The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 22, 1901, Image 8

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(Daily Grind in Heb^V". - ) ird
House of Hepressnta1' ",
Mraiurei AdvstnrrU to C.e i e .1 ’ ’l®,
Sonic that Hare Rerotuo TIun Utn*»it®
and Others Ciiven lMd®nhl.fe Postpone
ment—Mlacellanentm T.®gl»t«tl *o Notes
HOUSE—At the morning session of
the house on the 15th rhp following
fills were passed: House roll 3til, by
Murray, appropriating $2,0'it) for the
purchase and presentation of a library
to the battleship Nebraska, to he se
lected by a commission to bo appoint
C'l by the governor. Uo ise ro ' ;iT$.
by Fellers, limiting th> re- s i » i e n!
loweil attorneys in legislative contests
to $100 and providing that, attorneys
for unsuccessful contestants shall re
ceive no fees Sennto file 29, liy llaid
rige, to leave it optional with county
commissioners whether not they <
rhall extend aid to ty aericnl- j
tural societies. House roll 193, by
Bcethe, to repeal the mutual hog in
surance law. House roll 299, h.'
Sears, to authorize the Vied of
purchase and ,applies ' > ' use sup
plies iu bulk and was ap> • ■td?d, o.r
motion of Sprecher of Colfax, to re
quire the board to let out ■"ds t.o
the lowest bidder, a el - ‘h*m rec
ommended *oi pajs.-.g . ^on si dera
tion of how ' . '1 "to, "•> 1—^ -i*
prop, iatiou bill, »«., The
item of $$40 for a stenographer In the
labor commissioner's utn stricken
out yestei day, as sto ' • f'- . biil
on motion r'r f " u,,l. . Au
amendment by Lar ■ lop t !, ap
propriatiug $43, 1 1 ‘ n ' alu.j of
nine supreme court cMuiaissioners,
and $18,000 tor the ml ary af their
stenograph?!s. Following s the vote
for senator All 2", .'••rge, 1;
Crounse, 7; Cur": , !■•, Diei.i it, 1;
Harlan, 2; Harrington, Hainer, 2;
Hinshaw, 20; Hitchcvk, at; Kinkaid,
2; Martin, !; Medl-John, 31; Miller,
40; Rosewater, 47; Thompson, T). E.,
S7; Thompson, W. H„ S; WetVceld, 2.
HOUSE.—The de-eh nf Benjamin
Harrison called forth appropriate ac
tion in the house on the u-h. Repre
sentatives Hathnrn, Hail and Fuller
were named as a committee to draft
suitable resolutions, and the fl ig \,as
ordered to be floated at half mast
throughout the day. Representative
Hanks' bill, to authorise th • appoint
ment of a commission todraft a new
law of the government transfer of
land titles, was amended and recom
mended for passage. The appointing
power was vested iu the sup- -me court
Instead of in the governor, as provid
ed for in the original hill, the number
of commissioners reduced from five to
three and the compensation provided
for increased from $50 each to $100
each. The house begun consideration
of the salaries appropriation hill. Sev
eral salaries were discontinued an 1
many of them were decreased. The
house sifting committee submitted its
second report, recommending the ad
vancement of a number of bills, among
them being: For appropriations for
salaries of state officers and employes.
To appropriate $35,909 for permanent
state fair grounds and for repair of
buildings. To license peddlers in ail
counties. To provide regulations for
peddlers. To amend the regulations
governing the appointment of stas
bank examiner-. Relating to the
general duties of school boards and
trustees. To prohibit solicitation fur
appointment as jurors. The vote Cor
senator was as follows: All u 50
Beige 1, Crounse 9, Currie 1., Da we,
1, Dietrich 1, Harlan 2, Harrington i,
Hinshaw 11, Hitchcock 15, Kinkaid l,
Martin 4, Meiklejohn 32, Rosewater
16, Thompson. D. E., 33, Thompson,
AV. H„ 40, Wether id 2.
HOUSE.—In the hous- on the nth
the following bills were read the third
time and passed: Providing for the
"appointment by " ’"nanlm-"is vat* of
the supreme court of nine coiimis
•loners t •> w . v ■ c • lar* at t«
■alary of $2,050
the docket of the court. This bill was
passed with the emergency clause.
House roll 72, by Loomis, relating to
disconnection from the corporate lim
its of cities of lev, Uivn 1 <■■'■<) pc-nui i
tlon. House roll 15, by Crockett, to
abolish the nffioo of township tax col
lector. House roll 95, by Corneer, to
require the use of safety railings on
scaffolding used in the erection or re
pair of buildings. House roll 12S, by '
Anderson, providing for the creation
of cash funds for tho D: a I Dumb
and Blind Institutes House roll 129,
by Anderson, changing the names of
these Institutions to the Nt hraska
School for the Deaf and the Nt liras’ i \
School for the Blind. House roll 92.
by Mockett, to enable the ity of i. n
coln to make an annual levy of 20
milts for school purposes. House roll
191, by Anderson, to require commis
sion men handling live -took ami farm
produce to tile a $35,000 bond witU the
secretary of state. Uhl of Douglas
moved that the action of the house
in indefinitely postponing house roil
311, to require abstracters to file a
$25,000 bond with the county judge, be
reconsidered, and the bill be placed on
general file. Itte motion prevailed.
The bill of Mr. Uhl to reimburse sub
scribers to the fund for bringing the
First Nebraska home from Sau Fran
cisco, was recommended for passage.
The vote for senator iu joint session
was as follow-. Allen, 46; Berge, 4;
■Crounse, 9; Currie, 16; Dietrich. 1;
Harlan, 2; Harrington, 5; Hinshaw,
;2l; Hitchcock, 51; Kinkad, 2; Martn,
2; Meikeljohn, 31; Rorewater, I
Thompson, D. E., 39; Thompson, AV.
H., 3: Wethereld, 2.
HOUSE—The morning session of the
ilioiise on the 12th was consumed in a.
.futile attempt on the part of the
friends of Armstrong’s $75,000 Peru
'Normal bill to pass it over the gov
ernor’s veto. On this question a call
of the house was ordered. Evans’
came and fish commission hill, creat
ing a state game warden -house roll
138—was read at length for t.he third
■time and placed on its passage. It
failed to carry wltli the emergency
clause, which was then stricken out
and the bill passed by a vote of 58
yeas to 2t> nays. House roll 66. by
Mockett, to permit Lancaster county
| to retain deputies an 1 assistants in
1 county offices, a bill made no -ov ary I y
the county’s dec mu-e I j; pula*ion, was
passed. House roll 124, by t'hl, pro
viding for the registration of plirmb
c.3 and creating a plumbers’ board ia
cities of more than 50.000 Inhabitants,
was pas-ed. Senate 51 *, 71, by Harlan,
to provide a charter for all (Hies Lav
ing more than 5,000 an 1 less than 2",
000 inhabitants, was put upon its pass
age. Roll call resulted 45 yeas to 21
nays, and Loomis demanded a (all of
the house, which was ordered. Tiie
house went into committee of tho
Whole to consider house roll 255, the
special order for th * day. This is the
hill introduced by Ollis of Valley to
reduce freight rates on live stock 10
per cent of the existing tariff. JJrown
of Furnas moved an amendment to
the bill to provide that rates on ail
other classes of freight sh. 11 not ex
ceed that charged on December 1,
1889. The amendment was adopted.
The title was amended to conform
with this amendment, and, without de
bate, the bill was recomenmded for
HOUSE.—When the house hail con
vened on the 11th Chairman Fowler
moved that t::e report of the commu
te on "hold up" legislation be re
ceived. The motion was tarried and
the house voted to continue the spe
cial order on this subject over until
tomorrow morning. The following
hills were advanced to the head of the
general hie: Senate tile 8*>, by Zeigler,
changing the time of the reports or
county treasurers from January and
June to .tffiiiary and July. House roll
129. by Anderson, ihanging the names
of ihe Institute lor the Deaf and Dumb
and Institute for tlr Biind to "the Ne
braska School for the Deaf,, ami "the
Nebraska School for the Biind.” House
roll 321, by Uhl, appropriating $36,370.
75 to reimburse subscribers to tUe
fund to bring Die First Nebraska home
from San Francisco. House roll 255,
by Ollis, fixing a maximum rate to be
charged for the transportation of live
stock between points within the state
so as to reduce present changes from
12 to 20 per cent. House roll 290, by
Hanks, to authorize the governor to
appoint a commission to investigate
the Torrens system of transferring land
titles and report to the next legisla
ture; ouch member of the commission
to receive $70 an l 5 cents mileage.
House roll 2o9, by Sears, providing for
tlie purchase in bulk of supplies for
state institution.’, and repealing the
requirements of t lie statute compelling
the state board to purchase and sup
plies to let contracts to the lowest
bidder. The vote for senator resulted
as follows- Alien 27, Beige 4, Crouuse
lb, Currie 11, Harlan 1, Harrington 4,
Hinshaw 1>, Hitchcock 19, lvinkald 2,
Martin 2, Meiklepohn 20, Rosewater 13,
Thompson, D. E., 30, Thompson, W.
H., 12, Wethereld 1.
SENATE—The senate on the 15th
passed the bill which provides that
political parties shal. have their
nominees under their party titl ■.
These party titles shall appear in
separate columns. The party receiv
ing the highest vet-* at the last gen
eral el rtion shall be accorded the
first place it the left of tlie ballot,
the pa ty receiving the second high
est i te shall have the next place to
the light. and so on, the candidates
by petition being ac rrded the ex
treme light of the ballot. Each can
didate may choose the party title un
der which his name is to appear. The
following v t'“ also pissed: Provid
ing that It shall not be necessary to
give notice of hearing for guardian
ship to a minor child over the age of
4, when the consent to adoption lias
been filed in accordance with section
Shi of the civil code. Providing for
an appeal in actions for forcible entry
and detention or forcible detention
only of real property. Pro iding that
any legally incorporated humane so
ciety may become the guardian of mi
nor children Senator Miller alone
voted against it. Limiting county
judges to is- lam e of temporary re
straining orders i:i the abs o e of dis
trict judges. Those i ting against it
vei ■: Steele, Weber, Miller, Ueuting,
Allen, Berlet, Cummins, Johnson,
Krumhach, Pitney, and Pa.* dial. Per
mitting city councils to levy a 2-mill
tax instead of I for suppo , of public
libraries. Creating a board ef five
district judges for revision of the
statutes. Empowering thy governor
to take such action as h may deem
proper to secure fo? the s -hool fund
moneys due the state for the !• per
cent on -ale of Pa win; ladum riser
nation. Private Secretary Lindsay
liimnu ii-il that the governor had at
hed his t to four bills,
among them being: Senate til • No. so’
by Zelgler, repairing county treasur
< ra to publish semi-annually in a
weekly newspaper a tabulated state
ment o' the affair of th * oftiie. House
io!l No. t*. tiy Hat horn, providing im
prisonment In the county jail not more
Ihan six months and a fine of not
b -s than $50 nor more than $500 for
illegal voting in any precinct, school
distri •, village or ward An < mer
geiic-y cla ise is attached.
SEN A rn.—Resolutions of regret rind
consolation to the bereaved family be
cause of the death of ex-Presldent Har
rison, were adopted by the senate on
tlie 14th. They were prepat ed by Hen -
atorR Martin, Edgar and K tnsom. 'i nc
sifting committee recommended fifteen
lulls for passage, among them being:
Senate file 2sf, by Crounse, providing
iui' sain of tin* governor's mansion.
Senate file ‘.'2', by Allen, giving thresh
ers and com shellers liens on the
grain for such threshing or selling.
Senate file by Van Bosk irk, relat
ing to priority of water lights in irri
gation districts. Senate file 1'JH, by
Martin (on request), to regulate mu
tual savings banks in the state. Sen
ate file 25t>, by Weber, to amend tne
school laws relating to hiring of
teachers. Senate file 291, by RleCar
gar, the education bill making the
compulsory education laws more rigid.
After spending all afternoon in com
mittee of the whole the senate
finally recommended for passage
Senator Trotnpen’s bill legalizing the
practice of o.-iteopathy in the state. A
rising vote was taken and resulted in
the defeat of a "killing" amendment by
17 to 2. It is senate file 102.
SENATE.—The following bills were
passed in the senate on the 13th:
| Senate til" No. 70 repealing the acts
of 1883 and 1'.87 creating a state
board of transportation. Senators
■ Harlan and McCargar were the only
ones voting against it. Defining tiain
robbery and providing a suitable pun
ishment, Curative act relating to sec
tion 509 of the civil cods Providing
j for exclusion of school bond taxes in
t computation of the aggregate of s> hool
taxes. Regulating the sale and trans
fer of mortgaged personal property.
Relating to construction of sidewalks
in cities and villages having less than
5,000 population. To enable local in
surance companies to sign surety
bonds. Combining the offices of city
clerk and water •omruissioner in cities
having less than 5,000 population.
Senator Harlan moved that the lieu
tenant governor appoint a committee
of five to confer with the house com
mittee on tlie date for adjourning sine
die. The clerk of the house announced
that that body had passed house rolls
Nos. 00, 124, 138 and senate file No.
74. 'Phe fish and game bill, which
parsed the house yesterday, was
placed on first reading in the senate.
A number of measures were recom
mended for passage, whereupon the
senate adjourned.
SENATE—In the senate on the
12th an attempt was made to have
Senator Lyman’s bill, providing tor
seven additional county treasurer ex
aminers to work under supervision of
the state auditor, indefinitely post
poned. it was given a new lease of
life by being recommitted for specific
amendment. Senator Oleson’s bill de
fining the qualifications for a county
judge in counties having more than
6,000 inhabitants was re ommended
for indefinite postponemen' Senate
file 101, by Van Boskirk, a measure of
protection of fish and game, was rec
ommended for indefinite postponement
because of a similar measure which
it is thought will pass the house and
be presented to the senate In a few
days. Senate file 227, a curative act
by Martin, regulating the sale and
transfer of mortgaged personal prop
erty, was recommended for passage.
Senate file 131, by Martin, on request,
repealing section 69 of chapter 14 of
the statutes, relating to sidewalks in
cities of less than 5,000 inhabitants,
was recommended for passage. Sen
ate file 132, by Martin, on request, to
combine tin* offices of city clerk and
water commissioner in cities having
less than 5,000 population, was also
recommended for passage. Seriate file
70, by Martin, to repeal the law cre
ating the state board of transportation,
was also recommended for passage.
Senate file 1*2, by Baldrige, to permit
organization of guarantee surety com
panies in the state, was recommended
for passage.
SENATE.—The hill creating a state
veterinarian passed the senate on third
reading on the llth hy a vote of 20 to
7>. For want of a two-thirds' majority
th( emergency clause fell by the way
side Those voting in the negative
were Senators Berlet, Campbell. Cum
mins. Martin and Renting. The meas
ure is hy Van Boskirk, senate file 61.
Hnu:-e roll 13o, by Wenzl, appropriat
ing $53,35 for relief of Frederick Ul
rich of Pawnee county for illegal taxes
paid, was passed on third -.’-eadiug.
Misktll's bill creating district road
funds, house roll 5K, was also passed
on third leading. The South Omaha
charter was then placed on third read
ing and passed without a dissenting
vote. An emergency clause is at
tac bed. H. C. Lindsay, private secre
tary to Governor Dietrich, announced
that his excellency had signed house
rolls 55 and 50 and senate tile 171. Sen
ator Currie, chairman of the commit
tee appointed to confer with a like
committee from the house to consider
house loll 117, Representative Fowler’s
hill relating to submission if proposed
constitutional amendments, recom
mended that it be amended and al
lowed to recur to its place on general
file. It had been indefinitely postponed
by the senate. The report was adopt
ed; the action indefinitely postponing
being reconsidered and the hill sent to
the general file. Senator Edgar’s bal
lot law was passed hy a vote of 16
to 12, republicans voting for It. fusion
ibts against it.
The new committee on apportion
ment in the senate reported to the
general file with the recommendation
that it be passed, senate file 235, by
Snator Steele, providing for the di
vision of Nebraska into fifteen Judi
cial districts. The bill bears but lit
tle resemblance to the one originally
introduced by Senator Steele, it being
made up of bills introduced by both
Senators Steele and Olesou. The bill
makes Douglas county a omplete dis
trict and provides it with six judges.
With tlie adjournment of the legis
lature almost in sight the senate has
recently resolved itself into a hard
working body and is disposing of the
largh amount of work staring it in the
face in an unusually rapid manner.
An indication that the end of the pres
ent session is nearing is the action
take by the senate iu naming a com
mittee on final adjournment to confer
with a similar committee named by
the house.
The osteopaths of Nebraska hav«
renewed their efforts in behalf of the
passage of the hill prepared by them
early in the session, but which was
temporarily laid aside. The bill is on
the general file. The Christian Science
hill may also come up in the near fu
Governor Dietrich has lieeti appealed
to to send a special message to the
legislature asking them to pass an act
to enable the Otoe county commission
ers to refund the Missouri Pacific
bonds, which were voted some twelve
years ago by Nebraska City precinct
to induce that road to build its main
line through that city, and which the
supreme court of this state declared
illegal, but the United States supreme
coflrt declared legal, and now have to
be paid.
The senate, by the divisive vote of
17 to 13, indefinitely jsistponed the
hill appropriating $100,000 for two new
normal schools, one to be located in
the Fifth congressional district anl
one in the Sixth.
The vote for senator on the 12th re
sulted as follows: Allen, 19: Crounse.
10; Currie, 13; Hinshaw, 20; Martini
2; Meiklejohn, 29. Rosewater, 13;
Sutherland, 1; Thompson, D. E., 35;
Thompson, W. H., 49; Wethereld, 2.
Two Nebraska Bank Wrecker* Receive
Their Punishment.
.fudge Munger of tlie federal Court
i'aaten the ( use—Sutton ltallru:i<i
ItondH—A Kidnaper In Court— Mltcel*
laneou* State .New*
OMAHA, Neb., March 1G.~C. A.
Reimers, president of the defunct
First National bank of Neligh, Neb.,
and his son, Edward O. Reimers. as
sistant cashier, were each sentenced to
five years in the Sioux Falls peniten
tiary by Judge .'lunger for wrecking
the institution of which they were
officers. In compliance with the re
quest of their attorneys, the judge
suspended sentence for ten days to al
low time for the filing of an appeal
This case was tried in the federal
court in December, 1890. an 1 tlie de
fendants were found guilty, A motion
was made for a new trial, which the
judge took under advisement until
Saturday, when he overruled it anti
pronounced sentence.
The Reimers and Charles R. Allder,
cashier, were indicted in October, 1898.
Allder was never placed on trial, he
being a fugitive from justice some
where in Mexico.
The charge against the officers of
the Neligh hank was falsifying the
records, violating the banking laws
of the United States and making false
reports to the comptroller of the treas
ury. It is alleged that originally All
der purchased the bank from the Rei
mers and that, in doing so he us.d th-1
assets and collateral in making ills
payments and that they knew this.
Charges of forgery were also made
and it is understood that forged notes
were discounted and rediscounted with
other banks for the purpose of taking
up personal obligations.
When the receiver, H. .1. Whitmore,
took charge of the affairs of the bank
he found a shortage of between $80,
000 and $40,000 and liabilities of $110.
000. Since then he has paid 40 per
cent in dividends and some $10,000 oil
taxes and bills.
Sulci«l*» of » Prisoner.
CLARION, la., March 18.—Soren Pe
terson. a farmer living six miles west
of Clarion, was arrested a few days
ago on the charge of rape, and brought
here and lodged in Jail to await the
action of the grand jury. Mrs. Peter
son has been an invalid for some'
time, and it was necessary to employ
a hired girl to assist in the house
work. and it was this girl upon whom
the crime is alleged to have been com
mitted. She is only about 15 years of
age. Peterson was the only occupant
of the jail at the time, and took ad
vantage of the temporary absence of
the sheriff to kill himself by hanging.
Suit I’pon ItailroHfl Ilontl*.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., March 18.
—Suit was filed in the district court
by John C. Watson to recover $1,000
damages from John M. Clapp & Co. of
Philadelphia. This concern is thn
holder of $40,000 worth of Missouri
Pacific bonds upon which they have
just secured judgment against Otoe
county. Watson alleges in his peti
tion that the bonds were placed in his
hands for collection in 1875 by Clapp
& Co. and that his fee was to be 10
per cent of the amount recovered. He
further alleges that Clapp & Co.
gained possession of the bonds by un
fair means.
Conference on Taxation.
NEW YORK, March 15.—The Na
tional Civic federation, which has held
a conference on "our foreign policy"
and on the "trust question” and re
cently organized a national joint com
mittee on "conciliation ’and arbitra
tion," today from this city issued a
call for a national conference on tax
ation at Buffalo for May 23 and 24.
The governors will be invited to ap
I*oint delegates and the various state
tax commissioners and members of
legislative committees.
National C'uurU Election.
LINCOLN. Neb., March 16—An elec
tion by commissioned officers of the
First regiment Nebraska National
Guard, to fill the vacancy caused by
promotion of Lieutenant Colonel
Harry L. Archer to colonel, has been
called for March 27 by Adjutant Gen
eral Killain. Permission has been
granted company K of the First regi
ment at Columbus to parade wiMi
arms April 9, when the veterans of
Shiloh celebrate.
Oniani/.P Anti-Saloon League.
STROMSBURG, Neb., March 16.—
All churches in the city met in mass
meting Sunday night to listen to an
eloquent address by Rev. Dr. Kearns
of Lincoln. After the lecture an anti
saloon league was organized, and over
260 signed the list of membership.
This league will endeavor to knock out
the saloons here, and if they fail in
that, they will enforce the Slocum law
as nearly as possible.
Illimmorc Hack In Kearney .lull.
KEARNEY. Neb., March 16.—Frank
L. Dinsmore, who has been kept at the
state penitentiary nearly a year, being
convicted of murdering Fred Lake at
Odessa over a year ago, was brought
to Kearney by Sheriff Funk and
placed in the county jail.
Alleged Kidnaper In t'onrt.
OMAHA, Net)., March 16.—James
Callahan, known to the officers as No.
3 of the alleged kidnaper! of Edward
A. Cudahy, Jr., was taken from the
solitary cell in the county jail and
escorted to the court room, where he
was arraigned before Judge Baker,
where he pleaded not guilty to the
three informations, one of which
charges that he falsely and unlaw
fully imprisoned Edward A. Cudahy,
Jr., for the space of thirty hours: an
other that he robbed Edward A. Cud
ahy of $25,000. The trial was set for
March 20th.
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.^1 V N I EAC’TI I! I lis and tako this method or uulckly introduein
o.a- I POO MOIH l>. This offer of a sample wheel at this low prfSi^
male to secure a RIDER AVERT in each town to represent u
ami take orders, our agents make money fast.
SPECIFICATION^ Frame. :•*.*! or ‘.'6 Inch; ladies. 22 Inch. Beti
wibUiriUN I IwllOi Shelby fM ami. t- tubing wiiii t rged connoe
t.ions flush joints, improved expander device to fasten seat post am
handlebar; lloy al Arch crown; the celebrated IIhvIs hubsaud hanger
the easiest running known; K< cord “A” tires, the hot and one of Ha
most expensive tires an the market. The genuine iM Mesingi r If
saddle; isMitip, tools and accessories the **»-t obtainable. I- name led li
black, maroon or coach green, highly finished and ornament**!; n>eeia
finished nickeling on all bright parts. We thoroughly test every plea
of material that goes into this machine. Our bindiua yearV«u*r
antes bond with each bicycle. * l«ar a guar
FRPF to any one sending the *|d.:»Ocnsh in full with order we wil
■ ■■ wfc send free a genuine Iturdlek 10,(M»0 mile barrel pattern cvcln
a high grade floor pump. Your money all back If you are no
a turned.
yfUCCI C Wo not manufacture the cheap depart
** "■*■»»w* ment store kind of w heels, nimh as many ne*
•uses advertise and sell ns high grade. We can furnish them
M- ")0 comj lete. We do not guarantee nor recoro
a bicycle of any one else, no matter who or ho*
wo can savo you on the same i m. hli.w.
... ..... we ,-an a*sl-t y*.u to EAI1N A BICYCLE by dJs
•m *.««. *ki lv Tr * 1 r' *' ■1 —si rusal wdays. W’e need one peraoi
in each town for this several hundred NEFOMI II \ Ml WHEEL* taken In f rude which w*
shopworn samples arul VJ models very cheap, t end for lUriraia I.Ut.
refer to any hn'ik «*r business house In Chicago, or any express <u
y°u letters of reference direct from the largest bank* In Chicago if you w ish it
MK ^>ir R !°'*uy This low price and these apeclul term* of shipment without dwposit will
UllWkll bo withdrawn very , iTGlve name of this paper.
J. L. MEAD CYCLE COMPANY, Chicago. in.
A. P. CULLEY, , ,, A. P. CliLLEY,
President Cashier.
General Banking
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000.
Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. Y.
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The New Werner Edition of
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Newly and magnificently illustrated. Weoffer
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. . .TEA.. .
To protect the public we call
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A $4.00 BOOK FOR 75ctS.
The Farmers’ Encyclopedia.
Everythin* per
taining to the af
fairs of the farm,
household and
stock raisin*. Em
braces articles on
tbe horse, the eolt,
horse habits, dis
eases of the horse,
the farm, grasses,
fruit culture, dairy
ing.cookery, health,
cattle, sheep,sw ine,
poultry, bees, the
dog, toilet, social
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