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    The Northwestern
«KO. l: HKNSC’HOTKK, i Eilllorn mill
OEO, II (ilBSO!*, i Pufc!l»h®r»
TERMS: -it.00 pkii veak. ir paid is advance
Entered at the Loup City Postofflee for trans
mission through the malls as second
class matter.
For President,
For Vice President,
. 8tate
1’residential Electors:
.1 T NE8BIT, Hurt,
R II W IN OH AM, Cass.
ED ROYCK, Custer,
L M IIAO C K, Kearney
K 1’ DAVIDSON, Johnson.
J. L. JACOBSON, Dougins
J L KENNEDY, Douglas
Eor Governor:
For. Lieutenant Governor
E P SAVAGE, Custer.
Secretary of State:
O W MARSH, Richardson.
For Treasurer:
For Auditor,
For Attorney General:
F N PROUT, Cairo
For Land Commissioner,
G. D. FOLLMKR, Nuckolls.
For Superintendent,
W K FOWLER, Washington
CotgresKman, 6th Dlst.
Senator. 16th Dlst.
Con lit y.
Representative, r,7th Dlst.
For County Attorney.
And now will you be good! Mary
Kllen Lease lias gone back on llte
pops and will stump Ibis state for
Republicans. Hurrah for Marybel
That Meramac story circulated by
fusion fanatics is an indication that
desperation is staring them in the
face. The story is too thiu to scare
any body, and too transparent to
make any one believe.
The omy real interesting tbiDg
discovered at tli G. I street fair last
week was Bund's cornet band from
Ord. It is a hummer, urd when it
played it drew the crowd from every
other attraction on the ground.
Once in a great while a Bryan
badge could he sccd at the Grand
Island street fair last week, and even
the jaded look of the picture seemed
to say, as its eyes scaned the happy
throng, oh this prosperity is killing
The Times last week, makes an
other attempt to turu its mud batter
ies toward VV. J. Fisher by printing
a part of the proceedings in n case
as shown on the district court docket,
and with its usual characteristic
stops just at the right place to Ce
ceive some cne. The deed spoken
of was 6et aside by the court because
it believed that by so doing there
might be a possible chance to g»t
something for Mr. Heed on his judg
ment if the interest of Eli B. Fisher
in this laud was sold and the terms,
as made so prominent in that paper
in “caps” are only arbitrary law
terms as used in the make up of
papers in court proceedings. The
facts are, on the same page and in
the same volume they refered to, that
when the court set the deed aside
it also gave W. .1. Fisher a judgment
forfnl 22 against Eli H. Fishers in
terest in said land, the amount and
the claim winch Ibis deed was baaed
upon, and made that judgment a
ptjur lien to Mr. Heed's claim, and
hy so doing extinguished any chance
Mr. Heed had of collecting his claim,
us Kli li. Fisher owned hut one sixth
interest in said laud, ali i after the
lien of \V. ,J Fisher was aatistled
there was very little left to tight
over. The court set the deed aside
so as to protect Mr. Meed * rights,
and acknowledged Mr Fisher s rights
hy giving him s first Ihu and you,
Mi. Tunes, or the fellow that owns
you, had the full record before yon
when you garheied it.
,% n«ril Is S >'Ii«m.
Mother* of children sttoted »tli
»roup or a •ever* cold need nut beiitals
to S'liulnUter l !i«u, loo lain * though Me
tnedy It coni tin* no uydtieiotr nsrc t
le in any form and nisy h* given as eon
nd i t > tot In' ti»li- o iii in eluit I It*
gr.**l *ecec** that ha* itt^vilnl Its u*e
lu the iif tisisn 11 old* and < i< up h >#
sow for M the iiyiml and | i«lo< It hsa
received ihi> u^Ih-uI the 1 idled mat •
and la many l»irlgn land* f«t fair
hy UIir Uhl Hie*
What Republicanism Has Done
for the Farmers of Nebraska.
How Prices lor Karin Product* Have
Increased the Last Knur Years.
Important l’ad< Hearing On Loral Affair#
In Connect ion With the Poy liter
\<l m ini*t ration.
Omahn, Sept. 3.—Slowly .vot surely
public sentiment in Nebraska is crys
tallizing against Bryanisiu. Hard
times and low prices under Democrat
le rule are so firmly Impressed on the
memory of the voters that the attempt
of itryuu to divert uttention, through
the Instrumentality of vulnerable and
fallacious doctrines, hits fallen flat.
The people of Nebraska are too in
telligent and too discerning to he de
ceived by the mocking-birds of Democ
racy on the question of "militarism”
and ‘•imperialism,” and they have only
to take their pencil and paper and do
a little quiet figuring to determine
what Republican victory really means
for them.
Tell-Tale Figure*.
The following figures will show the
real difference between applied Demo
cratic and Republican principles, the
first column showing the prices under
Democratic rule In 1 k:m>, and the sec
ond the prices prevailing now under
Republican rule:
1800 1000
Wheat . 44c 02c
Corn. 12c 28c
Rye . 20c 80c
Oats . 8c 17c
Ifogs . .$2.50
Labor .$l .(hi
Horses .$25.00
Cattle (faD.$3.85
Cattle (feeders).$.’(. 10
Sheep 90c
This means that the Nebraska farm
er tilling 100 acres of land, and that
is not considered u large farm In Ne
braska, will receive ul least $800 more
for the same amount of stock and
grain in 1900 than he received in lsoo.
There are thousands of 100-aere
farms and thousands of farmers lu Ne
braska, so it can he seen at once that
this increase la prices in the aggregate
amounts to a large sum.
These figures are unanswerable.
They deal staggering blows to Democ
racy and they at the same time attest
the wisdom and reveal the substantial
benefits of Republicanism. It can !»■
seen by this that Republican prosper
ity has In four years Increased the
value of every cow, steer, sheep, horse,
and every bushel of grain in Nebraska
more than 30 per cent. It has in
creased the value of every acre of farm
land, and. aside from household effects,
has In many Instances doubled the
value of all the personal property on
Nebraska farms.
The Republicans hi Nebraska pip
their faith to this record. They are
willing to stand on it, confident in the
Intelligence and judgment of all the
i tutor Kuril conditions is tr possible
that Bryan and the Democratic cam
paign orators can mislead the people
Into deposing the Republican party and
voting the Democracy hack into pow
er? Is It possible that the voters of
Nebraska can, by the seductive and al
luring strains of the political siren,
be duped into voting for Bryan and a
return of the depression and distress
of four years ago? A vote for Bryan
means that and nothing else. Nor is
this any more true of Nebraska than
of the rest of the agricultural states.
The report of the bureau of statistics
of the agricultural department just is
sued shows to what extent the farm
ers have profited in the last four years
on live stock values alone. Here are
the figures:
Jan. 1,1800 Jan. 1,1900
Horses .$500,140,180 $0011,90! 1,412
Mules.$103,204,457 $111,117,092
Milch cows. .$3ti3,I155,540 $514,812,100
< It her cattle.. $508,928,410 $089,480,200
Sheep .$05,167,735 $122,005,913
Total .. .$1,541,390,339 $2,042,840,813
This shows a net increase in values
—a clear and dean profit to the farmers
and stock owners—of $501,444,474/
Adding to tills the increase in the
value of swine and farm cereals, which
is even n greater amount, and it Is
found that the entire gain amounts to
the enormous sum of more than $l,ono,
Ilntf ■ Kiffht tn Know.
The | ample of Nebraska have n right
fn demand of (inventor IViynter mi
explanation of Ills eonthiet III eoliltee*
tloll with tin* management of tile vtt
rloiiH state Institutions.
They have n light to nn explanation
Mm to why lie tillM |>erilllttod otltelnU to
trah»gre** the law without even m
lllllell IIS u pilhlle protest or reprlllininl.
Within the |u>*t few week* re|Nirts of
nfflelnl eorrii|>tlo|| hate Iteeli pllhllshed
ehnrges upon whleh prompt lu<|tilry
should Im< III ole vet llovernor I#oyliter
has refused to Bet, nod tuts made nn
ap|sirent effort to stop these abuses
The (Nliwt ehnrges have lint even
rolttiuniided oltl> tnl attention Jot these
rhargen are of sin li a lialnre ms to he
of tin' tilim»*l iiii|h rliimc to lav pay
rrs, Involving n» the* do a re»hle*»
dissipation of the piddle fund* V\ alt
»linli sate pilfering going on In mam
of tile slate ||i»tMotion* It Is no a •>nd* r
that a large ileft« leie y, eole erv atuely
SstiSeitol Bt lllfcliie Is staring the
|*«-v liter administration amt the
people of Nebraska In the fa- e
Tor this, and fur ih itmtalislng the
uiansgsuetit of the putdiv Mmiiuiiusi
| by tlio nppclrttttfnt of political adher
ents Irrespective of tltticss, Governor
Poynter will lie held to answer.
Pricier management of public institu
tions is not a partisan question. All
political parties profess to favor it.
What shall l>e said or done with a
parly or official who proves recreant
to this trust? That is the problem be
fore the voters of Nebraska, and that
is the charge upon which Governor
Poynter and his party must stand
trial in the high court of pu' lie opin
ion. Economy in the administration
of public affairs is a matter of dollars
and cents to every tax payer, and the
fact, that, with general approprintions
approximating more than $2,000,000,
there is an apparent shortage of $too.
(too, of itself proves that Governor
Poynter has not practiced it.
Otli<*r Official* Kxtrat ngitnt.
Governor Poynter is not the only fu
sion official who lias fallen short of
party promises and public expecta
tions. Tin* names of State Treasurer
Meserve, Attorney General Smyth and
Land Commissioner Wolf may be also
It is no secret that a portion at least
of the state school funds lias been
farmed out to favorite patrons, There
Is at least $200,000 of school funds
upon which the state is receiving no
Interest and which is no doubt depos
ited with such concerns as are
“friendly” to the administration. IMII
gent inquiry lias thus far failed to dis
close where this money is, or why the
state Is not drawing interest on It.
This alone represents a clean loss to
the state of $4,000 per year.
In regard to the attorney general’s
department, the records show that
that department has not alone been ex
travagant, but Iuih made excessive de
mands on the treasury.
The constitution expressly provides
that the attorney general shall receive
a salary of $2,000 a year and no more.
It declares further, that nothing shall
be allowed that department for depu
ties or clerk hire. The records show
how openly this has been disregarded.
The following figures show to what
extent the treasury lias been milked
during tin* present term of two years:
Attorney general.$4,000
W. D. Oldham.3,000
Assistant attorney. 2.400
Stenographer . 2.000
Printing briefs. 8oO
Postage, telegraph, telephone,etc. bust
Traveling expenses. duo
Though this is a much larger amount
than was ever tie fore required liy tho
attorney general’s department, it,
even, was not sufficient. The records
show that the $5,000 “prosecution
fund” placed at the disposal of tlio
governor has been attacked and of
tills amount nearly $4,000 lias been
used, a portion of it as follows:
('. J. Smyth.$047.03
4V. D. Oldham... 55.20
Ed P. Smith. 025.00
G. F. Corcoran. 237.80
Other allowances have been made in
addition to this, so that Upon the whole
tills department under the present ad
ministration has been the most extrav
agant and expensive in the state's his
More or less odium In ill fuelled to the
lnnd commissioner's department. The
manner in which building contracts
have been awarded and executed nl
most approaches a public scandal.
Certain contractors have been award
ed contracts and have signally failed
to properly fulfill them, yet after hav
ing failed al one place the board has
turned right around nnd awarded
them contracts at another. In some
Instances the bondsmen of the con
tractors have been required to com
plete the work and in each and nil in
stances the state has sustained pecu
niary loss.
Contracts for groceries nnd provisions
are now largely awarded to Lincoln
parties, attending which action is cir
cumstantial evidence of rank favorit
ism. These contracts have been ma
nipulated in the Interest of the friends
of the state house ring at Lincoln, nnd
against the interest of the business
men of the towns In which the Institu
tions are located. Commissioner Wolf
and Governor I'oynter arc directly re
sponsible for tlds. as the former is
eliHlrman of the hoard of public lands
nnd buildings ami the hitter ehainuan
of the state hoard of purchase and sup
plies, boards that have direct charge
of these matters.
It may lie claimed by the state house
otllclals. In Justification of their nets,
that the state Is getting Its groceries
nnd supplies cheaper on this account.
Nothing could he farther from the
truth. In the llrst place, the way
business is managed, prices become a
secondary Issue. The principal Issue
now is that of weight and quality.
There Is scarcely nu Institution that
has a weighing scale, and there is
scarcely an olttelal at any of the In
•dilutions competent to Judge as to
I'"iIn PihmI.
I><H i'lll| mltii II |irrHlul*lll if
ti ll (li'Vi liijm poiuoluitl* ttik*|tiiiK Mini
rUMHlnf lillll'M frtMU fill lilt; III Hill ft
iru u-MMily iraifil to Oita tnun n. Tli»r«
i* »l*> »u fU'imul i>f fliiiiK< r lu »
Unit inn* U> (uriuiil h* tin' n< I nut *4 tii«<
(oulruii nf Ittv i mu IMU tin'Mu aouri
•4 il.uit:« r iiMvv Im ii rwlttitil i« m mini
tUUM b) MHftOtUtl UtHimili iif » Mill III |f.
iiui it u uiiv l<> .!• ii> lii.ti iin * • *i»t,
umi tin* lituiMiiil n** iimUI. 1'in.iuii -ii
IU |MH' |l'l‘lltt! Mini U>ll*| ‘ Hill* 'l |iUI*U.
A I II in il | tiy»li MM lu> •Il’iK' lill;
|MI UMl III M iiilMltljr tii.ll tin! null
it" •*» i*ll- ‘l III mill •If'llttt l U^ll V« aim
prfiillll til I it** Mpi«MtMli‘U 11# I in
I M<i I* •» tint i ill* Ji ^iil u( |)(iru
I’ll mini ti It* IU tfc* l Utv*l lUUu
Ladies and
bring your Watch, Clock and
Jewelry repairing to
the gradi ate of the Omaha
Watchmakers college, who
can manu'acture any piece of
a watch you may desire him
to,« r can make you a watch
to order if you desire him to.
1 have had fifteen years ex
perience at watch repairing.
I guarantee my work to give
perfect satisfaction or money
Call on mo when you want
to he dealt with fairly and
Yours for business.
Loup City Jeweler.
I\ ee 1 ey
V- ^
blair, ( ii re
Produce each a (lin
en* © Imving definite
pathology. Tlie dla
i MORPHINE, tj)tf i"j0Ui,](. cjiiovidt
TnnKOnn of Gold Trpatmeul
lUDAUUW preten d hy Or l.e„
lle E. K(
ease yield* easily to
nt .
TO THE PUBLIC: The Keeley In
■ atltute at Blair. Nebraska, ia the
only place In that State where the
, Kenulne Keeley Remedies and Treat
Game Wanted
SHIPPERS, Wo v/ant Game in any
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phia, l’a,—Wholesale Butter, Eggs,
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tCinliir«<l Deaths Agonle*
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gest ail clauses of foods In a bottle No
other preparation will do this. It In
<tantly relieve* and quickly cures all
stomach trouble. O lemiahl Bros
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that do doctor or rcmedv bHp< d until
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‘holly curl'd him. Inlalltblc for |*ih»
uro (in tiiiir, Only iS- hold by
1 Mi'itdi h ltr<>*.
t.i V ; \ y • *
! * w emthcr, Vht v
i At it u tttkt i % and
ih;a affcst* the t tihy*
It iwrin i d
tuutsion. ftfivi*
ncth tPd links
> fiM'U rivlai a*.J
14 AM *.*!*»
A I ii
cm\ l
•»fi «fy
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i in: **\i.\ i»ihi it
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T»i) Tnin« iNiliti fft'tn l*» |K o%rf
4It I ( utof»«io
ftialrilMdatii front S' u» Vail Iron
«i**uftU4t 4 »>» |***•!*
I bio*' tmih« iteltlr ffiOO 40 "Mil 1.41#
4 »lf i»>t l t«b ♦,
T»« kr«>ii* <4ti) ffottt S i*# IHiiilooii.
md I*** ife CtMk*t miili i
1 'tfilVt k i**l» * fyf I M)4 »»<t
H* fw| bit,'ikifil fern! k.<*•» *#> • <rt 9111 n«( 9f
•\k f«» 4#k*l k* * -* it ft i**9 l*» «
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ant and totik- No "that prepara’ioo
cun appruurh it Ir* *»dl« unt-jr. It In*
Mantljr nrllcw »<i l t* rni.iii. nllyrnrwa
I'l'tii'iaUl, |ndir-.Mi n, |l.»rtl>nia,
I’wti'.'iw* Nau*.‘*|
Hit k II. ail.u lw l. inli tl^U rrani|w,4i»a
•!> ntlmr Iui|wr(wl(lii|rdiu4t
ftiatm »« l C OaWmOCa Cfcua** .
t » .. | b, mu '.utlil, n*k
i . __ !■<» ***» ***