The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, October 19, 1900, Image 9

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    The Northwestern
OEO. K. BKMDOHOTBK, ( Editors and
OEO. H. GIKSON, I Publishers
jfc. Entered at the Loup City Postofllee lor traDS
mlsston through the malls as second
class matter.
For President,
Vice President,
Presidential Electors:
J T NE8BIT. Hurt.
ED. KOVCE. Custer.
L M HAGUE, Kearney
H P DAVIDSON, Johnson.
, J. L. JACOBSON. Douglas.
J L KENNEDY, Douglas
For Governor:
For Lieutenant Governor:
E P SAVAGE, Custer.
Secretary of State:
G W MARSH, Richardson.
For Treasurer:
For Auditor,
For Attorney General :
For Land Commissioner,
G. D. FOLLMER, Nuckolls.
For Superintendent,
^ W K FOWLER, Washington.
Congressman, fith Dlst.
* Senatorial.
Senator, 10th Dlst.
a -- Representative. 571U Dist.
For County Attorney.
If W. H. Williams is elected
county attorney this fall Sherman
county can host of one of the most
a thorough and conciencious attorneys
r it has ever had.
Let us try a change this tall; We
have nothing worse to otier than the
present regime in Nebr,, but will
guarantee you something better if
jcu will elect Ojendyk and Smclser.
^ It is not necessary to threaten a
working man with starvation to get
him to vote for McKinley. Oh no
brother Brown. All you need do is
to remind him of ’92 when he got
that change you fellows told him he
wanted, that is sufficient.
^ S ou can’t make a man believe that
black is white any more than you
can make him believe that there is
no prosperity in this country when
, he has the evidence all around him.
1^ The more you try to make him be
lieve a falshood the more you eon
k vince him that he dare not trust you.
, It is hardly likely that the fusion
lsts or democrats can scare the peo
ple into again plncing them in ollice
^ in Nebraska this fall, after the in
compentency and wolfishness they
have shown. Their only hope seems
to he to manufacture falsehood and
cry it to people of all parts of tbe
state, but then you can’t scare a
man always with the same false
Reople from Ashton, tell us that
that pop rally at that place last week
I where such large caliber timber as
senator Miller, congressman Suther
land, county attorney T, S. Nigbtin
> gale, representative Vandegrift and
□a few lay brothers on the side were
advertised to appear ail in one ring
and at the same time, only had the
effect of bringing out a total of 51
1 persons of which 31 were voters,
and some of them Republicans. It
» did not used to be so, but the dis
Qgust of the people for continual u
huse of the only administration that
^ gives us prosperity, is becoming
maui feet.
1 W’liat show should a man have to
lie elected even for county office or
fur that matter senator, when he is
trying with might and main to make
yoe believe what he don't believe
, himself. Who will honestly say
that McKinley done wrong in rend
ing troupe to China to save our
minister from murder? Is the pro
i lection of our stare and stripes
actual, or is it only a farce? la the
gang of pop speaker* that went
through this county l**l week honest
la their Iwlivf that McKinley com
untied a crime ta saving minister
t’oage*. or are the* trying to de
c«i«e some one? (iiiiU it is the
L III? Ill'
If it were not for the Non-con
formist and Nebraska Independent
the small Wore pop paper* in the
west would be in sorry straights
for political rot to till up their col
umns with. Loup City has a repro
duction mill that seems to enjoy
second hand bile from disgraceful
sources that never pretend to con
fine themselves to facts. It must be
a great pleasure to a parly to be the
happy possessor of an organ that
they have to subsidize at its own
price once in a while, to keep it
Irorn exposing their perfidy to the
•vorid, as they did the Nonconform
ist last spring. The editor of that
paper called them everything but
honest men and I’oyntcr, during
several issues, was a vampire too
rotten for decent people to associate
with. But pH of a sudden the tor
nado ceased and the troubled waters
were smoothed and l’oyuter was all
right, and, how much did it cost?
One |>rioe must have surely been the
full amount for the honor of a soul,
coupled with the premium of life
long knowledge that his very life
will carry a taint of stispision to the
grave. Could he afford it? But
then when honor, patriotism and re
spect for the flag that gives you pro
tection is goDc the balance of the
road to political damnation for such,
seems to b? easy.
A Tti«*iiNtftiri Tongue*.
Could not express the rapture of An
nie E. Springer, of Philadelphia, when
Dr. King's New Discovery cured her of
a hacking cough that for many years
had made life a burden. She says:
• After all other remedies and doctors
failed It soon removed the pain in my
chest and I can now sleep soundly,
something I cun scarcely remember do
ing before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Uuiyerse.’, Dr.
King's New Discovery is guaranteed to
cure all troubles of the Throat, Chest or
Lungs. Price 50c and $1. Trial bot
tles fret* at Odendahl Bros, drug store.
Cnnerul Killry • Republican.
A special to the State Journal from
Adams, Neb., says: Adams was
favored with an especially good
speech last evening by Charles T
Kelley, who is quite well remem
bered as the same Kelley that
passed through Nebraska as gener
al of an industrial army of 2.0uu nu n
on the way from California to
Washington, l>. 0., in 1 HO t. Mr
Kelley is a laboring man and spoke
on the issues of the campaign from
that standpoint. In the light of the
experience lie has had he feels that
it is of the utmost importance to
labor to stand by the present ad
ministration. His arguments were
good aod given with an earnestness
that showed his whole heart is in
the support of the republican cause.
He had the very best attention from
start to finish and his audience was
highly pleased with his address.
General Passenger Agent Francis
of the Burlington has tigered that
the tickets of all kinds issued by
that railroad during the last twelve
months would reach over a distance
of 435 miles, if they were placed
end to end. To use the milage
books issued from the Omaha head
quarters alone would require oue to
travel 5()0 miles a day for liu years.
California travel this winter, in
the opinion of many passenger men,
will make a new record fur itself.
The growing popularity of the
tourist-car excursions is responsible
for the increase. All of the old
tourist-car lines are in the buisness
again this tall, and several new ones
have been established. Of the latter
class is a weekly « xcuision over the
Burlington to Kansas City, end
thence to bos Angeles over the
'vmta Fe. The route through Ben
ver ami Salt bake City maintains its
popularity, and the Burlington is
making plans to change its scrvict
fr >tu weekly to semi-weekly \n»
these Hits from Chicago
Omaha l<> Sait Frat cisco ami lets
,\ »imt'iin; Inehle I* looalel 1>\
Inhn lIIIyo of t'liHaiM| bis, lui
Iowa I «*•*« In an n>f d r« u 11’ on My
-km wa* almutt yellow, ly •m,ken.
longue tNiatcil, pain c i. ii.tiaily lit Ii m U
and »l l»*. Ho appetite, grow tig w eaker
d«y br ibt three ph*»blMi« had
given in* up, Tlieit I w a* » yi-eil In
um- Kleitrltf Hitter*’ l» tny great )*>v
|Ue ill-t Ih tile in t l' a thrift* I lm
prov un I * et I itn ir u*o fur
three *t h*.* i> i a** • > an. I
k u* th y rotatort the guv* • f emitter
fill IM ‘ \ • 'i -t •*. t f . t’> • **
them On1* Vs , guarant-’d I • hI*u
Fusion Campaigners In Their
Desperation to Save Poynter
Resort to Base Slander.
Clmrtry Towna's Oratory Never Haiti d thy
Price of a lliitltel of Grain or
I’onnd of Meat.
Omaha, Oct. IT*. — In so-called tem
perance districts in tin- stute and
among temperance people some ol'
Governor Pointer's friends are trying
to make votes for iiiui by telling false
hoods about Clmrles H. Dietrleli, the
ltepnblieaii candidate for governor.
When they are talking to these people
they tell stories about Dietrich being
a saloon man, part owner of a brew
ery and of making a “saloon cam
paign.” When they speak of Mr.
Dietrich to the saloon element they
tell them that he Is a rank temperance !
man and is in favor of prohibition.'
There are ."si different places in the
fity of Omaha where the millions of
Governor Poynter have been and rep-1
resented that diaries 11. Dietrich
was not alone a temperance man, hut!
a prohibitionist. They have gone into
many saloons of this city and cam-!
palgned * gainst Dietrich on the
ground that he is a temperance man. i
In other communities, among church
and temperance people, they have |
taken Just the opposite tact and eir- j
eulated reports that Dietrich is parti
owner of a brewery and is in league j
with tin* saloon element.
Democrats and Populists, some of
them holding otllce, are going over the
state In the temperance districts in
the guise of temperance advocates at
tacking his record and spreading vie-!
ions falsehoods about him. It is;
known that one of Hie state hank ex
aminers lias devoted a great deal of '
his time to this class of work the la t
few months. He ha* kept his iden
tity covered tip and has been histru
raentnl, under t*<- pretense of working
for the good of tilt* temper.uuce cause,
in organizing temperance dubs against
Dietrich and In misleading by false
statements members of churches and
ministers of the gospel,
The statement that Charles II. Diet
rich, the Uepublicun candidate for
governor, now or at any other time
owned an interest in a brewery, sa
loon or any other establishment where
liquor was made or sold, or that he is
what is termed a drinking man, is as
false and malicious a statement as
any one could possibly make. There
is not a word of truth In it and it is
absolutely false in each and every par
ticular. In the city of Hastings,
where Mr. Doit rich lias been In busi
ness and resided for many years, lie
is recognized as an exemplary citizen,
temperate, Industrious and a liberal
giver to the churches and to charity.
Since this question has been raised
it may be appropriate to give the good
temperance j eopic some Inside history
concerning (Jopenor Poynter nnd the
liquor element. The statements here
in made can he easily verified. Here
they are:
(Jovcrnor Uoynfer appointed as eoi
ond on his staff Walter Molse of
Omaha. Molse is In (In* liquor busi
ness on Fourteenth street, between
Farnam and Douglas, In this eit.v, and
owns and controls upwards of 30 sa
loons in different towns in the state,
lie sells Maisky all over Nebraska,
ns much if not more than any other
liquor dealer in the state. Until about
n year ago be was connected with one
Jack Norton, alias John Rohenstein, in
flip saloon business in the south half
of the building occupied by his whole
sale liquor house. Norton is a des
perate character and ids photograph is
in tin' rogue's gallery in the Harrison
street police station at Chicago. The
resort run by Moise and Norton was
a veritable dive. Moise stood in M-ith
the police commission at that time
and blackmail was levied on dives,
gamblers, thugs anil thieves. These
desperate characters made Norton's
saloon their headquarters and the "li
censed" thieves and thugs met there
and divided up the plundas The place
became sucli a resort for had charac
ters that tiie authorities Anally had to
close it. During a city campaign
which occurred shout that time there
was a falling out between Moise and
some of ids “heelers” and the result
was tlint a public circular was Issued
In which Moise was openly charged
with being a boodler and the names
of gamblers were given, together M-ith
the amount of money they bad to pay
each Meek for the privilege of break
ing the law-. It was even charged that
Norton made a deal or demanded #71
ysr day from two w#11 known pl( k
poi-ki t< for the privilege of robbing
the pc.ipk on street i:nr* diorfu the
exposition, lie to stop the police from
arresting them. This Is the M«l*e
who N colonel on ilotcinor Pointer*
I,list spring, Jn*t Is fore the city elec
tion. lnvi fimr 1‘oym* r cam*' to Omaha
and made u deal with tlie brewer* of
this city to apisiiiit a j otb*> commis
•hm that sroiiId permit them to run
their saloon* all night and with back
ami still’ door* opi n on Sunliiy ami
the bn e,t* in turn wire to girs up
II **»• to tin- Irun city cam
pa • o fie I This d* a! w ti mad. m
•e.-ret iotif. rence The Uo.CcV w:i«
paid *mt 1h« t».the comm! i..u »»*
fraudulent and u m i n., in,. an
•i pi i . .
t ‘ 1
fl« U ; ♦ *4 r I . . t • I t t il tllsll
•**» *• —1 •
ti e ffimn **lnn was appointed and
k,,ii> ked oui, and there are any number
of jieopb j Omaha \sli<> know of the
deal liefw n I'oynter awl ths* brewers.
It Is a fie t worthy of itotev too, that
olio of tie1 iI-, on ml a* ion nr* apjadnted at
that time hr Poynter was and is a
close and confidential friend of Moisc
nml was and is a gambler on the board
of trade. Another of his appointees
on the <•011 mission was a lawyer whom
Judge C. it, Scott of the district court
disbarred for attempting to bribe him.
Governor Poynter appointed as su
perintend! :d of the state fish lint• hery
at South Bond Adam Sloup, an Omaha
salootikec] ■ r. Sloup still retains his
half inter t in a saloon nt Fourteenth
and Will .ms streets in the city of
Omaha. Sloup knew nothing of the
fish hatel ■ ry Imsiness and the prop
erty is pra lienlly ruined.
The otti. id salaried attorney of the
State Lbpi 'r League is Matthew Gor
ing of Pinttsiiiouth, a prominent figure
in the stale councils of the Democratic
one of t!ii- fusion regents of the uni
versity, el> 1 ted at the last election,
was at tin time of Ills nomination and
election tl, locally retained attorney
of a well-known Milwaukee brewing
Tills is only part of Poynter's record
on ihe liquor question. There is no
“they say" or “so-and-so told me"
about tlies statements. Some of them
are matters of record and all of them
can be easily verified.
Reverting to the reports concerning
Mr. Dietri li, it may be well to state
that there is a G. n, Dietrich in the
wholesale liquor business nt Crawford
and there is a man named Diederlch
who ropn ents the Krug Brewing
company, and It is possible that some
people lia\ • confused those names and
unintentionally done the Republican
candidate for governor an Injury. But
these gentlemen arc in no way related
and are separate and distinct individ
uals. While some may have uninten
tionally confused these names there
arc fusion campaign worker# who
know the 1 acts and their confusion Is
nut only intentional, hut it t* malicious.
If the earnest temperance workers
who arc* tin alters of the Anti Saloon
League think they are helping their
cause by supporting l‘oyliter and de
feating Dietrich they are very much
Charles A. Towne has abandoned
Minnesota and Michigan, the* two
slate's be agreed to deliver to Bryan,
and has 'mine to Nebraska to help
stem the tide?.
It Is claimed for Towne that he is
n great orator and has a happy facul
ty of making auditors believe that
black is white whenever the occasion
Well, oratory Is all right In its pine#,
but it never filled an empty stomach,
bought n crust of bread, raised the
price of a bushel of grain or a pound
of meat, paid off a mortgage, created
employment for labor or a market for
farm products.
All the oratory from Demosthenes to
Towne never provided any one with a
day’s lnlior or afforded means of pay
Ing a dollar's worth of indebtedness.
It Is not bankable, you can not cheek
against it. you can not use it is collat
eral security, it wouldn’t even serve
to ignite* the kindling in the stove to
keep yourself and little ones warm.
It never put a shingle on a roof, bought
a pair of baby shoes or protected one
man, woman or child from the cold.
Yes. oratory is all right in its place,
hut Its place* Is not on the bill of fare
when you want to order something for
an empty stomach. Like the plumage
of the peacock, oratory is Intended for
n display, but it adds neither value nor
worth to anything. It is simply gaudy
plumage, nothing more.
There is a wide distinction between
oratory ami logic. Oratory Is the
spray of logic. In politics it is often
used ns a bridge to span wide gaps
and chasms in the chain of reason. Or
ators arouse the ecstatic admiration
of their auditors and then, while they
are in this hypnotized condition, loud
them ucross tiiese bridges without
their knowing it. Though beset with
danger, these poor, misguided victims
of effulgent loquacity never realize it.
Mr Towne is more of a hypnotist
than a statesman. It is a common
tiling for hypnotists to make their sub
Jeets believe that wrong is right. TTn
der the will of the operator subjects
have gone so far ns to respond to every
auggi -tiun. They have given up val
uable. because tie* hypnotist, through
the pf.icoss of telepathy, told them to
When they recover from their spell
they realize their mistake. No doubt
Mr. Towne now and then finds one
here mid there where he Is speaking
Who, like tile hypnotized subject,
swallows nil he says ns gospel truth.
In the fnis* of conclusive evidence til
the c.adrary in* permits Mr. Town** to
h*ad hint to con* buttons manifestly
Mr I'owne's oratory dl*1 not prevent
the li >1 times of |vki Ills oratory
did n ! bring the good times of today
Tills « something for the Nebraska
adiiilri r* of Towne t«> think about
!,et tin* farmers of Nebraska throw
Mr, T v ne's oratory uml the logb* of
e\pei i- e into tie* same *■ • I** ami
Weigh them both I *o this liefore pill
st, ltememt.i r that Tuwi **ni I.
Hrj * m iml Hr* an is in ttieiin* i.,h
pi (ts II (I hid tile* * Yoll dll Hot
ti !Y>- in Is* ti*l>l lif Towne of any one
i*. ft * |t * anbit means U,*ri| ti*,:,.
Tin* nation i*11111*1 live future r with
OOt > l*itf, l Ut it H ollltl go to t*!« t *
In a * . ry -tmft time w tlooH s**fe*
M it. * q* On** oim* e of M* kt ho
State* Mail* hr,» in 1 ho pittite* of el* it
lug W '' I* irket (or the ptoffe (« *»#
Ni l** Vs f irms and «it ,.! * t.,' •*( f
,Vh tn h*u.r 1 o..|tb s tptf»k*t*:
u( Tvwi.u * r ui rj
Buggie, wagon, corn shelter,
hardware, harness, stove,
washing machine, windmill,
pump, pipe, or anything in the
furniture line?
il so remember that 1 entry a full sti ck. Can make you
a first class Hydraulic or Casing well on short notice. Call
and see me.
We afe headquarters for
VV'e have every appliance for making first class
Drive or Hydraulic Wells and
respectfully solicit your order. Oct charges are reasonable
our prices are right.
Should all married men buy'new Home'
Sewing Machines for their good wives?
Because it shows they care for the good
icalth and happiness of their consorts.
-For sale by 'I'. M. Heed.
People who burn the Lamp of Reason
need ltocky Mountain Tea. Greatest
reason producer known. H5c- Ask
tour druggist.
bring your \\ atch, Clock and
Jewelry repairing to
he grad i ate of the Omaha
Watchmakers college, who
•an manufacture any piece of
i watch you may desire him
o, < r can make you a watch
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perience at watch repairing.
1 guarantee my work to give
perfect satisfaction or money
Call on me when you want
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Yours for business.
Loup City Jeweler.
i u»iNa —
TO TH« kUlllC T».« Naata, In |
l alilula at Bum, Mafcaaaka, t* Ik* i
an1* n>*«a to lk*t Blala wkara Ik* ]
I •*»»>»* Kaaiaf Maaaal••• an* Traat *
manl t* 4*«an. (
[ t . im linn » mm m j
} B •*•»« l«u •«** r>U| <
TM« Mlt.IT INSTITUTE. lar k» ,
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Little Karly Risers. Odendahl Bros.
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and all points
No. 52 Passenger.7:5Sa. m
No. W) Kiel gill .lit.*) pm
No. M Passenger.4:15 p. in.
No, 59 Freight.I2i50a. m.
Sleeping, dinner and reclining chair oar*
(seals free) on through train*, Ticket*
sold and baggage checked to any point In
the United slates or Canada.
For information, maps, time tables and
tickets call on or write to K. L. Arthur
Agent. Or J. FRANCIS, Gen'I. Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
No. Ni leaves daily except Sunday (pass
enger). *:00 a. tn.
No. 8s leaves Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) 12:20 p. in.
No. 90 leaves Tuesday, Thursday and
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12:05 p m.
No. <5 arrives dally except Sunday (pass
enger) 7.35 p. m
First class service and close connection!
east, west and sonth
route to and from
tlm Pacifie Coast.
Two Trains Dallv from Nebraska to Denver
and Colorado Points.
Two trains daily from Nebraska to San Fran
I cisco und California points.
Three trains daily from Nebraska to Salt Lake
City and Utah points.
Two trains dally from Nebraska to Portland,
und North Pucltic Coast points, with direct
connections for Tucninu aud Seattle.
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If »n* II t-. t tie ial •"*! d><H ovrred dltfeat*
knt and tunic. Nootbel preparmtlos
I enn appMM'l; t In erttetenry. It Its
atantl) relieve, tnd t*mianeutly curtt
I>r«l«-|Mik, Indi/<*l l»n, I tamt,
I I'lai ii enre. Clour *G"toorti, N*u«*a,
H *k Headache,fiaatralifU.t‘romp*, *0€
ki. oilier fnkllsnl Ini|«<rfertdike«tl04ft,
CneoiS ky C c OeklHi kCe . Cbuao* ,
r.< sit ay •itia.HUAiu. uttuk.
~ «• •