffing of
the R. A M engine at the coal chut*
auJ made a short run. with Lan and
tiie drag weight hanging on behind
the rig. and after running about a
block one horse was thrown down and
with tiie other horse astride of his
neck the race was ended without
damage save a broken tug and the
lacerated feelings of Lan.
Misses Etta and Lillie Lofholm re
turned last Friday evening from
their three weeks' visit in Colorado.
Returning from the home of their
sister at Grand Junction they took
the scenic route to Colorado Springs,
where they viewed Pike's Peak, the
Garden of the Gods. Manitou, and
various grand scenes about the city.
The young ladies were fascinated
with the glories of Colorado and
came home delighted with their
On last Saturday evening one of
the best wrestling matches seen in
our city for many a day was held in
Society Hall between Cannon of
G reeley and Robert Ely of our city.
The two combatants stepped on the
mat shortly after 9 o'clock and were
introduced by C. W. Conhiser. who,
officiated as referee, and the combat!
began. After a fierce struggle of;
T. minutes Ely succeeded in putting j
Cannon's shoulders to the mat. and
after tlie necessary rest they again
stepped on to the mat, this bout
lasting but 5 minutes, in which
Cannon threw Bly. The third and
last bout was won bv Cannon after a
struggle of 35 minutes. The large
attendance seemed well pleased with
the evening's entertainment and
went home declaring it one of the
best wrestling matches ever pulled
off in Loup City.
The Fats and Leans pave a fine
exhibition baseball pame at Jenner's
Park last Friday afternoon, but
which the writer was unable to at- j
tend The stunts of the cadaverous
fellows, and the sprinting and famous
work of tlie aidermanic continpent
were said by witnesses to be simply
awful and heart-rendinp and broupht
tears to the eyes of beholders. Be-!
cause the fat rascals won the pame
over the lean-tos. the latter are said
to have waxed wroth and challenped
their over-eatinp adversaries to an
other pame in the near future, while
in the meantime the bean poles will
pillow tliemselves up and demand the I
fats to corset themselves down to
proportions where they will not cover
the whole diamond with their front
stories, thus interferinp with the
space usually allotted to runners Be
tween the bases, and also to pive
some cliance for the ball to pet past
them and out into the field. The
editor wili be present at the next
pame. and beinp rather lean himself
will see that his kind pets fair show
in tiie pame.
Notice to My Customers
After October 1st, I will be located
in the new Woznick bam. just west
of my present location and south of
Gasteyer's store. Come and see me.
4t H. G. Hoeikk.
Farmers Notice
We want your pood wheat and do
not sell before you pet our prices.
We also w ant corn and oats and are
payinp more than it will net to ship
to any terminal market. Your busi
ness is appreciated.
Lorp City Mill & Light Co.
I am offerinp for sale a number of
10-acre lots from *90 to *125 per acre.
Call soon if you are dssirinp a sub
urban home in Loup City.
For Sale Cheap: One
good Buick Automobile,
model 10, fully equipped.
One elegant Melville
Clark Player Piano, with
H. A. Watts, Loup City.
Along R. R. No- A.
Will the patrons living in the
■ vicinity of tlw cemetery east of Chas.
Snyder's donate one day's work on
this hill for the benefit of Route I.
Carrier will give tl»e price of one
day's work if you will.
Don't let your time run out on
your dailies. Help Use route by
Mrs. Homer Hughes is getting
along all O. K. and will soon be
Mrs. Abbie Gilbert lefts fine melon
at tl»e carrier's home Tuesday.
Luther Goodwin left Wednesday
to attend the State Flair.
Mrs. Chris Zwink is recovering
rapidly at the hospital.
Chas. Schwadererand Joe Rlaschke
took in the big fair at Lincoln.
Clarence Run was at Loup City
last week with a load of watermelons.
The frame of George'a-ncw house
was raised Tuesday and will be
rushed to completion Will Retten
may er lias the contract.
A. L. Enderlee had a new well put
down east of Jim Johansens this
week and will soon commence the
election of a new house.
The wheat is making around >*
bushels per acre on the valley south
of Loup City, across the river.
Miss Rusbong commenced school
in the Wiggle Creek district Monday.
Carrier was given a melon at Clark
Alieman's Tuesday.
Geo. Stors and men put Use Wiggle
Creek school house in up-to-date
shape last week
Miss Nora Henderson commenced
her school in the Riche 1 district
All rural mail carriers had a holi
day Monday, it being Labor Day.
A. R Moore is working at Owen
IVte Ogle will leave this week for
three or four weeks threshing down
on the table land about a miles
: souUiwest of Rockville, known as
Havestown. He will then come back
• and finish up on the valley south of
; Loup City.
Those who have threshed in the
past ;week are. J. Plambeek. F. M.
Mickow. C. J. Norstedt. Geo. Me
Fadden. Chris Oltjenbruns. N. P.
i Nellson. E. C Kilpatrick. Ray Mc
Fadden. Rev. Miller. O. F. Henning.
Miss Maggie McFadden commenced
! tier first term of school Monday in
I the Smalley district.
Oliver Brodock is attending the
I State Fair.
All Wiggle Creek neighborhood at
tended the funeral of John Daddow
C. W. Burt gave carrier a dandy
watermelon Tuesday.
Miss Lettie Peugh commenced her
first term of school in District No. 4.
or Hawk school. Monday.
; Johnny Flynn is getting along
finely now and in a few mouths will
be as well as ever.*. - _ i
Romeo Conger’s" iTtfJfe daughter.
Hazel, was very sick last week.
John Squires sold some cattle at
Loup City last week.
Jim Lee will erect a lotion silo on
his farm west of Loup City. J. A.
Mcllravy will also place one of 100
tons capacity on his farm this fall.
A. 1>. Peters sold four colts at
Litchfield last week.
Albert Snyder gave carrier two
heads of fine cabbage Saturday.
Clarence Gunn returned to his
home at Kearney, after spending the
summer on his father's farm on
Wiggle Creek.
Caraier will commence his annual
vacation of 15 days on Sept. 17th.
and will spend most of the time up
in the sandhills hunting and fishing.
Otto Henning took a load of wheat
to Loup City last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Snyder and
friend visited Loup City last Friday.
Miss Christine Lyhne is visiting
' her brother, lver Lvhne. this week.
Martin Enevoldsen has a large sec
tion force working for him. Martin
keeps the track and yards right up
to-date and his crossings are hard to
E. B. Corning was on the road
toward Litchfield last week and lor- j
got to dig any holes In the road, as
is his custom.
The water power at the mill is
just grand this year. Another mill
could almost be run with the surplus
water. The mill is a great help to
Loup City, as It gives employment
to a good many men during the year.
Pete Ogle was “threshing every
body along Route 2 the past week,
and hasn't got licked yet.
Oscar Bechthold painted the Hawk
school house the past week.
Miss Lena Zwink, accompanied by
Miss Elma Coming, went to Grand
Island last Thursday to see her
mother at the hospital.
Roy Conger and Elmer Falk were
hauling hay to town last, Thursday.
W. T. Gibson and wife were seen
on their way to Litchfield Friday.
They returned Saturday evening.
C. J. Xorstedt commenced to work
on Route 2 last Friday at B. W.
B. J. Swanson and B. W. Parkhurst
were working on the road last week.
Cora looks better on an average
than last year and if the frost docs
not come until the last of September
will make a bumper crop. Hay is
short: the last crop of alfalfa will be
a bumper. Lots of winter wheat is
being sown and haying Is in full
swing now. Spring sown alfalfa was
a failure on account of dry weather.
Joe Blaschke. with the
of Jim Bone and John Foy did one
of the prettiest pieces of road work
at X. P. Nielson's of any of his work
while road boas. The work was all
done with Webster township's grader
and is almost a perfect piece of work.
It only took a abort time to make a
food road out of a very ted one.
Carl Squires las rented ti«e place
farmed by Chas. Barnes two rears
Roy Conger las rented tlve place
he tarmed this year for next year.
H. A Wilkinson flipped a car of
cattle to South Ornate Wednesday.
Mia. C. A. Rurkie risited at the
home of G. R Wilkie the tost meek.
John Peugh and Nick Itaddow did
some repair work on the Wiggle
Creek school house last week.
Rainsforth had a runam^y Tuesday
with the team attached to a new
mower. The team finally got hung
up on a fence post and were caught,
hat not until they had ruined the
new mower
Sup: Hendrickson las commenced
his annual ri>iis to each school in
the county. It takes days to con -
plete the circuit, or about two
months steady driring Rol never
Tails to make the complete circuit
and he always takes a great interest
in what the children are doing
Moon Crook Items
Miss- Emma Rowe began her work
in tire Moon schoo' Moniay rooming.
We *ish tie p cpils and teaciiers .
successful year.
Mr. Angier's have moved out on
their home place and we are glad to
welcome tirem to our midst.
Miss Emma Nelson went to Blair,
i Neb., the latter part o' last week to
stay with her grandmother until
after l»ay making, when her father
will gj back to Blair and she will
return to Loup City again.
Tom and Earl Mellravy are at
tending tire State Fair.
Mrs. G. A. Alien and son. Ronald,
left O. S. Fross' Tuesdav morning
for their home at Table Rock. Neh.
S. S. Reynolds is among those from
our neighborhood who is attending
lire Fair
Is Half Sold
My line for fail
is now in. Don’t
forget to look my
line over. I can
save you money
by buying at the
right place—of
Grocery List:
Compare these prices with vour
country agent's. We think you'will
find that we can save you theFreight
and a little besides:
Coal Oil. no freight, per gal. only ,10c
Extra Fancy select Tomatoes
2 cans for. J25e
Extra Fancy Select Peas. 2 cans.. -25c
Apples, dried extra fancy.2lbs.. .25c
Apricots, dried, per lb.15c !
Prunes. Santa Clara extra. 3 lbs. .Sc
Raisins. 4 Crown. 4 pounds.25c
Canned Fruits
Arkansas Alberta Peaches. 2cans .45c
Black Rasp erries. 2 cans.35c
Package Food Cereals
Kellog’s Corn Flake. 2 large pkgs .25c1
Post Toasties. 2 large pkgs.Sic
Egg-OSee. 3 pkgs.25c
Cream of Wheat. 2 pkgs.25c
Shredded Wheat. 2 pkgs.25c
Dr. Prices Food. 3 pkgs..25c
Canned Salmon
Columbia River Salmon. 2 cans.. .25c
A laska Red Salmon. 2 cans.35c
Choice Red Sockeye flat per can. 25c
6 lbs good Jap Rice for. ,25c
3 lbs Mexican extra fancy bead., ,25c
Cove Oysters
3 small cans for 25c 2 large cane 3ac
10 Bars Polo Laundrv Soap. . .. 25c i
White Fish, per lb..
Barrel, only.
The Labor of Bakin*
is many tines reduced if you use the
right kind of Flour, and if the ques
tion “What is the best Flour?" was
put to Tote Mwt the Bakes and
housekeepers in this pen of the
country, the unanimous reply would
Tew would rote for it if yew were
used to it. isn't it worth gtriwa
Loup City MilinUghtCo.
School -Will Soop Begip
And we are prepared to supply everybody’s needs in School
Supplies, such as Tablets, Composition Books, Bookkeeping
Books, Note Books, Drawing Tablets and Paper Pens, Pen
cils, Slatea, Chalk. Erasers, Crayons, Water Color Pairts,
Artists Brushes, Inks, etc.
Swanson & Lofholm Pharmacy
i^prjs'nts in round numbers tl£ Growth in De
posits during tf£ last y^ar "
r»Pr«sTn^s th’ Incr^ ase in Loans to our patrons
over the figures of a year ago.
Which means that this bank has grown in the con
fidence of the public, and has grown in
ability to be of genuine service
to its clients.
It means that more of our people than ever before
are profiting by a close alliance wit a strong,
safe and well-managed bank
There's a profit for you in becoming a depositor
with the .
_Capital and Surplus, $37,500
Every Saturd’y
Special September pates!
TO THE EAST—You can make an eastern trip at reduced
rates any day. and for many eastern trips the limit has been
extended to 60 instead of 30 day».
To Atlantic City and Return—Special rates, Sept 13th to
17th for the Grand Army Reunion.
Nebraska State Fair. Lincoln—September 4th to !ith. inclusive. Special rej
duced rates and train service from Nebraska points.
Low One-Way Rates to the Coast—General ba-:>. only *25; August 25th to
September i*th and October 1st to loth to California destinations. «-nH
from September 15th to the Northwest ..nd Puget Sound.
California Excursions—General basis, only 35o round trip, direct routes.
September 1st to 7th and September 24th to 30th: *15 higher includes
the Shasta Route.
Homeeeekers’ Excursions—1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Irrigated lands assure a
crop and values will greatly increase during the immediate future.
J. A. DANIELSON. Local Agent
L. W. WAKELY, Gen. Pass. Agt, Omaha
We now have a large supply of
Cement blocks on hand for_
We are now in position to put in
Cement Sidewalks
And guarantee to give good satisfaction
We are ready to do all kinds of
cam corner mi
Call and Get our prioe$
Loup City Cement Block Com any
r 3 GUY STOUT, Manager. 1