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    The Northwestern
Editor ond Pnblliher
Entered at the Loup City Postofflee for trans
mission through the mails as second
claws matter.
No, Pete, we was’nt on the floor
of that convention.
The Times-Independent savs that
our “attack on R. J. Nightingale
was all uncalled for.” Of course it
isnt to he expected that Mr. Night
ingale would call for any thing of
the kind.
Some three weeks ago the Times
Independent brought out the names
of Yf. R. Mellor for state honors
that of candidate for State Auditor,
and R. J. Nightingale for County
Attorney. Birdsofafeatherroosttigbt
' 11 ——
The m{inner in which the machine
part of tbe Loup City delegation to
tbe republican county convention
pulled tbe wool over the ejes of the
rural district delegates in the select
ion of a pop republican central com
mittee chairman, was simply a cau
tion. It will probably take another
sixty days to adjust the matter.
Meanwhile we will suggest a remedy.
The Loup City delegation to the
Republican convention was almost a
unit against this paper being repre
sented as a delegate to the congress
ional convention, simply because we
would'nt go wilh tbe gaDg in a tie
up for certain candidates. We have
never yet had tbe honor of being a
delegate to the congressional con
vention nor do we wish to have when
it becomes necessary to sacrifice
honest convictions to get it.
Now that the republican conven
tion has placed W. It Mellor at the
head of the republican county cen
tral committee it might be neeessa
rv to subscribe for the Times Inde
pendent in order to see tbe republic
an county convention call, should
it appear before next convention
time, as Mr. Mellor has been doing
all his business for several years
past with that paper. Surely he
will not take all his paying work to
that paper and then bring this work,
which ha9 always been publi shed at
the expense of the editor and as a
compliment to the republican party,
to the Northwestern office. Read
ers of tbe Times has often seen
$ 10.00 to lr».0O legal notices in that
paper over Mr. Mellor’s signature
that is no longer than a convention
call. Republicans, what do you
think about it? Do you call this a
good straight, clean organization?
There are still a few of our readers
who do not seem to understand why
the Times comes earlier in the week
than the Northwertern. If they
will compare the date of the two pa
pers it will explain itself. The fact
is that the Times is published on
Thursday and this paper is printed
on Friday. The Times made the
chaDge from Friday to Thursday
some time ago. We have not seen
fit to make such a change as it ofted
occurs that the latest news of the
week is of the most importance, but
although we are supposed to be 24
hours later than the Times, yet w*
will endeavor always to be on time
and to give the latest news possible.
From Owen O'Neill’s ranch iD
Rock county, on the night of May
17, 1902, weight about 750 pound.-,
about 8 years old, star in face and
white spot on nose, quick gaited and
single foots some, has two saddle
sores: also nearly new saddle, buck
skin seat and buckskin roll in front.
Person suspected is about 24 yeais
old, medium size, dark complected,
shabby clothes and corderoy pants.
May have partner or two horses. A
for capture and conviction of thiel
and return of property, or 25.00 for
either conviction or return. Write
or wire any information to the
undersigned. 0. E. SMITH, Sheriff.
y Bassett, Neb., May Iff, 1902.
The republican county convention
met last Wednesday afternoon at
Society Hall in this city and eleated
delegates to the state, congressional
and senatorial eonveutioos: The
following are the delegates named:
Congressional —A. Wall, Dr. Palmer
H. Smelter, W. T. Owen, T. C.
Chamberlain, E. Mnnn, J. L. Cress
ler and Jacob Albers.
8»«t?.—W. H. Mel lor, A. M.
Sheppard, P. Howe, Geo. E. Ben
schoter, G. W. Marvel.
Senatorial. — E. G. Paige, E. E.
Tracy, Geo. E. Benscboter, W. C.
Dunker, and T. C. Chamberlain.
Alternates—J. L. Cressler, G. II.
Whitman, Geo. Van, F. W. Fuller,
and Ed. Ainger.
Following is the members of the
newly organized county central com
Names. Township, P. O.
W. R. Mcllor, Chairman, Loup City, Neb
II Suielscr, Ashton, Ashton, Neb
Geo. Holmes, Bristol Hazard “
A. Throckmorton, Clay Divide, “
A. Zahn, Elm, Huxley “
E. Munn, Hazard, Hazard, “
Jacob Albers, Logan, Loup City,“
G.E. llochklns, Loup City “ “ “
O Manchester, Dak Creek, No Loup ••
W. M. Smelser, Rockville, Rockville “
\V. J, Corn fold, Scott, Litchfield, “
G H Whitman, Washington, Arcadia “
Ed. Angier, Wrebster, Loup City, ‘
M. H. Bates, Harrison, Litchfield,
Will Ingals was taken suddenly sick
in the field last week, while listing
corn and is still under the doctors care.
Dr. Parmer of Litchti 'Id pronounces
the ailment to he inilamation of the
bowels and his condition at present is
considered very critical
Mrs. Nellie Woods, formerly Miis
Nellie Dobson of Litchfield, but now of
Utah, will preach at the Gray school
house in district No. 25, this county
next Sunday at 3:00 p. in.
O. A. Ciark and S. Sorrenson, have
returned from Grand Junction Colorado
and have settled on their farms here
again —Recorder.
.f. T. Allstrom of Om-dia Nebr. was
registered at the hotel here Wednesday
Mrs. T. D. Wilson and Mrs. Herman
Regal of Ashton visited Mr. and Mrs
W. M. Smelser here Thursday.
Mr. A. L. Barueby of Cairo, spent
Monday and Tuesday here on business
Mr. Frank Moritz of New Mexico
arrived Tuesday for a visit with his
parents, Peter Moritz of Rockville.
Mr and Mrs. O. G. Hanisb paid Ra
venna a business visit Wednesday.
George Arnold made a living busi
ness trip to Loup City Tuesday,
We are informed that George Arnold
has bought a farm South of Ravenna,
and will move there soon.
Mrs. Frank Hendrickson, nee Miss Ida
Cray, accompanied by her four children
arrived last week from Idaho and will
spend the summer visiting in Nebraska.
Boy! yes, it’s a boy and John Hetzel
is passing the cigars around freely : The
young gentleman arrived Tuesday.
The entertainment given Monday
night by Loibl Bros, was well attended
and everybody;went away feeling glad
that they were there.
W. M Smelser and E. G Page drove
to Loup City Wednesday, to attend the
republican county convention.
U. No Me.
Professor Henry B Ward, Department
of Zoology, The University of Nebr
aska, Zoologist State Board of Agricul
ture, who was the guest of honor at a
banquet given at the Millard Hotel,
Omaha, bv the Omaha Medical Society,
after liis return home to Liucoln, wrote
as follows: “Permit me to thank you
and y our associates for the very courte
ous treatment accorded me during the
recent visit to Omaha. “1 enjoyed the
stay at the Millard and the banquet to
the fullest extent and congratulate ycu
upon the success with which all at
rangemeuts were carried out. Very
cordially yours, Henry B. Ward." Our
township who visit Omaha can stop at
The Millard and enjoy all its first olas
and unexcelled advantage for as low' a
rate as $2 00 per day, American I‘lari,
and 81.00 per day European Plan Nea -
ly furnished rooms, first-class hills of
fire, high grade service throughout the
hotel You may go to other Omaha
hotel* of les-et grade, get much less
for your money, an J pay just as much
j as you would at the M'llaid. The Lin
coln, opposite depots, Lincoln, only
first-class hotel in the City, $2.(0 per
day. _
KdUon’s Advice.
"Don't watch the clock,” was Mr.
Edison's advice to a young man who
recently asked him how to succeed.
Profoundly significant is that old Joke
about the laborer who left his pickax
hanging in the air at the stroke of
noon. A hanging pickax is the fittest
emblem for a confirmed clock-watcher
—and the pickax hangs always in the
air, never digs out a patch for him to
advance upon.
- ... - - ---—
Dslo of State convention at Lin
coln, June 18th.
Date of L’onpressional convention
ut Crawford, June 12th.
Dov« and Diver.
It seems a long cry from "dove” to
"diver,” and yet the two words are one
and the same in etymology. Dove was
originally a name given to sea gulls
(the divers), and only later came to
be restricted to its present sense. Even
now one of the guillemots (a kind of
auk) is called the Greenland dove.
Ixion and booby aptly describe the
awkwardness and clumsiness of the
great northern diver and gannet.
City** Mew Kftllrt'ii'l.
Damascus, tho oldest city in the
world, will scon have in its streets the
tracks of a railroad, on which the most
modern methods will prevail. For more
than 4,000 years the city got along
without means of transportation, al
though it was enterprising enough to
And a place In the Bible and the
world's history. Wheat has wrought a
change in Damascus now. Its annua!
output of the cereal is 10,000,000 bush
els. A boom town in the West was
never more lively than this relic of the
dead past.
Oldest Postmitster K<*lgn«.
Frank J. Schrleber, who Is believed
to be the oldest postmaster in the
United States, recently resigned. He
has decided that forty-three years'
continuous service for Uncle Sam Is
enough. He was appointed postmaster
of Cruger, Woodford county, Illinois,
during President Buchanan's adminis
Proposed Memorial to McKinley.
The late president was to have laid
the corner stone of the Ohio college of
government—one of the buildings of
the group of toe American university
at Washington—and it is probable that
the honor will now devolve upon Presi
dent Roosevelt. The building will be
of marble and will cost $250,000. The
suggestion has been made that it shall
be a memorial to President McKinley,
and that it shall he known as the Mc
Kinley memorial Ohio college of gov
Doctor* Declare the Erai-tlee I* Pro*
motlvv of Good Health
Another prescription for promoting
the health of the general public has
1 een given out by German and bwe
<»it;h doctors, who declare that nothing
tends more to a robust physical frama
than the practice of whistling. But
they insist upon a systematic and con
stant effort on the part of the benefi
ciary. Drill schools have been formed
where one of the chief exercises con,
sists in lying flat., back downward, on
a table and simply breathing and ex
pelling air from the lungs with regu
larity and vigor. Dumb-bells and In
dian clubs have been discarded by the
advanced health culturists in those in
stitutions. As a method of prolonging
life and strengthening the human
frame against sickness whistling is
said to be beyond compare. Develop
ment of chest and neck muscles is one
of the special advantages claimed for
the exercise. Long, deep breathing is
an essential for a good whistler, as It is
not permissible to draw In the breath
except during the intervals of the
pound production. Besides the good
that accrues to the performer s general
health, there is an advantage in know
ing how to whistle well. It is recog
nized as a certain form of musical art
and as such Is capable of giving pleas
ure to the listener.—Chicago Chronicle.
State of Nebraska )
Sherman County |
Village of Loup City
Estimate of expenses for which ap
propriation should be made for the en
suing municipal year is as follows:
For general fund purposes. 8700.00
„ street fund purposes_ 400.00
„ water fund purposes.... 800.00
,. interest on water bonds.. 850.00
,, village water bond sinking
fund. 900.00
Total. $:1710.00
Adopted and passed this 5th. day of
June, 1902.
Attest W J Fisher. ES Hayhlrst,
Village Clerk, Chairman.
-- ~—
“I have used DeW111,a Little Early Kis
ers for constipation and torpid liver and
they are all right. I am glad to endorse
them lor I think when we find a good
thing we ought to let others know it,”
writes Alfred Ileinze, Qulncv, HI., They
never gripe or distress. Sure safe pills
Odendahl IJros.
Baking Powder
Makes the bread
more healthful.
Safeguards the food
against alum*
Alum baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day.
■ ■■■■
Socialists of Sherman County Nebr.
There will bea'.meeting of the Social
ists of Sherman County Nebraska, heh
in the town hall at Ashton, Nebraska or
Thursday, .June 19, 1!K)2. at 2:00 p. m
for ;he purpose of nominating a coHntj
ticket and also to transact all othei
bnsiness that may come before sai>
liOCfll Branch, No 5, Socialist Party
Ashton, Nebr., John F. Smisii,
Don't waste your money on worthless ini
Huttons of Kooky Mountain Tea. net th»
genuine made only by Die Madison Medi
cine Co. a great family remedy, touts.—
Odendahl ltros
Land Office a~ Lincoln, Neb
MAT 23ml I I9U2.
Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice oi his
lnteution to make final proof in sup.
port of his clain, and that said proof
will be made before J. A. Angler
the County Judge at Loup City, Nebraska
on July 8th, 19U2, viz: Mary Francis Beck,
formerly Mary Francis Wilson, for the
southwest fourth of the northeast fourth
and the southeast fourth of the northwost
fourth and the northeast fourth or the
south west, fourth and the northwest
fourth of the southeast fourth, Hectton 2,
Township II, Range HI, Homestead Entery
No 1T.37U. He names the following wit losses
to^irove ills continuous residence upon
ami cultivation of said land, vim:
William Garneth, Litchfield, Nebr.
John II. Mead, *» »
W. F. Spencer, •• «
George Gray, •• >•
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of such proof, or who knows
of any substantial reason, under the
law aud the regulations of the Interior
Department, why such proof should not
be allowed, will be given an opportunity
at the above mentioned time and place
to cross-examine the witnesses of said
claimant, and to offer evidence in re
buttal of that submitted by claimant.
W. A. Green, Register,
Land Office at Lincoln Neb.
May 7th. 1902,
Notice is hereby given that the follow,
tng-nameil settler lias filed notled of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made beforo J, a. Angler, the county
Judge at Loup City, Nebraska, on Jnne2fi,
1902. vis. Jons Christensen for the north
west quarter of Section 34, Township 16
Range lfi, Honestead Entry 17,423. He
names the following witnesses to
prove ills continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz. Chas.
Fredrickson, of Arcadia, Nebraska, George
H. Whitman. Jr of Arcadia, Nebraska,
William Mlnne of Arcadia, Nebraska,
Ernest Leatherman, of Arcadia Nebraska.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of smell proof, or who knows
of any substantial reason, under the law
and the regulations or the Interior Depart
ment, wiiy such proof should not be allow,
eil. will he given an opportunity at tlio
above mentioned time and place to
cross-examine the witnesses of said
claimant, and to offer evidence In rebuttal
of that submitted by claimant
W. A. Green, Register
Don’t start the snnimer with a lingering
cough or cold. We all know what a ’’sum
mer cold” is. It’s the hardest kind tc
cure. Orten it “hangs on’, through the en
tire season. Take it in hand right now
A few doses ot One Minute Cough Cure
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colds, croup, grip, bronchitis, all throat
and lung troubles. Absolutely safe. Acte
at once. Children like it. "One Minute
Cough Cure is the best cough medicine
I overused,” says J. H. Bowles, Grovetoi:
N. II. I never found anything else that
acted so safelyandqulckly.’’ Odendahl Bros
A novel feeling of leaping, bounding ini
pulse goes through your body, you fee
young act young and are young after tak
lng Reeky Mountain Tea. 36 cts.-Odendah
Laxative Brouo Quinine Tablet* cure i
cold in one day. No. cure. No Pay. Prici
-'& cents.
For balk or Rent:—The east half o
block in nor'li east part of city, contain,
lng house, barn,etc. Will also sell furni
ture at private tale.
Mrs Moses ii. Smith
u*e the Old Reliable Franklin
Lightening Rods, which have been
in successful use for over fifly
years. Manufactured by Cole Bros.
Co., 720, 722 and 724 north 7th.
street, St. Louis, Mo.
This Company give a guarantee
(or insurance) of if500 free with
each building rohded. Best of
workmanship. Reasonable brice-.
Saiisfaction guaranteed or no pu«.
For particus and prices address
N’ebarska’s Resident Dealer
W. E. Drake.
Grand Island Nchr
Honest agen* wanted.
Salary or Commission,
Pr Mid mil OmM«.
General Banking
BusinessT ransacted.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000.
Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. Y.
Omaha National Bank. Omaha, Nebraska.
•We are Headouaftefs foj
We have every appliance for making first class
Drive or Hydraulic Wells and
respectfully solicit your order. Our charges are
our prices are right. We have added a feed grinder i * mu*
business and are prepared to do custom work or lurmsb
ground .feed at reasonable rates, tlrind Saturday and Monday.
Attorney end Notary Publle. Publisher Loup Citt Nobthwbbtbk >
Fisher & Benschoter,
Real Estate Agents,
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigate!
Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!
I am now ready to fill your or
der from choice stock.
Rose Comb Brown Leghorn, 15
eggs, $1.00, or $4.00 for 100.
Fatridge Cochins, 15 eggs $|.00
Cornish Indian Game, 15 eggs, for
$1 50.
White Holland Turkey eggs 9 for
l 50.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of tt-e
digestants and digests all kinds uf
food. It gives instant reliefandnev**
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensiti'-'o
stomachs can take It. By its use mar.y
thousands of dyspeptics have beeu
cured after everything else failed it
prevents formation ofgas on the stmu*
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant totakfc.
It can’t help
but do you good
Prepared only by E. O. Pe W irr & Oa, Chlcue J
The |1. bottle contains 2H times the 50c. ste*
For sale by ;ODENUAHL PROS..
Take the genuine, origin*
Mad* only by Madieon Medi
cine Co.. Madieon, WIs. It
keepe you well. Our trada
mark cut on each package.
Price, J5 cents. Never sold
In balk. Accept no sabstl*
tute. Ask year druggist. __