The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 06, 1903, Image 4

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fit. Joseph,
Kansas City,
8l. Louis, %
ami all points
ast and south.
Salt Lake City,
Portland, •
San Francisco,
and all points
No. 52 Passenger.12:03 p. in
No so Freight.11.29 a m.
No. 51 Passenger.11:07 P' ,n
No. 59 Freight. l:-*0 P- ,jn
Sleeping, dinner and reclining chair cars
(seats I reel on through trains. Tickets
sold and baggage cheeked to any point in
the United states or Canada.
For Information, maps, time tables and
tickets call on or write to B. I,, ARTHUR
Agent. Or J. Francis, Uen’l Passenger
Agent. Omaha, Nebraska.
No. HMeaves dally except Sunday (pass
enger). 7:35 a. m. . . ,
No. ss leaves Monday. .Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) 18:80p. m.
No. 90 leaves Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, (mixed) 2:55 p. m.
No. 87 arrives dally except Sunday (mixed
12:05 p. m.
No. h:>arrives dally except Sunday (pass
eager) 7)35 p, in.
First class servic - and close connections
east, west and south
H. J. Clifton, Agent.
G. II. Gibson. Clerk.
s. N. SwkktIjAnp, Treasurer.
J. A. ANOim, Judge.
J. 8. PKDI.ER. Attorney.
Edward Snyder, Sheriff.
B. 1>. Hendrickson, Supt. Public Inst.
E It Cornino. Surveyor,
geo. W. Hunter, Cornor.
I) C GROW. Dlst No. 4., Chairman., P O
address, Loup City, Neb.
Andrew Goustka, Dlst. No. 1., Ashton I O
Peter Thode, Dl-t. No. 2 LoupCity, •• •
W O Brown, Dlst. No. 3, Loup City. “ ,*•
JollN MAIBFSKL Dlst. No. 5, Ashton, 1 “
. Wm. Jakob, l)i*t. No. 6, Bockvillo,
f H chapman, Dlst. No. 7, Litchfield *
For Sale Cheap. A second hand
threshing machine, complete.—
T. M Reed.
If you want lire, wind, storm or hall
. Insurance call on or write F. E. Brewer
Office with T. S. Nightingale, I.cup
City Nebraska.
Highest market price paid for
chickens at E. A. Chase.
I). C. Grow, of the Northern Milling
company feed store wants to trade Hour
for wheat He also has a tine grade
of whole wheat Hour for sale.
Take Laxative Broiuo Quinine Tablets.
All ilrn}it?l»ts refund the money if It falls
to cure E, W. Grove’s signature ia on
each box. •■iSet.
Its like a dip in the fountain of youth.
Touches the cheek so gently that “youth
lingers in the face of old age.” Tbats
what ltoeky Mountain Tea does. — Oden
dahl Bios,
Funnei s don’t fail to see the line of
robes, fur coats, fur mittens, and
horse blankets at W. s. Owen's har
ness store.
Children’s sleeping garments at
<ia*teyer's for 35 cents.
WANTED.—'Three corn husk era, with
or without teams.
T. i). Wilson,
Ashton Nebraska.
Loup City park is now open for
picnics and private parties. Apply
to. II. Jknnf.k.
To those indebted to me please call
and settle. Must have money to meet
my obligations.—T. M. Reed
If you have butter and eggs to Bell
take them to Swanson & Dahl. High
est prices for produce. Lowest prices
for groceries.
A span of mares, 7 years old, weight
950 to 1,000. Also two colts, buggy,
and harness. Easy terms.
T. S. Nigiitinuale.
FOR SALK.—I have one registered
Scotch Topped Short Horn bull, a few
good Short Horn grade bulls and some
pure bred Polsnd China boars for sale.
L. N. Smith, Loup City, Neb
TAKEN UP.—At my place, on the
Conger ranch, six miles southwest
City, on October 14, 1903, one
heifer, with tips off of
Owner can have same by
and paying all costs
C. W. Tuoknton,
Loi’J* City, N^h.
Uoaal Dsws.
(’lias. Casleyer is petting down a new
sidewalk in front of his store.
Bring 0 bushel of potatoes and get
one dor. of 8:j.OO photos at Boone's
A line of 150 cloaks for ladies at
Johnson Lorentz A Co. All new goods
and latest styles.
Clias. Conhiser moved his family
from the Porter block into the C. J.
Odendahl residence last Monday .
Casleyer is selleng out some odd lines
of shoes at half Look them over
and purchase a pair at a bargain.
Carl Anderson, jr, has altout com
pleted a line frame barn in the north
west end of town. The barn is 40x44
with a hay center.
.1. II. Cressler, of Haztrd township
was a pleasant caller last Wednesday
E. A. Draper’s house is to he of brick
and the walls are rapidly going up.
8. 8. Hover severely sprained his
ankle last Saturday afternoon while
trying to get some hogs back in the
pen. He is quite lame in consequence.
A surprise party was given to Miss
Lottie Hibson last Friday afternoon by
a number of her schoolmates. The
occasion was given in honor of her 18
birthday anniversary. A very pleasant
time is reported.
Judge Moon returned last Thursday
from his long visit to relatives and
friends in Iowa. The judge reports a
very pleasant visit to bis old home and
returned apparently in the best of
Muster Hemple Jones entertained
quite a large mumber of his young
friends last Saturday afternoon who
gathered at his home to celebrate his 18
birthday. Hemple received many nice
presents and all had a splendid time.
James Johansen lias purchases the
old residence building on the Dins
dale ranch and will, in a few days, haul
it to town and fix it up for a dwelling
on his lots west ot the railroad track.
A new building has gone up on the
August Anderson of Logan township
disposed of his personal property at
auction sale last Saturday and left for
Omaha last Monday. They are an aged
couple and Intend to spend the winter
months with their children, after which
they will select a location.
Huron, the humorist gave a splendid
entertainment at the opera bouse last
Saturday evening. The entertainment
was given under the auspiece of the
Woodmen lodge and in the interest of
Woodcraft. There was a fair sized
audience and all seemed pleased.
Walt McNulty, Will Simpson, Henry
and Chris Johansen, W’ill French, Skip
Thresher and Lou Winkleman went
to Arcadia last Thursday to begin
work claying the road leading to the
river bridge trom the west side. They
have taken the contract to clay one
Peter Iloogenboezen, son-in-law of
C. Jlietnond, and who has recently lo
cated in the city, is a line painter by
trade and is doing a very artistic job on
the front of C. W, Conhiser’s store
building. He is also doing some let
tering on the north side of J. 1. De
pew's brick blacksmith shop.
Mr. Ed. Taylor will conduct the
Young People's meeting at the Baptist
Church next Sunday evening. Topic,
“Elijah the Prophet.” Services begin
at 7 o’cIock p. m. Preaching services
at 7:4.">. You have all heard of the so
called Elijah III. Don’t fail to come
and hear about the lirst and only
Halloween was strictly observed last
Saturday night by the young bloods of
the town when, to all appearances,
they banded themselves together for
the purpose of having a little fun. As
a result, threshing machines, mowers,
binders, wagons and other implements
could he seen Sunday morning lined up
and down main street and several out
buildings were up set. People were a
little out of sorts in consequence but as
no serious damage was done it was re
garded as a huge joke.
There was a Halloween party given
at the farm resilience of Alonzo
Dadaovv on Wiggle Creek last
Saturdsy evening. Quite a number
of young folks from town attended
and report a good time. A feast of
good tilings was served and the amuse
ments very much enjoyed. Perhaps
one of the most amusing features was
the ghost guessing contest in which
some fourteen of the young ladies
dressed as ghosts and the young man
who could correctly guess the most
names got a prize. Ernest Duddow
won the prize.
I had dyspepsia in its worst form and
felt miserable most all the time. Did
not enjoy eating until after I used Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure which has completely
cured me.—Nrs. W. W. Saylor, Hilliard,
I’a. No appetite, loss of strength
nervousness, headache, constipation,,
bad breath, sour risings, indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomaoh troubles are
quickly cured by the use of Kadol.
Kadol represents the natural juices
of digestion combined with tbe greatest
known tonic and reconstructs proper
ties. It cleanses, purifies and sweetens
the stomach. Sold by Odendabl Bros.
liny ode of those new cloaks at
Gasteyor’s. Everyone is a guaranteed
Edwin Angier, from Webster was a
pleasant caller Monday and renewed
his subscription.
Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter of Iowa and
father and mother of Mrs. A. Boone
arrived here last Wednesday for a vis
Frank Cook, judge of election ot
Bristol town was up to th** county seat
early Wednesday morning with ihe re
Mens’ and boys’ overcoats, a large
variety of styles and sizes at Johnson
Eorentz «& Co. Prices ri^lit. You
should call and see them.
Dr. Chase's new bam is 40«t3. One
would think Mr. Chase was going in
to the liyerv business, but be says it
is just a hay liarn. It looks like a
frame barn.
Mrs. C. E. Roberts, San Fransco Cal.:
Would not be without Rocky Mountain
Tea in our house. Its a (treat family
remedy. Makes and keeps us well.—
Odendabl Bros.
While threshing on the Lawrence
Spotanski farm in Oak ('reek township
last Wednesday the engine set fire to
the straw and destroyed a whole setting
of grain stacks.
Several young people from town
attended a Halloween party given at
the home of Jltidolph John in Webster
township last Saturday evening. All
had a good time.
It adds spice to dreary life, encour
ages the human heart, lifts one out of
despair, breatha new life and confidence.
Thats what Tocky Mountain tea will
do. 35 cents,—Odendahl Bros.
While Frank (Jingle was helping to
thresh grain on the farm of Ed Man
chester last week Thursday his clothes
became caught in the tumbling rod
and one bone of his leg was broken.
A. W. Throckmorton, who has sold
his Divide farm was in the city last
Monday, having recently returned
from a trip to Greeley county. He
informs ns that lie has purchased a
half section of land in that county and
expects to move there in the spring.
Geo. Diusdale, the extensive cattle
feeder of this country has brought 350
head of cattle in from bis ranch north
of town and put them in hii feed yard*
at this place It will furnish a good
market for the soft grade of corn that
will not do to crib and ship as well as
a local market for some ot the better
E. E. Taylor has reconstructed his
long line of double corn cribs at the
11. & M. elevator. The crib is 120 feet
long and has a new roof throughout.
He has also added two new bins to liis
coal sheds and is engaged In build
ing a new line ot corncrib8at Shaupp
Siding. We understand that these
will be as large as the one built at this
We learn that Swar.son and Dahl, the
gentlemen who run the exclusive gro
cery store in the Oltman building will
close their business up this month
and that a restaurant will lie started in
the building as soon as it is vacated.
The restaurant will be opened under
the management of Jones & Ilayne of
Aurora, Neb. Mr. Dahl will return to
his home at Aurora and take a posit
ion as clerk in a general store.
George Manchester, of Valley county,
and son of () Manchester, dted at his
home last Monday of typhoid fever.
George whs well known to a large
number of friends in Sherman county
and was a very industrious young man.
He was about 30 years of age at time
of death and leaves a wife and two
small children. The relatives have the
profound sympathy ot all who knew
Drs. Davis & Farnsworth, of Grand
Island, Nebraska are prepared to make
X ray examinations and use the X ray
in the treatment of cancers and tumors.
They are experienced in use of this
method, and have recently added to
their equipment of one of the strongest
and finest X ray coils made. It Is used
in examination of all Important, cases
aud is a great aid in locating disease
that can be discovered in no other way.
A change in the II &M time card
lias been made. No. 52 passenger will
leave here at 11:28 a. m. instead of 12:03
as heretofore and the freight, No. 60
going east 11:20 a. in. No 51 passenger
going west will leave at 5:45 p. m. and
No. 5!) freight will leave at 2:40 p. m.
The change is to take effect next Sun
day. We beleive that the change will be
appreciated by our citizens as it en.
ables them to leave home at an earlier
hour in the day and does away with
arriving home at the midnight hour.
The Salve That Beal*.
without leaving a soar is DeWitt’s. The
name Witch Hazel is applied to many
salves, but DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
Is the only Witch Hazel Salve made
that contains the pure unadulterstcd
witch hazel. If anyone other Witch
HhzpI Salve is offered you it is a coun
terfeit. E. C. DeWItt invented Wlieb
Hszel Salve ar.d DeWitt’s Witch Hazel
Salve Is the best salve in the world
for cuts, burns, bruises, tetter, or blind,
bleeding, itching and protruding pllep.
Sold by Odendabl Bros.
A Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our sincere thanks
to all our kind friends and neighbors
who cheerfully helped ns through the
long Mckness end death ofou father
and also for the assistance given us
in the sickness and burial of our in
f nt child.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Simmons.
Chamberlain’* Cough hcmrrly la Plea*,
ant In Taka.
The tlnest quality of granulated loaf
sugar is Used In the manufacture of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and the
roots used in its pieparation give it alia
vor similar to maple syrup, making it
quite pleasant to take. Mr. W. Roder
ick, of Pooleavllle, Md., in speaking of
this remedy, says: ‘*1 have used Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy with my chil
dren for several years and can truthfully
say it is the best preperation of the kind
I know of. The children like to take It
and It hag no Injurious after effect,
For sale by Odendahl Bros.
rucsi aucTii amikica.
New Way of l)iln( Chamberlain'*
Coagh Remedy.
Mr. Arthur Chapman writing from
Duibat:, Natal. South Africa, s*ys: “As
a proof that Chamberlain's Cough Rem.
edy la a cure suitable for old and young
1 pen you the following: A neighbor
of miue had a child jmt oyer two
month* old. It bad a very bad cough
and the parents did not know what to
give it. I suggested lhat if they would
get a bottle of Chamberlain,* Cough
Remedy and put some upon the dummy
teat the baby was sucking it would no
doubt cure the child.This they did and
brought about a quick relief an.! cured
the baby.” This remedy is for sale by
Odendabl Bros.
Public Dance*
The German Varein will given a pub
lic dance in the opera bouse on tiie
nig lit of Thanksgiving, Saturday, Nov.
28, Good music, good calling and
good management guaranteed. All
are invited to attend.
By Order of Committke.
Dieting Invites Disease
To cure Dyspepsia or indigestion it
is no longer necessary to live on milk
and toast. Starvation produces such
weakness that the whole system be
comes an easy prey to disease. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure enables the stomach
and digestive organs to digest ami as
similate all of the wholesome food
that one carea to eat, aDd is a never
failing cure for indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach troubles. Kodol di
gests what you eat—makes the stomach
sweet. Sold by Odendahl Bros.
To John M. Davis: You are hereby
notified that on the 1st. day of Octo
ber, 1903, Anna Dora Davis tiled a
petition againBt you in the district
court of Sherman county, Nebraska,
the object and prayer of which are to
obtain a divorce from you on the
ground that you have wilfully aband
oned the plaintiff, without good cause,
for the term of three years last pasr;
and also for the care, custody and edu
cation of the minor child, the issue of
said Marriage, to-wit; John Davis,
age three years.
You are required to answer the said
petition on or before the 9th dsy of
November, 19^*8
Dated October 1st., 1903.
Anna Dora Davis,
by Charles E. Matson, her attorney.
To all whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointed to lo
cate a road commencing at the south
east corner of section Twenty-two (22)
and south west corner of section Twen
ty-three (23) in township Fourteen
(14), Range Thirteen (13) and run
ning thence two miles north on sec
tion line and terminating at the north
west corner of section Fourteen (14)
and northeast corner of See. Fifteen (15)
Township Fourteen (14.) Range (13), In
Sharmau county, Nebraska, has report
ed in favor of the establishment thereof
and all objections thereto or claims for
damage must be riled In the county
clerk’s ottice on or before noon of the
12th. day oft December. 1903, or such
road will be established without reler
ance thereto. Dated this 3rd day of
October, 1903.
G. II. Gibson,
County Cleric.
To all whom it in ay concern: The
Commissioner appointed to vacate a
Hoad commencing at road No. 139, near
the North West corner of the North
Wes' Quarter of Section Four (4)
Township Fourteen (14) North of
Range Thirteen (13) West, and which is
known as the old Loup City and St.
Paul Road, and running thence diagon
ally South East to within about, twenty
rods of the South East corner of said
North West. Quarter of Section Four
Township Fourteen North of Range
Thirteen, West, and terminating at ?a d
point on s lid South line of North West
Qaarter, aforeaald, has reported in favor
of the vacation thereof and all
objections thereto or claims for dam
age, must be filed in the county clerks
office on or before noon of the 80th,
day of December, 1908, or such road
will be vacated without reference
Dated this 28r.i day of October. 1903.
Geo. H. Gicson, County Clerk.
When our clothes are on a man's back it takes an
expert to detect them from the best made-to
measure clothing
Look on page 5 of our fall cat
alog. There vc show men’s
suits for $9. These suits
can’t be duplicated by any
store on earth for less than
All points of tailoring are carried out perfectly in these suits. The
collar of the coat is full and sets well around the neck. The shoulders
are broad and symmetrical. There is no wrinkling, drawing or sagging.
The vests cling to the outlines of the body and the trousers hang per
fectly and keep their shape.
Send for samples of these suits They are for our
Mall Order Customers.
work. See us or write to us »efore giving an order.
A. P. GULLEY, President. W. F. MASON, Caelinr.
General Banking
a ^^
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000.
Seaboard National Bank, New York City. N. Y.
Omaha National Bonk. Om&ha. Nebraska
If you want a quick and pleasant trip,
select the Union Pacilic, its trains from
Omaha reaching the Pacific Coast : : :
all the way
Re sure your ticket reads over the
Full information cheerfully
furnished on application to
L >Ut> Oily, Neb.
The Best Liniment.
‘‘Chamberlain's Pain Balm is consul-1
ered the beat liniment on the market,”
wiite Post & Bliss,of Georgia, Vr. No
other liniment will heal a cut or bruise
so promptly. No other aft'ords such
quick releif from rheumatic pains. No
other Is so valuable for deep seated
pains like iatne back ana pains in the
chest. Give the Unlrnent a trial and
you will never wish to be without it.
Sold by Odendabl Bros.
A Perfect Painless Pin
is the one that, wlli dense the system, set
the liver to action, remove the bile, clear
the complexion, cure herdacbe ai.d leave
a good taste In the mouth The famous
little pills fordoing such work plesant
lv and effectually are DeVVitt's Little
Early Kisers Bob Moore of Lafayette
Ind. says: -All other Pill* ] have used
gripe and sicken, while I>e Witt’s Litt'e
ill! !t: i