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    Horns of the Moon.
The horns of the moon always point
away from the sun, therefore they are
always directed upward in the even
English Walnuts From California.
California produces more English
walnuts than all the other states, and
they are of better quality.
Cost of Electric Lights.
The cost of city electric lights
ranges from t to 3 costa an hour a
lamp. m
Fares Grow Less.
Since 1883 the average passenger
rate In the United States has dropped
from 3.5 cents a mile to 2.01 cents.
Forest Fires in Russia.
Russia suffers from forest fires. It
is not unusual for fire to destroy 250,•
000 acres of forest a year.
The Eyes of Animals.
Horses giraffes and ostriches hav*
the largest eyes of land animals, mb
tleflsh of sea creatures.
Design for Zola Monument.
A French sculptor, M. Charpentier,
and a Belgian sculptor, M. Meunler,
have completed a design for the Zola
monument, which will symbolize Zola
novels. “Travail” and ‘‘Fecondite."
Women Replace Men.
Women are now being substituted
for men In the Italian postal service.
Signor Galimbertl, the minister of
ports and telegraphs, is responsible
for the change.
Persians Like American Goods.
American lamps, clocks, watches
and locks have a steadily Increasing
sale in the bazars of Persia. Phono
graphs, electric fans, hand pumps and
cooking and warming stoves find ap
preciative purchasers.
Pine Land In Luzon.
In the island of Luzon there are
nearly a million acres of rolling pine
land, with no underbrush or tropical
vegetation, where the climate is like
that of the upper Allegheny moun
tains in June.
Can Be Acclimated.
The red shanked grouse preserved
in Scotland is a noble bird, and is
peculiar to that country, though
worthy of a wide dissemination be
cause of its large size and edible
qualities. It should do well in Wash
ington state or even in Michigan.
Valuable Snuffbox.
Three thousand three hundred and
fifty pounds sterling was the price
paid at the Hecksher sale by a well
known firm of London for a snuffbox.
It Is made of gold and enamel, and
saw service in the Louis XV. period.
Huxley on Men.
Prof. Huxley once wrote to Mrs.
W. K. Clifford about men: "They are
very queer animals—a mixture of
horse-nervousness, ass-stubbornness
and camel-maiice, with an angel bob
bing about unexpectedly like the ap
ple in the posset, and when they can
do exactly as they please they are
very hard to drive.”—Ixmdon Truth.
Yellow Jack Disappears.
There has been no yellow fever in
the United States for three years, ex
cepting the development on the Mexi
can border of Texas. Some cases of
yellow fever have come into Cuba
from Mexico in the last three years,
but in no instance was the disease
communicated to others.
Children Have No Dolls.
The Hindu child is probably the
only doll-less child in the universe.
The little Egyptians have their wooden
"Ushabti"—the same style as 4,000
years ago. These were sometimes
made of porcelain. When a child died
its dolls were buried with it, in the
expectation that their spirit forms
would rise and do service in another
Objections on Both Sides.
Before bicycles became so common
as they are now a Yankee farmer was
Importuned by a dealer to buy one for
|76. *Td rather spend the money on j
a cow,” was the farmer's answer. "But
what an idiot you would look riding
aoout the town cn the bark of a cow.”
“Perhaps so." replied the farmer, "but
not half such an idiot as I’d look try
Ing to milk a bicycle."
“Named” from the Pulpit.
Sydney Smith once dared Sir Archi
bald MacDonald to come and hear him
preach at St. Paul's cathedral. "If you
do I shall name you from the pulpit,”
he said. Undeterred by his threat.
Sir Archibald went to St. Paul’s. After
Sydney Smith had entered the pulpit
he looked hard at him and was then
seized with a wonderful fit of sneez
ing—"Archie, archie, archie!” after
which be proceeued to deliver an ex
cellent Bermon.
Peculiarities of Pbiloscpher.
Herbert Spencer hated clocks which
•trike, especially out-of-door clocks.
When staying in lodgings in a Berk
shire village he sent a request to the
owner of the principal house there that
the stable clock, which struck the
hours, might be stopped. He was not
a gqod companion to go out for a drive
with, as, if he did not feel well, he
would ascertain how fast his pulse
was beating and if it were not satis
factory would instantly give the order
to return home.
G. H. Gibson. Clerk.
ft. N. Sweet land. Treasurer
J. A. ANOIEB, Judge.
J. S. PEIII.ER, Attorney.
L. A. Williams, Sheriff
R I). llKNUKlCASON, supt. Public Inst.
E B Corning, surveyor,
F. E, Brewer, Coroner.
supervisors :
I> C Grow. Dlst No. 4., Chairman.. P t*
address, Loup City, Neb.
ANDREW Gorhtka, Dlst. No. li, Ashton P O
Peter Tiiokk, Di t. No. 2 Loup City, "‘'I
W <) Brown, Dlst. No. 3, Loup City. " ••
John Maikfski, Dlst. No. 5, Ashton, “ "
Wm Jakob, Dlst. No. «, Rockville, •• “
W H. Chapman, Dlst. No. 7, Litchfield •• “
oup City Lodge No. 33. A O U W—Meets
L2nd and 4th Thursday of each month,
friendship Lodge No. 19, D of H.—1st and
3rd Thursday of each month.
Loup City Council No 136. L M L A—1st and
3rd Monday ol each month.
Matcland Castle, No. 162. Royal Highlanders.
2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
Excelsior Lodge. No 166. I O O F— 1st and
3ud Saturday of each month.
Marlmon Lodge. No. Ill, K of P—2nd and
4th Wednesday of each month.
Loup City Camp, No. 636, M W A—1st and
3rd. Tuesday of each month.
Loup City Camp No. 827, K N A—2nd and
4th Tuesday of each month.
Porter Lodge. No. 106, A F & A M—Tuesday
on or before full moou and 2nd Tuesday
Joppa Chapter. No. 52 R A M -1st Monday
of each month.
Orental Chapter, No. 7ft—1st and 3rd Sat
urday of cash month.
L of G A R—2nd and 4th Saturday of each
month, at. 2 o'clock p. m.
On April 18tli, 10<>4, at 2:00 o'clock
p in., at tin* south door of the court
house in Loup City. Neb., I will sell the
large iron sate, now in the Treasurer's
office, to the highest bidder for cash.
By order of County Board.
Dated March 15th, 1004
Geo. II. Gib on,
County Clerk.
Last pub. April8th.
Spin Webs in Which Small Birds Be
come Enmeshed.
In the mountains of Ceylon and In
dia there Is a spider six inches long
that spins a web like bright yellowish
silk, the central net of which is five
feet in diameter, while the support
ing lines or guys measure sometimes
ten feet or twelve feet. Riding quick
ly in the early morning you may dash
right into it, the stout threads twist
ing around your face like a lace veil,
while as the creature that has woven
it takes up its position in the middle
it generally catches you right on the
nose and, though it seldom bits or
“tings, the contact of its large body
and long legs is anything but pleas
ant. If you try to catch it. bit it will,
and, though not venomous, its Jaws
are as powerful as a bird’s beak, and
you are not likely to forget the en
counter. The bodies of these spiders
are very handsomely decorated, being
bright gold or scarlet underneath,
while the upper part is covered with
the most delicate slate-colored fur. So
strong are the webs that birds the size
of larks are frequently eaught in
them and even the small but power
ful scaly lizard falls a victim.
Honor Belongs to German Chemist.
It was in 1747 that the German
chemist Marggraf (1709-1782) discov
ered the existence of sugar in beets
and recommended that they be culti
vated in order to produce sugar; but
almost fifty years elapsed before prac
tical results were obtained therefrom.
In 1796 Dr. Franz Karl Achard, a pupil
of Marggraf, having succeeded in ex
tracting sugar from beets in commer
cial quantities at a cost so as to en
able it to compete with cane sugar,
the then ruler of the world’s markets
erected the first beet sugar factory at
his farm, Kunern, near Steinaus,
Lower Silesia.
Dividing the Sexes.
While worshiping in a little chapel
of-eaBe a few miles from Ruthin. Eng
land, on the Wrexham road, the sexes
are so strictly divided that they can
not even see each other. The build
ing forms a right angle, in one arm
of whirh the men sit, and the women
In the other. It was built and en
dowed by a misogynist of the Stuart
period, who objected to having his
devotion disturbed by the hated sex,
and. sympathizing with male pos
terity, stipulated expressly for this
division in his deed of endowment.
Record Rainfalls.
| The London rainfall for 1903, a
measured at the lirixton observatory
was 37.95 inches, the wettest on rec
ord. The nearest known to it was in
1821, when the rainfall measured 30.3
inches. Statistics supplied by Prof.
Becker of Glasgow observatory state
that the past year was the wettest
since 1872. Rain fell on 239 days, the
total being 53.32 inches. The total fall
for Greenock during the year was
87.35 Inches—a record for the tofcn.
Power of Silence.
A person that would secure to him
self great defense will, perhaps, gain
his point by silence as effectually as
by anything he can say.—Shenstone.
Firearms for Savages.
Manufacturers of the United States
ilmost monopolize the Liberian trade
i firearms, and keep large stocks of
heir goods in the country.
Shark a Fast Swimmer.
The shark holds the record for
long-distance swimming. A shark has
been known to cover 800 miles in
three days.
Official Call
For Republican
State Convention
The Republicans of state of Nebras
ka are hereby called to meet in conven
tion at the Auditorium in the city of
Lincoln, on Wednesday. May 18, 1004,
at two o’clock in the afernoon, for the
purpose of placing in nomination c«n
didates for the following offices, to la*
voted for at the next general election
to be he tl in the state of Nebraska,
November 8,1004, viz:
Lieutenant governor.
Secretary of state.
Auditor of public accounts.
Superintendent of puclic instruction.
Attorney general.
Commissioner of public lands and
Light electors of president and vice
And to elect lour delegates at large
and four alternates to the republican
national convention to he held in the
city of Chicago, 111., on Tuesday, June
21, 1904; and for the transaction of
such other business as mav regularly
come before said state convention.
The basis of representation of the
several counties in said convention
shall be the vote cast for Hon. John H.
llanies for judge of the supreme court
at the general election held on Novem
ber 3, 1908, giving one delegate for
each 100 votes or major fraction there
of so cast for said John 13. Barnes, and
one delegate at large for each county.
We give the apportionment of the fol
lowing counties.
Buffalo. 18 Hall. 19
Custer . 20 Howard_ P
Dawson . 13 Sherman.... 0
Greeley . d Valle”. 91
Iii the meeting of the Nebraska Re
publican state committee, at w hich said
state convention was authorized to lie
called, the following resolution was
regularly adopted:
•‘Whereas, There is a general demand
by the voters for a direct vote on can
didates for United States senators, and I
believing in the justice of such demand.
Therefore be it
Resolved, That we hereby recommend
to the state convention, now called,,
that when convened it nominate some)
candidate for United States senator:
That we recommend to each county |
convention that in the election of dele- i
gates to tlie state convention they give
said subject fair consideration:
That we r» commend each county con
vention nominating its legislative tick
et before said convention is held, to
pledge said nominees to support the
nominee of the state convention for
United States senator, if any nomina
tion be made.’’
It is recommended that no proxies be j
allowed in said convention, but that I
the deleg t» s present thereat be author-1
ized to cast the full vote of the county
represented by them.
It is a'so reeotnmended and strongly
urged that all counties shall complete
their county organizations by selecting
their county committees and the officers
thereof prior to the date of the hoiding ,
of said state convention.
Notice is hereby given tbit each of j
the odd numbered senatorial districts
in the state is to select a member ol the j
state c mmittee to serve for the term j
of two years. Hy order of the state j
Dated at Lincoln, Neb., Feb.3, A.D.,
1904. 11. C. ianlsay, Chairman.
A. 11. Allen, Secretary.
Vhrss Daily Vraiqs to
No. 86 leaves dally except Sunday (pass
enger). 7:25 a. m.
No. 88 leaves Monday. Wednesday and
Friday, (rnixedi 12:20 p. in.
No. 90 leaves Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, (mixed) 2.55 p. m.
No. 87 arrives dally except Sunday (mixed)
12,05 p ill.
No. 85arrives dally except Sunday (pass
enge') 7:35 p, m.
First elass service and close connections
east. west and south. Tickets sold lo al!
points and baggage cheeked through to
destination. Information will be cheer
fully furnished on application to
Frank Hiker, Agent,
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City,
Kansas City, Portland,
St. Louis, San Franetsco,
and all points and all points
ast and south. West.
No 52 Passenger.11:28 a. in
No Ml Freight. 11.20 a. m
No. 51 Passenger .5:54 p. in.
No. 59 Freight.2:40 p. m.
Sleeping, dinner and reclining chair cars
(seats free) on through trains. Tickets
sold and baggage checked to any point In
the llntted States or Canada.
For Information, maps, time tables and
tickets call on or write to R L. ARTHUR
Agent. Or J. FRANCIS. Gen'l Passenger
Agent Omaha, Nebraska.
philo Snydef
Contractor »<i Builder
Estimates Furnished
On Short Notice
Loup City, Nebraska.
Agent for Aurora Steam Laundry.
Photographs, Farm views, stock pictures
etc. Finest instrument west of the Missouri,
river. All work strldy guaranteed.
Those wishing to sell their
land will do well to come and
list with us. 0. Gunnarson
has made arrangements thro’
Iowa and Illinois with real es
tate men to do a large business
this coming summer.
Our business will be confined
principally to the following
counties: York, Merrick, How
ard, Ilall, Buffalo, Hamilton,
Sherman and Custer.
We h ave a number of farms j
as well as city property, in the
east to trade for land in Sher
man and Custer counties.
Those listing their lands up
till Sept 1, will be advertised
in the east. j'
Nebraska. Nebraska.
Everv day until April 30, 1904, the
Union Pacific will sell tickets at the
following rates from Grand Island,
$2o to Ogden and Salt Lake City. $20
to Butte. Anaconda and Helena. 822 50
to Spokane and Wenatchee, Wash.
825 to Everett, Fairhaven, Whatcom,
Vancouver and Astoria, via Hunting
ton and Spokane. 825 to Portland and
Astoria; or to Tacom* and Seattle, via
Huntington and Portland or via Hunt
ington and Spokane. $25 to Ashland, j
Koseburg, Eugene, Albany and Salem
via Portland. $25 to San Francisco,
Los Angeles. San Diego and many other
California points. For full information
call on or address Agent U. P. railway.
Notice To Non-Resident Defendant.
State of Nebraska i
- ss
Sherman County ^
The Lombard Investment Company,
defendant, will t ike notice that on the
18th day of March, 1904, El wo id E.
Benner and Helen E. Benner filed their
petition in the District Court of Sher
man county, Nebraska, againsi the said
Lombard Investment Company, the
object and prayer of which are to ob
tain a decree of said court adjudging
and decreeing that the two mortgages
executed to the said Lombard Invest
ment Company bv Erik Anderson on
May 2f>th. 1890, one for 8800.00 and one
for 8120.40, and which are recorded
respectively in Book ir> at page 42 and
in Book 15 at page 25:! of the mortgage
records of said county, am null and
void and are not a valid lien upon the
northeast quarter of section eleven in
township sixteen, north of range sixteen
west of the sixth principal meridian in
Sherman county, Nebraska, and that
the record thereof be cancelled and
held tor naught, and the cloud caused
by the same he removed, and the title
quieted against the same, and that de
fendant end all persons claiming under
it be perpetually enjoined from
asserting a lien upon said land by vir
tue of said mortgages or either of them
and for such other telief ns is just and
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before the second day of
May, 1904.
Dated this 1 Sth day of March, 1904.
Ei.wood E. Bknnkr, E. Bknnkr.
By It. J. Nightingale, their attorney.
Last pub. April 15.
A. P. CULLKY, President. YV. F MASON. Cashrr
General Banking
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000.
Seaboard (National Bank, INew York City. N. Y.
Omaha National Bank. Omaha. Nebraska
We’d like to add you to our 5(l,uOo subscribers. Etch
week our magazine is brimful of practical ideas
Ooe idea may be worth from five to five hundred
times the dollar it cost you.
will soon publish the following articles
“The Profitable Feeding of Cuttle for
Market,” by Prof. II. It. Smith, the
breeder of the steer "< halleiiger."
‘Outlook for the Hog business in idol,”
by E. Z. Kitss-1. S-eretary Nebraska
Improved Live Stuck Breeder's Asso
ciation. *• What the American farmer
can learn in Hussia," by i’rof C. E.
Bessey. "The Newest Ido sin West
ern Horticulture,” by c s. Harrison.
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est r» Ass'edition. "Practical Irriga
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Irrigation Age.
Send 25c for 3 months subscription—>r we will send a
sample copy and ha idsome booklet—fice—if you will
ask for it.
Address tiik twentieth centiry farmer.
227U Farnam St. Omaha, Neb.
From Grand Island Every Dn Until
April 30th, 1004
UN|Op P/VCine
As pass*‘ngers through Omaha over the Union Pacific (*an
reach Portland many hours quicker than via any other route,
there are fewer incidental expenses on the trip. A saving of
time and money alwavs appeals to the American people.
Be sure your tickets read over tins line,
Inqu re at
^ A
To all whom it may concern: The
commissioner appointed to view and
report upon a road commencing at the
Valley county line, at the northeast
corner of section four (4) and running
thence south on section line he'ween
sections 3 and 4, 9 and 10, 15 and 10,
21 tintl 2 ’, 27 ami 28, 33 and 34, in town
ship sixteen (10), range thirteen (13) and
sections three (3) and four (4) in town
ship fifteen (15), range thirteen (13) all
in Sherman county, Nebraska, and con
necting with road No. 178. has reported
in favor of said road with theexception
of the first mile, that betwten sections
three and four, township 10, range 13,
and lie reports in favor of beginning
said road at the northeast corner of
section nine and the northwest corner
of section 10, township 16, range 13,
ami intersecting it with road No 09,
and reports in favor of establishing the
same as stated. All object’ons thereto
or claims for damage must he filed in
the office of the County Clerk, on or be
fore noon of the 20th day of May, 1904.
or such road will he established with
out reference thereto.
Dated tins IGth day of March, 1904.
Geo. II. Gibson,
(teal) County Clerk.
Last pub. April 8
Estimate of Expenses.
Estimate of expen-es for Sherman
Comity, Nebraska, as i dopted by the
County Board of Supervisors for 1004.
On Bonds.91.too
On Bridges. 4,000
On I! oks, Blanks and Stationery. 500
On Incidentals. soo
< )n Expense of Election. 1,000
On Comity U pairs. 700
On Office Bent and Salaries.5,000
On Court, including Attorney's
Fees . 3,000
On Bounties on wild animals. ... 350
On Illegal taxes. 800
On Comity l'lintiag. 400
On Insanity cases. 700
On B. B. Bond and Bond int.... 3,000
On O. & B. V. Bond Skg. Fund.. 4.000
On Refunding Bond interest.. 3,500
On Funding and Re-Funding- 1,500
On Bridge Bond Be-lunding Bond
Sinking Fund. 3,500
On 1'eachtrs Institute Fund. 25
On Bridge Bond Rfd. Bond int.. 2,000
'.n witness wnereof I set my hand and
the seal of said cuumy, this 22ml day of
March, 1004. Cko. H. Gibson,
(seal) County Clerk.
Last pub. April 15.