The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 19, 1908, Image 5

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    A. P. GULLEY, President. W. F. MASON, Cashier.
fust mil UK
of Loup GJTY
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per bu. 56 @ .58
Wheat, per bu.83 .85
Oats, per bu.37 @ .42
Rye, perbu.58 s .62
Butter, per lb.18 @ .20
Eggs, per doz. .12
Hens, per lb. .07
Spring chickens, per lb.05}£
Lioaal W«ws.
Eyes tested free at Jeffords’.
Take your produce to Conhiser’s.
Max Jeffords sells and tunes
Fine line of ready-to-wear hats at
Mrs. Mead's.
Loans on real estate, call on
John W. Long.
T. M. Reed sells Manure Spreaders
of the best makes.
Attorney Starr had business at
Rockville Tuesday.
Phone A. T. Conger, 3 on 62, when
In need of a drayman.
Work is progressing rapidly on Ed.
Jones' new residence.
If your eyes trouble you see Jeffords.
He can tit you in glasses.
Prof. Currier of Ashton was a Loup
City visitor last Saturday.
Have you seen the new gloves—50c.
75c and $1.00 at Conhiser's.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hiddleson were
visitors to St. Paul Tuesday.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, call on John W. Long.
Call and see me for harness and
strap-work. Resp. Yours.
P. O. Reed.
Mrs. C. C. Cooper went to St. Paul
Tuesday to visit a few days with
Lee Bros, are now ready to smoke
meats for the farmers. Get in your
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay 25c for butter fat until further
Will Rettenmayer has added im
provements to his cottage in the past
few days.
Light calicoes, 6c at Conhiser’s.
Get Max Jeffords’ prices on
Latest tiling in veils at Mrs. Mead’s. ,
Call for prices.
3 on 62, Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
What do you think of the men’s
gloves at Conhiser’s.
Miss Lula Lee left yesterday for a
visit to relatives in Wisconsin.
See Max Jeffords.
County Attorney Mathew went to ,
Lincoln last Friday on business.
1 I will guarantee 23c for butter fat.!
I test and pay cash.—A. E. Chase.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. can
save you money on a tailor-made suit, j
Most of the convention delegates
returned from Omaha last Friday
and Saturday.
1 will give special attention to re
trimming and re-modeling.
Mrs. Mead.
County Attorney Mathew returned
Tuesday evening from his business
trip to Lincoln.
Positively the greatest values at
the lowest price ever offered on high
grade watches at Jeffords'.
Mrs. Katie Hurrowes on Monday
left for Alliance Monday, where she
intends remaining for some time.
Don't fail to hear Miss Cline at the
Methodist church Wednesday even
ing. March 25. Admission, 15 and 25c
Parties wishing to purchase good
Refrigerators can do well by leaving
;their order with Christensen & Fer
i dinandt.
Miss Rose Mulick went to Grand
Island Monday for an extended visit
] to her sister, Mrs. Frank Goodwin.
Your horses need feed, so does your.
'■ ground. To raise the feed try a
; Manure Spreader and you will have j
| feed to sell.
Those who are wanting Grand
Island woven wire fencing this spring;
call early and leave your orders.
Resp. Yours, P. O. Reed.
John W. Lons is prepared to >
make ail Real Estate Loans on
short notice at lowest rates.
! Prank Robbins went up into the
sandhills at Erickson. Monday, to
look after business matters and to re
turn the last of the week.
Farmers, we (five more pounds of
Hour per bushel for wheat than any
I mill near here and every sack guar
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
There will be an examination of
candidates for carriers on the south
! route this week Saturday. We under
stand there will be nearly a dozen of
the interested ones.
Attorney Starr wascalled to Ashton
Monday on legal matters connected
with trouble arising over the death
of the little child in the runaway
accident near that village mentioned
in a previous issue of the Northwest
Will Odendahl and Henry Eisner
returned from their hunting and
fishing trip down on the Platte last
Saturday and Bob insists it was a
mallard duck they brought him. We
told you he would not know the
Mrs. J. W. Burleigh entertained the
ladies of the Entre Nous club Tues
day afternoon. The decorations were
in green, in honor of St. Patrick’s
Day. Mementoes of fresh violets
were presented eacli guest at a six
o’clock dinner given. Twenty ladies
were present.
Miss Helen Forlriges of Kansas
City, Mo., lias been engaged by Miss
Hattie Froehlich as head trimmer in
her millinery store, and arrived in
our city Saturday and assumed her
duties at once. Miss Forlriges comes
recommended as a first-class trimmer
and can please the most fastidious.
Call and get acquainted and see the
new styles.
tine millinery stock now ready tor
patronage at Mrs. Mead’s, south side
of square.
Jeffords cannot be undersold on tine
Watches, Ricli Jewelry and Musical
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fletcher of
Boelus visited their son here the first
of the week.
Ask your flour dealer for a sack of
Loup City flour, best grade $1.40.
Every sack guaranteed.
The elegant stained windows were
placed in the Catholic church the
early part of the week.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. are
taking measures' for new spring suits
every day, except Sunday.
Mrs. Harry Taylor visited at Ar
cadia Tuesday evening, returning
home the following morning.
I. N. Syas and family who have
been visiting at Burwell and other
points for some time, returned the
tlrst of the week.
Wre sell Alfalfa and Molasses, gaur
anteed fifty per cent molasses and all
new, for $1.25 per sack.
Dinsdale & Son.
Mr. Drummond of Illinois was a
fuest last Thursday of his cousin,
!. G. Taylor on his way home from
a tour of California.
Why not go to the Loup City Mer
cantile Co. and have your measure
taken for a new suit? They under
stand the business.
The Northwestern this week re
turns to the enlarged size of 7-col
quarto, made necessary by the in
creased advertising patronage.
If you are afflicted, read the column
adv. of [the Hot Springs Doctors, and
a visit to them at the St. Elmo on
April 6, 7, and 8, may fix you up right.
Col. Ben Miller purchased twenty
three head of horses for the market
at the St. Elmo barn, Monday, one
span bringing the fancy price of $325.
He will be here again buying horses
in a couple of weeks.
Next Sunday, March 22nd, Rev. I).
W. James of Kansas City. Kas.. will
preach morning and evening to the
Baptist congregation. He is a candi
pate for this place and we desire that
as many as can will attend these ser
vices as we hope to find in him the
man we have been looking for. At
the morning service we have provided
a special service for the Home Departs
merit members of our Sunday school.
We earnestly desire that each one
make a special effort to be present
and remain during the Sunday school
hour, if possible. A teacher will Ire
provided for this class in Sunday
school to review with the class the
quarter's lessons. Come everybody.*
The next and last number of the
lecture course to be given here will
lie the Hrubv Brothers Quintet, with
Miss Gertrude Canfield as impersona
tor. The Hrubv Brothers come to us
with gilt-edged reputations as enter
tainers. and together with Miss Can
field will give us one of the best
repertoires of the lecture course. The
brothers, five in number, ranging from
12 to 22 years of age, are said to be
born musicians, playing sixteen diff
erent instruments during the even
ing's performance. This surely will
tie the attraction of the season. Miss
Canfield, as reader and impersonator,
is said to be exceptionally fine, and
the press speak of the entire enter
tainment as lieing par excellence.
At 1‘ilger's opera house, Monday,
March Jotii. Don’t fail to hear them.
Boyd Burrowes was greeted by a
crowded house last Saturday evening
at Pilger's opera house, and gave our
people one of the best shows of the
season in “A Wise Member” present
ed. But everyone knew Boyd would
do so. hence the big turnout.
Miss Cline, an elocutionist from the
Wesleyan University, will appear at
the Methodist church Wednesday
evening. March 25, under the auspices
of the Epworth League. This will be
something interesting. There will be
some musical numbers by home
talent. Admission, 15 and 25 cents.
The congregation at the Presby
terian church last Sunday morning
were favored by a very sweet con
tralto solo by Miss Ramsey, who was
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. I*. Mc
Kinnle. from Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Miss Ramsey is on her way to the
Pacific Coast for her health, which
has not been of the best for some
time. We trust the lady will be much
benefited by her stay in the far west
and returning again visit here and
favor our music loving people.
Spring Millinery Opening
Every woman in Loup City and vi
cinity will be pleased at this an
! nouncement. Exclamations of sur
j prise and delight will he heard
Friday and Satnrday, Mar. 21-22
over these novel and pert looking
shapes. In addition to these Pattern
i Hats, we will show many original con
jceits from our own special artists that
! are remarkably clever in adapting the
I latest Parisian ideas to American
I taste and popular prices.
Miss Hattie Froehlich.
Arcadia Flour Mill
Destroyed by Fire
The Arcadia mill was totally de
stroyed by lire last night, with all
the machinery and contents, in
cluding about 500 bushels of wheat,
three carloads of flour and other mill
ing stutis. The loss entails several
| thousands of dollars and it is reported
; with no insurance. The lire isa mvs
j tery and was only discovered and the
i alarm given when the roof and upper
1 portion of the mill was in flames.
Prof. Dale’s sister is here from York
j visiting him for a few days.
Frank Blaschke lias moved to town
i and is draying for Ashley Conger.
Fred Foster received an unfortunate
! fall from his dray wagon Tuesday, but
| luckily received only a few bad bruises.
Attention, men. Don't forget the
j meeting of the Brotherhood next
I Sunday afternoon. Bring a man with
] you.
Report readies us that Harry
! Rawding and Miss Etta Wisner, for
I mer Loup City people, were married
| at Aurora one day last week.
, It is reported that Fred Winkle
; inann and Mrs. Mary Winklemann
were married at Fairfax. S. I)., one
day last week, where they have taken
up homestead rights.
“How to Improve Men', is the sub
I ject of the sermon at the Presbyterian
; church next Sunday night. Besides
' the regular music by the choir, Mr.
Fred James will sing a solo.
Tiie ladies of the M. E. church will
; hold an exchange at Jetfords’ jewelry
; store Saturday of this week, com
i mencing at II a. m. All kinds of
| liome-baked goods will be on sale.
Henry Sawyer and wife of Mason
! City are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Engle for a couple of weeks, after
which they start for Oregon, visiting
Walter Smith at Boise. Idaho, enroute.
John de la Motte wes up from
Hazard on business Tuesday. John
advanced his good father’s subscrip
tion to the year 1910 while here,
putting his name farthest ahead of
any on our books.
Last Sunday Mr. ana Mrs. K. L.
Arthur entertained Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Conhiser, Mr.and Mrs L. Hansen,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Pedler. Mr. and
Mrs. C. Truelsen. Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Bennett and C. C. Carlson.
R. R. Nimmoandson. R.B. Nimmo,
of Pidllipps county, Colo., who have
been \isitinjjr Mrs. A. Gilbert forsome
time, returned to their western home
the tirst of the week. Mr. Ximmo,
Sr., is a cousin of Mrs. Gilbert and
left here 17 years ago, and this was
his tirst visit to his old home.
Carl August Lindstrom, a native of
Sweden, who for some time has been
making his home with Mr. Peterson
and family, four miles west of town,
passed away after a short illness last
Wednesday evening and was buried
Friday afternoon, Rev. McEwen con
ducting the funeral. Mr. Lindstrom
was in his thirty-third year and un
married. He is highly spoken of as a
\voung man of most excellent habits.
A brother from Polk City was with
him at the time of iiis death and re
mained until after the funeral.
Our people will regret to learn that
R. L. Arthur, one of the most ef
ficient and popular railroad men e\er
connected with the railroad interests
at Loup City, has tendered his resig
nation as B. & M. agent at this place,
to take effect the tirst of next week
when the new agent may arrive.
However, we are glad to learn that
Mr. Arthur will not leave us for a
season at least, but will take a much
needed vacation and rest before he
accepts some other position with the
company at some preferred and more
important station.
At a meeeing of the school board
last Saturday evening, they selected
Prof. Jas. O’Connell of Trenton, Neb.,
for superintendent of our schools for
the coming year and also Miss Lena
Smith as teacher of the fourth and
fifth grades. Prof. O’Connell was
superintendent of schools of Hitch
cock county for some six years and
comes highly recommended by State
Superintendent McBrien, acd also ex
State Superintendent Fowler. The
secretary of the board was instructed
to write to Miss Nellie House and
offer her the principalship of our
schools if she could be induced to
accept. As it stands now, all the
teachers for the coming year have
been selected with the exception of
principal and assistant.
Those who did not attend the lec
ture by I)r. A. E. Turner. President
of Hastings College, at the Presby
terian church on Monday evening,
missed a rare treat, as his lecture was
one of the few great lectures delivered
in Loup City in recent years. Dr.
Turner is a genial, affable gentleman
or commanding presence, strong per
sonality and scholarly attainments.
He handled his subject most admir
ably and held his audience spell-bound
for an hour and a quarter. His ever
ready wit and apt illustrations were
met with such hearty response that
the speaker was under the necessity
of pausing again and again for the
applause to subside. Dr. Turner will
always meet with a cordial welcome
from the people of Loup City who had
the pleasure of hearing him on this
G. Barton Wilson, advance agent of
the Hot Springs doctors, who was
here last week arranging for their
coming, is a newspaper man and was
correspondent for a leading daily of
this country in China during the
Boxer rebellion. During a portion of
that time Mr. Wilson was an inmate
of a Chinese prison for six months.
Mr. Wilson was also a newspaper cor
respondent in the Phillipines for a
season during the Spanish-Ameriean
war and carries deep scars in the
forehead and on his right forearm, as
mementoes presented him by the
Filipinos in their endeavor to mop
Uncle Sam’s boys off the islands. He
has also been an extensive traveler in
the old countries and we should opine
has seen enough of old Mother Earth
and Neptune’s deep to satisfy any old
man, let alone one of his rather
tender age—only 27 years. He is the
owner of two country newspapers, one
in Kansas and one in Nebraska. Mr.
Wilson is also a contributor to a num
ber of magazines and periodicals, and
one of the brightest young men it has
ever been our good fortune to meet.
We have just come home from the
St. Louis markets and found many
Bargains which we have now placed
on our counters ready for sale.
Grocery List:
Good grade of Alaska Salmon
3 cans for.
Best Alaska Bed Salmon. 2
cans for. .
tj Cans of Corn for.
t> Cans of Fancy Tomatoes..
5 lbs broken Bice
5 lbs. Dried Peas...
1 lb. package Corn Starch.
8 bars good Laundry Soap..
Egg-O-See, 3 for
Laces and Embroideries; Reg- _
ular 8c to 20c values, all go Zmfl
at one price
Ribbon Sale; 12c, 15c, 18c
to 20c, on one counter..
Ladies’ Hand Bags; oOc,
75c, $1.00, $1.25, one price
One Lot Turkish Towel9,
worth 25c to 35c, now...
One Lot Linen Towels.
Fancy Border, regular
25c to 35c, now.
Dr. Price's Food. 3 for
Maze All, best of all, 3 for
! I’ure New York Buck
wheat. 6 lbs. for.
One Counter—Rejj- -4
ular $2.50 to $5.00 I
value, your choice f •
White Organdies
Mixed Batiste
Lerona Batiste
Tissue De Sole
Silk Zephyr
Silk Plaid Chiffons
Tonkin Silks.
Loup City Mercantile Company
•*3SJ. I. DEPEWffi*
Blacksmith $ Wagon Maker,
My sbop is the largest and beat equipped north of the Finite Klver
I have a four horse engine and a complete line of the latest improved, me
chtnery, also a force of experienced men who know how to operate It and
turn out a Job with neatness and dispatch.
unii mi iiiuiaiiiiiinnuiiiinnunaMMi^
Mrs. Harvey O'Bryan came up from
Grand Island yesterday for a few
days’ visit with friends.
Sunday last was quite a busy day
for the churches. At the Presby
terian church in the morning- Dr.
Turner, president of Hastings college,
spoke to the people on educational
themes, and gave one of the best
lectures ever heard in this city. The
same morning and in the afternoon,
Mrs. Mary Hopper of Chicago spoke
at the Baptist church on the tem
perance question, aud in the evening
at the Methodist church there was a
union temperance rally of all the
churches, at which Mrs. Hopperspoke
fifty-five minutes and Dr. Turner
seventeen minutes, the church being
well filled and most interested in the
themes presented.
On Friday evening of last week the
Philathea class of the Baptist church
entertained the Baraca class. A few
days previous invitations were sent
out on past cards bearing the Phila
thea class colors. At about 7:30 the
two classes gathered at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Sweetland where
the evening was spent in games and
guessing contests, when a light lunch
was served by the ladies. Each mem
ber of the Philathea class wore their
class colors and pin. At a late hour
the guests departed, the president of
the Baraca class first thanking the
Philathea class for their entertain
ment and promising that their class
would in the near future return the
Parties who have my woven wire
fence stretchers please return.
Resp. Yours, P. O. Reed.
Alfalfa Seed
Those wanting Alfalfa Seed for
spring sowing, please call and make
your wants known. T. M. Reed.
Farms for Sale
in Nebraska and Virginia. For full
information see or write A. O. Zim
merman. Hallboro, Virginia, or A. L.
Zimmerman, Loup City, Neb.
To Our Patrons:
The Loup City Mills are sending out
a large amount of flour. We have a
large amount of bran, shorts, ground
com, etc., on hand at all times. Call
and let us supply your wants.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
Road To Be Closed
The road running through the
south half of Sec. 23, Twp. 14, R 15
will be closed after April 1st, IMS.
C. M. Snydcb.
Dr. Folsom, Eye, Ear,
Nose and Throat Sur
geon, will be at the
St. Elmo hotel, on
Wednesday, March 25. Spectacles
fitted. Examination free.
My Entire .Line of
)Vlep’ Wopiep’s & Ghildfep’s
Men’s Hats,
Men’s Work Shirts
Ladies’ Two-piece Suits
And numerous other lines. These goods are go
ing to be sold, and
Sold at a Reduction of
25 to 50
Per Cent
For Cash, or in Exchange for Produce.
Do not ask us to extend your credit on the
above lines. We can rot do so.
C. C. Cooper
MWHV DON’T you fruy
rwnv or service lice Kei
IVLA Fllntkote Roofing
It is the result of
years of labor, and is
made of the best mat
ted wool fibre treated
ed by our own com'
pounds. It is water
proof, fire resisting,
and is not affected by
vapors of acids or alkalies. It costs less
1 than shingles, and can be laid by any
Our book tells more about it. and
will be sent free, with samples.
ex Flintkote Roofing »* used on thoul
sands of build I
ngs in the United State 3 and Canada.
Haye a complete line of the following coals:
Gannon City Lump and Nut, Rock
Springs Lump and Nut, Hanna Lump and
£gg, Monarch Lump and Eastern and West
ern Anthracite.
E. G. Taylob, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President Vice President Cashier
W: R. Mellor, J. W. Long, 8. N. Sweetland
Capital Stock, • - $25,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000.00