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    Uoaal Dews.
Frank Dennis moved his family to
this city Monday.
Will Engle of the west side was in
town Tuesday.
Workmen are repairing the U. I*
elevator at this place.
There is a gentleman in town this
week idling horse statuary.
The dance at the had on the night of
the Fourth wa* fairly well attended.
Jimmy McCey left Tuesday morning
for El Reno, Ok., where he go- s to join
his parents.
Mr. Benson came up from the Island
Monday with another 50 bead of cattle
for hia ranch north of town.
Heavy Draft Stallion will stand at
the Round Front Barn during the season
of 1901. apr25—u o o
Win, Sherman has several young
horses that are pretty well broke and
will make good buggy horses.
W. G. Odendabl went to the Utah hot
springs with the other boys Saturday
for an outing among the mountains.
A. M. Robbins and family baye Ken #i
joying a visit from relatives the past
week. They returned home Tuesday.
Hugh Sleeth who is traveling for an
Omaha wholesale house, Sundayed in
Loup City with Mr*. Sleeth and baby.
Mist Emma Nodene was taken sud
denly ill on the street Monday afternoon
She was placed in a buggy and taken
to tbc hotel by friends.
A bad CJmplexion generally results
from inactive iiver and bowel* In all
such cases, DeWitt’s Little Early Kisers
produce gratifying results—Odendahl
A bouncing boby girl was horn to Mr,
and Mrs. Elmer Thompson of near
ROckville, one day last week. Papa
and Mama are happy over the event.
If you want some "just as good” *'I
make It myself,” Remedy, try an imita
tion Rockv Mountain Tea. ‘Twill
make you sick and keep you sick. Ask
your druggist.
W. II. Morris is repairing, rejuvinat
ing and re establishing conditions and
necessities around his residence proper
tv ou Methodist flats. Some say its a
fact but then we don't know.
J. T Hale left Saturday last with J'
B. O'Bryan for the hot springs of Utah,
to be treated for rheumatism. Mr.
Ilale has suffered much from this di
sease the past year and his many
friends wish him speedy relief.
Ira Foster, P. T. Rowe, Henry A.
Wilson and G. II. Gibson attended Odd
Fellows lodge at Arcadia, last Saturday
night an i assisted in the ceremony of
installation A splendid time was ex
perienced. Aicadia lodge knows well
how to entertain guests and never for
gets to exercise their knowledge.
The Board of Education reorganized
Monday night and appointed W. S.
Waite to till vacancy created by the
fact that E. A. Brown was visiting
in Illinois when elected and though he
signed an acceptance and sent it to the
hoard, yet they did not see fit to extend
the courtesy of waiting until Mr. Brown
returned, but filled his place because
they had the power, or delegated it to
themselves whither they had it or not.
"I wish to truthfully state to you and
the reader* of these few lines that your
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is without ques
tion, the best and only cure for dyspep
sia that I have ever come in contact
with and 1 have used many other pre
parations. John Beam,West Middlesex.
Pa. No preperation equals Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure as it contains all the natur
al digeatauts. ft will dlgess all kinds
of food and can’t help hut do you good
Odendahl Bros.
Billy Jacobi ami Mr. Mickisb of Bris
tol twp. were in the city Tuesday. Mr.
Jacobs tells us that he had 85 acres of
spring wheat which the chinch bags
got, and 185 acres of fail wheat which
Billy got. Mr- Jabob! reasons very log
ically on the wheat question: He says
we should sow winter wheat if we do
have a failure once in a while, simply
because winter wheat will yield three
fold that of spring wheat and with one
crop in three years are just as far ahead
Again when chinch bugs Threaten the
crop winter wheat is out of the way be
fore they can damage it, and besides
this,spring wheat has proven to be little
surer than the other one season with
another, Billy's head is level.
This part of the state is at this time
so completely over run with chinch bugs
that very little hope of saving a bushel
of grain except rye and winter wheat is
had, and corn is being attacked as fust
as they get to it. At Arcadia the pests
were so numerous that the roads in their
track looked like a moving dark
blanket. The wagon tracks were quick
ly filled with them and the others pass
ed over as on a bridge. One farmer
adopted the novel method of plowing
several deep furrows around his corn
field with a lister, and then dragging a
log through them every two hours.
Our informant said tint the furrows
looked like a long dark streak for their
full length, as the bugs were at least a
half inch deep at escb operation. We
drove to Arcadia last Saturday evening
and from the appearance cf things we
very much doubt if a single bushel of
wheat will be saved in that distance, 13
A E. Chase Is in I'Uh buying fruit
for this market.
Walter Soiensen of Arcadia was in
the city Sunday.
Athe O’Bryan was visiting friends in
the city this week.
II. A. Wilson and Peter Howe went
to Sargent Monday.
See ad of special shoe sale of childrens
shoes at Gasteyers in this issue.
F E. Brewer harvested and sold 40
bushels of strawberries this spring
Our old friend Frank Cook of Bristol
twp , was doing business at the county
seat Saturday.
Mrs. T. M. Reed went to Lincoln
Tuesday to consult an occulist in regard
to her hearing.
Stewart MeFaJden of Clay twp. drop
ped in «nd exchanged ideas with ye
editor Wednesday.
Walter E Smith and David Richard
son, of Elm township were doing husi
at the hi b Tuesday.
A hail storm done considerable dam
age in the vicinity of Verdurette, on
the night of the Fourth.
The county board met July 1st, and
settled with the county treasurer, a
statement of which is published in this
John Schelewski moved hi- family
back to Loup City this week. John
is tending bar for Cal Sprague
The German congregation of this city
will dedicate their new church Sunday
oext. Every body is invited to attend
the ceremony.
Otto Bechthold was home over Sun
day returning to his position Monday.
Bohn—To Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Soren
sen, of the west side, a baby boy on last
Monday night
Cbas. Gasteyer left for Denver and
New Mexico, last Tuesday, to look
after bis mining interests.
Emil Shumanii of Ashton made us a
pleasant call Monday while in the city.
Mr. Shuman* says the chinch bugs are
mighty numerous down there.
Jimmie Bone of Webater twp came
in Tuesday and bad ns send a can of
chinch bugs to Lincoln for exchange
for inoculated one* for him.
Those desiring fruit should leave
their orders at my store. The first ship
ment will be appricots and other kinds
in their season—A. E. Chase.
The piles that annoy you so will be
quickly and permanently healed if vou
useDeWiti's Witch Hazel Salve. Be
ware of worthless counterfeits.—Oden
dahl Bros.
M J. Monnette of Central City, has
purchased about 2,000 acres of land in
the Daddow neighborhood and has five
men at work fencing it and preparing it
for a cattle ranch.
The chinch bugs are causing great
ruin with the crops of this county. Many
fields are already destroyed and the lit
tle pests are attacking the corn as soon
as the wheat is cleaned up.
John Clark received a letter from his
wife the other day, from Unionvllle,
Mo , stating that another operation had
been performed on their son Silas' arm
aud 20 pieces of bone taken out.
It is easier to keep well than get cured
DeWitt’s Little Early Kisers taken now
and then, will always keep your bowels
in perfect order. They never gripe but
promoty an easy gentle action.—Oden
dahl Bros.
Fanners whose grain is not yet de
stroyed by chinch bugs should not de
lay a moment in procuring Inoculated
bugs. Once they commence on your
crops It may be to late to get them be
fore your crop is gone.
Cuts and bruises are healed by Cham
berlain's I’ain Balm in about one third
the time any other treatment would re
quire because of its antiseptic qualities
which cause the parts to heal without
maturation. For rale by—Odendabl
A balloonist by the name of Hendricks
passed through town Wednesday. lie
was anxious to make arrangements for
an ascension and was willing to do so
for the privilage of running a few skin
games, if pennission could be got. But
lie did not get the permission.
Thos. Inks received a letter from his
son Arthur who is in the Philippines, to
the effect that his regimental doctor had
recommended that he be sent to the
states for the reason of his health Art
was in the hospital Out was better when
he wrot“ the letter some time in May.
A surprise party was given at ihs
home of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Conger,
Tuesday night, in honor of Miss E'ta
Axelson, Mrs. Conger's sister, and Mr
John Long both of whom are visiting
here from Lincoln. To sav the evening
was spent pleasantly is putting it light
A grand good time was had, and the
attendance was all that could be wished
for Games and general sociabilities
were the order of the evening and a
nice lap supper was ihe predominating
feature as far as ye hungry editor was
Certain members of the old school
board of this district said that they
supported and worked for the elect ion
of the two local editors as members
of the board of education because
after having passed upon certain
important questions they could not
const santly come hack at them
through the papers. Gentlemen, you
might just as well try to muzzle a
well loaded double barreled shot
Rev. Tooley of Myra Valley, a minis
ter of the U. B. church, was In the city
Monday night.
Mrs. A. J. Morgan brought the fami
ly carriage to town Tuesday and had s
new top put on it.
C. \V. Conhiser hyptnotised Postmast
er Owtn yesterday morning and it is
said that he slept and fought (lies for
gome time. We have not vet learned
whether or not he v.oke up In time to
distribute the mail.
If yojng ladies think sores, pimples
and red noses look well with a bridal
veil and orange blossoms, it's all right.
Yet Rocky Mountain Tea would drive
them away. 35c. Ask your druggist.
I atu indebted to One Minute Cough
Cure for my present good health and
my life. 1 was treated in vain by doc
tors for lung trouble follow ing la grippe.
I took One Minute Cough Cure and re
covered my health.' Mr. K. H Wise,
Madison, Oa —Odendahl Bros
When you want a modern, up-to-date
physic, try Chamberlain's Stomach aud
Liver Tablets. They are easy to take
and pleasaut in effect. Price 25 cents
Samples free at Odendahl Bros.
You can never cure dyspepsia by di
eting. What your body needs is plenty
of good food properly digested. Then
if your stomach will not digest it, Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure will. It contains
all of the natural digestants hence must
digest every class of food and so pre
pare it that nature car, use it in nour
ishing the body replacing the wast
ed tissues, thus giving life, health,
strength ambition, pure blood and good
healthy appetite.—Odendahl Bros
We notice in the Ravenna News last
week, that the Loup City Rase Ball
team had played a game with the team
of that place and that the score stood 25
to 1 in favor of Ravenna. We made in
quiry but could not learn that
our boys had been away from home.
But we did ascertain that a nine had
been picked up some 9 miles south of
here that played the game referred to.
Had our team played that game the
score would have most likely been re
versed. But the game as it was proved
the undoing of the Ravenna team. That
team became so putted up over the
above noted signal accident that they
tackled the Grand Island team the Sun
day subsequent, and we are told, the
result was 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to 38 in favor
of G. I. Vanity goeth before a fall.
The racehorsetnen were completely
knocked out at their treatment by Ra
venna. on the glorious Fourth. They
had gathered from far and near, by the
persuading intluence of a goodly purse
(?) wed advertised which was to be giv
en to th" winner, of course. At the
proper time the horses were called to
the track and “warmed up” for the jonf,
when a friendly cloud came skimming
along an J delivered itself of a heavy
dew which, according to the horse
men’s story was eagerly and prayerfully
watched and waited for by the com
mittee in charge. The dust was nicely
laid and the racehorsetnen afforsaid
were called up and kindly notified that
the races were ofl' and no money would
be divided up that day. Ravenna is
slick, oh, she is cute, but the racehorse
tneu continue to this day to heap coals
of fire upon her devoted head and s.ij
cuss words, and the end was not yet.
Little Johnnie Burrowes was accident
ly shot while playiDg with a number of
young companions near the residence
of Peter Rowe, in the east end of town,
last Saturday evening, and by sheer
good luck was not killed. The particu
lars seem to he about as follows; Jacob
Benschoter had an old 22 caliber revol
ver which he gave to young Ernest
Rowe to shoot away some blank cart
ridges which he had left over from the
Fourth. A boy belonging to T. M.
Reed brought a handfull of ball cart
ridges and some were placed In the re
volver. By some means the gun was
discharged in little Johnnie's direction
the ball striking him in the right
breast well up. The ball followed
a rib some six inches and stopped
without penetrating the trunk. The
wound was not a severe one as it turn
ed out, If no other complications set in,
during this hot weather, yet a fraction
of an ioeh either way the result would
most likely have been death. Little
Johnnie, at this writing, la getting along
very nicely, he is the only son of a wid
owed mother and the sincere hope for
the little fellows speedy recovery is the
uppermost desire of every body. The
parents of the boy who so nearly caused
the death of his little playmate, were
completely prostrated by the sad oc
A pocket case of Surgical instruments,
between Loup City and Oak Creek
Finder will please return same to me or
leave at NORTHWESTERN olllce and
A. 8. Main, M D.
— ■ • ♦ ♦ ♦-—
When tbe quantity of food taken is
too rich, heartburn is likely to follow,
ami especially so if the digestion has
been weakened by constipation. Eat
slowly and not too freely of easily di
gested food, Masthmte the food tho
rougnly. Let six hours elapse b“tween
meals and when you feel a fullness and
weight in the region of the stomach
after eating, Indicating that you have
eaten too much, take or.e of Chamber
lain’s Stomach ami Liver Tablets and
the heartburn may be avoided For
ssle by Odendah! Bros.
Fly nets of all kinds at—
W. 8. Owens’ harness shop.
Leave your orders for ice
with 0. Uenschoter.
T M- Reed sells sewing ma
chines and a general line of
Just received.—A new line
of trunks, telescopes, and club
bags at W. 8. Owens’ harness
There will he tegular Presbyter
ian services each Sunday hereafter
until further notice as follows: At
Loup City in the Peterson hall at
10:30 a. ra.; at Austin at 3 30 p. m.
and at Rockville at 8.00 o’clock p.
tn. All are cordially invited.
Rev. (Jr. C. Porter, Pastor.
Any one residing in the west side
of the county can make aoy arrange
ment necessary for undertaking and
embalming with C. W. Gibson at
Litchbeld. All orders will be
promptly aud satisfactorily attend
ed to at reasonable rates.
Will sell or exchange for
stock, a McCormick Hinder,
nearly new. j282w
L. N. Smith.
lake the genuine, original
Made only by Madieon Medi
cine Co., Madieon, Wi*. It
keeps you well. Our trade
mark cut on each package.
Price, 35 cents. Never sold
In bulk. Accept no substi
tute. Ask your druggist.
It Dazzles The World
No discovery in medicine bar ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption It's sever
est tests have been on hopeless victims
of Consumption, Pneumoniu, Hemor
rhage, Pleurisy and Bronchitis, thous
ands of w hom it ha* restored to perfect
health. For Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Croup, Hay Fever, Ilorseness and
Whooping Cough it is the quickest,
surest cure m the world. It is sold by
Odendahl Bros.
White man Turned Yellow
Great constesuation was felt by the
friends of M A. llogarty of Lexington,
Ky., w hen they saw lie was turning yel
low. Ilis skin slowly changed color,
also his eyes, and he suffered terribly.
Ills malady was Yellow Jaundice. lie
was treated by the best doctors, but
without benefit. Then he was advised
to try Electric Bitters, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver remedy, and he
writes: “After taking twooottles ! was
wholly cured '' A trial proves its match
less merit for all Stomach, Liver and
kidney troubles. Only 50c. Sold by
Odendahl Bros.
The Itest Bcinedy for Htomanh and
Bowel Trouble
“1 have been in the drug business for
twenty years and have sold most all of
the proprietary medicines of any note.
Among the entire list I hare never
found anything to equal Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
for all stomach and bowel trouble,” says
O. W. Wakefield, of Columbus, Ga.
“This remedy cured two severe cases of
cholera morbus in my family and I have
recommeeded and sold hundreds of bot
tles of it to my customers to their eu
tire satisfaction. It affords a quick and
sure cure in a pleasant form. No fami
ly should be without it I keep it in
my heuse at all times.” For sale by—
Odendahl Bros
You are hereby notified to keep off
the following described premises and to
keep your stock from running at large
on the same to-wit: Lots 1,2 and 3, in
Section 10, Township 15, Range 14.
Anyone failing to heed this notice will
be dealt with according to law.
John Eggers, Owner.
WANTED.—Capable, reliable persons in
every county to represent large company
of solid financial reputation; $936 salary
per year, payable weekly; $3 per day abso
lutely sure and all expenses; straight,
bona fide, definite salary, no coinmisllon;
salary paid each Saturday and expense
money advanced each week STANDARD
Baking Powder
Makes the bread
more healthful.
Safeguards the food
against alum*
Alum baking powders are the greatest
men ace rs to health of the present day.
During the next 10 days, from July list to 2lst I will
offer for sale an assortment of
5) pairs of Childrep’s Shoes
These are all good honest goods which formerly ranged in
price from $1.25 to $2.00. They are all button shoes, made
over a common sense last and will give both comfort and
good wear.
School will soon begin and most of the little folks w ill need
a new pair, so call and examine our assortment and we feel
sure that vou can find something there that will suit vou.
Yours Respectful!v,
Those famous little pills. I»eWitt’s
Little Early Kisers compel your liyer
and bowels to do their duty, thus giv
ing you pnte rich blood to recuperate
vour body. Are easy to take. Never
gripe.—Odendabl Bros.
DeWitl's Witch Hazel Salve should be
promptly applied to cut*, burns and
scalds It soothes and quickly heals
the injured part There are worthless
counterfeits, be sure to get DeWitl's —
Odendabl Bros.
♦ • ♦- -
She Didn’t Wear A iia«U
But her beauty was completely hid
den by sores, blotches and pimples till
she used Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. Then
they vanished as will all Eruptions,
Fever Sores, Boils, Ulcers, Carbunkles
and Felons from its u-e. Infallible for
Cuts, Corns. Burns, Scalds and Piles
Cure gua-anteed. Price 25c. at O len
dabl Bros.
A Poor Millionaire.
Lately starved in London beciuse he
could not digest his food. Early use of
l)r. King’s New Life Pills would have
saved him. They strengthen the stom
ach, aid digestion, promote nssimila
tion, improve appetite. Price 2oc.
Money baek if not satisfied. Sold by
Odendabl Bros.
loup orrr. i i era.
OFFICE.- One door went of Odendahl's
Drug Store.
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
Will Defend in Foreclosure Ohm
also DO A
General Real Estate Business.
Offlce 1b NorthWE8TBRB Balldlng,
'Something New Under
The sun.”
All Doctors have tried to cure CATARRH
by the use of powders, acid gases. Inhalers
and drugs In paste form. Their powders
dry up the mucus membranes causing
them to crack open and bleed. The power
ful acids used in the Inhalers have entirely
eaten away the same membranes that
their makers have aiired to cute, while
pastes and ointments cannot reach the di
sease. An old and experienced practitloner
who has tor many years made a close
study and specialty of the treatment of
CATARRH, has at last perfected a treat
ment which when faithfully used, not only
relievesat once, but permanently cures
CATARRH, by removing the cause, stop
ping the discharges, and curing all lnfla
uiation. It Is the only remedy known to
science that actually reac.lios the attlicted
parts. This wonderful remedy is known as
ARRH CUBE” and is sold at the extremely
low price of One Dollar, each package con
taining Internal and external medicine
sufficient for a lull months treatment and
everything necessary to Its perfect use,
‘•SNUFF ELS’’ Is the only perfect CAT
ARRH CURE ever made and Is now recog
nizedas the only safe and positive cure for
that annoying and disgusting disease. It
cures all intlamatlon (illicitly and perma
nently and Is also wonderfully quick tore
lieve HAY FEVER or COED In tile HEAD.
Catarrh when neglected often leads lo
Consumption—"snuffbls” win save you
if you use It at once. It is no ordinary
remedy, hut a complete treatment which
is positively guaranteed to cure catarrh
In any form or stage If used according to
the directions which accompany each
package. Don’t delay hut send for it at
once and write lull particulars as to your
condition, and you will receive special ad
vise from the discoverer of this wonderful
remedy regarding your case without cost
to you beyond the regular price of sncf
Sent prepaid to any address iu the United
Slates or Canada on receipt of One Dollar.
Address Dept. AT* EDWIN It. GILES a
COMPANY, sf.UNi and isfa*.' Market Street, i
Lincoln, Denver,
Oinalia, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kaii-a* •'ity. Portland,
St. Loiii*. San Francisco,
anti u!l (• lints and ull points
East and South. West.
No. 52 fug-t nrrt. *;05 am
No bll Kieight ... 12.50 p. in!
No 51 Passenger . I .a.’ p. in.
No. 59 Freight..12:50a. in.
Sleeping (tinner anil reclining clialr car*
(Boats free) on through train*. Tickets
sold and baggage chocked to any point in
the Plilted Slates or Canada.
For iuiorinatiou. map*, time table* and
ticket* cull on or write to K. I. Arthui
Agent, ill J. FRANCIS, Gen’I. I*u**euger
Agent, Omaha, Nebra*ka.
No. 86 leaves daily except Sunday (pass
enger). 8:00 a. m.
No. 88 leaves Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) 12:20 p. ui.
No bo leaves Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, (mixed) 2:55 p. m.
No 87 arrive* daily except Sunday (mixed
12:05 p. in.
No 'Snrrives dally except Sunday (pass
enger) 7.:s:> p. in.
First class service and close connection*
east, west and south
W. D. Clifton,
Sold by T. II ELSNER, Loup City, Neb
WAntkd —Capable, reliable person in every
county to represent larpe corn puny of soilc
tlnanclal reputation; tKW salary p*-r year, pay
able weekly; per day absolutely sure and
all expenses, straight, bona tide, definite sal
ary. no commission; salary paid each Satur
day and expense money advanced each week
Cure forCholerH Infantum—.Never
Known to ITall
During last May an infant chi.d of our
neighbor was tufiering from cholera in
fantum The doctors had given up all
hopes of recovery. I took a bottle of
Cbamberlasn's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy to the house,telling them
1 felt sure it would do good if used ac
cording to directions. Iq two days
time the chil ! had fully recovered. The
child is now vigorous and healthy I
have recommended this remedy fre
quently anil have never known It to fail.
—Mbs. Curtis Baker, Bookwaltcr. O.
For sale by Odendahl Bros.
Many thousands have been restored to
health and happiness by tbo use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. If all1
icted with any throat or lung trouble,
give it a trial for it is certain to prove
beneficial. Coughs that have resisted
all other treatment for years, have yield
ed to this remedy and perfect health
been restored. Cases that seemed
hopeless, that the climate of famous
health results fulled to benefit, have
been permanently cured by its use.
Bear In mind that eve y bottle is war
ranted and if it does not prove b<*net1
cial the money will be refunded to you.
For sale by Odendahl Bros.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrona sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion tree whether un
invention m pmfcably patentable. ('oinnitinlca
tlnns strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent!
sent free. Oldest agency for securing
i (dents taken through Munn x Co. rucslre
wpn'ial notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly largest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms. I * a
L«a.V.l2Sr 2,onthi» *1- «old byull newsdealers.
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Branch Office. 625 F 8t.. Washington, l>. C.