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    Loup City Northwestern
V —----- -■■■ -
Entered at the Loup City Postofflee lor tranc*
mission through the mails as second
claas matter.
Office’Phone, - - - Rll
Residence ’Phone. - - G15
.1. W. BURLEIGH. Ed. and Pub.
Displat Spac*—Rates furnished upon ap
Local Notices—Five cents per Jine for
each insertion Notices set in black face type
double the above rate. All notices will be run
until ordered out when time is not specified.
Notices of entertainments, concerts, lec
tures. suppers, etc., where an admtssion fee is
charged, or a momentary interest involved,
five w nts per line each insertion.
Card of Thanks. 60 cents.
Resolutions of respect and condolence, $1.00,
In memoriam poetry, five cents a line.
Announcements of church services, lodge,
society and club meetings and all public
gatherings where not conducted for revenue,
will be published free.
Profession at Cards
Attorney wd tooebit-Liw
Practices in all Courts
Loup City, Neb.
robtTp. s tarr
•II. II. •1IE,1D
Bonded Abstracter
Loup City, - Nerraska.
(July set of Abstract books in county
Physician and Surgeon
Office at Telephone
Residence. Connection
Office, Over New Bank.
OFFICE: Fast Side Public Square.
s. A. ALLEN.
Office up stairs in the new State
Hank bmlding.
5 5
Tie St Elmo Livery Bam
Js under a new management. Give
me a trial and if you have any
thing good to say, say it to
others; if you have
any complaint, make it to
me. Others can’t right my
mistakes, but I can and will. Respt.,
T.E. Gilbert, Prop.
Give Us a Trial
Round Front Barn,
J. H. MINER. Props
Loup City, - Nebr.
(OpjKMsite Northwestern Office)
* Finest Livery Rigs, careful drivers*
Headquarters ior farmers’ teams Com
mercial men’s trade given especial at
^ tu ition. Your patroflage solicited.
Poland China Swine
Bred and Owntd by
Telephone LOUP CITY,
Connection NEBRASKA.
' FOR SALE:—23 Choice Spring Boars
r and one yeailing boar, siied by Memo
Butler, 86885.
Republican County Convention.
LOUP Citt. Nebr. July 17. 1905.
Tbe Republican electors of Sherman county.
Nebraska, are hereby requested to -send,
delegates from their respective townships to1
meet in convention at Loup City, Nebraska.
Monday. Aug. 28th. 1905, at 11 o'clock a. m. for
the purpose of electing delegates to the
Republican State convention for the year 190ft
to elect a county central committee and the
chairman thereof, and to place in nomination a
candidate for county treasurer, county clerk,
sheriff. Judge, Superintendent, surveyor and
coroner. Also to transact such other business
as may properly come before said convention.
The several townships are entitled to
representation as follows: the apportionment
being based upon the vote cast at the last
general election for President Roosevelt, giv
ing each township one delegate for every ten
votes or major fraction thereof and one
delegate at large:
Oak Greek. 3 Logan. 6
Washington. 7 Elm.4
Webster. 6 Loup City.23
Ashton.8 Rockville.6
Clay. 6
Scott. 4 Hazard.6
Bristol . 5 —
It is recommended that no proxies be
allowed, and that the delegates present from
each of the respective townships be authorized
to cast the full vote of their delegation and
that the primaries be held at tbe usual voting
place in each township on Saturday. August
26th. 190ft.
By order of the Republican Central Com
mittee. W. R. Mellor. Chairman.
R. P. Stark, Secretary.
Institute Notes.
Supt. Lett, of Juniata, was an institute
visitor Friday.
Deputy State Superintendent. E. C. Bishop,
visited the institute for a short time Thursday,
and made an inspiring talk to the teachers.
A large number of the ladies of Loup City
visited the work of the model school and all
expressed themselves as highly pleased with
the primary work of Mrs. Geislar.
President Smith of the St- Paul Business
and Normal College, addressed the teachers at
the opening exercises Friday morning. His
talk was practical, to the point and filled
with helpful suggestions.
Tne teachers of the county are generally
well pleased with the work of the model 4chool
under Mrs. Geislar. The work in beginning
reading and numbers was carefully illustrated
step by step and the older teachers as well as
beginners profited by it.
Supt. R. M. Thomson of Ravenna, made
many friends among the teachers here last
week. His affability of manner combined with
clear cut mastery of his subjects compelled
keeh interest and attention. Mr. Thomson
leaves publis school work and enters law. and
he certainly can engage in his new work with
the pleasantest memories of his last week's
work ac a "Professor ”
We. the teachers of Sherman county, in
Institute assembled, do adopt the following
Resolved: That we extend our heartiest
congratulations to our Superintendent for his
successful efforts to give us a helpful and
enjoyable Institute, and that we thank him for
his untiring zeal and abiding interest in tbe
school work and commend him for his success
ful efforts in raising the standards of the
educational work of Sherman county.
That we sincerely thank Prof. Searson for
his helpful -suggestions and the inspiration
which we have received from his lectures. We
feel that he has raised the standard of our ;
profession and inspired us to greater efforts in |
our work, and that the public also appreciate
his work by the expressions of approval after
hearing his lecture, "Almost A Man."
That we express our appreciation for the
able work of Prof. Thomson and for his
kindness in taking up the instructron of music.
The teachers appreciate his honesty and
sincerity of purpose and his excellent work at
this Institute.
That we extend our thanks to Mrs. Geislar
for her intensely interesting Model work in the
Primary department and congratulate Supt
Hendrickson for establishing tbs Model class
and securing so able and efficient an instructor, j
That we thank Dr. Long for his able address
on School Hygiene: and express our appreci- !
ation of Rev. Wold’s interesting and inspiring
review of Dr. Cornwell's famous lecture. "Acres
of Diamonds," and for his words of encourage
ment in our work, and that we express our
thanks to Mrs. Starr and Miss Zimmerman for
the beautiful instrumental music and the
lovely solo with which we were entertained
previous to the lecture.
That we thank the Board of Education for
the use of the school building.
That a copy of these resolutions be presented
to each of the Loup City newspaper* for pub
Loup City
Francis Sweetland Nellie Draper
Lovie E. Cook Mary A. Hendrickson
Minnie Lofholm Minnie Gilbert
Ella Kornrumph Rosa E. Rowe
Henry C. Young May Bone
Lena Smith Minnie Hickman
D. VY. McCombs Bertha Mead
L. F. Sweetland J. J. Parkhurst
Grace Kay Fritz Lescbinsky
Ida Draper Josie John
Bertha John Edith Henry
Pearle Needham Adeline Leininger
Nettie Conger Blanche Bennett
J. F. Nicoson Vergie Brown
Bertha Daddow Nellie Chase
Zua Reed Minnie Knight
Inez Fisher Verda Johnson
Mamie Anderson Rae Harris
Byrdee Needham Ralph Emry
North Loup
Venus Negley Anna Anderson
Ida Carpenter Laura Brammer
Josie Talbot Bertha Fletcher
Bessie McDowell Goldie Bellinger
Add.vs Lant Hilda Nordstrom
Lillie Bellinger Jeanie Todd
Rhoda Whitman
Sina Ladegard Edith Chapman
Iva Cross Fanny Halbeisen
Ethel Pearson Ellis Hayes
Lulu Spaur Jennie Benson
* Hazard
Mabel Roberts Bessie Hand
Clara Iseon Vuela Lund
Madge Holmes Mary Screen
Elizabeth Coulter Marie Coulter
Fanny Holmes Freda Holmes
Clara Bly. Schaupp
Rebecca Debord. St. Paul
Lulu M. Tucker, Kearney
Albert Suase, Beaver Crossing
Esther Newberg. Sweetwater
Anna Dozark, Grand Island
Ella Iuscho, St. Joseph. Mo.
Hannah Johnson, Abbot, Nebr.
Josie Polski. Ashton
An exchange seems to have dis
covered the long lost eleventh com
mandment. It reads: “Etnas rof
yltpmorp yap uotat sselnu repapswen a
daer ton tlahs uoht.” The command
ment is etsily translated by beginning
at the end of the sentence and reading
( all for Special Meeting.
George II. Gitaon, County Clerk of
Sherman County, Nebraska.
Sir: You are hereby requested to
call a special meeting of the County
Board of Supervisors of Sherman Coun
ty, Nebraska, to convene on Monday,
August the 21st, 1905, at the court
bouse in Loup City, Nebraska, for the
purpose of considering and taking
action upon the question of the appli
cation of W. li. Mellor, asking for a
peremptory mandamus from the Su
preme Court of the state of Nebraska,
to the effect that their action of June
14 lfyJ5, granting relief to the petition
ers of four Townships in said Sherman
county, from an unequitable taxation,
and to take such other steps as they
may deem necessary in the matter
pursuant to law.
Dated this 71 It day of August, 1905.
D. C. Grow,
W, o. Brown,
R. M. Hiddelson.
A Good Show Coming.
Our citizens are to have an oppor- j
tunity of seeing a first class show.
Cook & Barrett will pitch their tents
in Loup City on Tuesday, August 22 and
give two performances, one at 2 in the j
afternoon and 8 in the evening. They
will arrive on their own special train
and give a grand street parade m the
forenoon and a free exhibition on!
the show grounds immediallv afttr the
the parade. The press sneaks very
highly of this show where they have
exhibited. The Midland (Mich) Re
publican says: “The circus. Cook &
Barrett's, brought a good crowd to
town Monday. The street parade was
very good and the show the best in its
line that has appeared here in several i
Ashton News.
Harvesting is about done
R. A. Wilson has bought a new thresh
; ing machine.
L N. Currier las rented the Wick
man farm for next year.
Miss Way went to Omaha the first of
the week, where she will nurse.
Wedding t»ells will be ringing here
before many weeks. Keep a look out.
Miss Thompson of Loup City, will :
teach the intermediate and Miss.Josiej
Polski of Ashton, the primary grade
Mr. L. N. Currier is principal of the
Asbt*n schools for the coming year, j
He comes highly reecom mended from !
several schools in South Dakota.
M isses Carrie Covey and Addie Shan
strom of St. Paul, visited Mrs. T. D.
Wilson, over Sunday of last week, j
They visited the park while here and
were delighted with it.
Messrs. T. D. Wilson and H. Smelser
returned from the Portland Exposition
Friday evening, after a five weeks' trip. j
They returned by way of California,
visiting one ot Mrs. Wilson’s sisters at
Ocean Park; also stopping at Los
Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco.
Salt Lake, Denver and many other
places in the west, but came to the
conclusion that Nebraska is the best i
place on earth after all.
Jenner’s Park is the finest place in
this section of the country for picnic
parties and entertainments of a like
character, Mr. Jenner will make satis
factory arrangements with those desir
ing the use of the park for such purposes
Notice to «on-Resident Defendant.
! l n the District Court in and for Sher
man County. Nebraska.
| To Walter Cook:
You are hereby notified that on the!
17th day of July, 1905, Lovie Cook
i filed her petition* against you in the
| District Court of Sherman County,
j Srate of Nebraska, the object and
j prayer of which are to obtain a divorce
I from you on the grounds of Habitual
I Drunkenness.
You are required to answer said
j petition on or before the 4th day of
I September, A. D. 1905.
Lovie Cook, Plaintiff.
lly her attorney, R P. Staku.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
State of Nebraska, i
Sherman County. 1
The Kansas National Loan Company, the
International Loan and Trust Company, and
D. S. Fletcher, first real name unknown,
defendants, will take notice that, on the 27th
day of July. 1905. Arminius P. Culiey. plaintiff.
Hied his petition in the District Court of Sher
man county, Nebraska, against said defendants
impleaded with Oliver S. Mason, the object
and prayer of which are to foreclose a tax lien
upon the southwest quarter of section fourteen,
in township sixteen, north of range fifteen,
west of sixth principal meridian, situate in
Sherman county, Nebraska: said tax lien being
based upon the sale of said land to Pettibone
and Nixon by the county treasurer of said
county for the delinquent and unpaid taxes
levied on said land for the years 1844. 1895. 1896
and 1897. for the sum of $78.75, and on which
tax sale certificate No. 308 was issued, dated
May 8th. 1899. That said Pettibone and Nixon
thereafter paid the taxes on said land for the
years 1898, 1899. 1900, 1901. 1902 and 1903. and on
Nov. 23rd, 1904, sold and assigned said certifi
cate and subsequent taxes to said plaintiff.
That plaintiff thereafter paid the taxes on said
land for the year 1904. and that there is now
due the plaintiff on his said tax Uen the sum of
1196.78 with interest at twenty per cent per
annum for two years, and thereafter at ten per
cent, which will amount to the sum of $298.81
on the first day of the next term of said court.
Plaintiff prays that an accounting may be had
of the amount due on his said tax lien, that
each and all of said defendants be required to
set up their lien or interest in said premises or
be cut off, that plaintiff's lien be decreed to be
the first and beat lien, and that said premises
be sold to satisfy said tax lien and the costa of
suit, including attorney's fee of ten per cent of
the amount found due by the court and for
general relief.
You are required to answer said i»etition on
or before the eleventh day of September. 1906.
Dated this 27th day of July. 1906.
Arminius P. Gullet Plaintiff.
By R J. Nightingale, his attorney.
(Last pub. Aug. 24.) •
A. P. CULLEY, President. W. F MASON, Cashier.
OF Loup city.
General Banking Business Transacted.
! t %
We Make Farm Loans at Six Per Cent.
We Negotiate Real Estate Loans.
We Huy, Rent and Sell Real Estate for Non-Residents.
Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. Y.
Omaha National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.
Here are some good prices on good goods:
The Best Kitchen Cabinet made for. .87-50
A two-part Mattress, that is a dream. .. .87.25
A guaranteed Sewing Machine, with more points of aq •r rw/k
superiority than any on the market.epOO.UU
Iron Beds from.$2.50 tO $14.00
An elegant full size Expansion Rod for.. .. . 15 cents
Don't forget that I have the largest stock of
Picture Moulding in the county.
(Successor to W D. Hover & Co. dealers in)
Updeptakipg and /\ft Goods
Tit Dili Bib i
cook * BUFFETT’S
Combined Shows
And Lent’s Trained AnimaCExhibition
Menagerie, Hippodrome and Museum
Will Exhibit at
c\ *
_. - . . ■ • ■
* Performances Dailv. zi 2 & 8 p *•
oaei» t»nft earfia*
loop tin
Presenting More New Acts and
Startling Features Than
Ever Before.
A Multitude of
Marvelous Sensations
A Royal Treupe of
Wondrous Japanese
in astounding feats.
A Whole Family of
Fearless Aerialists
No Time-worn Acts
Every Act and Every
Feature New and Novel
We have the
Greatest Clowps, Leapefs,
Tumblers, Lady Gymnasts, Contortionists, Wire Walkers, Jug
glers, Aerial Artists, and the Greaterst Military Band.
Group of Performing Quadrupeds
Famous Riders, Male and Female Champions, Bounding Jockey
Hurdle Riding, Platoons of Clowns.
MflTYlTYintVl \1pT1i)(rnrip Performing Elephants, Lions, Tigers
iTlctIlllllULIl iucllagcilc and Leopards, executing the most novel
and marvelous feats and tricks. Grand Free Street Parade in the morning.
Grand new free exhibition on the show ground immediately after the parade.
Two Performances Daily. Doors open at 1:00 and 7:00 p. m. Performances
commence one hour later. Remember the date. Excursions on all lines of travel
I Without Driver or Sul key at the State Fair Every Day,
The YV onderful Trotting Steer,
Hitched to a Sulky, goes against time at the
Sept. 4th. to 8th., 1905
Fare, one trip, plus 50 cents, for round trip,
including one admission to Fair.
B. & M. Elevators
Coal for Sale al Loan City aM Asia. Will Bay
Call and see our coal and get prices on grain.
John Solmes
Steel Ranges, Cook Stoves,
Tinware, Screen Doors,
Hammocks, Lawn Mowers
Guns and Ammunition. Carry a full line of guaranteed.
Paints, Linseed and Machine Oils.
Loup^Gity, - Nebraska
Call on T. M. REED for Buggies, Wagons,
and Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Blacksmith §> Wagon Maker!
My shoo is the largest and best equipped north of the Platte River
I have a four horse engine and a complete line of the latest improved, ma
chtnery, also a force of experienced men who know how to operate it and
turn ont a job with neatness and dispatch.
nent Teachers. Thorough Collegiate and Academic Courses. Graduates
from our Normal Courses receive STATE CERTIFICATES. Superior
Commercial, Shorthand, Typewriting and Telegraphy Departments. Best
Advantages m Music, Expression and Art TENT BOOKS FREE.
Tuition Low. Board at rates that will surprise you. Delighted Patrons.
Growing Attendance. Students Hold Good Positions. Catalogue Free.
Correspondence Invited. Fall Term opens Sept. 18, 1905.
Address: WM. E. SCHELL, Pres., York, Neb,
V*. . • *
• - %