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    A. P. CULLEY, President. W. F. MASON, Cashier.
of Loup city.
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per tyu. .60
Wheat, per bu.75 @. so
Oats, per bu .57 (it .43
Rye, perbu . 60
Butter, per lb.15 w .is
Eggs, per doz. .12
Hens, per lb.. .07
Spring chickens, per lb. .05*2
Hot Meals and Lunches atall Hours
I May and Ice Delivery Office. Leave
orders with the cashier. aug2(irf
Dipping tanks and dip sold at P. O.
For farm loans call on A. L.
For good grades of machine oils
see P. O Reed.
Mrs. H. A. Sleeth left for Lincoln
yesterday morning.
Phone A. T. Conger, 3 on 62, when
in need of a drayman.
The M. E. Sunday school picnicked
on the river Tuesday.
I will guarantee 17c for butter fat
I test and pay cash.—A. E. Chase.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, call on John W. Loner.
Ask Senator Cul ley how the walking
is between Litchfield and Loup City.
Take your butter and eggs to Con
hiser's. where you can get anything
you want.
Star Brand shoes are better. Every
pair guaranteed. —Loup City Mer
cantile Co.
The editor is moving this week ireo
the Enevoldsen house vacated by
Fred James.
Farm loans made on short notice
and at reasonable rates by A. L.
Mrs. D. L. Adamson went to St.
Joe Tuesday morning to buy tier fall
stock of millinery.
You can walk on stars if you buy a
pair of Star Brand shoes at the Loup
City Mercantile Co.
Quite a numberof Loup City people
attended the Woodmen picnic at
Litchfield yesterday.
Keep out the flies by getting some
wire cloth for your doors and win
dows at P. O. Reed's.
Tire Presbyterian Sunday school
will picnic at Jenner's Park next
week Friday afternoon.
1.200 yards unbleached muslin. 7L
cents Der vard.
Loup City Mercantile Co.
Miss Ella Foster went to a hospital
at Omaha yesterday morning, where
she will take treatment for a goitre.
John W. Lons: is prepared to
make all Heal Estate Loans on
short notice at lowest rates.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Baliman and
family Sundayed at the home of Mrs.
Haliman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sami
McKinnie Bros., have two high
{trade yearling Shorthorn bulls for
sale. Price reasonable. Bargains for
Messrs, and Mesdames J. B. and
D. S. Draper are among those who
attended the Woodmen pienie at
Litchfield yesterday.
Beginning August 5th, we will pay
cash for ereatn at the creamery. \Ve
also pay cash for eggs.
Ravenna Creamery Co.
Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Johnson and
little daughter from Aurora visited a
few days the first of the week at the
home of Wm. Larsen.
From now on Jenner's Park will be
open every day. including Sundays,
with refreshments served, the admis
sion being 5 and 10 cents.
Grandpa and Grandma Erazim and
family were over from Ravenna last
Sunday to visit their new grandson
and nephew. Mr. Gus. Lorentz, Jr.
The best plays, funniest comedians,
sweetest singers, cleverest dancers
and tiie best musicians are not too
good for the patrons of Boyd Burrowes
More people are using Loup City
flour now than ever have been in the
past. Try a sack from your tiour
dealer next time and if satisfied get a
supply while old wtieat is being
ground. We always carry ground
corn and all kinds of feed and solicit
your business.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
The Ladies’ Aid of the Baptist
church will hold an open meeting on
Wednesday, August 26th. Light re
freshments will be served. All the
ladies of the town are Invited to come
in for a social hour. If they feel in
dustrious they may bring their work.
The gentlemen are also invited. Mrs.
W. S. Waite is doing splendidly as
president of the aid. The hour of
meeting is at 3 o’clock
Flour and Feed Store Moved.
Having purchased an interest in
the Cooper mercantile store with Mr.
Felix Makowski, I have removed my
stock of flour and feed to that place
of business, where I will be pleased
to meet all my old patrons and as
many new ones as may be pleased to
give me their patronage. Call and
see me and 1 will treat you right.
\V. G.' McNulty.
For Sale
II..). Johansen is offering for sale
14 tall-bred boars and his crop of
spring boars, from his Loup Valley
herd. Purchasers will make no mis
take in securing line heads for their
herds from among Mr. Johansen’s
pure-bred Poland Chinas. Call early
and secure your choice.
Piano Recital.
On Tuesday evening, August 25th,
Miss Jennie Anderson will give a
piano recital to which all are invited.
On Wednesday evening the regular
pupils’ recital will be given, and ten
cents admission will be charged on
this evening. Both recitals will be
held at the Presbyterian church.
Elizabeth Zimmerman.
Boyd Burrowes Big Tent Show is
Lap dusters, horse covers, nets. etc.
at P. O. Reed s.
Loans on real estate, call on
John W. Long.
3 on 62, Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
Don’t forget Lee Bros, is the place
to get choicest of meats.
It. P. Starr went to Lincoln Mon
day morning on legal business.
If you want a good buggy whip
cheap, go to P. O. Reed's.
A. P. Culler returned home Friday
evening from his trip to Oklahoma.
Read the advertisement of the Boyd
Burrowes show in another column. ’
F. .1. Starr, a brother of R. P. Starr
w as a guest of the latter last evening.
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay 17 cents for butter fat till further
.1. S. Pedler was called to Neligh.
this state, Monday morning on busi
Old Settlers’ Picnic at Jenner's
Park. Sept. 9 and 10. Keep the date
in mind.
Flies are coming. Get your screen
doors and windows of the Leininger
Lumber Co.
Chas. Guilford returned from the
Monte/.uma valley country last Thurs
day evening.
The Misses Smitli of St. Paul were
guests at the C. C. Cooper home the
past few days.
nave you tried tnat nne ooiogna
at Lee Bros’, meat market? It is
mighty good eating.
Little Lucile Taylor has been ill
the past week with a threatened
attack of typhoid fever.
Boyd Burrowes "always good show”
will be in Loup City two nights start
ing Wednesday, August 26.
Try Oakdale Nut coal for your cook
stove. An excellent coal for summer
use, for sale by E. G. Taylor.
Mrs. R. M. Iliddleson lias been
quite ill the past week with sciatic
rheumatism, but is some better.
WANTED— Eight (8) little girls to
distribute bills forthe Boyd Burrowes
Shows. Apply at tent August 26th.
Jno. W. Long and family returned
from Lake Okoboji Monday evening,
reporting a most pleasant vacation at
that summer resort.
For Sale—Eight tine yearling Short
horn bulls for sale. Enquire of II. B.
Messer, 'phone 5 on 274, or address
him at Loup City, Neb.
Miss Mande Blackman, who has
been visiting at the home of C. W
Conliiser. left Monday for the west
for a further visit with friends.
Mrs. Win. Larsen’s good father,
II. G. Daly, of Idaho, who has been
visiting her the past week, left Mon
day for a further visit at Aurora.
“Yield exceeded my highest hopes,”
says Chas. Dixon, after threshing
grain sown with his Monitor drill
bought of Thos. Jainrog & Son of
, Ashton.
Boyd Burrowes Coming
Boyd Burrowes Big Tented Shows
: pay their annual visit to Loup City
' two nights starting Wednesday, Aug.
I 28. By his fair dealing, honest adver
tising and always delivering uniform
1 v good, clean instructive performances
Boyd Burrowes has established a
reputation throughout the country
and his show is patronized by the best
people everywhere. A host of new
and pleasing features have been added
this season. Big especially constructed
tent with no pole in front of stage,
large stage mounted with a wealth of
costly scenery, a company of 15 acting
people, singers, dancers, comedians
and novel specialty artists, a strong
repertoire of comedies and dramas,
the latast moving pictures and finest
illustrated songs. Prof. G. L. Payne’s
superb concert orchestra will render
choice classical and popular music in
a grand concert before the regular
performance nightly. During the hot
busy season the performance starts a
little later than advertised to allow
country patrons attending. Come
when you hear the band play.
We have the business,
because we sell for small
Good Dried Prunes,
count 80 to 100
per pound, - - - 5c
50 to 60 fine prunes
3 pounds for - -25c
N. Y. Ring Dried Ap
ples, 2 lbs. for - - 25c
Best Calif. Dried Ap
ricots per pound, 15c
Fine Calif. Dried
Peaches, per lb., 25c
Dr. Price’s Foods, 3
boxes for - - - 25c
Egg-O-See, 3 for - 25c
Maz-AII, 3 for - — 25c
Rice, Texas broken,
new 1907, good
color, per pound, 5c
Extra fancy Texas
head Rice, per lb.
10c, or 3 for - - 25c
Oiled Sardines, six
cans for - - - - 25c
Good Mustard Sar
dines, 3 cans for 25c
8 bars good Laun
dry soap for - - 25c
We handle the German
American Coffee. Buy
direct from the growers.
Cut out the middle
man's profits. Best cof
fee for the money.
OUR Leader—
—20c and 25c—
—Try Them
Barrel Salt, - - $1.75
Oyster Shells,
per 100 .90
We pay the HIGHEST
I. . .
Mrs. Theo. Wilson of Ashton has so
far recovered her recent illness as to
be able to visit friends in this city
last week.
C. J. Tracy made a business trip to
the southwestern part of the state
last week, as we understand with a
view of purchasing land.
Guy O. Toulouse came up from
Valley, Neb., last Friday after his
family and Monday they left for their
new home. May success attend them.
Morning service at the Presbyterian
church next Sunday as usual. The
union evening service will be held at
the Baptist church. Everyone invit
ed to attend.
M. P. Hiddleson of Rippey, Iowa,
arrived last Friday on a visit to his
brother. Treasurer R. M. Hiddleson,
returning home the middle of the
present week.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Bangs of Aurora
arrived last Friday evening from
Aurora for a few days’ visit with
their son. L. A. Bangs, and family, of
Washington township.
A. E. Honser received a short visit
this week from his brother Adam,
who came through here from Loup
City on his way to Indiana. Mr.
Ilouser reports an abundant corn crop
in Sherman county.—Aurora Repub
A 5-year-old son of Tom Garner,
south of town, last Thursday fell from
a haystack on to a stacker, striking a
beam, fracturing his skull. Dr. O. E.
Longacre and a doctor from Lincoln
were summoned and the little patieot
was operated upon successfully and is
getting along finely.
Mrs. Lindahl of Hordvllle, Kansas,
I mother of Mrs. A. i. Lingren, and
Miss Carlson of Chicago Heights, a
niece of Mr. Lingren. who have been
visiting them the past week, left on
Monday morning, Mrs. Lindahl for
her home and Miss Carlson for a con
tinuation of her visit with friends in
Polk county.
The Baptists are repairing their
church with a view to making it
warm and comfortable for winter.
The building has been built for more
than twenty yeaes and little repair
ing has been "done during that time
i so that now the need is urgent. A
new roof has been put on under the
direction of J udge Moon, chairman of
■ the building committee. The other
repairs will be a steel ceiling, new
| pews, furnace and furnace room, paint
ed inside and out and the walls re
papered. This will make it a pleas
ant place in which to worship and a
credit to the town. Everybody feel
ing an interest in this work and
| desiring to help may see Joseph
James, chairman of the financial com
1 mittee, or C. R. Sweetland. church
| treasurer. Any assistance financial
| or otherwise will be greatly appreciat
I ed.
Monday. Aug. 31—Lincoln Day Tuesday, Sept. 1—Governor’s Day
Wednesday, Sept. 2— Bryan Day Thursday, Sept. 3—Taft-Omaha Day
Friday, Sept. 4—Parade Day
Best Agricultural, Live Stock and Machinery Exhibits ever
shown in Nebraska.
$30,000.00|in Premiums $12,000.00 in Speed
Fifteen harness and eight running races
> Pain's stupendous spectacle
500 people. Immense display of fireworks each night
Liberates New York Festival Military Band and Grand Opera Concert
Company of sixty persons, eighteen of whom are Grand Opera singers of na
tional reputation. State bands from Hebron, Beatrice, Aurora and St. Paul
Western League Base Ball. Athletic Meet. Wild West Show
New $23,000.00 cattle barn, 174x255 to hold 036 head of cattle
New $10,000.00 steel frame auditorium, to seat 2,500 people, to be dedi
cated by Hon. W. J. Bryan, on Wednesday, September 2d
For premium list and entry blank, write W. R. Mellor, Sect’y, Lincoln, Neb.
We are pleased to announce in this
issue the coming to our city as a per
manent tixture Mr. Ira E. Williams,
formerly cashier and manager of the
BeemerState Bank of Beemer. Neb..
Mr. Williams visited our town some 22
years ago and was engaged as book
keeper in the First National Bank
for the period of one week when Mr.
Culley, cashier of the bank at that
time,* received notice that the direct
ors had employed Mr. A. J. Bell,
whom many of our people will re
member as serving as bookkeeper and
assistant cashier in that institution.
This is the second visit of Mr.
Williams and we are glad to learn
that he has identified himself with
Messrs. Culley and Mason in the
management of the First National
Bank here, in which he becomes in
terested and the cashier. Mr. Culley
will remain with his stockholdings,
as president, and Mr. Mason will be
come vice-president and Mr. Hansen
will also retain his old position. This
will constitute the personnel of the
bank, making it as strong an institu
tion as there is in the state. Mr.
Williams will purchase a home here
and make this his permanent resi
dence. He comes to us highly rec
commended both by the papers and
the citizens of his community. He is
a gentleman in all respects and a man
whose character will emphasize his
morals and Christian convictions. The
following is taken from the Omaha
1 Bee of the 16th instant.—Ira E.
, Williams, cashier of the Beemer State
bank at Beemer has removed with his
family to Loup City, Neb., where he
will engage in the banking business.
Mr. Williams has been connected with
I the Beemer bank as cashier for six
teen years, he being one of the
founders of that institution. During
this time the growth of the bank has
been constant, it now ranking among
the strongest financial institutions of
Cuming county.
There will be a box social at the
home of Mr. Ira Timson on the coun
ty farm two miles north of town, on
j Friday evening, August 21. The ladies
: will provide a box' of supper large
enough for two, the gentlemen to buy
the boxes. One of the men of the
neighborhood promised to come in
with a hayrack for all who would like
to ride. All wishing to go please re
port at the Baptist parsonage before
Friday noon if you can go.
Miss Marie Cooper gave a party to
a number of her young friends last
i Tuesdav afternoon.
Along R. R. No. I.
Joe Blaschke’s girls were to church
at Loup City Sunday.
One of Wm. Stockwell's girls is on
the sick list this week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. X. Criss visited at
the home of Willis Holcomb Sunday.
Max Lescliinsky and family attend
ed the German dance at the park Fri
day night and Saturday morning.
W. M. George has rented the poor
farm for next year.
Andy Coppersmith came home last
week "from Bradshaw. Xebr., where
he had been to visit his father, who
is going blind from the formation of
a cataract on his eyes, one eye being
totally blind and the other nearly so.
He is in the 70’s.
Chas. Anderson lost a cow and calf
last week and had not found them
Tuesday morning.
W. S. Waite was out west on busi
ness along the telephone line Tuesday
Hattie Hayliurst visited at the
home of O. S. Fross several days last
The best piece of winter wheat on
old ground raised this year was on a
piece of old ground ploughed early
and sown between Sept. 10-20. It pays
to plough and sow early.
Mrs. Henry Apple and daughter
returned home Monday from their
visit to Hamilton county.
A party was given at Chas. Sickles
last Saturday night in honor of Sin
Sickles of Iowa. A fine time reported.
Miss Laura Weedin came up from
Aurora Tuesday of last week to visit
her sisters. Mesdames Johnson and
Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler and
family and Weedin’s young folks from
Aurora visited at Zwink’s Sunday.
Jas. Ling and family were visitors
at A. Johnson’s Sunday.
Frank, Fred and Jake Zwink start
ed threshing at S. Younglund's again
Weedin’s have bought a new stacker
this year and are getting up some fine
Miss Alberta Geiser visited Miss
Winnie Parsley last week.
Tresa Weller visited her cousin.
Miss Winnie Parsley, Monday and
Mrs. J. A. Gilbert expects to go to
Arcadia Tuesday to visit with Mr.
Stone’s family until next Thursday.
A heavy rain fell southwest of the
route last week, something over four
inches of water falling.
One of tiie rural routes running out
of Litchfield only served part of the
route last week on account of the bad
condition of the roads.
Elmer Johnson, brother of Charles
Johnson, visited here the past week.
Mrs. Chas Johnson attended Swedish
campmeeting at Stromsburg, Nebr.,
last week
Some fields of corn are in the dent,
third crop of alfalfa ready to cut,
haying and falll ploughing under full
head, pastures look good and in some
you can cut good hay. Threshing in
shock is uphill business this year,
corn looks grand and will be the
largest crop Sherman county ever
raised as there is more acres in corn
than ever before. Alfalfa sown this
month is a good stand.
Whfe driving to Loup City on
lloute No. 2 Mrs. John Warrick lost a
ladies’ hand bag. Finder please cal!
her over the phone.
Several parties celebrated their
birthday anniversaries at Sara Foss’
Sunday^ some 23 people being there
during the day.
M. A. Gilbert cut the weeds on both
sides of the road from the bridge
west to Hendrickson’s.
There are only four places on the
route where the weeds have not been
cut this year.
Miss Carrie Douglas lias gone east
r for a visit with relatives and friends.
M. A. Gilbert and Bert German re
paired the culvert atJ.A. Arnett's
last week.
A. J. Budler is up in the sandhills
again this week.
W. O. Brown and Geo. McFadden
are putting up their hay this week.
Mrs. J. A. Summers is agent for
Mrs. W. T. Price's canning powders.
Andy Coppersmith lost a horse last
week that had been cut in the wire
fence. The barb wire fences claim a
good many horses in a year and it is
nearly always the best one.
E. G. Taylor has a gang of men
building the new addition to the mill
this week. This w ill tie a big improve
ment for Loup City. A good mill in
a town will help to build it up more
than anything else.
Christ Zwink, Henry Apple. Joe
' Blaschke and Sam Haddox have fixed
the roads along their lines the past
week. This is something that is ap
preciated by the carrier and team.
Art Conger visited at McKinnie
Bros. Sunday.
Gold Winslow left Thursday for
Prosser. Neb., for a few days visit
with his family.
Threshing machines are having a
hard time this year owing to the
weather. One machine was at its 3rd
place Monday on Clear Creek.
Sam Foss reports that his wheat
went 20 bushels to the acre.
Supt. Hendrickson and brother Dug
were out to the old home Monday.
Ed. Kilpatrick. Nellie Gray and
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sickles visited
at IL L. Bell's Sunday.
Y. M. A. A. Notes.
The Basket ball teams must hem
gani/ed before the August27. If vo
have been think of joining do so a:
once and get. regular practice started.
See Max Jeffords about it.
Max Jellords expects to leave her ■
Sept. 1st. and someone else will in
appointed to take care of the gym
nasium affairs. The six months' sub
1 seription raised last May run until
Nov. 1st which will keep the gym
nasium running until Dec. 1st. More
young men should join as it gets cool
er but it will be necessary for the
town to help or at least encourage the
association if the membership alone is
to support it during the winter. Now
it can be run at very little expense
and book fines pay freight on new
books shipped every three months
from Lincoln. Basket ball games or
other sports can draw crowds to town
on any occasion and all this takes is
a a little enthusiasm on the part of
everyone. The interest has been kept
up so far but could just as well be
twice what it is.
All persons using the basket ball
are asked not to kick it. That is not j
the way to play and will soon ruin
the ball. We will tell you just once
and doing it the second time means
you will be expelled and will not get
your membership fee back either.
For Sale One Piano.
Must be sold regardless of
cost; to avoid re-shipment to |
factory. Address, Manufac-;
turer, care of Northwestern.
Notice of Sale Under Chattel Mortgage.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a
chattel mortgage dated on the 23rd day of
July. 1907 and duly Hied in the office of the
county clerk of Sherman county. Nebraska,
on the 29th day of July. 1907. and executed by
George E. Reed and Julius Reed to the Avery
Manufacturing Company, a corporation of
Peoria. Ills., and thereafter assigned
to Avery Company, a corporation of Peoria,
Illinois, to secure the payment of the
sum of $1620.00. and upon which there is now
due the sum of $635.00 with interest at 8 per
cent per annum from July 23rd. 1907. according
to the terms of said notes, and upon which
there is also due the further sum of ;785.00
with interest at 8 per cent per annum from
July 23rd. 1907, by reason of the violation of the
conditions of said mortgage whereby said
mortgagee has the right to declare and does
declare the same to be due for the reason that
it feels unsafe and insecnre on account of the
said mortgaged property being wholly
abandoned by the said mortgagors; default
having been made in the payment of the
whole of said sum and no suit or other pro
ceeding at law having been instituted to
recover said debt or any part thereof, there
fore I will sell the property therein described,
1 Nlckols & Shepherd 13 HP Engine, No.
1 Avery Separator. 32x54. No. 2266.
1JB F F Stacker, No. 1529.
1 Weigher.
1 unmounted tank.
1 pack pump and hose.
1 150x8x4 belt.
Also 7 head of horses, to-wit;
1 sorrel horse named Frank. 15 years old,
weight 1250 pounds.
1 bay mare named Molly, 12 years old,
weight 1250 pounds,
1 gray mare named Flip, 6 years old, weight
950 pounds.
1 gray mare named Topsy, 4 years old,
weight 950 pounds.
1 gray mare named Jane. 8 years old, weight
1000 pounds.
1 roan mare named Flora, 12 years old,
weight 1150 pounds.
1 sorrel mare named Brone, 5 years old,
weight 800 pounds.
at public auction at the premises of Christ
Zwfnk on the northeast quarter of section
twelve, township fifteen. Range sixteen, In
Sherman county, Nebraska, on Friday, the
21st day of August. 1908. at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said day.
Dated this 30th day of July. 1908.
avebt Compart,
Assignee and Owner of Mortgage.
By R. J. Nightingale, Its Attorney.
I Last pub. Aug. 20]
Uncle Sam Breakfast Food
The Food for health, is sold on a positive guarantte
to do all we claim, providing it is used continually
until all is consumed: inonev back, if it doesn’t.
7 *
Dry Apricots, new ones per lb - .12 l-2c
Dried Peaches, new ones per lb - .15c
Dry Raisins, new ones, per lb - • ,10c
Good Canned Tomatoes, can - - 12 l-2c
9 Bars of Soap, - - - 25c
7 bars Diamond C Soap for - .25c
Rolled Flake Hominy, per pound, 4c
Two boxes Grape-Nut, only - - 25c
Swandown Cake Flour, - - 25c
Mason Jars, half gallon, per dozen - .90c
Ask to see Swandown Cake Flour. Any little girl can
make fine cake with it. Every package guaranteed. We ask
you to trade with us, and will treat you all the same.
Come jn and Look Over Our Line of
Rugs, Art Squares, Lin
eoliums, Lace Cur
taius and Portieres.
Don't Fail to Get Our Prices on
Christensen & Ferdinandt
Furniture Company.
Christensen & Ferdinandt,
Undertakers and Embalmers
Protect Your Stock
Because it’s the ideal roofing for all kinds
farm buildings and out-houses, etc., as it keeps them
warm in winter, cool in summer,.dry in wet weather, and will not
pollute any water with which it may come in contact, leaving it avail
able for all domestic uses. You can lay it yourself, and at a cost laiprit^
inglylow. Send for our book., and free sample^ * ” ' '
■^J. I. DEPEW8&*
Blacksmith 9 Wagon Maker.
My shoo Is the largest and best equipped nortb of tbe Platte ttlver
I have a four horse englDe and a complete line of tbe latest Improved, ma
chluery, also a force of experienced men who know bow to operate It and
torn out a job with neatness and dispatch.
We are selling many gallons of
and those who use it are report the
Better try it. It is also a great wood preserver. It greatly
preserves the life of the post, if applied to the post just at or
below the ground. Sold in bulk, $1.00 per gallon.
We have just unloaded a car of good WHITE CEDAR POSTS, which
we are offering at 11c each in lots of 100 or more
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb.
E. G. Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President , Cashier
W: R. Mellor, J. W. Long, S. N. [Sweetland
Capital Stock, - • $25,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000.00