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    P. 0. REED.:
THURSDAY, SEPT. 22, 1904.
Iiooal Dews.
Phone the news to us.
See D. C. Grow for Best Flour.
W. D. Hover & Co. have all kinds of
oil cloth.
See T M. Reed for Windmills and
well work.
Judge Wall went to Omaha on busi
ness Monday.
A One line of cutlery just received
at P. O. Reed’s.
Jim Bayne has rented the John
Daddow cottage.
Every housekeeper wants best flour
in the market. D. C. Grow keeps it,
W. D. Hover, Embalmer and Fu
neral Director. Ready day or night.
Mrs, A. T. Conger and children have
returned from their delightful Iowa
visit. *
Photos half price at Boone’s and a
medallion picture free with each half
Mrs. A. L, Throckmorton and chil
dren were over from Greeley county
visiting friends last week.
The City Bakery handles Cass Broth
ers’ (Aurora) bread, received fresh
every day. Give us a trial.
Herman Jung.
Quite a number of Loup City people
attended the Carnival at Ravenna last
week. Guess twenty-five would not
exceed the number.
Notice is hereby given that I will not
allow hunting on my farm this fall, as
last fall people did not respect crops or
gardens, but drove any direction thro'
with teams. H. Dolling.
Robert Mathew returned to his
studies at the State University last
Friday. Robert stands well up in his
classes, and we predict he will go thro’
the University and graduate with high
Lon Zink is using a pair of crutches
since his return from Lincoln where
he took his nephew last week. It seems
that the boy became alarmed while
enroute over supposed enemies after
him, and Lon received a severely
sprained knee in trying to quiet him.
Drs. Davis & Farnsworth of Grand
Island, Neb., are prepared to treat all
forms of chronic diseases, such as Rheu
matism, Stomach .disorders, Tumors,
Cancers, Paralysis, Kidney diseases,etc.
The doctors use. besides medicine and
surgery, the x-ray, hot air baths, elec
tricity and massage.
J. M Bay, Optician, was here the
15th at the St. Elmo Hotel. He is a
graduate of the Jackson Optical College
Jackson, Michigan. Will visit this
city every month. Carefully exam
ines eyes and fitting lenses. Changes
whenever needed. Those needing his
care should call and him. The chil
dren should be sent to him, If eyes are
W. H. Kennedy the jolliest old bach
elor in the west, or anywhere else in
this wide, wide world, for that matter,
returned to Loup City last Thursday
evening, after a summer’s absence in
Ohio and other states. We are sorry
to learn, however, that he will be with
us only for a short time, as he has
bought a farm at his old haunts, near
Columbus, McKinley state, and expects
to return there to live. That’s a mean
Irish trick the colonel has played in
so doing.
Work on the Hansen & Fletcher
and Draper Brothers brick block has
begun in earnest The bank part will
be 23x100 feet, two stories high, the low
er story for the bank proper, and the
upper for offices. Draper Brothers
will have 27 feet frontage on Main
street by 100 feet back. They had in
tended also building two stories, the
Odd Fellows taking the upper story,
but their constitution being prohibitive
unless owning the location whereon the
building may be situated, they could
not receive a dispensation, hence the
Messrs. Draper will make their build
ing only one story for the present.
A letter from Henry Eisner dated at
Dubois, Wyo, Sept. 10 says: “We are
now withiu 20 miles off onr hunting
grounds. This town is within 100 miles
of Thermopolis. I hope when I come
back I can say I have killed an elk.
I tell you crossing the Bad Lands is
something terrible, and all I care for is
to go fc»2k over that road once more
This will be the last letter till I start
borne again. The mountains are
heavily covered with snow. My health
is good and I feel a hundred times
stronger.” Under date of Sept. 18th,
he writes further: “We are camping
on the north fork of Wind River. The
finest fishing you ever saw. Trout three
times a day. We have joined a party
of half-blood Indians, win are out with
fifteen pack ponies after their winter
meat. They are a nice lot of fellow*
and will give us our choice of elk heads
the meat being all they want We are
going after elks on the 15th We hunt
off our horses. Wearesureof elks and
antelopes also. Antelope up here run
Hay Staker rope at P. O. Reed’s.
Buggies and Wagons. T. M. Reed
sells them.
Try Ludlow Coal, for sale by Lenin
ger Lumber Co.
Northern Milling Co.’s mill stuffs on
sale by D. C. Grow. Try them.
Miss Lucy Grow is learning the art
preservative in the Times office.
Banker Culley has rented the Zim
merman cottage lately occupied by
| Carsten Truelsen.
Dr. Sumner Davis,Grand Island, Neb.,
specialist in disease of eye and ear.
Examination for glasses.
Mrs. W. M. Sraelserof Rockville in
vites you to call and see her complete
new’ line of winter millinery. 44-3
For Sale-Pure-bred Poland China
pigs and high-grade Shorthorn bulls.
See Lawrence Smith for particulars.
Don t forget that Boone the Photog
raper will make photos at half price for
the next few weeks,-and a medallion
picture goes free with each half dozen.
Miss Edna Williams writes from
Dannebrog. where she is teaching the
coming year, to send the Northwest
ern that she may learn the news from
Wanted.—Agents (merchants, farm
ers or professional men to sell pianos.
No experience necesary. Big induce
ments offered. Write tor particulars.
G. A. CraHcer Co., Lincoln, Neb.
The editor's wife returns thanks to
several Loup citv ladies for delightful
rides in their carriages and surreys,
the latest being Mrs. H. M, Mathew
and Mrs. C. C. Cooper, in there fine
An old man, named Hans Rasmussen,
aged 68 years, committed suicide by
hanging himself at his home in Danne*
brog, Monday morning of this week.
Despondency over continued ill health
was supposed to be the cause.
Please take notice that all members
of the Ladies of the Grand Army of
the Republic are requested to be pres
ent at their hall Saturday, Sept 24th, as
there is business of importance to be
transacted. Meet at 2:30 sharp.
Our new’real estate man II. M. Smith,
has secured office accommodations
with Judge Wall. He is a hustler and
judging from his energetic way of do
ing things he is going to make a success
in the real estate business.
Logan Hillegas, employed at the
Round Front barn, got too near the rear
anatomy of a bronco, Sundav, and the
force of the contact rendered him
hors(e) du combat. The broncs seem
to have it in for Happy Hooligan,
A. W. Throckmorton writes to
change the address of his paper from
Ericson to the new postofflce, Home
stead, in Greeley county. A W. closes
his request with “Rah for the G. O. P.
(God’s Own People) and for Joe Ped
ler.” That’s what we are doing.
Next Sunday the Methodists dedicate
their new church building at Wiggle
Creek, and quite a number of our peo
p'e expect to attend the ceremoni s
Services will be held at 11 a. m. and at
2:30 p. m. Morning services will be
followed by baptismal service and re
ception of members. Dedicatory ad
dress m the afternoon by Elder Crane
iollowedby dedtcaiion of church. All
invited and take lunches along.
Next Sunday is Rev. Madely’slast
Sunday here before conference, and
may be the closing of the last year of
his labors among u<*. will be
too bad, as he has proven one of the
brainiest preachers we ever heard, as
well as one of the best orators. If we
were one of the head-push of the Meth
odist church,we would have h:s return,
if we had to interview the bishop with
a shotgun as a persuader, and double
the salary, for he h well worth it, and
then some.
Dr. S. A. Allen our popular dentist,
expects to leave for Chicago the last of
the week, to perfect himself in his
chosen profession in the dental depart
ment of the Northwestern University.
He will continue his studies until
spring, when he will return and resume
his profession. Dr. Allen is one of the
rising young dentists in the state and
belieyes in up-to-date methods In the
practice of his profession, and has had
splendid success during his stay
among us We are glad to announce
the doctor’s intention of returning
here in the spring. We wish him suc
cess in his studies.
There is one traveling ra«n who will
cancel future visits to Loup City at
least for a season. He might have
been innocent and guileless, but that
will never save him for “butting in.’
The tragic tale unfolds in all its hideous
ness as follows. He was standing in
a Model restaurant in our city, when a
prominent Belle, accompanied by a
Growiug young man entered and en
gaged the urbane front-row proprietor
in a conversation relating to a long felt
want—it supper time. As they left the
food dispensatory, the t. m. inquired if
the couple were husband and wife,
with a woe-begune-widower look in his
pale pink eyes. “I should say not,” was
the response. “Of course not,” returned
the p. p. eyed t. m, “I should Jmve
known better; any one could see she
was the kid’s mother.” [Slow curtain.
Guns and Ammunition at P. O.
Mrs. J. W. Lee of St. Paul is visiting
in the city.
O. K.Wasli Machine’s at P. O. Reed’s.
They are O. K.
Judge Munn was up from Hazard on
business, yesterday.
Rock Springs and Laveta Coal for
sale by Leninger Lumber Co.
Clint Outhouse left for St. Louis last
Saturday to visit the exposition.
Dont forget Reynold’s Pioneer Mar
ket for the best and juciest meat*.
Bids for grading the streets are be
ing advertised by the village board.
W. D. Hover & Co. are closing out
some stock food and remedies at cost.
S. S. Hover left last Thursday to
join his wife, who is visiting in Illinois.
Do you read The Northwestern?
If not, w hy not? Less than 2c per week
Mrs. T. S. Nightingale and daughter
Florence returned from a visit to Iowa
last wreek.
For Si»le.—Forty head of Poland
China pigs, of both sexes. A. O. Huff
Arcadia, Neb.
Jake Biemond has accepted a posi
tion with S F. Reynolds in the Pioneer
Meat Market
Yes, the children must have shoes.
Swanson & Smith have good, honest
values in footwear,
We want a load or two of cobs, and
we want them bad. Who will bring
us in one or two loads?
W. S. Waite is assisting tne surveyor
in his work these days. Wilber is one
of the best ytility men we ever met.
For Sale.—Poland China pigs. Call
on or address Thos. Burton, six miles
southwest of Loup City, on Cob Creek
Mrs. Clint Outhouse is visiting
friends in Illinois. She will return by
the way of St. Louis and visit the ex
position .
Nowr the sand burrs are bad. Take
a look at the high-topped shoes for men
and boys at Swanson & Smith’s Cash
Shoe Store.
Vandals are reported to have been
destroying the new cement walks be
ing put down. W. H. Morris had his
walk b*dly damaged by them.
Itae Northwestern acknowledges
pleasant calls, during the Baptist asso
ciation meeting, from [Reverends D. S.
Hulbert of Taylor, and T, S. Smith
state evangelist, with headquarters at
Several loads of Loup City people pic
nicked at the river, Sunday. One of
the pleasant pastimes, we learn, was
wading in the river, which may account
for the rarifled atmosphere about the
city Monday.
While taking a boat ride on the river;
Sunday, two Loup Cityites were dis
cussing the fact of a boat always over
turning to the right, when suddenly the
theory and occupants were upset to the
left and le#t in seme four feet of thor
oughly leavened and not altogether
lovely Loup river mud and moisture.
The solution solved the question-and
the discussion whs not resumed It
was c Starr performance.
While driving at a brisk trot, Sun
day afternoon, with Lawyers Mathew
and Starr in tiie buggy, Mr. Mathew's
fine buggy team became disengaged
from the vehicle by the tugs getting
loosed, the tongue dropping and break
ing, overturning the buggy, throwing
both occupants violently to the ground,
Mr. Starr underneath, with Mr. Ma
thew on top. While Mr. Mathew es
caped uninjured, Mr. Starr was quite
severely bruised about the hips, neces
sitating the use of crutches. However,
the meteoric descendency of that par
ticular Starr is not permanent. No
damage was done the team which was
soon caught. Later, we learn that with
the exception that the tugs did not be
come unhitched until after the tongue
fell and broke, that Starr fell on Ma
thew and the buggy on Starr, and a few
other little inaccuracies, the first report
is substantially correct, but we couldn’t
tear the item to pieces for such minor
corrections. We have, however, killed
the reporter.
Does advertising pay has been much
discussed in our city of late, pro and
con; tbe con by at least two married
men. A few days since, this office
turned out some circulars of an adver
tising naturfe for a mercantile firm,
which, together with a necessary arti
cle for a lady's toilet, were enclosed in
bulky envelopes, and addressed to the
sex for whom were most appropriate.
These enyelnpes when taken from the
postoffice developed so much latent cu
riosity among the assembled male bi
peds that shredded envelopes were soon
numerous about them and disclosed the
contents to their view, which mental
calculation not being able to evolve how
one could cover two resolved into a
game of giveaway and "jefflng” until
two of tbe aforesaid were left without
either a right or left to be mated and
the wrath of their mates to be appeased
later, proving games of chance are of
ten two-edged swords, cutting both
ways It was another Starr perform
ance, in which John’s son also partici
pated. Bat we draw tbe curtain.
Choicest hams at Reynold’s.
Rev Kennedy is on the sick lisl.
J. O. Bayne, brother of our Jim, was
up from Aurora this week.
Mrs. W. O. Brown and son left for
Illnois on Tuesday to visit relatives
and friends.
W. D. French and wife ana Fritz
Johansen and wife are taking in the
exposition at St. Louis.
Hemple Jones has returned from
Ravenna where he went aftei taking
in the Broken Bow races.
Resolutions adopted by the Baptist
association received too late for this
week. Will be published next.
Reynold’s Market is the best place In
this section of the country for good,
wholesome meats—beef, pork, mutton,
veal—everything of the best.
County Attorney Pedler went out to
Colorado last week to visit his wife
and daughter, who are sojourning there
on account of the latter’s health.
Wanted.—A man to work on my stock
farm near Loup City. German pre
ferred. Steady employment to right
man. Lawrexce Smith.
The Sherman county Sunday school
convention will meet at Litchfield,
about the 18th of October next. Promi
nent workers will be in attendance.
The Baptists are holding revival ser
vices, commencing this week Monday
evening, and much interest Is manifest
Mrs Adair, a lady evangelist is in
W. F. Mason and wife and Miss
Edna Minshul returned home Monday
evening. Mr Mason has been absent
for two months and says it good to be
home again.
Dr. W. L. Marcy left this morning
for a ten days’ visit to Chicago and
Sterling, 111., thence to St. Louis to at
tend the exposition. He is accom
panied by his little son, Charley.
A bevy of high school girls stated to
us last Saturday evening that they
liked their new principal ever so well.
They say he is very strict, but very
kind. Two good qualities in the school
Dave Depew returned irom Arcadia
Monday. He brought into this office
samples of apples from the Peter’s
farm, 12 miles northwest of Loup City
that beat anything we have seen so far
ihis year. Th*y are something hard
to excel,
II. M. Hughes of Elm township was
in the city last Friday, interviewing
Dr. Marcy over a capricious molar anrd
meeting his friends. He is a strong
Roosevelt man and a reader of the
Northwestern for the future and
is all right.
N. B. Thompson baought to this of
fice, yesterday, samples of so-called
Egyptian corn, the ears being 18 Inches
in length, the kernels of dark blue col
lor and double the size of ordinary corn.
Mr. Thompson says they make the fin
est of stock food.
Surveyor Wulf is doing good work
here of late fixing up the proper grades
of the streets, and finding out where
correct lines are generally. However
correct he may be, it works a hardship
on those whose buildings are not on ex
act lines. The dirt from the excavation
for the new bank block is being hauled
out on ihe streets to lielpbringthem up
to what they should be.
W. It. Mellor and wife returned
from their visit to Iowa and St. Louis,
Monday evening. Mr. Mellor teels
especially good over the splendid out
come of the State Fair. He has re
ceived word from the secretary that
the late exposition was a record break
er, having more paid admissions than
any year preceding, even the great rec
ord of 1892. The receipt* are 914.662 20.
The Mellor administration has proven
a great success.
For Sale
Cheap, one Ashurst Grain Drill; also,
one Hoosier Junior Corn-stalk Drill,
almost new. L. A. Williams.
Cattle Sale.
I will offer for sale on Saturday. Oct
1st, 1904, forty head of cattle, at Jacob
Alber’s stock yards in Loup City.
A. Clark.
- ♦ t »
Union Pacific Rates.
One way rates. $25 to San Francis
co, Los Angeles, etc. To Everett, Vic
toria, Vancouver, Whatcom, etc. To
Portland, Seattle, Astoria, Tacoma. To
Asnland. ltoseburg, Salem and branch
lines in Oregon. $22.50 to Spokane We
na'chiejand intermediate points. $20 to
Butte, Helena and intermediate main
point lines, and $20 to Ogden Salt Lake
and intermedia's main line points.
These are every day rates from Missou
ri river terminals, Sept. 15th to Oct. 15.
For fuller information call on or address
F. H. Hiser.
Poet’s Pet Goose.
Lord Byron at one time was deep
ly attached to a pet goose. He had
bought the bird to fatten up for his
New Tear’s dinner. In the meantime
the poet and the bird became so mu
tually attached that he could not kill
It. Instead, he bought another for his
dinner and had the pet goose swung
la a cage under his carriage when he
Baptist Association Meeting.
The Grand Island Association of
Baptist churches met with the Loup
City church Sept. 13, 14 and 15,
closing too late to be reported last
About thirty delegates and visit
ors were in attendance, among them
some of the prominent ministers of
the state.
On Tuesday,evening,at the open-'
ing of the session, the Baptist house
of worship was filled to listen to
Rev. C. J. Pope and President Geo.
Sutherland of Grand Inland.
Rev. Pope gave way to Mrs. C. J.
Adair, a very forceful speaker, well
known to Loup City people. She
gave a telling interpretation of the
parable of the unjust steward.
Dr. Sutherland in his address
showed why Christian education is
necessary. lie declared that Grand
Island college is the best place to se
cure an education in the state. As
proof, he cited the winning of the
Oxford Cecil Rhode’s scholarship of
$4,500 by a Grand Island student.
The unexcelled instructors of this
college make it possible and proba
ble that the grand prize will be won
bv this school !for many years to
Among the many good things of
Wednesday’s session were fine ad
dresses by Rev. L. C. II. Biggs,
Sunday school missionary, and Rev.
A. E. Carson, a foreign missionary,
temporarily pastor at Kearney.
In the afternoon an address on
foreign missions was given by Mrs.
Sophia Titterington, telling of the
heroic endeavor of her father, a
missionary stationed on the Beahn
apootra, a thousand miles from the
mouth of the river, which was her
She was followed by Mrs. Carson,
who will soon return to Burma!).
She showed by her touching and
feeling address that her heart is
among the savage people of her
mission station even now.
In the evening, Rev. C. VV. Brin
stad, state missionary, gave on ad
dress on “Evangelism in Nebraska.”
Among «»ther good things he showed
what a New Testament church in
Nebraska means—an independent
body of Christians in any locality
who are implicitly following the
New Testament standard, with full
time services, and one which would,
if every other church in the world
were blotted out, reproduce the de
He was followed by a rousing
evangelistic sermon by Rev. A E.
The closing session Thursday
forenoon was.very interesting. Rev
C. J. Pope delivered his postponed
annual sermon; Judge Angier gave
an address on the teacher’s prepara
tion for Sunday school work, and
Mrs. Titterington on the relation of
junior work to the Sunday school,
followed by an open discussion of
Christian giving, from which all
present concluded that it was easier
to supply the money demands of the
church of Christ than to supply the
money demands of the lusts of the
world and the pride of life.
Tnose present, in departing for
their homes, declared this to have
been the best association they ever
Grand Lodge I. (). O, I*Lincoln.
Oct. 17, 18, return Oct. 23. One fare
plus 50c.
Chicago and return direct, 822.65
one way, yia St. Louis, 825.95. See U.
P, agent.
St. Louis and return. Special excur
sions Sept. 1, 3. 4, 6, 8, 11, 13. 15, 20, 22,
27 and 29, Loup City to St. Louis and re
turn at low rate. Limit seven days. 29
Ak Sar-Ben festivities,'Omaha, Sept.
28 to Oct. 8. Iloupd trip tickets one
fare plus 50c. Tickets sale Oct 3 to 71
inclusive, good returning Oct. 10.
Omaha horse show, Sept. 26 to Oct. l.
One and one-third fire round trip. On
sale Sept. 26 to 30.
.—- -T t * -
World’s Fair stopovers at St. Louis
on through tickets.
St. Louis and return, all kinds of re
duced rates daily.
Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo
Salt Lake; Black Hills—practically half
rates all summer.
Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin,
lake resorts and steamer toors, very fa
vorable rates.
$13.25 to St. Louis and return.
On sale Tuesdays and Thursdays
during August and September. Se
R. L. Arthur for particulars.
One fare plus $2 for round trip
to Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. On
sale Sept. 6, 13, 20, 27 and Oct. 11.
Limited 30 days. Good for stop
over at St Louis Exposition. Write
L. W. Wakelv, G. P. A., 6maha,
for particulars.
Aak Burlington agent for particulars.
We have Dining Chairs
with embossed bacfcs for
A good bed tfl U and one
spring tor A J for - -
Cotton the
Felt IVlil finest
thing that ever happened.
ft *7 (1 fl Wre have an
Upholstered Rocker
Last month was another
Record Breaker for
Picture Frames
Tils Space lir fins Dili
Get the boy ready for school
Fir 50 BAYS
$2.50 $3.50 $4.50 and $5.00
Overcoats at same price.
Caps at 25c, 35c and 50c
pi Q pa
XjOxxtd City, !N"et>ra,s3s:a,
or most everybody, knows
the Round Oak
Stove. We can give you
plenty of testimonials as to
its superiority. In its new,
up-to-date dress it is the
handsomest stove on the
market, and in tight fitting,
fine workmanship and “busi
ness” it excels all others. Do
not mistake other stoves for
the genuine. Look for the
name on the leg, “ROUND
OAK. ” It is the stove you
have always heard about.
We will be pleased to explain
it fully. Respt. yours,