The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, April 23, 1908, Image 5

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    A. P. GULLEY, President.
W. F. MASON. Cashier.
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per bu. 58 « .60
Wheat, per bu. .80
Oats, per bu.40 @ .42
i Bye, perbu . .60
Butter, per lb.18 & .20
Eggs, per do*. .11
Hens, per lb. .01
Spring chickens, per lb.051*
Take your eggs to Conhiser’s.
Garden seeds in bulk atP.O. Reed's
Bulk olives at Lee Bros, meat shop.
For a gasoline stove see P. O. Reed.
The brickyard opens work in a few
Hoes, rakes and spades at P. O.
Mrs. H. A. Wilson has typhoid
Come and see the embroidery at
Garden-making time. Shut up your
Children’s trimmed hats. 80c to $5
at Mrs. Mead's.
Lan Bensehoter has sold his restau
rant at A rcadia.
Most all kinds of field seeds at
P. O. Reed’s.
Loans on real estate, call on
John W. Long.
Jeffords for eipert watch work: fine
hand engraving.
Phone A. T. Conger, 3 on 62, when
in need of a drayman.
We welcome Elder A. O. Hall to
our ranks of new readers.
I will pay the highest CASH price
for live poultry—R. L. Arthur.
Liveryman Hosier has been a vic
tim of lagrlppe the past few days.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, call ou John W. Long.
Oyster shells that make the hens
lay. at the Loup City Mercantile Co.
Misses Jennie and Fannie Sutton
expect to visit friends in Chicago
Lee Bros, are now ready to smoke
meats for the farmers. Get in your
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand and chil
dren visited over list Sunday at Dan
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay 27 cent* for cream until further
Potatoes in 5 and 10 bushel lots,
60 cts per bushel at the Loup City
Mercantile Co.
Miss Brnie Odendahl and Mrs. F. E.
Odendahl went to Columbus to visit
over Easter Sunday.
Ask your flour dealer for a sack of
#Loup City flour, best grade $1.40.
Every sack guaranteed.
Mrs. A. Boone was called to Kalona,
Iowa, last Thursday, by the illness
of her mother, who is afflicted with a
Why not go to the Loup City Mer
cantile Co. and have your measure
taken for a new suit? They under
stand the business.
R. P. Starr went to Lincoln yester
| day morning to attend a meeting of
! the Republican State Cent ral Com
jmittee. The K. P. boys missed him
on their excursion to Ravenna.
Attention Comrades.—You are re
quested to meet with the L. of G. A.
i R.. Saturday, April 25th, at 5 o'clock
p. m.. at Society Ilall. Coffee will be
served and Decoration Day arrange
ments completed. *
Commencing April 1st and continu
ing for 30 days we will give in ex
change forty pounds (40) Pansy
Straight flour or thirty-five pounds
(35) White Satin High Patent flour
for a bushel of good wheat. Every
sack of our flour is guaranteed and in
order to introduce our flour over the
bounty we make this offer. We also
keep for sale at the mill shorts, bran,
ground ryet corn chop, corn and oats
chop and a low grade flour mixture
for hogs.
Lour City Mill & Light Co.
For fishing tackle or base ball
goods see P. O. Reed.
Yesterday was Arbor Day. How
many trees did you plant?
Rig luscious olives in bulk on hand
at Lee Bros.' meat emporium. Try
Mrs. I)r. Main. Miss.Effie Moon and
Judge Moon were in Grand Island
Fine line of Sailors, also Tailored
hats at Mrs. Mead's, south side of
Ethel McDonal went to Grand Is
land last Saturday to work at dress
likio New Spring Samples for tailor
made suits at the Loup City Mer
cantile Co.
Geo. McFadden was a new cash
subscriber to the Northwestern last
Thursday. Thanks.
Potatoes in 5 and 10 bushel lots,
50 cts per bushel at the Loup City
Mercantile Co.
And it seems he did give a true
copy of those petitions. Who proves
to be liar the?
Stewart Conger and wife visited
with Casius Conger and wife at St.
Libory over last Sunday.
Lost on the streets of Loup City a
gold mounted fountain pen. Finder
leave at this office and receive reward.
Wm. Poch. one of Sherman county's
progressive farmers this week becomes
a new reader of the Northwestern.
Parties wishing to purchase good
Refrigerators can do well by leaving
their order with Christensen & Fer
John W. Long is prepared to
make all Real Estate Loans on
short notice at lowest rates.
Miss Laura E. Benschoter is visit
ing in the city, the guest of her aunt,
Mrs. Jas. McDonald, and of her many
Every correct dresser ought to have
a new tailor made suit for Easter.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. is the
place to get it.
Pure-bred Barred Plymouth Rock
eggs for sale. ¥1.00 for fifteen: $1.75
for thirty, or $5 per one hundred.
Mbs. Herman Johansen.
Ice contracts must be signed up by
May 1st, at which time the wagon
wili start and I wish patrons to have
their refrigerators ready for use.
J. W. Conger.
Three-quarters of an inch of rain
was not so bad for last week's break
in the drouthv period. But that was
not a patchin to what other parts of
the state pot.
Mrs. C. C. Cooper. Mrs. E. G. Tay
lor, Mrs. Eva Kendall and Mrs. J. W.
Burleigh drove out into Washington
township Tuesday and spent the af
ternoon with Mrs. B. P. McKinnie.
Come to the recital and then de
cide whether you want to take violin
lessons. If you are thinking of be
ginning. let me know at once, as only
a few pupils will be taken.
Max Jeffords.
Will Zimmerman returned last Sat
urday evening from Mead county.
Kansas, where last week he disposed
of upwards of 1100 acres of land to
York county parties. Billy is a hust
ler on the land business.
Headquarters for Wedding. Birth
day Anniversaries, Easter. Gradua
tion presents. See our line of Souve
nir Spoons. Just the thing for grad
uating presents. No trouble to show
I you. J. F. Jeffords.
Arrangements are being made for
Decoration Day. Rev. J. O. Hawk
will preach the Memorial sermon at
j the M. E. church Sunday, May 24tli.
; The committee is trying to secure a
! speaker for Decoration Day. Further
I particularo are promised in due time.
We have possession of the score
sheet of an interesting little shoot by
a few members or the gun club Tues
day, but out of strict compassion for
those engaged in it we absolutely de
cline to exhibit the s(c)ore sheet,
much as it would please John or dis
please Will: The shoot was for 25
birds, and those engaged in the sport
were: W. F. Mason, A. T. Conger,
P. O. Reed, A. S. Allen, R. P. Starr.
Frank W. Burleigh and Jno. W. Long,
whose score stood in the order named.
No; no one got 25 birds.
Three Cans Good Alaska Salmon .25
Two Cans Alaska Red Salmon - .25
Five pounds Hroken Rice - - - .25
Six Cans Fancy Tomatoes for - .75
Five pounds Dried Peas - - .25
One pound package Corn Starch .05
Eight Bars Good Laundry Soap - .25
Egg-O-See. 3 for.- .25
Dr. Price's Food, 3 for - - - - .25
Maze All, best of all, 3 for - , - .25
Pure New York Buckwheat, 0 lbs .25
Oyster Shells that make the hens lay
Six Cans of Corn for
Mercantile Co
j 3 on t>2, Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
A few boxes of talcum at exist.
Mrs. Mead.
The telephone boys are putting in
; a six-mile line near Arcadia.
I will guarantee 23c for butter fat.
11 test and pav cash.—A. E. Chase.
Col. C. A. Clark of Ravenna was
| doing business in Loup City Tuesday.
Ernie Milburn of Arcadia has gone
| to Drummond, Montana, to look up
| a saloon location.
! Misses Jess Culley and Meroe and
| Emma Outhouse returned to the
| State University Tuesday morning.
J. D. Gilbert arrived home last
; week from several month's visit at
I Strawberry Point and other places in
! Iowa.
We learn by the Ord Journal that
| Joe O’Bryan has gone to Hot Springs,
: Ark., to get rid of his old rheumatic
Every man of the church is remind
i ed of the meeting of the Presbyterian
Brotherhood next Sunday afternoon
at 3:30.
The chicken pie supper given by
Methodist ladies in the basement of
■ thgir church last Fridav evening was
a success from every point of view.
Arthur Brown w ill go to Chicago
next Monday on a six week’s vaca
tion. Miss Minnie Lofholm taking a
I position in the Times office during
his absence.
Just after going to press last
Thursdav noon, the long looked for
rain came in plenteous proportions
; and continued till Mother Earth was
j quite thoroughly drenched.
Now is the spring of our discontent
made more so by the beginning of
house-cleaning time. The editor
makes a point of being more busy at
i the office as a natural sequence.
A violin, piano and voice recital
! will be given at the Presbyterian
i church. Tuesday evening. April 28th.
by the pupils of Miss Beth Zimmer
man and Max Jeffords. No charge
for admission.
Postmaster Owens sends his sub
; scription to the Northwestern up in
| to the year 1911. He and Lewis
j Strankman of Grand Junction, Colo.,
are almost a tie, Lewis leading by a
couple of months.
The president of Shiloh Circle No.
| 5. Ladies of G. A. R., asks that every
member attend the Circle next Satur
day evening-. April 25th, as they have
initiation and other important busi
ness. Bring plenty of something good
to eat.
We are indebted to Mrs. Abbie
Gilbert for a renewal last Saturday
of her own subscription to the North
western and for that of Myron
Gilbert at Ewing, Neb., and for that
of V. W. Krise at Nemaha, Oregon.
G randma is one of the Northwestern’s
staunchest friends.
Elder A. O. Hall, the new Adventist
minister, who arrived here from
Giawford. this state, about a month
since, has finally received his belated
household goods and gone to house
keeping in the Winklemann cottage
in the east part of town. We acknow
ledge a pleasant call, Friday last,
from Elder Hall, who is a bright ap
pearing and highly intelligent young
man, who will undoubtedly be in
strumental in building up the Ad
ventist society here greatly. His
family consists of wife and one child.
The Northwestern bespeaks for him
a most cordial welcome from our
| ever generous people.
The report having gone out that in
event of Loup City going "dry” Jen
ner’s Park would be turned into a
beer garden, a representative of the
Northwestern has it directly from Mr.
Harry Jenner that so long as lie owns
the park such will not be the case.
However, he has a proposition from a
Stanton, Neb., man to trade him a
tract of land in that county for the
park and should the transfer be made
lie has no means of knowing what the
new owner might do. The North
western has also lizard a rumor to the
effect that in event of a "dry” period
in Loup City, local men will put in a
new park near town, fora beer garden
but we have not as yet interviewed
those mentioned as the proposed pro
jectors, hence only give to report as
i given to us.
To preserve your house—your property — your dollars, you might say—you
must use paint. To do so economically the paint you use MUST have lasting qualities.
Remember, poor paint costs more than good paint, {or the work has to be done
oftener. Start right by getting
Horse Shoe Paint
and you can make up your mind it’s on to stay. The reason for this is plain. Horse
Shoe Paint is wholly composed of the strongest and best materials known in the
science of paint making — it contains no cheapening or adulterating materials what
ever. It s made of strictly Pure Zinc and White Lead for pigments. Add to this
Pure Linseed Oil—crushed by the manufacturers themselves to insure its purity — then
the necessary drier and coloring matter and you’ve got the best paint that money,
brains and material can produce.
Horse Shoe Paint has 6tood the test for 20 long years—it’s n proven paint— and
is sold in almost every town and city in the United States. Should not that fact
alone convince you that Horse Shoe Paint gives satisfaction beyond question ?
Hors® Shoe Paint does all we claim — we guarantee it to be pure and to wear.
Hors® Shoe Paint is absolutely pure; you buy it subject to chemical analysis and
its paint that lasts.
Pain* your house with Horse Shoe Paint this season by all means.
Office building for rent. Inquire of
T. M. Reed.
Jim Gilbert returned last Tuesday
evening from his visit in Kansas City.
Miss Bernie Stark of Palisade,
1 Colo., is visiting her uncle, Mr. E. B.
! Corning, and family.
Cottage now occupied by F. C.
: Herschlag for sale or rent after May
j 15th. See T. M. Reed.
Mrs. C. C. Outhouse entertained
last Saturay evening for the Misses
Meroe and Emma Outhouse.
Mrs. G. W. Collipriest ana children
! returned home last evening from
i their visit in Indian Territory.
Painter George Stork is beautifying
! the front of the Chase drug store,
i George is an artist with the brush.
Another car of farm machinery just
received at T. M. Reed's. Call and
see what I have that you may want.
I>o you not want a good Buggy.
\ Spring Wagon or Surrey? 1 have just
. received a carload. Call early and
; make vour selection.—T. M. Reed.
Next Sunday morning at the Pres
1 byterian church church the pastor
will speak from the text, “What is in
Thine Hand?-’ The evening topic is
1 “The man who introduced his wife as
his sister, and the complications that
i ensued." There will be special music
A11 are invited.
Tiie death of Mr. G. H. Whitman
; of Washington township, who suffered
a stroke of paralysis some few weeks
| since, occuraed Wednesday morning.
! The funeral was held from the home
i today at 2 o'clock and the remains
interred in the Lee Park cemetery
I Obituary next week.
Miss Etta Lofholm, the Northwest
ern's faithful typo, visited at Grand
Island from last Saturday till Tues
day evening of this week, thus com
pelling the editor to do double duty
in the office during that period. This
is her first vacation for a couple of
years and she was justly entitled to
An interesting contest is on for
this coming' Friday night at Ord be
tween the High Schools of Loup City
and Ord. Clifford Rein, leader, Chris
tian Sorenson and Archie Kearns rep
resenting our schools. We shall ex
pect our boys to come home covered
with glory, as we believe they are
fully able in debate to hold up their
side of any question with any team
in central Nebraska.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mellor. who
wore home over Sunday returned to
Lincoln Monday morning. They will
join the Gov. Sheldon excursion to
San Francisco, which leaves Lincoln
on its itineracy this week Saturday,
stopping over at Denver, at points in
New Mexico, at Los Angeles and
other sight-seeing places on the way
and will view the big fleet in 'Frisco,
returning by another route than on
the way out. They will have a
glorious time no doubt.
The community of Austin was
saddened last Saturday morning by
the death of Delbert Jack, son of
Mr. Roscoe Jack. The young man
who had jnst passed his eighteenth
birthday yielded to the grim messen
ger after eleven days of severe suffer
ing. The funeral services which were
largely attended were held from the
Austin church Tuesday afternoon.
Rev. McEwen officiating. Mr. and
Mrs. Jack and children have the
sympathy of all in their great sorrow .
The home of Dr. N. L. Talbot of
Austin was the scene of a pretty
wedding. Wednesday evening. April
22nd. at which time their youngest
daughter. Miss Josephine, was united
in marriage with Mr. Parke G. Paige,
in the presence of some twenty rela
tives and close friends. Rev. L. C.
McEwen officiated using the simple
but impressive ring ceremony. Fol
lowing congratulations by all present
the party sat down to a sumptuous
wedding dinner which fully sustained
the reputation of this Austin home.
Mr. and Mrs. Paige are so well and
favorably known that all will unite
in wishing them ’‘bon voyage” thro’
life. They will go to housekeeping at
once on Mr. Paige’s farm, where their
home is furnished and waiting for
Miss Helen Forbridger, who has
been trimmer for Miss Froehlich, re
turned to Iter home in Kansas City,
Mrs. T. M. Reed was home from
their homestead near Anselmo over
last Sunday, returning to farm life
; Monday.
.1. 1. Ifepew returned from Hastings
last Saturday evening, whither he
has been for a week in the interest of
his disc patent.
Mrs. F. H. Hiser and children left
Tuesday for their new home on the
Pacific Coast in Washington, visiting
at several points en route.
Ravenna keeps the saloon licenses
at $1500 this year and will have as
! least five saloons, with the possible
addition of two more. It will be the
i only "wet” town on the Billings line
of the B. & M. between Grand Island
and the northwest borders of the
state, Alliance joining the '‘dry"
Blame is better than praise. I
| hate to be defended in a newspaper.
As long as all that is said, is said
against me. I feel a certain assurance
of success. But as soon as honeyed
words of praise art spoken for me, I
1 feel as one that lies unprotectad
before his enemies. In general, every
evil to which we do not succumb is a
| benefit. A. I’. CVllky.
Nature Fake James Stout, one of
Deuel county's farmers claims to have
the largest steer in the Fnited States
lie says the steer measures six fen
! two inches high and measures nine
; feet four inches around the girth.
| Mr, Stout has already been offered
15*70.1 for him and refused it. He will
take him to I>en\ r during the na
tional convention and have him on
1 exhibition tin re at that time’
Young Wen Trick Saloonkeepers
Lushton. Ntb.. April 14 The young1
men who were made freeholders prior
to the spring election are in many
cases refusing to deed back the lots
that were deeded to them. Lushton
went dry and tiie saloon element are
trying to get back lots deeded away
prior to election for the purpose of
making freeholders so that they could
secure the necessary number of free
holders on saloon petitions.
New Rural Route North
Postmaster Owens on Monday of
this week received notification from
the department at Washington of the
establishment of the rural route north
from this city, to be designated as
••Rural Route No. 3,” to begin on the
1st day of ,1 une. 1908. The same in
structions to patrons obtain on this
route as relate to other routes al
ready established, regarding boxes,
etc., and patrons of the newr ronte
should get ready for their mail deliv
ery at an early date.
The Jewelry Business Is
Peculiar Unto Itself.
You, kind reader, buy on faith and
the jeweler buys on a scientific know
ledge of gems, material and construc
tion. You take your jeweler’s word
for the reliability of his goods, he
takes nobody’s word for it—he satis
fies himself as to their genuineness
and worth. For this reason you
should buy of your jeweler and not be
influenced by alluring advertisements
whose promises are not and cannot
be fulfilled. Our 27 years' experience
in the business enables us to take
advantage of qualities and prices.
We want your business, your chil
dren's business and your grandchil
dren’s business. To attain this we at
all times supply you with reliable
goods at right prices. No trouble to
show you. J. F. Jeffords.
Alfalfa Seed
Those wanting Alfalfa Seed for
spring sowing, please call and make
your wants known. T. M. Reed.
Farms for Sale
in Nebraska and Virginia. For full
information see or write A. O. Zim
merman, Hallboro, Virginia, or A. L.
Zimmerman, Loup City, Neb.
My Entire Line of
jVlep’ Wopiep’s & Ghildrep’s
Men’s Hats,
Men’s Work Shirts
Ladies’ Two-piece Suits
And numerous other lines. These goods are go
ing to be sold, and
Sold a a Reduction of
25 to 50
Per Cent
For Cash, or in Exchange for Produce.
Do not ask us to extend your credit on the
above lines. We can not do so.
C. C. Cooper
WHy DON’T you wv
IJO Roofing has ever
" given satisfaction
or service like Re*
Flintkote Roofing.
It is the result of
years of labor, and is
made of the best mat
ted -wool fibre treated
ed by our own com
pounds. It is water
proof, fi re resisting,
and is not affected bv
vapors of acids or alkalies. It costs less
than shingles, and can be laid by any
one. Our book tells more about it, and
- will be sent free, with samples.
iRex Flintkote Roofing used on thouJ
sands of build
ingrs intheCnltedStates and Canada.
As E/^S^Ep is past
We invite you to call at any of our yards and see our
latest styles in Screen Doors and Screen Windows.
If your doors or windows are odd in size, we can fit them just
the same.
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb
E. G. Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President Cashier
W: R. Mellor, J. W. Long, S. N. Sweetland
Capital Stock, - - $26,000.00
Individual Liability, $260,000. OO
-^J. I. DEPEW1N*
Blacksmith §> Wagon Maker
My shod Is tbe largest and beat equipped nortb or tbe Platte Klver j
I have afour horse engine and a complete line of the latest Improved, ma
chtuery, also a force of experienced men who know how to operate It and
turn out a Job with neatness and dispatch.