The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 05, 1908, Image 5

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A. P. CULLEY, President.
W. F. MASON, Cashier.
of Loup CITY
vative %
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per bu. 56 <£ .58
- Wheat, per bu. . .78 ia .82
Oats, per bu.36 (g .4-0
^Rj e, per bu. .60
Tiutter, per lb.18 (g .20
Epps, per doz.. . .14
Hens, per lb . .07
Sprinp chickens, per lb.do1..
Loans on real estate, rail on
John W Lous.
T. M. Heed sells Manure Spreaders
of the best makes.
Phone A. T. Conner, 3 on G2. when
In need of a drayman.
If you want to buy or sell Real
Estate, call on John IV. Lons:.
C. F. Beushausen went to Omaha
Wednesday to attend the democratic
state convention.
Ask your flour dealer for a sack of
Loup City flour, best grade $1.40.
Every sack guaranteed.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. are
taking measures for new spring suits
every day. except Sunday.
Our friend. G. H. Lindall. was up
from Kearney on business. Tuesday,
ret urning to his home Wednesday.
Olives, the finest, in bulk, for sale
by Lee Bros. They are choice. Hurry
up and get some before they are gone.
E. G. Taylor left for Omaha yes
terday morning to attend the state
populist convention as a delegate.
We sell Alfalfa and Molasses, gaur
anteed fifty per cent molasses and all
new. for $1.25 per sack.
Iunsdale & Son
We now have Bock Springs Nut.
Sunshine Maitland and l’inon Lump
coal on hand.—Leininger Lumber Co.
Parties wishing to purchase good
Refrigerators can do well by leaving
tiieir order with Christensen & Fer
Your horses need feed, so does your
ground. To raise the feed try a
Manure Spreader and you w ill have
feed to sell.
Alfred Chambers, formerly a resi
dent of Sherman county, living south
of Loup City and also iri this city
died at Sargent on Tuesday night of
this week. We have no particulars.
Mr. Fred James of Hastings has
taken a position with the Keystone
Lumber Co. of this city. Mr. James
is a cousin of Ward YerYalin. He is
a very pleasant appearing gentleman.
^ Letters received from Des Moines
’ Tuesday evening give the glad news
that the editor's good mother has so
far recovered her recent illness as to
give sure grounds for her complete
Mrs. Estabrook of A rcadia. who has
been visiting a daughter at Lincoln
visited over a few days last week here
with her brother. F. F. Foster, and
family, leaving for home Saturday
• evening.
Remember men. the Presbyterian
Brotherhood meees next Sunday after
boon at 3:30. Every man wanted to
attend. Short addresses will be
delivered by men on. "Steps in the
Pathway to*Success.”
Mr. John Lofholm and Clarence
Simpson and family left for Grand
Junction. Colo., last Friday noon.
/• where Mr. Lofholm will work this
/ summer, and Mr. Simpson expects to
make iiis permanent home.
The bankruptcy case of Frank E.
Topolski came up for hearing before
Referee Paine of Grand Island at the
office of R. J. Nightingale last Fri
dav evening, and R. H. Mathew was
appointed trustee in the matter.
Mrs. Richard Baker left Wednesday
morning for Montezuma Valley, and
will stop off to visit friends at Lin
coln a couple of days en route. Mr.
Baker expects to get his stuff loaded
and get away by Friday morning.
Mrs. E. E. Ditto returned last Satur
dav evening from her three months’
visit to her old home at Wauseor,
Ohio, and various other points in
that presidential state. While absent
a orother of Mrs. Ditto, who had
previously visited her here was
stricken with apoplexy, but was re
covering his usual health at the time
of her return home.
Parties who have my woven wire
fence stretchers please ret urn.
Resp. Yours. P. O. I!eed.
Alfalfa Seed
Those wanting Alfalfa Seed for
spring sowing, please call and make
your wants known. T. M. Eeed.
Miss Hattie Froehlich returned
home last evening.
3 on fill, Ashley Conger, the dray
man. Get him.
Mrs. YY. Ft. Mellor returned to Lin
coln last Satnrday morning.
.lames Johansen and wife and Mr
Roliert Hinsdale w ere entertained last
Sunday at \V. O. Brown's.
I will guarantee 27c for butter fat.
I test and pa\ cash.—A. E. Chase.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Cords were here
from Rockville visiting friends the
first of the week.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. can
save you money on a tailor-made suit.
Mrs. Ashley Conger and baby re
turned this week Monday from their
visit at Avoca. Iowa.
Judge Wall, Jno. YY. Long and C. C'.
Carlson drove up into northeast part
of the county this morning.
I am too busy to call and see you.
If your organ or piano needs attention
leave your order at Jeffords' store.
Max A. .Jeffords
Mrs. H. M. Mathew returned Tues
day morning for a few days' visit
with her parents near Arcadia.
Those who are wanting Grand
Island woven wire fencing this spring
call early and leave your orders.
Resp. Y'ours, P. O. Reed.
Mrs. W. A. Hayes and Mrs. John
Zink and children left Tuesday morn
ing for a few days' visit at Lincoln
with their good mother.
Prof. Dale left yesterday to attend
the democratic state convention at
Omaha, and Rev. McEwen is hearing
his classes in his absence.
Lee Brothers have on hand a fine
quality of bulk olives, about the
finest you ever ate. Call early before
they are gone.
Notice has been received from the
postoffice department of the establish
ment of the rural route south, to
commence operations on the first of
this coining May.
Why not go to the Loup City Mer
cantile Co. and have your measure
taken for a new suit? They under
stand the business.
don't forget the date that Barnes,
tiie Eye-specialist of Omaha, will !*•
at tiie Wharton hotel. Loup City, on
Thursday, tiie 19th.
.Mr. inomas Mcraaaen aria miss
Clittie M. Hughes were married last
evening at the home of the bride's
parents, only the immediate relatives
and friends being present.
! We see by last week’s Arcadia
Champion that the Keystone Lumber
Co. lias purchased the Leininger
lumber yard at that place, the trans
fer being made one day last week.
Farmers, we give more pounds of
flour per bushel for wheat than any
mill near here and every sack guar
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
Ashley Conger gave his wife a
pleasant surprise on her return home
from her Iowa visit, he having pur
chased a tine piano for her and had it
placed in the home in her absence.
We received a most pleasant call on
Monday from our good friend. Will
Shumann of Ashton township. Mr.
Shumann took a car of Logs to* >maha
last week catching the market at
about $4.40.
A crowded opera house greeted the
McKinnies at Arcadia last Thursday
evening, and an enthusiastic audience
promised them even tietter should
they conclude to return in the future.
They gave their recital at Aurora
i last evening.
Barnes, the Eye-sight Specialist of
Omaha, who hais traveled over this
road for seven or eight years, will be
at the Wharton hotel. Loup City,
Neb., Thursday, Feb. 19th. Please
call as early as convenient.
Dr. Bernard, the Grand
Island Veterinary Sur
geon, will be in Loup
City Wednesday, March
llth. Examination Free.
Round Front Barn.
Shoe Sale
For Ten Days we wili
seli odds and ends of
shoes at a big cut price.
32.50 to $5.00 Shoes
al! go at one price.
while they last. Come
early to get your choice.
Loup Citv
Mercantile Co.
Call and see me for harness and
strap-work. Resp. Yours.
!’. O. Reed.
The ladies of the <■. A. R. gave
Mrs. L. Holeomb a surprise on the
afternoon of Feb. LNth. in honor of
the anniversary of her birthday, quite
a number of friends descended upon
her home with a sumptuous repast,
and presenting tile good lady with a
valuable token of their esteem. These
present were: Mesdanms Converse.
Hunter. Reynolds. Rerh hold. Rootle.
Johansen. Angier. Burns. McI>oriald.
Kieth, l’erkiiis. French, Shot tier.
Hilbert. Lovina Gih&on. (Grandmas
Waite and Hibson. and Misses Nettie
Conger and Minnie Hilbert.
The train service on both the R. vV
M. and the l'. I’, is getting no latter
fast. Owing to the new nine-hour
law for railroad employes, and the
necessary addition f thousands of
employes, the roads declare it is com
pelled ;tu retrench in the matter of
train service, hence have taken off
daily freight trains wherever possible
and substituting every other day ser
vice. Hence on this branch we are to
have every other day freights until
such a time as the autocrats of these
sy>tems deem it advisable to do other
wise. Now. grin and licar it. will
Motorman Huy Toulouse left last
Friday morning for a few days' visit
at Creston. Iowa, and other points in
Iowa and Nebraska. His injured
arm is rapidly recovering, and we
hope soon to record that (iuy is able
to resume generalship of the often
balky new railroad motor power, be
tween Loup City and St. Raul.
Later Mr. Toulouse returned Tues
day from Iowa and found the motor
at St. I’aul in a supposed breakdown,
but fixed it up and made the trip to
Loup City that evening." He will l*
in charge hereafter with the aid of a
machinist until his injured ram is all
right again.
< me oi urt- permanent fixtures oi
Loup City and. whir!, ha> iieen a
business success from its initial day
of opening, in .1 un.\ 1 <1-*:;. has been
tlie relialile old Pioneer Meat Market,
presided over by that, v-teran in his
line. S. F. Reynolds. For fifteen
years. Mr. Reynolds ha> Iieen the
leading meat dispenser in Loup City
and Sherman r unty. and ever on the
alert to provide for hF ever growing
custom the choicest of everything in
all that goes to make toe successful
butcher business. In all that time,
liro. Reynolds lias been behind the
big meat blocks, courteous and pleas
ant and suave, ever ready to meet the
calls of the hundreds oi' 11is regular
customers and transient patrons
galore, and in everv case lias on hand
the choicest of all kinds of meat at
their disposal. In this i may be said
truly, that meat markets may come !
and go. but the reliable old "Pioneer"
market goes on forever in the hands
of this prince of caterers of the tastes
of tlie best people of the town and
surrounding country. In all this
time. Mr. Reynolds lias been the
l>ower behind the throne, with the
excepting of one short year, whin he
felt liis health called for a short rest
and leased the market to Messrs.
Daddow & Biemond. taking his vaca
tion for a portion of the time amid
old scenes and with refreshing re
newing'of old acquaintances in the
east, returning and taking hold of
the business with all his old time
vigor, and since which time be has ]
been even more attentive to the needs j
and wants of his old patrons, keeping
their custom and adding untold num
bers of new and regular buyers. Mr.
Reynolds always keeps the very best
of corn-fed beeves on the block and
at his feed yards for slaughter, the
finest and juiciest of porkers, poultry,
fish, oysters, celery, and in fact every
thing one can expect to find in an ui>- j
to-date market, and you have only to
signify what you want to te sure to
get it at the "Pioneer.” Mr. Rey
nolds and liis number of ready assist
ants will always be found prompt,
courteous and on time in attending
to your demands, are always prepared |
to supply you in any amount from
the smallest amount up to a whole
l>eef or any number thereof and at as
low prices as can he obtained at any
other market here or elsewhere. The;
Northwestern takes special pleasure
in thus calling the attention of new
comers to the county, assuring them
them that they will be the winners
by doing business with Mr. Reynolds,
the pioneer of the "Pioneer."
Dr. Bernard, the Grand
Island Veterlnarp Sur
geon will be in Loup City
Wednesday. March llth.
Examination Free. At
Round Front Barn.
We a pain present the roll of honor
of those w ho have added or renewed
their fealty to the Northwestern
since last report. As their names are
called, they will rise up and receive
our benediction: A..I. Budler. C. .1.
Tracy. Frank Otlewski. H. Ohlsen,
.1. Sorensen. J. L. Cressler. Mr*.
Maria I'yke. C. II. Leininger. N. F.
Xeilson, McKinnie Bros.. M. Catudal.
Geo. Newberg. I». S. Brakes. Geo. E.
Bensclioter, Wm. Young. ('■ <’■ Out
house, Wm. Shumann.
We understand the village school
board had one of the hottest sessions
last Saturday ever in its history. Not
having been present, we are not in
position to give the proceedings, ex
cept by hearsay, which would t*e most
unsatisfactory. At the session, four
of the high school teachers were re
elected. namelv, A. M. Young. Miss
Bess Crews. Miss Henry Young and
M iss Nettie Conger. The election of
the other four teachers was passed
I over for a couple of weeks.
On Monday last Be' . L. C. MeEwen
j received the sad intelligence that 1 is
aged father, Mr. .lames .MeEwen. had
suddenly passed away a few day*
previous. Mr MeEwen's life was
spent at Greenwich. Prince Edward
1 Island, where he was born and where
i he married and reared a family of
'live fiaughters and three sons, He
was of sturdy Scotch-1 risli descent
and had reached the age of almost
eiglity-eiglit years. lie had lieen a
' reader of the Northwestern for some
time and lias manifested great in
terest in the doings of the community
in w hich his son lives. < >wing to the
distance Rev. MeEwen was unable to
attend the last sad rites.
The services at the Presbyterian
church last Sunday morning were in
(commemoration of the beginning of
ithe tiiird year of the Presbyterian
church in this city. At that time
1 officers of the church were elected as
follows: Treasurer. $. E. Galloway,
to succeed himself: Ward Yer Valin
as elder to succeed himself: <’. E.
Beitshausen a* elder, vice ('. II Lein
ingcr. resigned: W. B. Reynolds and
.1. \V. Burleigh, as additional elders.
The reports of the various officers of
’he church and societies were read,
showing the church in a most pros
perous financial and spiritual condi
tion. Seven members were taken in
to the c-lmrch by letter and confession
of faith.
1>. L. Jacoby of Hamilton county,
who last year purchased the old Kay
farm in Logan township, arrived last
Saturday with his belongings to take
charge of tiie farm on March 1st. He
unload his goods at McAlpine. being
the nearest point to his farm. Mr.
Jacoby, a* we have said iiefore. has
been one of the leaders of repuplican
ism and an active participant in its
workings in Hamilton county, and
will prove a valuable addition to
Sherman county republicanism. Of
course, Mr. Jacoby is a reader of the
only true republican paper in Sher
man county, the Northwestern, and
it wishes for him and his good family
the best of success and happiness in
their new home.
A fatal runaway and accident oc
curred near Ashton, one day last
week, resulting in the subsequent
death of the 10-months old child of
Peter Kwiatkowski. The facts as
related to us are as follows: Peter
Kwiatkowski. wife and baby had
been to Ashton to visit relatives and
were going home in the evening in a
buggy, when a team belonging to
Jos. S/.vvinski. which was following
behind, attached to a hog wagon, t>e
came unmanageable, ran away, throw
ing Mr. S/winski to the ground and
nearly killing him. and into tlie
buggy of Mr. Kwiatkowski. overturn
ing both vehicles, throwing the oc
cupants to the frozen ground, fatally
injuring the infant, winch died two
days later, and causing a frightful
mix-up of all the animals and fora
time it was feared tiie death of the:
mother and father also, or their
serious injury. Fortunately, however,
they extricated themselves from the
wrecks without further fatalities.
The baby was buried later from the
Catholic church in that village.
R. P.Starr's Good Mother
Thursday. Feb. (i, loos. was a day
not soon to bt forgotten by the older
generation of Lander, as on that date
occurred the 78th anniversary of the
birth of Mrs. Adilade Starr, and her
elderly lady friends wer united to
help tier celebrate the occasion. The
guests appeared dressed in the quaint
costumes of three quarters of a
century past, and the powdered hair,
"corkscrew" curls, high combs, caps
and straight part in the hair were
worn by all present. Then the soft
fichus and handkerchiefs were also
worn, and one lady possessed an
ancient knitting shield which was
proudly displayed, and the entire
company sat busy with their knitting
a- the white haired, gracious hostess
entered the room on her return home
from dinner with a friend, to litid her
home invaded by loving friends. A
huge pyramid birthday cake with 7s
candles occupied the place of honor
for the birthday dinner which was
composed of chicken pie. tarts, ginger
bread and numerous old time good
things to eat. Mrs. Starr was pre- \
sented with a beautiful easy chair by
the guests present. The ancient
dames in attendance were Mesdames
Sara Earl. Bruce. Millhollin. Scott,
Kosher. Stone. Merril. Hagans. Birch.
McLaughlin. Hay, Carter and Gifford.
Lander. (Wyo.) paper.
Dr. Bernard, the Grand Island
Veterinary Surgeon, will be in
Loup City Wednesday, War. II.
Examination Free. Round Front
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. Lund Office at I
Lincoln. Neb.. February 27. 1908.
Notice is hereby given that Walter M
Shelter of Loup City. Nebraska, has filed ;
notice of his intention to make final commuta
tion proof in support of his claim, viz: Home- '
stead Entry No. 18505. made Nov. 22, 190»>. for
the St: *4. SW 'n Section 20. Township 15 N.
Range 10 W. and that said proof will be made
before .J. A Angler. County Judge. at Lo« p
City Nebraska, on April 18. 190s.
H»* names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of the iand. viz: W H Hill of Lite* field,
N< b.. Thomas I’arsley of Loup City. Neb..
'Samuel Esterbrook and II. Burtntr both of
Litchfield Neb.
CHAK. F. Sn f.dd. Register.
(Last pub. April 9.)
Of the Many.
Dr. Shoops Health Coffee, per lb - - $.15
Meadow Sweet Apple Butter, per can - .10
Champion Peas, per can - .10
Chipped Dried Beef, tin can - - - .12
Eagle Lye, 4 cans for ----- .25
J. M. Gooseberries, per can - .10
J. M. Mincemeat. 3 pkgs for - - - .25
Barrington-Hall Steel Cut Coffee - - .35
Red Rose and Old Time Coffee, per lb - .25
Smoked Halibut, per lb - .15
Smoked Salmon, per lb - .10
J. P. Coats Thread, per spool - - - - .05
American, Washington. Columbia and
Wm. Simpson &. Son Prints, per yd - .07
Biar Sales,
Small Profits.
C. C. Cooper
Loup City, Nebraska,
Posts, Shingles, Lime and Cement
Hard and N>ft Coal Always on Hand.
\gents for Shenvin-IVilliams Prepared Paints
Have a complete line of the following coals:
Cannon City Lump and Nut, Rock
Springs Lump and Nut, Hanna Lump and
Egg, Monarch Lump and Eastern and West
ern Anthracite.
E. G. Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President. Cashier
W: R. Mellor,
J. W. Long,
Capital Stock, - - $25,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000.00