The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, July 31, 1903, ASHTON NEWS DEPARTMENT, Image 8

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•fOiilJ%m F. SMITH, focal F flit or anti •itlccrtisin// Solicitor.
Devoted to the Interests of Ashton. FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1903. Started, April 3,1903.
—John Komniski of Elba was in
town last week.
—Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Jamrog en
tertained a party of fiiends at their
grove and residence Sunday.
Buy your coal for threshing ma
chines of E. G. Taylor. He has a
fine lot of Mailtand l’ea coal.
—A new house and barb is to be
built on the Seifert farm south of
Ashton by Miefski and Goyiriek as
—Stanley Galczenski is having
a neat residence built on his farm
near Ashton by Messrs Miefski and
—James Bartunek and family
enjoyed a pleasant ride and vi&it to
friends and relatives near Farwell
Sunday last.
—Miss Martha and Ilosa Kalka,
of Loup City township attended
church services here Sunday and
visited friends at Ashton
—Messers Sorreneen it Co. brick
masons at Elba are laying the found
ation under the new ooal sheds and
tho E. U. Taylor elevator.
— Harvest is now in full sway,
hands are scarce und every one is
taking advantage ot the excellent
harvesting weather by working early
and late.
—There is such a scarcity of carp
enters and masons in Ashton that
several buildings which parties have
contemplated building this year will
have to be given up for the present.
— A party of Ashton young folks
drove over to the Loup river on a
fishing trip Sunday. They report a
good time, but iLb stories were
short, a catch of 10 being made by
the party.
—It is reported to us that winter
wheat in this section will not be as
good a yield as anticipated. The
kernels are said to be somewhat
shriveled and heads not well filled,
but there is plenty of long straw.
— The BogeD and Jezewski oasult
and battery cash before bis honor at
Ashton last Thursday was brought
to a temporary close by Jezewski
pleading guilty, as charged and pay
ing one dollar and cash in all, a
mounting to fr>.25.
— Mrs. A. N. Conklin is enjoying
a summer vacation with a party of
friends in Dokato and Black Hill*,
while A. N. is taking in thesigbtsof
the village of Chicago, having takin
a trip with a shipment of five cars of
fat cattle to the Chicago maiket.
—The building of the Ashton
Catholic church parsonage will be
started this week. The edifice will
be a two story frame, built in the
Queen Anne style of architecture and
from all plaus we have seen it
will bo one of the best finished
structures in Ashton.
—Henry Heins i9 having a new
barn and granery, 30x40 built on his
farm. The original Wilhelmshohe
place, of bye gone days. Mr. Ileins
has just completed a tine two story
brick resedence on the place and his
farm is one of the most desirable
pieces of property now found in this
section of the country.
—In Ashton items a few weeks
back in speaking of the severe illness
of Miss, lleigle we spoke of a rumor
that the y oung lady’s foot might have
to be amputated. Thus the jeport
reached us‘ but we are now pleased
to note that there was no foundation
for such talk. Miss, lleigle is now
convalsiug rapidly and will soon be
able to be about.
—A meeting of reforms is to be
held at Denver on July 2G and 27 to
organize the defunct populists, sil
ver republicans, demo fusionists,
and some auti Karl Marx socialists,
in fact it is a conglomeration of
certain political sects who claim
they have no party and no political
home. We beg leave to suggest
that they meet and organize unde
tbe title of The Defuct Orphans
! with Bryan and Johnson to lea<
them through another campaign
—Leonard Conklin and Jesse Mar
. veil left for Loup City Monday t(
take thier respective places with thi
county seat ball team in the contesl
with Ord Tuesday. Leonard anti
Jesse are getting up quite a reputa
tion as ball players and are always
in demand whenever there is a big
game on.
(experiment* In Mulching (itrdei
The Nebraska Experiment Station
has just issued Bulleton No. 80, entitled
“Experiments in Mulching Garden
Vegetables” It gives the result of
tests conducted at the Experiment
Station during the past three years,
showing the merits of straw mulch as
compared with cultivation in growing
the common garden vegatable.
It was found that straw mulches
give better results in normal or rather
dry years than in seasons of unusually
heavy rainfall and better results on
fairly high land than in very low
places. That mulches conserve soil
moisture as well as through cul
tivation was shown directly by de
terminations of soil moisture in the
mulched and cultivated plats of veg
atables and indirectly by the vigerous
growth of plants. Mulches cause
some vegatables to mature later, while
with others no delay was noticed.
Grasshoppers sometimes injure mul
ched vegatables more than cultivated
ones, but plant lice and chinch bugs are
apparently held in check by the mulch
es. Late spring and early fall frosts
injure mulched plants more "than cul
tivated ones, making it inadvisable to
mulch very tender vegatables that re
quire the full season for proper devol
opnient. barly spring vegatables,
which require only a few cultivations
can usually be grown more cheaply by
cultivation than by mulching. Fur
thermore, very early mulching before
the ground has become thoroughly
warm, is apt to retard the growth of
vegatables. Summer anil fall vegat
ables, on the other hand, which require
frequent cultivation throughout the
season, are grown more cheaply by
mulching than by cultivation. More
over the yield and quality of the veg
atables are often increased by mulch
Many vegatables connot be mulched
untill they havebecome well establish
ed and the weather lias become
warm, thus requiring some perlimin
ary cultivation. Such cultivation as
is commonly given farm gardens is
better for most vegatables in early
spring than mulching but mulching is
just as surely better in midsummer
than the neglect which is the common
thing in the farm gardens at that time
of year. The Experiment Station tests
have indeed shown mulching to be
better in many cases than the most
thorough cultivation through out the
summer. Results very favorable to
mulching have been secured with cab
bage, tommatoes, beans, cucumbers,
potatoes and sweet potatoes. In all
these cases the yeilds have been in
creased on the whole quite decidedly
by mulching and the required labor de
creased at the same time. Mulched
cabbage produced larger beads than
cultivated cabbage, and there were
less injury from rot. The vigor of tom
matoe plants was decreased by mulch
ing. but the yield of fruit increased.
The fruit was cleaner and less subject
to rot. Mulched cucumbers produced
perfect fruit during dry periods when
the fruit from the cultivated plants
were small and .imperfect. The qual
ity of potatoes has not been hurt by
mulching except in wet places.
Incase of transplanted onions,falsify
beets, carrots, parsnips, peas and mel
ons the results are not decidedly in
favor of either method, both the yields
and the required labor being about the
From the tests at the Experiment
Station, it is thought unwise to mulch
drilled onions, lettuce and sweet corn.
With drilled onions the stand of plants
is usually hurt by mulching. With
lettuce, it is also dificult to spread the
mulch without injury to the stand,
and the crop is harvested so early that
it is not worth while to mulch. With
sweet corn, the yields are about
the same in a normal season whether
mulched or cultivated, but this crop
requires so few cultivations that mulch
ing is hardly prolitable. In a wet sea
son mulching decreases the vield de
R. A. Emerson.
New Use for Paper.
Artificial teeth and "uppers” for
boots and shoes are among the new
uses to which paper is being put. A
substantial business firm In Boston is
considering a proposition to take up
the work of manufacturing paper hats.
Presents for Sultan of Morocco.
J. W. S. I^aiigerman, Morocco’s
commissioner to the world's fair, has
Just bought the Moorish sultan a
brace of mules, a number of Angora
cats and goats, some fancy dogs and
a pacer and a span of fine carriage
horses, all of Missouri breeding. The
carriages horses were Buff and Blue,
well-known ribbon winners, and they
cost the sultan $2,000.
Strange Cases That Have Come
Under Physician’s Observation.
Medical records in the various hos
pitals of New York city show that
though quite forgetful of recent hap
penings, aged persons recall long
past events In correct order, and
even lie again amid scenes passed
utterly out of recollection before the
disease of senility appeared.
A woman of 70, delirious from pleu
ro-pneumonia, repeated poetry in Hin
dustani. It developed lated on that
up to the age of four she knew only
that language, but afterward had for
gotten that she ever spoke it. An
other peculiar case on record Is that
of an illiterate maid servant who
while in the delirium of fever, recited
Greek and Hebrew for hours, although
when in health she knew no word of
either language, her ravings being
due to the brain impressions left by
the readings heardd many years be
fore of a learned rabbi whose servant
she had been.
Force Is Applied to Many Useful Pur
poses in Three Days.
One of the practical uses of a mag
net, but to those immediately con
cerned a highly important use, is
that in which it is sometimes em
ployed to withdraw small pieces of
iron from such out of the way places
as the human eye. Another use of
the tractive force of magnetism on a
much larger scale was that to which
it was put by Edison in his magnetic
ore separator, in which the ore, pre
viously crushed to a fine powder, is
dropped down a chute past the poles
of powerful electro-magnets, in pass
ing which the iron particles of the
ore are deflected to one side, while
the nonmagnetic stone dust contin
ues undeflected down the chute. Still
another instance of the employment
of magnetism in a small way is that
in which a magnetized tack hammer
is used in the manufacture of straw
berry baskets on a large scale in con
junction with a mechanical device
which presents the tacks, one at a
time and head up, to the operative,
thereby greatly facilitating his work.
It is a far cry from lifting a tack
by means of magnetism to the lifting
of massive iron and steel plates
weighing four, six and twelve tons by
this same force, which is now being
done every workday in a number of
large steel works. Electro-magnet
ism, of course, is utilized, the form
of the magnet being usually rectangu
lar for this work and presenting a
flat surface to the plates lifted. The
magnets are suspended by chains
from cranes and pick up the plates
by simple contact and without the
loss of time consequent to the adjust
ment of chains and hooks in the older
method. It is also found that the
metal plates can be lifted by the
magnets while still so hot that it
would be Impossible for the men to
handle them.—Cassier's Magazine.
To all whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointed to view
and report upon the vacation of a road
commencing at a point where the T.oup
City and St. Paul road strikes the North
East quarter of section Ten (10), Town
ship 14, Ksnge 18, and which is now ang
ling through the said deeribed quarter,
be vacated as it is no longer needed,
has reported in favor of' the vacation
thereof and all objections thereto or
claims for damage must be tiled in the
County Clerk’s office on or before noon
of the 25 day of Spctember, 1903 or
such road will be vacated without re
ference thereto.
Dated this 20 day of July. 1903,
Geo. II. Gibson, County Clerk.
I have a car of Maitland Pea coal
of excellent quality. Good for steam
threshers. Call and examine it
E. fl. Tavlok.
A Surgical Operation
is a!wavs dangerous—do not always
submit to the surgeous knife until you
bave tried DeWitt’s VVicth Hazel Salve
It will cure when everything else fails
—it ha9 done this in thousands of cases.
Here is one of them: I suffered from
bleeding protruding pills for twenty
years. Was treated by different special
ists and used many remedies, but obtain
ed no relief nntil I used DeWitt,s
Witch Hazel Salve. Two boxes cured
me eighteen months ago and I have not
had a touch of the pills since II. A. Tis
dale, Sutnmerton, S. C. For Blind
Bleeding, Itching and Protruding
Pills no remedy equals DeWitt,s Wich
Hezel Salve. Sold by Odend&bl Bros
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