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    A. P. GULLEY, President.
W. F. MASON, Cashier.
of Loup city.
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,!
with optional payments.
A Few Market ({notations.
Com, per bu. .06
Wheat, per bu. . .77 @. 80
Oats, per bu.;so (a .38
Eye, perbu . .00
Butter, per lb.15 <3 .18
Egg«, per doz... .12
Hens, per lb. .07
Spring chickens, per lb.05%
Teachers’ institute closes tomorrow.
Dipping tanks and dip sold at P. O.
Hayliurst reported 91 in the shade
here Monday.
For farm, loans call on A. L.
For good grades of machine oils
, #ee 1’. O Reed.
Bird Draper has purchased Dolling’s
milk wagon and route.
Phone A. T. Conger, 3 on 62, when
• |n need of a drayman.
Harry Miner has taken charge of
frhe Omaha elevator here.
I will guarantee lie for butter fat
1 test and pay cash.—A. E. Chask.
- The Baptists held a pretty lawn
•ocial at their church last evening.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, eall on John W. Lous.
Take your butter and eggs to Con
hiser’s, where you can get anything
you want.
Star Brand shoes are better. Every
pair guaranteed.—Loup City Mer
cantile Co.
Farm loans made on short notice
and at reasonable rates by A. L.
Mrs. B. T. Snyder left yesterday
tor an extended visit with her daugh
ter in Colorado.
1,200 yards unbleached muslin,
cents per yard.
Loup City Mercantile Co.
Miss Lillie Lofholm has taken a
position behind the counters at the
Loup City Mercantile Oo.’s store.
John W. Lorn: is prepared to
make all Real Estate Loans on
abort notice at lowest rates.
Rev. Longstaff. now of Farwell.
formerly of Ashton, is spending a
two montha' vacation in England.
From now on .Tenner’s Park will be
open every day. including Sundays,
with refreshments served, the admis
cion being 5 and 10 cents.
^ ou nngtit Know the teachers
Institute is in session here this week,
from the bevy of feminine loveli
ness to be seen on our streets each
Mrs. Dan DeWitt and children
arrived from Iowa Saturday evening
and Dan wears that ecstatic smile.
They are at home in the Lan Ben
schoter cottage.
Mrs. G. S. Leininger entertained
the Entre Nous club last Friday
afternoon, and the ladies attending
report it one of the most unique
affairs of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer and
daughter, Orlee, from Neola. Iowa,
are visiting Dr. Allen and mother.
Mr. Spencer thinks this is a much
better country than he expected to
More people are using Loup City
flour now than ever have been in the
past. Try a sack from your liour
dealer next time and if satisfied get a
supply while old wheat is being
ground. We always carry ground
corn and all kinds of feed and solicit
your business.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
Messrs. Gus. Lorentz. P. O. Reed,
Newt. Vance and Ashley Conger
autoed it to Litchfield last Thursday
to see the Boston Bloomers boost
base ball. The boys went to see
petticoats pound the spheres and one
of them, at least, insists the Bostons
were for the greater part boys in
bloomers. Awful on the optics, eh?
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Zimmerman
arrived from Virginia last Saturday
to permanently reside in Sherman
county, Mr. Zimmerman having dis
.posed of his interests in the old
<* ‘presidential state and returning to
his first love. They are looking well
and glad to be back home once more.
They will reside on the old Wake
jjight farm north of the city. We are
glad to have them with us again.
For Sale
H. J. Johansen is offering for sale
14 tall-Jjred boars and his crop of
spring boars, from ids Loup Valley
herd. Purciiasers will make no mis
take in securing line heads for their
herds from among Mr. Johansen's
pure-bred Poland Chinas. Call early
and secure your choice.
It was only 91 in the shade yester
Lap dusters, horse covers, nets, etc.
at P. O. Heed's.
Loans on real estate, call on
John W Lone.
3 on «2, Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
Rufus Hiddleson returned from his
Iowa visit last Friday.
If you want a good buggy whip
cheap, go to P. O. Reed's.
Mrs. Powell of Palmer visited here
with her brother, Joe Thompson, last
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay IT cents for butter fat till further
Mrs. Wallace of Omaha is lie re visit
ing her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I. N.
Flies are coming. Get your screen
doors and windows of the Leininger
Lumber Co.
You can walk on stars if you buy a
pair of Star Brand shoes at the Loup
City Mercantile Co.
A workman at the brickyard was
overcome with heat yesterday. No
serious results feared.
Keep out the flies by getting some
wire cloth for your doors and win
dows at P. O. Reed’s.
E. B. Todd of Ord visited here over
last Sunday with his sisters, Mrs.
F. M. Henry and Mrs. I. N. Syas.
Try Oakdale Nut coal for >our cook
stove. An excellent coal for summer
use, for sale by E. G. Taylor.
Misses Maggie Minshull, May Bock
and Lena Smith returned home from
the Kearney normal Saturday last.
McKinnie Bros., have two high
grade yearling Shorthorn bulls for
sale. Price reasonable. Bargains for
Mrs. I)r. Evans returned from her
visit in Iowa last Friday. Her father
and mother accompanied her home
for a weeks' visit.
For Sale—Eight line yearling Short
horn bulls for sale. Enquire of H. B.
Musser. 'phone 5 on 2"4, or address
him at Loup City, Neb.
This paper can give all the local
news only as our friends lend us their
co-operation. If anyone visits you, if
you contemplate leaving town, if you
see or hear or do anything out of the
ordinary day's routine, tell us about
it, that we may tell the public.
A. E. Chase's three little daughters ;
went to Ord Tuesday morning for an
extended visit. Mrs. Chase and her
youngest son went to Ashton yester- \
day for a few days’ visit, while the
oldest boy is out harvesting, so Bert
is boss at home for the nonce.
J. H. Harrod, who has been assist
ing at the Leinger Lumber Co’s office
and yards during the absence of the
senior member, left for his home at
Fort Collins. Colo., Monday afternoon.
Mr. Harrod is a very pleasant gentle
man and we regret he does not re
The union meeting of the Pres
byterian and Baptist churches will
be held at the Presbyterian church
Sunday evening. Rev. James will
deliver the sermon. All are cordially
invited to attend. If the evening is
warm the service will be held out of
doors. There was a large gathering
on the lawn of the Baptist church
last Sunday evening and an enjoyable
service. The out of doors meetings
ought to be popular during the warm j
Secretary W. R. Mellor of the State
Board of Agricnlture and Secretary
W. H. Whitten of the Lincoln Com
mercial Club appeared before the,
meeting of the Western Passenger
Association at Chicago, last week to
gether with representatives from five
other states, and secured a rate of
one and one-half cents per mile for
all state fairs in this western terri
tory. This will be the first reduced
rate granted to farmers since the en
actment of the two-cent fare law,
and should result in an increased
attendance for the Nebraska State
Fair, Aug. 31 to Sept. 4th.
J. F. Reynolds of Hazard and Nick
Hansen remembered -us with renewed
subscriptions yesterday.
Miss Mamie Adamson went to
Central City this morning for a visit
with relatives and friends.
O. F. Petersen last Friday moved
into the handsome property he pur
chased of Carsten Truelsen.
The Northwestern is indebted to
Miss Mary Minshull for an elegant
and most fragrant bouquet of sweet
peas. Monday morning.
Mrs. F. E. Pope of St. Paul, Neb.,
and Mrs. Geo. Barrey of Dead wood.
S. D., were guests over last Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cooper.
Beginning August 5th, we will pay
cash for cream at the creamery. We
als pay cash for eggs.
Ravenna Ckeamehy Co.
Mrs. Fred Taylor and little son ar
rived here from Fairbury, this state,
last Thursday evening for a visit
with T. A. Taylor and family.
Max Jefiords gave a nice little
picnic party at the park last Friday
evening in honor of Miss Marie
Ainstine of Tamora and Miss Cora
VanDecar of York.
One of the large plate glass win
dows in the front of the Cooper store
is broken it’s full width, caused as
we understand by the settling of that
wing of that building.
Dr. O. E. Longacre is enjoying a
visit from his brother, A. W. Long
acre of Crown Point, N. Y. The
gentleman is making a tour of many
points throughout the west.
Nick Hansen was hauling old corn
to the elevators the first of the week,
receiving therefor W> cents per bushel.
Nick says that's some difference from
the 8c to 10c market price not so very
long since.
Mrs. Will Hawk will entertain the
ladies of the Entre Nous club and
their hungry husbands tomorrow
afternoon at the pleasant suburban
home south of the city. We wouldn’t
miss it for a good deal.
Senator E. A. Sibley of Lincoln
county, who is contes'ing with M. P
Kinkaid for the latter's seat in com
gress, was in Loup City yesterday in
the interest of his candidacy. Ht
went to Lincoln this morning to file
for that office.
Mr. John Briggs of Stroud, Okla.
and Mrs. Twedell of St. Joe, Mo.
brother and sister of Mrs. Judge
Hunter, who have been visiting hei
the past week or more, left Tuesday
for Colorado on a further yisit with
relatives and friends.
A handsome baby girl came to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Congei
on Tuesday afternoon of this wee!
and Jim is the most supremely liappc
man in this bailiwick. Jim had beer
blessed with two boys and now comes
the queen of the household.
Mr- and Mrs. J. P. Leininger re
turned last Saturday evening from
their exeended visit to the Pacific
Coast. As intended. Miss Jessie re
mained for a longer visit with lie:
sister at San Diego. They report a
splendid time in the west.
Mrs. W. T. Owens and little daugh
ter, Catharine, left last Friday morn
ing for Belmont, Wis., for an extend
ed visit to Mrs. Owens’ parents anc
other relatives. The lady's father i
in very poor health, was one reason
for the visit, while Mrs. Owens' owi;
health needed the much required rest
from her duties in the postoffice.
Last evening was a good one foi
runaway teams. After supper, the
express team of Jay Cole made a short
run up Main street, scattering ex
press matter, but were stopped by
Louie Spahr in front of P. O. Reed’s
before any serious damage was done.
Later the St. Elmo bus team, which
had taked a number of traveling men
down to Conger's pond for a swim
took a spin, colliding with a farm team
near the mill, then crossing the B. A
M. bridge near Ohlsen’s in safety and
ending up at the bridge south of towr
which is being repaired and which
they could not fly over. The roughest
partof it was that some of the clothes
of the traveling men was in the bus
and they had to remain at the pond
till their wearing apparel could be
restored to them. The team was
somewhat scratched up and the bus
itself knocked out, otherwise nc
damage resulted.
Y. M. A. A. Notes.
If you have played basket ball and
would like to get Into a gymnasium
team, give your name to Max Jeffords
at once. We want to form a first and
second team having enough in each
to play among themselves. Now is
the time to join so that we will be
ready to meet any high school 01
college team in the state when the
season starts.
Towels for the shower bath will
be found in the top drawer at the
left in the gymnasium. This drawei
is locked, but you may get a key at
Cooper's, or of any of the officers bj
paying for the towels you expect tc
use. Please lock the drawer and re
turn the key when you are through.
Wanted—An instructor for evening
classes at the gymnasium. No one
but those having experience in gym
nasium drills need apply. See Max
Jeffords about the hours and salary.
Look for the report of the financial
standing of the Association next week
We will give the total receipts and
expenses since the Association start
We have bought a stove for the
shower bath and will put it in as
soon as the weather changes. Just
now the bath is fine without warm
water. I f you have not tried it dc
not wait any longer. You get the
bath free and a towel is loaned for
the small sum of fire cents.
We have the business,
because we sell for small
Good Dried Prunes,
count 80 to 100
per pound, - - - 5c
50 to 60 fine prunes
3 pounds for - - 25c
N. Y. Ring Dried Ap
ples, 2 lbs. for - - 25c
Best Calif. Dried Ap
ricots per pound, 15c
Fine Calif. Dried
Peaches, per lb., 25c
Dr. Price’s Foods, 3
boxes for - - - 25c
Egg-O-See, 3 for - 25c
Maz-AII, 3 for - — 25c
Rice, Texas broken,
new 1907, good
color, per pound, 5c
Extra fancy Texas
head Rice, per lb.
10c, or 3 for - - 25c
Oiled Sardines, six
cans for - - - - 25c
Good Mustard Sar
dines, 3 cans for 25c
8 bars good Laun
dry soap for - - 25c
We handle the German
American Coffee. Buy
direct from the growers.
Cut out the middle
man’s profits. Best cof
fee for the money.
OUR Leader—
—20c and 25c—
—Try Them
Barrel Salt, - - $1.60
Oyster Shells,
per 100 .90
We pay the HIGHEST
Fatal Accident.
Last Tuesday, July 31, Guy. the
8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L
Mercer near Ashton, was kicked ir
the forehead by his pony, with which
he was playing, and sustained injuries
from which he died on Thursday
about noon. Everything possible was
done to relieve him and to restore
consciousness, which did not return,
i The funeral services were held on
Friday at Ashton by Rev. L. C.
McEwen and the loved form laid tc
rest in the Ashton cemetery. Guv
was an unusually bright boy, a
general favorite as' witnessed by the
| large concourse of people who attend
! ed the funeral and who deeply grieve
his death. His parents and brothers
and sisters have the heartfelt sym
pathy of all in their sorrow.
E. O. Garrett, democratic candidate
for lieutenant governor, was inter
viewing Loup City democrats vester
Notice of Sale Unfler (Mel Mortgage.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of n
chattel mortgage dated on the 23rd dav of
July. 1907 and duly Hied in the ofllce of the
county clerk of Sherman county. Nebraska
on the 29th day of July. 1907. and executed by
George E. Reed and Julius Reed to the Avery
Manufacturing Company, a corporation of
Peoria. Ills.. and thereafter assigned
to Avery Company, a corporation of Peoria,
Illinois, to secure the payment of the
sum of $1620.00. and upon which there is now
due the sum of $835.00 with interest at 8 per
cent per annum from July 23rd. 1907. according
to the terms of said notes, and upon which
there is also due the further sum of .'786.Of
with interest at 8 par cent per annum from
July 23rd. 1907, by reason of the violation of the
conditions of said mortgage whereby said
mortgagee has the right to declare and does
declare the same to be due for the reason that
It feels unsafe and inseenre on account of the
said mortgaged property being wholly
abandoned by the said mortgagors: default
having been made in the payment of the
whole of said sum and no suit or other pro
ceeding at law having been instituted to
recover said debt or any part thereof, there
fore I will sell the property therein described,
1 Nickols & Shepherd 13 H P Engine. No.
1 Avery Separator. 32x54. No. 2286.
1JBFF Stacker. No. 1529.
1 Weigher.
I unmounted tank.
1 pack pump and hose,
i 1 150x8x4 belt.
! Also 7 head of horses, to-wit:
1 sorrel horse named H rank. 15 years old.
weight 1250 pounds.
1 bay mare named Molly. 12 years old,
weight 1250 pounds.
l gray mare named Flip, 6 years old, weight
950 pounds.
1 gray mare named Topsy. 4 years old.
weight 950 pounds.
1 gray mare named Jane. 8 years old. weight
1000 pounds.
1 roai mare named Flora, 12 years old.
; weight 1150 pounds.
I sorrel mare named Brone. 5 years old.
I weight 800 pounds.
■ at public auction at the premises of Christ
1 Zwink on the northeast quarter of section
twelve, township fifteen. Range sixteen, in
Sherman county. Nebraska, on Friday, the
! 31st day of August. 1908. at the hour of 10
I o'clock in the forenoon of said dav.
Dated this 30th day of July. 1908.
Assignee and Owner of Mortgage.
By R. J. Nightingale, Its Attorney.
[Last pub. Aug. 20J
On last Saturday morning, July
25tli. 1908. at the early hour of 3:30
o'clock, occurred the marriage, at the
residence of the bride's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Chase in this city, of
their daughter. Lela, to Prof. Ray
mond E. Dale of Denton, Neb.. Her.
; L. C. McEwen performing the cere
! tnony, only the immediate family ol .
i the bride and parents of the groom
i being present, besides Misses Ella |
Taylor and .less Gulley, the forme) |
playing the wedding march and tht |
latter serving as bridesmaid. Tht !
ceremony was followed by a breakfast
and the happy couple drove immedi ;
ately to Ravenna, where they took the !
train to Lincoln and Omaha, to tht ;
disappointment of the crowd of young
people who had gathered at thedepoi
to give them the usual shower of no
and old shoes. They will later visi
relatives at Coon Rapids, Iowa. ai.
returning will visit at the home <
the groom’s parentsat Denton. Neb.
later coming to Loup City for a shot
visit. Ttie bride is the only daughtei
of Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Chase and wa
born in this city, and is highly accom
pllshed. She is a prime favorite 01
her many friends here both old and
young. The groom is one of the most
successful teachers in the state, foi
three years principal of the LoupCit.v
schools, ending this year, and made
hosts of friends here. The professor
has not as yet accepted any one of
a number of schools offered him for
| the coming year, hut will probabh
j make an acceptance prior to their re
turn to Loup City a few weeks hence.
The Northwestern, with our people
as an entirety will wish for Prof. Dale
and his fair bride a goodly measure
of prosperity and marital bliss.
A Well-Rounded Life
Last Friday morning at an earlv
hour, there passed from this life into
the peaceful beyond, Grandma Beck,
at the ripe old age of 92 years, (i
months and 7 days, her end of life's
span being at the home of her ever
faithful and loving daughter. Mrs.
Clemma Conger. Few there be that
have passed through so many event
ful years in life's titful existence, and
less with the patient, Christian forti
tude, looking forward to a life of
peace and iiappiness in the great
beyond. The funeral took place at
the Methodist church Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock. Pastor James of
the Baptist church in a well-worded
address officiating at the last sad rites.
The body of the church was tilled
with friends of the deceased who
came even in the most sultry weather
to pay their last sad respects to the
departed. A number of aged women,
close friends of the departed, acted
as honorary pall-bearers, making a
beautiful, yet pathetic sight as they '
followed the bier into the church |
editice. their tottering footsteps giv
ing evidence that their companion
had only preceded them a few days,
months or years, as the case may he.
into the mystic beyond. The casket
was smothered with handsome flowers
emblematic of the pure, sweet life
resting beneath.
Harriet Boyer was born in Berks:
county. Pennsylvania. Jan. loth. 1818 i
She was married to .Tosiali Beck..]une
15, 1840. to this union seven children j
were born, live of whom. Elizabeth !
Harlow, who is now in Santiago, Chili
South America: Fredrick Beck. Okla
homa City. Okla., Catharine Oblinger
Indiana: Albert Beck, Missouri, and
Clemma Conger of this city, survive
her. Sixteen years after her mar
riage. she with her husband and chil
\ dren moved to Illinois where the\
lived ten years, moving to Missou:
in 1855 where tiie town of Bosworti
! was located in 1889. residing then
| until the death of her husband h j
j 1891. Since that time she has mad j
! her home with her children, spending i
| the last eight years of her life win I
tier daugiiter, Clemma Conger of thi
city. She united with the Methodist
church at the age of fifteen latci
living where there was no congrega
tion of that faith joined the Baptist
church, always living a consistent
Christian life, finding her chief source
of joy and comfort in reading God's
word.' Grandma Beck passed into the
life beyond at the home of her daugh
ter. Mrs. Clemma Conger in this city.
Friday morniug. July 24th, 1908, at
7:45 o’clock, aged 92 years, 6 months
and 7 days, surrounded by her daugh
ter, Clemma Conger, her son, Fredrick
Beck and granda ugh ter. Miss Nettie
Conger. The remains were taken to
Bosworth, Missouri. Monday morning
by her son, for burial beside those of
her husband.
card of thanks:
We wish to take this occasion to
return thanks to those who have been
so kind, sympathetic and helpful to
us in theiilness and subsequent death
of the dear one who has passed out
from our hearthstone. May a kind |
I Providence deal as graciously with !
: you in am sorrow of like nature that
| may fall to you in the loss of those
| whom you love and lose.
Mrs. Clemma Conghli.
Fredrick Beck,
Nettie Conger.
Chautauqua Cancelled.
The following self-explanatory letter
from the Chautauqua is given the
public. At this late day it is much
better to cancel the Chautauqua en
tertainment. as it would be impossibe
in the short time left to make the
necessary arrangements and give the
proper advertising. As to whether
we will have a Chautauqua next
season will depend upon whether the
people are interested enough in it to
take hold of the enterprise:
Lincoln, Neb.. July 23, 1908— Dear
Sir: We are sorry that it becomes
our duty to inform you that the
Reform Chautauqua Association has
found it necessary to suspend work
for this season. This decision has
been made only after finding our
selves forced to face with many
embarrasments that cannot be over
come for the present. The floods and
consequent delays in transportation:
the sickness and death of our Supt.
Rev. J. S. Tussey’s child and his
absence from the work, and the sick
ness of our treasurer, lias placed us
in a position where it is impossible to
continue, as men to take up this
work are not to be fonnd. The money
advanced by towns where Chautau
quas are not held will be returned
and all indebtedness will be settled in
due time. We begin at once our
preparation for the coming year and
trust we will be able to hold a Chau
tauqua in your town next year. The
Assemblies this year were eminently
successful from a popular point of
view. Every Assembly at which the
matter was' submitted to a vote of
the local Association, voted to take
the Reform Chautauqua next year.
Some went so far as to offer to guar
antee $500.00 in order to secure a re
turn of the Chautauqua. We hope to
see you in due time and arrange for
next session of the Assembly. Yours
truly, Rev. J. S. Tubsey, Supt.
Amos Vance, Sec’y.
Special Bargains This Week
To be GIVEN AWAY FREE. We give one piece of
China with or.e 25c package of Coffee, the Coffee
is good grade. Cal! and see the China; each piece
worth 15c to 50c.
Rolled Flake Hominy, per pond, 4c
9 Bars of Soap, - - • 25c
Gallon Kamo Syrup, best made, 45c
Regular Grade 25c Coffee, at - 20c
Gallon of Apples, select stock, - 30c
2 boxes Grape-Nut, only - - 25c
3 boxes of any Breakfast Foods, - 25c
Salt and Pepper Shakers, and filled, 10c
Swans-Down Cake Flower, - - 25c
We guarantee everything we sell, and will trv and
$ Come in and Look Over Our Line of
Rugs, Art Squares, Lin- J
eoiiums, Lace Cur
taius and Portieres.
Don't Fail to Get Our Prices on
Christensen & Ferdinandt
Furniture Company.
Christensen & Ferdinandt,
Undertakers and Embalmers
Because it’s the ideal roofing for all kinds
of farm buildings and out-houses, etc., as it keeps them
warm in winter, cool in summer.dry in wet weather, and will not
pollute any water with which it may come in contact, leaving it avail
able for all domestic uses. You can lay it yourself, and at a cost_»uipri»
umlylow. Send for our book , and free sample^ ~ '
*€>J. I. DEPEW©*
Blacksmith § Wagon Maker.
My shod is ibe largest and best equipped north of the Platte River B
I have a four horse engine and a complete line of the latest improved, ma ■
chluery, also a force of experienced men who know how to operate it and B
turn out a Job with neatness and dispatch.
ftr&s timniiJHi ixjaa-s aagsaufsaaBSBKBimKK&KimE*
We are selling many gallons of
and those who use it are report the
Better try it. It is also a great wood preserver. It greatly
preserves the life of the post, if applied to the post just at or
below the ground. Sold in hulk, Sl.Ott per gallon.
We have just unloaded a ear of good WHITE CEDAR POSTS, which
we are offering at 11c eaeli in lots of UK) or more
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb.
E. G, Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President. Cashier
W: R. Mellor, J. W. Long, S. N.^Sweetland
Capital Stock, - - $25,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000.00