The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, July 16, 1908, Image 8

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Home Treatment Price $3.00
Dr. Rich, the well known Grand Island Specialist, has
arranged a system of Home Treatment for Catarrh of the
various organs of the body, and is now prepared to sup
ply to any sufferer from this prevalent disease a course of
remedies that will be found to be not only satisfactory in
every respect, but at a price certainly reasonable, and
within the reach of everybody. During the five years Dr.
Rich has been in Grand Island he has carefully avoided
the treatment of Catarrhal conditions of the body, not be
ing prepared to take up a work requiring time from his
already extensive office business. During the past year,
however, Dr. Rich has perfected a method which he offers
below, for treating Catarrh in the home, and feels not on
ly assured or excellent results, but that he will make many
new friends, which will assist in increasing his already
large practice. A photograph below shows one of the
$3.00 outfits, and should give a perfect idea of the value
offered. Dr. Rich's treatment for Catarrh is a Home
Treatment in every sense, and can be used without deten
tion from business. A full month’s treament of these rem
edies will be sent for $3.00. You may order as often as
you like at the same price, or have the treatment sent to
your friends. As there will be a large demand from the
many people familiar v/ith Dr. Rich’s reputation as a Skill
ful Specialist, you are kindly requested to order early and
avoid delay.
For Catarrh of the Head, Nose and
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment.
Frontal headache.
Dull feeling in head.
Ringing nolsea In head and ear*.
Unnatural and excessive discharge from nose.
Hard bloody crusts and scabs in nose.
Hawking and spitting of mucus.
Mucus dropping from nose into the throat.
Tickling in the throat.
Bad breath. Bad taste.
Loss of appetite.
Coughing and gagging.
Vomiting. Nausea.
Dizzy spells.
Loss of memory. Confusion of Ideas.
Insomnia. Bad dreams.
Pain in back and top of head.
Nose stopped up.
Catarrh of the Stomach and
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment.
Distress after meals.
Pain, soreness, burning, weight, uneasiness, pressure, full
ness In pit of the stomach.
Bloating over stomach and bowels.
Belching part or all of the time.
Gas in stomach and bowels.
Heartburn. Sour stomach.
Choking sensation in throat and chest In the evening and
during the night.
Bad dreams. Nightmare.
Vomiting and nausea.
Irritability and crankiness.
Pain over chest, shoulder blades and around the body.
Pain over the heart and palpitation.
Difficulty in breathing.
Dizziness. 7r~ _
Bad taste. Coated tongue.
- _ For Catarrh of the Nerves.
■f you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment.
Mental dullness and forgetfulness.
Epileptic fits.
Headache and dizzy spells.
The blues, mania. Insanity and melancholy.
Unnatural drains and losses in men.
St Vitus’s dance.
Neuralgia and cramps.
Lost power in any part.
Pain or congestion of spinal cord. (The cause cf most
Sleeplessness and restlessness.
Loss of memory. Confusion of Ideas.
Nervousness and Irritability.
Despondency and dull mind.
Heart fluttering and excitability.
Twitching muscles and easily frightened.
Limbs go to sleep.
Wandering pains over body.
Bad dreams or nightmare.
Varicocele and sexual weakness.
Hand trembling and anxiousness.
Loss of appetite and ambition.
Nervous debility, and weakness.
D ii. RICH
Master Specialist.
Grand Island, Neb.
Order the treatment you need. Write me a per
sonal letter if you wish. I will read your letter and re
ply to it myself, telling you just what to do. When
you receive the outfit you order, if you do not think it
is the greatest value you ever received for $3.00 send
it back at my expense and I will return your money.
[ ss.
Hall County. )
Dr. Rich, being first duly sworn, deposes and says, that the
illustration below is a true representation of the $3.00 catarrh outfit
tor catarrh of the head, nose and throat, herein advertised, and that
any one ordering same and finding it not satisfactory may have his
money returned upon demand.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 25th day
, of February, 1908. JOHN ALLAN, Notary Public.
My Commission expires Jan. 5, 1912.
This is a Photograph of Dr. Rich’s Catarrh
e Outfit for Home Use.
»v> i «• i u«t '■
Guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906.
. Serial Number No. 18752. The above outfits contain no Morphine,
' Opium, Cocaine, Heroin, Eucaine, Chloroform, Cannabis Indica, Chloral
Hydrate, Acetanilide, or any*of their derivatives.
If you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a fuii month's treatment.
Failing vision. Great thirst.
Making water during the night.
Flatulence (gas in stomach and bowels.)
Breathless on exertion.
Kinging in ears and dizziness.
Puffiness of face and ankles. Dropsy.
Discharge from bowels light gray color.
Discharge of mucus from bowels.
Urine dark green color.
Enlarged and tender liver and stomach.
Jaundice and loss of strength.
Pain over kidneys. Insomnia.
Pain under and between shoulder blades.
Palpitation of heart.
Dark spots (liver spots) on body and face.
Hot flashes and spots before the eyes.
Nervousness and irritability.
Great depression of spirits. Sleep during day.
Pain and soreness under right short ribs.
For Female Catarrh.
IS you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month’s treatment.
Chronic inflammation, congestion and enlargement.
Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation.)
Melancholia, irritability and despondency.
Backache, insomnia, ready fatigue.
Inflammation of the womb and ulcerations.
Ovarian pains. Neuralgia. Pelvic congestion.
Dragging pains in front. Spine-ache.
Nervousness and sick headache.
Impoverishment of the blood. Irritable bladder.
Pains in back and lower limbs.
Loss of weight and displacements.
Uterine derangements. Irregular menstruation.
Leucorrhoea (whites). Itching. Burning.
Loss of appetite, energy and ambition.
Nervous prostration and depression of spirits.
An elegant tonic for nursing mothers.
For Catarrh of the Bladder.
Rf you have any or all of these symptoms
send me $3.00 for a full month's treatment.
Painful urination, especially in women.
Passing a little urine at a time, and often.
Straining, spasmodic urination.
Pain over the bladder.
Swollen and tender parts in women.
Inflammation and soreness.
Passing of blood in urine.
Passing smoky colored urine.
Itching and burning of parts.
Burning, scalding urine.
A general feeling of restlessness.
Irritability and crankiness.
Great nerv'ousness.
Dribbling of urine.
Incomplete urination.
Sediment in urine (muco-pus).
Distress in sitting down.
Urine is heavy, brown or dark yellow.
Cut out this order blank and send to Dr. Rich, Grand
Island, Nebraska.
No Shipment of medicine will be made unless this
order blank is used in ordering.
Dr. Rich, Grand Island, Nebraska:—
I enclose you $3.00, for which please send me
One Month’s Treatment for Catarrh of the
Fill in above the treatment you desire.
Name. Age
Address ..—
Where Control Was Lacking
-- *
pitcher All Right with the Ball, But
Not in Other Respects.
A pitcher belonging to a profes
lonal baseball club, who thought he
was not getting his share of the lime
light of publicity, went one day to the
captain and manager to make his
"kick.” Being of a somewhat choleric
disposition, which had got him into
trouble more than once, lie spoke with
“Cap,” he said, “you’re not giving
me a square deal, and you know it."
“What's the matter, Bill?”
“You know what’s the matter, cap.
I haven't been in the box for three
weeks. You know I can play ball.
I’ve got every outcurve, inshoot, up
shoot and drop there is in the busi
ness. I’ve got everything that any
other pitcher has. I can put on speed,
and I can send ’em slow. I can get
’em right over the plate every time
I want to. Haven't I got as good
control of the ball as any fellow you
i know of?”
‘‘Yes, Bill,” said the captain, ‘‘you
have. When you get as good control
of your temper as you have of the ball
I’ll use ytm, all right. Don't you be
uneasy about that, Bill.
“Bill” went away deep in thought,
and it was not very long after that
conversation that he “got into the
game" again.—Youth’s Companion.
Conservative Russia.
Russia is the country that has made
fewest changes in its stamps. In
nearly 50 years Russia has brought
out only eight distinctive designs. The
most extravagant in the production of
new designs are the Central American
republics. For example, Salvador,
with a population of 825,000 and an
area smaller than that of New Jersey,
issued a new and distinctive series of
postage stamps each year between
1890 and 1900.
Men's Dress.
Men are dressed as they are chiefly
because fewer of them look ridiculous
so clothed than they would in any
other costume. Modern dress is merci
ful to men; it gives no undue ad
vantage to the well-built and handsome
—indeed, it detracts from their appear
ance and modifies the figures of those
not blessed tvith a fine physique.—
Court Journal.
Your Responsibility.
No life is just the same after you
have once touched it. Will you leave
a ray of hope or one of despair, a flash
of light or a somber cloud across some
dark life each day? Will you by
thoughtless cruelty deepen the shadow
which hangs over the life, °r y°u
by kindness dispel it altogether? No
matter how you feel or what is dis
turbing your peace of mind never al
low yourself to send out a discourag
ing, a cruel or an unkind word or
thought.—Success Magazine.
What is Going on Here and There
That is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska.
Beatrice has let the contract for its
new high school.
Three hundred chickens were Bto’.pn
from a Bohemian farmer near Vir
The Chautauqua at Geneva worked
under great disadvantage because of
wet weather.
A number of bridges in Seward
county were washed out by recent
heavy rains.
Miss Hazel Osgood, a Johnson coun
ty teacher, was painfully injured by
a giant fire cracker.
By the collapse of a platform at
Edison on the Fourth a number of
people were severely hurt.
W'e publish a list of Omaha business
houses in another column. In writing
or calling on them please menu <a
this paper.
The Lang canning factory at Beat
rice has opened for the season with
a force of fifty hands. The prospects,
are good for an enormous pack of
beans, corn, apples and pumpkins.
The fireworks in the store of H. E
Weldman at Plattsmouth caught fire
on the Fourth, causing an explosion
that wrecked the store and Injuring
severely H. E. Weidman. A large num
her of people were in the store at the
time the accident occurred, but they
all escaped with slight burns.
At Chadron, W. D. oCmbs was shot
twice with a double-barrelled shotgun
by his son while he was arguing with
him in an attempt to dissuade the boy
from leaving home. The injured man
was at once taken to a doctor who
extracted the shot which filled Combs
from the chin to the waistband. The
6on is fifteen years old.
An order has been issued by Judge
T. C. Munger from the United States
court transferring Thomas O'Brien
from the Lancaster county jail 4o the
Dodge county jail at Fremont. The
prisoner asked to be removed from
the Lancaster county jail on me
ground that his health was being in
jured by confinement there.
An ordinary life policy in THE MID
WEST LIFE of Lincoln, Nebraska,
for one 25 years of age would cost
$20.91 for the first year and $1G 40 a
year thereafter. Payments after the
first year could be paid every quarter
at a cost of $4.35 a quarter. THE
MIDWEST LIFE is an old line com
pany and is furnishing safe and sound
insurance, good for all time, at a ra‘e
which is within the reach of all. Agents
wanted. Write for particulars.
Emile Sandose, a prominent farmer
living on Pine creek, about seventeen
miles south of Rushville, was mur
dered by Ralph Neuman, a young man.
who has been in that section of the
country for about one year. Neuman
came here from Kansas and taught
a term of school down in that neigh
borhood and has been circulating
around doing nothing in particular
since his school closed. The trouble
arose over a homestead filing.
W. T. Snell was drowned at Ash
land in the surging waters of Salt
creek while trying to save his chick
ens. The swollen waters of the cre-.-k
had backed up into his yard and were
washing the chickens. He started to
save them and while in the chicken
house, the swift current of the waters
struck the house carrying it away. Mr.
Snell remained on the top of the
house until it was carried down into
the Platte river w’here it was over
The eastbound Burlington train No.
42 had a narrow escape from a serious
accident at Birdsell, near Alliance,
that was only avoided by the engineer
being able to clearly see some ties and
other obstruction that had been placed
on the track. The train was stopped
and an investigation was made, show
ing that a number of spikes had been
pulled along one rail and a number of
ties and pinch bars piled on the track
with the evident intention of ditching
the train. *
Few men in the country are more
interested in the outcome of the presi
dential election than Min Foster, re
siding in Fluff precinct, Hamilton
county. If Bryan is elected Mr. Fos
ter will have his hair cut for the first
time in twelve years. When Bryan
was nominated at Chicago in 1898 for
the first time Mr. Foster enthusiasti
cally expressed his confidence that
the great' commoner would win. His
friends bantered him, but not being a
betting man, he refused to offer or
receive odds. Instead he declared that
he would not cut his hair, until Bryan
j was elected president. He thinks that
j after November next he can be shorn
of his locks.
The Lincoln gas works were shut
down two or three days on account
of high water.
Mrs. Grinstead, wife of P. W. Grin
stead. a former superintendent of the
Fremont schools, was bitten on the
hand by a pet dog at her country
home in Kentucky and was hurried to
Chicago for treatment at the Pasteur
institute. Mr. Grinstead was in
Cleveland at the time and left hurried
ly for Chicago, reaching there in time
to meet his wife. Chicago physicians
say that although the dog had a
violent case of rabies, they have be
gun treatment in time to effect a cure.
Mrs. Kate Hangarter was burned to
death at Norfolk from a kerosene ex
plosion. She was starting a fire. The 4
woman was literally roasted alive, her
entire body being cooked. She sur
vived seven hours.
Word has been received at York
from Sheriff Afflerbaclc at Seattle that
he has under arrest Luther H. John
son and his sister-in-law, who eloped
from there several months ago. Re
quisition papers have been tel
egraphed for and as soon as they
secured, Johnson will be brought back
to York to face several serious
criminal charges.