The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 19, 1908, Image 4

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    Professional Cards
Attorney & CoesilOMt-Lav
(Office: First National Bank)
Loup City, Nebr.
Practices in all Courts
Loup City, Neb.
Attorney and Counselcr-it-Law
And Bonded Abstractor,
Loup City, Nebraska
Office, Over New Bank.
Phone, 30, Office at Residence
Lnnp City. * Nebraska
Office up stairs in the new State
Bank building.
OFFICE: East Side Public Sauaie
Phone, 10 on 36
,u. //. .?//;.//>
Bonded Abstracter
Loup City, - Nebraska.
Only set of Abstract books in county
Try the
F- F- F- Dray
F. F. Foster, Prop.
Office; Foster'8 Barber Shop
Make That
California Trip Now
Low one way Colonist rates
daily until April 30tn to
Utah, California, Oregon,
Washington and Mohtana.
Winter Tours:
To the South and Gulf
resorts until April 30th.
Homeseekers’ Rates:
1st and 3rd Tuesdays to
Colorado, Big Horn Basin,
Montana and Northwest.
The Big Horn Basin:
Mr. D. Clem Beaver, Land
seekers’ Information Bureau,
Omaha, will personally con
duct landseekers to this coun
try the first and third Tues
days in April. Write Mr.
Deaver for information about
very desirable irrigated lands
in the Basin, subject to home
stead under the big Govern
ment ditches 100,000 acres
of new Basin land will come
under water in 1908.
Business Openings:
We have a list of excellent
business chances in new grow
ing towns on Burlington ex
tensions; get established early,
—ahead of the coming popu
lation. Write the under
Ticket Agent. Loup City, Neb.
L. W. Wakeley, G. P. A.
Omaha, Nebraska.
School Notes.
Lee Johnson was a high school
•isitor Wednesday.
Bert Sevder, a pupil of Miss Nau
mann’s room, has stopped school.
lailii a --
Mrs. Draper and Mrs. G. Leininger
isited in Miss Young's room one day
ist week.
The literary program last Friday
"noon was' well rendered as usual,
’he negative side won in the debate:
(pro ved. That capital punishment
Kd be abolished in this country.
vicBwen and Dr. Turner,
ReiVpn’t of Hastings College, visited
,reSiverai of the rooms Monday morn
nse e»Ir Turner gave the high
"hool pupils an interesting talk.
Coming to Loup City
World Famous Medical Special*
Ists to Visit Three Days
Here at the St.
Elmo Hotel.
Word has been received here that
F. Earl Gordon, one of the llot
Springs doctors who have their Ne
braska State Institute permanently
located at 14th and O streets. Lincoln,
has decided to pay a three days’ visit
to Loup City, and while here will
stop at the St. Elmo hotel, where he
will receive patients. I)r. Gordon will
give consultation and make all ex
aminations absolutely free of charge
and all curable cases will be treated
free of charge except for the bare cost
of tlie medicines used.
This Hot Springs system of home
treatment which I>r. Gordon is bring
ing to Loup City on April i>, 7 and K
has a national reputation as is attest
ed by tlie fact that the United States
owns Hot Springs, Ark., and lias es
tablished Army and Navy hospitals
there where soldiers and sailors are
sent after all other methods have
failed to cure. The United States
government highly endorses the Hot
Springs System of treatment and the
Hot Springs doctors hold a govern
ment license to treat chronic diseases
by the Hot Springs System of home
treatment. Tlie Hot Springs doctors
treat chronic diseases of the nerves,
skin, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys,
liver, bowels, including rheumatism, i
neuralgia, paralysis, piles, goitre, gall1
stones, eatarrah and diseases of
women and diseases of men. The i
Hot Springs system is all home treat
ment, so that frequent visits to tlie
office are not necessary and the treat
ment may'be used anywhere in any
home without inconvenience, annoy
ance or publicity and without detain
ing the patient from bis or her usual
occupation. The leading newspapers,
banks, business men and clergy en
dorse the Hot Springs -System of
home treatment.
l lie nauy papers tnrougnouL uie
country are continually publishing
lengthy reports of the. wonderful
cures that have been made by these
world famous doctors. The Nebraska
State Journal in a recent issue pul>
lished the following remarkable
“Rufus E. Geiger of 210 South 10th
street, Lincoln, tells an interesting
story of how lie was cured of epileptic
tits by the Hot Springs Ikxrtors and
is now able to go back to work at his
trade as a machinist without fear of
falling among the heavy machinery
and being killed, while having a tit.
because he has no more tits.
Mr. Geiger also tells anothfer story
of how his letter which was published
in this paper telling of his cure has
brought him a host of visitors. In a
letter to the Hot Springs doctors he
says: “Gentlemen:—Since that letter
I wrote you ,tielling you how the Hot
Springs treatment cured me of epi
leptic fits, after I had been treated
and experimented on by fourteen
doctors for six years without receiving
any benefit whatever, since that letter
was published in the newspapers. I
have had hundreds of inquiries from
people who ^wanted to know whether
it was a fake advertising scheme.
Some evenings when I return home
from work I have five or six callers
to ask about my cure. It seems funny
that so many people would think the
letter a fake letter and come to ask
about it, but I guess it is because of
the experience they have had with
other doctors like I had with thpse
fourteen that treated me and took
my money, but done me no good. I
think some of the people are sent by
other doctors—the doctors who could
not cure me themselves, and it is
hard for them to believe that anyone
else could cure me. Hut here 1 am
sound and well, Hot Springs treat
ment cured me after fourteen doctors
failed. No more tits for me—let the
skeptics keep on coming. I am here as
a living testimonial and glad to help
any sick person to a cure by sending
them to you. K. E. Geiger.
“While calling at the omee oi tne
Hot Springs doctors at 14th and O
streets, the reporter asked Dr. Hen
W. Kinsey, who is chief of staff of the
Hot Springs doctors, if it was the
custom of the doctors to publish a
testimonial from each patient. “No,
indeed,” said Dr. Kinsey. “There
would not be enough room in your
paper to do that, so we .publish only
a few of the thousands that come to
us from patients who express a desire
or willingness to have them published
for the benefit of others.”
The waiting rooms of the Hot
Springs doctors are now tilled every
day with patients who have come
from all over the state and adjoining
states to consult with these noted
specialists and diagnosticians.
This wonderful Hot Springs System
of home treatment is what Dr.
Gordon is bringing to Loup City. He
will be here only three days and
while here he will receive patients at
the St. Elmo hotel.
Examination and consultation is
free and curable cases will be treated
free except for the bare cost of the
medicines used. If your case is found
to be incurable by the Hot Springs
System of home treatment you will
not be accepted for treatment at any
price or under any conditions, it be
ing the frank and invariable rule of
the Hot Springs doctors to accept no
incurable case for treatment.
Remember the date and place,
April 6, 1, and 8. at the St. Elmo
hotel, Loup City, Nebraska.
Ladies’ Fine Shoes
Come aiu! See Them.
All Prices--$l.50 to $4.00
“Topsy” Hosiery!
For Children a Specialty. What
do you know about this?.
Heavy pibbed Pose at JOc
Spring Opening sale
With a Wagon Load of Their
Onyx Brand, Guaranteed Tlirse-Coated Steel
Enameled Ware.
This Special Sale Consists of the Following Vessels:
No. 8 Tea Kettles, at $1.00
12 quart Water Pails, at 1.00
8 quart Stew Kettles, at .90
6 quart Berlin Kettles, at .90
17 quart Dish Pans, at 1.00
3 quart Coffee Pots, at 1.00
6 quart Dutchess Kettles, at 1.00
They will be sold at our Special Sale on
Saturday, March 21st.
Entered at the Loup City Postofllce for trans
mission through the mails as second
clans matte:.
Office ’Phone, - - - 6 on 108
Residence ’Phone, - 2 on 108
J. W. RUKI.EIGIl.Kd. and Pub.
April 7th next will in-another royal
battle, bet ween the “wets’- and “drys.”
Which do you want?
Marry Orchard, the wholesale mur
derer. who by his own confession lias
been the worst human beast of the
present century, has plead guilty to
ids enormous and almost unbelieva
ble record of blood and asks the death
sentence. His vivid or crazed imagi
nation leads him to believe bis death
will be bailed as evidence to the world
of the truth of his testimony in the
great labor trials at Boise. Idaho. It
were a pity to bang this human
jackal: this bloody beast of prey. No
adequate punishment could tie de
vised commensurate w ith the enormi
ty of Ills confessed crimes.
A lone robber, representing himself
to be a postal inspector, is reported to
have gained access to a mail car on the
Great Northern in Idaho, last Sunday
morning, did up a couple of mail
clerks, rifled a number of mail sacks
and escaped with the booty. The
story tpld by the clerks is that one of
them was asleep when he entered and
put the one awake into a ear closet,
and upon himself awakenihg was en
veloped in a mail sack and bound, af
ter which Mr. Robber leisurely helped
himself, kindly taking on and putting
off mall sacks at various stations en
route till lie left the car. Possible:
but Smells fishy, don't it? .
Tlie late republican state conven
tion is reported by our returned dele
gates to have been so smoothly oiled
and the machinery so perfectly ad
justed by the engineers in advance of
the date of its lidding that all they
had to do was to ratify or stand help
less to prevent its easy capture by
Victor, the son of his father, who
did things Brown winning with the
Field in hjs favor, it was a very well
played Shel (don game, llow do you
like such political manipulation, and
how much influence did the body of
the convention have in shaping the
results? Great is the grandstand
play of the "reformers” who are in
the political saddle of republicanism
in Nebraska today! Bah!
The writer is so constituted that lie
has little consideration or affection
for a certain element of pap-suckers,
hero-worshipers or camp-followers al
ways to be found in every party.
These fawning sycophants, especially
if they happen to burden the columns
of their own slush-buckets with their
paucity of ideas, will be found kiss
ing the hem of the garments of office
holders, and expanding upon the mer
its of this gubernatorial accident, or
that second rate congressman, or the
other one-horse politician who earns
an official or political preferment by
the action of his mouth, and with
loud acclaim trying to curry favor by
a sickening laudation of some partic
ular mark set up in the official or
political heavens. As one of the
common herd of country newspaper
men. with certain papersof the above
named breed coming to the exchange
table in the past, we have been nau
seated with the stuff and have taken
particular pleasure in eliminating
them from the list. Happily, they
are few in number, but such as do
exist are plague spots in the newspa
per world. What decent newspaper
could not name a few?
Last week the Northwestern called
public attention to the Loup City
high school building, regarding' its
condition in event of lire. We are
pleased to note at this time that a
very thorough examination of the
building by a committee composed of
County Clerk li. Mus
ser arid A. L. Zimmerman, accom
panied by a representative of the
Northwestern, found said building to
be in splendid shape and almost im
possible of danger to life or limb in
case of a conflagration. Every door
leading from the various rooms swing
outward, with the one exception of a
small recitation room off the high
school department on the second
floor. All the windows open easily.
The hallways are quite large and the
stairways broad, easy of descent and
practically impossible of congestion
in event of panic. Two modes of
egress from the building—to the east
and to the west—are through great
folding doors swinging outward, most
easily pushed open from the inside,
even when locked. This knowledge
will certainly cause a feeling of relief
to the fathers and mothers of the vil
lage. The only suggestion to ire of
fered in compliance with all possible
human means of safety would be to
place tire escapes at convenient dis
tances from windows in each room
on the upper floor, to be used in case
egress by way of the hallways was
made impossible. This would perfect
all human efforts for the assured safe
ty of our boys and girls. Will our
honorable school board take imme
diate action. thereonV
By the State Journal we see that
calls have been received by Labor
Commissioner Ryder from Hastings,
St. Paul, Loup City and other towns
in the state to inspect the school
houses, opera houses and hotels of the
respective locations in compliance
with the law regarding safety from
such horrors as have recently’visited
Cleveland, Chicago and other cities.
It is very timely and imperative.
Along R. R. No. I.
A llie Haves had his sale Tuesday.
Henry Apple butchered Tuesday.
Corvin Squeirs moved to Comstock
S. Youngland was hauling hay last
Gus Voungland was at Loup Citv
Yerria Kowalewski is down with
la grippe.
•L NY Ling's family arrived Satur
day night.
John Jackson went to the country !
Joe Blasclike was shelling his corn
Tom Parsley shelled his corn on
A. Johnson was trading at Loup
1 'it y Monday.
Newton lladdix was shelling his
corn Monday.
Frank Blasclike moved to Loup
City Monday.
Felix Kowalewski is working for
!ohn Warrick.
Miss Lizzie Petersen spent Sunday
at Bergstrom’s.
Will Albers is farming the Lee
place this year.
Walter Sliettler drove to Gene
Whitman's Sunday.
J. A. Arnett sold his steers to W.
0. Brown Monday.
Joe Kowalewski took a load of hogs
to town last Friday.
Gust Fossman bought a horse of T.
M. Reed this week.
S. M. Fross visited at S. S. Rey
nolds’ last Thursday.
J. A. Arnett finished shelling for
W. O. Brown Monday.
Thomas Parsley added a new porch
to his house last week.
Carl Shull left Wednesday to visit
his parents in Missouri.
Mrs. Fagan is among those on the
sick list the past week.
J. C. Reed returned this week from
his visit to Silver Creek.
Charley Johnson bought a horse of
Geo. Leininger last week. <
It looks good to see the farmers at
work again in their fields.
Mrs. Mary Coppersmith was at
Loup City trading Monday.
P. J. Kusek’s new house will soon
be ready for the plasterers.
Hubert Kowalewski moved on the
Janulewicz. farm last week.
Mrs. McLaughlin visited with her
sister. Mrs. Squier. Sunday.
Winter wheat is getting green. Now
for a good old soaking rain.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Pinckney visit
ed at A. L. Bailhe's Sunday.
F. A. Pinckney sold a horse Mon
day and delivered it Tuesday.
A. J. Budler is filling three cars
with baled hay for shipment.
Mr. and Mrs. John Warrick visited
at the home of W. P. Woods Sunday, j
Mrs. Mary Coppersmith sold a horse
to the buyers in Loup City Saturday.
Miss I)ay finished her term of school
in the McMullen district week before
cir. iwiu I'irs. trust 1 oungiana tins
week moved on the farm vacated by
Corvin Squelrs.
The dance and supper of the season
took place on the old Gotlieb Laeir
place Friday night.
Chas. Rarnes and family and Clif
ford and May Bone took dinner at the
Foss home Sunday.
Mr. Peter Hendrickson is improv
ing a little every day. He has had a
long siege of sickness.
Mr. Miller. S. Foss's landlord, lias
been here making improvements on
tlie residence property.
VV. B. Reynolds had some bad luck
while at Mason City, when one of his i
horses got sick and died.
Miss Silva Kornrumpf is visiting
with Miss Eva Tykwart at the home
of Mrs. 1 ra Coppersmith.
J. I. I>epew. assisted by the “Big
Four,” commenced to lay'new planks
in the west bridge Monday.
Don’t forget to set those trees
along the road. It will help the looks
of your farms in a few years.
Arthur Kowalewski goes to Ashton
pretty often lately. There must be
some attraction there for him.
Mrs. J. A. Arnett went to Hamil
ton countv to visit Wednesday. J. A. I
and the boys are batching this week.
Please put your box number as well
as your route on all letters sent away. 1
It will help Uncle Sam to locate you i
Mrs. McIntyre, son and grandson'
left for Colorado last week after
several weeks’ visit with Mrs. J. A.
Jim Gouley lias moved to Coosburg,
Oregon. He was an old settler on
Clear Creek and his many friends re
gret his going.
Prairie Gem school debated with
Loup City High school Wednesday
night. Subject: Resolved, That the
government should own the railroads.
Clarence Johnson will place a mail
box on the route In a few days. He
is busy hauling out his goods from
from Loup City now. There are <
several Johnsons on the route.
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Fross went to
Hamilton county Saturday to attend i
the funeral of their daughter’s little
child. It was one and one-half years
old and died with pneumonia.
Did you see the moon dogs Tuesday <
night? [Yes, but they’re not to be
considered, when one sees the Loup
City dogs—Ed.] Xo wonder it’s cold.
[And the average citizen correspond
ingly “hot.”—Ed.]
Local Notes.
(Too late for last week)
Mrs. Ross Warrick left for Danne
brog Monday.
Sam Foss has started to make the
sand roll over.
Miss Fross closed her school on the
10 of this month.
We understand John Blaschke lost
one of his little grays.
A. J. Budler killed a coyote Tues
day evening on Cobb creek.
>[. B. Mathews, who has been visit
ing in Michigan, returned Saturday.
Mrs. Arnett was called by ‘phone to
Phillips Wednesday to see her new
Clarence Arnett and Oka Clark
came home Monday from a visit to
Hamilton county.
F. O. Johnson had quite a tussle in
his hog pen Tuesday: no harm done
only to his overalls.
Mrs. Annabel, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. II. L. Bell, re
turned to Poole Siding Monday.
Mrs. F. O. Johnson entertained at
dinner last Sunday, Mr. Arnett and
wife, Gus Youngland and wife and
Christ Zwink and wife.
Born, Monday, March 9, to Mr. and
Mrs.A. J. Budler, a fine 10-pound girl.
Mother is doing fine and we guess
Tean will recover soon.
Mr. Preguler moved on the farm
vacated by S. Foss: Jas. Ling on the
farm vacated by R. I. Barrick: Everet,
Sickles on Walt. Fletcher's place, and
Uus. Youngland on the Corvin Squeir
Lost—One Tenas Budler, about six
feet tall, light hair and blue eyes,
weight about 300 lbs, as he is con
siderably puffed up now. The last
that was seen of him he was walking
with that new girl. A suitable reward
will be offered.
Hazard Happenings.
John Philpot is taking in the sights
in Omaha these days.
Mr. Robertson, our stock buyer,
shipped a car of hogs to Omaha Sun
Mrs. Caldwallader and Mrs. Charles
lioldt made a Hying trip to Litchfield
The Litchfield Woodmen band gave
luite a serenade Thursday evening.
Jo me again, boys.
W. M. Ross of Anselmo arrived
nere Sunday and is visiting his sister.
Mrs. Clarence Fisher.
Ed. Robinson’s family have arrived
from York, and moved into the house
bought from Arnold Evans.
Will Peterson is building anew resi
lence in the northwest part of town.
(Vill Hogne is doing the work.
Geo. Andrews was called to Chicago
last week to be at the bedside of his
sister who is in a critical condition.
The Woodman camp of Litchfield
same down Thursday evening and
Helped the Hazard camp initiate some j
new members.
Mr. Trumbull, our new hardware
merchant, is replacing his goods and
jtherwise improving the looks of his
place of business.
The chicken pox has thinned out
jur school somewhat the past three
weeks, but the scare is about over
md the pupils are all back to school.
John Brewer had quite an accident
is he and family were coming to
;hureh Sunday evening, the horses
aecame frightened and upset the
juggy and ran away. Mr. Brewer and
laughter were quite badly bruised up.
If the mothers of our land could
ind would all vote on the saloon
juestion, what the result? You know.
Why Not Get One of Our
An Conn Fell Mattes
The maufacturer guarantees
the cotton used in this mat
tress hass been thoroughly
felted by the most improved
machinery, therefore.
It Will Not Become Lumpy
Try it for 30 days, and if not
satisfactory, return it and
get your money back.
Christensen & Ferdinandt
Furniture Company.
Christensen & Ferdinandt,
Undertakers and Embalmers
I Cure Nerve-Vital Debility, Weak
ness, Drains, Rupture, Stricture.
Varicocele, Blood Poison, Private
Skin and Chronic Diseaees of Men
i i ao not »sk you to
come to me tirst if you
believe others can cure
vou. Should they fail,
don't give up. It is
better to come late
than not at all. Re
member. that cuiinjr
diseases after all oth
ers hav«* failed has
been my specialty for
{years. If you cannot
visit me personally.
write symptoms that trouble you most A
vast majority of cases can be cured by my
system of home treatment, which i> the most
successful system ever devised. 1 make no
charge for private counsel and give to each
patient a legal contract In writing, backed
by abundant capital, to hold for the promise
Physicians having stubborn cases to treat
are cordially invited^ AMCM cured ol all
to consult with me. ” V/ltla-lv womb and
bladder dlseaser. ulcerations, menstrual
irouble. etc. Confidential. Privat* home in
the suburbs, befor* and during confinement.
Motherly care and best attention gur.ran
teed. Good hemes found for babies,
rnm posjtiyki.y frke:
* IvLU. xo charge whatever to any
man. woman or chi *i living in Li >1 i* < I i \
or vicinitv, suffering from any CHuONlC
DISK ASP. a |10. "0 \-K.\Y IXAM1NA 5
TION. Come and let me look inside of you {
absolutely free of charge.
Vlylvll, ISLAND. NEB. Office op-1
posite City Hall. 103 \Y. Second Street.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior I.ana Office at
Lincoln. Neb.. February '.'7. l:«
Notice is hereby given that Walter M
Shetler of l.oup City. Nebraska, has filed
notice of his intention to make final cou.niutu
tion proof in support of his claim, viz: Home
stead Entry No. 1S303. made Nov. it, l»ot>. for
the SE x. 8W k. Section SO, Township 13 N.
Range I# W. and that said proof will be made
before J. A. Anirier, County Judte, at Loup
City. Nebraska, on April IS. ISOs.
He names the followinit witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. the land, viz: W. H. Hill of Litchfield,
Neb.. Thomas Parsley of Loup City Neb..
Samuel Esterbrook aud H. llurtner. both of
Litchfield, Neb.
Cnas. F. SnaDD, Register.
(Last pub. April 9.)
March 1 to April 30.
CQ1 Aci to San Francisco, L*’>
©u i .iw Angeles. Sail Diego, and
many other California point'.
CQ 1 •il'A To Everett. Bellingham.
Vancouver and Victoria,
via Spokane.
To Portland and Astoria
To Tacoma and Seattle,
via Spokane.
To Ashland, Roseburg.
Eugene, Albany. Salem,
including So. Fac. branch
lines in Oregon.
831 45
To Spokane and inter
mediate O. R. & X points
For full information inquire of
G. W. Collipriest