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    Professional Cards
Attorney a&i Connselcr>a,t>Lnw
Practices in all Courts
Loup City, Neb.
And Bonded Abstractor,
Loup City, Nebraska
Office, Over New Bank.
l'huue, 30. OtHce at Residence
Two Doors East of Telephone Central
Lnup Eitij. - Nebraska
(Successor to M. II. Mead)
Bonded Abstracter
Loup City, - Nebraska.
Only set of Abstract books in county
Office up stairs in the new State
Bank buildin?.
OFFICE: East Side Public Sauaie
Phone, 10 on 36
I Cure Nerve-Vital Debility, Weak
ness, Drains, Rupture. Stricture,
Varicocele, Blood Poison, Private
Skin and Chronic Diseases of Men
I do not ask you to
come to me first if you
believe others can cure
you. Should they fail,
don't give up. It is
; better to come late
than not at all. Re
{ member, that curing
diseases after all oth
ers have failed has
been my specialty for
years, if you cannot
I visit me personally,
write symptoms that trouble you most. A
vast majority of cases can be cured by my
system of home treatment, which is the most
successful system ever devised. I make no
charge for private counsel and give to each
patient a legal contract in writing, backed
by abundant capital, to hold for the promise
Physicians having stubborn cases lo treat
are cordially invitedLLr|||E|U cured of all
to consult with me. ™ VOTE 11 womb and
bladder dlseaser. ulcerations, menstrual
trouble, etc. Confidential. Private home in
the suburbs, before and during confinement.
Motherly care and best attention guaran
teed. Good homes found for babies.
■ No charge whatever to any
man. woman or child living in LOUP CITY
or vicinity, suffering from any CHRONIC
TION. Come and let me look inside of you
absolutely free of charge.
I^T. Hlvll, ISLAND. NEB. Office op
posite City Hall. 103 VV. Second Street.
The Great Western
skims closest because
it follows most closely
every law of nature,
assisted by artificial
forces in the most ef
fective way.
It is Ball-bearing
which means easy run
ning—has low down
i Urge Supply Tank—
I The Crank is just the
Bright height to make
fczrrr-the machine
• ~-au turn easy.
Gears run in oil—prac
tically self-oiling and
has wide base to catch
all the waste.
Made as accurately
as a watch and as
■k strong as our Great
|ft\ Western Manure
li Spreader.
u| Increases your
jl yield of cream
and butter $15 per
cow each vear.
Ask your dealer about
The Great Western and
don’t let him work anvcnh.
ititute game on you. It’s your money you are
toing tospend^ you should insist on having the best.
The Great Western is the world's best.
Write just these words in a letter“Send me
Thrift Talks.’ by a farmer, and your book No. ,
which tells all about the breeds, dairying, the care
Df milk, etc.” They are free. Write now
WITH MFG. CO, 168 Harrison St., Chicago. IIL.
For Sale by
T. 3VX. "Reed.
I am prepared to till all orders for
Page Woven Wire Fencing
■ of any height or size and
At Low Prices
Xj.IT .Snai tli
Well Boring
Eclipse Windmills
I now wish to thank the people of Sherman
county anil vicinity for their paironaue the
past year ami want them to continue the ensn
lntr year I am now putting down wells at
•prices to please every one. If in need of a well
or Eclipse Windmill call on
Phone. 5on 12. LOUP CITY, NEB.
Entered at the Loup City Postofflce for trans
mission through the mails as second
class matter.
Office ’Phone, - ■ - 6 on 108
Residence ’Phone, - ,2 on 108
J. W. BURLEIgIL and Pul>
The Republican Ticket.
For County Clerk—
Harrison Townsliip.
For County Treasurer—
Clay Townsliip.
For County J udge—
Bristol Township.
For County Sheriff—
Loup City Townsliip.
For Countv Superintendent—
Loup City Townsliip.
For County Coroner—
Loup City Township.
For County Surveyor—
E. B. Corning,
Loup City Townsliip.
For County Supervisors—
J. I. DEPEW, Dist. 4,
Loup City Township.
WM. JAKOBS. Dist. <>,
Bristol Townsliip.
Washington Township.
County F’rimary Results
Below we give the results of the
primary election: giving only the
names of the successful contestants
in the various primaries:
Bopublican—Supreme judges, Fran
cis G. Hamer, John G. Barnes and
Joseph E. Cobbey; regents, \Y. G.
Whitmore, Charles S. Allen and Frank
L. Haller; clerk, Walt Weare: treas
urer, Joseph Daddow; jugde, George
Holmes: sherilf, L. A. Williams: sup
erintendent, Mary A. K. Hendrickson;
surveyor, E. B. Corning; coroner, A.
S. Main; supervisors, J. I. Depew,
Win. Jakobs and J. H. Welty.
Fusion—Supreme judges. J. J. Sulli
van, J. R. Dean and B. F. Good;
regents, D. C. Cole and Harvey E.
Newbranch; clerk, VY. C. Dieterichs:
treasurer, O. F. I’etersen; judge,
Emerson A. Smith; sheriff, D. B.
Carpenter: superintendent, R. I).
Hendrickson: surveyor, E. B. Corn
ing: coroner, L. E. Dickinson: super
visors, C. F. Beusliausen, lliyo Aden
and Henry Thode.
No prohibition or socialist votes
recorded. _
“In speaking of a person's faults.
Fray don’t forget your own:
Remember, those with homes of glass
Should never throw a stone.
If you have nothing else to do
Than talk of those who sin,
'Tis better you commence at home
And from that point begin."
The Bee says “The open primary
is an invitation to fraud."
While the North l'latte country
did not get the injury from the hot
weather of week before last that the
Soutti l’latte country did, yet it is
claimed the corn in this part of Ne
braska suffered a loss of from 25 to
50 per cent just the same.
Latest primary election return are
to the effect that Fawcett lias a sub
stantial vote over and above that of
Ilamer, and will he the third man on
the republican ticket for supreme
judpe. The republican ticket will he
Sedpwick of York, Barnes of Norfolk
and Fawcett of Omaha.
A peculiar feature of the contest in
Sherman county is the fact that R.
I>. Hendrickson will he the demo
cratic candidate for superintendent
of public instruction, and his wife is
the c andidate for the office on the
republican ticket. Whoever wins it
! will all be in the family.—Ravenna
Will someone send a tracer to learn
the whereabouts of William Jenninps
Bryan, the man you remember run
for president on the democratic tick
et two or three times. His name has
not appeared in the daily rift for
some time. Perhaps lie is lost in
the junples of democracy. How hor
rible, if true._
A wireless Tuesday conveyed the
information that Harriman walked
about on shipboard. Wonderful!
Now, if we can pet a wireless as to
how John Jones, Ike Smith and other
celebrities are pettinp alonp. one can
rest easy. But, honest, now, isn’t it
nauseating, the reports daily of so
called kings of commerce. Faugh!
A dispatch from Custer county to
the dailies asserts that the primary
in some parts of that county cost at
least $5 per vote registered, and
claims the rank and file of the voters
are apainst the expensive primary
system and advises goinp back to the
convention way of nominations. To
this the Lincoln Eveninp News takes
exceptions, and scores the Custer
county author of the dispatch and
asserts that four-fifths of the intelli
pent voters prefer the primary, and
uses a lot of perfumed, specious argu
ment to that pffeet. The News is
one of the promoters of the primary
plan, which is worth pood financial
returns to it, as to the other city
papers, and basinp its plea on the
financial returns it receives, makes
its wild assertions. If the News man
will take a trip out tlirouph the state,
we can assure him he will find the
Custer reporter the nearest riplit. and
if he will make a run throuph Sher
man county he will find the voters
almost to a man against the rotten
primary law. Will lie claim Sherman
county voters are not intelligent?
Golden Anniversary.
[We have been handed the follow
ing account of the golden wedding an
niversary of a brother of Mr. Willis
Fulliton of Austin, taken from the
Goodland (Ind.) Herald, as of interest
to the many friends of Mr. Fulliton
here and elsewhere.—Ed.]
David H. Fullitoii and Mary A.
Soloman were united in marriage in
LaSalle Co., 111., July 28, 1859, and
commenced housekeeping in a 12x14ft
one story house. He tool^ liis bride
to get married in a stone wagon, but
this time he takes her out in an
automobile. The next event prob
ably will be in an airship.
To ^his union was born 8 children,
ti of them still survive to celebrate
their golden wedding, which was held
at their home in Wadena on July 28,
1909. They have 37 grandchildren,
29 living, 0 great grandchildren, 4
David II. Fulliton was born in
Trumbel Co., Clliio, April 4, 1834, and
lived there with his parents ten years
and then moved to Michigan and
lived there five years. They then
moved to LaSalle county, living there
eighteen years, then moved to Ben
ton county in the winter of 1870 and
they lived on their present farm ever
since. All of his grandparents
were born in America of Irish paren
tage. His great grandparents were
natives of Orange, Ireland, the grand
fathers being soldiers in the Revolu
tionary War and one was in the war
of 1812. Mr. Fulliton lived with his
parents until of age and went to work
at $12 per month and bought 80 acres
of land in Iowa, paying $.‘550 for it
and working by the month to pay
for it.
Mary A. Solonian was born in West
Kent, England, and moved to Ameri
ca with her parents at the age of 12,
and at the age of 19 was united in
marriage to I). II. Fulliton and lived
in LaSalle county until they moved
to Benton county, Indiana.
One hundred and thirty guests
were present joining with them to
celebrate their golden wedding anni
versary. Many elaborate and useful
presents were presented to them,
among those being $65 in gold. A
most elaborate two course dinner was
served at 12 o'clock, the afternoon
was spent sociably, in the evening
lunch w as served to about sixty guests.
Those present from a distance were
Mr. and Willis Fulliton and daughter
of Austin. Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Soloman of Bladen. Neb.: Miss Altha
Denmire of Montrose, la.; Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Fulliton of Aberdeen, S. I).:
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter of Ilavannah,
III., Mr. and Mrs. WillisMcHarry and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peine and
children of Mason City, 111.; Mrs.
Florence Baumann and daughter of
Decatur, Ind.: Mr. Laurence Fulli
ton and family of Cadillac. Mich.:
Mr. and Mrs. Ilobert Smitherton,
daughter and children of Pontiac,
Mich., Mrs. Edna Hoover, Green
town, Ind.
Mrs. Strankman's Death
Mrs. Mary E. Strankman, wife of
Louis Strankman, a well known
ranchman residing six miles east of
city, died early Sunday morning, fol
lowing an operation. The deceased
was very well known in this vicinity,
and the bereaved husband is one of
the best know n and respected ranch
men in the valley. The deceased was
thirty-three years of age, and in ad
dition to tiie husband, five children,
ranging from two to fifteen years of
age, survive the wife and mother.
Mrs. Strankman's death was a great
shock to her many friends who were
not acquainted with her serious con
dition. She had a host of friends and
her magnificent character made her
greatly respected and loved. The
funeral was held Thursday from the
residence in the country and the
German St. John’s church on Rood
and 7th. The Sons of Hermann of
which the deceased was president
and a prominent member, had charge
of the services and the Royal Neigh
bors of America of Clifton, conducted
the services at the house and at the
grave. Rev. Gekkman. who was in
charge of the services spoke with
feeling of the splendid life which had
been so untimely ended and of the
lovely character and its inspiration
to others. The pall bearers were
from Sons of Hermann. Interment
was made in Orchard Mesa cemeterv
in charge of Undertaker Hattie G.
Pearson.—Grand Junction, (Colo.
The military court of inquiry de
cided Sutton was a suicide or was
accidently shot, and thus white
washed his brother lieutenants in the
A tornado at Thedford, in Thomas
county, last week Wednesday did
quite a little damage to property,
but allowed the people in its course
to live a while longer.
The old so-called packed conven
tion may have been questionable at
times, but it did not allow any half
baked idiot who could scrape up a
five-dollar bill to become a candidate.
The Loup Valley Agricultural So
ciety will hold its annual fair at Ord
Sept. 14-15-lfi-e7, and according to the
premium list received at this office
it will be one of the most notable
and complete of any ever held there.
Quite a number contemplate attend
ing from Sherman county.
Selling rotten eggs will not be a
profitable business. Food Commis
sioner Mains says he will prosecute
all offenders. Albert Fritz of Saline
county has been fined $25 and costs
for the allegation that he sold decay
ed eggs. When Joe Johnson was food
commissioner he started a campaign
against rotten egg sellers and Com
missioner Mains expects to make a
similar campaign.—Polk Progress.
Supervisors’ Proceedings
Loup City, Nebr., August 20, 1909
County Board of Supervisors of Sher
mpa county, Nebraska, met this 20th
day in regular session as per adjourn
ment of August 5th, 1909. Members
present, Jas I Depew, chairman, Wm
Jakob, Wensel Rewolinski, Henry
Thode, C J Peters and W O Brown,
C F Beushausen, county clerk. Ab
sent, E II Allen.
The minutes of last meeting were
read and approved.
The board took up the matter of
the Gilmore vacation, asking for the
vacation of a road commencing at
the soutli line of section 14, town 14,
range 14 and running thence in a
northwesterly direction to the north
east corner of the Austin cemetery
and ;terminatiug at that point, and
after discussion by the board an
order was made that the petition be
The Heil road petition was taken
up by the board asking for the es
tablishment of a road commencing at
section line between sections 14 and
23, township 14, range 14 and running
thence west a little over one half
mile to the section corner between
sections 14, 15, 22 and 23; also a road
commencing at southeast corner of
northeast quarter section 22, 14, 14,
and running thence nortli on section
line between sections 22 and 23 and
15 and 14. The board made the fol
lowing order that that part of the
petition asking for the establisement
of a road running east and west be
tween sections 14 and 23 be denied,
but the balance of the petition be
granted as prayed.
The Fletcher road petition com
mencing at road No. 260 on section
line between sections 10 and 15, town
ship 14, range 14 and running thence
west on section line to northwest
corner of section 15, same town and
range and running thence in a south
westerly direction and terminating at
what is Known as the Austin Driage
across the Loup river was allowed as
follows: That part of the petition
asking for the establishment of the
road commencing on section line be
tween section 10 and 15, township 14,
range 14, and running thence west on
section line to northwest corner of
I section 15, same town and range, was
denied by the board and the petition
changed and road ordered to be es
tablished as follows: Commencing at
or near the school house on O & R V
R R at road No 206 on the 80 rod line
on the northwest quarter of section
10, town 14, range 14, running west to
the section line between section 9 and
10 and running thence soutli to sec
tion corner thence southwest and ter
minating at bridge across the Loup
river and all claims for damages were
On motion the clerk was ordered to
notify John W. Gilmore to move that
that part of ids fence on the south
west quarter of section 14, range 14,
w hich is on the public road.
The bridge petition of G VV Tanger
man and others asking that the coun
ty build a bridge across the creek at
the east line of the southeast quarter
of section 35, township 14, range 14,
was denied by the board.
It was ordered by the board that
the action of the board made April
23, 1909, be re-considered, ordering
two spans, 120 feet of bridge, to be
built across the Loup river and makes
an order that 4 spans 120 feet in
length be built as per contract.
The following claims were allowed
and clerk ordered to draw warrants
for same makingdeductionsfor taxes:
Lena Ward. $ 9 91
Henry Diefenbaugli. 4 00
John Witt. 4 00
John Greenhalgh. 4 00
John Brewer. 4 00
Myers Benson. 4 00
Hans Johnson. . 8 JO
D L Jacoby. 4 00
Kenneth Kay. 4 00
W R McCullough. 4 00
E E Tracy. 6 50
C II French. 4 00
G S Leininger. 4 00
W T Draper. 4 00
Jacob Albers. 4 00
Dar D Grow. 4 00
C II French. 6 00
R Reinertson. 4 00
Myers Peterson. 4 00
George Brock . 4 00
Tlios A Donohoe. 4 00
C'has Bass. 8 00
C W Truinble. 5 00
C E Lang. 4 00
Theo McCash. 4 00
John Mead. 4 00
E A Slote. 4 00
R P Moore. 7 80
A L Fletcher. 5 00
W C Dunker. 4 00
Frank Goc.. 400
Frank Polski. 4 00
Lawrence Polski. 4 00
T D Wilson. 7 20
W Hawk. 4 00
B W Parkliurst. 4 00
J N Ling. 4 00
FA Pinckney.. 4 00
J O Douglas. 6 40
E A Snyder. 4 00
James Huryta. 4 00
L Huncher. 4 00
Isiaah Vanscoy. 4 00
Mike McKeon. 8 00
School Dist. No 12. 2 50
Nicholas Daddow. 4 00
Frank Casteel. 4 00
Stewart McFadden.. 4 00
Clark Alleman...... 4 00
Ernest Daddow.• 6 60 2 50
E Dwehus .?...... 4 00
V C Rasmussen. 4 00
Peter Lorenz. 4 00
I S Kolkowski.. . 4 00
H F Tangerman. 7 50
J D Burns. 4 00
B E Nelson. 4 00
J W Mizner. 4 00
Andrew Anderson. 4 00
Carle T McKinnle. 7 20
S S Lewandowski. 4 00
Mike Lewandowski. 4 00
Jesse Manchester. 4 00
Herman Sperling. 4 00
Wensel Rewolinski. 7 30
S C Eastabrook. 4 00
T C Chamberlain. 4 00
John Wuhler. 4 00
II J Burtner. 4 00
F J Zwink. 7 60
J W Burleigh. 95 85
R P Starr. 2 00
J F Nicoson. 2 00
Hammond & Stephens. 7 50
Klopp & Bartlett... 87 64
J as I Depew. 24 00
Wm Jakob...'.. 8 00
W O Brown. 6 10
C J Peters. 7 50
Wensel Rewolinski. 7 20
Henry Thode. 6 40
ukidge fund:
W T Gibson. 2 50
A L Enderle. 1 00
E B Corning. 7 50
August Beushausen. 4 40
J W Burleigh. 4 20
On motion board adjourned to
Nov. 9th, 1909.
C. F. Beushausen,
County Clerk.
A New Way to Can Tomatoes
Last summer I tried a new method
of canning tomatoes, and it proved
so satisfactory that I want to pass it
on. Scald and peel the tomatoes as
usual. Have the cans sterilized, place
the raw tomatoes in them whole,
pour in boiling water to fill the cans,
running a knife around in the cans,
so that all the crevices are filled,
then put on the cover. Place the
cans in a boiler or large vessel, pour
in boiling water till it reaches the
neck of the can, put the lid on the
boiler, wrap it with a blanket or rug,
and leave until the water is cold,
which will be next morning. The
cans are then ready to put away. I
did not lose a can out of forty quarts.
When the cans were opened, the
tomatoes were whole and firm enough
to slice easily.—Woman's Home Com
panion for September.
How to get rid of flies: Close the
windows and add a quarter of a tea
spoonful of carbolic acid to a pint of
water and allow it to come to a boil
for five minutes, then raise your win
dows and what flies are not dead will
leave the room. Once or twice a
week will rid your home of the pests
as well as destroy other germs that
may be in your home. Do not forget
to put the carbolic acid out of reach
of the children.—Exchange.
In County Court within and for Sherman
county. Nebraska. August 10. 1909.
In the matter of the estate of John Sundstrom.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will sit at
the county court room in Loup City, in said
county, on the 3rd day of March. 1910. at the
hour of ten o.clock a. m.. to receive and ex
amine all claims against said estate, with a
view to their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is the 3rd day of March,
A. D. 1910, and the time limited for payment of
debts is one year from the; 3rd day of March.
Witness my hand and the seal of said coun
ty court this 10th day of August. 1909.
J. S. Pedler, County Judge.
(Last pub Sept 2)
Notice or Hearing on Final Account of
State of Nebraska )
V ss
Sherman County I The State of Nebraska
To the next of kin and all persons Interested In
the estate of Jost Blumer, deceased, late of
said county:
Notice is hereby given that on August the
19th. 1909. Samuel J. Blumer. administrator of
the estate of Jost Blumer. deceased, late of
said county, filed his final account as such
administrator and that the same was set for
hearing Friday, the 9th day of September, 1909,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the ofllce of
J. S. Pedler, County Judge of said county in
Loup City in said county, at which time and
place all persons interested in said estate may
appear and be beard concerning the allowance
of said account.
Given under my hand and the seal of said
court this 19th day of August, 1909.
[Last pub. Sept. 9|
Notice of Probate ofWill I
William WilletB. Deceased f
In County Court. Sherman county, Nebraska.
The State of Nebraska to the heirs and oext of
kin of the said William Wlllits. deceased :
Take Notice. That upon filing of a written
instrument purporting to be the last will and
testament of William Willits. with codicil at
tached, for probate and allowance, it is ordered
that said matter be set for hearing the 13th
day of September A. D. 1909, before said Coun
i ty Court, at the hour of 10 o’clock a. m.. at
, which time any person interested may appear
and contest the same: and notice of this pro
ceeding is ordered published three weeks suc
cessively in the Loup City Northwestern, a
weekly newspaper published In this State, at
Loup City.
In testimony whereof. I have hereunto set
my band and the seal of the County Court, at
Loup City, this 23rd day of August. A D. 1909.
[seal] J. S. Pedler. County Judge.
Last pub. Sept 9
Notice Probate of Will I
Anna M. Johansen. Deceased (
In County Court, Sherman county, Nebraska
The'State of Nebraska to the heirs and next of
kin of the said Anna M. Johansen, deceased:
Take Notice. That upon filing of a written
instrument purporting to be the last will and
testament of Anna M. Johansen, deceased, for
probate and allowance, it is ordered that said
matter be set for hearing the 3th day of
September, A. D. 1909. befo-e said County
Court, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.. at which
time any person Interested may appear and
contest the same; and notice of this proceed
ing is ordered published three weeks suc
cessively In the Loup City Northwestern, a
weekly newspaper published in this state
In testimony whereof. I have hereunto set
my hand and the seal of the County Court, at
Loup City, this 17th day of August. A. D. 1909.
(seal) J. S. Pedler. County Judge.
[Last pub. Sept 2]
(Rydberg Road)
To whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointed to
view and locate a road “commencing
at the southeast corner of Section
thirty (30) and the northeast corner
of Section thirty-one (31), Township
fourteen (14), Range sixteen (16),
Sherman county, Nebraska, running
thence west one mile on the section
line between said section thirty (30)
^nd thirty-one (31) to the Custer
county line,” has reported in favor of
the establishment thereof, and all
claims for damages must be filed in
the office of the County Clerk of
Sherman county, Nebraska, on or
before noon of the 15th day of
October, 1909, or said road will be
established without reference there
Dated this 13th day of August, 1909.
C. F. Beushausen, County Clerk.
[Last pub. Sept. 16]
$26.05 to California
Low one-way rate to San Francisco, Los Angeles and
other points are in effect daily.
September 16-. October 15, 1909
“The Safe Road to Travel’’
Tickets are good on comfortable through tourist
sleepers, on payment of berth rate.
Electric block signal protection. Dining car
meals an ; service “Dest, in the World.’
EGet booklets and further
information of
L. LOMAX, G P. A.,
A Strong, First-Class, Crowing Institution
College, Normal, Academy, Business,
Shorthand, Music, Expression and
Art Departments.
Issues all grades of State Certificates. Thorough Courses. Strong Faculty.
Pleasant surroundings. Books Free. Lowest Rates for Tuition and Board.
Over 500 Students each year. If money is any object to you ami if you
wish the best of advantages, ask for catalogue and learn what we can offer.
Fall term opens Sept. 13. Winter term opens Jan. .'!.
WM. E. SCHELL, D. D., President, York, Neb.
_____ _ -* -—■— -—- t— ——- "”■»
%/NCOLN '5EP7:5¥’T£jZnV%
fond erful displays of
live Stoch,A<jriciilUire /Machinery <*
Splendid Racing
Liberates Band and
Grand Opera Singers.
Pain’s Bailie in the Clouds
\ v/ith Airship
L Alhlefic Meel - Carnival - Baseball j
I for information. Premium Lists- Entry fronAswr/fe^jfi
W.R.Melior.Secy *vjSid&!£*«
________ < gg£
The Hail Storm the Other Night
Reminds us that it is time to put up your screens. Come in anolet us make
you an estimate on those that you need. No matter what the si/.e of the
window or the number of the lights, we can lit you.
Screens from 75c TJtd
The Mites and Lice have Their Eyes
Upon that Flock of Chickens
A single dollar will get a gallon of Carbolinium. Paint your roasts with this
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb.
We have a good stock of lumber and all
kinds of building material on band.
A carefully assorted stock of Fence Posts
ranging in price from 1 to 25c.
No trouble to figure your bills and show
our stock.
•'phis Daip 2-Wheel Sweep
OFLY $16.50
I handle the Dain and Achme
Sweeps and Stackers. Also carry
a general lino of Farm Machinery
and Buggies and Wagons.
T. M. Reed
fhe Jmplepiept jVlap