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    Woman’s Glance for Man
When you grieve, and let It show.
And may tell me nothing more.
You have told me, o'er amt o'er,
All a woman needs to know.
When 1 show you that I care
(Meet your eyes and touch your hand),
I have made you understand
All a woman may or dare.
So. the ears of Friendship heard
So, 'twas seen of Friendship's eyes!
You are sad, l sympathize,
All without a single word.
The Feud of the Fergusons.
(Copyright, 1901: Hy Daily Story Pub. Co.)
"There's a buggy earnin’ over the
bill,” announced Mrs, Ferguson. “Well,
if I don't bellere something's gone
wrong with the gear!" .She was peer
ing eagerly between the sitting-room
curtains ot warm red chenille. "Come
here, an’ see, L?ssle— your eyes are
jounger'n mine.”
But the girl sitting listlessly by the
little open stove did not stir nor
speak. Her bright bit of knitting had
fallen neglected on her lap. Upon it
her slender brown hands lay clasped
in the idleness of indifference.
“Seems like you don't take 'ntcrest
in nothin’ since you been up to Cart
ville to visit,” went on her mother ir
ritably. She sent a sharp glance in the
direction of her daughter. Then she
turned again to the window. “Its
broke or something,'' she enunciated
with brisk recurrence of curiosity.
"The man's cornin’ this way. lie's
leading the horse. He's coinin’ straight
It was a comfortable, common little
room that wherein mother and daugh
ter sat. The rag carpet had mellowed
to dull tones and tints so subdued as
to suggest the wonderful weaves of the
Orient. There was a glass lamp on the
crocheted mat of green wool which
ornamented the round walnut center
table. The couple of wooden rockers
had crazy-work cushions and head
rests. On the shelf which did duty for
a mantel was a clock, a china dog, and
two frost-white glass vases decorated
with scarlet rases. The yellow light
of the winter afternoon came in be
tween the chenille curtains, and gave
to the oval cheek of the girl by the
hearth an almost peach-like translu
cence. Except for that skin of child
like fairness and the lustrousness of
her long gray eyes, Bessie Ferguson
could hardly have been called a pretty
girl. Her tace in repose was sober—
almost sombre. But when she was
pleased, gay, animated she quite took
the palm from the other girls in that
part of the county. Just now her face
reflected her mood, which was that of
downright melancholy.
Mrs. Ferguson, still sentinel at the
window, kept issuiug bulletins. "He’s
got far as the rye patch now. First
1 thought’t was Ellis Dix, but it ain’t.
Ellis don't come here much since you
got to puttin’ on airs after gittin’ back
from Cartville. This one is taller’n
Ellis—he's got a moustache tco. He
don't belong in these parts. You go
to the back door, Bessie. I'm skeered
of the wind in my face with the neu
ralgy I got. Find out where he’s from.
You can tell him where's the tool
chest in the barn if ho wants to fix
bis harness. There—he’s knockin’!”
Mrs. Ferguson looked frowningly
after the slow-moving form of her
4a ugh ter. ,
“I wish I’d never let her go visitin’
to Cartvllle!” she was muttering to
herself in accents of annoyance.
"P'raps if I hadn’t told her she
shouldn't have had anything to say to
that Rene Ferguson she'd never have
thought of lookin' at him. Like as not
’t was just the contrairiness of a girl
that made her take up with him. An’
then, to come home and throw over
Ellis Dlx like he wasn’t worth wipin’
her shoes on—him with the likllest
bunch of steers of any man in the
township! Sayin’ she’d marry Rene
—or no one. An’ now mopin’ away
like the life was throwed after her.
We’ve had trouble enough with them
Fergusons of Cartville. If they was
blood relations instead of only hap
penin’ to be folks of the same name,
their family and our’n couldn't have
got on worse all these years we been
dealin’ up to Cartville!”
Lessic, opening the back door, saw
silhouetted against the white expanse
of the snowy prairies, a big, burly fig
ure in great-coat and slouch hat.
”If you need the tool box,” she be
gan with perfunctory politeness,
"you’ll find it in the right-hand-”
.She broke off with a little gasp—her
heart plunging.
"Lessle!” said the stranger. “My
Then the slim little form in the blue, !
gold-braided gown was swallowed up
In the fervent grasp of two powerful,
rough-coated arms.
"0«, Fpf!?!'’ Her vnicj was sweet—
tremuious. "On, Keue—how dared
He kissed the loving reproach on her
lips to silence.
"For you!” he answered. ”I’ve
driven over from Cartville to see your
father. I’m going to ask him for you,
And if he refuses-” The masterful
look that, came into his blue eyes was
a good thing to sec.
“But—Rene! Father has gone to
Iowa. And even when he is at home
he has nothing to say it mother's
“But he's been keeping up the feud
between the families all these years,
No—no! Its been mother. Father
has only fired the bullets she made. If
you can once get mother to favor you
—hush, here she is!”
"Land's sakes, 1 know now who that
young man is!” Tho voice of Mrs.
Ferguson preceded her like a herald
ing horn. She appeared in the door
way, rosy, excited, voluble. "He'e the
nephew of Hiram Sands has been ex
pectin’ to come to stay till ploug’ ^g
timo. Come in Mr. Sands—that’s r
name, ain't it, Tom Sands? Hiram, h«
went to Chicago with cattle. He says
for you to make yourself to home till
lie gits back. The house is took keer
of by old Betsy Lynch. She ain't much
account. You better stop right Here
till the boss is home. Got your buggy
out of kilter, didn’t you? Lessie, you
pint out the barn to him. We ll have
supper soon's l can git. some spice cake
stirred up an' the pork fried. You set
the table, Lessie!” And she bustled
off into the buttry.
I^essie looked at her lover. Her
fate was lovely in its sudden illumina
tion. Her eyes were sparkling. She
put up an imperious little hand and
laid it on Rene's lips.
"Don't say one word!" she whis
pered. "Its luck—all sheer good luck!
Now's your chance if —” The danc
ing eyes flashed at him a smile of ten
tier coquetry—"If you want me!" she
concluded. "Yes mother, I'm coming.
That is the barn Mr.—Sands!”
If ever an intriguing lobbyist laid
deep and intricate plans; if ever an
insinuating suitor paid serious siege
to the parent of bis adored; if ever a
bold and ardent lover determined to
win by strategem and hold In pride
the one woman lie loved, the wiles of
these were trivial compared to those
of Lessie Ferguson's adorer.
“That young man.” said the deluded
hostess when her guest had gone to
his repose in the little slant roofed
bed-room upstairs, "is the best judge
of spice cake 1 ever see! Did you hear
. ... •'ri
‘‘Come here and see Lessie.”
i him praise it? Anil he 9aid hp never
ett such pickles—which is sayin' the
truth—if I did make ’em! He knows
my family too, and how high my fa
ther held his head when he drove his
own covered carriage as well as a
buggy. What was the matter with
you? You didn't have a word to fling
to him?”
Lessie looked up with a weary little
pout. ‘Why should I? I supposed it
was Ellis Dix that you-”
‘‘Ellis Dix!’ ‘echoed Mrs. Ferguson
with an unabashed change of opinion.
‘‘What is Ellis Dix to a man that
will likely come in for all Hiram
Sands’ property—let alone a man that
knows a lady an' the best of cookin’ In
the county when he sees 'em?”
To this triumphant argument Lessie
ventured no reply.
T^at night a snow storm set in—a
memorable snow' storm that lasted
three days. Then it was indeed, that
Mrs. Ferguson learned how valuable
an acquisition was her temporary
lodger. It was he w'ho got the kitchen
fire lighted before there was a glimmer
of gray at the window pane. He too,
cared for the stock, and dug paths, and
mended the roof where it leaked, and
brought water, and made himself adap
tive, agreeable, and altogether delight
ful. Not the least of his charm for
the elder woman lay in the fact that
he listened with sympathetic if silent
interest to her laments as to the af
fection of her daughter for a man upon
whom she—Mrs. Ferguson, had ‘ never
laid eyes.”
"The trouble between our families?
! Indeed, it dates so far back I can't
j tell you just how it begun, nut any
how, the old man of the CartviHe
, branch cheated my husband's grand
father out of some land. An' here's
that girl of mine havin’ ears an’ eyes
for no one since she met Rene Fergu
son. What's the matter with you
now?” For Lessie, white and frighten
ed-looking stood in the doorway.
"It's Mr. Sands,” she faltered. "I
saw him driving into the yard.”
Mrs. Ferguson jumped up. "I'll be
sorry to have you go over to your
uncle, Tom!” she cried. "I hope you'll
come over real often to see Hcssie an'
The young man rose also. "lie isn’t
my uncle. I have never heard of Hiram
Sands. I came here for—for lassie!”
Lessie colored a delicious pink. She
summoned all her bravery. She went
and stood beside her lover. "You like
Rene, mother,” she said.
The pleasant kitchen with its tins
e’istening like silver in the fireshine
went round amt round. Mrs. Ferguson
stared blankly at the two confronting
her. "Rene.” she said at length. "Rene
"Yes, mother. You know he didn't
say he was Tom Sands. You said so,
and I—I made him pretend. He—
Rene—thinks a heap of you already,
"You've been mighty good to me!”
cried the young fellow gratefully.
The mother-in-law he longed to
claim was silent. Rene tried again
"If only Mr. Ferguson were at home
now, he might persuade you—”
"Persuade me! Have Ferguson! He
wouldn’t think of try in' to! I’d settle
matters right now if if It wasn’t for
j —the feud.”
' Hut there isn't any feud now! I'm
only afraid," with a long sigh, "Less-e
will never he as good cook as her
mother!” The mother meditated- then
| smiled.
"tluess I'll stir up some of that spice
1 cake for supper,” she said.
A clock Is wound up to make It run,
1 but a business is wound up to stop it.
fllgfrst I'OiIm on Kurth.
At the Washington navy yard the
government has the largest pair of
scales in existence. They will weigh
anything up to 150 tons and, what is
equally remarkable, they will accur -
ately register the weight of objects
so light as a single pound.
Well Paid Janitors.
The school commissioners of New
York City have just made public the
list of janitors of school buildings for
the coming year. It appears that the
average pay of Janitors if about one
third greater than the average pey of
teachers in the public schools.
Titflt. Ei fiov.rnori.
Vermont invites inspection of her
twelve ex-governors as examples of
how conducive the states eold winters
how conducive the state's cold winters
hoys have always been long lived.
They don’t run to flesh, but they last.
Kenatortnl Fnda.
Several United States senators are
base ball enthusiasts. Among these
Mr. Clark of Wyoming is one of the
most ardent, while Senator Malloy of
Florida was once eatoher on the
Georgetown college nine.
For SS.0(1 If* (iimrantc*. to Do That
for Whlcli a I.adf Offer., lllm Si00.
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 25, 1901.—
(Special.)—Some two years ago a lo
cal druggist engaged in a transaction
which was in its details somewhat re
markable. He was visited by Miss
Anna P. Nichols, who had a doctor’s
prescription for rheumatism, which
the druggist was filling. In the course
of conversation the good lady said: “1
would give one hundred dollars to get
He immediately replied: "Give me
five dollars and I will guarantee to
cure you.”
She agreed, and he at once handed
her a box of Dodd’s Kidney Pills, say
ing: "They are 50c. a box. Two boxes
may cure you, but I am quite sure that
ten will.”
Miss Nichols tells the story as fol
lows: “Dodd's Kidney Pills are verit
able life preservers. 1 was troubled
for five years with Rheumatism, so
that at times my right arm seemed
paralyzed and I could only walk with
difficulty, and could not go out of
doors if the air was damp or cold. 1
took eo much medicine that I think
my system was poisoned rather thaa
helped. One day when my druggist
was putting up a prescription for me
I remarked to him that I would give
one hundred dollars for a remedy that
would make me better.”
“ ‘Give me five dollars and I will
guarantee to cure you,’ he said. I
readily agreed and he handed me a
box of Dodd's Kidney Pills, saying,
‘They are 60c a box. Two boxes may
cure you, but I am sure that ten will/
I left my prescription intact and, In
stead, took these Pills, and I found
them, as I said before, to be veritable
life preservers. Before I had finished
the second box I had my first perfect
night's rest in years. I gradually im
proved. I had determined to use the
ten boxes before I would give up, but
Imagine my surprise to find that be
fore half that quantity was used I was
completely cured. This was two years
ago, and I have not had a twinge
Miss Nichols is Vice Grand Baxter,
Rebekah Lodge I. O. O. F., and is one
of the best known and most highly
respected ladies in Kansas City, and
her experience will be read with Inter
est by her many friends.
Dodd's Kidney Pills never fail to
cure Rheumatism. They are 60c a box,
six boxes for $2.50. Buy them from
your local dealor if you can. If he can
not supply you, send to the Dodds
Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Among every 70 births there is a
pair of twins.
The gloomiest mountain doesn’t
cast a shadow on both sides at once.
Don't Gat Footsore? Gat FOOT-EASE.
A certain cure for Swollen, Smart
ing, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns
Rud Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder. Cures Frost-bites and
Chilblains. At nil Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
In the ladder of success there are
many rounds of failure.
How* Till*?
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward forany
fuse of Catarrh that cnuuot bo cured by Hall s
Catarrh earn.
F. .1 ( HENRY ft CO.. Props., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F 3.
Cheney for the last 15 wars and believe him
perfectly honorable In all business transactions
amt financially ablo to carry out any obliga
tions made by their Arm.
West ft Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
O.; Waiding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall s Oatarrh Cure Is taken Internally, act
ing direct, v upon the blood and raucous surfaces
of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price
•5c per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Mall s Family Pills uro '.he best.
Ingratitude is a vice that renders
all others less disgusting.
It requires no experience to dye with
boiling your goods In the dye Is all
that's necessary.
A long walk is a severe trial for
the human understanding.
Teacher—What are the Belgians
noted for, Willie? Willie—Hares and
blocks, ma'am.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the cnlj 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-ccnt starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
The bank to\ el Is a sort of finan
cial crash.
A dyspeptic is never on good terms with him
self. ’Something Is always wrong. Uet It right
by chewing Uecinan'* Pepsin Clutn.
One way to kill time when there is
snow on the ground is to sleigh It.
$14S will buy new Upright piano on
easy payments. Write for catalogues.
Selim oiler & Mueller, 1313 Farnam
street, Omaha.
About the only thing anger Im
proves is the arch of a cat’s back.
La Grippe conquers life—Wizard Oil
conquers La Grippe. Your druggist
sells Wizard Oil.
(■rent ltef« rmatorj for Girls.
There is now being erected in the
town of Bedford, N. Y., one of the
lurgost reformatories for women over
built in this country. The reforma
tory, which is to cost $300,000, is de
signed for girls ami women from 16
to 25 years of age who are guilty of
first offenses. The cottage system is
to be used and the plan will be ready
for use next summer.
Bet liln Vote Awily for I.tfe
Among the fost curious election bets
on record is one made by John 1*.
Courtney, Democrat, and Harry Wal
lace, Republican, two plumbers doing
business in Minneapolis. The agree
ment was that the loser must for his
life cast his tote as the winner shall
dictate. Courtney, who was a candi
date for alderman in the recent cam
paign, was the loser and is now en
gaged in earnest but so far unavail
ing efforts to substitute some other
penalty. Wallace is obdurate aud
swears that Courtney mmt in future
vote the Republican ticket.
Don't Want » ('liKiige In Clliunt*.
A recent Northern visitor to West
ern Florida reports that the negroes
of that section of the state to a man
are opposed to its proposed annexa
tion to Alabama. They say they do
not like the climate of Alabama, that
it is sickly and unhealthful, and if
Western Florida is annexed they will
all move out, believing that annexa
tion will bring in that objectionable
A divorce suit makes an appropriate
traveling dress.
Mending watches and clocks Is one
way to Improve time.
Ask your grocer tor DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
A benevolent man owns stock in
the happiness of all mankind.
The llo.t Herb Tea.
Garfield Tea Is made from T1ERBS;
there are no harmful drugs in its com
position. It is the best blood purifier
known to medical science.
The best net far catching an Amer
ican heiress Is a coronet.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
t'linmplon Smoker.
Judge Ray, one of the New York
delegates in congress, is said to be
able to smoke a cigar faster and to
smoke more cigars in a day than any
other congressman. He never neg
lects an opportunity to smoke.
Many a small man has a large heart
and vice versa.
"Tale's New ‘Oldest.' ”
The successor to the place of oldest
living graduate of Yale is Judge L.
W. Cutler, of Watertown, Conn., born
in December, 1807, and graduated in
1829, who has served five terms in the
Connecticut house of representatives,
two terms in the state senate, and
was 24 years probate Judge, retiring
at the limitary period of 70 years.
A Difficult Feat
A New York police commissioner
declared the other day that it was
easier to hang a man for murder there
than to dismiss a policeman. "Last
year,” he said, “the hoard had to pay
out 1130,000 in back salaries to men
who had been reinstated by the
Fronts on “Koniola.'*
George M. Smith, the London pub
lisher, In his literary recollections
publishing in Cornhill, says that
George Eliot got $35,000 for "Honw
ln," and might have had $50,000 if her
artistic conscience had allowed her to
divide the novel into sixteen parts,
as Mr. Smitli wished.
ftulchle Kpitlfinlc.
The number of suicides in Paris is
very largo at present and the chief
cause is thought to be the general
retrenchment following the exposi
tion, which has thrown many people
out of work. Throughout France
however, suicides seems to have been
increasing for some time. In the five
years ended January 1, 1901, the num
ber of suicides was no less than 27,
In the senate on the 18th a number
of tributes were paid to the memory
of Judge Samuel Maxwell.
Seven joints were closed in Great
Bend, Has., by officials us a result ot
demand by citizens.
rrE Original Slicker
'S^l Will kiir vou Dry in
\V Viuptintto wantsot the
Farmer, Fisherman,
' “\ Teamster, Motorman,
“• Kunchman, Minor, etc.
'akc No Substitutes. Fntc Catalocucs
iHQwiNO fuit Limb or Garhcnts and Hats.
I do not feel verv well, I am so
tired all the time. I do not know what
is the matter with me.”
You hear these words every day j aa
often as you meet your friends Just so
often are these words repeated. More
than likely you speak the same signifi
cant words yourself. and no doubt you
do feel far from well most of the time.
Mrs. Ella ltiee, of Chelsea, Wla,
whose portrait we publish, writes that
she suffered for two years with bear
ing-down pains, headache, backache,
and had all kindsof miserable feelings,
all of which was caused by falling and
inflammation of the womb, and after
doctoring with physicians and numer
ous medicines t>he was entirely cured by
Mm. Ella Rich
Lydia E. IMnkham's Vegetable Cod>
If you arc troubled with pains,
fainting Bpells, depression of spirits,
reluctance to go anywhere, headache,
backache, and always tired, please re*
member that there in an absolute
remedy which will relieve you of your
suffering as it did Mrs. ftice. Proof
is monumental that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound Is the
greatest medicine for suffering women.
No other medicine has made the cures
that it has, and no other woman has
helped so many women by direct advice
as has Mrs. Pinkham ; her experience
is greater than that of any living per
son. If you are sick, write and gel
her advice ; her address is Lynn, Mass
Oiler* Free Home* to
50,000 people on 8,000,
000 neves ot .lands,
soon to open to settlement. Opportunity of n
lifetime. THE KIOWA CHIEF, devoted to Infor
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If you take up your
homes In Western Can
ada the land of plenty.
Illustrated pamphlets,
?iving experiences of
armors who have be
come wealthy in grow
ing wheat, report* of
__ delegates, eto., and full
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hail on application to the Superintendent oI
Immigration. Department of Interior, Ottawa,
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C. P. & T. A. Omaha, Neb.
Sour Stomach ?
Back up a sewer, and you poison the whole neighborhood. Clog up liver and bowels, and your stomach Is full of undigested food, which
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Jos Knini.iNn
lor v
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similar medicine In the world. This la absolute ;
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