The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, October 29, 1908, Image 8

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Home Treatment Price $3.00
Master Specialist
Grand Island, Neb.
Order the treatment you need. Write me a per
sonal letter if you wish. 1 will read your letter and re
ply to it myself, telling you just what to do. When
you receive the outfit you order, if you do not think it
is the greatest value you ever received for $3.00 send
it back at my expense and I will return your money.
Hall County. )
Dr. Rich, being first duly su'orn, deposes and says, that the
illustration below is a true representation of the $3.00 catarrh outfit
for catarrh of the head, nose and throat, herein advertised, and that
any one ordering same and finding it not satisfactory may have his
money returned upon demand.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 25th day '
if February, 1908. JOHN ALLAN, Notary Public. '
My Commission expires Jan. 5, 1912.
i |
Guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906.
Serial Number No. 18752. The above outfits contain no Morphine,
Opium, Cocaine, Heroin, Eucaine, Chloroform, Cannabis Indica, Chloral
Kyiraie, Acetanilide, cr any of theii derivatives.
Dr. Rich, tlie well known Grand Island Specialist, has
arranged a system of Home Treatment for Catarrh of tho
various organs of the body, and is now prepared to sup
ply to any sufferer from this prevalent disease a course of
remedies that will bo found to be not only satisfactory in
every respect, but at a price certainly reasonable, and
within the reach of everybody. During the five years Dr.
Rich has been In Grand Island he has carefully avoided
tho treatment of Catarrhal conditions of tho body, not be
ing prepared to take up a work requiring time from his
already extensive office business. During the past year,
however, Dr. Rich has perfected a method which he offers
below, for treating Catarrh in the home, and feels not on
ly assured of excellent results, but that he will make many
new friends, which will assist in increasing his already
large practice. A photograph below shows one of tho
53.00 outfits, and should give a perfect idea of the value
offered. Dr. Rich’s treatment for Catarrh is a Home
Treatment in every sense, and can be used without deten
tion from business. A full month’s treament of these rem
edies will be sent for $3.00. You may order as often as
you like at the same price, or have the treatment sent to
your friends. As there will be a large demand from the
many people familiar with Dr. Rich’s reputation as a Skill
ful Specialist, you are kindly requested to order early and
avoid delay.
For Catarrh of the Head, Nose and
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month's treatment.
Frontal headache.
Dull feeling in head.
Ringing nolaea In head and ears.
Unnatural and excessive d scharge from neie.
Hard bloody crusts and acaba in nose.
Hawking and spitting of mucus.
Mucus dropping from nose into the throat
Tickling In the rkroat.
Bad breath. Bad taste.
Loss of appetite.
Coughing and gagging.
Vomiting. Nausea.
Dizzy spells.
Loss of memory. Confusion of Ideas,
Insomnia. Bad dreams.
Pain in back and top of head.
Nose stopped up.
For Catarrh of the Stomach and
If you have any or ail of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month's treatment.
Distress after meals.
Pain, soreness, burning, weight, uneasiness, pressure, full
ness In pit of the stomach.
Bloating over stomach and bowels.
Belching part or all of the time.
Gas in stomach and bowels.
Heartburn. Sour stomach.
Choking sensation in throat and chest in the evening and
during the night.
Bad dreams. Nightmare.
Vomiting and nausea.
Irritability and crankiness.
Pain over chest, shoulder blades and around the body.
Pain over the heart and palpitation.
Difficulty in breathing.
Bad taste. Coated tongue.
For Catarrh of the Nerves.
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month's treatment.
Mental dullness and forgetfulness.
Epileptic fit*.
Headache and dlcsy spells.
The blues, mania. Insanity and melancholy.
Unnatural drains and losses in men.
fit. Vitus’s dance.
Neuralgia and cramps.
Lost power in any part.
Pain or congestion of spinal cord. (Tho cause of moat
Sleeplessness and restlessness.
Loes of memory. Confusion of ideas.
Nervousness and irritability.
Despondency and dull mind.
Heart fluttering and excitability.
Twitching muscles and easily frightened.
Limbs go to sleep.
Wandering pains over body.
Bad dreams or nightmare.
Varicocele and sexual weakness.
Hand trembling and anxiousness.
Loss of appetite and ambition.
Nervous debility, and weakness.
i if • firiT* .._ .
For Catarrh of the Liver and
If you have any or all of these symptoms
•end me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment*
Failing vision. Great thirst.
Making water during the night.
Flatulence (gas in stomach and bowels.)
Breathless on exertion.
Ringing in ears and dizziness.
Puffiness of face and ankles. Dropsy.
Discharge from bowels light gray color.
Discharge of mucus from bowels.
Urine dark green color.
Enlarged and tender liver and stomach.
Jaundice and loss of strength.
Pain over kidneys. Insomnia.
Pain under and between shoulder blades.
Palpitation of heart.
Dark spots (liver spots) on body and face.
Hot flashes and spots before the eyes.
Nervousness and irritability.
Great depression of spirits. Sleep during day.
Pain and soreness under right short ribs.
For Female Catarrh.
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment.
Chronic inflammation, congestion and enlargement
Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation.)
Melancholia, Irritability and despondency.
Backache, insomnia, ready fatigue.
Inflammation of the womb and ulcerations.
Ovarian pains. Neuralgia. Pelvic congestion.
Dragging pains In front. Spine-ache.
Nervousness and sick headache.
Impoverishment of the blood. Irritable bladder.
Pains in back and lower limbs.
Loss of weight and displacements.
Uterine derangements. Irregular menstruation.
Leucorrhoea (whites). Itching. Burning.
Loss of appetite, energy and ambition.
Nervous prostration and depression of spirits.
An elegant tonic for nursing mothers*
Cut out this order blank and send to Dr. Rich, Grand
Island, Nebraska.
No Shipment of medicine will be made unless this
order blank is used in ordering.
• - - - — - -- i
Dr. Rich, Grand Island, Nebraska:—
I enclose you $3.00, for which please send me
One Month’s Treatment for Catarrh of the
Fill in above the treatment you desire.
Humorist Lloyd On War
“At Napoleon's tomb, on a scorch
ing day in Paris, I mot Nelson Lloyd,
the brilliant humorist," said a Phila
delphian. “Lloyd and I were in the
same class together at the German
town academy. We shook hands and
began to talk about Napoleon and war.
"Lloyd always quaint and amusing,
was at his best on the subject of war. 1
" ‘The horrors of war are overrated,’
he said.
‘“How can you say so?’ I cried.
"Then he told me about a veteran
who once described a terrible battle
to him. The veteran’s account of the
engagement was as follows:
“ ‘It was a terrible affair, and no
mistake about it. Our company lay in
ambuscade in a wood. Every five
minutes our brave young captain, pale
as death, said to us:
'* ‘ “Boys, it will be our turn next."
“ ‘Then we took another pull at our
whisky flasks and prepared for death.
This lasted from sunrise till midnight,
when all of a sudden an adjutant rode
up and told us we had won!”’
First English Regatta.
The first English regatta took place
upon the Thames, between London
bridge and Millbank, June 23, 1775.
Modern Helplessness.
The best inheritance that either boy
or girl may have is that of resource
fulness and self-reliance. It is a com
mon experience of those who employ
the best brought up children of the
present day, the young men who go
to the best schools and acquit them
selves well at the universities, that
they are afflicted with a kind of help
lessness. This is a matter, adds Coun
try Life, to which the attention of ed
ucation leaders should be directed.
Fresh Water From Ocean
Menama, the principal port of the
Bahrein islands, the center of the
pearl fisheries, gets its fresh water
from the ocean. Tisitors' often note
boats anchored a few hundred yards
from the shore, the boatmen engaged
in drawing fresh water from springs
at the bottom of the sea. These
springs well up strongly at a consid
erable depth and the entire water sup
ply of the town is ODtamea irum
The fresh water is procured in two !
ways—either in a goatskin water bag, i
which a diver takes down with him j
and carefully closes before bringing it j
to the surface, or by letting down long
hollow pipes of bamboo, weighted at
the lower end, through which the
water rises up uncoDtaminated to the
What is Going on Here and There
That is of Interest to hte Read
ers Throughout Nebraska.
The Otoe county stock show was a
great success.
A farm in Colfax county sold for
$122.50 per acre.
The political campaign is on this
week with great force.
Christian Scientists of Omaha will
build a $40,000 church.
Methodists of Fullerton are hurry
ing forward their new church.
Nebraskans were highly successful
in the Tripp land drawing.
Christian Scientists of Nebraska
are needed. To fill all the tanks 12o,
their new church.
Parker's ice house, close to Gordon,
caught fire from sparks from a pass
ing freight and burned.
The three weeks of revival meet
ings at Loomis have closed, being pro
nounced very successful.
Charles E. Davis of Oni3ha, under
arrest for killing Dr. Rustiu of that
city will have his trial In November.
Miss Margaret Brown, county super
intendent of Hall county, has handed
in her resignation to the county board
to take effect on January 1.
Ray Lamareaux, foreman of the
'sugar department at the American
Beet Sugar company’s plant in Grand
Island, had a hand crushed, requiring
the amputation of several fingers.
A number of cases of diphtheria
are reported in the family of C. R.
Meyer of Bismarck township, Cuming
county, Mrs. Meyer and all of the
children being afflicted.
A move is being made to hold a
chicken and corn show at Nebraska
City in December and already plans
have been formulated for the same
and many entrees have been made.
Callaway was visited by fire when
the large department store of Mat
hews & Mathews was burned, together
with most of its contents. The loss is'
about $18,000, with $14,000 insurance.
Farmers should all have telephones.
Write to us and learn how to get the
best service for the least money. Ne
braska Telephone Company, 18th and
Douglas streets, Omaha. “Use the
I he Hotaesvule Mill and Power
company, which was incorporated re
cently hy G. W. and J. H. Steinmeyer
for $30,000, is building a new dam at
Holmesville and otherwise improving
the plant.
The ninth annual convention of the
Cass County Sunday School as-ocia
tion will be held in Weeping Water
on Monday and Tuesday, November 0
and 10. C. D. Meigs of Indianapolis will
be the chief speaker.
Bridgeport will probauiy be the
county seat of Morrill county, the new
county to be formed by the division of
Cheyenne county. The question of
county division is to be submitted to
the votors at the coming election and
will undoubtedly be carried.
Frit® King, a man who has been a
resident of Nebraska City for the last
twenty-five years, was found d ad on
the Missouri Pacific tracks in the
I southern part of the city with one arm
nearly severed and his body badly
Venus Webber, northeast of Grand
Island, was robbed of $500. There is
no due to the thieves. Sneak thieves
entej-ed her private rooms and took
from the desk therein a roil of bills
containing $400 and another containing
$100, besides some silver and a Colt's
Dr. Holland of the Carnegie museum
in Pittsburg, left Gordon for the east.
He spent the entire season in north
western Nebraska, conducting expedi
tions in the fossil region. He takes
with him tne largest load of fossils
ever carried from the state.
Pter Swift of Ponca who drew the
second piece in the recent Tripp couti
ty land drawing is a young man of 23
years and a farmer. He has no prop
erty and is considered by everybody a
worthy young man and well deserves
the second choice and will make good
his opportunity.
Active work has begun on the new
Masonic temple building at McCook.
W. Z. Warner, who has been con
nected with the Dempster factory at
Beatrice for the past twenty years, has
resigned and will remove to Huron, S.
D. , where he will engage in the groc
ery business.
The report of the coroner’s jury in
the inquest held upon the remains of
the unknown man found dead on a
sandbar in the Niobrara river near
Valentine, was to the effect that he
came to his death on or about the 17th
day of October, 190S, by a blow deliv
ered feloniously from some blunt in
strument in the hands of some person
or persons to the jury unknown.
The Engler general store at Tal
mage was broken into, tne safe blown
open and $20 taken. The safe blowers
evidently made their escape by using
a hand car, as one is missing.
C. D. De Pass, an insurance agent
who has been soliciting business in
the vicinity of Cortland and Clatonla,
has been arrested on complaint of ,1
E. Austin, another insurance agent,
who charges him with unlawfully
transacting the business of accident
insurance as an agent without hav
ing first secured a certificate of au
thority from the state auditor as pro
vided by law.
A small cyclone passed over tin
country four miles south of Hardy,
carrying away two large barns and a
shed on the Rice place.
Rccco Perrie, the Italian held at the
county jail in Fremont on suspicion
of having stabbed Tona Genova, an
Italian who wqs murdered, told Sheriff
Bauman that Sam Serjo and Frank
Fortel, two members of the gang,
killed Genova. Sheriff Bauman went
to Oakland for the purpose of arrest- ^
ing them. Perrie says the men stabbed ™
Genova to death, and after he was
dead stuck their stillettos in his body
several times.
: i