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    I. S. SHEPPARD, Jeweler and Optician, Loup City, Neb.
Lioaal Daws.
James Landers was down from Arca
dia, Sunday.
Go to Sheppards for fine band en
graving. 9 7
Uncle Sam Uaucock was down street
Rufus Wilson of Ashton was in the
city Saturday.
Calvin Rightenour of Huxley was In
the city Saturday
Woolen Blankets at a great
sacrifice at Jaeger*.
Our next M, E minister at this place
will be Rev. John Madely.
Jerry Shrove Is putting down a hy
draulic well at his residence.
Mrs. Hash fell In a faint at the store
of Cbas Gasteyer last Saturday.
J. S. Sheppard was correcting the
sights of the Boelusltes Tuesday.
I>r. X. L. Talbot and J. C. Fletcher of
Bolus were in the city Wednesday
Will Mullck came up from Grand
Island Monday to spend a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. O’Bryan and D. C
Grow visited Omaha last week.
Miss Erney Odendahl went to Boelus
Tueseay to instruct her class in music.
F. W Fuller and son Fred, of the
south side were In the city Monday.
Geo. Lee and J. T. Haleeacb shipped
a car of cattle to South Omaha Tuesday,
Write Hayden Bros. Omaha Whole
sale Supply House for prices and samp
Mrs. Noma Walker, nee Converse of
Gibbon, was visiting her parents Sun
Mr. V. II. Runner of Clear Creek,
proved up ou his homestead Wednes
The Sherman county fair this year,
was a success once more, It was an
old timer.
James Landers of Arcadia, was doing
business on the Loup City cattle mar
ket this week.
Samuel Leinir.ger, a former resident
of Sherman county but now of Arcadia,
was in the city Tuesday
Wm. Sharp is tearing down the old
Mellor store building and will make a
dwelling bouse out of it.
Mrs. James Inks left for Kockvalley.
la., Monday morning to join her hus
band who has located tnere.
Mrs. John Mayes took sudden lief of
the old man and left for an Indefinite
stay at Omaha Tuesday,
Geo. Truelsen purchased from Mc
Nutt, the stock breeder of Ord, a fine
pedigree short horn yearling bull.
Mr and Mrs. K. L Arthur went to
Dodgeville, Wis. Wednesday, to spend
a fortnight with friends and relatives.
A card from Rev. W. K. Matthews
informs us that he will move his family
from this place in the next few weeks,
to Westerville.
Any one Informing James I. Depcw
where he left the large lamp belonging
to the band will be greatfully remem
bered by the hornetists.
It brings to the little ones that price
less gift of healthy flesh, solid bone and
muscle. That's what Itocky Mountain
Tea does. 35c. Ask your druggist.
it you want your watch out in good
repair by the only first class workman
in the county call on G. H. Morgan, the
When you want bargains In the line
of Jewelry don't fall to call on G. II
Morgan. He carries the finest line in
the Loup Valley.
W. It. Mellor went to Lincoln Mon
day to attend a business meeting of the
Nebraska State Fair Association. He
remained over to hear Gov. Koosevelt
G. II. Morgan the Loup t.'lty Jeweler
does all kinds of watch, clock and Jew
elry repairing In a workman like man
ner. When you have something to i!o
this in line, don't fall to tall on him
When you have no appetite, do not
relish your food and feel dull after eat
ing you may know that you need a dose
of Chamtnrrlain'* Stomach and Llvet
Tablet*. Price 3ft cents Sample free
at Odendahl Bros Drug store
Henry Becker ha* on exhibition ai
the Jewelry atom of G 11, Morgan, «
beautiful story A Clark piano with an
automatic attachment for playing, upon
which he haa been opening for the edt
dcationofMr Morgan-*customers tht>
Why experiment on yourself with re
medies of doubtful utility when ym
can get Chamberlain'* Cough Itemed)
which ha* stood the test of tune .' Twen
tv live years tale and use hsve proves
tbsl remedy to be a prompt end cerlali
t ure for cold* It will cure a cold in i
day If taken as soon as the cold h*
been contracted and before It has set
lied In Ibe system sold by udeadah
“I wish to express my thanks la Its
manufacturers of Chamber lain * Colie
Cholera and Narrboea Memedy. Is*
having put wo lb* market »uvb a woo
dortwl medlclno," say* W. W Mason
gllk of Boanutoui leas*. There an
many thousands of mother* whose rhll
drenbavodeew saved from ailosks oi
dy ten lory and cholera Infehium *k<
must also feel (fc*»kf il It Is for sals
by Odendahl Brea
Boeckner the fashionable tailor.
Go to Sheppards for first class watch
A B. Outhouse made a flying trip to
Boelus Tuesday.
Cbas. Gonhiser is suffering front an
attack of sciatic rheumatism.
A. Sutton of Valley county was in
the city the first end of the week
John Travis and W. H Conger re
turned from Omaha laat Friday.
A new boy came to stay with Mr. and
Mrs, W. O. Brown la9t Friday night,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sorensen of Ar
cadia, were visiting friends in this city
Ludwig Larsen of Huzard twp. prov
ed up on his homestead before Judge
Angier Monday.
The sale of Henry Stark last Satur
day netted him 81,901, Jacob Albers
whs the auctioneer.
Geo. W. Holmes of the south side of
the county took in the Roosevelt speech
at Grand Island Tuesday.
All kinds of 1
Jewelry repairing > SHEPPARDS.
Promptly Done at)
David Richardson, the fusion candi
date for supervisor from the west side
was in the city Saturday.
No o^her pill can equal DeWitt’s 1ft
tle Early Risers for promptness, certain
ty and eilicicncy. Odcndahl Bros.
O K. Rice of New Yoik atate and
who owns considerable real estate in
in Sherman county, is in the city.
R. A. Wilson and daughter of Keya
Paha county, is visiting bis brother T.
D. Wilson of Oak Creek, for a week or
ten days.
Henry Stark will leave Mon. for Grand
Junction, Colo., to look up a location
In a ditferent climate for the benefit of
his health,
Mrs. B L y.rtbur attended Grand
Lodge of the Degree of Honor at Lin
coln Tuesday, as a delegate from Ash
ton Lodge.
Don’t forget that Jaeger
sells underwear cheaper than
Pure Whiskey HARPER Perfect
Whiskey HARPER Every bottle guar
an teed HARPER -Sold by T. H. Ei.s
nku, Loup City.
The mother of Mrs, W. H. Stevens,
near Rockville, died Tuesday and was
buried Wednesday. The old lady was
90 years of age.
Mrs Mary Knowles and Mrs. Glass
left for Kentucky Tuesday morning.
We understand they intend making
that their future home.
O. Benscboter desires to announce
that bis time for delivering goods here
after will be; in the forenoon at 9 and
II oclock and in the afternoon at 2 and
6 o,clock.
The party that borrowed the rubber
coat belonging to tbe tire department
will recieve all tbe thanks due him from
the boys if he will return the same and
make application for the thanks.
Tncre will be a Republican caucus
held In Loup City next Monday at 3
o’clock p. m. for the purpose of placing
in nomination a candidate for township
clerk for Loup City township, W. 11.
Williams having withdrawn.
”Up to date“ Photographs at M.
l.escbiusky's Photo Gallery Loup City
duiing the month of .September and
October on every Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Ihursday, and Friday
Stamp size photos 18 for 25 cents.
Torturing skin eruptions, burns and
sores are soothed at once and promptly
healed by applying DeVVlU'a Witch
llaael Salve, the best known cure for
piles. Beware of worthless counter
feits Odendabl Bros
(Jo to Sheppards if you w ant a pair
of Glasses that will do your eyes good,
lie is the only Optician In this part of
the country that ha* UP-TO-DATE in
strument*, and KNOWS HOW TO
I SK Til KM.
A new remedy for biliousness is now
on sale at Odendabl Bros, drug store
it is called Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablet*. It i* quick relief and
will prevent the attack if given as Soon
as the first indication of the disease up
pear*. Price 25 cents per hex S imple
free — Oderulahl Bros
J L Hopper wa* in the city three
daya last week renewing oul acquain
tance* and shaking hands with hi* many
frieuks who were all glad to see him
John went from here to Kiba, where he
took charge of the Omaha (Levator t o.
butineaa last Monday Mr* Hopper
will follow bun with their household
got >d*.
It l* well to know that D*Wilt's
witch Uiulhaiy* will heal a burn and
stop the pain at once It will cure ec
! **n»a and skin disease* and ugly wound
i sore*. || is a certain cure for pile*
| ConnlcrlrUs may be offered you jtee
I that you get the original DeWttt -
Wl-tb Hazel Anise O-tendabl hr..*
i The free for nil running race at th*
fair U-t week In wbhh Hie following
• bor«ee were entered t. t. Iliwman'r
bfwen mme, Judge W til tend J a |v,|
ler* horse* of Ibi* city and Mr Lines
, bora* from Maveana In a single bail
mile da*b so »i>* by M Ibiauttn i
mare In rial Ha fbii'lsy the t*,
u«d *n»* of live eighths of a mite wa<
again won by Mr Bowman s burse w a<
lion. W. Summers, of Omaha,
United States District Attorney, will
address the people of Loup City and
Sherman county, on Wednesday eve
ning Oct. 10, at Society hall, Loup
City. Mr. Summers is an eloquent
and logical speaker and will talk
from a Republican standpoint. All
should come out and near him.
Mrs. L. Mickley visited Grand Island
J. I. Depew made a trip to Greeley
Center Sunday returning Monday.
Mr. Simons, the gentleman who has
charge of tha II. & M depot at this
place made us a pleasant cull yesterday.
Eugene Tracy harvested about 200
bushels of potatoes from an acre and a
half of ground. Big yield for this
Mr. G. G. Long of Shambaugb, la.,
and brother of our townsman J. W.
Long, arrived In the city Wednesday
evening for a couple weeks visit.
This is the seagon when mothers are
alarmed on account of croup. It is
quickly cured by One Minute Cough
Cure, which children like to take,
Odendubl Bros.
G. H. Morgan has now a $->00 stock of
new .Jewelry for his costumers to select
from, lie can suit you in any thing in
that line. Don't fall to examine bis
stock before making your purchases.
Mrs. Henry Kensink of Divide took
suddenly ill while in town last Satur
day. Abe fainted in the store of Mr.
Travis ami for some time was very sick,
but with good attention was able to re
turn borne Sunday morning.
Wishing to close out my
stock of men’s and boy’s suits,
I will begin next Saturday to
sell at a 20 per cent discount.
J. Phil J aeger.
The lollowing parties went to Grand
Island Tuesday, from this place to take
a look at the next Vice-President of
the United States. Max Lcscbinsky,
Harry Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. K. A.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W. T Tracy,
Misses Edith Prnith and Minnie Hick
man and ye Junior scribe.
Mr. E. G. Paige of Rockville twp and
who has just returned from a six weeks
visit to Colorado, made this office a
pleasant call Monday. Mr. l’atge says
that Colorado will be In line for Mc
Kinley this fall. Ho says the few fu
Sionista that are left are standing a
round keeping quiet, looking wise and
wondering how the-the thing
happened so sudden and so hard.
Last Friday night a pleasant little
surprise was arranged inhonorof Mrs.
Wharton's, the landlady of the Wharton
House, birthday, and when she return
ed from the lecture, about 9:30, the
house was well filled with her friends,
Music and games weie enjoyed for a
couple hours, when a nice lap supper
was served after which Mr. R. J. Night
ingale, in a neat little speech, presented
Mrs. Wharton witli numerable useful
presents which had been brought for
her by those present.
During the winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, one of the leading citizens and
merchants of Clay, Clay C., W. Va ,
struck his leg against a cake of ice in
such a manner as to bruise it severely.
It became very much swollen and pain
ed him so badly that he could not walk
without the aid of crutches. He was
treated by physicians, also used several
kinds of liniment and two and a half
gallong of whiskey in bathing it, hut
nothing gave any relief until he began
using Chamberlains Pain Balm This
brought almost a complete cure in a
week's time and he bolieves that had he
not used this remedy his leg would have
had to be amputated. Pain Balm is
une<|ualed for sprains, bruises and rheu
matism. For sale by Odendabl Bros
The illustrated Filipino lectures
given at the hall last Friday and
Saturday nights by Geo. K. Boomer
were a complete success. The views
taken on the ground by Mr. Boomer
while in I,uzou, accompanied by the
lecture delivered by him in explana
tion of them, was a convincing argu
ment to all who wished to see the
right, that the course of the admin
istration has been and is still, the
j only sensible one toward the Fdipi
nos. Mr. Boomer is thoroughly con
vinced that did the democratic doc
I trine prevail in this affair that wreck
i and ruin would be the inevitable fate
: of these Islands. lie pictures the
Islands us ubounding in bidden
wealth, as the gate way to the east
era world atid a possession coveted
j by all nations [|e aaya that the
work of humanity la-gun by this
j country lu rending Pub# and Potto
Ho,i from Spam, should be continu
•- I by holding the Phillptoes and es
tablishing a stable government over
them which will protect, not only
from the designs iif other nations
'hut from the savags har'ctrilv of Ives whh It would etrculUsHV
re* tit m the complete distraction of
llo- 1' iltpmo* through their hatred of
owe »ri‘«e for the other if left tu Work
t-U' the ' own d. .to,., ■ The ahtt
itiiper isiiats who be aid and saw those
lecture* 4id w ts ted u i.imo l of
the rtghteoosnw s of tbs course of
the ad no to*' r si ton toward thow*
pseipls must hw blinded bee s us* Us
dust t waul to ssw
Dr, W. H. Lewis, Lawrencevlll, Va.,
writes. * ’I am using Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure in my practice among severe cases
of indigestiou and find it an admirable
remedy.” Many hundreds of physici
ans depend upon the use of Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure in stomach troubles. It
digests what you eat. and allows you to
eat all the good food you need, provid
ing you do not overload your stomach.
Gives instant relief and u permanent
cure.—Odendahl Bros.
♦ ♦- ---
are the most comfortable, commodious
means of travel for large parties, In
tending settlers, bomeseakers, hunting
These cars are run on the I'nion
Pacific daily from Nebraska points to
California and Oregon points, and are
fitted up complete witn mattresses, cur
tains blanlyets, pillows, etc., requiring
nothing to be furnished by the passen
gers. I'informed porters are in charge
of these cars who are required to keep
them in good order, and look after the
wants ami comforts of passengers.
These cars are new, of modern pattern,
and are nearly as convenient and com
fortable as IIrat-class palace sleepers.
For full information call on or address
H. J. Clifton, Agent
-♦ -• ♦
The best method of clensing the liver
is the use of the famous little pills
known as DeWitt’s Little Karly Kisers.
l-'.asy to take. Never gripe. Odendahl
Ilurkleii's Arnica Halve
Has world-wide fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses hny other salve, lo
tlon, ointment or balin for (Juts, Corns,
Hums, Holies, .Sores, Felons, Ulcers,
Tetter, Malt Kheum, Fever Sores, Chap
ped Hands, Skin Eruptions; Infallible
for Piles, Cure guaranteed. Only 25c
at Odendahl Hros.
— - ♦ —
Do not get scared if your heart troub
les you. Most likely you suffer from in
digestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cur< di
gests what you eat and gives the worn
out stomach perfect rest, it Is the only
preparation known that completely di
gests all classes of foods; that Is why it
cures the woast cases of indigestion and
stomach trouble after everything else
has failed. It may be taken in all con
ditions and cannot help do you good. —
Odendahl Hros
♦ • ♦ --
Your blood goes through your body
with jumps and bounds, carrying
warmth and active life to every part of
your body, If you take Rocky Moun
tain Tea. Ask your druggist.
William C. Either), Plaintiff,
Alfred W. WPcox and Emma Wilcox,
husband and wife, Defendants
The above named defendant, Alfred W.
Wilcox, will tuko notice that on the 3rd
day of October, 19L3 the above named
plaintiff filled his petition In the District
Court of- Sherman county, Nebraska
against the above named defendants, the
object and prayer of which are to reform
the dlscrlptlon in a certain deed, executed
and delivered by the said defendants to
said plaintiff on the ittli day of November,
IM4, conveying to the said plaintiff by
mistake, the North West quarter of
(section. No. i!9 in Township 1C, north of
flange Hi west of the 6lh Principal Ma
rtdian, situate in bberman county, Neb.
raska, but which Instrument should
rightfully have conveyed the South
West quarter of said Section 33, Instead
of the North West quarter thereof:
and further to have tnc said instrument
made to express upon its face and to
convey to said plaintiff the South West
quarter of said Section 2U, Instead of the
North West quarter thereof, a<> that the
same shall be made to conform to and
to eRlectuate the purpose and inten
tion of the parlies, thereby to satisfy
and cancll a certain bond tor a deed
theretofore executed and delivered by the
plaintiff to said defendant, Alfred W.
Wilcox for the conveyance to him
of the South West quarter of said Sec
tion S3.
Tou ure required to answer said peti
tlon on or before the it!ttt day of Nov.
ember, l'JUO.
William f Fithkh, Plaintiff,
l$y Wall a Williams, hlsattys.
Dated this 4th day of Octtber, I!# i,
At Loup City In the State of Nebraska. at
tho Cl'iM of llustnea*, September 20, lw«)
l.oun* and discount* tj,*m n.1
Overdraft* secured and unsecured l.n|A 12
Stock* and securities *, >5r.'.’7
llankinu house, furnllute, fixtures l,*AO(lo
Other Real Estate l,7»*t
Current eipense* and taxes paid in* IT
Check* and other cash item* PdotiT
Due friMi. National, state and Priv
ate hank* and banker* I*..TON)
Cash Nirklce and cents f
“ Currency I.IK1 if
" Specie .’,.V7 ,B» t, M> Stt
li \tiii itie*.
Capllal duck paid in wv«“ n> |
sarptu* fund »,»• 8 j
Cuditl lc<t pruHt* i, *. c.
Individual deposit* subject In
chec .. *i.a~* a*
Demand ci ttIdeate* of
•lepoell "JP ** Adi •
Total • *«l *1
state of StbNikt t ,
County of ahuitaan i *
I, t P I Utley, i |«MH of toe above
aetoed Rank. do aoleare.y *aaar that the
above •tatetueut la (uttv-'t and a Ire*
copy id in a re|awl made to Ike **als Pan*,
tad board
t P *'• i . v » t - • *i
a» nat
m t iituti PtmkM
1 lUkitr, lUivilur
aasaafttmd and tsiirv to dfarv nr Isa
*fi e day uf septMtWM, MW
kssiiu J sentiwm
till Motary fsMU
d» » %(■!•*« H tMftl |* » •%
; Astigmatism!
I *
Astigmatism is not a disease but is simply a defect in
the shape of the eve ball. It necessitates an irregular strain
upon the muscles in adjusting for different objects. There is
no condition which causes so much discomfort and fatigue,
(Especially flead Aefyes
A peculiar feature about astigmatism is that people
who have it seldom know that anything is wrong with their
eyes. They lay all their suffering to some other cause.
The'/ believe that they can see as well as any ono and in a
good many eases they can. The overwork is going on just
the same.
If any one thinks their eyes are not right come in and
see me. I am the only optician in this part of the country
that can correct astigmatism. Eyes tested free.
The Leading Optician and Jeweler.
Loup City, Nebr.
I also handle
Hard and Soft Coal
and exchange flour and feed of all kinds
for wheat.
(Special Dispatch,) Paris, Au# Do.—
American whiskies received the oliicial
approval of the exposition today, when
Gold Medal was awarded to Bcrnbelm
Bros., Louisville, Ky, on their I. W.
Harper whiskey.—Sold in Loup City,
by T. II
- —-— —
You little knew when first we met
That some day you would bo
The lucky fellow I'd choose to let.
Pay for my Rocky Mountain Tea.—
Aak your druggist.
- ^ ♦-—
H day alarm )
clocks js Sheppards.
&3.50cts at J
Job Couldn't Have Stood It.
If he’d bad Itching Files. They’re
terrldly annoying; but Buckleu's Arni
ca Salvo will cure the worst case of
piles on earth. It has cured thousands.
For injuries, Fains or Bodily Eruptions
it,s the best salve in the world Frice
25c. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by
Feelings of safety pervade the house
hold that uses One Minute Cough Cure,
the only harmless remedy that produces
immediate results. It is infallible for
coughs, colds, croup and all throat
and lung troubles. It will prevent con
sumption.—(Jdcudabl Bros.
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
WUl Defend la Foreclosure Cue*.
General Real Estate Business.
OIRra la Noam w (at (Ha llulldtag.
louv am. i i m
I.Ol l* CITY M VUtlA'iK A
♦ »» Hi i -oaa <iw<i <ui .*i m>«M i
- —
n i;.vi i sr
tirys *. >n ■ VAT AIDA flt’cktt V^848i j
i.ovr * /r» .vaft
Oil the loth of December, lbl)7, Rev,
S. A Donaboe, pastor M. K. church,
South, l‘t. 1‘leasaiit, \V. Va. contracted
a severe cold which whs attended from
the begglnnlng by violent coughing He
says; -After resorting to it number
of so-called ‘specific*,’ usually kept in
the house, to no purpose’ I purchased
a Dottle of Chamber Iain's Cough Reme
dy, which acted like a charm. I most
cheerefully recommend It to the public.’
For sale by Odendahl Hro*.
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Lincoln, Ncl> i
Aeplemcr 5tli, 1900 \
Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has tiled notice of her
intention to make final proof In support of
her claim, and that said proof will be
made b»fore the county Judge at Loup,
Nebraska, on Thursday, October 22, 1900,
viz: Mary A Baird, Timber Culture Entry
No. ?6urt, for the 3. E. fourth Section 2,
Township 15, Range 10 west of theflth p. m.
3he names the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: J. B. Draper,
Chris Zwlnk, James Bowen, Anton Dymek,
all of Loup, City, Nebraska.
J. W. Johnson, Register.
The complete service of
via Uuiou Pacific,
enables passengers to reach the
principal cities between the North
Pacific Coast ami Missouri Kiver
not only in the shortest
possible space
of time,
but also in the most comfortable ami
eujovable manner. Thu dining
cars on this train are stocked
with the beat the market aitorda.
At’ meals served a la carte,
H. •*. Cmkton, Agent.
On Slii'i pnnl s
Jewelrv Store
if you want bargain* in tin*
jowrlry «n»l nilmvian line:
ami if you want guisaraor vour
i'VM t«*ati*«| for kI.ioim mm* him
llrmii giv« you inforuMlioM
that wilt U> of i aim* to you.
I ?*. rtllKITAKI).
rW tutl U|rih'MI ||4 Jitdlrf
il lb* •uMHir.v