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The Man from Oklahoma Thought It
^ Was a Woodpecker.
Charley's uncle from Oklahoma was
up town being shown the sights, he
having come in the day before with
a few loads of steers, and Charley was
doing the honors.
They were walking along on Grand
avenue discussing the tall buildings,
when all of a sudden one of those
rackety riveting machines began ham
mering away at high speed on a top
story of a steel skyscraper building.
The old man stopped as if he’d run
against something. He turned his eyes
in the direction of the sound but
could make out nothing. When he
turned to his bewildered nephew his
eyes were fairly popping.
“Great Scott!" he exclaimed. “But
I’d like to see that woodpecker. It
must be a whopper.”—Kansas City
Reception Was Costly.
Mrs. Augustus Heaton, of Washing
ton. some time ago changed from the
Episcopalean to the Roman Catholic
church and by way of celebrataing
the event decided to give a reception
in honor of the bishop of her diocese.
She decided, however, that her already
famous drawing-room was not suffi
ciently resplendent to serve as a place
of reception for the bishop who was to
come and congratulate her. There
was yet time in which to make the
room more attractive and Mme. Hea
ton. with true artistic taste, had
everything taken out of the room ex
cept the old furniture and a few art
objects. The walls before had been
covered with tapestry, but that was
not enough for a reception for the
bishop. After much thought she
l finally decided on drab silk wall cov
ering. What with this and other ex
tensive changes in the room without
the purchase of furniture Mrs. Hea
ton got rid of $9,000.
Diet of Americans.
Die Woche, in a two-page article,
tells its readers “what Americans
eat," taking as a type the average
New York business man. Hot cakes,
quick lunch dishes, pie, Welsh rabbit,
ice cream, grapefruit, oyster cocktails,
pork and beans and many other pure
ly American dishes, and ice water, are
referred to as indigestion promoters.
“All this," says the writer, “the Amer
ican eats with relish. They are the
dishes of the city and of the country.
He balks at only four things: Frank
furter sausages, sauerkraut, butter
milk and limburger cheese—these he
calls ‘Dutch foods.’ ”
I Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
digestion and Too nearly
Eating, A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness, Nausea,
Drowsiness, Dad Taste
la the Month, Coated
Tongue, Pain in the Side,
regulate tbe Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
t Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
■When you buy
you want
and long
These and mamr
other good points t
are combined in C
You cant afford 1
to buy any other /1
■*<**»» 1
§ aj tower CO BOSTOW USA- r Jt
November is the month of falling
temperatures. Over all the temperate
regions the hot weather has passed
and the first rigors of winter have ap
peared. As the great bulk of civilized
nations is located in the Temperate
Zones, the effect
of changing sea
sons is a ques
tion of the high
est importance
When the weath
er begins to
change from warm to cold, when cool
nights succeed hot nights, when clear,
cold days follow hot, sultry days, the
human body must adjust itself to this
changed condition or perish.
The perspiration incident to warm
weather has been checked. This de
tains within the system poisonous
materials which have heretofore found
escape through the perspiration.
Most of the poisonous materials re
tained in the system by the checked
perspiration find their way out of the
body, if at all, through the kidneys.
This throws upon the kidneys extra
labor. They become charged and over
loaded with the poisonous excretory
materials. This has a tendency to in
flame the kidneys, producing function
al diseases of the kidneys and some
times Bright’s Disease.
Peruna acts upon the skin by stimu
lating the emunctory glands and ducts,
thus preventing the detention of pois
onous materials which should pass
out. Peruna Invigorates the kidneys
and encourages them to fulfill their
function in spite of the chills and dis
couragements of cold weather.
Peruna is a _______
combination of Pe-ru-na is a World
well-tried harm- _
less remedies Ker.owned Kem
that have stood rdy For Climatic
the test of time. Diseases.
Many of these
remedies have been used by doctors
and by the people in Europe and
America for a hundred years.
Peruna has been used by Dr. Hart
man in his private practice for many
years with notable results. Its efficacy
has been proven by decades o! use by
thousands of people, and has; been
substantiated over and over by many
thousands of homes.
*3.50 &*3.GO Shoes
W.LDougias$4Silt Edga iina,
To Shot D* alert: / I
W. L. Douglas’ Job- / I
bins House 13 the most / f
complete in this country I |
Stndjor Catalog I C
Men’s Shoes. $5 to 61.50. Boyn’ Sl oes, $3
to$1.25. Women’3 Shoes. $4.00 tc $1.50.
Misses' & Children's Shoes. $2.25 tc $1.00.
Try W. L.. Douglas Women’s, Misses and
Children's shoes; for style, lit and wear
they excel other makes.
If I could take you into my large
factories at Brockton, Mass.,and show
you how carefully Vv’.L. Douglas shoes
are made, you would then understand
why they hold their shape, fit better,
wear longer, and are of greater value
than any other make.
Wherever you five, you ora obtain W. L.
Douglas shoes. His name ar. J price is stam-’eJ
on the bottom, which protects you against higli
prices and inferior 6hoes. Take no substi•
tute. Ask yoar dealer for W. L. Douglas snoes
and insist upon having them.
Fast Color Eyelets used; then ti'ill not i tear brassy
Write for Illustrated Catalog of Fa»l Styles.
W. L. DOiXJLAS. Deat. 12. Brockton, Mas*.
{/J Strd for {3{
» CircLUrt tofho ^
< CO., g
W CmikSJL 5;
Thompson’s Eye Water
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 43, 1906.
“I wrote you for advice,” writes Lelia Hagood,
of Sylvia, Term., “about my terrible backache and
monthly pains in my abdomen and shoulders. I
had suffered this way nine years and five doctors
had failed to relieve me. On your advice I aook
Wine of Cardui, which at once relieved my pains
and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that
Cardui saved my life.”
It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female
diseases, such as peri
odical pains, irregulari
ty, dragging down sen
sations, headache, diz
ziness, backache, etc.
At Every Drug Store in $1.00 bottles. Try it
V»ift Be Welcome Change From the
Conventional Forms So Long in
Use—Are in Keeping With
the Festive Occasion.
For the enlightenment of the host
ess who is wearied of the conventional
forms of floral decorations for lunch
eons, debutante suppers and other fes
tive occasions, a novel suggestion
comes from across the water.
The dictum of the master florist is
that table decorations must be in
keeping with the occasion, the color
scheme and arrangement of the flow
ers, of course, to be the most artistic.
An instance was a magnificent floral
design for a christening luncheon. It
was a large doll's cradle made wholly
of flowers. The cot itself was com
posed of white ten-week stocks. The
coverlet was made of the same flower,
bearing a spray of pink carnations in
one corner.
On a pillow of white blossoms a wax
baby doll lay fast asleep. The curtains
were made of white chiffon, on which
were tacked sprays of white heather,
and trails of smilax gave the finishing
The new form of “doll” decoration
is expected to prove very fashionable
this winter. One design for a wed
ding breakfast is a wedding proces
sion of the bride and her maids. The
bride—a pretty wax doll—is to wear
a gown of lilies of the valley, while
her train will be composed of white
rose petals. A coronet of real orange
blossoms and a tulle veil with a min
iature boquet of exotics fastened to
her hand will complete the realistic
The bridesmaids’ dresses are to be
carried out in Panama violets, with
hats and miniature muffs of white vio
lets trimmed with pink rosebuds. The
muffs are to be hung round the dolls'
necks with pink satin ribbon.
A number of flora! dolls dancing the
minuet is a design arranged for a de
butante’s ball supper.
The flower costumes will be dif
ferent, one table being carried out in
violets, another in snowdrops, while
a third couple will wear a gown and
suit of pink anemones.
“Doll’ decorations for large chil
dren's parties are suggested. The
dolls can be robed in flower dresses.
Little Red Riding Hood will wear a
cloak of scarlet anemones; Cinderalla
can be radiant in white lilies trimmed
with frosted silver leaves. A tiny
floral shoe will lie on the table behind
A ferocious giant doll, in a doublet
of violets, will pursue Jack the Giant
Killer, and in the center of the table
Father Christmas will preside, dressed
in holly and mistletoe.
For holiday celebrations it is pre
dicted that the heretofore indispen
sable Christmas tree will find a rival
in the floral doll that each little guest
will carry off as a souvenir.
Cider Vinegar.
Procure a barrel or cask of cider,
put into it a piece of paper dipped in
molasses and set in a warm place in
a situation exposed to the influence of
the sun until it becomes vinegar. Tea.
coffee or sour beer left after meals
may be added to the vinegar without
injury to it, if not aided in too large
quantities, if you are making only a
small quantity of vinegar at a time,
two quart glass fruit cans are better
than stone jugs, as a larger surface
is exposed to the light and air. A
cloth should be tied over the top to
keep out dust and vinegar flies. Set
the jars in the sun until they work
clear, then strain. When "mother”
forms, new vinegar can be made by
simply adding sweetened water. Soft
water should always be used in the
making of vinegars.
Horr.e-Made Head Cheese.
Split a small pig's head and wash in
cold water. Place with two well
cleaned feet over the fire, cover with
cold water and add a tablespoonful of
salt. As soon as it begins to boil add
three onicns and one carrot sliced, a
bay leaf and a tablespoonful whole
peppers. Cover and cook until the
meat separates from the bones. Re
move the head and feet, chop fine,
season with salt and pepper to taste.
Strain the broth and leave over night.
In the morning remove the fat, and if
there is more than three pints of the
liquor boil until it is reduced to that
quantity. Add the meat, stir and cook
five minutes, then pour into molds.
Slice for luncheon. If the head cheese
is to be kept for a long time put it
into a stone jar and cover with vine
Rich with Cheese.
Put a cup of rice over a quick fire
with plenty of cold water. Let boil
five minutes after boiling begins, then
drain and rinse in cold water. Melt
two or three tablespoonfuls of butter
in a frying pan. Add half an onion
and the rice. Let cook until the but
ter is absorbed, then add one cup of
tomato pulp (cooked tomatoes passed
through a sieve to exclude the seeds),
a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoon
ful of paprika, and two or three
cups of stock or water. Let cook un
til the rice is tender and the liquid
absorbed, then with a silver fork care
fully lift up the rice, and add half a
cup of grated cheese. Serve very hot.
To Wash Corsets.
To keep a pair of corsets perfectly
fresh and clean they should be washed
every two or three weeks. The op
eration is simple and will not Injure
the shape or the cut
Make a warm suds and put in a few
drops of ammonia. Spread the corsets
on a flat table, taking out the laces
only. Scrub with a stiff brush In hot
suds. Rinse quickly in clear lukewarm
water. Lay flat on a board or table
in the sun or near the fire.
‘— -—
China Cement.
Into a thick solution of gum arabic
stir plaster of paris until the mixture
assumes the consistency of cream. Ap
ply the mixture with a brash to the
broken edges of the china and join
together. In three days the article
cannot be broken in the same place.
The whiteness of the cement adds to
its value.
Justice Geo. E. Law, of Brazil, Ind.,
Has Married 1,400 Couples.
Justice Geo. E. Law, of Brazil, Ind.,
has fairly earned the title of “The Mar
rying Squire,” by
which he is known
far and wide, hav
ing already married
some 1,400 couples.
Ten years ago he
was deputy county
treasurer. “At that
time,” said Justice
Law, ‘1 was suffer
ing from an annoy
ing kidney trouble. My back ached,
my rest was broken at night, and the
passages of the kidney secretions were
too frequent and contained sediment.
Three fcjxes of Doan’s Kidney Pills
cured me in 1897, and for the past
nine years I have been free from kid
ney complaint and backache.”
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn £o., Buffalo, N. Y.
The deepest love is that which pro
fesses least.
Smokers have to call for Lewis’ Single
Binder cigar to get it. Your dealer or
Lewis’ Factory, Peoria, 111.
Favor the Rod in School.
The St. Paul board of education has
approved the suggestion of Superin
tendent Heeter, in favor of corporal
punishment, to be administered only
bv the principal of the school, after
permission in writing from parent or
Picquart Shows Generosity.
Gen. Picquart, the defender of
Dreyfus and now the French minister
of war, has defined his attitude to
ward his old prosecutors in the army.
When an officer who was involved in
the conspiracy that banished Picquart
to the border of the Sahara, entered
the minister’s office and began to
stammer out a statement on the sub
ject Picquart stopped him, saying: “I
only know one thing and that is that
you have always been an excellent of
ficer. You may be sure that I shall
not forget that.”
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
can be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more 'hinly because of its great
er strength than- other makes.
Delayed Telegram Suggested Awful
“There was a traveling man,” said
the night operator, "whose wife pre
sented him wiih a son while he was
out drumming up trade. The doctor
got the man's address, and, since his
wife was doing none too well, wrote
out a message giving him the news
and telling him to return.
"The doctor gave the message to
the cook, who couldn't read. She
forgot to send it, and the next day the
j drummer came home of his own ac
"He stayed a day or two. found his
wife doing all right, and set out oft
his rounds again. Nothing, as it hap
pened, was said about the forgotten
“And at the end of the week the
telegram was sremembered by the
cook. With an exclamation o’ horror
—you know she couldn't real—sho
hurried to the office and sent to the
drummer that delayed message. When
he got it that night he was terrified.
What he read was this:
“‘Another addition—a son; your
wife very ill; return at once.’
"He took the midnight train for
home. He was like a man in a trance.
‘Another?’ he kept muttering in a
dazed voice. ‘Impossible!’
“On getting home he was so reliev
ed whin everything was explained to
him that he decided not to fire the
cook, after all.”
He Sometimes Gets Sick Like Other
Even doing good to people is hard
work if you have too much of it to do.
No one knows this better than the
hard-working, conscientious family
doctor. He has troubles of his own—
often gets caught in the rain or snow,
or loses so much sleep he sometimes
gets cut of sorts. An overworked j
Ohio doctor tells his experience:
“About three years ago as the result j
of doing two men's work, attending a
large practice and looking after the
details of another business, my health j
broke down completely, and I was lit- I
tie better than a physical wreck.
“I suffered from indigestion and
constipation, loss of weight and appe- 1
tite, bloating and pain after meals, !
loss of memory and lack of nerve |
force for continued mental applica- '
“I became Irritable, easily angered !
and despondent without cause. The
heart’s action became irregular and
weak, with frequent attacks of palpi
tation during the first hour of two
after retiring.
“Some Grape-Nuts and cut bananas
came for my lunch one day and
pleased me particularly with the re
sult I got more satisfaction from it
than from anything I had eaten, for
months, and on further investigation
and use, adopted Grape-Nuts for my
morning and evening meals, served
usually with cream and a sprinkle of
salt or sugar.
“My improvement was rapid and
permanent in weight as well as in
physical and mental endurance. In a
word, I am filled with the joy of liv
ing again, and continue the daily use
of Grape-Nuts for breakfast and often
for the evening meal.
“The little pamphlet, ‘The Road to
Wellville,’ found in pkgs., is Invari
ably saved and handed to some needy
patient along with the indicated rem
edy.” Name given by Postum Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich. “There’s • rea
Spread Rapidly Over Body—Limbs
and Arms Had to Be Bandaged—
Marvelous Cure by Cuticura.
"My son, who is now twenty-two
years of age, when he was four
months old began to have eczema on
his face, spreading quite rapidly until
he was nearly covered. We had ail
the doctors around us, and some from
larger places, but no one helped him
a particle. The eczema was something
terrible, and the doctors said it was
the worst case they ever saw. At
times his whole body and face were
covered, all but his feet. I had to
bandage his limbs and arms; his
scalp was just dreadful. A friend
teased me to try Cuticura, and I be
gan to use all three of the Cuticura
Remedies. He was better in two
months; and in six months he was
well. Mrs. R. L. Risley, Piermont,
N. H.. Oct. 24. 1905."
Vanderbilt Popular with Comrades.
Cornelius Vanderbilt is slowly but
surely earning his way to the front
in the national guard of New York.
In 1901 he was elected a second lieu
tenant in the Twelfth regiment and is
now senior first lieutenant in the or
ganization. He has been detailed to
the captaincy of one of the compan
ies and will soon become a regular
captain. The members of the regi
ment show no jealousy over this pro
motion, as they say it was earned by
good work as a soldier.
The Original Porous Plaster.
It's Allcock's, first introduced to the
people sixty years ago, and to-day un
doubtedly has the largest sale of any
external remedy—millions being sold
annually all over the world. There
have been imitations, to be sure, but
never has there been one to even com
pare with Allcock’s—the world's
standard external remedy.
For a weak back, cold on the chest
or any local pain, the result of taking
cold or over-strain, nothing we know
of compares with this famous plaster.
Artists Dislike Solitude.
Mme. Bernhardt and Signora Duse
have mutual horror of being aione
while traveling. Caruso, the tenor, is
of the same temperament, always
avoiding solitude. He is always ac
companied by some friend, who ar
ranges traveling and other details for
him, gives the singer advice and takes
all similar responsibility from the
artist's shoulders.
How’s This?
Wa offer One Hundred Dollar* Re-ward for any
fare of Catarrh that cannot be cared by Ha.i'a
Catarrc Cure.
F. J. CHEXEY ft CO., Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney
for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly hon
orable ;n all business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by his arm.
Wai-ikno. Einxax ft Marvix.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hal: s CatarTh Core Is taaen Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surface ot the
system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall’s Family P::is fu-r constipation.
How Weeds Multiply.
To give some idea of how weeds
multiply it may be stated that a single
plant of pepper grass will produce
18.000 seeds; dandelion, 12.000; shep
herd's purse, 37,000; wheat thief.
7,000; common thistles, 65,000; cham
omile, 16,000; ragweed, 5,000; purs
laine. 375.000; plantain, 47,000, and
burdock, 43,000.
important to Mothers.
Szamlno carefully every bottle of CASTORTA.
t safe and sure remedy for infants and children,
and see that it
la Use For Over SO Years.
2,’hc Kmd You Have Always Bought.
Australian Educator in America.
William S. Mayer, one of the most
noted educators of New South Wales,
being connected with the University
of Sydney, is visiting Boston. Mr.
Mayer is a native of Great Britain
and went to Australia 18 years ago.
The young man who thinks his boss
can't get along without him may have
to get along without his boss later in
the game.
Turn flattery upside down and yon
have slander.
Mr*. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, soften* the gums, reduces In
flammation. allay* r ain, cure* wind colic. 25o*bottia
A woman begins to sit up and take
notice when ot’ ?r women say nice
things about her husband. *
Old Sofas. Backs of Chairs, etc., can
be dyed with PUTNAM FADELESS
DYES, fast, bright, durable colors.
The ring of the almighty dollar adds
appreciably to the satisfaction a girl
derives from her engagement ring.
Lewis’ Single Binder Cigar has a rich
taste. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory,
Peoria, 111.
It takes a man with strong will pow
er to listen to reason when he is
National Pure Food and Drugs Act.
All the Garfield Remedies comply with
the Pure Food and Drugs I-aw. Take
Garfield Tea for constipation and siek
Some men's idea of a brilliant lead
er is a partner who trumps oppor
The Old-Monk-Cure will
straighten out a contracted
muscle in a jiffy.
Don’t play possum with pain,
but 'tends strictly to business.
Price 25c and 50c
Quaker Oats For Little Folks
One of the reasons why Quaker Oats is used
universally, is because it is a food that makes both
children and grownups sturdy and healthy, because
it is so easy to digest.
Quaker Oats
in the large sized Family Package at 25c—the Eame price as
common rolled oats—contains either a plate, vegetable dish or
cup and saucer of beautifully decorated, semi
porcelain china. If your grocer does not have
the Family Package, he
will get it for you.
The Quaker Qafs Qmparvy
Quaker Best Comm cal is
the new, delicious Quaker
product—the best corn
meal you're ever had. Try
a 3 pound, sealed pack
age for 10c.
Tor Cough,Cold, Croup,
Sore Throat, Stiff Neck.
Rheumatism and
At ell Dealers
Price 25c 50c & HOO
Sent- Free
Sloan's Book on Horses
Cattle, Hogs & Poultry ^XyjTgjjpj
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan
,6lo Albany St Boston.
TheWinning Stroke
If moje than ordinary skill in playing brings the honors of the
game to the winning p'ayer, so exceptional merit in a remedy
ensures the commendation of the well informed, and as a rea
sonable amount of outdoor lire and recreation is conducive to
the health and strength, so dees a perfect laxative tend to one's
improvement in cases of constipation, biliousness, headaches,
etc. It is ail important, however, in selecting a laxative, to
choose one cf known quality and excellence, like the ever
pleasant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system
effectually, when a laxative is needed, without any unpleasant
after effects, as it acts naturally and gently on the internal
organs, simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance,
without griping, irritating or debilitating the internal organs in
any way, as it contains nothing cf an objectionable or injurious
nature. As the plants which are combined with the figs in
the manufacture cf Syrup of Figs are known to physicians to
act most beneficially upon the system, the remedy has met
with their general approval as a family laxative, a fact well
worth considering in making purchases.
It is because of the fact that SYRUP OF FIGS
is a remedy of known quality and excellence, and approved by
physicians that has led to its use by so many millions of well
informed people, who would not use any remedy of uncertain
quality or inferior reputation. Every family should have a
bottle of the genuine on hand at all times# to use when a
laxative remedy is required. Piease to remember that the
genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale in bottles of one size
only, by all reputable druggists, and that full name of the ^
company California Fig Syrup Co., is plainly printed on k
the front of every package. Regular price, 50c per bottle. |
P8i?f9bnia Fig Syrup (q I
i —fin ig n i i ' '■'in i — i uni |
wkm frftr\tucot Gal*