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Deposit Accounts
.'.cn left on Time Certificate, six months
cr longer. interest wit! tc pzid at 4 per cent
Checks and pass books cheerfully furnished
to farmers and business men. who are a»
wsys welcome at the old. time-tried
First National
m Strength and Security this bank stands in
the front rank among the oest banks in the
Capital Stock and Surplus. C*37,500
This item added to the important fact that
we loan no money to any of'icer or even
stockholders should appeal to those desiring
a safe depository for their funds.
tht'e»i*ay ji ly ri w*
A F#-» lark*t Vuuti»i«.
Com j*r tin
WlHBK j«rT t*.
Eye pe-rioa
R^Uirr per 2fc> . - ... ...
i*~ Ai*
Hen- prr .it .. _
npnnr cEaraesv »»r ft.
Bar!inn«*a Tin* < art
4a i* Prs * ...
0 * "
ft»u ■» ft*?
!: Jt y»
w »*
w ft rw
%■*. it inn.
» *
A l#AlCliaj^*9C AT***
»«*j ?»a*,..i.r
' n.r
I Jit MOT * fur kjlr a
•»*»-. -t- f » »U: ,«-t
■ .Hi *r.ito nd an
•.rt u# .»*■ * f -.jjar >a-r ^a:
a: f-t —y-» • • - meat esarta*
I*» »sac: tuor t- i«att»tod'
-• :« n» ntiiiir «enc. and i*’
I*s*j*«» In- <•» {»■**«» For on*
at W F 1>-. * to.r*«ar» aSen
Sl«tm-‘. saarkei print paid f.*r
i at hiirn-t • - -;«*»: a-ark«-t
ibr^aii* ia T««» fr»j«rrlj
Ur *i.rlrt John H Uar
I »:.. jf »«y«~ I. ' <r toiltor !at
I x ana :•« mt. A h * ant
Tv- %.«#»• not c * .r • t
I ■.«* «a» F. '• fr jt
T nal *•* t j*r«j**-r
i at sr narr: *«%. '**-»- 1. W.
\ na‘<* rt* »a- ’• m ri*r 1JU. m»t
- y* i.-rt - -- " .'.ay id L'-pai
1*. J4ft«pJUt|».
Tak«- »Jtr mc> ■ aw: ear*- to < on
: »r * » > -re • _ ran *vt amti.:r*r
•«* >ant
»; ZinBrmwi r-asie ir. ia-t »**a
fnm ««»adia*»d ia> 1m a f«*n day
t joan* trip.
foe sa»> t» mMake m ra.ii.tnir ,:n
I • •«. -t» » art < ?v * dra>» »tin you
| want «u». a err' re.
Huft J«»- < _ 4-t -ASM- t«OW flV.IL
■ ? liu.fwiif r'i&j !
atfvrflpfttpd in iJCSA.i -
ill IkrToii I*ro|»er1j «IrrH
[fnr %aU at «r>*t hast* Wj raliior
f« inim " - L -nz.
flat -efl■..<«!» and Bile of
v. . * srttmft Uttt Monday
<r * <T A «►-* *TJ cfMBL
Lee lira- make a epanaity off lar
* :*tg mmat lor tlreei.inr outfit*
• a., on U«r* and jprt |»r» e
If i«> are ;.<tnsE to twt By net-,
d-nt'lurfe- to **>e mine in*
J i**- liaarr \u
Uai^l Ua>! L«u«. w«b».
Bral |.%Ulr Lt»« *t IrtM
nlr» at Jofck * -
Kte* Bu«ei ** e*»#n>eii*ir a
»iU. Miw lie- <«ma of l^lawr
»i.» am*«d taere Toefaia* e*ensnc
jtiot a l*t rVAi « naal m, *&*i>*e at
■ J». l: -rj * arfirw* itatt.
Mt yat a dossa* umtii liar* *wtt tot*.
tin* L*bi H^nrlaa -et_mrd to
iarr tKar at A at"a ooS. >*’ — rda*
a. rnia# »*J*f larr •• na1 at tdae borne
off •'■». L~***m.
: ra.. at« «* tarr - am »*• «»
iw. • u, t^acto! mrfttinf
«mt> «a ' t:a’. *t. |i«Mr jrw and *»>»
*.._r |aor*ettawak
tl-. .• i>-u«muMrt> a quite il. and
ronton# U- ;.a» ii^W aoart tt if
»j . f ■ irum rt - . • ,«**: a te*ere
•attain m.«r n 'untmg ariuni ti*e old
‘i i mi-*—*— laouse
|*jn'T f atari W •&€*. i«U u.» faw
-o and ■ »adt o*'*T oav T> net-.
T .r- are l-v t»*~ and peace* net.:.
Jilt- ISitTI xtl
Xn> AiSfair It** If and bat#* re
t<4lCm»d <ar U l-raf-e • tael natur
-Mjn, tar Tie' bad intended
r jir« t* anta tnit ntnet. did n.*l re
Lam Ida** •»* fro® Ua*efa»a
« x nil— t*and oile and taatn
_.,» from Uiru lr*» at "-•I*b-r
« - Art- -*-t Frida* n»* lor a
• La ■ad> ream*** wham lliej l*ad
mdorwed <d U-ear comi**.
XIjp Aed;:-at*tan •rrtaa «d the far*
efeefeb on Oar t'rwrk. Her.
>1 a ffJ. ant*r ns «tw > -n
JL Ju.* XbTldr brbeh «1 ' <**
Z^t,mg tdae drficrtar. *r»on A
t- -aaorr are rn»«* «*»«* ,ro*1 Lt*M*
a*«d a media* m* itat*oo t» ei
tended U> Wi- .
.leTondr ni iae s*idne*
TVtaier a a* aniiam**finci«n team.
uor-o kictasd tdae jounr
__ ,t ixae la* and !m>t Tiae
l l*»< ton* of tdae Won alone
,»« tenon* in jar? Mr
j-, t* about tiae foilomnt
aiit Ljin»r~*b** dn^rored iKil Aii
Ziie Inr to <Ur? «**■►
tfr» fiarenc* McLaori *w o# »ear
a -uta&it.ted to qblLe a *«•«
i' ~ ^Tnate. at tdae iao®e of
**** M,m J?-*
t >t£U** ie to -danrit* iaat Tburv
dat *orn •* Mf% McLaufl **® «»
Arafat u. A um»a to undetipo Uae
order Uiai tdae W
«Or*a:fa»! fcO*r*ml tod Tiae
W a am recover* at
. *a • a Cunhisersevery
Mt -raav
WANTED— \lr ■■?»>. .»• acres
>*» i (rim " Long
— -’ll- «n >aie at Cod
- -- • - t-'.-rj >at urday .
1 t ". - r-t:red r-nabout
:<u?jr >e». Ja> Jo tinmen
want.- > _r hides and wiij
pay titt Uifttea. aiarLet price.
• • ya. uses * Lite .cad
» - : » ; i« > . • 4:_re>
•- : i' S»- :a.» on vaie every
■ - • n atid «ee Saturday.
Stackers and Sweeps,
call at T. M Reed's.
; — ’ • • * . u and wife left .ast
r !*a •
• at. ut .me you secured
— >pnsafler> *f T
V Iteed
• . I- V ■ - \ returned .ast
~ . rsda >eb:ng from her trip to
J 4 ,4^.
' ■ Hi* t.h^>are wanted
a*- ■ - si'^ aiirtn Hiirtieat
sane: price paid
... ■ Mil ■ -• A n • pa vs
as*, price for epr- de
■■ “ted _t tie • rcamery ■ere.
f Sa- V • ■ •—:■!•:. -e in ea-t
»- r ». trade ^me for
rea estate \\ iltei: W(c\itk.
w- »' ,u;. :rir cent* osfa for
ream a- • erea at tiie creamery.
itirrvM I BtAVEK' C«».
' .'•>to'fc in using "F -
»*»■ '.a— r F r sae
a • A L '■ rtr_tr store.
- nief u ways ba> *n l and tlie
:i»* u:~ f a. Linas « a.,
* - ■ ‘ * ' ■ *i~' .:.j» the i<e>t
w fa si es. and
-• ** v. at prices tint will
■ »>• L V rviiith. phone
r •» IT
I- - * -sn ;.'e;ianri£ pc feed
’ • * •- -a t Lee Bros for your
ce-at> . c\ ::ak* a specialty of
t; ar. a ways furbish the best
f >. want a dray. prime A L Kn
- .... * -n r eave your order
• ' • * :: * aher yard r E. G.
” a * ’■—t ; servi.e jruaranteed.
“ ■■ ■. » »ea. iv n« .MODUT
i -Ti ftf i- tate a position in a
barter i Ihw. bis fanih to fol
. » u>* >» 'rt-rt u»ey will make
ti»* »r f ia<» home.
M 'i kni.- tlie drayman.
' ' » and -c.:i'!a<tory service.
L-- • • - ■ r- -t ti» keystone. Lein
' • Tycjr v • rraior. or phone
:.i- re> "i*-te e. • on PC
Mr- T L r. per and Miss Marie
M ••ini c. amine for • >maha to
a::- i*d th- 'I'Di'i-rte-t festival in city and nay po on to Burlinp
• * i »a ’ r a further visit.
:• >»edi> services on
- ut _
: • '«.an hunch. Rev. H Hiohm
‘ li •* mm a cordial in
• Ti i-u to > andinavians
t t«e |»r- -eat.
'■. .mi and wife of Broken
-•• • •- of Mrs H. a. Watts.
- ’ ■ L < ity last Thurs
i* isited tiil r-nday. wh*n
Mr at Mr> Watts took them home
• a." ret .irnitip yesterday .
Mr an Mrs. John Wallace of
a-rued last Tliurs
ia ■ nr T tiieir niece. Mrs.
V -• •.• and f .r a funiter visit
» l * - ;>arente Mr and
Mr ^ M iiravy. in Webster
-' I* la nper :.a> contracted with
a i •• Srm for an individual
• r plant at iiis residence. It
• «I ttie trustees of tlie
'il i- art fipurinp to put tlie
> ;n their church, in place
•i —ir. unsatisfactory Aphts.
V." :.. o Leminger and Miss
Man iia".«d ie ’t Tuesday morainp
rat - ree »ees- visit at Fort
• - " i* : w d Miss liar
* • . - - - r Tlie-. »i visit other
: - -tr.ains while absent.
*te; irwa. . :n* will visit at
\ a > with (. has. Leininper
'and faaiiiy.
Mr- if. Ruin came up from
!• - 1 .i*-'iay eveninp to assist
Mr R_’ of t • Keystone in tindinp
■ a residence in which to
- i heir chi i-e family of eipht
Jitt e Rallies Tlie lady returned
l, m t: - np. havinp tlie prom
— rai fiitferent house' to be
meant in tlie laear future.
In » 1 ■ Bryan. lames sbouider and
-p< ’ »U»n left today for Loup
:ty re Uiey will start up ‘Camp
inn." Tle-y have selected an
ei -e .ei -pot on tiie hanks of the
L t r er and are supplied witli a
; e: .-ttit. Miss Jennie Houser.
Mane Knetirake Clara Rrehmke and
Mi-*- it*-"ie Ivurson will po up next
Monday for a ten days stay at the
camp Brand island Independent.
Mr' J. B * ' Kr'an and Bud O Bryan
have a so joined the party.
Mr and Mrs B II. Papeler leave
toe last of this week for a visit to
ti»eir former home. Cedar Bluffs, for
a j-w da»- and from Uiere will go to
Shostione Idaho, to make tiieir fu
t_re home, wliere Ben will have
« i.arp«: >f certain department on a
tarpe owned by an uncle- His
hea th he baiieaes will be much bene
fited to tl«e chaope Tlie re will be a
sale crf'his household poods this week
Saturday on tie vacant lot opposite
•tee ivt1 on Maun street
wish this estimable younp couple
much soowsss in heir new home.
Bucking Bicycle
Fay Paist, employed at t.he First I
National Hank a couple of weeks
during the absence of O. E. Adams,
wa- tiie victim of a rather serious
a idem one week ago Sunday. He
ie't ; ere tint morning on his wheel!
f *r lii> home at Elba and when a few east of Ashton and about
- o'clock in tiie morning lie was in
- .me way thrown from tiie wheel at
tiie bottom of a hill, where lie was
found unconscious and taken to a
near-by farm, suffering with bruises
from head to foot and unable to con
tinue his journey home. When found.
Mr I*aist was lying near a small
bridge, his wlieel being on the oppo-1
~ite side of the structure uninjured.
It i> be.ieved that in going down tiie! the wlieel struck some obstruc
ti *n or asma.l ditch ac-ioss the road,
which was noticed, and he burled
ea : ng. striking against the bridge,
although Mr. l*aist remembered
n thing of tiie occurrence. He re
: med here iast Thursday, showing
lad dbrasi >ns on liead. face and body,
and being too hxdlv injured to con-1
-.inut* work. left the nest day for
E !<a wiiere he ha- not been heard
from since.
Miss Ihsa Olunann of Omaha is
vi-iting relatives here.
Geo Stork went to Schaupps this
miming to paint the E G Taylor
A. B. Outhouse went to Omaha
T..esda> afternoon on a hurried busi
ness trip
Mrs R II Watts of Hyannis is,
visiting ner son. H A. Watts of the
Electric theatre.
No preaching services at tiie l*re>
s yt- r:in church tliiscoming Sunday.
**ther services as usual.
C. W Burt was in town tliis morn
ing with a load of porkers, receiving
s~.-V< per hundred therefor.
Miss Eila Taylor returned from
Lincoln last evening, wiiere she had
been attending business college.
Va'. LeSeur. now telegraph opera
tor at Seward, arrived last evening
for a few days visit with friends.
E. <•- Taj lor went to Columbus
and points on business the first
of the week, to return the iatter part
of tlie week.
Mr Jos. I»addow went to Grand
1> wild this morning U> iook after his
hr Uier, John Uie hos
pital there.
It is expected Ilev. Montgomery
wi.I be home nest week Friday, and
wii occupy ln> pulpit the following
Sunday. J uiy dlst.
Mr and Mrs. Wi H Clifton came up
fr. tn Kearney yesterday and visited
Mr and Mrs. C. \V. Conliiser. return
ing again this morning.
Call and inspect the
reliable roller bearing
wagons at T. M. Reed's.
l‘j>tmaster Grow returned last
Saturday evening from the past
masters' convention at Lincoln, re
;«n;ng a most interesting meeting
of the Nasbys.
Harry Strait) of Batavia. Ills . ar
ri ed Monday eveningand was a guest
at ti« home of Mrs. Viola Odendahl
for a few days. He will remain liere
for an indefinite time.
The land boys will give an open
air concert this coming Saturday j
evening. Let our people come out j
and enjoy the first concert given by j
tiie band since their re-organi/ation
Ik»d t forget the ball game this
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Jenner
l‘ark. between the home team and
Ashton This is for the benefit of
the Loup City team and to get them j
straight financially with the world.'
\Y. R. Mellor returned to Lincoln
Monday morning via the C. P.. liav
iug some State Fair advertising
matter to distribute, while Mts.
Mellor and her friend. Mrs. Russell,
returned home the same morning
direct over the B. & M.
Mr and Mrs. B. J. Swanson expect
to leave next Monday morning for a
few week?' vacation, first going to
McCook Neb., for a few days, and
then to Colorado Springs to visit a
brother of Mrs. Swanson, and will
visit many other points of interest in
Colorado before returning home.
Mrs. T. M. Beed drove over to
Litchfield last Sunday after Mrs. M.
Leonard and Mrs. Tucker of Anselmo
who visile} here till Tuesday, when
the three ladies went to Ord for a
visit with Mrs. Tuckers relatives and
at Greeley with Mrs. Zua 14vis and
family Thev expect to return to
! Loup City today.
It is hardly fair and equitable
treatment to people, and especially j
those having infant children, to be
awakened near the midnight hour
with tiie unearthly and unmusical
j tooting on l»and instruments, along
the streets or in the homes. A close
application of the Golden Buie would
prevent the nuisance and give no
cause for complaint along this line.
K. H. Mathew returned home last
Saturday evening from his European
trip, just in time to file for county
attorney tiefore the close of the last
hour, lie ha? brouglJwriome hundreds
| of views of the famous scenes of his
i trip and curios without number for
the delectation of his friends. Bob
j looks hale and hearty and breathes
long sighs of relief that he is home
again, although he has had the ex
perience and vacation of a lifetime.
Gus Lorentz received word. Tues
day that Mrs. Lorentz had started
home that day. but when taking the
train she was again taken ill and
had to return to her father's home.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Lorentz
received a message that she was
worse and drove over to Ravenna by
auto with Will Criss. the latter re
turning that evening with the dis
treseing news tliat Mrs. Lorentz
would undoubtedly have to be taken
to a hospital immediatly to undergo
an operation for appendicitis. We
trust she may pass through the
ordeal safely.
Tlie description of the ’ Passion
Play " by W. R. Mellor at the M. E.
church last Sunday evening, as wit
nessed by him at Oberammergau. on
his European trip, was heard by an
audience that filled the church to
overflowing, every seat being occu
pied and many 'unable to gain ad
mittance For forty minutes he held
the audience in breathless silence
while he gave a vivid picture of the
life of Christ with scenes of the
crucifixion, as portrayed in the play,
making it one of the most interest
ing talks we ever heard and carrying
his heareis with him every moment
from the opening to the closing of
his lecture.
Successful Operation
Mr. John Daddow of this city, who
had been suffering severely for the ,
past few years from - «< am xpiained ’
physical trouble, and which seemed
to'baffle his medical ad v hers. was
taken to the hospital at Grand Island
last Saturday morning and on
afternoon of that da> an operation
was performed on him for appendi
citis, wit:. which it was claimed.he
iiad been suffering h*r a long tin e,
and tor which lie should have been
operated on twe orstlireeyears prvv
ious. Besides this, it was found . it
had enlargmen: of the liver and an
operation relieved him of a large
quantity of pus formed in that mem
ber. and he was aiso relieved of a
number of gall stones. The liospita
people claimed that had he waited
two or three days longer it would
have been too late to have done an;,
good. As it is. retorts daily since
the operation iiave been to the effect
that lie is improving, with good
chances of ultimate recovery Mr.
I>addow was accompanied to the lws
Liita! by his brothers. Samuel and
Thomas, and by ins son-in-law. Ai
Cook, who returned Monday, much
encouraged over conditions. Tue -
day Mrs Daddow was at the bedside
of her husband, returning tiiat even
ing very hopeful, and since that time
one or the other of liis brothers has
been with him continually, constant
reports being received here favorable
in every resi-ect. The case is a most
miraculous one. and should Mr. Dad
do* recover, will be a splendid
in surgery.
Mr. and Mrs. A- B. Outhouse and
Mr. and Mrs C. C. Outhouse last
week Thursday evening entertained
at the iiome of the former for Miss
Olive Alsop of Carlyle. Ills . and Miss
Winiferd Outhouse. au. ut sixty of
our young people being present. The
entertainment was held on the porch
and iawn. which were lighted with
colored lanterns and presented a
beautiful appearance. An old-fas
hioned school entertainment consist
ing of songs, recitations, tableaux, etc.
was given, the "school children' one
and all reflecting credit upon their
"teacher". Miss Emma Outhouse,
and causing much merriment. After
hour spent in talking over school
davs. luncheon was served, after
which all departed for their homes
Electric Theatre News
The Electric Theatre management
has inaugurated an amateur, home
■ _ This will i* every
Thursday evening. Anyone in town
who will take part ;n these programs
rrili please aavis. tie manager in
time so the feat maybe adver
ttsed. i*o you sing: We lurnisli and
ii.usfatc van vou recite'r
Here is a sjiicndhl plan iimiM
your talent A rv-U;ng. a short play
or iarce: anything in !acl. ..a. might
prove entertaining »\i.: . . welcomed
aim appreciates!. A ca>: . t.._e will
be mrdtM tie l>e>. : >.:e talent
number rendered _ ..... moots
inquire part;e-.ars.
Uon't iMpa . g
ricture Matinee .. >' w id
seeing am: is dith .:n . uii . m >g
during the vvee.s
• DAY*
for iht’ little ones isbakinp day. You
ear share this pleasure too. if you do
not iiave to worry about the out
come of your efforts.
Tiiere is no reason why your bread
should not always be igt;t and sweet
and white wiien you use Whit* Satin
Fiour It is uniform in quality. You
can depend on the pood results.
Loup City flour sold by Loup City
Loup City Mill&LightCo.
Be Sure to Look Over Our
We Have the Goods at the Right Price
H. P. Ferdinandt Furniture Co.
Beginning February 1 and ending De
cember 20, 1910. very low Homeseekers’
rates will be in effect the first and third
Tuesdays of each month to the West
and Northwest via the
Union Pacific
“The Safe Road to Travel”
Dining car meals and service ‘ Best in the World.”
Ask about our personally conducted tours to Yellowstone National Park.
For full information, address your Local A pent
Julv Rate Tours
You can make an Eastern trip any day at very low rates
lower than ever before. There is such a variety of rate tours
embracing so many sections of the East that it is impossible
to describe them here. Consult with us.
If the East does not appeal to you, try a Pacific Coast
tour or a vacation in Yellowstone Park or in Colorado.
The Wyoming extension has been completed to Ther
mopolis, where Eighteen Million gallons of water at a tem
perature of 130 degrees flow daily. This beautiful resort is
destined to become one of the most attractive and effective
health restoring localities in the country.
Call or write, describing your proposed trip, and let us
help vou.
* i ''
J. A DANIELSON, Ticket Agent
L W. WAKEl.EY, Gen’l Passenger Agent, Omaha
represents in round numbers the Growth in De
posits during the last year
represents the increase in Loans to our patrons
over the figures of a year ago.
Which means that this bank has grown in the con
fidence of tne public, and has grown in
abi ity to be of genuine service
to its clients.
It rr eans that more of our people than ever before
are profiting by a close alliance wit a strong,
safe and well-managed bank
There's a profit for you in becoming a depositor
with the
Capital and Surplus, *37.500
Every Saturd'y
Call and See What Can Be Shown you. Prices
Right. At
T. M. Reed’s
We now have a large supply of
Cement blocks on hand for_
We are now in position to put in
Cement Sidewalks
And guarantee to give good satisfaction
We are ready to do all kinds of
Call and Get our prices
Loup City Cement Block Com.any
GUY STOUT. Manager.