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    A. P. GULLEY, President. IRA E. WILLIAMS, Cashier.,
; FUST irallL BANK
of Loup e|TY
i vative
r Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per bu.47 @ .4«
Wheat, per bu.84 @ .68
Oats, per bu.40 (d .43
Rye, per bu . .62
Butter, per lb. .20
Eggs, per doz. .20
Hens, per lb. .07
Spring chickens, per lb. .08
“Eli and .lane." Its a great funny
3 on 62. Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
Loans on real estate, call on
f John W. Long.
_ Mrs. John Ohlsen was quite ill a
^ "• few days last week.
Finest dill pickles ever on the
market at Lee Bros.
Phone A. T. Conger, 3 on 62. when
in need of a dravman.
“The Deacon.”
W. F. Mason returned from his trip
to Indiana Monday evening.
I will guarantee 30c for butter fat
I test and pay cash.—A. E. Chase.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, call on John W. Long.
Will Draper returned from his busi
ness trip to Omaha Saturday evening.
Now is the time to buy Asbestos
sad irons at J. M. Czaplewski's hard
Henry Eisner came home from
Grand Island Monday for a few days'
We pay 20c fox good country butter
and sell it at 2'ic. Loup City Mercan
tile Co.
M. C. Mulick went to Lincoln last
Monday morning for medical treat
Lee Bros, meat market is the place
to get ground green bones for your
Miss Hose Mulick has had a setback
with the mumps and confined to her
bed since Monday.
You make no mistake in calling on
the Stewart Conger drays when you
want quick service.
Wait until you hear Old Eli tell
about milking the cow, at Pilger's
opera house. Tuesday, Jan. 26.
John W. Lons is prepared to
make all Real Estate Loans ou
short notice at lowest rates.
Why pay 25c for good country but
» ter. when you can buy the best of
the Loup City Mercantile Co. for 2Cc
“The Deacon.”
Ward Ver Valin went to Omaha
Wednesday to attend the meeting of
the state lumbermen's association to
return Saturday.
We still have plenty of feed of all
kinds for sale. Farmers bring your
wheat and exchange for flour.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
There will be regular preaching
services at the Presbyterian church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
Other services as usual.
The Stewart Conger drays are on
the rush from morning to night, but
you will get the quickest kind of
service on a hurry call. Try them.
Ladies: Asbesto Sad Irons give
their heat to the clothes instead of to
the hand. Investigate the asbestos
principle at .1. M. Czaplewski's hard
ware next door to postoftice. Call at
once. Sae window display.
When in need of flour ask your
dealer for Loup City flour and you
will be convinced that they have tne
quality and their prices are no higher
than other flour. If this is true you
should buy flour made by your home
<ince Harry Green has been starring
in “Eli and Jane" he has had the
play rewritten each season and each
/season sees the good clever comedy
with a new coat of action but the
same name. Mr. Green has this year
surrounded himself with an excep
tionally strong cast and is carrying
special scenery with the show which
is all new every year. It will be one
of the best shows here this season.
The public wants good things to be
L amused with and Harry Green hrs it
with “Eli and Jane". It’s a good
thirg, something doing all the time.
Pilger’s opera house, Tuesday, Jan. 26.
Miss Tony Erazim returned from
Ravenna Tuesday.
The Little Boston pays 30c for
butter fat till further notice.
If you want a dray in a hurry and
get quick work, see Stewart Conger.
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay 30 cents for butter fat till further
Take your butter and eggs to Con
hiser's, where you can get anything
you want.
C. C. Carlsen, cashier of the State
Bank, was doing business in Omaha
during the past week.
Miss Lonise Zuelow of Schuyler
arrived Monday on a visit to her
sister, Mrs. Ed. Jones.
Rev. Hayes of St. Paul gave two
able sermons to the Presbyterian con
gregation here last Sunday, in the
absence of a regular pastor.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Pugsley of
Webster township are rejoicing over
the arrival of a baby boy at their
home Wednesday, Jan. 13. 1909.
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Lambert, after
spending a week visiting relatives in
Howard county, returned to their
home in this city last Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Culley went to
Lincoln Monday to visit their daugh
! ter. Miss Jess Culley. Mr. Culley was
to go on to Kansas City on a business
trip later.
1 have several full blood White
Wyandotte cockerels for sale at $1.00
each, also an Old Trusty Incubator
in good running order for $0.00. Call
at residence of Ward Ver Valin. 21tf
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
L. N. Smith, who reside one mile
east of this city. Saturday morning.
Jan. 16, 1909. L. N. was able to
attend church Sunday morning, how
Sam’l Daddow went to Howard
county last Friday to remain with his
daughter, Mrs. A. L. Bali man, and
look after the chores while his son-in
law is serving on the federal jury at
Grand Island.
“The Deacon.”
E. G. Taylor went to Farwell last
Thursday morning and performed the
duties of elevator manager during the
day, his manager having been called
to Omaha on accountof the dangerous
illness of his mother.
W S. Waite, manager of the Sher
man County Telephone Co., attended
the annual convention of Independent
Telephone companies held in Lincoln
the latter part of last w eek, returning
home Saturday evening.
Don't miss seeing ‘ Eli and Jane,”
one of the best show s now on the
road and a clever company, made up
ANS and COMEDIANS. At Pilger's
opera house, Tuesday, Jan. 26.
Representative E. A. Brown came
home from Lincoln last Thursday to
attend the closing meeting of the
revivals and visit his wife and daugh
ter for a few days, returning to his
duties Tuesday morning. He was
pleased to'read in the daily press that
the speaker of the house had remem
bered him in his absence and appoint
ed him to serve on another important
Ladies and gentlemen can go to see
“Eli and Jane” with perfect safety
—its a good clean moral show—the
sweetest story ever told. A play for
old and young. In fact its a play for
everyone. Mr. Green is an exception
al clever actor in this kind of a part,
and he is surrounded by a clever com
pany. “Eli and Jane” is a perfect
and FUN At Pilger's opera house,
i Tuesday, January 26th.
We regret to learn that our friend,
Wm. Engle of Austin, is quite ill with
what seems to be a concussion of the
brain, supposed to have been caused
] by receiving a heavy blow on the
I head from a scantling while working
on his farm. The physician says,
! however, he does not fear any fatality,
although he suffers most severely
from racking headaches, while his
I head is so sore it hurts him terribly
| to lay on a pillow, although no
abrasion or other evidence of injury
may be discerned from the outside of
the skull. We sincerely trust he will
shortly recover to good health. Later:
A phone message from his bedside
| this morning, caused by alarming ru
mors reporting his condition alarm
ing. states he rested well iast night
'and seems improved at present.
Miss Mamie Adamson, telephone
girl, is on the sick list.
Frank Goodwin was up from Grand
Island Monday, returning Wednesday.
The 2-year-old baby of Henry Miller
got a linger badly smashed in a
wringer last Tuesday.
Miss Mary Minshull went to Lin
coln yesterday to have her eyes
treated by a specialist.
Tire wrestling match between Din
Mulick and Charley Bock is scheduled
for nest Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. O'Bryan were
here from Ord oyer Sunday visiting
their daughter and family.
Mrs. Emma McCray is this week
moving into the O’Bryan cottage
vacated by G. W. Collipriest.
Mrs. J. B. Draper returned from
the sanitarium at Omaha last Satur
day evening, much improved in health.
G. W. Collipriest left last Saturday
with his car of household goods and
stock for his new home in Oklahoma.
W. A. Hayes and family leave for
1 their sandhills home on the north
line of Greely county the first of the
D. A. Johnson of Aurora was a
Loup City visitor a few days this!
week, looking after his business
Our jolly friend, J. F. Cressler of
I Ravenna, gave us a pleasant call
j yesterday when in town on business
| and to greet his many friends.
Mr. Ole Oloffson of Wyanet, Ills.,
: who has been visiting his uncle,
! H. G. Hosier, and family, for some
i weeks, returned home yesterday.
Representative E. A. Brown has a
job after he comes home from the
capital, he having been appointed
deputy assessor for Loup City town
Latest word from Mrs. M. C.
Mulick. who is at her aged father's
bedside at Chester. Iowa, is to the
effect that he was still alive, but
gradually growing weaker.
“The Deacon”
Harry Jenner purchased the frame
ouilding formerly occupied by - the
Swanson shoe store and on Monday
moved it on a vacant lot on the west
side of the square. He will rent it
for an office building.
A very large number of our people
I 'vent to Ashton this morning to at
tend the funeral ceremonies of the
Kettle family, who were killed in the
railroad wreck in Colorado, an account
j of which will be found in another
i column.
Rev. H. S. French, pastor of the
M. E. church at Elm Creek, in Buffalo:
! county, who was visiting his parents,
! Mr. and Mrs. C. H. French, in this
j city, delivered an excellent sermon
from the Methodist pulpit last Sun
day evening.
We are glad to note that the con
dition of the editor's wife is much
: improved this morning, her tempera
ture, which at one time reached 101
to 105, being now normal, and though
very weak, her physician pronounces
her convalescing nicely.
A. B. Outhouse went to Lincoln
Tuesday morning to visit with his
daughters. Mrs. Outhouse joined him
at Lincoln Tuesday and both went to
Omaha to attend the state lumber
men's association, and Mrs. Outiiouse
w ill visit over Sunday in Lincoln on !
the way home.
Chas. Biehl who sold his farm in
this county something over a year
ago and returned to the east with his
family, arrived in this city last Thurs
day evening and will again take up
their residence here. Mrs. Biehl is a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
George of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. n. J. Johansen went
to Lincoln Wednesday morning,
to attend the agricultural meetings
held there this week, and will visit
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mellor over Sun
day. Mr. Johansen also goes to con
sult a specialist over his frequent
recurrence of heart trouble.
“The Deacon.”
Miss Lizzie Leininger went to Ord
Tuesday to assist in the Wagner
Thomas concert, assisted here last
night and will be with them at
St. Paul this evening. She will re
turn home over Sunday, going to
Omaha the first of next week to
resume ber studies in voice culture
under Mrs. Wagner-Thomas.
Mrs. Josie Botts of San Diego, Cal.,
arrived at Ravenna last Friday, to
visit her lather, J. A. Swanson, and a
son, Emil Swanson, from Washington,
on the Pacific coast, is expected this
evening. Mr. Swanson's health being
somewhat enfeebled brings them
home to see him. We trust our good
friend Swanson will early regain
robust health.
No word was received here from
Mr. .John Lofliolm, who left for
Colorado last week Wednesday in
cl arge of the car of stock and house
hold goods of the Kettle family, till
last evening, and while no little
anxiety was felt by his family here
over his whereabouts at the time of
the wreck, yet his not writing was
attributed to his being busy with the
goods and chattels of the ill-fated
Owing to illness in the editor's
home, he could not be in attendance
on tlie Wagner-Thomas concert at
tiie Presbyterian church last evening,
but understand it was as we predict
ed last week, a splendid musical treat,
Mrs. Thomas being at tier very best
and the musical event most splendid.
We regret, however, to state that the
attendance was small, which does not
speak very well for our people, when
it gave them one of the very best
dramatic sopranos in her second
appearance in our city.
Only Few Days Left
Of Men’s Suits, Overcoats, Hats and Caps,
Gents’ Furnishings and Shoes.
20 to 40 Per Ct. Oil
Come and See Us at the
Hub Clothing Store
Wreck on Rio Grande in
Colorado Kills 21,
Injures 50.
W. C. Kettle, Wife. Son
and Two Daughters
of Ashton Were
Last Friday night at 9:4*1 o’clock
some 22 miles east of Glenwood
Springs, Colo., on the Denver & Rio
Grande road, occurred a disastrous
head end collision between a double
header freight coming east and a pas
senger train going west, resulting in
the death of some 21 persons and the
injuring more or less of some 50
others. Among those killed outright
were W. C. Kettle of Ashton, to
gether with his wife, his dahghters,
Mae and Seta, aged 22 and 18 years,
and his 14-year-old son, Paul, who left
Ashton last Thursday for their new
home at Grand Junction, Colo. It
seems that the engineer of the pas
senger mistook time by his watch
ten minutes, in trying to make a side
track at Dotsero Siding, and the re
sult was that both trains came to
gether with a tremendous impact
which demolished all three engines,
completely telescoped the first three
or four passenger coaches, including
the chair car, in which was the ill
fated family from Ashton, not one of
the occupants of which are said to
have escaped alive. A long distance
telephone message was received by
Claire Kettle, a surviving son, at
Ashton, from the Bee. giving the first
news of the fatal wreck, early Sunday
morning, who immediately started
for the west, but received word from
his brother-in-law, Mr. Henry Jens,
at Grand Junction that he was com
ing with the bodies of the ill-fated
family and would arrive at Ashton
Wednesday evening. The funeral
occurs this (Thursday) morning at
the Catholic church in Ashton. W. C.
Kettle, who met his death in so tragic
a manner, had for years been a pros
perous farmer living some four miles
north of Ashton, but had recently
sold his farm there and purchased
a tine seventeen-acre fruit farm near
Grand Junetion, Colo., and was on
his way to his new home with his
wife and the three unmarried mem
bers of his household, and the news
of their untimely death was a great
shock to their many friends and rela
tives in this county. The surviving
members of the family are, Mr. Claire
Kettle, mail carrier on the route
north from Ashton, and Mrs. Henry
Jens, living at Grand Junction. A
brother. Geo. YV. Kettle, lives at
North Loup. Neb., another brother
lives at Grand Junction, Col., and two
sisters, Mrs. O. L. Way of Ravenna,
and Mrs. L. Butterfield of Arcadia.
A ’phone message from Ashton this
morning says Henry Jens arrived last
evening with the bodies of Mr. and
Mrs. Kettle and two daughters and
son, accompanied by Mr. Kettle’s
brother, Mr. John Kettle of Grand
Junction, Colo., and that the bodies
were this morning lying in state in
the vacant Polski store building and
being viewed by great numbers of
people. The funeral was to take
place at 10 o’clock from St. Francis
Catholic church and the five bodies
laid in one grave.
Mrs. E. C. Kilpatrick of Webster
township received a letter laet Friday
that her sister-in-law. Mrs. Fannie
Bone of Vinton county, Ohio, had
recently undergone an operation for
cencer of the breast and her recovery
was very doubtful. The sympathies
of her many friends are with her.
Residence Property.
I have six residence properties for
sale One at $850.00; $1050.00; $1200.00;
$1700.00, and one residence with five
acres of land and a good bam. Price,
$2700.00. A. L. Zimmerman.
Work of the Little Winged God
Yesterday Cupid seemed to have
taken possession of County Judge
Pedler's official abode, and no less
than three couples of young people
sought his official aid in launching
them forth upon the matrimonial
seas. The first two couples caught in
the embrace of cupid were Mr. Seth
J. Duncanson and Miss Lottie E.
Sadler, and Mr. Frank S. Sadler and
Miss Loella A. Hyatt, all of Anselmo,
who came in a bunch, each pair
evidently intent on assisting the
other through the trying ordeal. The
third wedding occurred close on the
heels of the double hymeneal cele
bration, and were Mr. Herschel Slier
beck and Miss Etta Crist, both of
Westerville. Custer county, the bride
being accompanied by a stalwart
brother and a dainty little sister, who
were present to witness the most
elegant manner in which Judge Pedler
cements loving hearts in indissoluble
bonds, the judge in this latter in
stance being supported and braced up
by the presence of the editor of the
Northwestern, who was tiius enabled
to advertise him as a little the best
knot tyer extant. In this connection,
we can not refrain from the belief
that under the line art work of
County Judge Pedler. ably assisted by
| the handsome deputy in the office, is
clearly demonstrating to the victims
of Cupid that Loup City is the verit
able Gretna Green of central Nebras
ka. as scarcely a week, or even a few
days, passes that the office is not the
scene of nuptial affairs of those com
ing from adjoining counties and even
| from other states. It Is also evidenced
1 that the worthy county judge's office
i is still a greater Mecca for the pre
| liminarv preparation for like above
| great events, by the frequency of
! swains from a distance securing per
| mits. and not being so much acquaint
: ed with the officials cementing pow ers
depart for other and ministerial
: qualifications, but we have no doubt
; that within a short time all will have
! such intimate acquaintance and his.
tory of the neatness and dispatch that
, the ministers will have to approach
this successful dignitary and ask con
cessions or express a willingness to
form a trust with him in these affairs
of heart. Just the second day pre
ceding. in evidence of what we say
above, a license was granted a young
couple from Valiev county, Mr. Edgar
Houtby and Miss Hazel Hain, but as
they were not on to the splendid
qualifications of His Honor, the cere
mony was held elsewhere.
Estimate for 1909.
The following estimate was made by the
County Board of Supervisors of Sherman
county, 'Nebraska, for the year 1909, at a
meeting held on the 13th day of January, 1909:
Bridge Fund.$15,000 00
Road . . 1,000 00
Blanks, Books, etc.. 600 00
Incidentals.. 500 00
Election. 1,500 00
County repairs. 500 00
Officers’ salaries and rent. 6,500 00
Court, Including fees. 2,000 0U
Bounty. 400 0*
Insane . 400 0w
Interest on outstanding bonds. 3,500 0
Sinking Fund. 10.000 00
Teachers' Fund. 100 00
Soldiers' Relief Fund.'. 400 00
C. F. BeushaCSEH. County Clerk.
(Last pub. Feb. 18.)
Notice of Sale of Real Estate by
Special Master Commissioner
Notice is hereby given that, whereas the
undersigned. R. J. Nightingale, was. by the
order of the United States Circuit Court for
the District of Nebraska, duly made and
entered in the cause wherein Emma Luithardt.
an infant, by Wilhelm Luithardt. her guardian
and next friend, is complainant, and John
Laier. Mary Laier, wife of said John Laier,
Gottfried Laier. Jeannette Laiei, wife of said
Gottfried Laier. Rosie Mann, and James
Mann, husband of said Rosie MaDn. are
respondents, appointed as special master
commissioner to make partition of the lands
hereinafter described, and, whereas the said
R. J. Nightingale was, by the further order
of said court, duly made and entered on
January 2nd. 1909, ordered adjudged and
decreed, as such special master commission
er. to advertise and sell said real estate
as upon execution* now, therefore, by virtue
and in pursuance of said orders of said court,
I .will, on Tuesday, the ninth (9th) day of
February. 1909. at the hour of one o'clock in
the afternoon of said day. at the front and
south door of the court house in Loup City
Sherman county. Nebraska, sell the following
described real estate, towit: The west half
of Section thirty-four, and the southeast
quarter of Section twenty-eight, all in town
ship fifteen, north of Range fifteen, west of
6th principal meridian, situate in Sherman
county, Nebraska, at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash: said land to be sold
either as a whole or in separate parcels, as
authorized by the court.
Given under my hand this 6th day of
January. 1909. R. J. Nightingale.
Special Master Commissioner.
(Last ptb. Feb. 4.)
C< wnter
Don't fail to come and see what we
have in Dress Goods on this Conn
ter. Also, the 7 pieces of China
with one can of Baking Powder,
50c. It is the best snap yet.
15 to 25 per cent off
on Dress Goods
^ Kitchen Cabinet, 25x46, basswood
top, weight 100 lbs., No freight (2/1 Afs
to pay. Price,.
Top to match above base.$2.35
All Oak Center Table. 24x24; top 0. 2.00
6-foot All Oak Extension Table. 6.00
Full-size Woven Wire Bed Springs. 1.50
Our 45-lb. Cotton Top Mattress, 4.4. 2.75
We are hdre to get the Furniture business and
will not be undersold. Bring us your bill and let
us give you prices that will sell the goods.
Christensen & Ferdinand!
Furniture Company.
Christensen & Ferdinandt,
Undertakers and Embalmers
| I. DEPEW®*
Blacksmith 9 Wagon Maker*
My shoo is tbe largest and best equipped north of tbe Platte Blver
1 bare a four hors* engine and a complete line of the latest Improved, me
cbiuery. also a force of experienced men who know bow to operate it and
turn out a Job with neatness and dlupatcb.
min min nil iinniimiimmmaiBiiBwa
We just received a car of fine Rock Spring
Lump coal. We also have Niggard Head
Lump, Maitland Lump, Rock Spring Nut,
Monarch Lump, Hanna Lump and two sizes
of Eastern Anthracite. Have one bin of coal
here that we are offering at $6.25 per ton.
Better look over the Storm Sash proposition and save the
heat for the house.
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb.
E. G. Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President. Cashier
W: R. Mellor, gJ. W-HLong.I 18. N. Sweetland
Capital Stock, - - $26,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000.00
_.. .. - _ _ _ M