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A Few Market Quotations.
Cattle, per 100 lbs.S3.00@$4 50
Hogs, per 100 lbs. 5.70
Corn, p«rbu.27^ @.S0
Whe it, per bu..47(8 .60
Oats, per bu. 13*3.21
live, per bu. 43(34!*
Kegs, per doz..'. 10
Butter, per lb. 15(318
Lioaal Daws.
H6J, Ashley Conger, the drayman
Get him.
For all kinds of garden seeds, see
Draper Brc s.
Baled hay for sale by A. P. de Lvster.
Free delivery.
Phone A. T. Conger. 1162, when in
»< e i of a drayman.
Wbn ler when another “cereal” story
will he forthcoming?
Bran, Shorts. Corn, Screenings and
Rye Hour at I). C Crow’s.
Elliott anti-rnst tinware, guaranteed
not to rust, at P. O Rekd's.
Mrs. C. C. Outhouse returned from
Omaha last Thursday evening.
For cheap rates to southwest Ne
braska, see Zimmerman & Brewer.
Dr. Kearns was quite ill a tew days
past, but is mncli better at present.
C. H Leininger, undertaker and en
balmer. Calls answered day or night.
We this week conclude what the
c >anty board “done” at its last session.
Dr. Hess’ Worm Powder,louse killer,
panacea and stock food at D. C. Crow’s
See card of Frank Larcheck. carpen
ter and contractor, in another column.
We handle the Richardson silks and
Johnson & Lorentz
Mi.-s Ella Taylor returned home from
school at York, last Friday, and will
Yuu can get your suit pressed and
cleaneJ for 75e to S1.00 at Johnson &
The U lity Club meets with Mrs. A.
B. Outhouse tomorrow (Friday) after
i O' n.
We understand b)th Cipt. Winkle
mann an 1 Mrs. Winklsinann are on
the sick list.
Grand Island woven wire fencing
with birbtd wire borders, for sale at
P. O. ltfcd's.
Mrs. Abe Conklin arrived from St.
Paul Tuesday evening and is a guest of
Mrs. E. G. Taylor.
Dr. Sumner Davis,Grand Eland, Neb
specialist in disease of eye and ear.
Examination for glasses.
Judge Wall went to Lincoln the first
rf >1 e week 'o argue the Haddix case
before the ?uprenie court.
See A. P. de Lyster for Loup City
Mill Co’s Flour and Feed. Every sack
warrantel. Feee delivery.
Don't forget the excursions to south
west Nebr >ska every Tuesday, conduct
ed by Zimmerman & Brewer
Mrs. C. .1. Odendahl and son. Will,
went to Kearney hist Saturday as
guests of Mr. Tiios. Inks and family.
John W. Lone is prepared to
make all Real Estate Loans on
short notice at lowest rates.
Wanted—20D head of cat' le to pas
ture. Plenty of live water Price 81.60
per head. Inquire at C.H Leinit ger's
furniture s‘ore.
C. E. Metier will sell wind mills and
towers at cost for the next thirty days,
to close out those on hand. See him
immediately, if in need of one.
Draper Bros, manufacture all their
harness m Loup City; they use the best
oak-tunne I leather, and guarantee their
h’lraesr. Patronize home industry.
□ Hive your furiitiri repairing and
upholstering done n< w. J. J. Condon,
first-class ui hoist erer. has arrived. All
work done at Marcy's dental building
My stock of guns, shells, catridges.
hunting c< ats. hats, legging and duck
calls is now complete. Come and see
me fur bargains. P. O Reed
M inday, Mrs. Gastever went to
Grand Inland to meet her two little
daughters on th«ir w»y home from
school at Columbus, returning with
them that evening
Lovers of good horses * i 1 lie inter
ested to know that that the ti e
stallion, Baseo B, owned by G A Curr>.
will make the season ..t the Bound
Front barn C dl and see him.
WAITED: District Managers to
post signs, advertise and distribute
samples. Salary 818.00 weekly, 83 00
per day for expenses. State age and
present employment. Ideal Shear
Co., 30 Ban b>lpli St.. Chicago.
Dr*. Davis & Farnsworth of Grand
fslasd, Neb., are prepared to treat all
forms of chronic dise is* s. such as Rheu
anati-ra. Stomach disorders. Tumors.
Cancers, IValvsis, Kidney diseases,etc.
The doctors use. besides melicineand
isurgery.the x-ray, hot air baths, e ec
>trifity and massage.
For barbed wire and bog wire, see
Draper Bros.
A. Kraz ini lias moved on his farm
near Ravenna.
Loans on Real Estate, call on
John W. Long.
Zimmerman & Brewer make farm
b>a< s at 6 per cent.
Good Round Oak office stoye for sale
Inquire at this office.
Fresh corn meal, graham anil buck
wheat at D. C. Grow’s.
Janies Bone has moved out on his
farm for the coming season.
Dick O’Bryan was home from his
r ilroad duties over last Sunday.
G. C. Bowman has moved into the
property vacated by Ed. Angier.
It yon want to buy or sell real
estate, call on John W. Long.
Born', to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gunn, of
Clay township, la«t Tuesday, a girl.
Mrs. E E. Ditto was quite ill last
Friday, but is better at present writing.
For Wash Machines, come and see
me. Prices from *3.75 to $6.50.
P. O. Reed.
A complete line of mens’ dress hats.
TbeLongDy leads them at Johnson &
Builders hardware and carpenter tools
at P. O. Reed’s. Prices as low as the
lowt st.
See Will Zimmerman for real estate
and insurance, second door east of St.
Elmo hotel.
Zimmerman & Brewer have some
suapi in town property for vale See
them quick.
Bring your harness to Draper Bros
and git them repaired and oiled before
the spring rush.
Clias. Greer, fireman on the U. P.,
has gone to Grand Island to be ex
amined for engineer.
Clarmce Sweetland was home over
last Sunday returning to Ins school
duti s Tuesday noon.
W. H. Boeckrer has opened up his
tailor shop opposite the St. Elmo hotel,
and now solicits i our patronage.
About ten days ago, Stewart Conger
took up a bay horse, blind in both eves.
Own< r will call and claim same.
Hayhurst is unloading a car o/
American woven w ire fence—tne best
fence on earth, price 20 cents per rod.
G, H Krock of Hazard was doing
business In the hub yesterday. He re
ports crop prospects the best in 23 years.
Draper Bros have placed an order of
8300 in stock food and dipping tanks
the past few days. Lawrence Smith ei
ders one tank through this firm
Florens Lakeman has bought the
D. D. Grow property occupied by John
Sac and will take possession of his new
h one as soon as vacated by Mr. Sac.
.las. Kantfrow. who was in to see us
vesterday says the ground is in the best
of sh ipe for crops, and was so before
these snows came, so f ir as this section
s concerned.
Ed. Angier Ins moved into the W. O.
Moon property, w here he will lemain
ti l the new telephone central building
is complet' d, when he will take charge
of the central, vice Dr. Kearns resigned.
See program of the musicale in an
other colum i, to be given at the opera
home, next week Friday evening under
i he auspices of the Industrial Circle of
the Presbyterian church, ana make
arrangements to artcn *.
The Presbyterian church service will
be held next Sunday morning at Society
Hall, instead of the German churh.
Sabbath-school wid meet at the same
place at d «se of service. There will
als > b" spechd music. All are cordially
inviiea to at end.
lhe iiianv friends Lawyer M. H.
Mathew will regret to learn lliat he Is
suffering from a severe case of la griope
which a ntines him to his room, and
that this m -rning lie is no berter. with
stomach trouble adding to his illness
We trust he may speedily recover.
We regret to learn of the death of
VIr. Richard Horton of Cherokee, Iowa,
a brother in-law of Mr. Jhs. Ren frow,
which ocenred at his home on the 8 li
iust. Mr. Horton will be remembered
as vismng here last f..l! on his way
home from Oregon, where he had been
in pursuit of health, which had been
foiling him for some time. *
The Royal Neighbors will g;ve a play
at t! e opera house tomorrow (Friday)
night, entitled ‘ Diamonds and lb arts.”
the pr »c-eds being for the benefit of
that good order The plav is of the
comedy iiiture. and we are assured it
1 will be given bv our home talent in
first-class shape. Give the play the
benefitof nur pa and attmd
□ The services of Dr. Toms, the evan
gelist, will cease at tnis point, this
evening, he finding it impractible to ie
main ijway longer from his pulpit at
Phillips. Ilowev. r. we understand the
home ministers will carry on the work
a week longer at leasr. I)r. Toms has
done a n 'hie work here. We *ill take
.wcasion next week to give a resume of
the meetings and sp ak of that gentle
man’s laliora.
Frank Daddow returned from the
hospital at Omaha last Thursday and
is rapidly recovering his former good
W R. Mellor returned to Lincoln.
Tuesday, from his trip to the Atlantic
const. Mrs. Mellor returned with him
as far us Indiana, where she stopped off
to visit relatives.
C C. Cooper went down to Austin
vesterdav to open his new gener 1
merchandise store at that place. It
mis been a much needed entei prise for
the people of that vicinity.
New phone* have been placed since
lasr report, in the residence of Her. L.
C. McEwen. E. 15. Corn'eg, Wm Bet s.
M. C. Mulick and A. Widstraud. and in
the general s'ore ol C C Cooper at
Mr. Walter Herrod of Fort CAIins.
Col, arrived here last Saturday on a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. J. P Leininger
and family, returning t» his home next
Monday. The Mesd lines Leininger
and Herrod are sisters Mr. Herrod
has been spending the winter in Kansas.
About noon on Monday of this week,
while Will Dolling, a young man of
2) years of age. «on of Mr. Henry
Dolling of Loup Cite, was'engaged in
digging holes for telephone poles, he
i nearly severed the big toe one one foot
while cutting through the frozen earth.
| No serious results are feared.
The Sherman County Telephone
I Company have put chased of Mrs \V.
; H. Conger 75x125 feet on the corner ot
the vacant lot just south ot the Round
Front barn, on which they will soon
begin the er ction of a new central
headquarters, mad- necessary by the
resignation of Dr. Kearns as manager
of the central hero.
A number <«f the kind-hearted aldies
of Loup City met at the home of Mrs.
\V. T. Gibson last Thursday afternoon,
and organized « “Relief Club’’ with
Mrs. J. F. Nicoson as president. The
ladies meet at their respective homes
! once in two weeks, taking their work
1 and the ten cen's for ch Titv, thus pass
! ing a social as well as benevolent after
The news came i.y wire. Tuesday,
tint a disastrous fire oecured at Xoith
Loup about 8 o’clock that morning,
entirely destroying tne postofiice. Bab
cock & Gowen’s general merchandise
store and Davis’ furniture store, the
buildings being entirely destroyed, but
most of the contents of the buildings
were saved. The total damage is
estimated at $35,00 ), partially covered
by insurance.
There wil' be an entertainment given
in District 72, familiarly called Prairie
Gem school house. Thursday evening.
March 29. under the management of
Ralph Emry. who teaches the school.
The programme will consist of a play,
songs, instrumental music, etc. Stewart
and A“hlev Conger will assist in the
programme, also Joseph Blaschke will
I* present with his Edison phonograph
The purpose of the entertainment is to
provide the school with a dictionary.
Come out and enjoy yourselves Ad
mission 15 cents.
Since S. F. Reynolds has re-taken
possession of his Pioneer meat market,
he lias had the interior re-painted, a
neat ice chest added tor his fish, a fine
rotary heef cutter, sausage staffer and
other necessajy appurten mces pur
chased and the shop looks more up to
'hite th in ever. His salesroom is hung
full of the finest corn-fed beeves, juicy
porkers, and in fact everything in tir
top shape for supplying his custom' r*
with the finest and juiciest of all kinds
of meats. Mr. Reynolds is riglr onto
his business in every way, and will
supply you with just what you want,
and every time von want it, too.
We received a pleasant call Tueesday
from our go >d frien 1, Carl de la Moite
of the west side of th • county, a<-com
pauied by Mr. Andrew I) mini, one of
the leading farmers of that section
Mr. Damm is hitihling a fine residence
on his farm, th- dimension* being
26x4o feet, two st tries, m ide necessary,
as Mr. Damm sav* by reason of his
rather large family. Mr. Damm adds
his name to our gro ing list of mailers.
Friend de la Motte informs ns that the
school in their district is c'osisl tor a
couple of wiets on account of the
tea-her. Miss Esther Newberg having
a genuine case of measles He also
-avs the people of Ravenna have re
covered from their scam about the main
line of the Ihnlington being put over
th«*n*w mute through Coup City and
the division station rem >ved to this
paint, bee ms; the road has re-eom
menced work put ting in extra stalls in
their round house, which was stoppe I
about the rime the sc ire commenced,
and with recovered assurance believe
the division will remain there. Ii
Ravenna got frightened tiefore it was
hurt, what will lie the condition of jts
people whea the It* luia b-come an es
tablished fact?
School Notice.
A class of beginners will he started
•luring the week beginning April 9th.
All parents v ho »ish to Mend their
children for the tlrst time will tend
them at ih-s time, as there will be but
one week during which they may enter.
It is r« commended that no child be sent
ho has notrpassed its sixth birthday.
R E Dale, Principal.
Shot at a Charivari Party.
Last Saturday night, or rather early
Sunday morning, while a party of
young men were enjoying tire rather
questionable pastime of charivaring a
young couple by the name of Johnson,
who were recently married at Omaha
and live some seven miles west of Loup
City, one of the party, by the name of
Felix Kowelewski, received the con
tents of a loaded shot gun at close
range, the wound being between the
elbow and shoulder of one arm, the
muscles and flesh Icing badly torn.
Wnile the wound is quite serious, no
fatal results may lie expected. Dr.
Long attended the wounded man. As
to how the shooting occured. none of
the interested parties will sav whether
it w is accidental or not. ^N'o arrests
have been made, however, and none
may lie expected
Death of Grandpa Foster.
E. M. Foster, whose death was re
ported in this paper 1 ist week, was 1 orn
Ap'il 11, 1828, at Bridgewater. Fenn
He died at Ord March 3,1900. He was
married toEmeiine Follet. June 3,1851,
at Montrose. Susqueliana county, Penn.
He enlisted in the war of the rebellion
during the latter daTS of that struggle
In 1882 he came to Valley county and
settled down in Pleasant valley. L iter
he moved to Ord where lie lus lived for
the past fourteen years. He «as the
father of six children, five of wli«>m are
still living. There are also 19 grand
children and four great grandchildren.
His was the second death in his faniily,
or among his children, grandchildren
or great-grandchildren. He lias a sur
viving brother 82 years old in Susque
lian» county, Penn. Such a record of
longlivity is not often to he found.—
Ord Quiz.
Walter Smith in California.
Whittier, Cdif, March 12.-Editor
Burleigh: We are having a lovely
time. We had a nice trip across the
mountains from Nebraska to the Coast,
with but little snow on the way. but
plenty since we got here, «Vhen we
got to Portland, across the hay from
San Franc'sco, »e went do n the
coast to Los Angeles along the Pacific
ocean Arriving at Los Angeles, we
immediately^lelt for Whittier. 21 miles
east and south This is .1 live town of
4,000 inhabitants, sin rounded liy a
beautiful country. It lies along the
foothills, which are as green as can be,
at the foot of which are the orange and
lemop ranches. I wish you Nebraska
people could see and pick the oranges
off the trees They are line and don't
taste like the ones we get back home.
There are also lots of English walnuts
here, but only get one crop of them a
vear. Lemons they pick every month
in the year, and you can r-ee them ripe,
green and in bloom 011 the same tree at
the same time There me two kinds of
oranges here, so von mav find oranges
on the tr*-es all the time. In any stage
of growth. The rancher-* are getting
good prices fur the‘r fruit at present
Naval oranges are paying from 8600 to
8700 per acre, and I know of peopie who
have been offered 81.200 per acre for
! their Valinclia oranges on the trees and
have refused. Orange and lemon
ranches are selling from 81,000 to 81,600
per acre There is abundance of oil
here. I have lieen up in the foothills
to the od wells. All of the steam is
made with oil. It is their fuel. The
railroads aise oil instead of coal. M,
aunt, where we are visiting, uses
gasoline for cooking purposes, but there
is no need tor lieai ing stoves. We have
the windows opep just as we do in
summer in Nebraska. We have visited
at two d beach resorts—New
port and Long Beach, and it is fine to
see the old Pacific, with water as tar as
the eye can see. We leave southern
California tomorrow night for San
Francisco, thence to the northern part
of the state. VVe had no idea of stav
ing here as long as we have, but it is a
good place to be in. Well, I will close
for tins time. There is so much to
» rite about that it is impossible to give
even a faint conception of the grandeur
! of this country nnd so will wait till I
; cat* tell it by word of moutli. after I get
' home. As a postscript, will add. we
! never lelt letter nor had better
' appetites in our lives than now.
Walter E. Smith.
Garpenter and Contractor
Your jmtromge solicited, either
| ou ewiitract or by the day.
Baptist Church Director*.
Ev< rv Sunday.
j Morning services.10:30 am
Sunday School .11 :30 a m
B. Y. P. L\ . 6:30 p m
Evening services . 7:30 pm
and 8:00 in the summer months.
Mid-week prayer meetings every Wednesday
night et 7:30 to 8:00 p. m.
Prayer meetings are held in the parsonage
during winter months.
The Ladies' Aid Society meeison Wednesday
| at 2:30 p. m. H .S. Wold. Fastor.
.land office notice.
i Land Office at Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 26, 1906.
| Notice is hereby given that the tollowing
gamed settler has filed notice of his intention
to nia^e final prpgf in support of his claim, and
fchgt said proof will be made before J. A. An
gier, poggty a|t Loup City, JJeb f on April
3, 1006. Fi*i
William Og|«,
Hd. No. 1T7W. for the pt) of seH Sep. (0, T*p
14, B. 14 W., 0 P. M , Sherman oounty.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: John Vandergrtft, of Austin
Neb.; John Needham, of Austin, Neb.; William
Hancock, of Austin, Neb.; Perry Hayes, of
Austin, Neb. W. A. Ouui, Begister.
Last pub. March S.
For a Drayman
Send a messenger for;
J. W. Conger
He will pay the fee
Professions. Cards
Attorney & Connselor-at-Lav
(Office: Kikst National Bank)
Loup City, Nebr.
Attorney and Cjnnselcr-at-Law
Practices in all Courts
Loup City. Neb.
Office, Over New Bank.
Physician end Surgeon
Office at Telephone
Residence. Connection
Jft. //. mllE.iD
Bonded Abstracter
Loup City, - Nebraska.
Oul v set of Abstract books in county
Are You Going to
Build a Fence?
If so. do von know that the PAGE is
DOUBLE the tensile strength of the
common fence wire of same size, and
requires fewer posts, has the spring coil
to keep fence tight over hill and thro’
hollow. If you want the b' st fence in
the world, see me, diop me a card or
phone G 12 and get prices
L. N. SMITH, Agt.
And the Public!
The St. Elmo Livery Barn
Is under a new management. Give
me a trial and if you have any
thing good to say, say it to
others; if you have
any complaint, make it to
me. Others can’t riaht my
mistakes, but I can and will. Respt.,
T. B.Gi 1 bert. Prop.
phone, wo.
Grive Us a Trial
Round Front Barn,
J. H. MINER- Props
Loup City, - Nebr.
finest Livery Kigs, careful drivers
Headquarters ior farmers’ teams <'om
mercial men's trade given especial ati
tei tion. Your patronage solicited.
J, S. CASADA, Propr.
Having recently taken possession of
the B. T. Snyder barn and
re-fitted and re-fur
nished the same
• with
Best of Livery Rigs
l an) prepared to give
Beat of Service
Give me a trial. Good feed barn
in connection. Tbe traveling public
are especially invit-d to give us a
share of their patronage.
Ladies 1
r 'vs
Best and Mo3t Stylish Shoe made. Try a pair and you
will always buy them.
joppsop & LOPEPTZ
Do You Want
' © Town Lots for sioo
QQ Town Lots for 400
or an 80 Acres for 800
If so, Enquire of
W. R. Mellor
Blacksmith $ Wagon Maker
M; shop la the largest and best equipped north of the Platte Ulver
I have a four horse engine and a complete line of the latest improved, ma
ebliiery, also a force of experienced men who know bow to operate it and
tnrn out a job with neatness and dispatch.
High Gfade Orgap
Manufactured by the
At Factory Prices
Delivered in your town.
•you Pay $5 Gash
apd $1 Pep Week
50 Per Cent Off on Retail Prices
Ask for Catalogue and P-rices of the Factory Distributors,
Omaha, Ueb.
The Big Piano and Organ House.
Call and
see my
Also, a Complete Line of
Pumps, Etc.
Also, dp a general line of Well Work. ^
T- N1- PEED, Loup City f