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    The Northwestern
<JKO K. HFNsriloTKK, ( Editors anil
UEO. H. <« I It.SON, \ Publishers
TERMS:—II m pbu teak, ir paid in advance
Entered at the Loup City Poatofflce for trans
mission through the malls as second
class matter.
N ational
For President,
For Vico President,
Presidential Klectors:
.1 T NFS HIT. Hurt.
Kl). KOYCE, Custer
I, M lIAGt'E, Kearney
s 1* DAVIDSON, Johnson
J. L. JACOHSON. Douglas
J L KENNEDY, Douglas
For Governor:
For Lieutenant Governor:
E P SAVAGE Custer.
Secretary of State
O VV MARSH. Richardson.
For Treasurer:
For Auditor.
For Attorney General:
f For Land Commissioner
G. I) FULLMER, Nuckolls.
For Superintendent.
VV K FOWLER, Washington
Congressman, nth Dlst.
Four years ago they gave this
state to the Democrats and this year
it remains to be seen whither their
judgment will he reversed. The
question urises is it a reform work
they have entered into? Are they
actuated by a desire to make purer
politics? Are they a party in deed
or only in name? Are the princi
ples and avowed policy of the Dem
ocratic party lire policy by which
they desire this great Hepublic to be
ruled by? Do they actually believe
that Democracy from a political
stand point is right? If they do why
do they not go over to that party
in name us well as in works. The
Democrats have no use for them only
us they can get their votes. Four
years ago they turned Watson to the
wall and now they say to Towne,
you can’t slide on our cellar door.
No, populists you can’t have the
crumbs that fall from our political
table, all we expect of you is to sit on
the fence and see us go by, of course
you are expected to smile now and
then, we will tickle your under jaw
with a little Buffalo grass as we pass
to induce the sensation but don’t ask
for pap, there is not enough to go
round. We have convinced you that
the Republicans are a bad lot and
you always knew that we were, you
never would cousent to join our par
ly so just call yourself by what name
you like just so we get the benefit of
your vote. Are those interogations
not correctly put, and if they are, are
they all the consideration a party
should get for turning over 8 elect
oral votes to a party they know
has always been wrong. Every
body should be ready to ftirthei
reform, and the doctrine of the
Middle of the Road fellows has
but few objections, but a reform
bide with a Democratic carcus
under it should be detested unless
you believe that Democracy is re
On .hint) 1st, ISihi, the total cir
culation of money in the I'nited
States was f 1,581,AH4.284. Of this
amount a little less that $500,0110,000
was in the form of gold and gold
certificate. In the following four
years the enormous sum of half a
hil'ion dollars has been added to
the people's money. This is in ex
cess of the coining value of all the
silver mined in the I'nited States
at a r»tio of III to I, since 1" 1*0
The per capita circulation of the
country has espande.I from I. t.*»
on dune I, |S>nl, to tJii .00 on Juim
;u, loot) a uaiii of #5. l."> per capita
in four years,
lioler MiKiniei prosperity the
Nebraska delegation to the I'vi ■ .
dalle contention was able to pat
11o4) a day for headquarter* at
Kiuma t'itf, i'* addition to |»*t ley
tiosrd at a first class u*>tel
If •!«*« h»»e any comp »«*i*in (<•» lb»
•Mini*, uf i rso i isMd »n*!s gt*«
lliriu Ri» k* M idi Oh il l | a II If
hi •*# sav iw Is u ii* least a to I lug in lb
f unity y». y our dtegg<<(
The Distinguished Rough Rider
to Spend a Week Cam
paigning In Nebraska.
Control of the Philippine Wands an
Important Factor in American
Trade in the Orient.
| State I nut it ut Ions Converted Iufco Asylums
lw Broken llunn Party Satellites
and Incompetent*.
Omaha, .Tnly i'.’, —It is definitely
settled thut Theodore Roosevelt will
pay Nebraska a visit during the
pending campaign. This statement
is made on the authority of Chair
man Lindsay of the state central com
mittee, who says that Governor Roose
velt will devote at least a week to the
campaign in Nebraska. It will bo a
great treat to the people of Nebraska
to see, not only the next vice president
of the United States, but one of the
foremost scholars and statesmen of the
nation—a man of high distiiiguishineut
in civil and military life. The exact
time Governor Roosevelt will be here
has not, as yet, been determined.
The list of speakers for the campaign
will contain among others th names of
many noted statesmen and orators, the
object being to so present the evidence
that the verdict rendered in the high
court of pulilit opinion shall be based on
an intelligent understanding. It never
has been, and is not now, the desire of
the Republican party to acquire public
stewardship by false pretenses. More
than once the Republican party has re
sisted supposedly popular vagaries in
the face of a popular demand for their
adoption, because it was confident that
it was right and that the vagaries were
not alone wrong, but fraught with
great public danger.
It is the party that struck the chains
of slavery from the black man when
more than half of the nation opposed it.
It is the party that disciplined a dis
obedient and rebellious confederacy and
established forever the unity of the re
public while all the world looked ou in
It is the party that for 40 years lias
maintained an industrial policy which
distinguishes American labor from that
of all the rest of the world, mid which
has elevated it to a standard unequaled
in the history of civilized nations. For
40 years the Republican party has stood
guard at the doorway of labor, repuls
ing again and again the attacks of
Democratic free trade. Defeated in
their repeated efforts to bring American
labor to a level with the pauper labor
of Europe, the fusioulsts have
adopted a new scheme aud that is to
lure labor away from its safe moorings
through alluring promises contingent
upon a change in the monetary system.
It isn't free trade now, though the
fusiouists Hre just us much for free
trade now as they ever were, it is free
silver. One is fraught with as much
distress to the American people as the
other. Neither can be adopted with
out being attended by inconceivable
disaster. The Republican party believes
in a free people, free homes and free
government—it does not believe in free
trade or free silver.
The Republican party believes m ex
pausiou. It believes in extending the
benefit* of free citizenship and self
government to every possible clime. It
believes in progress in commercial and
territorial expansion, to the end that all
may bo benefited und the world in gen
eral brought under the benign influence
of Christianity and intelligence.
The history of the United States is a
history of expansion—expansion in ter
ritory, as well as in trade, art, science,
and literature. Expansion upon any
pretext was until recently opposed by
the fusionists. They charged that tho
Republicans were imperialistic when
they declared in favor of territorial ex
pansion. They have, in a degree, since
changed their orthodoxy. The Demo
cratic national convention at Kansas
City which bundled the expansion
question with such passive delicacy was
held in territory acquired by expansion.
The site of Kansas City is part of the
Louisiana purchase. Nebraska, tho
home of W. J. Bryan, the Democratic
candidate for president, was Spanish
territory when Jefferson was made
president. Nearly 800 members of the
Kansas City convention came from ter
ritory acquired through expansion.
More than 40 of the delegates came from
territory annexed in consequence of the
war with Mexico. Minnesota, Mon
tana, Missouri, Nebraska. Arkansas,
Iowa, Kansas, Isiuuiaua. Nor lb and
South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming,
and part of Colorado, had Inn votes in
the convention, and expansion re
Banned this territory from S|Nitiinh
dominion less than 100 years ago. It
would appear that tin- only kind of n
punsio» which seems to soar to lhi-a|M X
of fusion estimation aud ixptctaiicy is
pulmonary etpuiisiou (lit# them this,
coupled with um tnumnorbed loquac
ity, free fro.u tin- moral restraint of
tthleal jurt-Mudi'ii c, and tu the fusion
wav of lotiklUg at It, the problem of n
puitsioti i* • »ivcd f' ft'cil by public
I opinion, however, and by tho logic of
til-- situation to aeknowledg- the wi«
d m- ! tin f'rpub.teau puUvtr of itpui
I siou, tho fusiottists mo now t -r t’Xpau
I Stott i'-'lidltl'rtiod Oil a m-sM ItoiSgTII
! > fit -UtUlge-u- f lu other Words tie #
fat a a i»>ii f of « sj-aute u that »t u .i
I n -t < vpand an t would benefit all tie*
| o|Im r gt»at nations of Ik* carlo at Ik*
II v,* ■» of tb l mi l si.
I to tie ItlssSi.
I Tb-' I'UtbpptM Island* have UtS
1 add- 1 u> tk* i*mtwr of »h- I'stfei
#■» ti legacy of i -liquor. Th»-<»
island# had f r two hundr .1 y< nt< <-n
Ultd< r the sov- i igutv . i Spain and fur
all «>t' that time had felt and • xpcrienc’-d
all the iniquities t f monarchical rule.
When the hand of President MoKiub y
was raised aguins- Spanish atr itu - in
Cuba and tho Philippines, it was not
for the purpose of acquiring new p< >s
sessions in the Ortent. Naval an 1 mili
tary strategy alone directed movement
toward tho Philippines, and thoso
waters were invaded with no other
object in view than tho dcstrwrtiun or
capture of tlie Spanish squadron. fcot
until tho treaty of Pans was entered
into did tho United States undertake to
ex*rcis( control over tho Philippines.
This treaty passed sovereignty o#-r
these islands trout Spain to the United
States, and it is a forcible reminder to
Bryan and those fusionists who nro
finding fault with the McKinley ad
ministration for attempting to restore
law and order in the Philippines, that
this very obligation, this very duty, is
the result of Senator Allen's vote and
the personal efforts of W. J Bryan to
have tlie treaty ratified Without
Senator Allen’s vote and without tho
personal efforts of W. J. Bryan the
treaty could not and would not have
been ratified, and the Philippine isl
ands would not liavo passed to ^he
sovereignty of tho United States.
After being largely responsible for the
acquisition of the Philippines, Bryan
and the fusionists huvo adopted a plat -
form of repudiation and they hold up
thoir hands in abject horror at the
spectacle of an honest, commendable
and patriotic effort on th* part of the
president to suppress doiiMstio lawless
ness and rapine in the islands. Like
the cupper-heads of 18(il they are cas
tigating the McKinley administration
for exacting obedience to the well es
tablished rules and ethics of popular
government and at tho same time are
encouraging insurrection by seditious
utterances secreted in expressions of
sympathy for a people hearing arms
against tho United States.
It is a prerequisite to popular govern
ment that the governing power shall it
self bo capable of self government. So
soon as the Filipinos shall demonstrate
their ability to maintain a government
analogous to a republic just so soon will
the Republican party through its au
thori/. d representatives encourage that
til ( onmuTflal Iniportttuue.
The importance of the United States
retaining the Philippines, from a com
mercial standpoint, is not to bo dis
counted. It is an important link in tha
policy of commercial expansion. Par
ticularly is this true when considered
in connection with American trade* in
China. It is only recently, and it is
due to the wise statesmanship of Mc
Kinley, that American products have
found their way to China in any mater
ial quantity. The “open door” policy
recently promulgated opens up to the
farmers and producers of the United
States a market, the consuming capa
city of which challenges computation.
China has au urea of more than one
twelfth of th*' globe and a population
variously estimated at between :»00,0<X>,
000 and 450,000.000. Her export and
import trade reaches enormous propor
tions and it will require time aud en
ergy alone for the United States to de
velop an enormous trade in that
country aud with those people. It is a
mild assertion to state that China alone
can consume every bushel of surplus
farm products in the United States.
The farmers of Ni braska, us well as the
farmer* of other agricultural states,
should, therefore, in considering the
policy of this government toward the
Philippines consider the importance of
a commercial footing in China, an es
sential of which is control of the islands.
This is not imperialism, but commer
cialism; is not militarism, but far-reach
ing, far-seeing, intrinsic statesman
htatt* Is»ue«,
Important as aro tlio national issues
of scarcely less importance to the people
of Nebraska are the state issues. It is
no secret that under the Pnynter ad
ministration widespread corruption has
been practiced, to say nothing of the
evil effect of ignorance and lucompe
Out of the many stato institutions
there is scarcely one whose manage
ment is not contaminated and tainted
by fraud, corruption and spoliation.
The stato has been swindled out of
thousands of dollars, and that, too, by
the representatives of the .cry party
that promised the people of Nebraska
an bouost and economical administra
tion of public affairs. Not only have
state institutions been made asylums
fur broken down politicians, but the
public funds have been exposed to their
rapacity with the result, that while the
2tith general asst uiblv or session of tim
legislature nppropuited the enormous
•urn of #2,.'.ill,it73 lor l abile purpose-,
there will be u large deficiency at the
cud of the i urreut year. Nearly ever)
institution iuti uln udy exhausted the ,
amount appropriated for it and there
aro yet six mouths of tha time uuex
III red 111 some of the institutions
laborers have not been paid for several
mouths ami they will hax> to wait until
I tin* legislature no t is end p.t"os .in ap
p'opriartou b U re tl» y can draw
tin ir p>» I 'n i I- si in >ly au huii
< tilt loo, hi tat. theft; Is not one, but at
the end of til p.r> 'tit v. »r will let
have a "adit ilepUt' t exelotjoer.
What t* equally u» bad »• raiding tie
tisasurv is lg>i r tit- amt iinoinp.
fen v hi Hi .' King tn public ifistito
ti ii' l.» .*t» m «• <*t tio»' id is abundant
AU hut' U> ii Mil i * i- w iid ;nri v
*at« ihte« i |i|.llo« of qnu).i ati m r
(IH ** t' s «V» t hi f util *!' ui
• *
It ii4#r («>i th ptiim u! u( | »*x it ii U<
li^lhill iU t f •»« * 4 f
*1*1*4 It* gtt I*’ I | tiMlNf lfci4
HHii W it iU U t|(v uf * I *
jfl*rt» r|*j (iilfy fUt * If*
i- |» li% I I;- n Hi. y i- ftU
now on hand at JAEGERS STORE and I can give
my many customers a tine line to select from. When I say my
stock is new 1 mean that 1 am constantly getting in new goods
is well stocked. 1 buy in large «|nantitics and of such only as can
furnish the goods that my customers demand. In this way there is
no need to have such a large quantity of shelf worn goods as is
sometimes the ease with less careful buyers. Come in and see my
Stock of Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing, Goods,
Hats, Caps, Notions and a fresh line of Groceries.
Yours respectfully, *
South Side Public Square Loup City, Nebr.
Ladies and
If you have Watches, Clocks,
or Jewelry that you wish to have
repaired don’t fail to call on
the only lirst class Watchmaker and
jeweler in the county. Also you
mould not fail to call on
when you want something in the line
of Jewelry. I handle nothing but
tiast-class jewelry. I do not have
any brass plated jewelry to offer to
the public* at cost, neither do I claim
to do lirst class watch, clock or
jewelry repairing and not make my
promises good. I am here to sta\
and my reputation is at stake just
as well us the money that there is
in doing the work. 1 mean what 1
say and if the work of
fails to please you 1 am here to
refund your money. Call and see
tne when you want your watches,
•locks or jewelry repaired right.
If you want your eyes tested and
have them fritted properly, call on
us l am
the only c ptieian in the county who
is a graduate of the Omaha watch
makers and Optical college. Call
and see me when you want tilings
right. Your for business,
(j. II. Morgan.
Coup City Jeweler and Optician.
U’ANTKD Honest nmn or woman t »
travel f« i large bouse: salary >*V»
* nthly und expense^ with lunease. position
I** rami.enl inelose self-addressed stamp* *1 **n
\* . i»* M AN A Eli, 330 lax ton bldg Cbicu
, iii »' 1*19
\\* \ V l KU-S E V It U A L HU1UIIT ANI)
" IIDNKVI , person* to represent Urt US
hi Mils himI close by counties,
salary #.•»«» uyeiir ami expenses. straight
iH»im title, no more, no less salary. Position
permanent. our references, any bank tti
any town It is itiuin y ofltce Work routinet*
e: at liuiitu. lift ere nee Kurlasw self-acl.
>ti sc*I stamp**'! enve ope —‘i ilk Domin
ion < oMl'ANY, Dept 3, t htcugo i* lb to a |yn
U.KSI’S W \ N lKI».-h*r **Tbe Life And
\* hieyement* *»f Adtntrn l)(mt*|," the
gteainal naval hero. Itv Mural
II* Head, the Die long irteuds and admire!
of the imlion's l«lo|. Miguc»l an*l Is m »a.
over >' |Nttfo, "Hi* lnrtii'«i nearIv pm twtft •
i I t -loll* lTi;!dtiUtiA« Only $1 .V r.nor ‘
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11 u. rltiutct) of a lifetime. Witte ijmiA j
I he ItiiltDitluti <\iSl)USfi it*! I hair tallofi
liuiidiliil ,< bi> t4u
Is BabyThin
t! * $.:.rn«r? Th*n adtl a
i tv* *\is mi(K Ihrtt UttH4
■ ‘ asWmtshiftH
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■mvc. it H *
t », mother t. : *'i
•We afe Quarters for
We have every appliance for making first class
Drive or Hydraulic Wells and
respectfully solicit your order. Our charges are reasonable,
our prices are right.
You will find a busy little jewelry store. In that store is
Ho can repair your Watch, Clock or Jewelry without any
patent medicine cry.
If you want a pair of Glasses don’t think you can’t
get them in Loup City for you can get the same scientific
work as you would get in any city. We still have
Bargains IN Watches Clocks
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the Leading Jeweler and Optician of Loup City.
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nam It in the l.iti t diMHiwriedlifMit*
ant and tonio. Nn other |>r> par it ion
can uifiMurh it in tllh’ienejf. It In*
»t.iit'li rein it * and |«-ruian< nil) ouret
|i>»|4 iMia. Indict tit.ii, Heart imra,
rlut lot-iM'e, Sour MtiDiadi, Nhiih. 4.
Ill I |,l>*ll|| lid
al ntln-r r»*»ult*of Iliparfe'tillHt ti>•!>
•'«(,«*« t) t C MNilltCl CkHut*
*; II .'mrgau lb* LoupCity J#wel«r
ill ' , nil kin l« rf mtrli, clock and Jew
t'ln i)'|iuliiiiK in a MorktiiHD Ilk** tnati
ini H Ini, > on haw Miiooihloii to do
in ihi» Hoc, ilon'i tail in i all on hiiu
Cure*ItBDoUacy. Nijjht tmiMlonunil
M.intlni; Ulacaaca, all elfccta of a«lf
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n iction. A Hfrv« tonir hii«I
VIiIikhI Ilrlnir* the
vptnk (flow to pair cherk* ami
' restore* the tire of youth.
id til At»«* |n r boa, U>»r»
lui A'J.AO; Hritli a %%ritt«*n tfuaran*
lev toriin* »*r rcluml Itin imuui*).
S» mi tor circular AJtlrv**,
CUf«en * Jwuen Me.. CHICAGO. IU
»>>U * W.». l»V
miI'LMMIII. It HO It, U.U|I Mtl^HtL